Aphrodite & Me

Aphrodite Jones is a well known, award winning, true crime author. She is attending the Casey Anthony trial here in Orlando. To be honest, she is a delightful lady; sophisticated, intelligent, witty, charming, talented, and most of all, she let’s people take pictures of her with goofy looking men.

Sorry the picture is a little out of focus.


5 thoughts on “Aphrodite & Me

  1. I’m so glad you get to meet these famous people! Hug Jean Cassarez(sp?) for me and punch Geraldo in the nose if you see him! J/K! :mrgreen:

  2. Dave,

    Your cover is blown!! We now know your secret!! Women writers, authors, tv personalities…….and the list is getting longer every day??!!??

    All joking aside, I have read several of Aphrodite’s books and she is a fantastic author, so, maybe she can help us, your fans, encourage you to seriously think about putting all of your information about this case into a book. You definitely have the skills, plus all of the years of your research you have put into publishing your blogs. And you have the local contacts and can add the local flavors to a story.

    Take heart…….I will continue to badger you about this……..periodically……..if nothing, I am persistent!!

  3. Dave, I love your writing and committment to the case and for justice for Caylee. No need to post pics of you and “celebrities”, other journalists don’t.
    Keep up the good job.


  4. Nice picture Dave..Orlando is really getting the global exposure over this Casey Anthony Case..I almost wish for the Mouse House to come back into focus…I love Aphrodite Jones..love her books and her True Crime Shows..she is an excellent writer,investigator and all around wonderful person. jmc

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