Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr – “Little Black Boy”

(Don’t let the title fool you)

Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. is the chief judge of the Ninth Judicial Circuit. As such, he is Judge Stan Strickland’s superior. Judge Jose Rodriguez’s, too. You remember him. He’s the presiding judge in the Zenaida Gonzalez defamation lawsuit case against Casey. As the Casey Anthony case moves closer to trial, you will most likely be hearing more about him. In March of 2006, I wrote and published an article about one of my experiences while working for an ad agency in Orlando. The following is a reprint of that post with a few minor changes. I still haven’t met Judge Perry, but I hope this gives you an insight into my years in this town, how I have grown as a person, and why I maintain a keen awareness and interest in the saga of Caylee Marie Anthony.


In 1989 I was working for Stonebrook Advertising in Orlando. We created ads for the Belk Lindsey department store chain. The Stone in Stonebrook represented half of the agency. The other half was for Doug Middlebrook, who ran the Tampa agency. My boss was Glenn Stone. One afternoon, he called me into his office. “Dave, come on in here and sit down. This here is Judge Byrd. He’s running for re-election and he needs some artwork done.”

I recognized the gentleman and graciously said hello and shook his hand. I knew right away that he and Mr. Stone were old friends. It was quite obvious they both were from the same good ol’ boy mold. Mr. Stone explained that Judge Byrd needed campaign designs including ads for newspapers, bumper stickers and  bulk mailer pieces. Mr. Stone decided that I would do the work for Judge Byrd. Hailing from New Jersey, I had a few inherently stereotypical issues with southern judges and politicians. Nothing major; it was just a slight amount of apprehension.

We sat there and discussed what kind of strategy would help in his bid to retain his seat. We went over design ideas. Judge Byrd was running against someone I had never heard of until a few weeks before when Belvin Perry announced his candidacy to unseat Judge Byrd in the Osceola County Circuit Judge race. I don’t recall that party affiliation had anything to do with it, but I was immediately rooting for Belvin. I can’t say for sure why, but I just didn’t particularly care all that much for Judge Byrd. Although it was nothing personal, it probably had more to do with the southern thing and an air of  that persnickety white male privilege that was never as evident in the New York/Philadelphia corridor, from whence I came.

After going over the plan of attack and some talk of his opponent, Judge Byrd was ready to leave, confident in the knowledge that we would deliver exactly what he needed. As he walked out of Mr. Stone’s office, he proudly exclaimed something that I found quite shocking and highly offensive…

“I’m gonna kick that little black boy’s ass.”

Mr. Stone was all excited. I was flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I said nothing in return. As a matter of fact, I didn’t respond at all. How could a sitting judge display blatant racism like that? All of a sudden, I had a real problem. Personally, I wanted to do everything I could to help Judge Byrd lose the election, but professionally, I had to do everything in my repertoire of artistic talents to get him re-elected or face losing my job. I was very confused. It was a lose/win, win/lose proposition. I didn’t want him to win, but I had to do my professional best to design winning ads, bumper stickers and flyers. Why me, dear Lord, why me?

I called an attorney friend of mine and told him I really needed to talk about something. We met after work and I explained my moral and professional dilemma.

“My personality is split in half on this, Bill. I don’t want to do it, but I don’t want to lose my job. Since I’m obligated to do it, I’ve got to give it my all as a professional. I have to help get the guy re-elected.”

He was familiar with the judge and pretty much felt the same way. “Boy, Dave, I’ve been an attorney a long time now and that’s a new one on me. That’s a real mess and I don’t envy you at all. If you want my professional advice, you have to do it unless you have another job lined up somewhere and I’m sure you don’t.” He was right, I didn’t.

I went to work on a strategy I thought would benefit Judge Byrd. I set up a slate of ads that would run at certain times throughout the campaign. They had to be laid out in different sizes, too, since all newspapers are not alike. I worked on demographics so I could recommend where I felt mailing the flyers would benefit him the most. And the bumper stickers. Oh, yes, those things. They looked nice, but I cringed when I got behind a car that bore one, and I saw quite a few. I wanted to say, “Hey! That’s my design. Oh, never mind.”

Judge Byrd lost his bid for re-election. It was a bittersweet victory for me, wondering if there was somewhere I went wrong. I’m glad he did and I knew in the end it did not hurt me professionally. There was no blame. Judge Byrd took his loss well. All politicians know one day they will lose an election. Bill asked me how I felt. I told him, very relieved. I wondered if there was something subconscious that held me back from really giving it my all? Oh well, it was over and I was glad.

Judge Belvin Perry has been on the bench since 1989. He has been the Chief Judge of the Ninth Judicial Circuit since 2001 and is well respected in the area. Judge Byrd? I saw him years after that. He remembered me and we had a very nice chat. He went back into private practice. My friend Bill is now a workmen’s compensation judge for the state of Florida, appointed by then governor, Jeb Bush. I always told him what a fine, fine judge he’d make one day and he did. He’s always been a very humble guy.

I like to think that I was partly responsible for Belvin Perry’s win, but then again, I probably wasn’t. In the end, it was the will of the people that unseated Judge Byrd. One thing is certain, Judge Perry never looked back and fortunately, I was never asked to do anything like that again.



110 thoughts on “Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr – “Little Black Boy”

  1. Wow Dave*
    I love that story. Thank you for sharing that with us. You are very wise with great morals, and I am happy to know you…….. in cyberspace.

  2. Thank you, Diana. Yes, in cyberspace, I am very moral and wise. In real life, too, I hope. I’m glad you enjoyed the story, and it has been MY pleasure to have met you. Who knows, we may meet in person one day.

  3. Thank you, Coreysmom. At the time, it was very perplexing. I needed my job, but I didn’t think it was the right thing to do. In the end, the voters were the decision makers and, obviously, they made the right call.

  4. Dave~~He works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. Maybe He was picking up some of your thoughts and knew your hands was telling you, “I need this job but my heart is elsewhere.” Young man, if I could sell the goat and the barn, I may come to Casselberry and propose to you. They don’t make ’em like you anymore.

  5. Thank you, detwill39. That was very nice of you, but I must say if they don’t make ’em like me anymore, it probably has more to do with my age than anything else.

    A big storm is a’brewin’. If you don’t hear from me for awhile, that’s the reason.

  6. Nooooo Dave*
    It’s not your age (I’m guessing we are about the same age ) and I’m not THAT nice.
    *Sounds like a plan to someday meet….. in “real life”. I’d start driving now except I have
    to be here to open my Caylee Marie leaf, which is again……so very kind of you. Thank you. You have a good heart Dave* Wanna trade? 🙂

  7. Gee, Diana, thank you and all, but I don’t have any idea what I could possibly trade with you. My tachycardia/palpitations/angina suffering heart? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t do that to someone as nice as you.

    Oh. You should have your leaf by next week. Then we can discuss plans.

  8. What a great post. I understand exactly where you are coming from having just recently left a job, yes – in this economy – with a man so bigoted it affected every aspect of my life.

    My last straw was when he told me I needed to stop complaining about the paltry sum he paid me because as a white person I was already rich.

    It so stunned me I had no words – very rare for me. It took me a week to decide I could not possibly work for this person and I am not going to explain his ethnic back ground, religion or any of the other deplorable things he said and did.

    I appreciate your integrity, Dave and thank you for letting me vent on this.

  9. Thank you, Kim. Sorry I’m late getting back to you. I sometimes watch COPS on Saturday nights.

    Wow, I thought my experience was bad, but yours was something else. How dare that man say that to you. I don’t blame you for getting upset. That is disgusting. I’m glad you shared that because in this day and age, it’s hard to believe people of any persuasion can be so primitive.

    Anyway, did you take the week off? Did you go back to work? Can you do anything about the guy or was it an isolated case? Is he like this with everyone?

    Listen, Kim, you can come here and vent any time you feel like it. You can just stop by to say hello, too. Whatever makes you comfortable is fine with everybody.

  10. Thanks, Dave for responding

    I actually quit

    I am far too old and experienced to waste my time on his sort of issues – I created a situation for him where his business was growing because people of all persuasions could deal with me. In his arrogance he refused to see the value in what I do.

    I lost a job but he lost the best assistant he will ever have.

  11. Oh, I always try to respond when I can, Kim. It’s a darn shame that someone would do that to a fellow human being. Have you applied for unemployment? I don’t know where you live, but even when you quit you can qualify under certain circumstances.

  12. Kim, I was trying to delete something else and I accidentally did it to yours. I’m sorry. I know Texas refused the money. I didn’t know that would effect unemployment. too bad about that. i sure hope you can keep your car. It is a very tough economy now and I wish you all the best. Please feel free to come here during your off-time.

  13. I’m sorry, Kim, I was trying to delete one of my comments and I took out yours by mistake. I don’t see comments the same way you do. As the administrator, I see them all stacked on top of each other, no matter what category they were written to.

  14. I understand, Dave – not a problem

    I bought my car 2 years ago and since I have always been on point with payments I have been told that I don’t qualify for any type of assistance in the matter. If I allow it to go past due maybe, MAYBE they will help.

    so much for being responsible

  15. I am in a bit of a pickle, too, Kim. I have a lot of health problems and I applied for Social Security Disability. I was recently turned down. The SSD doctor I saw was nasty to me. He advised SS that as a (former) graphic artist, I can still sit at a desk, but I do not have the stamina any longer. Oh well, back to the drawing board, but this time I will go in with an attorney.

  16. Don’t give up on that Dave. A skilled SSI attorney will get you what you need. My room mate has Muscular Dystrophy and was turned down 4 times until he called a reputable attorney.

    He is a retired graphic art/ architectural design teacher

  17. Well, that’s encouraging, Kim. Thank you for that. What the doctor didn’t realize is that I would have a tough time concentrating for long periods at a time, under the constant stress of deadlines. Since I saw that doctor, I have been prescribed nitroglycerin. I don’t know what happened to me. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes almost three years ago and my health has declined dramatically. I was in the hospital over Christmas with pneumonia. Dang! One thing I know is that I could have had diabetes for up to eight years without knowing it and, unfortunately, the disease was already doing its destructive work. Anyway, I always try to maintain a very positive and happy outlook.

  18. Good for you! I know diabetes is tough as my room mate also has that along with other issues due to his inability to be active. We are very strict with diet,

    Honestly, he is the most optimistic person I know and because of him I find myself a bit – shall we say annoyed – with people that have good things in life handed to them and manage to destroy it

    I doubt I need mention names.

  19. No, no names, but it’s almost funny. With all of the other health issues I have today, my diabetes is almost like a walk in the park. Sadly, I long for the day when I was just a diabetic, but those days are gone. I will make the best of it! Anyway, I am going to bed now, so I will say good night, Kim. I enjoyed your company and please come back. Thank you.

  20. Good morning. Interesting article, as usual! Some people just have no morals or ethics.
    One of the reasons I opted to retire. I have always had a big mouth, but as I grew older, I can’t keep the lip zipped! LOL! I managed to do so tho until my last day there! Management and Human Resources got an earful! LOL As did the corporate atty!

  21. Hi, LoriK. Thank you. It’s a very true story, too. I don’t think Judge Byrd was immoral or anything, that’s just the way some people were in the south back then. When I moved here in ’81, there were still some places with separate bathrooms and water fountains. Oh, no, they weren’t in use but they hadn’t been torn out yet. That was a shock coming from NJ. I had heard about that sort of thing – and hangin’ trees, but I had never actually seen any of it before. In spite of it being relegated to the trash heap of society, it was still an eye opener, knowing what it once was.

    I’m glad you waited until your final day on the job to give them a piece of your mind. It’s sad when corporations lose touch with reality.

  22. Hey! I’ve been a graphic designer for almost 25 years now, too. Not dating myself ~ I started when I was very young. Snort!

    I graduated from college as head of the class and had a wonderful career. I’m not sure of your age Dave but I’ll bet, like me, you know how to REALLY cut & paste, huh? I remember my typography instructor kind of pulling me aside when the subject of desk top publishing first reared it’s ugly head, and whispered to me, “It’ll never take off (“It” being computer graphics). Just a fad. A trend.” HA HA HA!!! Riiiiiiight!

    Anyway, again like you, I started having serious health issues about ten years ago. Rheumatoid arthritis and lung cancer, to name a few. Due to Canada’s excellent health care and Doctors, I survived lung cancer ~ no chemo, no radiation and it’s been a little over five years now so I’m certified “clean.” I still deal with RA everyday, but, honestly? I’m really happy to be alive!

  23. Sorry I’m so late responding, Bees Knees, I’ve been on the phone and doing other things.

    You must have started as a graphic designer when you were 12? I definitely know all about cut & paste. As a matter of fact, growing up left handed, I never got the hang of scissors, since they were always designed for right handers. For years and years and years, a No. 11 Xacto knife was my cutting tool of choice. Spray mount and waxing machines. We subscribed to clip art services, too, like PMS (I always got a kick out of that one) for Print Media Service, Metro and a couple others. When I was warned about computers coming, I was scared to death. No way was I ever going to part with my artboard, but I did. It didn’t take long to accustom myself to Mac computers and once I did, I never, ever looked back. What used to take an hour to do took 15 minutes – and it was fun! Not quite like playing Space Invaders, but computers changed my world. It’s funny that a typography instructor would call it a fad, of all people, but I remember those old linotype machines chugging out offset type for ads and news articles for galley sheets. Oh, you remind me so much of my not so distant past. Thanks for the memories.

    Lung cancer? No kidding? I know how bad Rheumatoid arthritis can get, but the big C? Wow, good for you. I hope you stay in remission for a long, long, long, long time. It is great that you have excellent health care. I am really happy you are alive, too, Bees Knees.

  24. I think I figured it out. RA = Rheumatoid Arthritis. Bees Knees said, “I still deal with RA everyday…” and I thought it had to do with health care in Canada. I just noticed what it meant. Sorry.

  25. When you asked what ‘an’ RA was, it threw me off. RA is also a Resident Advisor. Ra is an Egytian sun god. I got a little too much sun today and will be glad when it cools down later.

  26. Hi guys hope everyone is well. Very interesting post. I am glad you have integrity Dave, apparently not everyone does. Dave have you heard anything new on little Halleigh Cummings?

  27. I’m sorry, Laura. I don’t know why you went to spam. I’ve NEVER had to spank you. I don’t know what happened.

    Yes. I do have integrity. It was an awkward experience, though, and I know I will never have to do something like that again. I haven’t heard anything new on Haleigh. I’ll have to poke my head around there and do some sniffing.

    Thank you, Laura.

  28. Bees Knees! There’s nothing in the spam folder right now. Sometimes, it takes a while for things to show up there and I have no control over it. That’s why I always recommend that people copy their comments just in case.

  29. You know, Dave, I STILL use an X-Acto knife for a lot of things most people use scissors on. I think by the time you’ve learned that accurate precision that you had to have in the “olden days” you’re too anal to deal with common scissors any more.

    I remember those great huge sheets of Clip Art that we subscribed to every month, too. And remember when you had to ORDER YOUR TYPE??? Madness!!! Remember you had to comp it all in and hope you had a good relationship with your typesetter. OH! And you really haven’t lived until you’ve done a REAL cut and paste putting together sale flyers, especially grocery flyers!!! AAARRRGGGHH!!! Approx. 300 little scraps of paper, descriptions, sizes, prices, photography etc. etc. all waxed up. That kind of deadline excitement can only be matched by doing a paste-up of the TV Guide! You’re right. There’s just no going back. What used to take all day can literally be done in minutes. And it wasn’t THAT long ago. Was it? And yes, I was 12 when I graduated! Hee!

    (And yes. RA is rheumatoid arthritis. And it kinda sucks. But not as bad as lung cancer!!!)

  30. I actually DID save it, kind of by accident, but just tried to post it and it disappeared again. Must be something it doesn’t like ~ all that cursing I guess (ha ha – not really). Anyway, not to worry ~ it was nothing important, just reminiscing about the good old days in graphic design.

  31. Hey Bees good to see you again. I have seen any comments from you and I was wondering about you and BAM you show up. It’s like you know!

  32. I knew you were 12.

    I am still deadly with a No. 11 X-Acto. I haven’t used one for a couple of years now, but I could cut through anything without damaging what I was cutting on. In the 25 years I used it, I never cut myself. Never. We used to order type from a lino house. for ustom headers, we used Presstype and other brands. There was a French one and I can’t remember the name, but I still have my burnisher, not that I’ll ever need it again. We used to job out camera work for 85-line screen BMTs. We used a Fluoro wash in hand-rendered art for newspapers. I was a hard-line artist for a long time and got out of it when we switched to Macs. I lived for deadlines! I loved it and I do miss it once in a while, but I still keep my feet wet by doing freelance work. There’s a link the front page to a partial portfolio. I’ll get you the link.

    RA is no fun, but you’re right, lung cancer is terrible.

  33. I have made a “ransom” note with letters out of ads and magazines with Xacto knife! For a class in college. I have never black-mailed or kidnapped anyone. lol

  34. YES! I LOVE deadlines. Honestly, I don’t believe I ever missed one (at least in my own mind I never did) but you’re way, way more savvy about the cameras than I ever was. And I only sliced myself once, taking a neat wedge of flesh from my thumb that was holding the straight edge in place! I still freelance a bit too. Would love to see the link.

    Laura, I heard you calling. That’s why I’m here. I had taken a bit of a mini-break from all things Anthony but I’m back again and ready for more.

  35. I think once deadlines are in your blood, Bees Knees, it never goes away. I will forever have that in me. Writing or designing. Only when I go back to oil painting will I leave deadlines completely behind.

  36. Dave it may be earlier in the morning. I checked voice mail, it may be 9 when I need a shoulder to cry on. Bees I am glad you are back hope you enjoyed your “break.”

  37. Oh, I am so glad to hear that you oil paint! I do too, a little! I love it when commercial artists can put aside the more exacting regime of design and loosen up also to be fine artists. That didn’t really come out right (unlike you, I do not have strong writing skills) but you know what I mean.
    When, as a student, you’re automatically docked 50% of your mark if you miss a deadline it doesn’t surprise me that we have it in our blood!

    Snoopy, how could I be mad at you? Am off to check . . .

  38. Snoopy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hands OFF! As you very well know, Bill S. is my BF. True, he can be fickle. And he likes to torment me by flashing that wedding band around, but in truth I think he wears it just to keep our relationship spicy!!! I can understand your lusting after him but you must keep it all platonic, okay? ‘K. Now I’m off to read the rest of your blog. Sheesh!

  39. I got my first oil painting set when I was 4 years old. Somebody saw something in me at such an early age, I guess. By the way, what you wrote was just fine.

  40. Oh boy, two women will be cyber fighting over a man in a minute. It does not get any better then this. lol

  41. I have been very busy, Laura, here at work, with just enough free time to read, here and there, but not respond. But you are right, lonely here today. Sigh. Hi Everybody ! Have a great day, Laura, Dave, everyone.

  42. I have been writing, but unfortunately, not about Amy’s trial. I had the opportunity to speak with Captain Angelo Nieves of OCSO and the Orlando Sentinel today, so I have some interesting things to say about that.

    Hi, Dee!

  43. Well do tell. No need to make a story out of it just give me the facts!!!! PLEASE!!! By any chance did he mention those darn pavers?

  44. Hey where did you go your wife wants answers, and since we are getting married you must answer them. LOL

  45. I am glad these fellows talked with you today. I would think all would be shush, so it’s great to be more in the know.

  46. I didn’t ask him about pavers. I’m sorry, Baby, but I asked him about obstruction of justice charges and June 15/16. Because of my phone calls and writing, I have not had a chance to go out yet and I might not, but you know how to reach me later. We need to talk about our wedding plans. In the meantime, I will do more work on Amy’s suit. So much work… You know I would do anything for you.

  47. Hi, Id’claire. I’ll most likely post what I wrote tomorrow. Some people might not be too happy, but I am telling it like it is. Everyone is entitled to interpret in any manner they choose, but it is pretty straightforward.

  48. Dang it, those pavers are my main focus how could you forget? I know Casey did not put them there but do you think she used them as kind of a land mark? Some how I think they will come in to play at the trial, because everyone seemed to know about them. I think she tossed Caylee in there without a care in the world but something had to kind of mark the spot in case she had to come back.

  49. In my opinion, I don’t feel Casey wanted to remember where she tossed her child because of how she did it. She threw her in garbage bags? With layers of duct tape over her mouth and nose? Thrown in the woods like trash? Good riddance. No, I don’t think the markers had anything to do with it and, unfortunately, she will never confess. That means those pavers will remain meaningless because she will never admit they were important for any reason. I don’t think she ever intended on setting foot in those woods again. not that spot.

  50. I think it would be no different from me throwing an empty McDonald’s bag onto the road. It would be my luck, although I would never litter, that the bag would land right by a NO LITTERING sign. $200 Fine. It might imply I did it on purpose, but I really didn’t.

  51. OK, Snoopy! If you feel that strongly about him (BS) I guess I’ll share. I have to admit you did a wonderful job of organizing his links. Sniff!

    As far as the case goes, I’ve read the theories about Casey or someone else possibly revisiting the dump site to either take away or add to the evidence. Nothing has really swayed me to believe that however so I’m neutral about it at this point. I’ve read that often murderers like to return to the scene of the crime but I have to agree that Casey was extremely lazy and not overly concerned about Caylee’s remains I’m sure.

  52. Laura, I’m with you on those pavers. I won’t be surprised to learn they played some kind of part in the horrible ordeal.

  53. Laura and Bees…you’re putting Dave between a paver and a hard place…there’s nothing substantial to go on…

    Was it PI Casey or Hoover or the supposed psychic that mentioned pavers first?

  54. Id’claire, I feel horrible about putting Dave between those pavers and a hard place. I heard about those pavers from the local florida news first and then later p.i. Casey. The video came out later then when Kronk found the body. I just figured Casey noticed the pavers after she tossed Caylee. I feel it is my duty to bring the pavers up at least once a week until I get enough opinions about them that they are no longer making me wonder about them.

  55. laura~~there were alot of pavers thrown away in the area where remains were found. The only way they would play a role in this case is when Dominic was out searching. Dominic had mentioned something to James Hoover about the pavers, I think. Dominic was not even looking in the correct place when he had the so-called phychic, dowser, Ginette Lucas on the phone. Hopefully that info will satisfy you until next week when you mention them again. LOL

  56. laura~~it wasn’t important. The mail administator did not return it to me so it arrived at your addy. It may have been deleted by mistake. If you ever want me to email you so you can have my addy, it’s fine by me. I can assure you it will remain confidential.

  57. Joe Jackson is on Larry King. I never realized what an ugly, arrogant son of a gun Joe is. I think he is getting on Larry’s nerves but Larry is going after him real strong. Joe wants to put Michael’s children in show business. He refused to tell Larry anything about it tho.

  58. I found you and replied. Mine gets split up with work, in box and spam you was in my work. I don’t know how that happened, I emailed you back!

  59. Got it and answered. I think Dave is busy writing down all the secret info he got yesterday and today. I eagerly await his next post. I typed out a nice post and when I pasted it in my blog, it was upside and backwards..I give up with being fancy….

  60. Newbie~~upside and backwards describes me. I am all thumbs and no fingers when it comes to figuring out some things in the blogs. The forum I used to moderate was so easy. I just had to type in html codes and voila. Now I am working with widgets and gidgets and I haven’t a clue what they are. I am scare if I touch something , I will blow up WordPress.

  61. Laura, if PI Casey was looking for pavers, amongst other things, then it would lock in their importance…somehow, in some way that we don’t know the complete info on.

    Perhaps Kiomarie mentioned pavers in Casey’s and her burial routines–not to LE, but someone.

    We know Lenny was stuck on them. And, by gum, if he’s stuck on them, then they are of importance.

    You got any on your property??

  62. Snoopy,

    The info. Dave will present tomorrow will knock our socks off!! Be prepared! Perhaps a few more nails to pin down this drifting ship….

  63. Oh my gosh Detwill if you blew up word press we would all be lost. We would have to go back to our normal everyday stuff. You all are my escape. I am kind of interested in what Dave found out.

  64. No I have a big concrete patio and swimming pool. I have flowers too but I can only have the kind that can live off of God’s water. I planted lots of flowers but they died, I guess they need water. Thank you for saying my favorite word PAVERS! I think they have some kind of meaning because they have come up often. jmo I am not allowed to talk about them until next week but I had to reply.

  65. Laura~~your birthday is next month. I think each one of us should send you one of those unmentionables. Dave can send his leaves but Detwill will get everyone to send you …you know. Do you have a preference as to color? Cindy said the ones in her backyard are peach. I think George said they were off -white. Notice they can’t even agree on those rectangular thingies.

  66. Detwill those would be great. I think I would like colorful ones! That is amazing you remember my birthday. We talked about that a while ago. I swear you are part sponge. lol

  67. I know how old you are going to be too. I remember something from comments you made back about 3 months ago. Thank God, I am part sponge. I need to be spongy just to answer all your questions you silly girl. I may even send you one of those thingies in a flamingo color. Maybe if we all send a different colored one, you can make a patch-work quilt in your back yard.

  68. Oh gosh. It is our secret about my age. I am 30 if anyone ask okay? lol Patch work _ _ _ _ _ _! I love it, the word I can’t say til next week. .)

  69. Hi Dave and Everyone! WOW… that’s what I have to say about Isn’t it sad that there is still so much racism alive and yet coming from the mouths of our leaders makes it worse. I grew up in the Bronx in New York and while it was and still is quite segregated it wasn’t about racism. It was about culture.Fortunately this man was not re elected. I know they are supposed to unbias but if this is his demeanor in private, it is scary to think of him deciding someones fate. Would their race play into his decisions… scary

    On another note: Keep fighting the Social Security Administration. My mother in law was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in late 2003. She was turned down by SS at least three times and after contacting a lawyer she let him do the fighting. Unfortunately she passed away in July of 2006 and was awarded her SS in August. They did back pay for the entire time but how sad that it took so long. And yet I cringe when I think about the girl next door to me who is a drug addict, lays in bed all day after going on three day binges, steals from her elderly father and yet is up and moving every month on the first when her social security check comes in…. Ill be praying for you.

  70. It’s a sad commentary, halfpint42592, but prejudice has been with us and will continue to do so. Today, I’m sure the judge who lost the election has passed on, or he is so old he wouldn’t remember that part in his life.

    I am very sorry you lost your mother and for what SS put her and your family through. To SS, she wasn’t a person. She was a number. I don’t even want to discuss your disgusting neighbor, so I’ll just say thank you for your prayers.

  71. Laura I just want to say this to you since you can’t til necxt week: PAVERS PAVERS PAVERS PAVERS PAVERS!!! LOL I really thought they were going to be a big deal in all of this too but I am not sure why. I had heard in the beginning that they were the ones removed from the Anthony home but have no idea if it is fact or rumor.

    Dave: Thank you for your prayers. She fought hard but the bottom line is she knew for years something wasn’t right and when they first discovered the tumor (one of hundreds) it was a ten year growth at least. She never went for a colonoscopy and was fifty six years old. Furthermore her father died of colon cancer. ( A fact we didn’t know until two weeks before she died) So the biggest lesson I took from that is that if we choose to not pay attention to our bodies then this is what happens. As far as the neighbor: Just a little update: I am happy to report that we currently are in the process of helping her father put her in jail. It was just discovered that she has written over 2500.00 in checks from his account and has stolen his collector guns, insurance cards and tried to refill his medications. The detective is issuing a warrant today. God works in mysterious ways….

  72. It’s sad to lose loved ones, halfpint42592. Too bad she didn’t think about her own father’s cause of death. Trust me, at 56 myself, that’s much too young to die.

    $2,500 in stolen checks, and then some. Wow. I hope the police know more about what they’re doing than the ones around here.

  73. Half Pint I am glad I am not the only ones that think those P-v-e-s have some kind of value. It sucks I can’t talk about them til next week. I never thought they came from the home but I thought that is how Casey knew where she was. Other people searched for those pavers, someone knew about them. Oh my gosh I said the word, damn. Sorry Detwill. It is Half pints fault. LOL

  74. Dave: Whatever you do please do not call Judge Belvin Perry your friend, alright? Jose will be watching and waiting ;o) Alot of us (at WS) think that the defense just shot themselves in the foot (actually higher up, starts with b, ends with s) by getting rid of the honorable Judge Strickland. Let’s see what Judge Perry thinks of the defense team antics/circus, heh?

  75. I have never directly stated Stan Strickland my friend, tasylshari, and contrary to the lies circulating, I am not a friend of Chief Judge Belvin Perry’s, either.

  76. I realize this fact, Dave….was just trying to “make light” in a dark situation that, as HJS put it, should be evolving around the death of an innocent.
    You can bring yourself and your marinade by our home any old time. Love your blog and your talents.

  77. I absolutely loved that story. What a predicament. Wanting so much to tell him exactly how you felt, but under the circumstances, not being able to. Great story!!!

  78. Hello everyone. Love you all…… I think i have been remiss in understanding WORDPRESS and how it works. Way back when i was in the loop. Now I find that over 57 comments i made never made it out there over a two year period. hmmmm. anyway just wanted to say hi and see if I get an email saying you heard me. ????

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