Pets, Lies and Duct Tape

In his opening statement, Jose Baez guaranteed that the jury would come to believe that George Anthony had sexually molested Casey when she was young, that he found Caylee’s body floating in the backyard pool, and he alone applied duct tape to her face. Somehow, someway, he would explain how meter reader Roy Kronk disposed of the child’’s body so he could later “discover” it and collect a reward. But as the defense wrapped up its case Thursday it was clear that Baez had failed to deliver the goods. His strategy created a lot of smoke but yielded little substance.

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2 thoughts on “Pets, Lies and Duct Tape

  1. Dave, Thank you for all of your great work !! Your writing style is the gold standard ! Did anyone think Judge Perry did not look well today? I have been concerned,all day.

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