Casey Anthony – Killer Mother?

Simon & Jan Barrett’s ever popular radio show continues on the Internet airwaves today with…

Casey Anthony – Killer Mother?

Please tune in at 4:00 PM EST.

The usual suspects will be back to discuss the events of this past week. 


One thought on “Casey Anthony – Killer Mother?

  1. Casey Anthony is prolly the most hated MONSTER on the planet! The horrid way that she killed little Caylee will never be forgotten by most
    people. Anthony will life the rest of her sordid life in fear. She will never
    be free from fear no matter how much time passes. She is a psychopathic
    KILLER, and will more than likely kill again. Like a viper, she will strike again and again! Believe me, she will never, ever FEEL free. She will always have to be disguised no matter where she goes or what she does. People
    HATE this creature.

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