Sunday Afternoon Murder Club

The illustrious members of the Sunday Afternoon Murder Club, Simon and Jan Barrett, Mannie Barling, Denny Griffin, Dave Knechel and William Cobra Staubs will be holding ‘court’ on the recent developments in a number of crime cases.

Sunday Afternoon Murder Club

3 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Murder Club

  1. Very interesting! You know, I find it shameful that Baez AND both Anthonys are driving new vehicles! Heck, before little Caylee was slaughtered, they couldn’t even make house payments! This is what I call Blood Money, and I find it repulsive and disgusting!

    Oh, I am also reading that Killer will be wearing a BURKA until she gets to
    a safe place! No kidding! Mercy Percy! Say it ain’t so!

  2. Dave,
    Most Americans will not rest until they see some kind of Justice for little Caylee. Every where I have read, people HATE Casey Anthony! The Amazon Jungle is the only place that I can think of where she might feel somewhat safe. Or move in with some Eskimos at the North Pole!

    Someone will find…might take some time, but they will.
    Murder seems to PAY in Orlando…and that shameful!

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