A Good Read

>>>>>>> Casey Anthony’s Trial is a Good Read <<<<<<<


3 thoughts on “A Good Read

  1. i hope that she gets off, not to justify careless manslaughter, but solely as a testimony against the injustices of the trial. honestly, i hope that she repents, and is born again. JESUS did not die so that people should fry—a real day of Judgment is coming.

  2. Are you crazy!!! Jesus loves us all BUT he also knows that we have laws and rules and what about the TEN Laws he gave us to be live by.
    Thow shall not Lie
    Thow shall not Kill
    And in the bible it does speak about an eye for an eye!!!
    You must NOT have any children to think that way.
    You are as sick as she is.
    And I do love the lord but her repent will be in jaill for LIFE!!!!

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