I have been a little under the weather lately, but in all honesty, I had planned on writing about the Frye hearings and how I believe the judge will rule and why. Now, with so much attention focused on the impending 48 Hours Mystery program that’s scheduled to run this Saturday night, I feel compelled to proffer my thoughts on the matter. On the show, a mock trial jury acquits Casey Anthony of first-degree murder.

I recently wrote about a motion filed by Cheney Mason that accused Judge Perry of bias in favor of the state. On Fool’s Mate, I explained how useless the motion was. In my opinion, it was a feeble attempt to intimidate another judge into stepping down and it failed miserably. Belvin Perry, Jr. is going nowhere until this trial is over, but once again, I see the defense testing the judge’s fortitude, determination and resolve.

Yesterday, Orlando attorney Richard Hornsby published a new article on his blog that focuses on one particular aspect of the CBS piece – whether Jose Baez inadvertently waived attorney/client privilege because of a jury consultant who may have aided the defense. At issue is whether he was paid or not, and if so, by whom. Did CBS pick up the tab? Will we ever know? I strongly encourage you to read it because it is the most brilliant essay to date on this very strange and convoluted saga.




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