Off the Record

Greta Van Susteren inside the media room




5 thoughts on “Off the Record

  1. This has got to be fun for you, Dave! Thanks for sharing! Greta is just a wee thing, eh? Its nice to see her back on this case-plenty of time for Palin later, lol!

  2. Dave; since you have got this rogue’s gallery photo, tell us did you have a conversation witth Greta? I used to watch her every night when I had the Fox channel. I’m not sure is she still there? You look so calm, I would have been all giddy and dorky. Love her stance, with arms folded. Who’s the boss?

  3. Dr. Arpad Vass was INDICTED for FALSIFYING EVIDENCE and for PROVIDING FALSE TESTIMONY in the STATE of PENNSYLVANIA! His box always reads 10,000 because he rigged it to ALWAYS read 10,000. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office FORENSICS TEAM 1.5 of 1 percent chance of Chloroform. In Other words NONE. They tested the “stain” four different times and in four different tests and they came up with the SAME TEST RESULTS. Spaghetti Sauce and Beef “Meatballs” Grease! If Zanny doesn’t exist, why did OCSO Deputy/Dectective/Sketch Artist Stephen Fusco waste an hour and a half drawing a composite of Zanny The Nanny?!

  4. The body of Caylee Marie Anthony was DUMPED in the state of Florida by way of Georgia. The killer of the baby is her own biological father! A user of steroids, who also left the Gatorade bottle. The baby girl Doe was between six months old to eight months old at the most. The body length was wrong, the number of teeth was wrong, the location of the teeth was wrong, Rib bone diameter indicates a baby girl not a nearly three year old girl. That was according to the pathologist who ACTUALLY DID THE PATHOLOGY WORK! Caylee Marie Anthony WAS KIDNAPPED by ZANNY THE NANNY! An ALIAS! I know who she is and where you can find a VERY MUCH ALIVE CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY! Just have the MISSING PERSONS DIVISION OR THE HOMICIDE DIVISION OF THE ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE READ THEIR E-MAIL! I have even sent you a composite of the kidnapper, so you will be able to put the handcuffs on the RIGHT PERSON this time! I even gave you the kidnapper’s telephone number! The Homeland Security Disc that has Caylee’s Kidnapping on it is in Room 106 of the Orange County Courthouse in the lone file cabinet, second drawer from the top, keyed lock drawer. It clearly shows Caylee being kidnapped by Zanny, the Disc is even TIME-CODED! This confirms the NAMES on the Passenger Manifest that Jose Baez received from Stan Strickland. Maybe you should have taken Nicholas Hunt at his word. The composite of Zanny is the best composite I have ever seen! It was picture perfect in every sense of the word! Caylee was kidnapped for the SECOND TIME on AirTran Airways Flight 862 on the evening of July 2, 2008. Zanny once lived in Apartment 210 at Saw Grass Apartments!

  5. I know a friend who has a 5year old who has had her son tried2b abductd 5Y now and stalked.look at pic of kealy marie on facebook.does it match? Caylee marie anthony.kealy pretty sure its an alias.if shes a serial pedo Get her!shes in cape coral fl.

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