My Garden of Weeden

Doris Willman was one of my closest friends in life. We met online early into the Casey Anthony case. We forged an incredibly close alliance while I covered it on my blog and forOrlando magazine. She maintained a popular blog, as well. Our bond extended into the George Zimmerman case and beyond. We spoke almost every week on the phone, but never met face-to-face. She lived in Nova Scotia and I live in the Orlando area. While we wanted to, we knew it would probably never happen. Now, it will not.

Early last week, Doris and I spoke about her “Garden of Weeden” story. She told me she couldn’t find it online anywhere. I told her I’d look for it, too. Of course, Doris, being the incredible Internet sleuth that she was, told me in no uncertain terms, “If I can’t find it, I doubt you’ll be able to, either.” Still, I told her I’d look, but she was right. She was the best! When she passed away on June 25, it was imperative that I find and publish it. After all, that was what she wanted to do. Somehow, by the divine grace of God, I did manage to find it. What she can no longer do, I can do for her. Please take a few minutes and read her story about how she managed to garden, something she loved to do. Doris was in a wheelchair, but she turned this into a real asset. She was published in Abilities magazine and appeared on Canadian television in the mid-90s. She was a very special lady, and if this article helps but one person, she will surely be smiling as wide as St. Margarets Bay…

Please read it HERE

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