Smoke and Mirrors and Alligator Tears

Jose Baez promised to tell us why Casey Anthony kept quiet for 31 days. Do you believe what he said in the courtroom yesterday? Was it a smart move or an act of desperation?

Read what I think in Orlando Magazine.
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2 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors and Alligator Tears

  1. cut myself off…..I’ll try again.
    Title for today should be “There’s something just not right here” We’ve known that for 3 years. There were so many stupidities that came out of JB’s mouth yesterday. Hard to pick one ! I have to admit, there were times that gave me pause, then I came to my senses. Very hard for me to believe that this jury knew NOTHING befiore the trial started. I’m counting on it, unless they had lived in Lower Siberia. I hope they realize that JB is counting on their “stupidity”. Once they start dissecting his opening statement, they will find all of the discrepancies. “If this happened, how could that happen?” Etc etc etc……………. I live alone and here I am, yelling at my tv. Poor George….I’m glad to see that he finally grew some cajones. Even Cindy seemed to be acting civil to him. He has grown in stature in my eyes.
    As usual, JB is throwing everything at the wall and just hoping something sticks. ( I know it works with spaghetti.) Please God, give the jury an IQ higher than 50. I really appreciate what you do, Dave and this is only the beginning.

  2. I don’t believe casey anthony was ever sexualy abused by her father, or her brother. Shame on her, and her lawyer. She had a tantrum and killed that beautifull baby. And I pray they find her guilty, and give her the death penalty. Again SHE WAS NOT ABUSED!!

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