The End of an Error

Pictures from the courthouse July 7, 2011



9 thoughts on “The End of an Error

  1. Dave,
    The title of this post says it all!
    The end of an Error! So true. When the verdicts were read I thought I would wake up from a terrible dream. After all of the information we have seen and read since Cindy’s famous 911 call it is unbelievable that a jury would find her not guilty of at least one of the murder counts. Her case was not won by the “brilliant” baez, or the pompous mason. It was lost because the jury was not privy to all of the family dynamics that the citizens of Orange county have seen and read about.

    When a member of the jury says that they were in turmoil over the verdicts that they handed in, I say “NO WAY”. The baby was decomposing inside casey’s car…….forensics prove this………chlorophorm was found in the trunk in VERY high amounts……..proved………hair with death band on it and it had to come from a member of the maternal side of the family…..if not Caylee or casey, then who!!! And her partying!! I don’t care what that “grief” lady says, there is no way a mother would party that way if her child was missing……… and of course, the tattoo was the icing on the cake. In my opinion the jury just wanted to get home quickly after having been secquestered for so many weeks.

    They swore to do a job and they did not follow up with the evidence. One juror said that they did not find George credable (?). I think the only thing that George could be doubted about was his relationship with river cruz……….and if that proved to be true it still did not prove that he was a child molester or that he would hide the death of his much loved granddaughter Caylee. His pain was real and palpable.

    That casey’s only problem now is trying to decide what color to dye her hair speaks volumes.

    And then there is the actions of her defense team……..mason proved to be a vulgar oaf. I hope he does take casey into his home to help her get on her feet. When he does he needs to keep his checkbook under lock and key!!

  2. Dave The nightmare goes on and on….. this will never end. You know other criminals who get their due fade off into the abyss of the penal system and we rarely hear about them But not this ,it just keeps on going….what has baffled me is why the jury did not take into consideration the CREDIBLE EVIDENCE and testimony the state did have. Forget George, Lee and Cindy there was plenty of evidence this was a pre-meditated cold blooded murder and I know who did it.!

  3. Dave,
    Sorry to be so long winded above, but this case has me all riled up, just like so many others!
    I am now wondering what you will be writing about now that this case is kaput. I hope to keep receiving your blogs, no matter what the subject matter.
    And don’t forget that book!!! Autographed!!!

  4. Carole, you put into writing every thing I said to my mother…every single thing! Great minds think alike! You nailed it. Rush to judgement is the first phrase to come to mind. This jury saying “there wasn’t a cause of death” as a part of their decision either didn’t understand that tape decomposes also and skin wouldn’t remain on the tape, or they didn’t know what “Bella Vita” meant. Jury of her peers? Nope. Casey was smarter than them. Also, IMO, her defense team DID NOT WIN…prosecution just didn’t use stick figures with their drawings. Over 350 pieces of evidence and they never went back to even one? Damn shame. Truly, someone (named Casey Marie Anthony) got sway with the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony.

  5. angie,
    What gives me some comfort in this travesty of justice is that indeed, “karma is a bitch”. And it IS coming!! Just hope I am still around to see it!

  6. O.K., not to beat a dead horse, but, the juror who commented on t.v. about not being able to convict because of a lack of a motive??!! What in the world did they think the partying and the tattoo were all about??
    And of course, Caylee must have placed the 3 pieces of tape over her own mouth to keep from crying out for help…….help from her mother!
    All they had to do was look over some of the evidence, but they chose not to take the time to make an educated effort. And yet it was stated that they were all “torn up inside” having to render the verdict that they did.
    I will stop now before I am tossed off this blog.

  7. Too bad that the juror’s didn’t take IQ test before being selected. They would NOT have been allowed to serve! For some reason SLOW and
    BOGGED DOWN BRAINS comes to mind. Now the dummies are out
    peddling interviews for TRIPS TO DISNEY!! Lord, HELP US!! Pathetic!

  8. I honestly don’t think these jurors even REALIZED that a tiny, beautiful little child named Caylee was SLAUGHTERED AND HER LITTLE MOUTH AND NOSE CLOSED OFF WITH DUCT TAPE!!! Now, the Killer is free to KILL again! HORRIFYING!

  9. Carol, I think some of the men were lovin’ her chest that she kept poking out! Remember, we’ve got alot of real DUMBOS on the jury! Yep! Instead
    of showing them the facts, they were thinking SHOW ME THAT CHEST…POKE IT OUT AGAIN!! AND SHE DID, OVER AND OVER!!

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