Suburban Drive 6/13/2011


8 thoughts on “Suburban Drive 6/13/2011

  1. Hey Dave,
    You got to remember also that Caylee’s poor body was put deeper in the woods and the animals are what brought it so much closer to the road along with the flooding! Just because they found Caylee in that spot does not mean thats where Casey originally put her

  2. Remember it was filled with water and tons more vegetation when little Caylee was thrown in there. Totally different now! I hope Afrodite writes a book and really “captures” the EVIL that Casey Anthony is! She is still not showing remorse! Cindy keeps saying “I love you” to her even though she said Lee and Geo. sexually abused her! Personally, I hope she gets the death penalty!

    Hope u took this lovely lady to dinner. She’s smart, and attractive. NG is such a RUDE
    person, I can’t stand her!

  3. Brandy – According to the coordinates released by OCSO, Caylee’s skull was 87 feet east of the light pole near the privacy fence, and 19 feet, 8 inches due south. The animals dragged some of her remains elsewhere, but her skull and the bags, along with other evidence, was placed in the woods exactly where they were found.

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