James Thompson Responds

Every person should have the opportunity to state their case. I encourage it. This is James Thompson’s response to my Does not compute article, published on Thursday, October 8, and that includes many, many of your comments. It also appears in comments on that post. Please take the time to read it because he explains a lot. I told you he was a good person. You decide for yourself, but try to think before you cast any more stones his way.

This is exactly the way he wrote it…

I don’t have a tv because I don’t like to watch all the bad news. Low and behold the one story I click on the internet to read about in November 2008 is about some girl who looks familiar to me for some reason and when i read the story to find out why it is hearbreaking. I didn’t wait a year to tell my story. I called the numbers we were supposed to call several times, left my information several times and no one called me back. I finally had to go to the local police department to make a statement just to get the pressure off my chest. There is a lot of good and bad in this blog. There are a lot of good and bad people in this blog … just like life. I would like everyone who reads your blog to know we should all be putting Caley first in our thoughts and prayers because no one else did when she was alive. Maybe we can help prevent this from happening again … or at least reduce the number of times it happens in the future. Regarding this specific post, and the obsession with details about Walmart, everyone who reads your blog should know I told you that there was someone who was killed in a walmart somewhere … i wasn’t sure why, when, how or where … and it was shortly thereafter they changed the doors at WalMarts throughout the country … all of which was after Caley dissappeared. They pulled out the manual doors and put in blowers where the foyer doors used to be and fully automatic doors on the outside as a matter of course and standard proceedure like WalMart always does. Fundamental research on the internet indicates Jdimytai Damour, 34, a temporary worker, was crushed as he and other employees tried to unlock the doors of the Wal-Mart at Green Acres Mall … and maybe another or two elsewhere … not Casselberry! Also, there is one woman in particular who has made a living suing Walmart over 6 times where she was trampled or stampeded by other Walmart customers … I think in the New York area … but it doesn’t matter. The Casselberry building inspector may have info on the updates. Also, you must also realize the Casselberry walmart also upgraded its grocery store, main entrance, and other areas shortly after Casey’s visit, and you can’t rely on asking the senior citizens who work there for their opinion because they simply don’t know. Remember, I was an Officer in the Military and completed over 185 JAG investigations myself so I have an excellent memory and attention to detail better than most. My vision is 20/20 or better and I am smart so I know what I saw no doubt. However, irregardless of the door details, which truly do not matter, nothing will ever change the fact I saw Casey Anthony walking about 10 feet in front of Caley Anthony with a zombie and distant look on her face as her daughter desperately trailed behind her looking hot, distraught, abandoned, sweaty and flustered. The entire time I saw Casey and Caley at WalMart Casey never once looked back to check on her daughter. Yes, I stopped in my tracks turned around and watched because that is how unusual it was and why I remember it so vividly. I might add that Casey was dressed nicer than she was the day she was in my computer store the week before, and what gets me upset when I remember this event, or have nightmares about it on a regular basis, is although Casey had done herself up to look her best, poor Caley really looked like crap and that is unexcusable. When Casey came into my store she was wearing a white halter type top and tan shorts. I remember this because my first thought when this girl came in working her cleavage was she was up to something and was trying to use her looks and cleavage to sell me something or scam me. I am older than Casey and she didn’t realize us old dogs have seen this trick before, can recognize it quickly and are immune to it. So show your cleavage all you want but I ain’t buying what you’re selling. When I saw Casey at Walmart I remember a nicer looking white/cream blouse with a type of frill on it (that still showed cleavage … though not as much as when she was in my store) and a type of black or dark gray pants, hot pants, or hot shorts. I want to say I vaguely remember some type of pin stripe but I can only say that it is possible her pants had a stripe on them, but cant be sure. As soon as I saw Caylee struggling behind her I focused on Caylee and not on Casey’s rear end as she was walking out. I rember that whatever pant type she was wearing they were tight and showed off her figure as much as she could but do not remember the pants she was wearing in Walmart as vividly as I do the shorts she wore in my store because I focused my attention on Caley. Caley in my store was wearing some type of jean skirt/shorts and a purplish shirt, and at Walmart Caley was wearing some type of jean skirt/shorts and either a pink shirt or a white shirt with pink flowers on it. I also seem to remember there were some stripes somewhere but honestly cant remember at this time from what … mayber her socks? She did seem to have on some type of white sneakers which seemed normal. I do briefly remember thinking she didn’t match very well and most moms take a lot more pride and care in dressing their daughters in cute outfits. Caley’s hair was pulled up in the back with some type of band and her hair was sweaty just as she was all sweaty … but her mom wasn’t. Although I had originally wanted to asked Casey if she had purchased a monitor for her laptop yet, when I saw how she treated her daughter it made me sick and I decided not to bother with her. I really despise bad mothers and don’t want anything to do with them … even moreso after meeting Casey. To this day, and each and every day since I wish I had stopped her and asked Casey about that monitor … just so I could have looked into why she was letting her daughter walk so far behind and why her daughter was so hot, flustered, determined, and frustrated … and possibly saved that little girl from being possibly drugged and put in the trunk of Casey’s car … perhaps right in the Walmart parking lot right after I saw her. Any caring parent such as myself notices these things and it was obvious Casey did not. Regarding cell phone pings and towers and all of that, as a technician I know that cell phones usually work off of 3 towers at anyone time and one of the 3 may be the primary one at the time for any reason, one of them being distance, another one being traffic load and problems. Casey wasn’t on her cell phone when she came out of Walmart otherwise I would not have thought about bugging her about the monitor because that would have been rude. But I have no way of knowing what cell phone towers are in the area and can’t testify to that … just the fact I witnessed Casey and Caley in Walmart on the day after Father’s Day. Either way, I saw what I saw and I am 110% certain I saw Casey coming out of the Casselberry Walmart the day after Father’s Day. Unfortunately nothing will ever change that. I wish Caley was still alive and none of this ever happened, but I can’t change the past. Father’s Day means alot to me and to me father’s day is not about fathers, but instead is a day to love and appreciate our children. That is why I noticed Caley so much this particular day, why I noticed more about Caley and the way her mother mistreated her more than I normally would. If Casey hadn’t already been in my store and acted crazy jealous and pissy towards Caley I wouldn’t have recognized her at WalMart. Also, if it hadn’t been the day after Fathers Day, I probably would have noticed Caley who looks so much like me and my own daughter it made me notice and remember her. Caley looks so much like me should could be my own kid. I wish she had been so she would be safe today. One of the reasons I took the time to be nice to Caley in my store and try to put a smile on her face is because she looks like my own daughter and I love children. But let’s leave it at that as I want to keep my family out of this issue and away from all of the mean people on the internet and in this case who do not have the best of intentions. Regarding the time line, what I saw is what I saw regardless of the time. I stated approximately 4pm as my best guess for the time of the day because I had a Rotary meeting until 2pm so I knew it was after that. It takes me 15 minutest to get back to my store from Rotary, then say an hour to take care of issues, 30 minutes to handle a client on the way, then 15 minutes to get to WalMart … at least 2 hours to get from my Rotary meeting to Walmart. I donate all of my spare time and money to community and charity work and have no time for myself. When I work at my store during the night shift I take lunch whenever things get a little slow and I like to go before the late afternoon / early evening traffic as a matter of habit. Plus, I only shop at the Casselberry Walmart so it couldn’t have been anywhere else. The sun was going down and it was no longer the hottest part of the day, but it was not down yet and it was still light so around or after 4pm seems like a reasonable estimate on my behalf. Regarding publicity, my phone rings off the hook with crank calls, harrassers, mean people, questions, reporters and tv shows and I do my best to politely turn them all down. I have already turned down the Today and other shows and money as well. Justice for Caley is what matters, not publicity or money. God decided he wanted me to be where I was when I was for a reason, and if it wasn’t to save Caley, then it must be to help her get justice and be her Champion if no one else will be. You try sleeping at night when you have a reoccurring nightmare of seeing Casey and Caley walking out of Walmart every night and you desparately try to figure out ways to go back in time and save that little girl. I certainly don’t see her grandparents or any other family members or friends doing what they should to set things right. It seems Casey’s parents and others are lying and conspiring and doing everything they can to protect Casey instead of doing what is right. I hope and pray God will work on the hearts of Casey and her parents and have them come clean. I am willing to endure all of these hardships and questions of my integrity for Caylee and testify on behalf of Caylee because she is worth it and deserves honest and decent people standing up for her … and not all the scumbags out there trying to get some fame off of her because all those people are just sick! I just want anyone else who may have also seen Casey and Caley around this timeframe to come forward too. The purpose of this blog should be to help build a stronger case. Period. She had to eat, get gas, wait in line, whatever. Someone had to be around her in Walmart when she was shopping. Someone had to be behind her in line when she purchased something. When Casey came out, I noticed she purchased something small in the bag she had in her hands … a small box or bottle, but of course couldn’t tell what it was … but she held it close to her chest in her hands like you do when you don’t want anyone to see what you purchased …. and I was hoping the detectives could go to walmart and have them look up the security camera footage and register purchases that day for benadryl or other medications which make you sleepy, duct tape, condoms, or some other type of contraceptive. My opinion based on my first hand sighting just before Caley disappeared is Casey was eager to make her relationship with her new boyfriend work and she didn’t want Caley getting in the way of her having sex with him so she could use all of the tools at her disposal to make it work. Remember, I saw her first hand and this girl was hot to trot and on the prowl. I was keen enough to observe this for my own protection and stay away. Shortly after I saw her and Caley leaving Walmart Casey probably did whatever was easiest and laziest and drugged up Caley and left her in the car or the trunk while she was consumating her relationship with her boyfriend. Maybe she had done this alot before. Maybe when she was done having sex with her boyfriend and went to check on Caley that she discovered too late that Caley was dead due to an overdoes of whatever drug she gave her … so she panicked and put her in the trunk and over the course of time concocted her crazy story. However, this is the job of the prosecuters and we have no way of knowing how she truly killed Caley. I would assume the security cameras in her boyfriends apartment complex or housing subdivision have already been checked? What about the security cameras around his neighborhood? What does the boyfriend say???

Below is my response to his comment. Please feel free to say something, but keep in mind, this is not a question and answer session. He may read your comments – or he might not.

James – Thank you for taking time out to write your comment. I want you to know that I would not consider any of what you stated as untruths. From meeting and talking to you, I found you to be quite honest and forthright, and I said so in the article and in subsequent comments. All sorts of terrible things and accusations were flung your way as comments continued to mount.

You must understand that my intent was to substantiate what you said. I had no reason to disbelieve you or tear your version of events apart. If you contend that it could have been much later than 4 pm, then that opens the window and could readily justify your story. I am well aware of cell phone pings and how they work. I even wrote that the two of them could have been in your store on 9 June. My problem is based on the lunchtime to 4 pm window and those interior doors that every employee I spoke to said did not exist. I’ll tell you what I would be very happy to do; I will call the building inspector next week and let his documents have the final say on those doors. I would ask you to go back to that store and see how two independent lessee’s, square footage, McDonald’s at the grocery entrance, and a beauty supply (?) store on the other, extend out in such a way that by their design, no doors could have been there unless they underwent expansions within the last 1 year, 4 months.

Like I said, my article was not written to debunk your story in any manner. You are on the state’s witness list for a reason and you definitely gave me the impression that you are an honest man, and I said so. I tried to also give you the benefit of the doubt about seeing Casey and Caylee on a different day, but no matter what, I couldn’t get beyond those doors. Come next week, I will get to the bottom of it and I will be more than happy to report on it either way. Just like you, we all want justice for Caylee and your testimony could certainly help.

Thank you very much for writing. I hope every person here takes time out to read and understand what type of soul you really are – the one I saw that shows a man of integrity.

The reason why I am reprinting it in a separate article is because I want his thoughts to be read and understood. I encourage you to say something here or on the original post.



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  1. Bob Kealing announced last night that the state has subpoenaed the station’s footage from August 2008 on a Caylee Anthony story.

    The reason? The footage apparently shows rare industrial duct tape holding up a poster about the missing toddler, Kealing said.

    The same style of Henkel duct tape was found on a gas can in the Anthony home and on Caylee’s face when the child’s remains were found in December.

  2. i will know what mr. thompson say to L.E,what clothes had caylee on,on the 16th of june! we know caylee was found with another clothes on,than george was saying!

  3. I’m sure the state can use it to help substantiate their case, but they already knew of the link between the tape found on the skull and the roll found in the house.

    Thanks for the heads up, mikka. Every little bit helps.

  4. James-great post! Thank you for taking the time to post here. I can’t wait for more follow up on this subject. I think you will be a very important witness for the prosecution. This also proves Dave’s theory that Caylee did die on 6/16, not 6/15. I was very intigued when you said Caylee’s hair was pulled up in the back by some kind of band, because I interpreted the autopsy report to read that the “hair mass” was some kind of ponytail. You do seem very genuine! And Dave is right you sound like a man of integrity!

  5. Caley’s hair was pulled up in the back with some type of band and her hair was sweaty just as she was all sweaty … but her mom wasn’t.
    This also makes me wonder if Caylee had just gotten sprung from the trunk. ???

  6. I believe Casey’s friends will do whatever it takes to see Casey convicted. The thing that has always bothered me is her family. From parents to brother to Aunts and Uncles not sitting on the State’s side to get justice for caylee.

  7. Julie. Are you suggesting Casey drives around with Caylee in the trunk to go to stores? I doubt that highly. Caylee would tell Cindy or George I am sure.

  8. dave,thanks i read this about caylees clothes,what you make out of it,does she find caylee with another clothes on?? she buy new clothes for caylee at walmart???

  9. Dave, thanks again, it’s good to hear more from Mr. Thompson. I agree with you, he does seem like a sincere man with only one thing in mind by coming forth with his story….Justice for Caylee.

    My heart breaks for him that he has reoccurring dreams about his last sighting of Caylee. This man feels so guilty and he shouldn’t. How would any of us know what was about to happen to Caylee? The one’s who could have foreseen this did nothing, and IMO, have a strange way of showing guilt.

    I hate to sound repetitious, but again, I see the Beanie Baby was not addressed. LOL I can’t move myself away from that tidbit. I could be so wrong, but I do feel the BB is important where JT is concerned…..that and his observation of Casey’s character in regards to Caylee.

    Snoopy brought up last night about what Casey may have purchased at Walmart. She may have hit the nail on the head with her thoughts, according to what JT stated. Something small, which she held in her hands, almost concealing it. I find that a very strange action on her part. I’m now off to see if I can find Lee’s list of the receipts he made up for LE…..wondering if there is something listed there from Walmart.

    Again, thanks Dave for sharing this with us.

  10. Mr. Thompson sounds absolutely sincere in his sighting of Casey and Caylee.
    I have ALWAYS thought that Casey showed one “face” to Cindy, George, Lee and her friends and her “true face” to Caylee. What Mr. Thompson described seem to be her true face. So as far as “Casey was such a good Mother” I say BS!! She fooled ’em all. And made fools of them.

  11. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Mr. Thompson doing interviews. It would get his compassionate story out there in a way other stories about this case can’t. It would counter all the stories of Casey’s great mothering. Getting his story out there would help parents everywhere to consider how they treat their kids, and to watch other parents…to help intervene in other Caylee situations before it’s too late.

    I feel badly that Mr. Thompson hasn’t been able to sleep well due to what he witnessed. I don’t know why he got no response from the hotline number he called repeatedly.

    Later that day, on the 16th, at the video store, does the footage show Casey’s outfit well enough to be the one she was wearing when Mr. Thompson saw her?

  12. What has boyfriend TL had to say about what Casey was wearing the evening of the 16th that she spent w/him?
    Also does Mr. Thompson’s description of Casey being dressed that day match with any that George may have made statement on when Casey and Caylee left home earlier that day of the 16th. Anything even similar in their description could back up both mens accountings.

  13. Shyloh-I think possible on that day Casey did something to Caylee involving the trunk. Read all of the despicable/horrible descriptions of what Caylee looked like that day according to James Thompson. Sure sounds to me like she was drugged and/or in the trunk that day. Casey may have put her back in the trunk later, leading to Caylee’s death. James implies the same thing in his post. This does not sound very farfetched to me.

  14. Mikka – I think, like many other mothers, Casey kept a change of clothes in the car for Caylee. In case of potty accidents or for any number of reasons. I don’t believe Casey was always a bad mother and children get dirty. Casey, herself, had a spare pair of shoes in the car, and slacks. I used to keep 2 pairs of reading glasses. One in my car for work and the other one at home. That way, I always had a pair no matter what. Unfortunately, but in hindsight, I still have one pair left.

  15. I am sorry, but I don’t believe Mr. Thompson. He is to concerned with Casey’s dang cleavage . And in June the sun is not going down shortly after 4 pm. I think this is just BS. Maybe the State has something about the Beanie baby, but that is all.

  16. I am picturing Julie, Casey at a Wallmart store opening the trunk and letting Caylee out with lots of people around and surely someone would see that. Even if she was let out before that. The air conditioner in the car would have cooled her down.

    Calm cool looking good Casey and poor dirty sweaty Caylee.

  17. I want to share this info. with you…from WFTV:

    Bob Kealing announced last night that the state has subpoenaed the station’s footage from August 2008 on a Caylee Anthony story.

    The reason? The footage apparently shows rare industrial duct tape holding up a poster about the missing toddler, Kealing said.

    The same style of Henkel duct tape was found on a gas can in the Anthony home and on Caylee’s face when the child’s remains were found in December.

  18. Once again *Dave!!
    You said James Thompson was sincere in your first post, and you are right…..he is. Was very nice of him to take the time and explain exactly what he saw, and exactly how Casey acted towards Caylee.
    I had already figured the same anyway, after seeing the video clip of him, but after your post and now this one from him, I hope we can figure out the discrepency with the doors.

  19. Seems to me, since Casey DID not have a job-she would “dress the part” in her striped dress pants, etc., to keep up the illusion that she was “working” and then change into the “revealing” clothing that Mr. Thompson probably very well saw her in.
    DD, some men remember pretty girls showing lotsa cleavage. They are ALL dogs (HAH), except of course Dave. He would NEVER ogle a cleavage.

  20. Dave I am glad he responded some of the comments was very rude the other day. I understand his guilt I live with it everyday, had I have gone left the day I picked the twins up they would not have been killed by a drunk driver. Maybe if he would have talked to Casey things may be different. But the truth is nothing would have changed Casey is still evil and the driver was still drunk in my case so either way we are both innocent of wrong doing. James is right this is not about his family and I hope and pray for him that he does get drug through the mud or his family. I also hope he reads this again because a man that turns down the money from the news/media is alright in my book, EVERYONE knows how I feel about that. He could be all over the tv stations collecting money off a dead child but he is NOT, that should speak volumes to everyone that comes in here and comments because I know most of us are angry the family is making money off a dead child instead of working. I still wonder if his days are mixed up unless he is more wrong about the time because in my heart I KNOW James WILL SIT BEHIND THE PROSECUTOR and be seeking Justice for Caylee and bottom line that is all I care about. Thanks again Dave for sharing James’ thoughts with us.

  21. JT saying Caylee was sweaty and flustered sounds like she threw a hissy fit in the store as two year olds are prone to do when they want a toy or something and Casey was pissed, thus walking ahead of her like that. I don’t think she put her in the trunk until she did the deed. When I first read JT’s statement, I totally believed it. What possible reason is there for him to make that up.

  22. Sure thing, Laura. It’s my civic duty. I think Mr. Thompson’s story must be heard and I couldn’t just keep it tucked away in the comments section from Thursday’s article. I want as many people as possible to realize that his bottom line message is all about justice for Caylee.

  23. Julie, I tend to agree with you re the trunk, except why would she want to hide Caley at that time? Do you have any explanation?

  24. Julie thanks for the video. That’s not the White Cap she tossed in the garbage and the garbage lady found it by digging through her trash is it?

  25. Such an interesting post.

    Julie, as a full time resident here I can attest to one thing. No one, adult or child, could survive being transported in a car trunk even a few minutes in June in Florida in daylight. It makes me nauseated just to think of that scenario. And this particular Walmart is teeming with people all of the time, so there would have likely been witnesses to that.

    Patty, my thoughts exactly of how a mother like Casey would treat Caylee if Caylee were upset and fretful in the store. She would just march out and let Caylee think she would be left behind. No telling how often such as that happened.

    Dave, great idea about the building inspector’s records for the doors, remodeling, etc. Also, having James’s own words here is quite telling. He is a determined person it seems to me, sure of himself in this matter, and willing to put himself out there for additional scrutiny in an effort to make his points and set the record straight. By alluding to his background in the JAG corps he allows us to infer he has been scrutinized before and passed the test. They don’t take people who don’t have integrity. I would caution him never to go to the site where Caylee was found; the nightmares would likely get even worse.

  26. Derryland-maybe cuz she was ticked off at Cindy from the day before, IF a fight really took place??? Or just neglecting her motherly duties?? I really don’t know, but Caylee does sound rather messy according to JT’s account.

    Shyloh-I’m not sure about the cap. I did hear that the cap the trash lady took used to belong to KioMarie, I think, or Amy or Annie, and Casey was already ticked at them for the info they had released to LE up to that point.

  27. James Thompson~~I am going to address my comments to you. First off, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a caring person.

    I watched your video and feel that I am a good judge of character. I guess that I pay particular attention to the eyes, the windows of the soul. I saw, in your eyes, honesty and sincerity.

    Alot of folks put you down because you had mentioned Casey’s skimpy clothing and cleavage. It was your way of describing her and I am glad you were suspicious of her dress code and it may have been used an ulterior motive to pass a bad check for that monitor.

    I am intrigued that you mentioned that Casey had made a purchase at Walmart, some small item that she was holding in her hand up close to her chest. It has crossed my mind that she may have bought an ‘over the counter’ medicine at the pharmacy to drug or even kill her daughter. I doubt it Casey would have been successful in finding any Henkel rare duct tape in /08 at Walmart.

    In my opinion, I do not find it far fetched for Casey to have drugged Caylee right in the parking lot of Walmart. Folks are so busy with their own lives, it certainly could have gone unnoticed by the passerbys. A small child could have been restrained and held down in the seat by a grown up.

    Mr Thompson, is it possible that you may have saw Casey and Caylee leave the Walmart after 5 -5:30pm? From leaving the Rotary, your driving time, stopping to make a service call for approx 30 minutes and then you mentioned you had time to spare, it is so easy to get our times mixed up but a timeline of between 5 and 6 would fit in better with the sun starting to go down.

    Thank you once again. Please don’t ever blame yourself. Just know Caylee is with God and you can be the one to help bring her justice.

  28. Orlandoan-I have no clue then as to why Caylee looked so messy & sweaty, but Casey looked calm, cool & collected. I hope she didn’t do it.

  29. I would like to point out that I posted the possibility that Mr. Thompson was referring to the incident he describes above in the ‘does not compute’ article. I was looking for a different way to interpret what he said as far as the door configuration changes at Walmarts . . .

    owenmeany // October 8, 2009 at 12:33 pm


    Jdimytai Damour, 34, a temporary worker, was crushed as he and other employees tried to unlock the doors of the Wal-Mart at Green Acres Mall.

  30. Owenmeany-I noticed that you mentioned that story. I also that day googled WalMart doors death, and got the same types of stories.

  31. And this:

    owenmeany // October 8, 2009 at 12:42 pm

    Ya I know Dave but I’m trying to give him the benefit of doubt or whatever. Maybe he was referring to the other incident to say that Walmart made changes to a lot of the stores door configurations. The timing would not fit tho.

    I want to believe him but there are too many inconsistencies for me. The beanie baby would help a lot. Especially if it ended up in evidence off of suburban drive.

  32. I’m not trying to be a know-it-all or whatever because your article inspired me to do some searching around for door changes at Walmarts – but I often feel as though any challenges are taken very personally when its not intended that way at all.

    Anyway I guess we’ll see what happens with the permits.

    If it was later – that leaves open the very real possibility that Casey stuck Caylee in the trunk on her way over to Tony’s (probably overly medicated) and she died sometime that evening or early morning on the 17th – alone in the trunk of the damn car. And I can’t think about that anymore today.

    Hope ya’ll have a safe and happy weekend.

  33. God one more thing – if it turns out that she left Walmart with Caylee walking out the door with her that means she took the duct tape from the house before she left. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. I could not be more sick about this.

  34. We have to keep in mind that Jim gave Caylee the beanie baby, a week prior, to being seen at Walmart. That beanie baby could have ended up anywhere. It may have been tossed out the window by Caylee’s hissy fit mother. I do not think the beanie baby is crucial but it would certainly come in handy, if Jim remembered exactly which one Caylee picked out.

  35. Last thing I promise. Thank you Mr. Thompson for being persistent in getting your information to the authorities.

    This kind of thing – helping narrow down the timeline and verifying Casey’s consistent unforgivable attitude toward her daughter – you’re right – more people saw them. And they need to be persistent and get their information to the authorities whether it takes 3, 4 or 20 tries.

    What in the heck is up with making it so hard for regular people to get their tips to be taken seriously? Roy Kronk. Jim Thompson. These questions MUST be asked!

    Thank you.

  36. Good point Snoopy.

    Laura – I hope YOU have a wonderful weekend. You and Snoopy keep laughing – sometimes when I feel like crying tears over this baby.

    And Laura – you inspire me. So much.

  37. Lee’s written list of Casey’s receipts start on 6/30 so that bummed me out. I guess we will never know what Casey bought at Walmart on that day JT saw her.

  38. You know, in a way I hope Jim Thompson’s story is right – and I think it is. You know why? Because no matter what happened – the details are bad.

    This way, the timeline is very narrow. The jury won’t have a big gap to have to deal with a bunch of possibilities that the defense could throw in there. It goes a long way toward proving what we’ve thought all along – it was not an accident like drowning.

    We will never know if little one was conscious or not – but we can at least choose to believe not.

    Makes those phone pings even more interesting because IF this runs its course in this way – Casey probably didn’t know Caylee was gone (unless she went out and checked on her during the night) until the morning of the 17th. I’m going to go look at the info for the 17th when I get a minute.

  39. Olive~~do you know if Cindy ever gave Yuri Melich the statement for JC Penny? She offered the receipts but Yuri wanted the statement. This was discussed per her LE interview.

  40. I think whatever happened to Caylee took place at the Anthony home. Too much “home” stuff is involved: duct tape, dinner knife, laundry bag, trash bags, Winnie the Pooh blanket.

  41. Did I promise I wasn’t posting any more comments way above? hahahahaI guess I was wrong. 🙂

    My mind is buzzing now because I believe Jim Thompson. And his information really does change many assumptions I’ve had for a year now.

  42. Snoopy, not that I have seen. And even if she didn’t, I have no doubt that LE was able to get their hands on that JC Penney statement.

  43. Patty I thought that forever too. But from what I’ve read – no duct tape residue was found on that knife. I believe Caylee died in the trunk – and Casey had to go home to get the stuff needed to dispose of her remains (I still hate saying that). I don’t know exactly when she did that – I’m going to look at the cell phone and other information.

  44. The duct tape wrapped to the back of Caylee’s head. I’m trying to visualize Casey applying tape to a knocked out child. She would have had to move her head up and down, or back and forth, depending if Caylee was laying down or sitting up, to make sure it covered the mouth and nose and yet attached firmly to the back of her head.

  45. Wow. Just read it. I’ll check in later, busy at the moment..But, I find him credible, I will say that. That’s just the impression I get

  46. This whole tragedy could have been explained with an accident. At first I thought it could have been….you know, Casey on the phone or the computer inside and Caylee getting into the pool. Then those pesky computer searches surfaced and accidental for me went out the door. We do need to remember Casey told Amy H. that the A’s were getting divorced and Cindy was giving her the house. Searches, as we all know, were for “neck breaking”, “household weapons” and “chloroform”. Maybe all that was intended for the A’s.

  47. Olive~~I understood the duct tape was applied across the mouth and nose and went into the hair on both sides. How long was the longest piece of tape? As decomposition took place and the head shrunk, it would appear that the tape went around towards the back of the head.

    I am just trying to visualize this and may be way off mark.

  48. Olive – I haven’t read that the tape was that long – but I can’t remember for sure. I thought I saw that each of the 3 pieces we’ve seen in discovery was about 6 inches long? I very easily could be wrong.

  49. I would like to thank JT for taking the time to respond to Dave’s blog. And I’d like to thank Dave for all the work he does toward Justice for Caylee.

    JT – I did have SERIOUS doubts about your statement. You have helped to eliminate many of them and reduce others. So thank you for taking the time.

    God speed to you.

  50. I just got off the phone with Wal-Mart of Casselberry. The woman I spoke to insisted that this particular store has always had sliding doors since its expansion. The grand opening took place in May of 2005 with sliding doors. Since that time, no other doors were there. None. Push doors never existed at that location, except for the side doors, which is not what Mr. Thompson stated. He said that interior doors were removed due to the accidental death, now somewhere else. The store personnel, the ones who work there day after day, I might add, insist no doors were ever there. I will contact the proper Casselberry personnel to put this issue to bed, but at this time, I stand by my investigation. You can rip me all you want.

  51. Yes, it was no accident for me either. The Anthony family has done some strange things that IMO appear as covering up or destroying possible evidence.

    Funny how there are no fingerprints on the trunk of Casey’s car. We know that George opened the trunk at the tow yard, in front of the owner, had to close it to drive it home and it was opened again while the car sat in their garage. Casey took gas cans from the trunk to give them back to her dad…..yet the trunk is void of fingerprints. HUH?

    Why would Cindy wash all the clothing in Casey’s closet? I’m assuming they were clean clothes or they wouldn’t be in her closet. And the soles of Casey’s shoes were virtually clean. HUH?

    Why would someone go to these lengths to clean these things if an accident had occurred? There is just no logic to this, not to me anyway.

  52. The one thing about the computer searches is they were done in March I think. I remember, at least in terms of things being documented, that Casey & Amy were texting about getting the house in May, 08 possibly into June. If the plan was to get rid of G&C somehow, she sure waited a long time. The high level of chloroform found in the truck tells me was dosing Caylee for whatever amount of time, and maybe went too far with it. I think Casey was at least in some degree of panic based on that flurry of calls she made on june 16th.

  53. I didn’t know that Cindy washed ALL of the clothes in Casey’s closet! Wow.

    I did hear that she washed a pair of gray pants that she found in the car but not the whole closet.

    I also had not heard that there were no latent prints on the trunk at all. That is strange.

  54. Well Olive, who in their right mind would retrieve a towed car that smells “like a dead body in the damn car” and go back to work? Cindy didn’t know where C&C were, yet she returns to work that day and only leaves at her boss and co-workers insistance. Who would go home and check their back yard and move the playhouse? Who would go to Tony’s apt to confront Casey and not even look around to see if Caylee were there? Not anyone I know.

  55. olive,you are so right,the anthony washed the car too,and when she washed casey clothes with the decomp smell,the smell stays in the washer. the anthonys buyed a new washer and dryer too!

  56. I also have not seen the information about the Ant’s buying a washer & dryer? Do you guys have links for this info?

  57. The piece of duct tape that was on Caylee and compared to the tape on the gas can was 8.75″. I think I read that one was 9″ also. That’s pretty long on a 2 1/2 yo child’s face. 9″ goes across my mouth and to the beginning of my ears on each side.

  58. I think Casey was so used to lying effectively and not being caught in them that she even thought cops would accept her word. Let’s not forget the trip to Universal to go to her “office” and she walks down the hallway, finally stops, and says “OK , I don’t work here”.

  59. Cindy admitted that she took things out of the trunk of the Pontiac and put them in the yard to air out- could be reason for dogs picking up decomp scent.

    Cindy admitted spraying the trunk with Fabreeze.

  60. If that would have been my daughter and granddaughter and they went missing (lets say a shorter length of time like a few days) and I get called to a tow yard to pick up MY car with a death smell in it…..would I have driven it home and cleaned it? UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WOULD I HAVE DONE ANYTHING OTHER THAN TO CALL 911….hello? how could you not?

  61. Remember when Lee was recounting coming over to the house and walking into the garage and smelling that odor? As he was describing it coming at him “in a wave”, he chuckled as he said it. There’s some serious issues with this family.

  62. Hi Mikka! Dave I believe he has got his dates mixed up and maybe there was no door maybe he is confused maybe when he walked in Casey was going out the doors and Caylee was 10 feet behind. I want to believe him, he seems honest.

  63. And possibly the granddaddy of all theories when Cindy said “maybe someone put a body in the trunk after it was towed to the towyard”. Those sneaky criminals who know just the right time to put bodies in and out of trunks!!

  64. Very interesting Dave, thanks for making that phone call, you super sleuther!! We talk, you research! You da bomb!!

  65. LMAO Patty. And not only do those sneaky criminals know the right time, they even know which car owner has a missing child!!

  66. Dave~~If Thompson takes the stand and mentions the stationary door at the front entrance. The defense can tear his testimony apart and the jury will not believe anything he says. Is it possible that he is confused and he came in the side door? He does not appear to be a man who will admit he may be mistaken.

    There is nothing about this case that is black and white, nothing at all.

  67. Snoopy said: There is nothing about this case that is black and white, nothing at all.

    That is the truest thing I’ve heard since about this case – ever.

  68. as much as JT’s story is compelling, I don’t see why the DA needs him. There is overwhelming evidence that the princess did it. No one waits 31 days to report their child missing (and she didn’t call cops, Cindy did). No one parties while their toddler has been kidnapped. Casey sure didn’t have trouble dialing 911 when protestors were getting frisky when she was home on bail.

  69. Yeah mikka, nothing like a stale, dried up, maggot filled pizza to stink up a trunk huh. I think it’s hilarious that law enforcement even tested the “rotting pizza” theory and guess what….no smell!! And as I recall, the freaking box was empty in Casey’s car!!

  70. There are alot of names on the witness list but, not necessarily, they will be called to testify. They include lots of names, just in case something comes up that needs to be verified.

  71. The only explanation I can come upw ith is that Cindy went into complete shock. She maybe thought Casey was invovled in a crime, bu that it did not involve Caylee…..ike her mind shut that thought out. That is maybe why she did what she did. The shock maybe was so great that hey mind made her beleve a different reality at that particular time (1 or 2 days).

  72. I believe he is honest, but my job is to investigate fairly. I did not go into that store begging for my version of the answer. All I wanted to do is get to the truth. Suddenly, my version of the truth, as told to me by employees of that store, is not good enough. Fine, I don’t mind this at all, but if the Casselberry government cannot supply any documentation of permits filed for removing interior doors, do not argue with me or tell me it’s not enough.

    If no doors exist, which I firmly believe they did not, then Caylee did not struggle to open non-existent doors. Side doors are not, and will not, be allowed into the equation because side doors were never once mentioned. Remember, too, that the time is moving from lunchtime to 4 pm to later on in the day.

    Now, I will bring you some facts and I want you all to pay careful attention to what I am saying here. I expect it.

    FACT: Caylee Marie Anthony was last seen alive with her mother on 16 June, 2008. Remember that date because it is VERY important.

    FACT: Cell phone pings do not lie.

    FACT: Neither do dates in the news. READ THIS! Is Wal-Mart to blame? Wal-Mart is one of the world’s biggest corporations with stores all over the world. A temporary worker in New York was run over by a crowd of mad people trying to find the best deal after Thanksgiving in 2008. It’s what we call Black Friday in the United States. The worker was relatively new and had no idea that a crowd of 2000+ angry savvy customers would rush through the door running over everyone and thing in their way.

    QUESTION: If the accident at Wal-Mart happened in November 2008, just what does it have to do with changing out doors 5 months prior? Caylee disappeared before the door accident. I’m getting tired of this.

    Source: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1722078/walmart_lawsuit_casewho_should_be_responsible.html?cat=17

  73. So Dave, you believe Mr. Thompson is telling you the truth and we can’t challenge him – but you don’t believe him and we can’t talk about the discrepancies.

    Confusing. The entire thing is a conundrum. But don’t question it? Got it. I guess.

  74. Dave what are you tired of? I think I missed something. I think he has his dates or times mixed up. Maybe just maybe he only seen them the one time at his store but he would be more believable if he had more then one run in with them, I don’t know. I just don’t think he is lying, I don’t know what to think.

  75. Dave~~would you please delete the comment I made at 4:30pm? I was basing my comments on what was as stated as facts by others, which were totally wrong. In that case, I do not want my comments of 4:30Pm showing up, as they are not factual and may tend to mislead the reader. Thanks.

  76. Owenmeany? Did you read what I just posted about dates? Did you read it at all? No, you didn’t, because I said I believe he is honest, but that does not make him perfect. Look at the dates. His whole contention is that the doors were removed after the death in a NY Wal-Mart. That death occurred 5 months AFTER Caylee’s disappearance. Did you suck in math or something? In order for those doors to be removed, it would have to have taken place AFTER November.

    Do not lecture me on discrepancies when I bring you FACTS. Do not argue with FACTS. FACTS are not discrepancies. Got it?

  77. No, Snoopy, I see no reason to delete it. He quite possibly saw her, but not there and not on that date. There’s no reason to not put faith in what he said, it’s just that the facts don’t work right with this Wal-Mart story. I don’t deny that he ever saw her, but you tell me how a November incident has an affect on something 5 months earlier.

  78. My sincerest apologies, Mr. Thompson. Though some things still don’t make sense to me (but who am I?) I see that you are a good man and you are Caylee’s Champion.
    My suspicion about why you waited so long has been answered by your first paragraph-you just didn’t know about the case until Nov. ’08. Had many of us known that you would not have receieved as many disparaging comments about that “wait”, not just here, but on other blogs. Its a shame that you had a seven month wait before anyone took you seriously and, even then, you had to go to LE about it. Thank you for your persistance.
    Please, understand that there have been many who have stood up for you as well.
    One more thing, this is about Caylee, and those who suspected you are the ones who care about Caylee getting justice-that doesn’t make any of us bad people. Being suspicious isn’t wrong if you are seeking the truth and, in this case, the justice we all want for Caylee. Even you must be suspicious about some of your customers when things aren’t coming up right in your sight. So, to say anyone here is bad because they suspect your story I found to be a bit much.

  79. Well, I for one do not believe this was anything other than intentional. Dave, did he specifically say they both went out same doors? I don’t remember reading that but maybe I just don’t remember. But then he is saying inside doors, right? This is very bizarre because again, he insisted

  80. Holy crap Dave. Of course I read it. I compliment all of your articles all of them time – but that seems to conveniently slip your mind when you feel the need to vent at anyone who crosses your imaginary line of personal attacks.

    Your need to rage against your commenters has crossed my line of patience.

    Seriously, I really enjoy your writing but I do not enjoy the abuse.

  81. Sarcasm is not necessarily a virtue. It hurts feelings – and honestly mine are hurt. But never mind and enjoy yourself at my expense.

  82. Dave~~the Walmart handy to me…all entrance doors are automatic. I called my daughter who lives in the next town, all entrance doors automatic. We don’t live in a big city.

  83. Oh yes, that too. You just reminded me Sherry, as I read back. This is what I thought before, like Kronk, he’d probably been saying this all along

  84. Owenmeany~~stick around please. Ask me anything? If I don’t know the answer, I will make something up or write you poetry.

    Ahhhh come on ….just for Snoopy…

  85. Dave I think everyone here agrees with you. He is obviously wrong. I don’t think any of us need proof, we all trust you. I am confused myself I was gone most of the morning I come back and you have a new post up. I thought something had changed you want people to be considerate and not think bad things about this man but once again it seems as if he has lied. I don’t think owensmeany was arguing with you, I am confused myself as to what you are wanting from us. I think we all want the truth. What you gave us was fact but then you add in James’ and it’s not fact but how are we to know???

  86. When I went back the third time to inquire, I saw how the two leased stores extended out and into that lobby area. Where those overhead fans are, the ones that blow air to keep out insects, that’s where he said those doors were, but look at the photo on the post, the one of McDonald’s. That means the glass panels of the storefront would have to have been removed in order for those non-existent doors to work, or the doors would have butted right into the McDonald’s glass window. Every person, every single one of them, and I assure you they are in that store more often than him, insist there were never doors like that. Ever.

  87. I still don’t think he’s a liar, Laura. I do think he’s got his facts wrong. I had to give him the benefit of the doubt regarding his sincerity. I still give him that, but it doesn’t mean he is perfect. Neither am I, and that’s why I seek facts. He’s obviously got a picture of those doors in his head. OK, fine, but my fact finding tour told me there never were such doors there. It’s got to be somewhere else. If the location is wrong, which it is, could the date be wrong also?

  88. How could the date be substantiated? There was no financial transaction made, so he could confuse the date without realizing it.

  89. Dave~~I see no point in me discussing Thompson any further. I am off to read up at a couple blog sites and sleuth around.

  90. I agree too, what I am confused about is your comment at 6:18 it is very argumentative, are you angry with us? That is how it is coming across. You ask us to cut this guy some slack we do give him the benefit of the doubt you find out his story is still not true and it seems like you are angry at us. I am glad I didn’t ask the same thing owenmeany did because you would have hurt my feelings, but just so you know I feel very bad for owensmeany. I don’t know what to think. Maybe you should be angry at the person who has you on a wild goose chase. I said a few days ago his story don’t ass up, I questioned the cell phone pings and the fact Casey did not leave home until after 4. Something has not been right and I feel like you want us to believe him then bam he lied and then he tried to explain and bam you caught him in the same lie. I am confused.

  91. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t he now on the witness list for the state and if so, does that not mean that his story was checked out and verified…???

  92. Laura 🙂 that’s some funny sh!t….
    Yeah, I don’t know what to make of all of it…if the doors don’t fit, must we dismiss?

  93. Ok I have pretty thick skin. And thank you for asking being so nice to me Snoopy and Laura.

    I did LAUGH OUT LOUD on Laura’s typo – “his story don’t ass up”

    And I’m so not laughing at you Laura – this is such a funny typo!! Thanks for lightening up my evening.

    I really like you guys and thank you so much for sticking up for me. I feel a lot better. I have a little homecoming thing for my son I have to run to. Thanks again.

  94. He’s saying that the doors were changed some time between June 16/08 and now. Possibly as a result of the employee being trampled to death in November/08. He’s claiming they were changed after November/08, long after he saw Casey and Caylee. I’m not trying to get in the middle or frustrate you further but the November date is not related in any way to when and if he saw them.
    “QUESTION: If the accident at Wal-Mart happened in November 2008, just what does it have to do with changing out doors 5 months prior? Caylee disappeared before the door accident. I’m getting tired of this”.

  95. It was a typo I swear! I was like omg when I read it of course that was after I submitted it. Owensmeany it is okay. Dave I don’t think any of us are angry at you but some of your comments come across very mean and out of know where. I am really confused.

  96. You’re exactly right anonymous. I said the dates don’t work for his timeframe when I posted the link to the employee that got trampled.

    Mr. Thompson saw Casey and Caylee 5 months before the guy was trampled in New Jersey. Yet he uses this as ‘backup’ to his story that the door configurations have changed since then – because of this incident.

    But I believe he saw them. I just don’t know how to reconcile his statements with the truth and that is all I’ve been trying to do.

  97. I wanted everyone to believe in his sincerity – that is the absolute truth. But nothing has changed. The pings still don’t add up and the doors were never there. I tried to find proof of those doors. I didn’t set out looking for proof they didn’t exist. My point, and what angered me, was about comments that suddenly washed my work right down the drain. It’s as if everyone I spoke to at the place of their employment were wrong. I’m not saying it was you, Laura, but it sure did sound like some people had serious problems with my investigation and we needed to get to the bottom of those doors. My word was meaningless. That’s what really got me started. I was quick to anger and I am quick to get over it.

  98. Well, the “Black Friday” event happened AFTER he says he saw Caylee…so going off that and giving him credit until otherwise prevented from doing so…that would mean the doors at this WalMart COULD be manual because the forced conversion to automatic due to the tragedy wouldn’t take place until after November 2008 (5 months later).

    His time of 4 pm doesn’t work well with the pings. But he is also admitting that he’s estimating by approximating times he spent on various activities before making it to WalMart. One thing that points to it being later, in regards to his own memory, is that he states that the sun had started going down and the hottest part of the day was over. That doesn’t really describe 4 pm June 16th very well. But push it out one more hour and at least the sun is starting to be lower in the sky, and it should be cooling down just a tad.

    Here is a graphical timeline I created to assist myself in trying to figure out this mad mess.

    It’s probably not that useful to other folks, but at least if you’ll go to June 16th and follow the bouncing cell phone, you’ll see that from about 4:25 to 6 pm will work for this guy’s story.

    KC appears to leave the Anthony home area around 4:14 and head toward TL’s apartment. However, it should be kept in mind that it is only about a 6 mile trip from TL’s apartment to this WalMart. And quite possibly the cell phone would hit on the same tower from either of these locations. So KC technically could have left the Anthony home and either 1. headed to TL’s for a brief time and then went over to Walmart, or 2. went straight to Walmart.

    There is time in there for a trip to Walmart AND a very dirty deed to take place.

  99. Sorry, I said “6 mile trip”…I meant 6 minute trip. It’s only 4 miles from TL’s to the Casselberry Walmart.

  100. Now Walmart could have changed the doors but that doesn’t appear to be the case when you look at Dave’s video – which no other blog gives you this information or these visual’s except Dave’s.

    Why would Mr. Thompson cite a case that happened after he said he saw Casey & Caylee? They wouldn’t have changed the doors before the incident happened – Walmart may think they are all knowing and invincible but they aren’t psychic. I don’t think? Ok – I have to go take a couple of pictures of my baby (he is my baby – 4th and last son who turns 16 tomorrow). Maybe that is why I’m so emotional today? Who knows? I will snap out of it.

  101. There was a trampling at Wally World on Black Friday in November of 2007. It was an employee who died.
    We were at BF in the States, came back to the hotel and it was on the news. NY, I believe.
    The store would know when they changed the doors.

  102. I can guarantee that as many times as I have shopped at that Wal-Mart, no such doors existed. Could I be wrong? Sure. Could Mr. Thompson be? That’s why I investigated those doors. Suppose Bill Sheaffer told you no doors were there? Or Kathi Belich? I guess what mostly upset me was a lack of faith in me, like I’m a two-bit blogger. Certainly, as a fair person, I wanted Thompson’s version to be heard. That, in no way, inferred that I was agreeing with him. He wrote a rebuttal to my story. He challenged my findings by asking for proof from the city of Casselberry. I will state right now that if no permits for a variance was ever drawn up, then I cannot show you proof of any kind, can I? I feel, in this case, it is going to back me into a corner. With no proof from the city, how does that help me, other than to say there’s no proof because the doors were never there? Would you believe me? Many of you will still have doubt. You will insist she went through a side door and I will continue to tell you she was never there on that date.

  103. Dave,

    As I stated over on WS when this doc dump first occurred, I live in Podunk USA and our WalMart Supercenter was put in SEVERAL years ago with automatic doors. I would think that a supercenter in Orlando, FL could do better than us!

    We’ll see how this plays out in court! Just because he’s on the witness list doesn’t mean they plan to call him.

    And again – thanks for ALL YOUR HARD WORK! Your video and interviews, etc. are what help clear up what is one of the most mucked-up cases I’ve ever seen!

  104. Valhall? Have you made that 6 minute trip? I have, and it’s a mighty slow 6 minutes, especially if you count the traffic lights from Tony’s apartment to Wal-Mart. As I have stated before, unless you live here, you cannot go by map services on the Internet. If you want proof, I will videotape a live trip from Lazzaro’s apartment to Wal-Mart. Trust me, it will be no 6 minute trip.

    I would respectfully ask you to go to the AT&T site and enter your ping coordinates. Then, come back and tell me what you have found out about pings. According to that site, Casey was pinging a tower in the vicinity of Forsyth and Colonial Drive at 4:25, well away from Wal-Mart, and her next ping at a new location didn’t occur until 5:57 and that was close enough. When I put in the address of Wal-Mart, that was the tower, but not until 5:57. Could she have turned her cell phone off or perhaps the phone didn’t work inside the store? Yes, but those are nothing more than suppositions. Also, I really want to know your opinion on why it would be advantageous for Casey to leave the comfort, confines and privacy of her house to drive to a Wal-Mart to kill. Why that one? Why in a heavily populated area? Why was the pool ladder in place? Why was the pool gate left open?

    Be my guest…


  105. The Walmart nearest me has the 2 sets (1 in, 1 going out) of manual doors that he’s talking about. They’re used mainly to go out. On each side of them are automated ones.
    This was not a ‘Super’ Walmart (no grocery) however, they’ve since become 1st all ‘green’ super Walmart in US and I don’t know if those doors have been changed, to the best of my knowledge they haven’t.
    What I’m saying is I know exactly what doors he’s talking about. You’ve never seen them there, store says they haven’t been changed. I say confirm with a 3rd party, take it from there.

  106. Since you are here, valhall, I want to say a big thank you for all of your hard work in putting the details together. I admire you for being able to keep it straight! It is so nice of you to share freely all of the info you have put together in an orderly, understandable fashion.

  107. I don’t understand why everyone is so upset. Mr. Thompson saw something that stuck in his brain………..he must not be remembering it correctly because the facts don’t add up……..we can’t fault him for that, nor can we think he will be the state’s “star witness.” He does verify for us once again that Casey is a “spiteful b****.” All of us seem to want something that makes sense in this case, and unfortunately, not much does.

    I think we have all been burned by the Anthony lies throughout this mess that we would really like something truthful to hang onto!

  108. Cheyenne, mark my words, if the city of Casselberry has no record of any permits pertaining to doors, people will insist that is still not enough. They will try to make me go to the county, then the state. One of these days I am going to throw this case out the window. No matter what I do, no matter how much work I spend on something, there will be people who will never believe me.

  109. Thanks, Sherry, for the kind words.


    I’m with you…don’t get me wrong when I was stating those points to consider. I don’t personally lean toward KC being at this WalMart (although at this time I can’t rule it out).

    I understand how the estimates can be off for the drive times. But at the same time, there is still from 4:25 to right at 6:00 p.m. that she is in the general area. With NO ping activity (to my knowledge) from about 5 pm to 6 pm.

    As I’ve stated from the time this statement came out – there’s a lot of hinky to it. And I can’t help feeling that way. But I also try to keep an open mind. Because I’m the first to admit I haven’t got a clue what happened that day other than a sweet little girl died.

    I guess that’s why I’m compelled to stick with it. Knowing that one fact and nothing else just doesn’t feel right.

  110. Well, Valhall, I guess what I am saying is that by my calculations, she couldn’t have been there, but I will not say my work is infallible. What aggravates me is all about those doors. No matter what, people will choose to believe what they want about those doors and they will be convinced that Casey walked out a side door instead. My whole point was to never challenge Thompson’s integrity or honesty, it was only about facts. The fact is, if those doors were never there, then his story about Wal-Mart is worthless. Just the same, people will pick and choose what they want and when I confront them with facts, they tell me I am argumentative and unwilling to listen to their opinions. I contend that facts usurp opinions every single time.

  111. I think people believe you, Dave.

    Now, lets think outside the box here for a sec: it seems unlikely she’d kill her outdoors, but anything’s possible. After all, she disposed of her body, no-one saw a thing. What if Caylee was in pool that day and this sweat he speaks of was wet from that. She was in a hurry, left things up/open. What if the frantic calling was her wanting to get Cindy to watch Caylee that night?

    I know one thing for certain, that tape went on to kill. You don’t drug/put in trunk a child, obviously they’d wake and scream. She made up her mind, wherever she was..that this was going to be it

  112. Dave! Hey there! Way to go! You’ve got people all excited over the non-existant doors!

    I can only imagine the crack pots that call him each day…wow!

    Something he said must align! I think Casey was in his store at one time…perhaps not exactly when he remembers, but close to that time.

    Didn’t someone mention her screen went blank when Lee or someone tried to access it after going to her boyfriends apt.?

    But why there?

  113. Dave, they have to get a permit for those doors because they have fire ratings and such in that area and each building must have a certain number of exits. The glass must match a certain critereia, saftey measures must be followed as the doors accomendate a lot of commercial traffic each and every day.

    The locals would be in charge of that.

  114. Dave, I might not comment a lot but I read here all the time. I don’t think people are trying to “blow holes” through the facts you present. I think it is human nature to see a jigsaw puzzle and try to figure out how the pieces fit. Sometimes people speculate………what if Mr. T meant “A” instead of “B?” What if he was wrong about the day? And I think all of us want nothing more than to see some facts actually come out in this case, rather than speculation. Anyway, I hope you can see that most people appreciate what you have done for us.

  115. O snap my argument doesn’t make sense. Theoretically I suppose Walmart ‘could’ have changed the doors after Jim’s sighting of C&C and the trampling incident Jim mentions that happened Nov. 2008. But that would mean the doors were just recently changed. Sometime within the last 10 months. Nope. Gosh mucked up is right. Jim’s timeline is he saw C&C June 2008 – Walmart incident happened Nov 2008 – Walmart changed door configuration within last few months but nobody remembers it and the obvious evidence precludes it (based upon multiple employee interviews and visual architectural video evidence). So my premature conclusion is that Jim saw them but his visual memory of the door struggle was influenced by his opinion of Casey by his earlier experience of her bad mothering and lack of caring for a baby we’ve all become so attached to.

    I always wanted a daughter. I wish one of us could have had her instead of that family.

  116. I know, when I look at her pictures I always wish she was here with someone that loved and cherished her. What an Angel

  117. Oh Dave. This isn’t about doubting you – its about trying to figure out the puzzle you presented us with.

    Anybody else would be happy to have stirred up so much discussion and lively speculation. You’re choosing to see it as a personal attack and frankly I don’t understand why.

    It would be interesting to see what your idea of the perfect counter-comment to your article would be. You’ve got a bunch of people here wanting to please you – but it just isn’t possible. Why is that?

  118. ciao Dave

    Curious if you read my post on Does not Compute? Most agree to disagree reference the doors. However, IMO some interesting sleuthing relative to “laws of probabilities”

    Occam’s Razor.

  119. I’m watching COPS right now, but Advocate, what’s the point of agreeing to disagree over facts? Facts are facts and what is it about them that some people just don’t get? If there were no doors, then there were no doors. Do people love to hear themselves argue?

  120. I want to make a comment about Caylee’s appearance. JT said she was a mess and she was sweaty. How can that be when she was just in air conditioning? I think it is because the little one may have been sick, had the flu maybe?

    In JT’s LE statement he said that ” This day was significant as it was the day after Father’s Day and because of that I remember thinking the last thing I needed in my life was involvement with another bad mother or heartless female as I have had my share of those…” Is this supposed to mean business involvement? My first impression of this statement, after reading about how he noticed Casey’s cleavage, was certainly not of the comp business kind. It just seems a bit odd to have that in the LE statement-so unnecessary to say. In his statement he doesn’t mention how awful Caylee looked like he did in his comment above. Perhaps that is in the OCSO interview, if there is one.

    Anyway, that’s my last comment on this guy. He is a far better soul than I first thought but there are things that he has said that still makes me wonder about him. Since my suspicions have no bearing on the case I am done with him. He will be one of Caylee’s Champions and for that I’m glad.

  121. Thanks Cheyenne. I don’t care for WS so much but I read occasionally especially a few commenters. I am not a member there. Thanks for the ID link. Very interesting/disturbing.

  122. Actually Dave the point would be the same if you found said doors. The point is moot!

    You must admit, with all the inconsistencies
    cynicism rears it head.

  123. Caylee could of been killed at the Anthony home because a lot of the evidence, if not all, came from there. Or, she died in the time frame between Walmart and Tony’s. She did return the the house after she went to Tony’s and could of gotten all the evidence that was found.

  124. Well, I’ve settled down. Sometimes I wonder if all of the medications I take have had an effect on my temperament. I didn’t really mean to snap at anyone. I think the root of the issue is that every person at Wal-Mart told me those doors never existed. I see no reason to doubt people that spend 40-50 hours a week in the same spot, year after year. When I look at the structure of the building, there’s just no way those doors were there, and certainly not where he says they were. Not once did he mention her going out any of the two side doors or over at automotive. That removes those doors totally from the realm of possibility, yet how many people twisted it into those side doors, including the automotive door? That’s what got me fomenting. On top of it all, how many of you are convinced she killed her daughter in the Wal-Mart parking lot now? I am flat out stating that if those doors did not exist, then Caylee never, ever, never, ever, ever, pushed on a non-existent door, which is precisely what he claimed. Therefore, she was never, ever, never, ever, ever, at that Wal-Mart store on June 16. Period. If I am wrong, I will eat dirt.

  125. Will you video the dirt eating Dave? Pleeeeze?

    Not that you’ll need to. You’re much more up on this case than I am for sure. No doubt that the people you talked to would remember a door remodel within the last year.

    Hey we’ve all got to admit this would be boring as all hell if it were cut and dry. I look forward to seeing if Mr. Thompson gets called up as a witness if this ever does get to trial. I don’t want him to get ripped apart as others have for coming forward. Maybe other memories from other citizens will surface and help narrow this down now.

  126. There were multiple interior doors, maybe a couple automatic opening in and out for special needs people (not sliding like the new ones on the outside doors) and at least a couple of the old manual kind. I remember them many times over the years because I am a gentleman and I have opened them countless times for other people … that is when they were not manually or physically propped open all the time. On the day after Father’s Day I went in a door near the right side because of our standard protocol of driving/walking on the right. I do not remember the glass to the McDonalds being there like it is now and I think they replaced the standard wall that cuts a standard 90 degree corner with a 45 degree corner with glass to help advertise McDonalds. Makes sense they would do that to make more money!!! Casey came out the door immediately to my left. She was that close which helps me remember. Other than my thoughts that she cleaned up well since the last time I saw her at my store, I was going to ask her if she had purchased a monitor yet. I specifically remember quickly thinking that it may not be worth my time and effort to match WalMarts prices if they are too low, but I would try if she still needed one, but fortunately they didn’t have that competitive of a price on lcd monitors once i checked them out and my price at the time was good. Anyway, I probably would have seen more details about her and her purchase if the aluminum horizontal metal bars weren’t in the way ( I think there were 2) as she pushed on the door with both hands … with her purchase in a little white bag at the same time opening the door. I bet her boyfriend knows what was in the bag. Maybe some type of sex lubricant. Next, I noticed Caley a couple doors over to my left through the opening in the door Casey was coming through and as I walked in through my own door continued to notice her struggling to go through her own door … a different door than her mother went through! I remember stopping briefly and watching in disgust after I entered my own door and thought at the time the mom was nothing but trouble and I should avoid contact with her because of the way she was treating her kid like she didn’t exist. Not sure why this memory is so vivid, but when i close my eyes each and every day i see Caley pushing the door with her right arm straight out, left leg back, right leg up, like a semi-heisman pose … something was in her left hand like a hat or sun glasses or something kidish … maybe that is where i remember the white cloth with thin green and pink stripes on it because something definitely didn’t match in her outfit (not a doll or beanie baby) giving a real determined look on her face as she forces it open and continues on trying to keep up with her mother … who hasn’t even looked back once or slowed down for her kid … . Regrettably, I can’t go back now and save the child or comfort the child or do anything different. I can only report what I saw to the best of my ability. Mistaken or not mistaken. Holes or no holes. Doors or no doors. Pings or no pings. I can only report things as I remember them. Just the facts Jack. And no matter how much the material details may fade, I will never forget what is really important such as the determined look on Caley’s face and how determined she was to keep up with her mom despite being left behind. Casey was walking like a zombie whose mind was in another world. No contact with me or anyone I could tell when I saw her. She was just deep, deep in thought. Caley on the other hand stood out as stubborn and a fighter. Hopefully others will come forward remembering what they saw and help Caylee get justice. Casey thinks everyone in Casselberry, Fern Park, Maitland, Winter Park are stupid and don’t remember her and don’t recognize her but she is wrong and we will testify the truth about what we saw. No doubt in my mind on my end. I don’t mind any doubters as the truth will prevail and Caley will get her justice. In my store about 9 June … in the morning before I went to Rotary … when Casey tried to use her cleavage to bounce a check on my ass … and again the day after Fathers Day around 4pm. I am not aware of other information everyone else seems to know and don’t want to know it as I want to keep my memories clear … and just as they were and are … and also keep my thoughts clear of all the bad news in the world … which is why I still don’t watch tv or especially the news!

  127. Dave-this is from January 24, 2008. I think this is the same WalMart that you went to. You went to the Casselberry WalMart, didn’t you?? This guy only goes through the door on the grocery side. It’s really short. Start around 4:40.

  128. What James keeps describing reminds me of a Target. They have automatic doors with stationary doors in the center. Normally with 2 sets. I am not saying he was at Target but they way he keeps describing it, reminds me of Target. I am pretty sure you can see what I mean if you watch Casey enter the Target before she passed the bad checks. jmo Dave again I am not saying he went to Target just saying that is what I remember about my Target.

  129. I do not understand how someone can come out of Walmart sweaty. In Florida you go into Walmart sweaty, say a big AHHH when you walk in the door, cool off and get sweaty back outside. It just does not add up.

  130. ok – here’s just a question that’s all – could Caylee have been struggling to keep up with a mom that was totally disregarding her – and been several paces behind her trying to keep up. The auto doors would not have picked her up because she isn’t tall enough to trigger the ‘eye’ (and I know someone already said this as a possibility I just honestly can’t remember who/where). The doors start to close on her and she puts her hand out in defense and that’s what JT remembers?

    And Laura – that’s exactly how my Target is too. But I’m not at all saying that I think JT got his stores wrong – just agreeing with you about Target’s entryway.

    Gosh walking on eggshells – its not really my nature.

  131. Mr. Thompson, please don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m curious if you bought something at Walmart the day after Father’s Day, and if so do you have the receipt that shows the time of day you were there? It might clarify some doubts. Thanks in advance.

  132. Mine either. Owensmeany the only problem with your theory is he has already stated it was the second set of doors which don’t exist.

  133. James Thompson~~judging by a couple remarks you made in your comments, I am beginning to doubt that you are the REAL James Thompson.

  134. I’m really wishing the guy went through the other doors, just so it could be documented on video, but this is close enough, assuming both sides of the store are the same. It looks identical to what Dave shot 1 yr 9 months later!

  135. Anonymous, if Caylee had thrown a fit in the store that may have caused her to become sweaty. Maybe she wasn’t feeling well, maybe she was drugged and just moving around was an effort.

  136. Mr. Thompson – I give you a great big thanks for coming back here and helping out with these questions. I think you’ll find that most of the folks here are firm yet fair – and only interested in the same thing you are. Justice and truth for little Caylee. I cannot imagine how it would feel to be in your shoes after doing the RIGHT thing and coming forward.

  137. Snoopy you are killing me. LOL I have read his statement and his comments and I get that he was checking Casey out but I am beginning to think he was rejected because some of his comments are not very nice considering most of us are LADIES! I am getting a little offended.

  138. I do kind of think the speculation about what Casey purchased was way over the top after reading the comment again. This is exhausting (sigh).

    And Laura, you’re right – the ‘double door’ thing doesn’t fit with my theory. I’m just trying to find some middle ground to fit with a year-plus-old memory.

  139. Julie – Thank you for that video. It was shot over a year ago, long before the door death occurred in NY. Yup, it’s the main grocery entrance and you know what I saw? NO INTERIOR DOORS. It was at 4:45 into it. Thank you very much. This verifies my theory and negates the change in McDonald’s, because that is exactly where the McDonald’s is located.

  140. Julie~~I am serious. Folks thought he was strange mentioning the cleavage so now he talks about lubricants. We do not need sex education, we want facts.

  141. That video, over a year old, shows no interior doors. Target? Could be, Laura, but unfortunately, that is not what he said, and Target would be even more out of the way for Casey.

  142. Dave~~can you fix my error? …I called him Johnson again upthread. The more he talks, the less of an impact it is making….maybe because it is Saturday nite.

  143. I know Dave but after reading more of his comments it sounds like he is talking about Target, except he is saying Walmart. My Walmart has 1 set of doors not two.

  144. Johnson 🙂 🙂 🙂 yeah, the lube talk took me by surprise..he seems to like his details. Who knows, doors/dates, whatever,,but that is some sad doggone stuff, if he DOES have that image in his mind

  145. Dave everyone knew you was RIGHT about the doors. James is lying period!!! I thought he was a decent guy but after reading all the comments and statements he made I am beginning to think he is a pervert.

  146. As I have contended since I wrote the Does not compute post on Thursday, he said interior doors at the Casselberry Wal-Mart. Obviously, those doors were not there in June of 2008. The video shot in January 2008 verifies that. Because of those nonexistent doors, Caylee did not push on anything at Wal-Mart on 16 June.

  147. Laura~~I am heading out to Casselberry in about a half hour. I am looking for a hot date and a new computer. Any takers?

  148. It’s a tough world out there, isn’t it, Laura, and we’re a tough bunch of people. I’m telling you, the doors were never there! I hope that video settles it. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Julie for going the distance in finding it. I won’t forget you!

    I’m going to find that guy in the video, too. He has no idea what he has just done tonight.

  149. No thank you! I am kind of pissed that he says that and offends the women on here and we are still discussing the damn doors. Why not talk about why is this idiot only worried about tits ass and lube. omg this is not what i was expecting!

  150. Could it have been a different store, Mr. Thompson? Did you buy anything that day or go to other stores checking prices???

  151. I am surprised he even noticed Caylee. I realize he is a man but I hope when his daughter is 22 some dude is not talking about his daughter the way he is about Casey. Can’t believe I am defending her but seriously enough with the anatomy.

  152. Dave, i’ve been watching your posts for awhile now. the Wal-mart/door thing has my attention. I work at Wal-mart. For the record when something is implimented for safety it hits all the stores. My store has two sets of doors, outside doors are automatic, inside set are manual push opening. but our doors are always open. There is a blower in between the two sets of doors. here in the cold part of US, its to blow warm air, so the doors always being open, doesn’t blow cold air in during the winter months. My thoughts are if Wal-mart is going for safety, which they are because of the trampling thing, all stores would have had there doors taken out. Just my opinion.

  153. I may end up being a lesbian if I go to Casselberry. I wanted to know what a diode but I should have spelled it wrong..dil oooooo

  154. Some men are really bitter when it comes to women, if they feel they’ve been burned

    I see 2 options here:
    different store
    guy w/ b!tch issues

  155. Thanks, eoar34. Did you look at the video of the Casselberry Wal-Mart that Julie provided upthread? You must watch it because at 4:45 in, he enters the building and guess what? No interior doors. None. Zero. Zilch. This video was shot in January of 2008, 5 months before.

  156. Nope, Cheyenne, it must be that store and those doors must have been there in order for his account of that day to have any merit. Since the doors were not there in January, is it safe to assume Wal-Mart quickly put them up in June and promptly took them out? Since it was not that store, it was not that date. That’s all there is to it.

  157. yes Dave i saw the video. I do have a question for you though. When you went to that Wally world, was it an employee that told you the tapes go to the sheriff’s dept, or did you get that from computer guy? Wal_mart has 31 tapes, they change each tape daily, they hold them for a month. Wal-mart has their own Loss prevention. they use those tapes to catch theft, and also to catch workers slacking off.

  158. That is interesting information about those tapes, eoar34. It was a man checking receipts and merchandise by the other entrance. He told me about all videos being piped into the sheriff’s department. In any event, 2 things are evident: 1 ) She wasn’t in that store that day, and 2 ) Caylee wasn’t reported missing for a month and it took over a year for this “alleged” incident to be reported.

  159. Dave~~oh what shall we do now? I am willing to discount the rest of his story if he insists he is right about those doors. The defense will tear him apart and the prosecution will look like fools.

    Someone should make OCSD aware of Thompson’s misinformation about the doors. You are elected.

  160. When most of us read his statement we knew he was less then honest and I asked you the day before you wrote the story about him changing the time from lunchtime to 4. I am sure le is aware he is another liar in a LONG list of liars!

  161. Quicky lube story: on the rare occasion I’d bring husband to supermarket, he thought it was funny to slip astrolube into unsuspecting shoppers carts.

  162. I’m at a loss for words (nice ones anyway).

    Johnson/Thompson funny!

    Not funny – his fixation on anything and everything sexual about Casey that could possibly be said within his (1) statement and (2) posts. Offensive and I’m not easily offended.

    I love a good raunchy joke. But we’re not joking about a murdered 2 year old at the hands of her own mother.

  163. Dave~~I am always suspicious. If someone is sincere about staying out of the limelight and just settling for a truthful interview with LE, why do they find is necessary to come in and write a couple novels on a blog?

  164. Dave’s – this is better than any “BOMBSHELL” Nancy Grace has ever had.

    Do you trust any of his story at all at this point?

    Cheyenne – funny about your hubby!

  165. Dave, maybe you should try to get the inside scoop on Thompson. See if he’s thought to be just a kook or what

  166. Owenmeany~~Thompson didn’t know our ace Reporter Marinade was out and about with his lethal weapon, that Sony camera in Casselberry.

  167. Gotta give him credit over any of the local ‘hot shot’ reporters in Orlando! Actually they should take writing lessons from Dave – and now investigative reporting has a new standard to reach.

  168. OMG with the doors already! There are virtually NO dept stores such as Walmart/Target/Kmart where you buy “lotsa” stuff that would NOT have auto doors.

  169. Yeah, some do. But anyway…. I feel bad, if he did see what he says and his memory of where and or when is off…and he hates women…jussss kiddin’

  170. This statement gets me: “Caley looks so much like me should could be my own kid.

    Could this be the halo effect? Someone feels empathic towards another because they remind them of themself? Even Dave said he liked all techies. Even Dave understands how men look at women and how they think.

    Another statement: “Remember, I saw her first hand and this girl was hot to trot and on the prowl.”

    And he surmises her purchases:”When Casey came out, I noticed she purchased something small in the bag she had in her hands … a small box or bottle, but of course couldn’t tell what it was … but SHE HELD IT CLOSE TO HER CHEST in her hands like you do when you don’t want anyone to see what you purchased …. and I was hoping the detectives could go to walmart and have them look up the security camera footage and register purchases that day for benadryl or other medications which make you sleepy, duct tape, CONDOMS, or some other type of CONTRACEPTIVE. ”

    I missed the lube part…guess I’ll have to reread. What does a diode have to do with this anyway…I could answer that and I can barely operate a computer!

  171. OK, eoar34, then I stand corrected. Oh well. The talk of the doors in all the comments was drving me crazy. I just feel like, Dave checked it out. End of story.

  172. Like I said earlier, I can’t go back now and save the child or comfort the child or do anything different. I can’t change what I saw or what I think I saw. I can only report what I saw to the best of my ability. Mistaken or not mistaken. Holes or no holes. Doors or no doors. Pings or no pings. I can only report things as I remember them. Just the facts Jack. And no matter how much the material details may fade, I will never forget what is really important such as the determined look on Caley’s face and how determined she was to keep up with her mom despite being left behind. Casey was walking like a zombie whose mind was in another world. No contact with me or anyone I could tell when I saw her. She was just deep, deep in thought. Caley on the other hand stood out as stubborn and a fighter. Hopefully others will come forward remembering what they saw and help Caylee get justice. Casey thinks everyone in Casselberry, Fern Park, Maitland, Winter Park are stupid and don’t remember her and don’t recognize her but she is wrong and we will testify the truth about what we saw. No doubt in my mind on my end. I don’t mind any doubters as the truth will prevail and Caley will get her justice.

  173. Well here we go again… cut and paste the same comment. Wonder how many other places Mr. Thompson is punking?

    Linda – I get a completely opposite vibe about what his feelings are about women. He made assumptions about what Casey had purchased that were not based on anything other than his own fantasies.

    Apparently that is what this whole thing is about for this guy. A sexual fantasy – at the expense of a murdered little girl. Disgusting.

  174. James, I am happy that you are so dedicated to getting justice for Caylee. That is why so many of us are here……..pushing for the very same thing.

    I don’t think any of us doubt her demeanor when it comes to how she treated Caylee. You were the unlucky person who saw it firsthand, within a short timeframe before this baby was gone forever.

    I don’t doubt that this memory has kept you up at night. I know I would have my own nightmares about it. I just wish other people would come forward now and talk about what they remember about Casey shopping at WalMart. Seems strange you are the only one to remember it when she had to have contact with lots of people, including a cashier there.

  175. Thinker~~a diode is a small electrical component. It can take an electrical current and change it into intelligence ( talking) that you hear when you play a radio. I was just testing his knowledge.

    Not only am I a sleuth, I can be ruthless.

    Nite nite all…

  176. Nite snoop – nite everyone.

    Gosh seems like you can’t trust people or give anyone the benefit of doubt.

    Sleep well

  177. The focus should be on what Casey was doing during and after WalMart. What did she buy? Why did she tried to conceal it? Other people had to see her in WalMart shopping, in the check out line, and maybe even in the parking lot and afterwards. Sure I may have seen her coming out the sliding door in the center to the left of me as I entered on the right, and the horizontal bar of the sliding door may have been blocking me from having a better view of her purchase, but irregardless of the type of door I still see Cayle desparately following behind her mother, to the left of her mother from my perspective and still struggling to get through a separate and different door by herself. Doors, pings, and the material things do not matter as much as the real warm blooded little girl I saw being neglected by her mom and that is what I focused on. It is interesting that everyone on this blogs has all sorts of fact from all over the place and I simply just wrote my statement about some girl that supposedly lives by the airport coming into my store way up here in Maitland … and then I see her in Casselberry a week later … what an unusual coincidence that is as well as her being all the way up here instead of by the airport … and the people on this blog look up all sorts of pings from cell phone towers to prove that what I said I saw off the top of my head could be true plus or minus a few minutes. Thats all the proof I need to confirm everything I saw. I am completely reaffirmed in everything I have seen and said by what people have posted here … even the naysayers because they will make my testimony that much stronger to make sure Caley gets her justice. And some of the women on her need to relook at my statements as statements regarding Casey and what she was up to and not my opinions on women in general. I love nice ladies and treat them with respect just like my mother taught me. What could Casey have been buying to either tranquilize / kill Caley with … benadryl, chlorophorm, nyquill … and/ or solidify her relationship with her new boyfriend … something she didn’t want anyone else to see … condoms, lubricant, birth control, whatever … just speculation ladies no insults and everyone should be speculating about what Casey was up to …. I love and respect ladies, and I certainly hope no one on this blog is confusing Casey for being either a lady or a good mother. Nevertheless, at some point after I saw her leaving Walmart and before she hooked up for her escapade with her new boyfriend what happened to Caley? That is what is important now. Did Casey go somewhere else between WalMart and her boyfriend to do something with or to Caley? Is there a nearby park where she may think she was isolated but maybe the city has surveillance? Dave you need to track down some more pings and get a video of that! Use my lead and eyewitness account of the fact Casey and Caley were at WalMart as your starting point and fill in the blanks between WalMart and her boyfriends place. I guarantee everyone I saw Casey and Caley at WalMart for all of the techniques my memory has used to help me remember for whatever reason and method. Maybe your brain uses its flight or flight response in memory to help you remember what is important … Maybe my memory and my nightmares sometimes has poor Caley being slammed into by a big door in a what if scenario and I don’t talk about it. I have no idea but I am grateful I remember what I do so I can help Caley. That is all that matters now. Casey and Caley were there, and Casey was neglecting and abusing Caley something terrible and things continued to get worse. Somebody, somewhere has to have seen something … or know something. What did and does her ex-boyfriend say? So, all you detectives and bloggers out there, how about you focus on these questions and what is really important. I am just an average guy who saw something and I truly do not matter and do not claim that I do. Don’t want any publicity, money, nothing. Just trying to help.

  178. I believe cell phone pings and such are very important. It shows where she was or close to it. We all know her demeanor and how she treated Caylee. Just because Cindy and the rest state she was a loving mother and all the videos and pics really don’t mean much. Anyone can play nice to hide the fact in front of others. She didn’t want Caylee by wanting to adopt her out. Cindy said no. Her phone records to me indicate Caylee was a pain in her behind. Jesse even states Casey was Jealous of Caylee. We know those facts already.

    And whatever she bought. It was in a bag. We already know what was in the trunk of her car. Maybe the chloroform. I am more worried about her getting convicted of this murder and it sticking without a bunch of people saying things that may not be true. JMO!!!

  179. JT,

    You certainly seem convinced yourself of what you say, but you do seem to have some issues regarding women. Your speculation on her purchase was offensive and your dwelling on the clothing and body (mother and child) borders on weird. You may not watch TV but don’t you see the newspaper, internet news, photos, etc.? This is the biggest case going anywhere.

    I do hope that the attorneys who analyze the witness list read Dave’s analysis and factor the rest of the story into your take on this. Methinks thou dost protest too much.

  180. The guy saw them, I don’t know when or where that 2nd time, but I do believe him. Dave’s proved he’s wrong about Walmart. End of story because he says he doesn’t shop anywhere but walmart. He says what’s important is justice for Caylee and the other shouldn’t matter. That is the most important thing, but you make claims that are debunked and slought if off.

  181. Hi, Patty,

    I’m here and have been catching up all morning. A few minutes ago I made a pretty negative comment about J. Thompson and it didn’t make it to the thread.

    I do hope someone gets in touch with the State to alert them to Dave’s findings in this witness’s recollections…..or Kathi Belich, or Yuri, etc. After JT’s third epistle, things began to smell.

  182. yeah………that was ridiculous to say. Making it is easy, as we’ve learned. She was probably dosing Caylee all along cause you can’t get past the tests coming back that there was a high concentration of it in the trunk. She taped her to shut her up and make sure she died. (I think). Wow, I can’t believe I’m typing that when she could have just left her with Sindy. (typo deliberate!) Shows you the level of her hate for mom huh. Gramma Pleasa said it best: “Casey hated Cindy more then she loved Caylee”.

  183. JT,

    With all due respect, this statement in your last comment

    [quote]Doors, pings, and the material things do not matter as much as the real warm blooded little girl I saw being neglected by her mom and that is what I focused on. It is interesting that everyone on this blogs has all sorts of fact from all over the place and I simply just wrote my statement[/quote]

    Is the equivalent of Cindy saying lying isn’t a crime. While technically most the time it’s not – it becomes one when the lies you’re telling are to LE investigating a missing (and ultimately dead) child.

    With that said, I just want to point out to you the error in the statement quoted. THE MATERIAL FACTS ARE THAT MATTER. Eye witness accounts without material facts or other witnesses to verify their veracity are deemed some of the most useless evidence that can be submitted. And I believe the issue here, at this point, is NOT whether you are lying or not, but that you’re account is going to be decimated in court by the defense.

    In other words, no matter how true or not what you’re saying is…it aint going to hold up very well. There’s some issues here.

  184. I suppose that Mr. Thompson doesn’t realize that everyone already is ready to convict Casey of being a murderer on the grounds of her fashion sense and many boyfriends.

    What is really important here, to both the defense and the state, is whether or not Casey actually entered your store on the date in question.

    If she were going to pass a hot check, why not buy a brand new computer? Why up there so far from home when many college kids are trading in their computers for new ones just like the new phones they have to have.

    I am not a bit concerned about Casey’s cleavage! I can only imagine that she isn’t the only one showing cleavage down there so close to all the beaches in sunny Florida!

    After watching all those protesters in front of the Anthony home, I am convinced there isn’t an Amish one in the crowd.

  185. For instance…

    Temperature from 3:48 pm to 4:53 pm ranged from 74 to 77 F – that’s downright chilly…not sweaty. For the entire day th temperature didn’t get over 89 degrees.

    It rained from about 15 minutes till 4 until 5 pm….sometimes very heavy. There was almost a .25 inch of rain that fell during the time you say you saw them. Your description doesn’t match that too well. You’re even talking about the location of the sun…it was overcast from about 3 pm to around 6 pm.

    There’s just a lot wrong here – including the year that past before you came forward, and the fact that I do not believe any jury is going to believe you weren’t exposed in that year to the fact Caylee was wearing green and pink stripety shorts, or GA said Casey was wearing pin-striped pants.

  186. Good Morning everyone!

    A friend and I were talking this morning and she had a “theory” of her own, based on something Jim T said…..

    First, it is written in the docs that LE “theorized” that Caylee was put in the “Big Trouble Comes in Small Packages” shirt intentionally.

    Jim T said Casey was carrying something small in a bag, clutching it close to her chest, while walking out of Walmart.

    Maybe there was “big trouble” in that small package in relation to Caylee’ death.

    Of course this is something we will never know, but she felt if LE could theorize, so could she!

  187. He’d really have to have a “grand design” to make this whole deal up. And for what purpose? Just like Casey was proved a gigantic liar, so would JT. I wish Dave could talk to a really close friend or relative of JT’s to see what kind of guy he really is. Just wondering about him is all.

  188. When judging the temps here in Florida, please include the humidity factor, especially on a day that it rained. Just the high humidity alone can cause you to sweat, whether the sun in shining or not.

  189. Casey flies by the seat of her pants. She obviously has crazy ideas…….geez, the computer searches alone are insane. Her plan was, get rid of the kid, spite mom, shack up with Tony and worry about it later. (Lie, that is).

  190. Dave has no obligation to pretend to be a private investigator in order to amuse any of the posters on here! JMO.

    He has gone beyond the call of blogging duty just going to Wal-Mart and talking to Mr. Thompson…that should be more than enough. It is for me anyways.

  191. Olive, there were no interior doors at Wal-Mart. If Caylee did not strain herself pushing on imaginary doors, well, you can imagine that the rest of the story is not credible.

  192. My understanding about that pool. There were storms that day. So no one was swimming. Let me find where I read this at. And I should have before making this comment. But if anyone else wants to help find it. WOOHOO!!!

  193. Thinkerbelle,

    I agree with you. Dave’s work has helped to prevent lost time on things that will not assist. I have not seen JT even acknowledge repetitive inquiries into whether he bought something in Walmart, and whether he has a receipt.


    The humidity wasn’t that bad. (Believe me I understand, we deal with a combo of high temps and high humidities where I live, so I understand the effect of it.)

    Of course, when it was raining the humidity was high (duh), but just prior to the storm the humidity were very low, ranging from 48 to 69%. That’s downright arid compared to here! And with the low temps – that’s not sweatin’ weather.

  194. Thank you, ThinkerBelle. I am not pretending to be a private investigator and I don’t know why anyone would even remotely think that. Besides, I would rather be an investigative journalist any day of the week. I didn’t snoop through anyone’s garbage, I went to the Wal-Mart store, which is very open, very private, and I snooped there. For anyone to think I should not have done that, well, they know where they can go. Where the sun don’t shine, like it didn’t on that particular day.

  195. I know a co worker spoke to Dave. I’m just asking how well does he know JT…….close friend well or relative well.

  196. Dave…..so are we now to believe that nothing JT has said is true, or that only his “Casey visits his store” story is true? And if nothing is true, again I ask why the State would even bother putting him on the witness list. Something must jive with him.
    Which again, brings me back to that darn Beanie Baby. LOL

  197. One thing about Florida heat and humidity. We live here and we are used to it. Someone from the north would have a tougher time acclimating to this weather than someone who’s spent years living it every day. Some people sweat more or less than others, too, but little children don’t usually break out in heavy sweats, especially when walking out from an air conditioned building. There were just too many holes in this story.

  198. Just saying Dave…….when kids throw a crying, screaming fit in a store over something they want, they could be sweaty and flustered.

  199. After tearing apart Jim Thompson’s account, can you imagine what will happen once the Joy Wray article comes out?! LMAO!

  200. i think casey was buying cold/flu medication for the night,and we all know it makes children tired!remember ones times she was “kidding” with ricardo about this stuff!!

  201. olive,this joy told she will NEVER let her child by george,she is scared her child going missing too.and the anthonys brain washed her!

  202. Goodmorning!
    Why not just put this guy’s story to rest and move on to another topic? Maybe it is best he is forgotten about and he will go away. It seems to me his story has been proved, well, unprovable.

  203. Patty – You must look at the entire picture, and not take snippets of it here and there to suit your needs or fantasies. If Mr. Thompson insists that he witnessed Caylee pushing on a door – which he did – that we have now shown did not exist, how can you take her being sweaty as factual? Wake up! What do you think the defense is going to do with this new information? If you seriously want justice for Caylee, think with your brain, not your heart.

  204. Olive, I never saw such a display of “crazy” until I saw the ZFG civil depo they gave. Wow, talk about insane. At least Lee Anthony just simply answered the questions. Of course he did say “I believe everything my sister tells me” so he ain’t playin with a full deck either.

  205. From what I have read about Joy, her mind is unstable all on her own. My feeling is, she only attached herself to the Anthonys to be in the spotlight and helped spread their version of the story to remain in the spotlight. I don’t think she was brainwashed.

  206. Who is Joy Wray? Has she insinuated that George Anthony is invoved in child abductions?

    I am under the impression that another round of hysteria is festering on the humid homefront of Fla.

  207. I’m sitting on my hands today or keeping them far away from the keyboard. So many thoughts in my pee brain are causing circuit overloads.

    The comments are speaking for me because I’m so confused. My feelings run across the spectrum from one hour to the next.

    It’s about 980% humidity but our first cooler temps since last winter here in far south Texas. It doesn’t matter how cool it is – sweat happens. Its the same in Florida – my time spent at Largo HS eons ago – bad sweaty Farrah Fawcett hair day every day!

    I’m gonna sit my bruised heart & soul out on this today. Hope ya’ll have a beautiful Sunday.

  208. Now look Dave, don’t start getting snippy with me OK? I’m simply addressing the “weather and being sweaty” conversation. His scenario is false and that’s it.

  209. Well Dave, perhaps you could chide everyone off the subject by poking fun at Casey’s war “chest” or something. This could go on and on for you!

  210. in the docs that LE “theorized” that Caylee was put in the “Big Trouble Comes in Small Packages” shirt intentionally.

    It is!? Can you point out where, if you remember?
    I remember when I read what her top said I thought it was ironic, but if they think it was intentional, jeeze..that’s insane

  211. well, think, if I wanted to get my hand slapped with a ruler I’d go back to catholic school. Discusson is simply that. We’re all just thinkin out loud here.

  212. olive,thats what joy told the investigators,she feel like she was brainwashed from the anthonys,standing in her interview with them!

  213. Dave, you put out the fact that Walmart does not have interior doors, never did and that cell pings don’t match to his story either. But, correct me if I’m wrong, you felt the guy is sincere and not lying and may have confused his date and possibly the store. So I believe posters are referencing to the Walmart, but thinking it may be a different store, which has been said many times, although we know that JT said Walmart, not K-Mart or Target, which is another fact you have brought us back to many times.

    We have opinions but that does not mean we are ignoring your facts and deeming them as worthless.

    Do you still believe this guy is honest and sincere?

  214. I don’t think the defense trying to place blame on Mr. Thompson would carry any weight at all and no jury would buy it, mikka. I think the main problem is his credibility now and whether his accounts of what transpired would hold up under cross-examination. That could prove risky for the prosecution.

  215. cheyenne,she write intentionally,because caylee had another shirt on,when george saw her the last time.and when you read small packages……….,its sick

  216. Good morning everyone. 🙂

    Maybe someone can answer this one. It seems that the norm for business’ video surveillance is this 30 or 31 day loop & then it gets taped over. I noticed on the Blockbuster slideshow of C&T, that story wasn’t released until end of October 2008, from what I can see. How did Blockbuster still have these images over 4 months later? Does anyone know?

  217. Patty, I didn’t slap your hand. I was saying that if those doors were not there, and they were not, then Caylee was not there, either. If Caylee was not there, then she wasn’t sweating. It’s a simple equation.

  218. Owenmeany….I used to live in Largo and Clearwater too from 1973 – 2005. Yep, almost every day of the year is a bad hair day, humidity is constantly high, with a few weeks exception during Jan. and Feb. Doesn’t matter what the temps are.

  219. Just because the Blockbuster vid wasn’t released to us until later on doesn’t mean that LE didn’t have it right away after talking to TonyLazzaro. And who knows what their time frame is for keeping video coverage in their store. JMO

  220. It is possible that Blockbuster has access to more DVDs to record on or has a different type of survellience camera all together.

    It is equally possible that in the past people may have hidden contaband inside of what used to be the VCR tapes and would give another the name of the movie to check out in order to not be caught. Actually, that may be the case with the smaller DVDs even today.

  221. I don’t know what to believe, Olive, and what I believe is not important in the scheme of things. Yes, initially I did think he was sincere. Today, I woke up feeling a little bit different about it.

    This is for everyone: I have no problem with opinions and I have said so a million times, but at least base your opinions on facts. The fact is, there were no doors. The fact is, Caylee did not struggle to push open a door. The fact is, we can’t logically or factually assume that because there were no doors, Caylee was still there and sweating. Her sweating and what Casey was “clutching” close to her chest is totally irrelevant now. You cannot take a fact and twist it around to something else. No doors – no pushing toddler.

  222. Look Dave, I was simply addressing how a kid could be sweaty coming out of a store. It was being discussed to the extent of getting the weather for that day.

  223. Oh Olive I loved Largo and my time spent at Indian Rocks Beach and Caladesi Island. I moved a ton growing up – and that was one of the hardest places to leave. Do you miss it too?

  224. I can recall the very day I took my mother into a local Blockbuster to rent some movies a few years ago. I insisted we watch “Life is Beautiful” because I had seen it before. I was so insistant upon finding that particular movie I totally ignored the guy that kept getting close to us, a single good looking guy!

    I finally found the movie and when we watched it I hadn’t realized it wasn’t in English as I had once remembered. How odd! I guess I was able to keep up with the subtitles and enjoy the plot that it never mattered.

    And, like Thompson, I can remember other details not related to why I was there…like the sweater I was wearing.

  225. Alright, Patty, and I’m not pushing anything. I wasn’t lecturing you at all. Sure, a kid can be sweaty, but they can mess their pants, too, and maybe that will come next in this story, but my point is that without those doors, nothing can be collaborated or corroborated. Sweat is not an issue any longer. That’s all. No harm or insult intended.

  226. I have since moved a little north, New Port Richey, because it just became so congested in Pinellas County. It’s horrible there now, so many people. What they have done is knock down single family dwellings and put up multi-story buildings. In other words they are piling people on top of people. Traffic is unbearable. Finding beach access is almost impossible now. Indian Rocks Beach was my choice too, I loved it there!! Many, many fond memories.

    When I first moved to Fla. my first apt. was on the causeway to Dunedin Beach, that was back when the north beach was virtually untouched by humans. Pure heaven! Once the park district took it over, not so much any more. And yes, Caladesi is a slice of heaven too, still is and I still enjoy going there.

  227. Awwww you’ve brought back a lot of memories. My grandparents used to drive their camper down from Northern MN and stay at a little campsite right by the causeway. My family is all from way up Northern MN so we had a lot of ‘company’ every year come hang out with us.

    I’ve been up to New Port Richey – and love it. I get out there a couple of times a year for work – and its very sad what has become of my old neighborhood and the streets! OMG the traffic is unreal like you said.

    Sorry for getting off topic. Yesterday just really threw me off in so many ways but I don’t want to lose connections with the great people that gather here. Today my youngest turned 16 and I was 16 when I lived there. Times have changed!

    Back to sitting on my hands but ya’ll know I’m not good at just looking and not touching.

  228. No push doors-we all agree!

    Only a push-up bra revealing a cleavage barely seeable due to a bag cluthing concealment of what may or may not be convicting evidence. Lol!

  229. Boston – shaking my head up and down – listening and agreeing. I hope you’re having a good weekend up there in beantown if that’s where you are. Another one of my fav cities in N America.

  230. Boston – You are missing my point. Suppose I state that the Atlantic Ocean is on the east coast of the United States. That is a fact. You come along and say that in your opinion, the Atlantic isn’t large enough to be called an ocean. That’s your opinion, but it is not based on anything at all. Fine.

    If no interior doors existed in that store – AND THEY DID NOT!!! – then Casey was not clutching a small bag of sexual lubricant, was she? Or cough medicine or being followed by a sweaty daughter who couldn’t push those doors open. An opinion is something entirely different. In your opinion, Casey is guilty. In your opinion, Mr. Thompson is telling the truth or lying, but by substantiating that those doors never existed there, it turns everything else into mush. How can anyone recognize that the doors weren’t there, yet believe Caylee was sweating? That’s not opinion. That’s selective believing.

  231. Nice weather we’re having. How about those football games? Man my lawn is growing like crazy! Ummmm ok I’ve run out of neutral territory.

  232. When one door closes another one opens.

    Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    A boob in hand is better than two in a pushup bra.

    Trying to lube the conversation . . .

    Forgive me 🙂

  233. WHY won’t anyone believe Dave when he says he investigated there were no push doors. As he has been saying, ad nauseum, that that is a fact!

  234. Good morning – I have been reading comments on your blog for many months and have enjoyed Dave’s articles/videos and your discussions tremendously. I hope I am not intruding, but would like hear your thoughts on a few things.

    Dave’s video and research most certainly proves that this individual did not witness everything that he has reported. Has Mr. Thompson submitted to or is he willing to submit to a polygraph? It might definately clear up the question as to whether or not he even saw Casey and Caylee that day.

    Regarding the Big Trouble Comes in Small Packages t-shirt. It seems to be important since LE believes it was intentionally placed on Caylee that day. If that is what Casey purchased at Wal-Mart, wouldn’t there be an inventory record of its purchase, regardless of who bought it? I think they track this information for stocking purposes, but don’t know how long the info is maintained.

    Finally, if Dave does not mind expressing an opinion. Do you think Caylee looked just like this man? Not an important detail, but I found his comment somewhat strange.

    Thanks in advance for letting me visit with you for a few minutes.

  235. You’re so right Patty!! But I feel such a strong urge to prove it right now. My very character is at stake.

    Maybe I’ll ask Mr. Thompson? Nope bad idea.

    Instead I think I’ll run to Walmart and get an umbrella, some fertilizer and an OU jersey (that’s our team around here even tho they’re not living up to the standards all of the testerone filled humans in this house have set for them this year)!

  236. owenmeany, you are too funny!
    And really, this thing with the doors have been beaten to death.
    Hopefully the subject will change by tomorrow. Everyone is giving this Thompson story too much attention. And that is my opinion.
    Happy Sunday to all!

  237. I swear I’m so lost. I think everyone believes Dave that the doors were not there. I’ve said it so many times that based upon all of the visual evidence he went out of his way to give us – the doors were not there. Most people are just trying to look for theories of why Mr. Thompson believes they were there and give him a way to show us why he is so adamant about his memory even tho it is false.

    Its amazing how we can read the same words and take away several totally different things. Even more amazing, how hurtful and personal some of the comments get during these misunderstandings.

  238. Well, obviously (and I don’t mean that rudely) but to place that top thinking in other words this is BIG TROUBLE if someone finds this PACKAGE…….that’s like a game

  239. Perhaps the cooler weather isn’t the right time to fertilize owenmeany. Isn’t the grass about to go dormant now?

  240. Owen, when you get to walmart for that umbrella, fertilizer and jersey, see if you can push open the door while holding your purchase close to your chest!

  241. Hahahaha Patty. I know nothing about yard work and I just proved it! I have 4 sons and a husband so most of my chores end up being indoors because that seems to work best for us. I can actually find things when I put them away. And I will make sure I cover my cleavage with my walmart bags on my way out just to get every guy walking in wondering about the ‘contents’ of my purchase with a fantasy about what my next few hours are going to encompass.

    You are too funny 🙂

  242. Dave, you are a genius. The spot I saw Caley must have been where the old doors used to be and my memory must have done the overlay over time. Remember, those big heavy doors were there for years and I have been shopping in the Casselberry Walmart since 2003. Nothing changes the fact I saw Caley desperately following behind her distant mother. How do your bloggers know what Casey and Caley were wearing when they left WalMart? Regarding the purchase Casey made when she was in WalMart, I think the ladies on this blog are the best ones to speculate what she purchased and had held close to her chest in the small white bag. Without a doubt they were there and we need the security tapes, other people to come forward, and most importantly we need Marinade Dave to track down where Casey went when she left WalMart!

  243. Hi, Vicky – Don’t ever think you are intruding. You are more than welcome here and your opinions are very much wanted.

    Tony Lazzaro took a cell phone picture o Caylee in that very shirt approximately 1 week prior to her last day alive, so no, it was not purchased that day.

    In my opinion, and this is nothing more than my opinion, I see no resemblance at all, but people all interpret looks differently.

    Please join in.

  244. Excuse me Mr. T, but, why should Dave track down Casey’s wherabouts when you have more than 185 investigations under your belt as a JAG officer in this USof A’s military?

  245. Linda From New York // October 11, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    I do not doubt Dave’s story one bit. He is a damn good detective. I would love to work with him. That is if I ever moved to Florida haha

  246. Hello Dave et al….

    I just trashed Thompson’s statement…zilch taboo…hogwash

    I am unsure of his motives…

  247. Remember everyone, it was just theorized that Casey purposely put that shirt on her. Casey has not had her day in court and by theory, the FBI was guessing.

    One definition of theory on the Web:

    -a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world; an organized system of accepted knowledge that applies in a variety of …

    -hypothesis: a tentative insight into the natural world; a concept that is not yet verified but that if true would explain certain facts or phenomena; “a scientific hypothesis that survives experimental testing becomes a scientific theory”; “he proposed a fresh theory of alkalis that later was …

    -a belief that can guide behavior; “the architect has a theory that more is less”; “they killed him on the theory that dead men tell no tales”


  248. James You said October 10, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    “In my store about 9 June … in the morning before I went to Rotary … when Casey tried to use her cleavage to bounce a check on my ass.”

    First of all there is nothing wrong with anyone asking if you takes checks. All you do is say no. Visa or MasterCard excepted. How do you know she was even going to BOUNCE A CHECK ON YOUR ASS??? You didn’t know anything about this woman except her cleavage and legs etc. Oh and Caylee. According to you you don’t watch tv.

    Did Casey tell you she lived by the airport??

    “I simply just wrote my statement about some girl that supposedly lives by the airport coming into my store way up here in Maitland and then I see her in Casselberry a week later … what an unusual coincidence that is as well as her being all the way up here instead of by the airport”

    I don’t think your testimony is a SLAM DUNK in getting Casey convicted. Sorry I don’t mean that to sound mean. But there is a hell of a lot more people that is going to SLAM DUNK her behind..

  249. Dave,
    JT= 15 minutes of fame.

    If you want to keep the defense from finding out your smoking gun, you keep it labeled ” ongoing investigation”. That way you don’t have to share it. Since maggots won’t be on empty pizza boxes, they could come from leaking decomp, but put in a blender they could yield DNA. I do have a question and that is, would the smell of decomp on Casey’s clothes really stay in the washer and dryer? Lord knows, the Ants. were not financially solvent to go out and buy new appliances. Thanks for listening.

  250. Nothing changes the fact I saw Caley desperately following behind her distant mother. The focus should be on what Casey was doing during and after WalMart. What did she buy? Why did she tried to conceal it? Other people had to see her in WalMart shopping, in the check out line, and maybe even in the parking lot and afterwards. Did Casey go somewhere else between WalMart and her boyfriend to do something with or to Caley? Is there a nearby park where she may think she was isolated but maybe the city has surveillance? Dave you and your friends need to track down some more pings and get a video of that! Use my lead and eyewitness account of the fact Casey and Caley were at WalMart as your starting point and fill in the blanks between WalMart and her boyfriends place. What did and does her ex-boyfriend say?

  251. I am quite familiar with that Wal-Mart. It is one of the oldest in the chain. I have not been there in quite a while, so I cannot attest to the present condition of the entry doors or when they remodeled it.

    I used to find the old style doors a nuisance when purchasing bulk items, so I am glad they made the change whatever the reason.

    Wal-Mart has the reputation of being obsessive when it comes to data mining and doing so in great detail.

    Law enforcement may have already check with Wal Mart for their records of any transactions during that part of the day.

    It would be a simple matter for them to determine if any product of the sort mentioned in the response was sold.


  252. Why go to any store when you’ve got duct tape, laundry bag, trash bags, kitchen knife, winnie the pooh blanket at home?

  253. Dave said he was going to post a video driving from Casey’s boyfriends place to WalMart. I wonder if there is a CVS, WalGreens, RiteAid or anything else on the way?

  254. Nobody knows what Casey bought, if she even was there, so I can’t imagine LE going through the sales inventory for that day, unless……something was discovered in toxicology reports from Caylee’s hair and that we do not know.

  255. I know. I’m just saying in reference to personal items, just 1, most just go to drug store…(something small, white bag, held to chest, etc.)

  256. Jim, why are you now wondering about different stores. You have been adamant that Casey was at Walmart. What gives?

  257. Imagine how many bottles of benadryl or equivalent walmart, rite aid, walgreens and cvs sell on a given day. geez.

  258. It could have been chapstick. Gum. Anything under the sun nearly. The hinky meter goes way up when the speculation is sexual as a first guess.

  259. James Thompson // October 11, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    If others saw her in that “WALMART” I am sure they would have come forward. Our focus is checking out all the people that come forward with inconsistencies in their stories. Dave already did that by going to that Walmart. THOSE DOORS DO NOT EXIST.

    By the way. how many other children and their mothers have you observeed this closely?

  260. I have ALWAYS thought that the finding of Caylee at the time the entire family was out of town and Casey locked away was just to neat of a package.
    I know the state evidence seems to point towards Caylee being at this spot for quite some time I just am bothered by PI’s searching the area then Kronk being at the area more than one time. And then boom Caylee is found and everyone in that family can be accounted for being out of the area?
    It is just too neat a package for me something is not right with the whole thing and I do believe the A’s hold MANY more keys to unlocking the real events that happened after Casey killed Caylee.

  261. Murt~~are you still following this case in your van? I spent alot of time following you around at Jay Blanchard etc. I feel like I know you and then you disappeared.

    What do you think of this Thompson and the
    Walmart? We have the proof from a video on Youtube Jan/08 that there was no push doors.

  262. why would anyone that has been called as a witness for the State in a murder investigation loosely interject him/herself into a blog involving same investigation? I smell a rat and I think Snoopy is out to buy one of those electrically charged traps!

  263. I feel Dave should really contact LE. Maybe they are just going by his seeing them and didn’t check out the doors at all. Could of been an over looksey on their part.

  264. Mr. Thompson: Did you forget to apply the 4-Way Test when posting on this blog?

    As a Rotary Club officer, I have access to the RI member files, and a quick search has revealed the following:

    It seems that the Casselberry Rotary Club meets at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesdays at the Metro Life Church. You are not listed as a member of that club, neither are you listed as a member of any club in the Orlando area. Under normal circumstances I would not use my access to these records out of curiosity, but when someone declared him/herself to be a Rotarian, my bias tends to lead me to try and believe that person, and I don’t wan’t people like you to damage our reputation.

    So, either you are not the real James Thompson, or the real James Thompson needs to do a little more homework before posting a response to Dave’s article. As Judge Strickland would say “You, Mr. Blogger Thompson and the truth are stranges”.

    You see Blogger Thopmson, the individuals who read or post here are far more intelligent than you seem to believe – so go find another blog to scam.

  265. Thompson~~I don’t know what your motive is but we are going to find out. If someone has put you up to fabricate this chain of events that you describe, we will find them too. At first, I thought you were legit. You made a huge mistake by making those long comments in this blog. Words speak volumes and you added too many words to create suspicion on those words being authentic. Think about it.

  266. I posted information earlier, based on fact, and it has apparently been placed in moderation. Please ignore this James Thompson, he is not telling you the truth! I don’t want to repeat my last post, but if necessary I will. When Dave returns, I hope he will find and post the information I have found.

  267. Come on Vicky, spill what you know….waiting for Dave to come back could take some time. Please educate us on JT.

  268. Vicky~~I had a feeling James was not a Rotarian as well. He added that to show he was an upstanding citizen and he should be believed.
    It was like flashing a badge but it doesn’t always work.

  269. Vicky, most of us probably already knew that when he stated he spent ALL of his spare time and money on charitable acts!

  270. OK – It stood out to me that JT stated he had left a Rotary meeting that afternoon at 2:00. So, I checked on what time the Casselberry Club meets. They meet on Wednesdays at 7:30 a.m. at the Metro Life Church. Thought, well maybe he belongs to a different club in the area. I am a Club Officer in the Rotary, so I have access to the Rotary International Member files. I went to the site and searched for James Thompson in the Cassellberry Club and then in clubs in the Orlando area. No James Thompson listed.

  271. Olive~~I am wondering if the James in here commenting is the same James Thompson who owns that puter store in Casselberry. We may have a phantom Jim running around in here.

  272. Hey ya’ll!

    We are almost tp PA and it is a gorgeous day! Trees are in full color and the sun is out!

    Now let me read up on JT

  273. I’ll say it again. If we’ve been punk’d at the expense of a murdered little girl well . . . shame!

  274. Dave, I’m curious if you were able to check the veracity of this James Thompson’s claim to be the same James Thompson that you interviewed last week. Some things are not adding up.The man you interviewed said he doesn’t want to discuss the case for obvious reasons, yet he has come to your blog and repeatedly posted inconsistent statements related to the case that have undermined his credibility as a potential witness. Something’s fishy about it all.

  275. I wish Mr. Thompson to be vetted as closely as the doors. Until then – I’m not spending another minute on this piece of the damn puzzle,

  276. Well Snoopy, that would not surprise me at all. Don’t know if you ever visit Topix, but there is a team over there that does nothing but discredits any type of damaging info regarding Casey. It’s so bad that I have not been over there for a year now.

    Dave said the guy who posted last night had a local ISP, but that proves nothing. I’m done with this part. Dave showed us facts, important facts and I’m just done with this.

    Are we supposed to move over to the open forum to discuss other aspects of the case?

  277. Rotary Clubs frequently ask local businesses to sponsor club projects. Could be how this person attached himself to the Rotary. I will check one more time to make certain he is not listed as a member, but I looked on their local club membership roster and RI and did not find his name listed. This time I will leave off the first name, just in case James is not his first name. But, there was no last name Thompson on the Casselberry Club membership list.

  278. I need to make a correction, there are two James Thompsons listed as members of the Winter Park Rotary Clubs. Sorry, I don’t know all of the local clubs in the area. I am going to do some checking as to their meeting times and locations.

  279. I think Mr. T. has a wild imagination!!!!

    I like how he decided Casey wasnt for him since she was a bad mother.

    Where did that come from? Was he imagining Casey wanted him or something.

    I think he just has some weird obsession with her or something.

    And then the bad dreams thing. Weird. I completely believed the guy at first.

  280. One club meets for breakfast, the other meets at 12:15 on Mondays. I really hope the person posting is not a Rotarian, mostly because a lot of whet he has posted does not meet the 4 Way Test.

    I would normally never use my asscess to RI to find this type of information, but when I read some of his degrading comments I felt compelled to do so.

  281. FYI~~ Please keep in mind that the James Thompson who is commenting in here may not be the same one who owns the puter store. The real James may have seen Casey and Caylee at his puter store a week or so prior to June 16th. Based on facts presented by Dave and supported by Julie and the video, James Thompson DID NOT see Casey and Caylee at the Walmart on June 16th, at noon or 4pm.

    Patty~~who cares who types the same way? The same imposter can do just that. I do not waste my time with speculation and the what if”s.

    This will end my discussion of James Thompson!

  282. Olive~~I can understand that owenmeany meant.

    Dave~~if you check your comment at 6:31pm, Oct 10th…you will see that you was the one who had the facts a bit backwards.

    Julie’s video proved you was right about the door not being there. Your wording at 6:31pm tends to agree with what Owenmeany assumed.

  283. Dave, did you say you were going to visit the tattoo place? He probably can’t talk about it but I’d like to know if she specifically asked for the 3rd star not to be lit. She could’ve said something innocent like ‘for my daughters age’
    I’m sure a tattooist isn’t going to miss a detail

  284. I was very tired and angry yesterday and I’m sorry for thinking upside down. Today is a new day. Get over it or get me all fired up again. The choice is yours. What? Poor James isn’t around? Pick on me instead?

  285. I will try to remember that question, Cheyenne. When I am ready to go down there, if any of you have specific questions in mind, I’ll ask you to let me know a day or two in advance.

  286. Please, don’t get him started. I told the husband how p!ssed you get and he said ‘hey, it’s HIS blog’ 🙂

  287. Dave~~I am not trying to get you fired up. I just pointed out the wording in your comment that was confusing. The best of us can make mistakes but it is not saying we are failures. We admit them and move on. No harm done.

    Everyone respects you for the effort that you put into your investigative reporting. We also know that you tend to be a perfectionist. I hope we can come in here and bring something to your attention without the fear of coming across as persecuting you.

    Some folks should strive to voice a discrepancy in a more subtle way, rather than in a sarcastic tone that I have noted. It is almost like they can’t wait to pounce on you. This is quite evident and, in my opinion, uncalled for.

    Dave~~you have to feel damn proud that you uncovered some facts that noone else found. That should be all that matters.

    Let’s hope we can all take a good deep breath and move on.

  288. Dave~~Casey, my budgie, wants me to tell you that he poops on paper towels and also in his water dish. I gotta get him a birdie flush and teach him how to pull the chain.

    You have to admit that your posts have been attracting alot of attention. Hey that says alot in this blogging world.

  289. Oh, Lord…I thought the birds name being Casey was satire. My bird used to poop in her water bowl. If you get him a little mirror perch and locate across from, he may hang out/poop there. Mine is always on that that thing, got the little beads they play with (like an abacus) and she’s laying eggs again too, poor baby

  290. If it’s a shiny chain, he’ll love it. I guess with the state of newspapers today, paper towels are the way to go in bird dropping etiquette.

    Yup, I noticed the difference, but it’s fleeting. I know I will never compromise the truth and I hope people are aware of that now. If visitors stick around, that’s great, but people in today’s Internet world are migratory and because the news industry has turned away from hard-nosed investigations – at least on the evening news – stories aren’t played out like the old days. I like to think of myself as an old school writer. I knew something was amiss here and I dug into it. This story won’t last forever, though, so I must be able to adapt to that.

  291. Dave~~when I think of Joy Wray, I am wondering if she is worthy of a post. She admitted to being Baker acted around 5 times. Her claims of her hubby being a PI were ruled out as false. I cannot see her becoming a star witness for the defense but nothing surprises me when grasping at straws.

    I tend to see a plea in the near future and doubt if this case will ever go to trial.

    The check/fraud, if allowed, will be a ‘no contest’..

    George Anthony may be taken to task if they find he lied during his testimonies. The prosecution has access to what G said under oath at the grand jury.

    Morgan & Morgan re Zenaida still pending.

    Dominic Casey to be deposed, should be interesting.

    Just a few of the things in the offing..

    Oct 16th, Casey will be back in court and the motions will be heard before Strickland.

    Where will we all go when this case is over? I am still updating Haleigh Cummings, another mixed-up state of affairs.

  292. Hi guys, just catching up. I have some opinions but don’t think I should post them because we are only dealing with facts, so for now I will read.

  293. A couple of facts . . .

    I did suck at math in middle school but turned it around and excelled at it by the time I graduated university. My intentions have never been malicious in any way ever.

    My feelings were hurt but several people made me feel better.

    Its Dave’s blog. I don’t have to stick around and he doesn’t have to let me.

    I just got my haircut and the little pesky gray hairs put back to their natural blonde (ok not a fact) color and that makes me happy.

    These are my opinions:

    There is something not right with the Thompson story – and/or the commenter that comes in here but I don’t know what it is and don’t have any way of knowing if they are the same person. At this point – as far as Dave’s site goes – I will wait for it to shake out. There are no shortages of places to discuss it.

    There are some of the nicest & funniest folks that visit here. I get a good chuckle more times than I can count.

    And that’s all I’ve got to say about that 🙂

  294. Snoop – I just saw today that you blog about Haleigh Cummings. I have been interested in that one for a long time now too. Blink posts a little about it but not enough so I look forward to your newest writing about it. That one gets my brain twisted into frustrated little knots.

  295. Owen…..if we couldn’t voice our opinions then alot would be cut and dried. I’m new here and I thought it was a fun discussion. “The Door Thing”…..push doors don’t exist at Walmart but I had a damn fun time reading all the comments about JT, push doors, sliding doors, JT’s discription of a “sweaty Caylee”.
    Don’t forget…..blondes have more fun!! (so they say…..and no, I’m not one)!!

  296. Patty your comment yesterday I remember about the whole tragedy could have been explained away by Casey as an accident and we would not all be here today discussing it. That stuck with me because I haven’t thought about that since the beginning. Who knows if or how much she might have been punished – but she would not be facing the dp or lwop for sure. And it was an interesting change to think about a possible different scenario for what happened that afternoon. I am beginning to believe for real – we probably will never.

    Ha don’t know that about blondes and fun – but dang I hate losing the battle of the blonde and gray hairs on my head!

  297. Yeah Owen, for sure I don’t think we’ll ever know cause Casey reminds me of Scott Petterson, Melanie Mcguire, Drew Petterson and all the rest. Of course, if she had tried the accident scenario, like I said yesterday, the computer searches and trunk chloroform would have bit her in the a$$.
    And……gray sucks!!!

  298. I don’t think the Pros would offer her a plea…
    And this Thompson guy, who’s to say they’d ever call him?

  299. Oh for sure, no plea now……nothing she has to offer. Only a possibility (maybe) before they found Caylee.

  300. Owenmeany~~I started a post re Haleigh Cummings on Sept 2nd. You can find lots of good stuff, videos of her being hypnotized, voice analysis, etc. She was cuffed and taken in for road rage recently and was also on the Early show, a couple days ago. It is all here…enjoy!

    Haleigh Cumming Post

  301. Oh great Snoop – I’ll go take a look at the Haleigh stuff. Thank you! I read occasional crime boards about it but mostly I just look at the news stuff when it comes out. I don’t comment at all at WS or SM but read if something seems to be breaking news. They’re not really my kind of site. But I do like this one and Blink is what got me started on any of this stuff at all.

    I guess its time to make the salad for spaghetti & meatballs for all of the meatballs I have to feed around here.

    Hope you guys had a nice relaxing weekend. Snoopy I know based on your past posts kind of the general area of Canada you’re in so I hope you’re staying warm! Patty not sure where you are but same to you. Here in S Texas we’re so happy it has cooled off a bit – we only get to wear our boots & sweaters for a couple of months so yay!

    Bye ladies!

  302. Hi everyone. It looks like we are done talking about the WalMart doors, but earlier today I was at mine, and decided of course to check out the main entrance. Looking at the front of the store the outer entrance doors are automatic & on the left. Then to the right of that is one of those doors that says this is not a door, do not enter through here. Then to the right of that is a double set of manual doors, which from the outside need to be pulled open, and from the inside pushed to open. Then to the right of that are the automatic exit doors. On the inside there is a repeat of each set of doors to get into the store part. I was quite surprised to see the 2 sets of double push/pull doors in between the 2 sets of automatic doors. I never noticed them before.

    I know JT’s WalMart is in Casselbury FL, with a different style of doors, I’m just surprised I never noticed these manual doors here before. I asked my 9 year old last night what the WalMart doors were like, and he described them exactly right.

    Again, no point. Just that all WalMart’s are obviously not set up exactly the same, at least when it comes to the doors.

  303. Owensmeany~~yup, it is almost time to dig out the red woolies. We generally have great fall weather and are lucky to get snow for Santa.

    Now if Lyon can get that death penalty removed, there is a good chance we will see a plea deal. If the judge allows, it may be an Alford Plea.

  304. Alford Plea

    In the law of the United States, an Alford plea is a plea in criminal court in which the defendant does not admit the act and asserts innocence, but admits that sufficient evidence exists with which the prosecution could likely convince a judge or jury to find the defendant guilty. Upon receiving an Alford plea from a defendant, the court may immediately pronounce the defendant guilty and impose sentence as if the defendant had otherwise been convicted of the crime.

    The Alford plea differs slightly from the nolo contendere (”no contest”) plea. An Alford plea is simply a form of a guilty plea, and, as with other guilty pleas, the judge must see there is some factual basis for the plea. Therefore, a defendant’s prior conviction via an Alford plea can be considered in future trials; and it will count as a “strike” if a three strikes law applies. On the other hand, a nolo contendere plea is in no way an admission of guilt, and it cannot be introduced in future trials as evidence of incorrigibility. However, courts do not have to accept a plea of nolo contendere, and this plea is not permitted in some states

  305. I love St. Louis. The park right by the arch – I occasionally spend some time for business there. Lots of my co-workers live there or are from there. What I know about St. Louis? If you grew up there – you will do whatever it takes to end up back there. At least that’s the experience I have.

  306. Owen, if you have time on one of your visits, go to the historical display area under the Arch. It’s awesome.

  307. I went through an old cemetery in Shiloh the last time I was there, where Civil War veterans are buried. I’ve been up the Arch and in the museum beneath it, including watching the movie of its construction.

  308. I would like to apologize to you all for jumping the gun on the J.T. Rotary membership issue. Guess I should stick to reading rather than commenting.

  309. Owen, I wish they could do more with the riverfront though, the powers that be wanted to put in river cruise boats, bike trails and rentals, restaurants and the like, but I guess it’s a $$ issue. But I think it would certainly pay for itself plus.

  310. Don’t feel bad or apologize to me please Vicky. There’s enough of that going around to last a lifetime.

  311. Ohhhhhh poopy! Guess we do not have any legal scholars in here interested in my Alford plea. LOL

    Vicky~~no need to apologize, your input is welcome.

    I am not a baseball fan and never been visited the dead so I will just stay on the side and read….maybe!!

    Ooooooooh poopy again….

  312. Sorry to get off course. If I recall correctly, isn’t the Alford plea what Darren Mack took? I remember they went thru the entire pros. case and when the defense begain……..he pled.

  313. I am one of those weird tourists that likes all of the attractions. The space needle so cool. The arch in SL. The disco ball in Dallas. Eiffel Tower. Napoleon’s tomb. I was up on the World Trade Towers restaurant twice before 9/11. Graceland. The tar pits in LA. Ayers Rock and the Opera House in Australia. I love it all. I’ve been so lucky to travel for work and a little bit for pleasure. I don’t like the work travel so much anymore though – exhausting! There are so many places I haven’t seen yet – too many to count but I really really want to see the pyramids in Egypt. Maybe one day?! My son just moved to South Korea so I hope to visit him within the next couple of years. He just left Thailand – one of the most beautiful places on this earth.

  314. Thanks for all of your your understanding.

    Snoopysleuth – I am very interested in the Alford Plea aspect. I think you could very well be on to something.

  315. Vicky~~maybe we can get to discuss the Alford plea sometime when things are not so off-topic.

    Just call me an old work horse. I shouldn’t feel others to keep up with me. LOL

    Dave does have an Open Forum for off topic but this is his blog and none of my business.

  316. Well, it’s on the topic of the case. Isn’t accepting an Alford Plea up to the courts discretion? In other words judge can say no?

  317. Even Dave joined in with his brother living in shiloh, il and going to the arch. sorry we few are not keeping up with you.

  318. Good heavens. I’ve been off=line for a couple of weeks and came in to catch up. Do you know how confusing it is if you start off with J Thompson’s reply.????

  319. Owensmeany~~chat up a storm. No need to apologize to me. This is Dave’s blog not mine.

    I just find it difficult to discuss the case with all the asides. It is Sunday nite so time for folks to relax and discuss what ever you want.

    I’ll betcha old man Marinade is writing a new post. He is a work horse too… he just calls me the horse’s a**……. LOL

    On with the show..I am off to sleuth…

  320. A lot of catching up I guess so……here I have to take care of business and holy hell must have broken loose on the Anthony case. This Thompson thing seems to be something to re-read….but at first blush I would say this man is entertaining himself only.

  321. Newbie~~I think this guy who comments here is an imp poster. It would be interesting to know where his hands are when he’s not typing.

  322. Can someone brief me on this Thompson guy…..surely the State is not calling him as a witness????????????????

  323. Newbie~~I put all my faith in gravity.

    Thompson wrote out a statement that Casey and Caylee came to his puter shop in Maitland on June 9th. He also said he saw Casey and Caylee at the Walmart in Casselberry on June 16th.
    Dave checked things out at the Walmart and cell pings and proved he could not have seen them on the 16th…long story but that is the gist.

  324. I find it odd if this guy James is not the REAL DEAL. WHY?? Because Dave did give him the url to this place. Is it just a co-ink-e-dink a James Thompson showed up? What are the odds?

  325. Newbie~~it is all so very confusing. Dave did prove that Thompson, the one who wrote out a statement for LE, could not have seen Caylee try to push a stationary door at Walmart because all the doors are automatic.

  326. shyloh…what do you mean Dave gave him the url…I’m not sure what a url is but where were they that Dave and he communicated……whoops….maybe I should read what snoop provided.

    Snoop…the imposters hands are busy with his co-ink-e-dink (thanks shyloh).

  327. Boston~~yes, the Alford can be used for lesser charges as well. The judge, not necessarily, has to accept either. He may want a verbal admission of guilt.

  328. Because he knew details only the real person would know. His IP address came from Winter Park, not some obscure location somewhere. Like his business, he’s right down the street from me. That’s all I will divulge.

  329. Snoop….are you sure Florida has no exceptions regarding this law….you know they differ some down there….lol

  330. Yes, Newbie, I have been quite the busy beaver. Fortunately, Julie supplied a video of the Walmart entrance that verified what I had been saying or I would still be arguing.

  331. Okay ladies, it has been so good to see you all yet I must go read about this Thompson guy. bbl

    Thanks Dave.

  332. Marinade~~you better start banging on the tin cans and divulge all to your best buddy or that buddy will never speak to you again.

  333. Well, all I can say is either there is some element of truth in what James Thompson claims or he has failed the 4 Way Test miserably. What I do know is that his “excellent memory and attention to detail” seems to have failed him in this instance. For him to claim that his embellishments are irrelevant is ridiculous. Might I suggest psychotherapy if his dreams have suddenly become part of his reality.

  334. Snoopy~ I have a question, it may be dumb, so forgive me in advance. If Casey uses the Alford Plea in the murder case, could she still get the DP?

    Also I learned tonight that often the prosecution will put people on their witness list to prevent the defense from doing so. Didn’t know that either. Can anyone see where this might be the case with Jim Thompson? I can’t think of a reason, he has nothing good to say about Casey, but this came to light while discussing JT.

  335. Olive~~the defense would never offer up an Alford plea with the DP on the table. The judge would never allow it either. It would be too much weight left on the judge’s hands.

    I am only making an educated guess. Make that uneducated.

    You are very astute in thinking that is why Thompson is on the witness list for the prosecution.

  336. Looky here folks….

    Marinade Dave, a fellow blogger from Orlando, has been assiduously following up on this story and went to the WalMart to investigate details of the statement and contacted Mr. Thompson. The back-and-forth discussion between Dave and Thompson elicited a statement from Thompson which gave the most detail about his experience than has been given in any press report. I’m not totally sure about what Thompson says, but it sure opens up some areas for discussion.

    Kudos to Dave for getting this information out to the public.

    Read more here…

    Trials & Tributions …re Dave…hee hee

  337. Very good, Olive. In this case, I don’t think that is why he is on the state witness list. Any way you look at it, he would be a hostile witness for the defense. I think his testimony would be more relevant at the penalty phase than at the murder trial.

  338. Maybe I shall go to T&T and tell them to retract the nice things they said about you. I have the power to persuade.

  339. By the way, that was very kind of T&T to do a follow-up article. Also, I already warned her you might be on your way over there. I told her you may have gotten into your medicine cabinet again. Look out.

  340. Boston, I think the Alford Plea forces down the charge to a lesser one such as aggrevated manslaughter. But because the victim was under 12 yrs. of age, it would push prison time up tremendously.

  341. From what I can gather, this Alfred plea is subject to courts discretion. They don’t want defendants coming back on appeal saying they were duped.
    I have faith she’ll go to trial, be convicted, and condemned.

  342. North Carolina v. Alford:

    North Carolina v. Alford, 400 U.S. 25 (1970),[1] was a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States affirmed on a 5-3 vote that there are no constitutional barriers in place to prevent a judge from accepting a guilty plea from a defendant who wants to plead guilty while still protesting his innocence. This type of plea has become known as an Alford plea, differing slightly from the nolo contendere plea in which the defendant agrees to being sentenced for the crime, but does not admit guilt.

    Henry Alford was indicted for first-degree murder in North Carolina in December 1963. His attorney interviewed several witnesses who led him to believe Alford was guilty, and that Alford would probably be convicted in a trial. The attorney recommended Alford plead guilty to the lesser charge of second-degree murder in order to face a lesser sentence, but left the decision to Alford. Before the plea was entered, the court heard sworn testimony from three witnesses. There were no eyewitnesses to the murder, but witnesses did swear that Alford had taken his gun from his house and declared he was going to kill the victim, and upon returning, stated that he had killed the victim. Alford pled guilty to second-degree murder but declared to the court that he was in fact innocent, and was pleading guilty only to avoid the death penalty, which might have been applied had he been convicted of first-degree murder

  343. Marinade~~it looks like I may have to send a little note to Yuri and tell him how I am being treated.

    Time is of the essense and I can see you nodding off but that is no excuse.

    Consider this an endurance test.

  344. Dave~~curiosity killed the cat but I am very much alive and purring contently …LOL

    No need to hone up the hardware and fly south.

  345. Little late but thanks owenmeany.

    Well, I watched the interview with J Thompson and read his statement. As I don’t have a means of supporting what I would care to say, I will just stick with my prior statements re: Mr. Thompson.

  346. Renee~~thanks for that link. There certainly are some strange laws out there.

    I don’t think we will ever see Casey get the death penalty even if there is no plea.

  347. Snoopy, I see your point and would have agreed with you last week but two, three layers of duct tape I think kicked that all to the curb. Of course, I am still of the opinion this will not go thru a trial. If it does, her lawyers should be feathered and tarred and ran out of the country. Now if it is Casey insisting on going to trial, hang her high.

  348. If someone gets up on the stand and tells how Casey wanted to get an abortion or put her child up for adoption but Cindy put the kabosh on it. They will try and prove Cindy was instrumental in breaking up Casey and Jesse. Cindy called her own daughter a sociopath to Casey’s friends.
    Cindy did not dicipiline Casey and let her get away with stealing and lying. Cindy will be drug thru the mud to spare Casey’s life.

    They also do not know exactly how Caylee was murdered. They have to try and prove it a heinous crime to get the DP.

    Just my uneducated opinions.

  349. Snoopy~ don’t you mean how she abused sex? 😉

    I think she may have told that to get sympathy so she would be invited to move in with another. But anything is possible.

    However this was a crime filled with hatred, she could have walked away from Caylee and her parents. Remember her words. I am a spiteful bi**h. That is the one thing I do believe that came from her lips. You are probably right, but it’s anyone’s guess at this point. We still don’t know what all the State has.

  350. I have found many people in my area who are following this case. Yes, paint me very surprised. Not any of them have compassion for Casey. Point blank….she had choices….they don’t give her one iota of sympathy because of upbringing, etc. That also was a surprise to me.

  351. Olive~~I agree anything is possible. Jesse Grund and Tony Lazzaro both testified that Casey told them Lee made sexual advances, to what extent, we do not know. Jesse said it was supposed to have happened when Casey was in middle school. I don’t know the time line re Tony’s statement.

  352. I am not making excuses for Casey. I still maintain that she killed Caylee, first to get revenge on her mother, and second to have freedom.

  353. Casey was a legal adult and could have had an abortion or given Caylee up for adoption. Cindy could not control that no matter what. Casey is a user and it must have been at the time she had no one else to suck from. Casey did everything for her needs only.

  354. Yes, but they heard it from Casey and how often does she tell the truth? Hold up one hand and count your fingers, thumb does not count. LOL

  355. The jury may never hear, “I am a spiteful bitch.”
    It all depends what the prosecution introduces.
    They cannot overload the jury so will go thru the evidence with a fine tooth comb and use the most incriminating.

  356. I must feel like arguing tonight…lol….in this case I would be more inclined to believe that Casey made a move on her brother.

  357. The defense will try and prove that Casey was actually terrified of her mother. There is an indication of that during the interview with LE, in that room at Universal.

    Casey is a sociopath with no conscious who manipulates with sex or whatever. The prosecution has to put evidence forth to prove it.

  358. The childs scull was WRAPPED IN DUCT TAPE
    She will be sentenced to death, imo. This scenario doesn’t get much worse..and I think it will at trial. I think it’s worse than we think.
    Does it get any worse then that 1st sentence? That’s torture

  359. If Casey was terrified of her mother, all she had to do was take Caylee and go away. Period. But she chose to kill her own daughter instead.

  360. WOW, I tried to read all of the posts, but had to put my 2 cents in…..I have been going to the Cass. Walmart since it was the smaller version of Walmart. I go there at least 2 or 3 times a week…NEVER have the doors been any different than they are now….NO INTERIOR DOORS! I don’t doubt Mr. Thompsons sincerity, but he could have possibly mixed up Walmart and Target on Goldenrod Rd. (which we know Casey frequented) THEY DO HAVE TWO SETS OF DOORS!!!!!! This also matches her cell pings. Dave, you did a terrific job on snooping this one out. KUDOS Sorry to have been away for awhile. I caught ya on T&T and hurried right over here.

  361. Oooooh, past a plea or an Alfredo (lol), I do think once the jury has had to sit through the horrid details of the death of this child, compassion for Casey based on what happened to her in life will be nonexistent.
    Oh, that tattoo is out and out ugly.

  362. There are houses run by the county that take in mothers and their children, churches would have been able to help her. I bet Amy would have let her and Caylee live with them, she is that type of person. There are ways, believe me, but they didn’t fit her “lifestyle”, HER lifestyle. Caylee was not her concern.

  363. Casey may have used the 3 layers of duct tape to try to close the O effect that happens at death.
    The jaw relaxes and the mouth opens and can remain fixed. It would take 3 layers to try and cover it, if it was fixed.

  364. Shoot, there are all kinds of federal programs and state programs that help a mother and child and it’s not welfare or living in a tenement ghetto. Casey was a rude, self centered ugly person who used her child to mooch from her parents and when that was at an end, just killed the child…poof….wiped her hands and took out to have some fun.

  365. I think you give Casey too much credit about the O effect. But let’s say she knew about it…..premeditation, no doubt about it.

  366. snoopysleuth – A bit off the present topic, I have been combing through the documents and I’m not certain if I am reading this correctly, but it seems that Pages 9572 and 9602, outline the discovery of coffin/grave wax found in Casey’s trunk/trash bag, particularly the former, which also mentions coffin flies and both mention grave/coffin wax and hair. Findings catalogued in November 5 FBI communication on page 9572, and within e-mail on page 9602.

    If this is the case, that is if I am reading this correctly, then this is yet another bit of damning evidence against Casey.

  367. Doesn’t explain the nose covered and the other tape they found, which I don’t even want to think about, fact is, it was there

  368. It takes almost 5 min for page to load. Going on 600 comments. This has been therapeutic and I thank you. Nite nite…

  369. The O effect doesn’t always happen, 1st of all. And more importantly, she put her in a bag. People that kill people they know always cover them up. Not to mention she went in the trunk.
    O factor is a sometime occurance in death, you know the movie Scream? Picture the mask.
    She, I have no doubt, murdered her via suffocation. It’s the easiest, quickest, cleanest, quietest. I don’t even want to think about it 😦

  370. Oh lord, now I know the O effect….Anon1, I don’t think anything can freak Casey out…after all this she rented a horrible movie….can’t remember the name of it.
    Let’s go kick her a… girls !! lol

  371. Yah, I think I saw some clips from that movie they rented on Youtube. Extremely sick!!!!! I don’t know how she can live with herself.

    Thanks Sheri!!! Will check it out.

  372. It seems to me the movie somehow connected to a child’s death or death in a trunk….something that I felt at the time connected to the killing.

  373. Man, I think the prosecution could hit hard on that point and not even need JT’s testimony, be that what it may.

  374. Oh, yuck, worse yet, all I saw on Youtube was a picture of a lady with duct tape on her mouth.

    Did not know it involved a child. I wonder who picked the movie out?

    I bet Tony was extremely freaked out know she watched it after doing that.

  375. Vicky // October 11, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    Well, all I can say is either there is some element of truth in what James Thompson claims or he has failed the 4 Way Test miserably. What I do know is that his “excellent memory and attention to detail” seems to have failed him in this instance. For him to claim that his embellishments are irrelevant is ridiculous. Might I suggest psychotherapy if his dreams have suddenly become part of his reality.

  376. o.k. manual doors were not there, so his story does not jive. before the authenticity of the doors were debunked, i had wanted to ask — if he states that the sun was beginning to go down when he saw casey and caylee at the walmart, which he believes was arounf 4:00, couldn’t it be documented by a weather expert as to what time —-at least approximately—the sun was begiining to go down on that date? just a thought. goodnight all. it will be a better day tomorrow.

  377. Olive, @ 11:33…think of how small a little child’s face is…..not much above the upper lip to tape….ugh….but I read about this several months ago and figured it a possibility…she would have to start about halfway up the face from the jaw at the nose…..sorry to be graphic here but it is a theory out there that has some merit.

    Newbie @ 11:46 there are some girls in the Big House that will do just that….etc.

    Hi, Dave, wow, what a busy blogging site on the JT thing….I’m thinking of going to the store to buy something just to see his demeanor in person. Thanks for such great investigating and for generating one of the most detailed threads ever…..600plus comments.

  378. Orlandoan-You beat me to saying WOW, 615 comments. But I got up at 7:15!
    Goodmorning Dave.
    Now I need to read.

  379. It sure is an active thread, orlandoan. You are definitely right about that. I guess I’ll have to get busy writing something new. Thanks for the compliment and please let me know if you go.

  380. I just gleamed past a few comments…you say that was the real James Thompson, eh? Wow! Almost unbelievable! Does Snoopy beleive you? This is incredible!

    Does Murt usually post on your blog?

  381. Good morning all! I have to give my opinion on JT. I do not believe a word he has said. I think he is just another in a long line of them. Casey could have gone in his store, but that does not prove she did. If we ask Casey and she says no I didn’t and JT says yes she did who do we believe because they are now both known liars! jmo

  382. JT seems to be a complete bozo.” I bet her boyfriend knows what was in the bag. Maybe some type of sex lubricant”.

    If he’s really interested in justice for Caylee he’d be keeping his mouth shut. Even a bad attorney could make hay with a comment like that.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the prosecution has someone monitoring the blogs; I would if I had the manpower. Besides they would never put him on the stand without preparation and he will reveal himself as an idiot.

  383. Well Laura, based on all the lies Casey has told, I guess we would have to beleive Thompson. LOL!

  384. Good morning, lulu. One of the good things about the witness list is that just because a name is on it doesn’t mean that the person will be called. That’s an excellent point about never putting anyone on the stand without preparation.

  385. Well, no. not exactly. If this is the first time Murt has posted, you would have had to approve him, wouldn’t you?

    If not, then you have ignored some one who has quite a following in the wide, wild world of sensationalism.

  386. Dave I just went through all of this threads comments looking for a link that I saw yesterday, I found it. But MURT did leave a comment. I had to take a call and wanted to ask you about ten minutes ago, Are you friends with Murt?

  387. I don’t have my blog set up for pre-approving first time commenters, so they can appear right away. Sometimes, I’m not at the computer and if a bunch come in, I might miss a few. It’s not intentional and I like to acknowledge everyone. Quite a following, huh? Interesting.

  388. I followed him for some time back around when Leonard P. did the search with the divers at Blanchard Park. He is fair and honest just like you Dave. Quick story, I was addicted to his live webstream, I sat and watched a blank screen for 20 minutes while he was searching for something in his van, my husband thought I needed rehab from the whole Anthony saga. We fought for days over this.

  389. Good morning, Caylee’s friends!

    I know I said I wouldn’t comment on JT anymore but after reading his comments here I have more of a suspicion about him than before.
    First, why does he talk about Caylee’s dress and demeanor on this site but says very little about it on his statement to LE? He has divulged more here than on the statement that I believe counts as far as the investigation goes.
    Second, his way of talking both here and on his statement. I will address his LE statement because that is what will matter. He described Casey’s dress and what he thinks she was up to with him-passing a bad check. Then he says he wants nothing to do with her because he has had enough of relationships with bad mothers. I think way too much was said on his statemnent when brevity would have worked-get to the point-she was dressed provacatively when he saw her and he witnessed the jealousy she had towards her daughter while in his store. Nuff said.
    Third, now we find that those Walmart inner doors never existed-never! That leaves me to wonder why he lied about that. Many things he has said was a bit too much info concerning how he saw Caylee push on a door in this thread. Is he trying to make himself believable?
    I’m really concerned with the State possibly putting him on the stand. The defense will have a field day with him and make the State look foolish. My hope is that he won’t be called because I don’t think he is needed.
    Last, but not least, I feel he was trying to pull one over on Dave. He is persistant about those inner doors that never existed. I know he said that on his LE statement but, since Dave discovered that was not true why didn’t the man humble himself and at least rethink what he actually saw and when. Instead he suggests Dave go on a wild goose chase and find out from the County records what is true. He even tried to make Dave look silly for asking senior citizens who work at Walmart because they don’t know anything. Yet, Dave said he asked several emoployees who have worked there for more than a year.
    I know, Dave, that you said he is a good soul but even the devil can wear the armor of light. I tried to believe you on this but I just can’t. Does he want justice for Caylee? Yes, but maybe a bit too much. Enough to want to be her “Champion”. To me that sounds like a savior complex and with other things he’s said that are odd-like Caylee looking like him-I have a hard time shaking my suspicious thoughts about him as to why he is inserting himself in this case.
    All I believe about this man is that he saw Casey and Caylee in his store. I hope that its true.

  390. Good Morning All ~
    I’m so GLAD that this business with those doors has been settled.
    Thanks for going out of your way, Dave, to see to that.

    I sat up waaaaaaay late last night reading all of the comments, and mulling this guy over.
    From the get-go, I had reservations about this guy for some reason.

    Now, a couple of things come to mind.
    First, is the business with Cindy and George not turning over their computer a month or so ago, saying that it was broken and in for repairs.
    This guy is a computer guy.

    The next thing that smack-dabbed me was you, Dave, verifing last night that this guy’s ISP was valid, and, from Winter Park.
    Wasn’t it said that when Cindy claimed that her e-mail was hacked, that it originated from Winter Park?

    I don’t know what this guys angle is, or, who put him up to this, but, it sure doesn’t set straight, IMO.

    He claims that he tried to report this multiple times; has that been checked out and verified with any tip call in numbers?

    Thanks Again Dave for going out of your way on this.

  391. Word has it Enquirer did a nasty Richard Grund story and he wants to sue. Bloggernews has radio show or something and he was on. I didn’t listen, but heard through grapevine

  392. I must say I’ve never looked into any of his work, but I recognize the name from other people mentioning him.

    At times, I feel that your husband may be right, but there are countless numbers of people who are just as attracted to this case as you and I don’t think any of you need therapy. The only ones I think need it are those who continue calling people names. Bozo. Ants. Crazey. Sindy. They have chosen to take this to a level of witch hunts and burnings at the stake. They feel that they are the righteous ones out to avenge Caylee’s death and psychologically, they have adopted her in their minds and start fighting among themselves. Everyone wants justice for Caylee, but when it reaches a level of obsession like that, it’s way too much. Other than that, there is a genuine interest in her and nothing is wrong with that.

  393. Thanks for that heads-up on Richard Grund, Cheyenne.

    Man, they have been taken through the mud, and back all over again with this.
    There is not a day that goes by that doesn’t leave ya shaking your head over something or other with this case.

    We’ll all need neck braces and a 12 Step Program when this wraps up ~!

  394. I still think he’s a good guy, but I’m not at all sure about his credibility now, Sherry. All I know for sure is that no such doors ever existed after May, 2005, and I don’t care if they did prior to that date or not.

  395. Good morning, Redwood.

    First of all, the odds of George and Cindy knowing this guy are slim to none. They are miles and miles apart. That’s like saying I live in NYC and NJ is right across the river. I must know that guy in NJ. As for hacking, I don’t know who or what or if it really ever happened, but again, I think tying this guy to George and Cindy is a very long stretch.

    I know he claims he tried to report this on numerous occasions. Only the police know that for sure. We can’t access any of those reports. Incoming tip line transactions are kept private or no one would ever call one in.

    Thank you for appreciating my work.

  396. Geez, who would believe this horse sh!t?”Isn’t he crazy enough to do something to Caylee?” Cindy asked the investigator in an e-mail dated Feb. 26, 2008. “People do crazy things like sacrefice (sic) for their strange beliefs.” In his reply, the private eye called Grund “a total whack job.”

    On Web sites titled “The Swords Edge,” “Solomon’s Porch” and the “Supernatural Response Team,” Grund says he was freed by Jesus from a 30-year bondage to the occult that began as a child while he watched Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons.

    He claims he once ministered to a woman “who was born to be a Satanic high priestess.”

    Grund also posts a video of his demon-chasing team investigating a satanic possession at a house in Rhode Island.

    Using devices Grund says can measure paranormal activity and record unexplained disembodied voices, he determined there was a spirit present in the house, but since the homeowners didn’t want it removed, he “left it there.”

    Under the video of the search for the evil spirit, Grund posts videos filled with pictures of Caylee, titled Slipped Away, and Jesus Loves The Little Children.

    The police documents show that Cindy Anthony’s private eye found no evidence to link Grund to Caylee’s death.

    Police are convinced they have the REAL killer behind bars: Casey Anthony.

    From NE

  397. Has anyone checked to see if these postings were made by the real Grund and not someone trying to invent another sensational story for fodder. If this is true, then Grund would be deemed a “whack job.”

  398. I am concerned for you because you may unwittingly be roped into something you may not normally do just to appease your following of bloggers interested in this case, Dave.

    I saw little of Murt; I wasn’t impressed.

  399. I won’t allow myself to become too smothered by this case, Thinkerbelle, and I hope I never step out of bounds. I may take a ride from Lazzaro’s old apartment to the Casselberry Wal-Mart to appease readers, but I know my limitations and I’m not looking to get myself in any sort of trouble. As long as I have you around to keep me on a straight course, I’ll be fine.

  400. I just hope that this guy is on the up and up….not sure what to quite make of him right now.

    Although I will add, and not to be argumentative, but, IF Casey went to his shop, then, it can’t be to much to think that there was a possibility that the Anthony’s may have gone there as well for computer repairs, etc.

    And, hopefully, LE can release, or at the very least verify that he did attempt to make those call in tips like they did with Roy Kronk.

  401. I guess anything is possible, but LE would have already had access to where the Anthonys took their computer for repair and his name would have surfaced a while back, at least to LE. His statement never mentioned doing any repair work and it as just about seeing a hot looking chick and her cute daughter.

  402. Dave~~here is a link to Murt’s present site. He is a colorful character who got himself in a lot of hot water over the Trenton Duckett case. He was on ustream and, so he said, alot of hackers kept closing him down. When he faked his own suicide and set up a paypay account, I didn’t bother with going to his site…


  403. Good Morning!

    Ahhh, Murt…..I too was a follower of Murt during the Little Econ River search. He allowed us to be there from afar, and I did appreciate that. That is where it stopped for me as far as Murt goes. I have too many questions in my mind about him.

    Happy Columbus Day and Happy Thanksgiving to you Snoopy, I hope you enjoy your day.

  404. Hello, Olive. Did you know that I, too, was there at Jay Blanchard Park when Padilla and the dive team went searching in the Little Econ. I wrote my very first Anthony post about my experience that November day.

    Gee, I had forgotten it’s Columbus Day.

  405. Hi Dave ~ No, I didn’t know that, I will have to go back and read your article. Maybe you can answer a question for me, I have looked everywhere and I’m not finding the answer.

    Do you know the name of the gentleman who was there with LP and Rob, who had his camera stolen? I think he was diving too, but not a member of the Blackwater search team. He is tall, has very dark hair and a goatee, I believe. And I think he went by the name of a reptile or an animal, something like that. TIA

    In the meantime, I will go read your article.

  406. Hello All:
    Mr. Thompson: I must say that from the day I read the police statement regarding your interraction with Casey and Caylee, I thought how hard it must be for you to know that you were quite possibly the last if not one of the last people to see Caylee alive. I am sure you have done all the what if’s in your head thousands of times and wish you could have done something to prevent this. However, if indeed you were able to do so I believe that would have only deterred Casey not stopped her. I found myself filled with sadness when reading your account of the Wal Mart trip and it further proved to me that Casey Anthony deserves nothing less than the death penalty. I use to be so torn on that issue as I felt someone being put to death was an easy out for them and yet to spend their lives in jail was a burden on the hard working people who have to pay for them to be there. Yet Casey was looking to have a life of her own and I am not so sure that jail is a burden on her. She gets to do nothing all day, which we know she was very good at, she gets to watch tv, listen to the radio, and has people put money in an account for her to spend. So jail for her doesn’t seem much harder than her life was prior to Caylee dying.
    I knew that your account of seeing them was going to be torn to pieces. It isn’t that people are picking on you, I just think the emotion this case has triggered in people leads everyone to look into every detail and put their own spin on it.
    I hope that you do get to testify because if we were all so enraged at your account I can only hope the jurors will be able to see her for who she really is.
    Thank you for taking the time to clarify and answer and I wish you much luck.

  407. Thanks Dave, I just finished reading your article. I will have to spend my spare time reading all them now!

  408. Dave, I found the answer about the guy at JBP!! His name is Spyder!! No, not a reptile, nor an animal but an arachnid or an araneae!! LOL

  409. Olive~~I remember when Spyder had his phone stolen. I couldn’t remember his name either, I kept thinking of a cobra. LOL I stayed aboard with Murt and followed him home. He had Lois Peters with him and spent the night at her place.
    He made a video of Dakota singing but folks asked him to take it down off his site.

  410. Yep, I witnessed all of that too Snoopy! But then Murt was hacked, people were picking up viruses from his site and I said buh-bye.

    I was pretty sure that a camera was stolen, as there was a lot of talk about the photos possibly being used as evidence if something was found. Of course that was never the case. But I have been wrong before and undoubtedly will be again. LOL

  411. I’m goin’ to Walmart in Casselberry for the makings of some chicken soup….who wants to come with me?????? LOL

  412. Thanks so much for posting this. Finally, finally, finally, someone is standing up for poor little Caylee. She has needed a hero for so long now, and she finally has one.

  413. Dave,

    One of the document dumps released, all the tips or a majority of the tips that were called into the tip line are in the document dump.

    In one of the posts here by Mr. Thompson, he called the numbers he was supposed to call several times regarding this information.

    IF these calls were made, the information would be in the stack of tips called in, faxed in or emailed in.

    I sent in a tip and it was in the document dump.

  414. If his call was never followed up on, I would think it wouldn’t be in any dump. Or, and this is a lot more likely, it was or still is a part of an open investigation. If that’s the case, it would not be released. For example, if LE is investigating his claim that there were interior doors at that Wal-Mart store. Before the investigators could close it out, they’d have to interview store personnel, like I did.

  415. His official statement in the released documents gave me “the hinkies”. He had far too much detail about things that should not even register when you are involved in activities that are run of the mill and you do not know you are interacting with characters in the upcoming “crime of the century”.

    I find his speculation on KC’s actions, and ulterior motives, freakish. And those were in the official document and have only become more freakish the more he says.

    From the beginning I was confused how my little rural WalMart supercenter had automatic front doors, but one in the greater Orlando area didn’t.

    I am confused as to how he could be noticing the position of the sun at 4 pm (which he changed to after it was pointed out that his original “lunch” time didn’t fit into the cell ping data) when it was pouring down rain and having gusts up to 27 mph at the time. Seems something more appropriate about the weather would have caught his attention other than “the sun was starting to go down”.

    He uses verbosity and details of minutia, along with speculation of others’ thoughts/motives, etc. in a manner similar to what we have seen in Casey and Cindy – as filler to ensure their story is believable. I think it makes his unbelievable.

    I try real hard to stay open minded on all potential evidence, but I’ve had a hard time on this one from the git-go.

  416. Valhall~~it will probably show up in the next 10 min or so. If it ended up in spam, Dave will let it out. I am anxious to read what you said.

    I am now in shock about all the motions the defense filed today re the check/fraud and a change of venue.

  417. Valhall~~exactly, you are on the same wave link with me. I noticed in one of his last comments to Dave, he is changing his tune a bit about the doors. I don’t feel so bad now because I don’t believe a thing he said. If he told me that he frequents porn sites, I would believe him. Thanks so much!

  418. Dave, Because of what you uncovered re Mr. Thompson’s inaccuracies, is it possible, or “could” you be called to testify by the defense.

  419. Hi, Beatrice – I doubt it, but I guess it hinges on whether the state calls him to testify or not. Also, everything is published on the blog. It is readily available from the posts I put up. At least, I hope that’s all there is to it.

  420. With all due respect to fellow bloggers, please read all of Dave’s info on Mr. Thompson’s recollections. I don’t think Jim is lying, I just think his memory is not as good as he thinks. I’m also a little concerned about his self appraisals.

    He says, “I have an excellent memory and attention to detail better than most. My vision is 20/20 or better and I am smart so I know what I saw no doubt.”


    Also, “IRREGARDLESS”? I haven’t used that non-word since I was in the 8th grade. It’s not even a word. SMART? I WONDER.


    Thanks, I feel better now.

  421. Hi, Boz – Welcome to the blog. I think we all had second thoughts after his rebuttal and subsequent comments. Time will tell, but I will go and look at what the Sentinel has to say today. Thanks.

  422. Dave,

    Thank you for all the hard work you do to give us an inside view of the area and places of interest in this case. I LOVE your work. Your blog is amazing too! Keep up the fabulous work. It is greatly appreciated.

    Now as for Mr Thompson. Whether or not he in fact, did see them that day at Wal Mart, I do not know. However, what I do think, is that, he believes it. He believes it was that day and what he says happened, happened. i do not think he is lying. I just don’t. I see no benefit in that for him at all.
    Of course, believe me, I have been wrong before. I am glad he did go to the police though and not the NE and sell this story. To me, that says something, at least.

  423. Wow! Thank you James & I for one DO believe you and found your story credible. Dave & gang, sorry for the absence, but I buried my precious mommy yesterday. I have been out of the loop for awhile now, but I missed you guys.

  424. Oh no, Tulessa, I am so sorry for your loss. How sad. I truly offer you my deepest sympathies. I wish you all the best at this most difficult time. If I can help you in any way, I will, and I mean that.

  425. I have spent the last thirty minutes reading this thread. Why attack someone who is simply giving their account of what they remembered? I know my memory isn’t what it used to be. And why in God’s name do some peeps refer to Cindy as Sindy? IMO, childish. I love coming here and reading for the VERY reason that Bashing isn’t allowed. All I’m gonna say is look at life as a gift. Live it to the fullest and cherish those that you love. I am in NO way a supporter of the Anthony’s. Do i think they know more than what they are telling? Absolutely! But it’s not OUR place to sit in judgement. Please try to use a little kindness when addressing these issues. These people didn’t ask to be thrown into the limelight. We never know what our futures may hold on down the road. Tomorrow you may be discussing one of the posters here. My brother and sister -in-law were brutally murdered in 2008. We asked the PA to PLEASE do not seek the death penalty. We DID NOT want HIS mother to go through what MY mother went through. It wasn’t his mother’s fault that he committed this heinous crime. This lady loved my brother and was extremely good to him. So what I’m trying to say is you have to look at both sides of the coin. Dave has been stating this all along, and he has practiced what he preached. Dave? I love you for who you are and for seeking the truth, NO MATTER where that truth may lie. Thank you for being a wonderful, caring, human being. 🙂

  426. Sigh, that long winded response just got lost and I am not typing it out again. I don’t even remember what thread I was on 😦

  427. Dave, Are you writing about the murder of little Somer Thompson? It is so heartbreaking, and the person that killed her is still on the loose! It must be scary to be a parent nowadays! I would be a wreck everytime my child had to leave my sight!

  428. Tulessa, Thank God someone has to sit in judgement! Do you realize that Casey Anthony is a “clear danger” to society? Wheather she receives the DP, or LWOP, she should never be allowed back into society again. When a tiny little child is BRUTALLY slaughtered, it is not time to “use a little kindness here”! Do you think she should be released because her “Mom and Dad” are upset over her being accused of murder? Baez would LOVE to have you on the jury!

  429. Tulessa, You have had great loss yet you have a depth of
    understanding and compassion beyond most of us. Bless
    you for writing a most mind searching comment. No
    doubt your acquaintances are truly blessed to have you as
    their friend. I hope each day eases the most recent loss of your mother.

  430. Tulessa: No, you are right. Geo. and Cindy didn’t ask “for the limelight”, but they have made it a point to hang on to it for all it’s worth since they got their first “Media Check”…so far, they have made thousands and thousands of dollars for every television appearance that they have “chosen” to make, and I feel sure that is just the beginning. The FACTS are before you, if you’ll just do abit of checking. Frankly, I hope Casey gets LWOP … the pain of a needle is NOTHING compared to the pain, terror and fear that little Calee felt before her little nose and mouth were duct taped so she couldn’t breath!

  431. Hadley, Surely when/if Casey is found guilty by a court
    of law (jurors) that day will come for Casey. How can we
    hurry that up and get this whole case over???

  432. My deepest sympathy to you Tulessa over the loss of your beloved Mother. I pray that God will hold you up, and give you His divine strength to helf you endure this sad loss.

    God Bless,

  433. Beatrice, Oh, how I wish it was over ! If you get a chance, go to the Caylee Daily. Alot of new info. there, including photos of little Caylee in the shirt that was found with her remains. Pat Brown, the criminal profiler, thinks that Casey deliberately put her in that shirt before murddering her. (Big Trouble Comes in Small Packages)…I am just so heartbroken over all the children that are being murdered! A young 9 yr. old girl’s body was discovered today. Elizabeth Olten. She was murdered by a 15 yr. old teenage boy. Something has got to be done to stop this. My heart goes out to all parents of young children.

  434. Hadley, Thank you for the kind condolences. NO , honestly? They WOULD NOT want me on this jury. This is the ONLY case that has made me sit back and re-think my position on the DP. Not even my brother’s murderer made me re-consider it. And like I stated, the Anthony’s know A LOT that they aren’t telling us. I wasn’t attacking anyone’s opinion (or at least I didn’t mean it to come off that way) . If it did I apologize. Beatrice, thank you so much. I really feel that Alan’s murder was what finally killed her in the end. So that makes Berry Hall guilty of three murders IMO. 😦

  435. I didn’t pay attention to cameras when I went inside his store, Eileen M. (Hello, by the way.) I think any business with equipment like that would have to have cameras or one heck of an alarm system. Even if he has such equipment, most of it is on a loop. If nothing happens over a length of time, it is just recorded over. Even if it’s digital. The hard drive can only hold so much before it recycles itself.

    That was a very good question. I wonder if LE asked him that?

  436. Thanks again Dave..I was not here the first time around for this..
    Mr. Thompson, Thank you for standing up and speaking up for Caylee..To many are afraid to do that. I take you to be very sincere and honest..I find comfort in knowing that one of the last faces that little child may have seen was yours. I just wish LE had spoken with you sooner.

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