Baez Beats Bar

I was always puzzled by rumors that Dominic Casey knew where Caylee’s body was all along and he was instructed by Cindy Anthony to get rid of it. Well, he never did find it and Cindy said nothing of the sort. Where he got that tip is anyone’s guess, but I think it came from Kiomarie Cruz, Casey Anthony’s childhood friend. She met with a police investigator at Hidden Oaks Elementary School last July and said that she and Casey used to play in the nearby woods and that’s where they buried their dead pets. Having been to the crime scene many times, I can state with authority that the spot where Dominic Casey looked, while Jim Hoover videotaped, was 150 to 200 feet east of the actual site, closer to the school. That puts him much nearer to the area where Kiomarie said to take a gander.

Another aspect of this case has perplexed me for some time, too, and that is the silly rumor that José Baez, George & Cindy, Casey Anthony and Dominic Casey were (and still are) in bed together, conjuring up tales to cover-up the murder. Throw in Brad Conway for good measure. For one thing, if Cindy knew where the body was all along and she sent her PI lapdog into the woods to fetch it, why was it found a month later by an unsuspecting meter reader who turns out to be part of Leonard Padilla’s daisy chain theory? (Does anyone still believe that one?) Why wasn’t it collected and thrown into the ocean, a scant 45 minutes away? Why did the PI look in all the wrong places? What really confuses me is why did he accuse José Baez of wrongdoing if they slept in the same bed? Do they still? Sure, if you choose to believe it.

What happened was something that confounds me to this day because it makes absolutely no sense at all if the above names were part of some sort of sinister love fest bound together by one common cause: to protect Casey Anthony at all cost. If so, why did Dominic Casey complain about Baez to the Florida Bar, launching an investigation? He was the one who tattled. One concerned a discussion he “allegedly” had with Casey Anthony’s attorney about what to do if he found Caylee’s body. Do not call 911! Call me and I’ll take care of it! The other issue dealt with payment for his services back when he was employed by Baez, prior to his involvement with George & Cindy.

In the end, members of the Bar’s Grievance Committee found “insufficient evidence” that Baez did anything wrong. Impossible, you say! Well, the Bar committee reviewed documents and interviewed a lot of people, including Baez, before coming up with its conclusion. One thing the esquire said was that he did not recall any such conversation with the PI and he never would have instructed him to walk away and call him instead of 911 if he found the missing toddler. Will this put the rumor of an alleged conversation to bed? Not a chance. He is a liar. Rumors against him will never die and Andrea Lyon is fat. The Florida Bar is wrong!

Meanwhile, Baez advised the Bar that he would review all of Dominic Casey’s invoices for services rendered and discuss them with the investigator. Yesterday, Baez said that he was pleased with how the investigation ended. “I think we’ve had plenty of unsubstantiated accusations in this case,” he said. “And it only motivates me to fight harder.”

What happened to Judge Stan Strickland’s involvement in the complaint? Beats me. Wasn’t he supposed to be in on it? I guess it goes to show you that you can’t always believe what you hear in the media because his name was not mentioned by the Bar. Not to kick start another old rumor, mind you, but where are George and Cindy these days? Quietly writing a book? Let’s ask Kathi Belich. She’s the one who told us the BREAKING STORY of the Simon & Schuster book deal, signed on the dotted line! Also, when will the Florida Bar investigate Brad Conway? And that fat lawyer, too. The crybaby.


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  1. I am unsure where he got the tip I have heard different stories. This is what Tim Miller said…Mi reveals that Hoover provided a tip to searcher Bill Todd on November 8th. While the exact content of the tip has not been revealed, Bill Todd’s wife states that Hoover said “someone saw Casey’s car parked near that patch of woods in June.” When Hoover gave Todd the tip he told him no one could know he was out there. He said it had to be kept a secret because he was working for the Anthonys and if they found out his job would be in danger.

  2. Good morning, Kim. I don’t know, and that’s a very good question. I haven’t heard a peep out of the Morgan & Morgan law firm lately. The last I heard was that Judge Rodriguez’s docket was full, but attorney Keith Mitnick was allowed to check on a daily basis for an opening to bring up the matter, along with G&C’s depo questions that went unanswered.

  3. First I must say I don’t believe they are in bed together or the daisy chain theory, but I do believe the Anthony’s know the truth of who killed their grand-daughter and they are going to say and do whatever to help Casey. What would I do? I don’t know and I hope I would never be in that situation. I do believe I would be more concerned over my 2 year old grand-daughter then my 22 year old daughter. Jose should pay his bills without waiting 1 year. jmo

  4. That’s interesting, Laura, but it’s just another allegation to me, unless LE says it’s true. I question anyone who is hush hush like that. Why not take that information to police? “Someone” saw Casey’s car? One of the oldest tricks in the book is how journalists will say “We heard from a reliable source…” or “A source who wishes to remain anonymous said…” or “Someone close to the investigation stated…” I’m not saying that there’s no truth to it, but I have no faith in anything that comes out of Hoover’s mouth. Here’s a guy who said he had to keep something a secret because he was working for the Anthonys (he was never “hired” by them and signed no contract) yet he sold his video of Casey looking in those woods to WFTV. For a profit. The guy would probably sell his mother and he showed absolutely no allegiance to the Anthonys. I don’t trust him.

  5. I gather from the article the police know about it. I don’t really trust anybody in this case because if you think about it they all have reasons to lie and some think it is just fine to lie . I think Casey learned from her parents to be a liar. They sure enabled. I am not shocked that the FL. Bar dismissed the claims, I imagine it is hard to tell the truth from lies.

  6. I don’t know what any dispute is over money, but obviously, Baez satisfied the Florida Bar. Do you know what the argument is over? Why hasn’t Casey taken Baez to small claims court or sued him for what is owed? I question that as much as I wonder about the bills Baez owes. No way am I interested in defending either one of them because there are 2 sides here and I can’t state with authority that Baez is 100% at fault. Would anyone care about this if Baez wasn’t representing the most hated woman in the world?

  7. Maybe they’ll deal with Judge Stan ‘The Man’ Strickland’s issue seperately. I personally don’t think it was ever anyones intention to ‘get rid’ of a body. Just to satisfy wonder. I thought they had the physical piece of paper or whatever of Strickland’s complaint, no?
    If he (Baez) breathed a word of a body (as in yes she did it, there is one, whatever) that’d be a huge violation. I don’t see why he’d say that but I don’t know what’s going on between all these people. D.Casey is an strange behaving man in general. I just don’t see what the big secret was about who was on phone. I suspect it was someone in the family (who were also privy, no doubt, to Kiomarie’s story) but I don’t think it was to get rid of a body, just confirm their suspicions.

  8. No I guess we wouldn’t care but since we have followed the case it just kind of got wrapped up into the package. As far as the money goes part of the interview with le and D.Casey was about Baez being paid by news stations and Baez not paying him what was owed for his services. But hey what do I know? I believe that is why he quit working for Baez.

  9. Dave that is not what I said, I said they probably can’t tell what is true and what is a lie. I have to go because I think you must be grumpy I don’t need you reading into what I say. DAMN!

  10. Both Casey and Hoover are somewhat strange, but Hoover, it seems to me, joined the bandwagon for the sole purpose of making money off Caylee. He “offered” his services free of charge and never kept anything a secret. Then, he sold his video.

  11. Well, Laura, my point is that if the Florida Bar can’t distinguish truth from lies, how can we expect a jury to convict Casey? The Bar is made up of very distinguished and highly competent people, lawyers and judges.

  12. And part of Casey Anthony’s defense strategy will be to unravel the testimony of people. D. Casey says this. Hoover says that. They both can’t be telling the truth. In the meantime, Baez is still representing her and it will be his duty to destroy the credibility of anyone and everyone who testifies for the state. The prosecution will do the same thing to defense witnesses.

  13. Well the grievance committee made their decision on the evidence presented. Apparently they had to base it on what Dominic
    Casey said versus Baez’ not recollecting the conversation. It is difficult to make a decision on just oral evidence but we will have to accept the final outcome.

    It is my understanding that is not illegal to not report finding a corpse. If Dominic Casey found remains and reported such to Baez, would not Casey, the client, have to make the final decision to disclose the location of the remains to LE?

    Dave~~I think this has been discussed before and my memory may not be right on. I would like your take on what I just stated in regards to finding a body. We have to keep in mind that it is illegal to tamper with evidence or the remains.

    I know it all sounds a little far fetched but some laws are rather strange.

  14. The reason I said I wouldn’t be shocked is there is no prints on duct tape as some believe. No exact date when she was put in the woods only a few months back, she was in woods almost 6 months. Jose can and probably will get Casey’s statements thrown out therefore ZG story may not make it in. No video of Casey leaving the car at Amscot, someone could have stole car and baby…. The list goes on you just have to have faith in a jury and I don’t have much faith in them they have done more shocking things.

  15. Hi, Snoopy – I am sure the decision was made on more than just he said/he said. There were phone records and interviews with other people. I’m sure Hoover was one of them, too, but you’re right; in the end, the decision was primarily based on one word against the other.

    I am sure had Casey or Hoover found a body, they would have to report the finding to LE, regardless of who they worked for. Baez, on the other hand, wouldn’t want to know because anything of that nature would be a conflict of interest and his interest is to represent his client to the best of his ability and at the time the PIs were searching, neither one of them worked for Baez. They wouldn’t be obligated to tell him a thing, nor could he ask. What I found interesting was that all of this came out after the fact. Had Baez asked D. Casey to withhold info from LE, why didn’t Casey call LE right away? Why wait? As for Hoover, it is common knowledge that he shopped his video to the highest bidder and finally, WFTV snatched it up for an “undisclosed” amount of money. Unfortunately, there’s an awful lot of confusion over who the good guys are. Obviously, LE and prosecutors are on one side, but they aren’t completely infallible. On the other side are the bad guys; those representing Casey. The sad part is that the public generally sides with everyone that contradicts the defense, but it shouldn’t be that way. Hoover is a good example of that. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can spit and had he found the body, he would be basking in all the glory today, out for himself more than finding the truth. IMO, of course.

  16. Laura~~if someone had stolen Casey’s car, they would have to hot wire it. There was no evidence that the vehicle had been broken into.
    Caylee was not seen by anyone other than Casey after June 16th, 12:40pm. Why would Casey not report her car and Caylee stolen?

    Remember we have a carefree Casey in those 31 days and no Caylee.

    Do I get a hint that folks are feeling let down after Florida’ s Bar decision? We must keep faith in the law enforcement and that justice will prevail. Actually I am glad that Baez will continue with this case. I would rather see him than a Mark Gerigos.

  17. That’s a good point, Snoopy. If Baez were to be removed, well, there are just loads of attorneys chomping at the bit to take his place. One of the most compelling reasons why, to me, goes beyond the guilt or innocence of Casey. Attorneys are always up for a challenge and this is a most challenging case. It’s like an explorer climbing a mountain. Why do it? Because it’s there.

  18. No I could careless about their decision but when I make a comment and it gets twisted then I get a little angry. I am not shocked by their decision, le was not involved state attorney wasn’t involved so all you have left is the liars they had to decide who was more believable. Of course this is jmo. I am sure the 31 days can be explained by some doctor, as far as the keys Jose stated their was many keys to the home of the A’s out their and of course I can’t give opinion about him.

  19. Laura, I’m certainly not trying to start any trouble with you. What you said was, “I am not shocked that the FL. Bar dismissed the claims, I imagine it is hard to tell the truth from lies.” That means the Florida Bar can’t distinguish between the truth and lies, unless I read it wrong. All I said was I don’t think the Bar is that incompetent. I think there was a lot of information the Bar saw that we didn’t. I’m not picking a fight with you.

  20. Laura~~I don’t think that anyone is twisting your words. You are definitely entitled to your opinion and your take on things is well thought out and intelligent. We all have our own opinions and view things in a different perspective. That is what makes a blog so intriguing. Your theories and opinions carry as much weight in here as all of the others.

    I guess mine are based on taking a long look at the overall picture with a bit of logic thrown in. I am probably way out in left field but I give it my best shot even tho I am no Annie Oakley.

  21. Dave, you have also said that you don’t think these people are honest and you wouldn’t trust them, so what makes you think they told the truth to the bar? I am sticking by my statement the bar made their decision based on which lies are more believable. I don’t ever pick fights, but I will speak my mind and I think the defense and Casey and her family are all liars with a little of the truth mixed in sometimes. Do I want to argue no but I think the bar did the best they could with all the liars they dealt with. jmo of course, I love FL. plan on moving there I think their decision was based on the best information or lies available to them.

  22. LOL Snoopy, I appreciate the fact you think my thoughts are intelligent. I would not go that far to say that about them but I also am looking at this from my own point of view. Brad Conway has lied, Jose has lied, Casey has lied D. Casey has lied etc.etc.etc. my point is they have all lied so what because the bar has called they are all of sudden truthful. I seriously could careless about their investigation because down deep inside I honestly believe had anyone of the defense team or Anthony family would have found Casey, I honestly don’t know if they would have called le. Cindy said she told D.Casey to check out the woods, why didn’t she call le and ask them to check out the woods?

  23. I think they call that a “who struck john?” case. Baez said one thing (“didn’t recall”), the investigator said the other, and there was no way to determine the truth.

    I don’t think there is any way to determine the “real” truth, whatever that may be.

  24. I’ll never understand why anyone would want Baez OFF the case—he’s the best thing that can happen for the prosecution, I imagine, lol.

  25. Laura~~we want justice for Caylee so much it hurts. Every time Baez has a motion granted in his favor we feel a let down. We would not be human, if we didn’t feel that way. The OJ trial was evident on how a murderer can get off and it left us with being of suspicion of our judical sytem.

    Casey lied-fact
    Brad Conway got on Larry King and lied about the duct tape. He was not under oath and will not be held accountable for saying that. He took an opportunity to do his twisting on the truth and sway his audience and create reasonable doubt.
    Cindy has blatantly lied.
    George is changing his stories.
    Dominic Casey, I have no evidence that he lied.
    Hoover, he is a ditz and out for his own gain.
    Annie Downing, lied ?? to protect her own skin.

    The list could go on. A trial is a contest of the lawyers versus the state. We can only hope that justice will prevail and our laws will be upheld.

    Us bloggers have been privy to way more than what the jury will ever hear or see. It can be frustrating.

  26. It is a great opportunity, Dave – in this economy I know I had a lot of competition for this position and I really have to thank my friends for the glowing references and all the support I have received

  27. Let me try to explain what transpired here and it’s not necessarily a case of truth and lies and how Baez is a liar and Dominic Casey is not.

    Suppose my sister claims that Jose Baez raped her. That’s a serious allegation and worthy of an investigation by LE and the Bar since he is licensed to practice law in Florida. A lot of work goes into this investigation. Let me ask my “sister” a series of questions:

    Were there any witnesses?

    Did you call the police?

    Did you go to the emergency room?

    Did you contact your doctor?

    Did you report this incident to anyone at the time? If not, why did you wait a full 3 months before filing a complaint?

    There are lots more questions, but my point is not one of truth and lies, it’s all about the competency of my sister. How can she make claims 3 months down the road? If a crime took place, when it took place is when to file a complaint. Since my sister had to answer no to those questions, the Florida Bar was obligated to drop the complaint against Baez because nothing could be substantiated. Perhaps Baez did, in fact, rape my sister, but with no proof, it had no choice in the matter. Baez certainly wasn’t going to fess up to anything.

    Does that make sense at all?

  28. Snoopy Justice for sure. I am not mad about the decision, it went the way I thought it would. It has been clearly stated it is not against the law to not call le if you find a body, no harm no foul.

  29. Kim~~congrats honey on getting the job. I agree that in this economy, a job is a plus. Judging by your comments, you will be an asset to your employer. I am a good judge of character because I like Dave. LOL

  30. Dave as I have stated you don’t need to explain their decision to me I have no problem with it. Leave him on the case, he deserves to see this to the end. He did nothing wrong. No one did except whoever murdered Caylee.

  31. I only question why bloggers are way more privy to evidence than jurors. They will see the same evidence we are seeing, and much more. I don’t understand that one. The only thing they will not see is the bias of the media, including bloggers. I don’t know, Snoopy, I must be missing something here.

  32. Dave~~you explained it very well. The Bar may have considered Dominic’s grievance a grudge against Baez. This possibly could have been a conflict of Baez’ and Dominic’s agreement on how Dom would get paid. There was a reason that Casey left Baez’ employ and went to work for the Anthonys. I am assuming what was hashed over in the grievance committee is kept under wraps and will never be released to the public. Right?

  33. Congrats, Kim!

    Laura, I understood what you meant and didn’t take it to mean the Fl. Bar is incompetent. They made the best decision based on what they had to go on. They surely had rules to abide by, too. And I agree with Snoopy with what she said about your comments.
    No trial has ever existed without lies brought into it. I trust the jury will find Casey guilty and she will get what Florida deems the right punishment.

    I may not be around much for awhile. My hometown has a racial issue going on of which Rev. Jesse Jackson was called in prior to a police investigation. Two white cops shot a black man dead because he was grabbing for an officer’s gun. It happened in a daycare, in front of little ones in a black church. Chicago Tribune has the coverage online. Anyways, it has captured my attention! So, keep up the great articles and comments and I will read them as I am able.

  34. I can understand why the Bar would err on the side of Baez, aside from there being no solid proof. Otherwise, anyone could try to disrupt a legal proceeding by lobbing spurious accusations against counsel, and it would just muck up the whole thing.

  35. Dave~~the jury will not be privy to Baez raping your sister. They will not be privy to alot of things discussed here. The trial would take a century if that were the case. They will never know a snoopysleuth and all her wisdom.

  36. Thanks Coreysmom. I thought I explained how I felt and what I meant. Dave, I am not questioning the Bar I was just saying with what they had to work with they did what they thought was right. Are you upset because I called Jose, the A’s and D.Casey liars? I thought we established that they was. If not sorry.

  37. Thank you, Snoopy. It will probably never see the light of day. You’re right. The grievance committee is made up of legal professionals. It is also their job to protect each other’s integrity if nothing comes out of the investigation. Call it professional courtesy and rightly so. Just because my “sister” alleges that Baez raped her does not make it true and there’s no reason to smear him over it.

  38. Snoopy – I heard that my “sister” was raped by a Latino attorney named Baez, but she isn’t really my sister and I had a fake license under an assumed name. It’s funny, too, because I don’t even look Hispanic.

  39. Dave~~when I said the jury will not see all the evidence that we see here. Look at all the interviews with Casey’s friends etc etc , even tho they are on the witness list, not necessarily they will be called. The state will introduce all the very pertinent evidence and as the trial proceeds, they will make the decision if more is needed and bring in more. There will be score keepers for both the state and defense doing their homework as to what the results may be.

  40. Sure, Snoopy, but all of that paperwork, every single document, will be up for review by the jury. Every document will be introduced as evidence. nothing will be left out. Whether the state or defense chooses to use it does not mean anything will be excluded. Clearly, there are pieces of evidence I don’t find all that compelling but that doesn’t mean you or anyone else doesn’t. It’s there, just the same, and on many occasions, we read more into things because we don’t see the entire framework like the attorneys see it. Just like what the jurors will see.

  41. More info on the “zenaida” myspace page.

    Today Valhall realized that myspace assigns member numbers sequentially. While users can change their myspace URL to something more friendly, that URL must contain at least one alphabetic character. It cannot be all numeric. Therefore myspace URLs that are all numeric reflect the myspace member number.

    The zenaida myspace page has a member number of 389838213.

    The page for the member number assigned just before it is 389838212. It is a private page belonging to a child, but shows that the last login is 6/18/2008. Because it is private we cannot see when it was created.

    The page for the member number assigned just after it is 389838214. It is also a private page and shows that the last login is 6/16/2008.

    Those two pages validate the sign-up dates we see on the “zenaida” page.

    Furthermore, if we look at some pages numerically close to the zenaida page that are not set to private, we can establish the latest possible time the page was created:

    389838319 – signed up on 16th and made a blog entry at 2:31 pm ET.

    389838234 – signed up on 16th and had a friend comment at 3:16 pm ET.

    389838264 – signed up on 16th and had a friend comment at 5:10 pm ET.

    The zenaida myspace was created prior to 2:31 PM June 16th. Probably a bit sooner as I’m sure it took more than a few minutes for member 389838319 to write his blog entry. If this is Casey (which I can’t imagine how it couldn’t be), this is premeditation.

    Also, just throwing it out there, the range of member ID’s for June 16 sign-ups is 389715668 to 389972021, give or take a few on either end. That’s roughly 256,000 new members that day.

  42. I honestly didn’t need it explained to me, I understand from the get go. We can theorize all day long but we just don’t know. None of us work for the bar. What I don’t get is you questioned what I meant and you said you didn’t trust Hoover because he didn’t call the police, Cindy has stated she sent them to the woods why didn’t she call the police? It is all just about who can be more believed and what is more believable and I stand by the fact I think all parties lied the only thing that made me question them was the outstanding bill, why should the bar look into Jose not paying bills why don’t he just pay them? It seems like the Bar has to waste time on petty crap.

  43. Well, Miss Laura and others probably feel Baez conveniently ‘couldn’t remember’ and is lying. Anyway, I think his taking this case for obvious reasons is why people don’t respect him and think he’s slimy.
    Not everyone’s a low key, professional. Example, a Thomas Mesereau…famous for their skill. But more an ‘ambulance chaser’….more concerned with $ and fame then knowing what the heck they’re doing. Someone who’s also like that imo is Geragos….

  44. JWG~~what great work and so intricate! Bravo to Valhall , who came up with all this. Right on as to the premeditation. It could be classed as fool proof. The internet has become a powerful tool.

  45. Tengard, Thank you! It means a lot that you want me to stay, I am just going to take a little break! I see this whole thing differently then the rest because my twins died by a drunk driver. Bottom line is the reason everyone is so worried about this case is because of all the lies and today it just makes me ill that everyone is lying most of the time to protect a murderer. I feel bad for the Anthony’s but at what point will they see what everyone else sees? When will people quit using a dead baby to make a dollar? I am not putting down Florida I am saying enough to the liars. Trust me I will be back. I know you are friends of the family and I hope I did not offend you, honestly however I can’t get past a dead baby!

  46. Wow, JWG, that is an amazing bit of work on your part. It also backs up my article that stated Casey signed up on the 16th and it proves premeditation if true. Since Casey’s cell phone pinged at or very close to the house, I wonder if she had knowledge of wireless (Internet access) accounts in the neighborhood. I mean, suppose she left the house at 12:40 as George claimed and drove a scant distance away. I am guessing that her laptop is wireless. If she took it with her, she could have parked her car in the opposite direction of the way George leaves for work and set up an account within minutes. There’s a cul de sac just south of the Anthony home. If George headed north on Hopespring and turned left on Suburban, it took him to Chickasaw and that could have been his regular route. Or if she never left the house and George was wrong. Either way, I think the IP address will play as crucial a part in proving premeditation as the cell phone pings. Thank you for that significant information.

  47. I wonder if anyone is aware that John Morgan is much more of an ambulance chaser than people give him credit for. In my opinion. I had to throw that disclaimer in there.

  48. Laura,

    First and foremost I am so very sorry for your loss……. I can’t say I know how you feel, but I do understand somewhat of the pain one goes through….I’ve lived it vicariously through 2 very dear friends of mine for over a year now . I’ve seen the really super bad crap days, as 99.9% of them are, and I’ve seen the maybe not quite so bad but this really sucks still days…. I’ve held hands, given hugs, just sat and listened and try to be the best type of friend I can be…anyway……… Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and it’s quite interesting to see the deversity. I’m not a Baez fan by any means nor am I fan of a majority of the key players and I actually get a chuckle everytime I pop in to see how you all are doing….

    I wish you all well, and Laura I will always keep you in my prayers……. P.S. Dave, SOOOOOOOOOO sorry I missed the Birthday last week. Happy Belated, and many many many more….


  49. Dave~~I like Morgan. He wouldn’t be the first to chase an ambulance but I doubt that he does that. He certainly doesn’t need to do that to enhance his notoriety and he doesn’t need the money. I think he has true grit in taking on ZG’s case. Granted, he probably took the case to display to the good state of Florida, his expertise. I admire that in a man. I have just added his name to my list of heroes, Bill Sheaffer, Stan Strickland, Yuri Melich and now, John Morgan. So there!! If you behave, who knows, you may make my list.

  50. What I’m asking is, can someone create a myspace page then later alter their profile? (go from Joe Blow oo7 to Zenaida) If not than absolutely I’d say it’s probably her.

  51. Because it’s such a high profile case, you know. I saw where someone made a fake CaseyOMarie id for her on a how to make chloroform page, with a comment saying how easy it was, etc., etc.

  52. Okay….Little Bopeep has lost her sheep… I am blowing my horn ….hear it….*toot *toot *toot

    Do I hear a baaaaaaa?

    Just for Snoopy….get back here and say hi to me okay? I can work magic…don’t let me down!!

  53. I didn’t say that’s what Morgan is now. I said that’s how he got his start. In my opinion. Like I said, there are a number of things I could tell you, but none of it pertains to the case.

  54. I have a MySpace account, but I don’t really access it enough to know all that much about it. I think the IP address and history of distinct Internet visits, including MySpace, will tell the tale. One thing you must keep in mind is that prior to any news breaking, no one knew about Zenaida and Chloroform. Why would a complete stranger, with no knowledge of the case, create a Zenaida page precisely on June 16? Who else but Casey would know anything about it? The news didn’t break for another month.

  55. JWG, great work, but doesn’t it only prove premeditation if the child is killed after the fact? Since we don’t know when she was killed, ithe myspace page could still be creation of an alibi following the murder/death, couldn’t it? Part of the “whoops, now what am I going to say?” story she quickly whipped up in her mind?

  56. I was going to take a little break, but seeing how I would be missed maybe not. I did not take offense you just took it all wrong. I have no doubt in my mind FL. knows what it is doing. I think we can all agree the defense team and pretty much everyone involved has lied so lets not assume they told the truth this one time. I don’t think everyone gets where I am coming from there is (I guess) a time to lie and a time not to lie and when it involves the death of a child I find it sickening on everyone’s part. I find it inexcusable for money being made off of photos and stories etc. I think it should be if you want people to look for your missing child give the photo and don’t collect a check, it should be about finding them not making a buck. jmo

  57. Yes but, you can change your username at any time. Question is, would someone have created the page and not used it until they heard about case, a month later, then changed username.
    The chloroform page thing was done late Oct. 08, she was locked up…

  58. Why punish us, laura? We need your comments, dearheart! So, please don’t keep quiet, k? Hope you are feeling better.

    Dave, email me if you want info on the racial stuff going on. I can send you local news bits on it. But, talk radio is really the best for info and its on all the stations all day long. I can send you notes, too, on that.

  59. Laura~~I am good aren’t I? Ya just can’t resist when I toot my own horn. LOL Now stay put and don’t go running off to greener pastures or I will cut off your midnight snack of alfalfa. I hope sheep like that stuff, I know goats love it.

  60. For a second I thought you was going to cut off my legs! Dave is ignoring my reply to him so I am sticking my tongue out at him! Oh my gosh the vet called to tell me my shih tzu has to be neutered he has cancer! I am freaking out he protects me from my children! He attacks them on command, I love him. I can’t believe he has to have his nuggets chopped off it doesn’t seem right. SORRY OFF TOPIC!

  61. Cheyenne – If a sign up date was June 16, yes it could possibly be changed later on, but why would someone purposely sign up on that date, only to change it down the road? LE knows by now who accessed that account and when & where it was created. I’m sure the state has enough evidence to base premeditation on, not just that one thing.

  62. Another one of those Damn crazy letters…. in todays latest and greates ORL news…

    ORLANDO, Fla. — An inmate who had already mailed a letter to the clerk of courts claiming he knew who killed Caylee Anthony also sent a letter to a judge involved in the case (read letter).

    The letter, like the previous one (read previous letter), claims that the inmate, Jerry Jackson, is “a very close friend” of the person who killed Caylee Anthony.

    “I do not know if Ms. Antony (sic) played a part in the murder but the person who did kill her daughter is a ex-boyfriend of hers,” Jackson wrote in the letter Eyewitness News obtained Tuesday.

    It was addressed to “Judge Evans,” who is likely Judge Robert Evans. Evans is the judge who signed a court order to obtain Casey’s cell phone records.

  63. But Cheyenne, anyone can say whatever they want after the fact, and that was written in October of 2008. Notice the commenter questioned Casey. It did not infer that Casey wrote it at all. That site is, therefore, meaningless. LE has proof that someone inside the Anthony home accessed sites that explained how to make chloroform. Someone there purposely searched for recipes. That’s a far cry from someone merely leaving a comment somewhere. And those searches were done prior to Caylee’s disappearance.

  64. The judge should have him come to the courtroom and hit him in the head with his gavel! You know knock some sense into the guy.

  65. I know he is going next week, after I come back from my trip. I don’t want him to die so his nuggets are gone. (my girls have always called them nuggets lol)

  66. Dave~~when you mentioned ‘nutcase’, I thought as first you meant Laura’ s doggy.

    Rumors and more rumors… as Joe Friday said, “I just want the facts m’am.”

    I shall return after the repast and can assure you, I am not having chicken nuggets.

  67. No Tengard there is nut cases everywhere. California just caught one they need to hook up with the death penalty. You know the one who snatched the 11 year old. Orlando is only obvious because of this case. I say hit him with the gavel! I could never be a judge, I would be like the v8 commercial whacking people with the gavel! lol

  68. LOL Snoopy. Even on my worse days you can make me laugh through my tears. My gosh my family is dropping like flies, unfortunately it is the family I love being around. OH that was mean, but I am sure some can relate.

  69. I think we are actually seeing some info that might not make it into the trial as evidence, aren’t we? Some of it is sure to be excluded or thrown out after Lyon et al make their arguments.

  70. Dave I will slap Stew! Just let me at him, maybe I will get a gavel. I can practice that way after I go to law school, become a judge I will have practice whacking people! Stew’s wife won’t beat me up will she?

  71. Here’s something I bought yesterday and I think they will benefit me tremendously. Those little spiral notebooks that fit easily in a shirt (or pants) pocket. The ones with the spiral on top that you flip each page over. I think carrying one will help me remember things when I go out shooting videos. I was planning on doing just that today, but not in this rain.

  72. Oh like a detective. Dave why not go out in the rain? Will you melt? We need to see the real Florida sunshine, rain and hurricane. Nothing stops a detective! Get to getting. lol

  73. No, Laura, Stew’s wife will not beat you up. She’s a delightful person and not prone to violence. Stew, on the other hand, might enjoy it, as long as you tell him you’re “spanking” him.

    Darn, I really wanted to go out and videotape today.

  74. Suz – What the jury sees has nothing to do with whether it is a death penalty case or not. The evidence of murder will stay regardless of the penalty. What was done and how remains the same.

    If anyone wants to argue about what we see and the jury might not, let’s examine something like Kronk’s cell phone records previous to discovering the body. No decision has been rendered yet, but let’s assume we get to see them. As far as the trial is concerned, they won’t contain anything important and, therefore, are not relevant. OK, WOW! We got to see them and the jury doesn’t. Big deal. That’s superfluous fluff. So what, we saw it. What does it prove? We saw something the jury didn’t see? Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.

  75. Florida standard jury instructions shed a little more light on how the jury must look at premeditation and other aspects of a capital murder:

    The crime for which the defendant is to be sentenced was especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel. “Heinous” means extremely wicked or shockingly evil. “Atrocious” means outrageously wicked and vile. “Cruel” means designed to inflict a high degree of pain with utter indifference to, or even enjoyment of, the suffering of others. The kind of crime intended to be included as heinous, atrocious, or cruel is one accompanied by additional acts that show that the crime was conscienceless or pitiless and was unnecessarily torturous to the victim.

    9. The crime for which the defendant is to be sentenced was committed in a cold and calculated and premeditated manner, and without any pretense of moral or legal justification.

    “Cold” means the murder was the product of calm and cool reflection.

    “Calculated” means having a careful plan or prearranged design to commit murder.

    [As I have previously defined for you] a killing is “premeditated” if it occurs after the defendant consciously decides to kill. The decision must be present in the mind at the time of the killing. The law does not fix the exact period of time that must pass between the formation of the premeditated intent to kill and the killing. The period of time must be long enough to allow reflection by the defendant. The premeditated intent to kill must be formed before the killing.

    However, in order for this aggravating circumstance to apply, a heightened level of premeditation, demonstrated by a substantial period of reflection, is required.

    A “pretense of moral or legal justification” is any claim of justification or excuse that, though insufficient to reduce the degree of murder, nevertheless rebuts the otherwise cold, calculated, or premeditated nature of the murder.

  76. Suz – I think we know something about premeditation around here, but thank you for graciously defining it again for us. The fact remains that Casey was charged with premeditation. The argument has not been one of determining what constitutes premeditation, but what evidence the state brings forth that will prove it. There must be some very robust premeditative evidence in order to warrant the death penalty.

  77. Dave, all of the stuff we are seeing is just ‘discovery.’ I don’t think it’s ‘evidence’ until it makes it to the jury, and some of it might get thrown out for this or that reason (stuff that was illegally collected, for instance). There could be a trial on admissibility, or some might even get thrown out while the trial is underway in the hushed whispers of a sidebar.

  78. Dave~~what is with us seeing things and the jury will not? Why should this create an argument ? It takes two people to make an arguement. The one that admits they are wrong, in my opinion, is the bigger of the two.

    Now can you find something in what I have just said to create said argument?

  79. I made 2 typos in my comment. The winner who points them out will receive a bucket of chit and the horse.

  80. Suz – It is evidence. The discovery part fits in with Florida’s Open in the Sunshine Law. Suppose the state didn’t have that law. You wouldn’t be here arguing about anything. Are you second-guessing what will be allowed into the courtroom? It’s not as if anything will be found to be illegally collected that is already in admittance unless it is of no relevance. By the way, what about all those black areas where we don’t get to see what it is? I guess you’re saying the jury won’t see it either?

    Bull. The jury will see so much more than us. Do you know Judge Stan Strickland’s courthouse extension? No, but it’s there, just blacked out. Once anything is admitted as evidence and the trial has begun, there are no sidebars to remove any of it. That’s what motions are for.

  81. Yeah, that’s my point I guess—being able to PROVE premeditation or heightened premeditation. Since that’s Lyon’s bailiwick, I reckon the state will have a tough road ahead. For instance, the state can’t prove which came first: the murder, or the myspace page. Without a broken neck, what do searches for “neck breaking” (as odd as that is) prove? Not saying there isn’t any, but we have yet to see solid evidence of premeditation.

  82. I just think it is plain inane for anyone to think they will know more about this case than the jury. They are the one’s who are going to determine whether Casey lives or dies, not us. I will leave it at that. If you think you know more than anyone else, great. Pin a star somewhere.

  83. Why are you so sure of yourself, suz? How do you know that the state can’t prove that Casey opened her MySpace page before she and Caylee left the house on the 16th? Don’t tell me you weren’t aware of forensic evidence that places Casey on the desktop computer at precisely 8:06 in the morning. Damn, I found that from going back to earlier documents, released last September. It was after the lead detective personally told me I would find information about the 16th in released documents. And I proved that Casey was in that house on the 16th, before George left for work.

  84. Dave~~you said and I quote…

    I just think it is plain inane for anyone to think they will know more about this case than the jury. They are the one’s who are going to determine whether Casey lives or dies, not us. I will leave it at that. If you think you know more than anyone else, great. Pin a star somewhere

    Now who was this comment directed at? All of us, some of us, or me?

  85. Snoopy – I’m not looking for trouble, so don’t take this the wrong way. Yes, it takes two people to argue, and argue we did over the course of several months. If I would have given in to your date of the 15th, would I have been a bigger person for it or would I have shown a sign of weakness for not standing up for what I firmly believed in?

  86. You is anyone. Plural. Anyone who thinks they know more about this case than what the jury will know. The jury will determine her fate and they are the one’s who must know everything. Tell me, what is hidden behind all that blacked out information?

  87. Dave~~I am saying when a person finds out they are wrong and will admit it, they are the better person. I recall being right about something and my counterpart knew that I was right. Did they bring it to my attention when they found out that they were mistaken? Nope.

    Did I admit that I was wrong? Yes.

  88. I have almost come to the conclusion, with the exception of a few unreleased docs, I will know more about the evidence than a jury.

  89. Hi Dave*, Detwill,* Laura*,

    I do realize that there is definately far more evidence locked up that we are not privy to, however……I also think we (bloggers) even with all of the lies, bombshells that fizzle, and disagreements with each other ……..we still know more about this case than most of the public.

    Most people have not followed the case on a daily basis, as we have.

    I’m wondering if it will be one of the questions from the defense of potential jurors. Are you a BLOGGER and have your Mother/sister/brother/great aunt, any living relative BLOG about this case in the past 2 years before this trial? 🙂

  90. Dave, you lovable mullethead, of COURSE the jury will see more than we see. Autopsy photos for instance, and all the good stuff that has been redacted from the interviews (and not always even blacked out, but sometimes just edited out, like from the audios and videos).

    What I am saying is, I don’t think we have yet seen any of Lyon’s motions to suppress this or that piece of evidence (have we? gawd, i will be embarrassed if I missed them). And are you saying that in Florida you never have cases where lawyers argue admissibility of evidence right there in the trial? Evidence can even be thrown out on appeal, so I am thinking some of this discovery could be thrown out before, during, or after the trial.

    Seems to be called Motion in limine (Latin: “at the threshold”): a motion made before the start of a trial requesting that the judge rule that certain evidence may, or may not, be introduced to the jury in a trial. This is done in judge’s chambers, or in open court, but always out of hearing of the jury. If a question is to be decided in limine, it will be for the judge to decide. Usually it is used to shield the jury from possibly inadmissible and unfairly prejudicial evidence.

    And look, here’s a whole book devoted to Florida Motions In Limine
    Devoted exclusively to Florida “in limine” motions. Includes critical evidence motions that, if granted, can end a case early. Covers issues such as excluding expert opinions, scientific tests, and improper discovery. Contains 10 comprehensive chapters of pre-researched cases/statutes and sample motions, plus a user friendly CD-ROM.

  91. I know some of the blacked out boxes are social security numbers and they WILL be blacked out even for the jury! Mine was blacked out and so was the twins’. I guess even though I could careless about the drunks his was blacked out also.

  92. Hi Laura*
    I can’t wait to see if Casey tries to suck up to the jury or will she remain stoic and scribble notes the whole trial. I think she is practicing crying for trial, and the last appearance was a run through. She needs to hone that skill by thinking of all the barstools she’s missing out on, and who Tony is sleeping with now. That may just do it for her.

  93. Diana, that’s a great question to ask potential jurors! I am sure they will be asked not to tweet, as the US Open player were.

    Signs are being posted in the players’ lounge, locker rooms and referee’s office at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center with the header: “Important. Player Notice. Twitter Warning.”

    The signs, written by the Tennis Integrity Unit, point out that Twitter messages could violate the sport’s anti-corruption rules.

    “Many of you will have Twitter accounts in order for your fans to follow you and to become more engaged in you and the sport — and this is great,” the notices read. “However popular it is, it is important to warn you of some of the dangers posted by Twittering as it relates to the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program Rules.”

  94. Laura, I almost flipped when I saw someone’s SSN in the docs. (same with phone numbers, addresses—and then there was that debacle where they published the names of folks who called the anonymous tip line, yikes). I am not sure who does the redaction: I was thinking the court, but since it’s so random (sometimes in the FBI reports you can see the phone numbers of the lab person, sometimes it is blacked out) i wonder if the media is charged with doing the redacting for the docs that they post.

  95. Hi, Diana. First off, how do you pronounce Norfolk and did you see my latest video?

    There’s tons more evidence we won’t see until trial. What the jury is going to look at is not filled with “what ifs” and “maybes” and blacked out areas. Everything will be clearly defined in perfect, harmonious timelines, skillfully presented by far more educated people than any of us.

    I will agree with you 100%. I can’t think of anyone on a blog who would be fair. That’s what frightens me. They know everything.

  96. It is suppose to be done by the clerks before it is made public. My children’s name was never in newspaper just mentioned their sex and age. It is against the law for minors information to be released. As far as addresses no big deal but if someone stole that persons information someone at the court could be held responsible that should be blacked out!

  97. Dave~~no, I could not take over O’bamas role because I would introduce too many changes in the criminal justice system and blogging, such as this would become obsolete. If that were to be the case, I would miss you sir.

    I wouldn’t mind becoming Premeire of Canada but I am not fully bilingual so that is out.

    Wouldn’t you miss me just a little if I were to go into politics?

  98. So in Florida s.s #s are released to the jury??? I may want to rethink moving there in case I ever witness a crime I would not want my credit ruined! You can’t trust anybody with that information. Just because they sit on a jury doesn’t make them all honest. jmo

  99. Suz, you answered your own question (gawd, did you?) In limine: A motion made before the start of a trial. What did I tell you? A motion BEFORE THE TRIAL. I don’t care if it’s a month, a year or 1 minute, but it is a motion before the trial begins.

  100. Dave, Dave, Dave, it also happens during trials and after trials, at appeals. Just not called In Limine at that point, it’s called a motion to suppress. Are you saying Florida does not EVER have motions to suppress that come up during or after trial? (For all I know Florida has its own bizarre rules, but usually states all base theirs on the same system.)

  101. I would never say God save Canada, she will send her mounted police to get you! I can see you riding “mounted”all the way back! lol

  102. Dave~~ You do not need to call me God, but I will learn to parlez le francais and save this great country. You have to admit, some of your intelligent commenters hail from Canada. Those of us that have a satellite dishes and internet connections to our igloos.

    With that out of the way, do you think that you would make a good juror?

  103. I went through the court system and yes, I am fully aware of what a motion to suppress evidence was all about. It was a motion prior to trial, not during. Look, you are not going to confuse me with appeals and such. Appeals are after the fact and they have no bearing on testimony admitted at the first trial. What is the purpose of asking for motions to suppress after the trial? Appeals. What, do you think I’m stupid? An appeal is separate from the first trial. Don’t look down on me.

  104. This one must be an appeal as it went to the Supreme Court, and the evidence was thrown out AFTER it led to a murder indictment, and they had to go back to trial.

    Miami Herald – August 19, 1988 – 1C PLM BCH

    Evidence found during a search of a stolen car cannot be used in the murder trial of Ralph Ramer Jr., son of former Palm Beach County political activist Maria Bruno, the Florida Supreme Court ruled Thursday. The court ruled that city police serving as special deputies to their county’s sheriff don’t have authority to conduct searches outside their municipal jurisdiction. Ramer is charged for the May 12, 1984, murder of his longtime friend, Ronald Densberger Jr.,… a stolen car that was seized in Palm Beach County and led to a murder indictment. Court is sending the case back to the trial court for further proceedings.

  105. Much better than some would think, yes, absolutely. For one thing, I would not go into the trial convinced that Casey is guilty. I don’t think there is one other person here who would be able to say the same thing.

  106. Suz~~I am going to have to fully agree with Dave on this one. The case you just referenced is just confusing the issue. It relates to evidence outside a jurisdiction.

  107. Ok, it looks like DURING trial you are only supposed to try to suppress things that you didn’t have a chance to suppress BEFORE the trial—like a surprise witness or some last minute evidence they try to spring on you in a dramatic courtroom” GOTCHA!”

    That being said, have we yet seen any pre-trial motions to suppress? If not, I maintain that we surely will, ergo, some of the discovery we have seen (and the good stuff we have not) may in fact NOT make it to the jury.

    At least that’s how I *think* it works.

    Defense rests.

  108. Dave Dave Dave …..I am going to take the fifth instead of commenting about your jury duty…

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 …….32 33 ….deep breath …56 57…

    I need a cold glass of water… heck no….gonna break my sobriety and drink a fifth …

  109. I understand. I would listen, even though I think she is guilty but I would have break down if lies came up at trial. I would be the breaking news and the bombshell!

  110. I am going to say one more thing on this matter. You spoke about evidence we have already seen being thrown out at trial. I said that’s not the way it works once it’s admitted as evidence. Come full circle and you are now ranting about motions PRIOR to trial, appeals, the Supreme court, and now… surprise witnesses!!! Clearly, a surprise witness or any new evidence admitted during the trial will raise eyebrows.

    None of this has to do with what I stated.

    I said any evidence the jury will not see is because it is inconsequential. So what? We saw it. It neither helps, nor hinders either side and it becomes moot. Whoop-di-doo.

  111. Look, Snoopy, even you must admit I’ve been more than fair with the Anthonys. Everyone wants to kill the whole family and Casey should not get a trial. Have I ever ONCE said that?

    Haven’t I done my best to keep the riff raff out? Even my posts are written to make people think, not condemn or you haven’t understood a thing I’ve said.

  112. But what’s the point of listening if you already know the truth, that she is guilty? That means that anything the defense presents is a lie. You are biased right from the start.

  113. Dave you have been fair. I wouldn’t want to kill the whole family (maybe choke them a little) and I only want a fair trial for Casey that way if she is found guilty (?) no chance of a mistrial or any other crap.

  114. Dave~~thank you for the instant deposit of $1G in my account.

    You are a man of integrity. You are fair and yes, you have weeded out the riff raff, with the exception of me, of course.

    You have stood up for the George, Cindy and Lee Anthony. On occasion, IIRC, you have made reference to Casey in a detrimental way.

    You are sound of mind and have the potential of become a master of your Sony video camera.

    You show every indication of being a great journalistic writer who delves for sources in places other would not think to explore.

    I love you….can I keep all the money now?

  115. I guess what you are saying is I assume they are lying so I wouldn’t listen? No I would listen but my point is I don’t want to hear about pizza…. I guess no one is as good as you.

  116. I would be lying if I said Casey is not guilty, but for sure, we have only seen one side of the story. I, for one, would be very willing to go into the trial with an open mind. That doesn’t mean the defense would necessarily convince me of her innocence, but I would be amenable to hearing it. Every coin has two sides and we have only seen one.

  117. By the way I don’t know if she is guilty, I wasn’t with her when she did or didn’t murder her child. I said early she will probably walk because if that is all they have the defense has lots of room for reasonable doubt. It would not shock me if she walked.

  118. Laura, pizza isn’t going to be on the menu during trial. Why confuse what Cindy told the media with what she told the prosecutors during her state depositions? We don’t even know what was said. Besides, do you think Baez is that stupid to walk into the courtroom with a pizza defense?

    I don’t know what you meant by no one is as good as me. That hurt.

  119. Dave~~ahhh I cannot really be serious in here this evening. Just pretend I am a commercial that you rather not listen to.

    When things tend to get heavy….oh well…

    Thanks for money anyway…bank just called, it was actually Monopoly money…You must have gone by Go a few times huh? Did you know goats eat paper? Yummy.

  120. You don’t think it hurts when you assume that I couldn’t be open minded. I am not 100 percent sure she did kill her daughter, I think she did but 100% no I am not convinced. I also think the pizza smell will come in because under oath with fbi and le Cindy talked about it, so I am sure it will come up. It’s in their sworn statements. Like I have said le or fbi hopefully has something good because she very well could walk.

  121. Cindy and George have convinced themselves Casey is innocent, trust me Cindy will keep spinning her b.s. to save her daughter. If you don’t want to trust me just wait til the trial. I can guarantee you what I just said. Maybe I will email it later.

  122. There seems to be a bit of tension building up in here.

    Let’s all take a deep breath and reread our comment before we hit the submit. PLEASE

    Some things can be said in the heat of the moment and not really intended. Right Laura?

  123. That is right Snoopy. What did I say something? I am not fussing or being hurtful just speaking my mind like our host/friend. I learned from the best. RIGHT DAVE?

  124. Dave you have mail. I don’t smoke. Snoopy are you the new sheriff in town? lol I didn’t realize it sounded so harsh. I AM SORRY!!! I am not a mean person, most days. Now will you pass the bottle, please.

  125. Common sense is all that a person needs in this case to convict Casey Anthony.
    And Dave* … are right. I will not believe ANYTHING the defense says in this case. Even if it was my job, there is no way on earth I could defend and lie for a child murderer. Must be a different kind of person who can live with him or herself for fighting for the life of someone who murdered an innocent baby. Now I am feeling angry.
    I would not make a very good juror in this case. I feel she is guilty as hell! JMO. ~sorry

  126. Oh, snoopy, don’t let love blind you! Wipe those stars out of your eyes and put on your thinkin’ cap. I was only referencing that case to show that 1) even in the great state of Florida 2) evidence DOES get thrown out—even after the trial, and not only in pre-trial motions (since our good man Dave jumped on my in limine, jumpin’ jiminy).

    Just looking for resolution to this simple query: will every scrap of the discovery we have seen (and not seen) make it to the jurors, and/or be allowed to be considered in the final, final verdict?

    I say: Not Necessarily.

    (For instance, Lyon might successfully argue in a pre-trial motion that testing the air in the trunk is junk science, and even tho WE have seen them, the jury would never see those findings. You get my drift…)

  127. That’s OK, Diane, there’s nothing wrong with your opinion and millions of people, especially mothers, feel the same way. Just imagine. The world would turn upside down if the defense could prove someone else did it.

  128. I think Lyon will try to disprove air testing as junk science during the trial. Whether it will be argued successfully is yet to be seen in this particular case. The defense would not be able to convince the court to disallow it since precedent has already been set. The state would argue convincingly that it has been evidentiary in prior cases and has been upheld on appeal. Oh yes, the appeal after the initial trial, if you get my drift…

  129. Ah, just read your whoop di do remark, Dave-0. You think that only inconsequential evidence can get thrown out. Aha! But how do you know that Lyon and her army of law students aren’t skilled or lucky enough to get a really, really key piece of evidence thrown out?

    Let’s say she finds a place in the discovery where LE did not dot their i’s and cross their t’s in executing a search warrant or keeping a proper chain of custody, and she gets the whole CAR evidence thrown out. No trunk smell, no decomp spill, no death banded hair, no caylee dna, etc. (That could come in a pre-trial motion, or maybe even years later on appeals after she or someone else will found something.)

    But either way, given that hypothetical, THAT would not be inconsequential, would it?

    Trying to get why you think only inconsequential evidence can be suppressed.

  130. or maybe you are saying it is of no consequence what ever might get thrown out, because there is so much other evidence? I might be misunderstanding you.

  131. suz~~I am with you that the jury will not read every smidgen of evidence that we have.

    It has been hinted that I have some love relationship with Dave. Suz, you are not the first to mention it.

    Dave, please save me the trouble and tell these folks the truth. They will believe it if it comes from you.

  132. Laura~~got it but I think it has been posted already. It is hard to keep up with everything as there is so much info unfolding. Thanks and will check it out when I find time.

  133. Dave~~folks are so used to seeing us not agree with each other, they get a little confused.
    I can count on one finger how many times I agreed with you in the month of August. I agreed with you tonight so the month of September is already used up. LOL

  134. Dave, I could sit on that jury and be impartial. In fact, because I have had opinions of her guilt, I would probably be bending backwards to make sure the evidence supported the verdict.

  135. Okay down to business….my head is full of wisdom and knowledge and I need to download some…

    Baez~~He still has to face the questions re Todd Black aka Gil Cabot.

    Dominic Casey has to be deposed. Is this included in the motions that Morgan presented to Rodriguez (Newbie’s heart throb btw.

    Lyons to file many motions after Labor Day.

    Cindy, George and Lee~~will they be compelled to answer the questions they refused to in their deps. Anyone want to bet on Rodriguez’ decision.

    Will the check/fraud go ahead at requested by the state?

    When will we see Padilla et al’s interviews?

    Lots of good stuff coming. No time to talk lovey dovey.

  136. Snoopy does that mean the rest of this whole month you are going to disagree just because you already used the time agreement? Newbie if you sit on the jury would you please wave to all of us?

  137. Snoop, I forget what the deal is with Baez and Black but would say Baez will come out ahead. Regarding my heart throb Roddy, the man seems to get to the bottom of things quickly so I would hope there was a motion filed for Dominique’s depo….I wouldn’t want to go into Roddy’s courtroom with loose ends. It would be my guess that George and Cindy will be required to respond to questions but Morgan would be warned about fishing expeditions….I find it hard to believe that the civil suit and the check fraud case will come about prior to the murder trial. I have nothing to base that on but seems it could open things up for an appeal.

  138. I think you could be impartial, Newbie. You haven’t been as fiery as some of the other commenters – and I don’t mean that as an insult, but in some people, there are very strong passions. I would do my best to look at her at face value and suppose she is innocent and the state must prove the burden of guilt. I think it will be rather difficult for her to get a fair trial, certainly in Orlando, but then again, I know the city has continued with business as usual and interest has waned. It would be next to impossible for her to get a fair trial if the jury consisted only of bloggers. Diane was right. Potential jurists might be asked about that.

  139. Interesting, Cheyenne. Especially that Lyon supports video visits between Casey and her parents. It’ also interesting to note that a Bar spokesperson said that there wasn’t enough evidence against Baez, just as I thought.

  140. Dave~~IIRC Baez was supposed to settle, financially, with Dominic Casey when this trial is over. Did I dream that or did it come from Hoover or Dominin himself?

    Dominic must have signed some sort of an agreement with Baez. To make it official as an employer/employee relationship, wouldn’t Baez have had to pay Dominic a dollar?

    I think Dominic may have tainted the grievance committe with the unresolved money issues he had with Baez.

  141. Laura~~Rodriguez is a civil judge and will be hearing the motions once he can find time. Apparently he is one busy man and there are alot of thing on his docket.

  142. FYI~~

    Bill Sheaffer’s says….

    Under Florida law, no person is required to report the discovery of a corpse, so if Dominic Casey had found the remains, he wouldn’t be required to call LE or anyone else.

    From what defense lawyers like Bill Sheaffer said, Jose Baez would be prevented from reporting the discovery of Caylee’s remains unless he was doing so on Casey’s instructions. Were he to report the location of the remains without Casey’s permission, he could be disbarred for acting against his client’s interests.

    However, NO ONE has privilege that would cover tampering with a crime scene or evidence. If Dominic Casey or anyone else planted an item at the scene of Caylee’s remains for the purpose of misleading an investigation, he would be committing a crime and would be subject to criminal charges.

    Source~~Listen to Sheaffer’s take on things here

  143. Dave~~You may note that Bill Sheaffer says that, had Dominic Casey found the remains, he would not be required to call LE or anyone else.

    Please take note what he says about Baez being prevented from reporting the discovery of Caylee’s remains without Casey’s permission.

    So I take it that Dominic could have found the remains and told Baez. Baez could not divulge it without Casey Anthony’s permission.

    Dominic Casey went off record during his interview on Jan 07/09. He was about to tell Sgt Allen and the Nick Savage who instructed him to do what if he found the remains. He did his search in Nov and at that time, he was in the employ of George and Cindy. Dominic was quite vague during his interview and said he had no contact with Casey A since Sept 12 and then he said Oct. He began his employ with George and Cindy in October and ceased his employ with Baez.

    I am trying to figure out the attorney/client privalege. Baez would had to have instructed Dominic while he was in B’s employ for it to be attorney/client priv. This would have taken place prior to Oct 1/08.

    If Baez had instructed Dominic in the presense of Cindy, the attorney/client would become null and void re third party present.

    Oh man this is complicated. Maybe someone else can figure it out.

  144. Laura, exactly my thoughts about Roddy…..exactly what I have been saying for a month or so now. I have such high hopes for him and have praised him long enough that he’ll probably turn up to be a push over this next time !!! lol.

  145. Hi Newbie~~oh no Roddy would never let you down.

    Now help me figure out the attorney/client privalege. Notice I brought my Bill in here to keep me company. An old woman has to amuse herself somehow eh?

  146. I’m still enjoying Dave saying he thought I could be impartial. That is the second time within a week he has actually complimented my thinking. It is time we got worried about him !!!!! lol

  147. Newbie~~I don’t understand a thing I write either. That is what makes it so much fun. LOL

    No matter what I write, Dave will set me straight.

    I just remembered listening to Bill’s take on all that so I waltzed him over here from my sandbox.

  148. I could never be on a death penalty jury because I do not believe in the DP. I wish with all my heart that some mysterious person was guilty of killing Caylee but that is just a fantasy.

  149. I hate to bring this up at this time of night but I am still stuck on what Lee was referring to when he stated at the memorial he would always keep his promise. All the things that have happened since then and I can’t get his words out of my mind.

  150. Bill is very very easy to listen to. He is not pushy and doesn’t use big words. I have learned so much from him but I tend to daydream while he is talking and his words fly over my head. LOL

  151. Oh well, my late night buddy, I am giving this up for tonight. In the morning I will peek to see how well you did talking to yourself….well, you and Bill talking, huh. Probably will be the most intelligent conversation of the day. lol

  152. Newbie~~I think he meant Casey. When would he have made a promise to Caylee, a 2 1/2yr old? The Anthony’s have a way of deliberately confusing the public.

  153. I just had my nightie night post go into lock up. Basically, it was just how interesting your talking to yourself will be….then I remembered Bill. Now knowing you will be day dreaming instead of talking….yup, best of the day for sure. lol
    Goodnight lady.

  154. Cindy gave a knowing smile when Lee said those words. I wonder if Casey was watching him. You can video yourself with a laptop. It was very strange that Lee took his to the podium. I am sure he could have wrote some notes down on a piece of paper.

  155. Doesn’t seem info where to look for body came from Casey/Baez because they were in the wrong spot. At least when it was filmed anyway. I just can’t see the purpose of going to, bringing attention to, and certainly not removing a body per lawyers instruction or something. If anything it seems it was speculation of friends/family and the need for answers.

  156. I’m going to agree, Cheyenne. I think it was speculation, too, because in the end, no body was found. I also believe that had D. Casey stumbled upon the remains, he would have called the authorities.

  157. Good morning everyone! Dave did you find my link at open forum? I found it real quick but I think you fell asleep!

  158. I am going to read the whole transcript and see if le thought there was 2 of him. He is the only J.H. that knew of Casey that worked at Universal, but he was Lee’s friend.

  159. Hello all! I dont know what to think about this. It seems to me that they ruled prematurely. Where are the receipts of payment. Furthermore why does Baez always get off with no consequence??? Someone on another blog stated that he could have said Casey was paid under the table and that cleared it. That doesnt seem right to me as that opens a whole new issue

  160. Dave I read transcript Lee told him Casey said Jeff Hopkins. As soon as Lee said let me call him I know him Casey said no it’s not him it is another one. Le interviewed his parents then they had him call. He did see Casey a couple weeks before everything went down so she probably meant him without realizing he played volleyball with Lee. Jeff thought Casey did not know him and Lee was friends and that is how his name got brought into this mess.

  161. One another note Casey called his parents home at 5am on July 16th. They did not answer and she did not leave message.

  162. Good morning, halfpint42592 – Here is how I tried to explain it yesterday, only I was using a different type of scenario:

    Let me try to explain what transpired here and it’s not necessarily a case of truth and lies and how Baez is a liar and Dominic Casey is not.

    Suppose my sister claims that Jose Baez raped her. That’s a serious allegation and worthy of an investigation by LE and the Bar since he is licensed to practice law in Florida. A lot of work goes into this investigation. Let me ask my “sister” a series of questions:

    Were there any witnesses?

    Did you call the police?

    Did you go to the emergency room?

    Did you contact your doctor?

    Did you report this incident to anyone at the time? If not, why did you wait a full 3 months before filing a complaint?

    There are lots more questions, but my point is not one of truth and lies, it’s all about the competency of my sister. How can she make claims 3 months down the road? If a crime took place, when it took place is when to file a complaint. Since my sister had to answer no to those questions, the Florida Bar was obligated to drop the complaint against Baez because nothing could be substantiated. Perhaps Baez did, in fact, rape my sister, but with no proof, it had no choice in the matter. Baez certainly wasn’t going to fess up to anything.

    Trust me, I am not defending Baez, but if D. Casey didn’t produce enough evidence, what was the Bar to do? Also, the money might just be a dispute over billing and the Bar told Baez to straighten it out. They’re certainly not going to take away his license over it unless it was a blatant problem and obviously, Casey didn’t prove it was, either. The whole thing came down to Casey producing enough evidence against Baez and he didn’t.

  163. Casey also said she was going to visit her friend, Jeff Hopkins, in Jacksonville, right? That’s what I’m talking about. There was a bit of confusion over which Hopkins Casey mentioned, the real one and the fake one. Casey told Lee, no, not him – the one he knows – the other Jeff. Lee probably assumed there were two Jeff Hopkins.

  164. I guess, but he was the only one who worked for Universal. I think she just used name she was familiar with and said not him/her if someone else knew the person. jmo. But what do I know???? lol

  165. Bill Sheaffer’s says….

    Under Florida law, no person is required to report the discovery of a corpse, so if Dominic Casey had found the remains, he wouldn’t be required to call LE or anyone else.

    From what defense lawyers like Bill Sheaffer said, Jose Baez would be prevented from reporting the discovery of Caylee’s remains unless he was doing so on Casey’s instructions. Were he to report the location of the remains without Casey’s permission, he could be disbarred for acting against his client’s interests.

    However, NO ONE has privilege that would cover tampering with a crime scene or evidence. If Dominic Casey or anyone else planted an item at the scene of Caylee’s remains for the purpose of misleading an investigation, he would be committing a crime and would be subject to criminal charges

  166. Snoopy I don’t think Jose would send anybody into those woods to look for Caylee. His only concern like everyone else is Casey. Le and Tim Miller is the only ones who really wanted to find Caylee. Thank God for Roy!

  167. Good morning, Snoopy. Yes, I read that. I think it’s a strange law, though. Why would someone just walk away from a body unless they don’t value or respect other human beings?

  168. Dave~~You may note that Bill Sheaffer says that, had Dominic Casey found the remains, he would not be required to call LE or anyone else.

    Please take note what he says about Baez being prevented from reporting the discovery of Caylee’s remains without Casey’s permission.

    So I take it that Dominic could have found the remains and told Baez. Baez could not divulge it without Casey Anthony’s permission.

    Dominic Casey went off record during his interview on Jan 07/09. He was about to tell Sgt Allen and the Nick Savage who instructed him to do what if he found the remains. He did his search in Nov and at that time, he was in the employ of George and Cindy. Dominic was quite vague during his interview and said he had no contact with Casey A since Sept 12 and then he said Oct. He began his employ with George and Cindy in October and ceased his employ with Baez.

    I am trying to figure out the attorney/client privalege. Baez would had to have instructed Dominic while he was in B’s employ for it to be attorney/client priv. This would have taken place prior to Oct 1/08.

    If Baez had instructed Dominic in the presense of Cindy, the attorney/client would become null and void re third party present.

    Oh man this is complicated. Maybe someone else can figure it out.

  169. Dave~~it may be a strange law but there you have it. The reason I reposted it is because it seemed to get lost in the shuffle and I thought you may have overlooked it, since you did not mention it.

  170. No, Snoopy, I didn’t overlook it, I just thought I’d address it in the morning. I don’t see any reason why a person wouldn’t report finding a body. My take on the law is for a different reason. Suppose there was a law forcing people to disclose to law enforcement if they find a body or else go to jail. Who wants to go to jail? What would happen is a backlash. Otherwise law abiding people would look the other way and never get involved. This way, no one is forced to take action and we assume people would do the right thing. A lot of people are apprehensive to begin with. Just by merely stumbling upon a body they fear the cops would automatically make them a suspect. Or the media/public would. Look at Roy Kronk. He found Caylee and he was branded as a suspect right away. No, not by the police, but we read all the trash that he was accused of. I’ll bet you he wishes now that he never found her, but I’m sure he is proud that he did the right thing.

  171. Dave~~the Florida bar did figure it out. I posted the info to show you that Dominic Casey did not have to report finding a corpse. If Baez knew where the body was, he could not report it without Casey’s permission. This was different from what you stated yesterday with regards to the above. I felt that you was wrong so provided the proof. It has nothing to do with the Florida bar’s decision so no need to get side tracked on that.

  172. Dave~~I do not make the Florida laws. You will have to take it up with your government. I only apply them as I see them.

  173. “I am sure had Casey or Hoover found a body, they would have to report the finding to LE, regardless of who they worked for.”

    Yes, I wrote that and yes, I was wrong. Thank you for righting my wrong. I wasn’t aware of a law like that until you pointed me on the proper path of righteous fulfillment.

  174. I should not be referred to as a headache or giving someone righteous fulfillment. Are we not here to deal with facts? I have been proved wrong on many occasions and have accepted them graciously.

    Have a good day!

  175. No, Laura, but taking things wrong and getting upset over it gives me a headache. This is the reason why I want to just shut the damn Anthony crap down. Every little word pisses off somebody. It ain’t worth it.

    By the way, I started a new Web site away from WordPress. It won’t have a thing about the Anthonys.

  176. As far as Baez and the Bar, they didn’t find Casey’s claim as unfounded, just “not enough” information.

    I’m putting my hopes on the Todd Black aka Gil Cabot situation. This complaint was filed around the time of the other one and it is still a work in progress.

    I’m looking forward also to the September 9 Civil Case hearing (3:15 PM). Baez wants the case tossed, Morgan and Morgan want to fry D. Casey for contempt for not showing up for his deposition, and get the answers to the unanswered questions from George, Cindy, and Lee. Should be quite the show!

  177. Of course I was kidding! I thought we would have all laughed. I think I understand why you want to quit with the Anthony case, I wouldn’t blame you, I would miss it a lot!!! Let me know if you pull them by email please. Sorry Snoop if you took that wrong I was just kidding about us being headaches!

  178. Dave, Don’t let this upset you.You do a great job.Please continue with the videos.I really look forward to them.
    I do not think the A’s are in with Baez, he is using them for his advantage.He wants no communication with them and Casey because all Casey knows is what he tells her.I believe the look she had in court was planned.Wants everyone to think she is covering for the A’s.
    Hang in there Dave

  179. I am not going anywhere and am in here for the long haul until I am banned, Lord forbid.

    Dave~~if you decide to pull the plug on the Anthony’s that is your perogative and your decision alone. You know how I feel about your blog but I am not going to ask you to keep up a blog if it does not fulfill your needs.

    Now I will see if I can find some info on the Jeff Hopkins.

  180. Hello Dave, Hello Everyone-Haven’t commented on here in a while…Been busy looking for work, had a 2nd interview with the Controller for a job last Friday, said they would make a decision Mon PM or Tues AM haven’t heard anything, but they took my license for a background check, maybe ?? they are checking me out, I really want this job, so just waiting and been bummed out for while, seemed to have missed a lot of conversation on Daves blog here .
    Anyway….haven’t been in a commenting mood. SO much to read….I was actually re-reading George’s interviews with LE & FBI, I forget why I even ended up doing that an now it’s 1:15 pm!.
    That smell in the car….That alone almost closes the case for me.
    Why did George jump on the Casey is innocent bus?? He seemed so together.

  181. Hopkins, Jeffrey Dale II. Went to school with
    Casey Anthony (graduated 2003). Had not seen her for years until beginning of July when he ran into her while they were eating with separate parties at the Orlando Ale House (631 North Alafaya Trail). They had a brief conversation and returned to their meals. He has never met Caylee Anthony and no idea why Casey had called his parent’s residence. He does have son but never recommended any babysitter to Casey. Photo from MySpace page.

    Hopkins, Jeffrey Michael – According to Casey, Jeff is one of the two people (see Lewis, Juliette) she told that Caylee was missing. Said he worked at Universal Studios with her. Further investigation found that he had been fired May 13, 2002. Casey says he lives in Jacksonville, FL. It was through Jeff Hopkins that Casey says she first met Zenaida Gonzalez, around December 2004. ZG babysat Jeff’s son Zachary for approximately six months. According to Casey, she had contacted Jeff several times during the time Caylee has been missing to find out whether Jeff had heard from Zenaida.


  182. Do you think this is the one she is talking about even though he did not live in Jacksonville. I believe that is who Casey was talking about but when she realized Lee was a friend of his she quickly said not that one. I am not sure if that is a common name I haven’t met anyone with that name, but that doesn’t mean anything.

  183. Jeff Dale Hopkins II has a father named Jeff Hopkins and mother Melissa.

    I am assuming Jeffrey Michael Hopkins may be nonexistent and one of Casey’s make believe friends.

  184. I cannot wait to see how Jose is going to “defend” all the BS Casey told her family, investigator’s, etc. What will he say about Jeffrey Hopkins, Juliet Lewis, and of course ZANNY who don’t exist?? The phone call she never received from her daughter, that she had NO job…etc., etc. I cannot see how he thinks he has a snowball’s chance in hell that a jury will find her not guilty, unless of course he is really in it for the book he’s going to write.

  185. Coreysmom*
    I also remember hearing it or reading it, that Jeff Hopkins did not have a son. Hmmmm… Now I am confused. There is no way Casey told the truth.

  186. Dave*
    You just can’t stop blogging about this case until it is OVER. You are a huge source of my reading pleasure. Don’t do that to me……..please.
    There are so many twists and turns in this bazaare case with a cast of characters that no one could even make up, that it keeps us interested.

  187. Everytime I hear the Juliette Lewis nonsense I think Natural Born Killers….

    There’s a saying that goes:
    “We find comfort among those who agree with us- growth among those who don’t”

  188. From

    ORLANDO, Fla. — The Orange County Jail said Tuesday that its re-emphasis on the ban for lawyers bringing personal letters into the jail has nothing to do with Casey Anthony’s attorney.

    Administrators have posted a sign strongly reminding lawyers visiting the facility that it is a felony to bring in contraband items, including personal letters.

    Brad Conway, the attorney for George and Cindy Anthony, confirmed that Baez has a standing policy of controlling letters going between Casey Anthony and her family. Conway said his clients are cut off from their daughter.

    Conway said the Anthonys are breaking that agreement and will begin mailing letters directly to their daughter. Conway said that defense team member Andrea Lyon agrees that the Anthonys should be able to have a video visit with Casey Anthony. Source: WESH News Olrando FL 6:28 pm EDT

    “Baez has a standing policy of controlling letters going between Casey Anthony and her family. Conway said his clients are cut off from their daughter”.
    A policy controlling letters between Casey and her parents and Conway saying his clients are cut off from their daughter??? What is up with THAT? Sounds like some sick Svengali-like hold he has on Casey. Looks like it was not a good idea for Casey to have taken the recommendation of an inmate to guide her towards an attorney. Something is not right here. Seems to me Jose was/has been afraid her parents wouls talk her into hiring a “real” laywer LOL. Jose just oooozes sleaze. And no, I am not showing any sympathy for Casey-she deserves it. Sleeze begats sleeze. Am I using “begat” properly?

  189. Is “begat” even a word…maybe I should look it up. Please don’t laugh at me if it is not a word!

  190. ritanita (from 2009/09/02 at 11:17am) – I agree with you. Casey did not produce. My main question is why didn’t he complain to the Bar the day he (allegedly) got the phone call from Baez? Why wait 3 months to complain? Unless he wanted to add fuel to his complaint about Baez paying his bill.

    As for Morgan & Morgan, I don’t know what that law firm deserves.

  191. I’m OK, Vicki. Thanks. I left to go shoot some video, but got rained on. I went shopping for little stuff instead. Primarily, I was looking for a carrying case for the new camera. Did I find one? No. Back at it tomorrow.

  192. Hi, Linda From New York – Boy, several people around here have been looking for jobs. I wish you the best. Since a company has to pay for a background check, they must be seriously looking at you as a string, strong candidate. that’s a very good sign.

    Why did George jump on the Casey is innocent bus? I can answer you in one word: CINDY.

  193. No I’m not laughing Coreysmom. I looked at several things…begats, begets….It begets the
    Sh-t out of me ! OOps, hope I don’t get in trouble for using a bad word…just replace the “i” with an “a” and now we have Shat.
    Begets, begats, sh-t, shat whatever LOL.

  194. Dave, I don’t judge Morgan & Morgan and what they are doing. I just look at what information those depositions bring out.

    Judge Rodriguez is the one who will decide whether or not it is a frivolous suit.

    As for D. Casey, I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. He claims Baez was going to pay him when he got $$$ from some media deal and Baez said no.

    He should have simply done what Baez’s other debtors do, take him to court! Well, that’s assuming he has proper documentation of his time and expenses.

    The role of this PI is sure mysterious!

  195. It sure is mysterious, ritanita, both Casey and Hoover. They both call each other liars, too, so who is telling the truth? Probably neither one of them. Personally, I think Casey waited and waited and waited to get paid. Disputes ensued and to add icing on the cake, Casey threw in the phone call, like trumped up charges. Common sense would have told me from the start that something wasn’t right. Why wait so long on the private phone call? I think the Bar took that part, in particular, into consideration. In the end, the fact remains that no matter who told whom what, who phoned whom and said what, doesn’t matter.

    As for Judge Rodriguez, yes, he is a sound judge. We can opine all we want, but he’ll do what needs to be done. I have my own opinion and I have known John Morgan throughout the years, but how I feel is not important.

  196. Actually, it looks like Cindy & George have been really busy these days. I just can’t figure out why they’re busy with this group, since Caylee was never really missing to begin with, as she had already been murdered by their lying daughter. I guess the connection is Kidfinders Network, that organization that is as crooked as they come:


  197. Dave, I’m a “foreigner” from Virginia, so I don’t know all the local things. That’s what I so much appreciate about your blog!

  198. I don’t understand the Anthonys either. I read about that, but Trenton dad put Caylee’s picture on the truck so I think they may have been there out of respect, but I agree Caylee wasn’t missing she was where her mommy left her. jmo

  199. It seems like the Anthonys have been very busy staying away from the media and that’s a smart thing to do. For them. The rest of the public will complain about them no matter what they do, so they’re better off doing nothing. It was the same way with Lee. Once he dropped out of the limelight, everyone complained that he was hiding something. When he opened his mouth, people told him to shut up and stop lying.

    As for G&C, yes, initially they thought Caylee was missing. I know they smelled the car, but what parent is ready, willing and able to accept that right from the start? It was before Casey was charged with murder that Kidfinders came onto the scene. I remember here in Orlando, way back in the early 80s. Church Street Station was very popular. It was a huge hit with tourists and locals. The owner, Bob Snow, went everywhere to try to get beer on tap and a little leeway, like 30 days to pay his bills. The local beer distributors turned him down, except for one. Pabst Blue Ribbon. Forever and ever, and I mean the place got huge, he served only PBR beer. The others, Bud, Miller, Heineken, etc., etc., begged and begged and he always said no. My point in this is probably that Kidfinders was the first organization that came along offering help. I think the Anthonys took that to heart, not that I trust any of them, but I guess there is a certain allegiance that sometimes can’t be explained. I know one thing, Pabst sure did love Bob Snow all those years. Until Disney opened their version and later, Universal. That’s when Church Street Station let the others in.

  200. Thank you, Julie. I can’t tell you how many times people have claimed with “authority” that Baez, Conway, G&C and Lee are all in bed together. What’s the difference? Well, I’ve been saying all along that the attorneys work for their own clients and that is it. This latest bit of news about access to letters verifies it completely. It isn’t all one big happy family after all, as people have assumed or there would be no censoring. I recall reporting that Baez was screening her letters and keeping G&C out months ago. I don’t know why he chose to do it that way, but that’s one more thing he has lost. Not in a court, but still a loss just the same. What good it will do anyone, I don’t know.

  201. I never really thought they was all in bed together but I think they all have the same goal, throw anyone under the bus except Casey. 1st Nanny, then Jesse 3&4 Amy and Ricardo 5 in court Jose said something about Tony’s pings being around the crime scene. jmo of course.

  202. My point wasn’t about throwing people under the bus, but yes, G&C have done that. My point was that people, lots of them, have said there’s no difference. Baez works for G&C as much as he works for Casey. What are these people saying today? The same thing?

  203. Oh I don’t know about that. George said a long time ago Jose wasn’t his attorney and I believe Cindy said that in her fbi interview. I was just saying they had the same goal, not the same team.

  204. Dave~~can I come in YOUR blog and browse?

    Laura~~did you ever watch George’s face when he looks at Baez? George cannot stand him.

  205. I see. Snoopy, I have noticed that. I think they tolerate him because he is the only link to their precious daughter.

  206. I thought it would be polite to ask .

    If I had to choose a lawyer out of all of them, I would take Mark NeJame in a heart beat. The Anthonys made their biggest mistake by not following Mark’s direction.

  207. I agree he seems like a really nice caring guy. I think he had their best interest at heart. Sorry it took a minute I was emailing.

  208. Mark comes across as being very intelligent and up on the law. He does well in the court room. Tim Miller is lucky to have his help now. Poor Tim, he got badgered by Cindy and didn’t get as much as a thank you. Did you ever hear the voice message Cindy left on his phone?

  209. Yes and I was shocked by it. I never could figure out what he did wrong. He has been doing searches for like 10 years if he has to look for a body then that is what he thinks is best.

  210. Dave~~have you got a better forecast for tomorrow? I noticed on the weather channel that you was getting rain and thunder today.

  211. Laura~~when are you leaving on your trip? Will check back a bit later… if we don’t connect, Bon Voyage my dear!

  212. It’s been raining all week. I have a doctor appointment and lab work tomorrow and if it’s not raining by then, I’ll try to shoot some footage. The only thing is, I’ll be north of town and where I want to shoot is more south. I also noticed some chattering on one of the forums and one of my videos was brought up, so I want to clarify some issues with the Amscot parking lot. I shot a scene with my other camera, but this one will be much easier to view and zoom in on security cameras. I really did want to tape the apartments this week, too.

  213. Friday!!! I can hardly wait. I hope to be able to talk in complete sentences by then. I sound like a teenage boy going through puberty! lol

  214. I am packing and finishing up some work tomorrow. Washing my trail blazer and taking dog to get a bath so he will be fresh for his surgery Tuesday.

  215. Dave~~can you tell me about the issues with Amscot? If you would rather not, it is okay.

    Laura~~you are driving and not flying?

  216. I never noticed all the prescription bottles in that batch of pics posted earlier before. Pic #1, jeeze louise, 4 bottles. Maybe she ‘went off her meds’…

  217. They wondered exactly where the cameras were located and if it was possible to push the car off the road and into a parking spot. I could tell them now, but a video would be easier to comprehend. Besides, I wrote a piece about it a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn’t all that pleased with the results of the first video I shot. This time, I will detail some of their questions. I also went inside and asked questions, but got absolutely nowhere. No one present was working at the time the car was left.

  218. I am going to my friends house. Then we are going to a race. I am driving it is only about 7 hours to her house. I am cutting 1 hour off of the normal 8 hour drive because my daughters like to drive me crazy when I am driving….TALKING!

  219. The fat description was my way of mocking the idiots who choose to talk about Lyon’s size and not her credentials. Do you know how many pickle brains over at another blog throw insults at her? They make fun of her weight. It’s ridiculous, lulu. Go back and reread what I wrote. It was intended for people with no brains.

  220. Laura~~that’s a long drive. Do your girls like to play loud music when they are driving with you?

    Dave~~you know how I feel about folks making fun of others appearances. How do some of these folks know that they wont end up in a car accident or burn unit?

  221. That you’ve got health issues. Miss Casey didn’t for anything physical, that we know of anyway and if she did, one would think they’d be on her person. Now, anti-anxiety pills for example, maybe no Caylee, no anxiety. I don’t know but 4 scripts for a 22 year old seems odd. Don’t you think?

  222. Dave~~Casey said she ran out of gas in the intersection and some guy/guys pushed her car into the parking lot. If that is true, I cannot blame the guys for not coming forward. Maybe they had a criminal background or just too scared to get involved.

  223. I found it highly insulting to pick on Lyon’s looks and weight. Clearly, I was questioning those dodos who think her weight has something to do with her intellect. Gee, I am going to have to reference every single word I write from now on. I didn’t know my articles are that hard to comprehend.

  224. Dave~~the folks who read your posts have different levels of education. Some are just plain ignorant and love to be picky…. I should add, just like me. I was taught to never make fun of others by a very stern father.

  225. It will be easier to understand after I shoot the new video. There are only to entrances into the Amscot parking lot and one of them is not at all feasible. It will clearly show where she came from when she ran out of gas, which she did. I have a few thoughts of my own, too, which would be better served while taping it.

  226. Yes, could be. If she was on drugs for mental health issues, I’d say that matters. Her mom claimed bipolar like George, whatever. Not that I think it’d be a mitigating factor but would help explain at least a bit, things….
    Personally, do I think she has mental/emotional problems? obviously. I also personally think she was a recreational drug user. All these little things factor in. I’d like to see it never happen again, that’s for sure.

  227. No loud music. When I looked at those photos, I have decided those are Cand G medication. I came to that conclusion because in the next photo you can see a bed and bathroom attached. That would be the master bedroom. I am positive Cindy said Casey and Caylee shared a hall bath.

  228. Well I was going to snuff out the candle and put the cat out. I do not have a candle burning or a cat so I will cover Casey.

    Goodnight to all… roll on Friday to see what Padilla and Tracy stated to LE…

  229. Casey’s bedroom has the light blue blanket on the bed. Cindy’s is the one with the tan. They did photo copy all of Cindy’s prescriptions it was in the search warrant from December.

  230. And that’s jmo….so don’t get it twisted, you dig? What is going on in America with people killing children? It used to be the stranger sicko. Now it seems it’s mostly the closest to them. This case is unique but most are abuse or (not that I make excuses for them) 2nd degree situations. To plan and execute your 2, almost 3 year old…aside from just being bad seed, Evil…there’s got to be mental health issues and I thought Lenamon was right with that assertion, but…they’ll go with the old it wasn’t me I guess. I think it’s a mistake. Some remorse would help.

  231. Okay, that’s the folks meds? Well, that’d make more sense I guess. I thought those pics were all Casey and Caylee’s rooms because the tan bed I thought is the one with all the clutter…

  232. Well looky there! It did become a link when I submitted.

    Enjoyed all of your yesterday’s comments… Thank you, Dave, for this blog and all the insights. I continue to learn and think and try to add something helpful. But, alas, I have no great insights beyond what has already been said yesterday. Looking forward to Padilla’s news.

  233. Good morning everyone! I have a quick question, Has any of Lee’s phone records been released? I was wondering because we know he was looking for Casey one time and I think everyone else had phone records released I can’t find Lee’s. Why would they not release his or have copies of his??

  234. Laura~~no it is not strange but I think you are. LOL

    Dave has a docs appt today. I wonder if he will get a chance to video.

    We are supposed to get some docs to view tomorrow but you will be away on your trip. What kind of a race are you going to?

  235. I just read on front page of WordPress that Strickland is setting the date for the fraud trial.
    Will it be sooner or later?

  236. Nascar. I sometimes take photos for races for a friend of mine at the local paper. So it was originally for fun and now it is a working trip. Why don’t you find his phone records not released strange?

  237. momvaughn~~thank you very much. I will check out your link. That is going to be a shocker to some who felt it would be after the murder trial.

  238. I just said this but I will say it again Casey will finally learn it is bad to steal something she NEVER learned at home!!!!

  239. The state wants to go for a ‘bench trial’ in the check/fraud and that would eliminate selecting a jury. Now will the defense go for this or want things drawn out. They have enough evidence to convict her of the check/fraud so she should just plead no contest and get it over with. Going into the murder trial, Casey will have a record. I am sure Judge Strickland has weighed this very carefully.

    Laura, I find everything strange about this case. I have no idea why we haven’t got to see Lee’s phone records.

  240. On another note, now the shopping at Target and not buying supplies for Caylee can come in at the murder trial. Lulu am I correct on this?

  241. I didn’t read anything about a change of venue as requested by the defense. I bet that won’t happen either.

    I’m really happily surprised. 99% of the experts said the check fraud trial would not be held until after the murder trial.

  242. I don’t recall G/C’s phone records. Must’ve been nothing there. I remember emails. But yeah, Lee’s could hold some clues, dead ends no doubt.
    So check fraud trial. Woopdidoo. I’m just (1st of all she/they paid it back, so why bother with ‘a trial’) frustrated with the whole long drawn out mess.

  243. momvaughn~~you are right about the experts saying the check/fraud would probably be delayed until after the murder trial I am not quite sure of their reasoning but I think they mentioned about about leaving the door open for an appeal.

    I am hoping that Amy can recover some of the $400 cash that Casey stole. Casey said Amy was sleep walking and hid it…yeah right? Maybe Amy can get that back for pain and suffering.

    So it didn’t do Baez much good paying back the over $600 to Bank of America.

  244. Laura~~paying the money back to the Bank of America was an admission of guilt. Casey pled not guilty was I guess that was what she had to do at the time the charges were laid.

  245. Do you think she will change her plea to guilty? I would think they would just get it over with but this is not a normal case.

  246. Laura~~Baez would be a fool if he continued to tell Casey to plead not guilty. He certainly doesn’t want her put on the stand. It would be a waste of the courts time to let this go to a full blown trial.

  247. Perhaps Baez would feel confidant putting Casey on the stand for a bit…after all the time he’s spent with her, preparing her, testing her.

    Sorta like Dr. Doolittle.

  248. Well, the whole holiday weekend is right down the drain for the Anthony’s with this ruling coming down today, and, the release of Padilla’s interviews tomorrow.

    Rumor has it, that Tracy will be on the Today Show this Saturday, or, there will be talk of her.

    The Anthony’s “media guro”, John L, is flying in to Miami for a little “show-time”.
    So I am assuming that the ever mellow and newly laid back Anthony’s will be making an appearance as well.
    Where ever they go, he goes now, to take notes and to keep them on the straight and narrow with happy faces.

  249. Redwood~~what is this media guru’s last name?
    Is he the dude who sat beside Cindy, her last day in the court room?

  250. Bench trial~~

    Many prosecutors will consider “plea agreements,” although it’s not legally required. If you don’t reach a plea agreement with the prosecutor, your proceedings will move toward the trial stage.

    Usually, if you are charged with a crime punishable by six or more months of imprisonment, you have the right to a jury trial. This right may be waived by:

    Pleading guilty, or
    Choosing a bench trial (a trial in front of a judge only)
    If you request a bench trial, the judge will perform the fact-finding function that is usually performed by the jury.

  251. Just finished watching the Michael King DP “trial” and noticed he had no prior record. A felony conviction can be used as an aggravator in the jury’s deliberations. I’m sure the defense in Casey’s case doesn’t need another aggravator!

  252. Paint me a day late and dollar short. Just read about the rulings. I am totally surprised the check fraud case will be heard before the murder trial. For whatever reason I have it in my head it will later be used in an appeal effort. Of course, I am still wondering about Lee’s promise to CA so that tells you where I am.

  253. Although Casey has the right to a trial by jury for the check/fraud, Baez would be a fool to request that. I see a plea of ‘guilty’ and Judge Strickland will dish out the sentence.

    Now comes the question, can Casey get her criminal record expunged before the murder trial? Casey would be a first time offender on the first charge presented. Hmmm

  254. Plea agreement….naaah. You are probably more than right snoop, guilty plea. I don’t see anything that could be gained by the defense allowing the check fraud to go to trial.
    Oh, good afternoon.

  255. Newbie~~I remember you saying in the last couple of days that you thought they wouldn’t go ahead with the check/fraud. I think lulu was in agreement with you. It seems having this trial go first can be grounds for an appeal. The only thing that I can think of why it could open up the way for an appeal, is that it would predjudice the jury in the murder trial.

    Does that sound logical to you? The only bar that I am a member of is the Pig & Whistle down on the waterfront.

  256. Newbie~~Hi. My comments to you are hung up in cyber somewhere.

    I wonder if Dave is busy with his Sony. He had a doc’s appt today too.

  257. ritanita~~I have been following the King case also. I have my doubts if he will get the DP.

    Thanks for your other info. I expect Baez has a full blown headache today.

  258. snoopy –
    Here is the link with the info on the new media guy that is going everywhere with George & Cindy now.
    He was the bald guy sitting next to Cindy at the last hearing.

    A member of the above forum actually called this guy personally yesterday and left him a message.
    He returned the call, and they spoke for about half an hour.

    It’s about midway down on the page.
    Gives a little more insight.

  259. Cheyenne –
    On the other link that I posted, the first one, you’ll have to read the entire link/pages.
    It’s about 5 pages long now, and there is conversation about the phone call.

    A little continued over to the other link, with after-thoughts, etc.

  260. I feel very strongly that Casey has a juvi record in her back pocket, that we don’t know about.

    With this going to trial now, rather than later, I am curious is the juvi record can be brought forward to show a pattern of not abiding by the law.
    It’s always said, that juvi records are sealed and tossed, but, in reality, they are still “there”. Just not called upon AFTER you reach your legal age.
    Was Casey 21 or 22 when all this started?

  261. The reason that I question a juvi record is because when they went to court, asking for permission for Casey and Baez to “trot about town”, unattended, and with no written agenda; the home confinement officer was questioned.

    When asked if Casey had a record, she hesitated, and almost, came “this” close to saying something, or asking for clarification, as in, “Not now, but……”??
    Can’t remember exactly how she put it now, but in my mind, it left no doubt that there is a previous record with her name on it.

    Could be the reason that she was running around with a fake ID that LE apparently took the night that Lee returned from Tony’s, when they dumped her purse on the floor, and went through the wallet.

  262. I’m back, but I managed to shoot some footage today. I am going to go edit it now, but I did put up a new post first. I may wait to publish the videos until after tomorrow’s stuff is let out and deciphered.

  263. No, I want to see the video. I am all anxious. Please!!!

    Lenny can wait. I do not think we are going to hear any revelations from him.

  264. snoopy ~
    The one link is over 20 some pages long, start on page 24, midway down.

    The other one is about G&C using the regular mail to correspond with Casey. That one is about 5 or 6 pages now, and the info starts at the bottom of page one.

    You can go to the very bottom of the page and click on the Caylee Anthony “page”, and it will bring up the forum with many topics that you can read.
    No need to register to read only.

  265. I do hope LP and this Tracy don’t make any comments or appear on any shows. IMO, their testimony can be tainted by a mistake in what is said…… ammunition for the defense.

  266. Redwood~~Oh wow, that’s alot of pages. I am gonna ask a favor of you. How about getting the scoop on this fellow and writing a brief summary of him in here? I am multi-tasking here so would appreciate your help. Rather than a copy and paste, just give me your opinion of him and the highlights. TIA

  267. Newbie~~anything Padilla or Tracy say on tv would never be heard in a court room. They are not saying it under oath and it carries little weight. Padilla said alot of things on Nancy Grace and it is just classed as speculation and relevant at all.

    I almost come across like I know what I am talking about…. but it is all made up.. LOL

  268. Newbie~~anything Padilla or Tracy say on tv would never be heard in a court room. They are not saying it under oath and it carries little weight. Padilla said alot of things on Nancy Grace and it is just classed as speculation and not relevant at all.

    I almost come across like I know what I am talking about…. but it is all made up.. LOL

  269. Well my typo got fixed in the second comment. Please don’t try this at home!! You will get a double whammy and a stressed out moderator.

  270. snoop, I think they can be questioned in court about statements made….the defense can ask that certain things be brought into evidence and then question the witness…..what they say at that point is of the utmost importance. You don’t glo play in the street, you won’t be dodging the traffic is my theory re LP and company.

  271. Newbie~~you make me laugh. I never know when you are serious or pulling my leg.

    Dave is editting , splicing, dicing, swearing, and whatever these folks do to produce a video. I just hope he doesn’t end up making a salad.

    Now I am going to glo play. Put the dentures in when you type Newbie. It really works.

  272. Newbie~~come to think of it, when Morgan was deposing Cindy, he said that she went before the media and defamed Zenaida. Just maybe what is stated on some of these tv shows and the media outlets do carry alot of weight.

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