Beth Karas – A Class Act

Let me tell you something… This was a dream come true.


13 thoughts on “Beth Karas – A Class Act

  1. Great picture of you both….. I read some of the blogs and it seems you are doing a great job reporting on the trial. I just want everyone to remember that Caylee Anthony needs her justice, whatever that may be…..

  2. Wonderful Dave, Beth ahs always been one of my favorites. She even makes you look

  3. I sincerely respect Beth Karas. Thank the lord Beth has not traveled down the sensational and dramatic “devil dancing” nonsense of that of her co-workers. Beth does a wonderful job and does not participate in the other nonsense on HLN. We have enough ridiculous reality shows.

  4. Dave, I’ve been trying for years to get a message to Beth Karas. I hope you let her know what people think of her. She puts everyone else to shame and they would do well to learn from her. She gives the news without bias or inserting her own views, truly a professional in her trade. On a scale of 1 – 10 she is a 10+, they just don’t get any better than Beth Karas and we truly appreciate and love her.

    Carol (Illinois)

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