A letter to OCSO Sheriff Jerry L. Demings

Today, I sent this e-mail to the sheriff of Orange County, Jerry L. Demings. After yesterday’s experience, I made sure every deputy I spoke to in the courthouse knew about this incident.

Dear Sheriff Demings,

I write about the Casey Anthony case. In Dec. 2009, Sgt. John Allen interviewed me on the phone and asked me to come into the W. Colonial address to make a written statement. I must say he was a true gentleman in every way, and a consummate professional. This isn’t about him, though.

I attended the Frye hearing on 23 March in Judge Perry’s courtroom. During the lunch break, I walked down Orange Avenue to a Cuban Cafe. When I went to place my order, I realized I didn’t have my wallet. It was one of those uh-oh moments. I may have failed to pick it up after going through security, or I could have left it in the courtroom in a bag I left behind.

I asked a security officer if anyone had turned in a wallet. I said I’m a diabetic and needed to eat lunch. When she told me no one had, I said it could be in 19D. I went up the elevator and all courtrooms were locked for the daily lunch break. No one was in sight. I went back to the 1st floor, hoping that someone might open the door for me. While addressing security, an OCSO deputy was standing nearby. He told me “you need to eat lunch,” and proceeded to take $10 out of his pocket. I tried to say no, but he insisted. Again, he said I need to eat lunch. I asked him when he would be back again and he said, don’t worry about it. You can give it to someone in security if I’m not around. I attend as many hearings as I can, but he wasn’t aware of that. Despite having no knowledge of me, he trusted me, no questions asked.

Deputy Pat Patterson is a very caring individual, very much a gentleman, and an asset to your agency. He went well beyond the duties of his position. It is law enforcement officers like him that show just how caring and dedicated they are. In my opinion, he should be commended. He is someone you and the entire sheriff’s office should be proud of.

Please thank him again for me. Although I wasn’t able to go to today’s hearing, I will be there tomorrow, with my wallet in hand and a crisp ten dollar bill. Deputy Patterson exemplifies the true spirit of our men and women in uniform.

Dave Knechel

By the way, my wallet was inside the bag. It was, obviously, safer in the courtroom than it was in my own pocket. I told Dep. Patterson I was going to write something on my blog, but it was Yuri Melich who suggested I write to the sheriff. OCSO is used to receiving complaints, not compliments.


6 thoughts on “A letter to OCSO Sheriff Jerry L. Demings

  1. Dave,
    It was kind of you to let the Top Cop know how this deputy acted! There are just too many times when the police get bad press. I have always believed that GOOD behavior should ALSO be praised.

    Glad you got your wallet back.

  2. Hi, Carole – Yes, it was something I had to do after Yuri suggested it. I told the deputy I would certainly tell the story on my marinadedave.com blog. There are so many good cops out there and they don’t seem to get the recognition they so deserve.

    I sure am glad, too. There would have been a lot of cards to replace. WHEW!


  3. Thank you for posting this Dave. Its not often that people stop to thank a good deed doer in this way. You are a class act. And Deputy Patterson is a person who is such a wonderful asset to this world.

  4. My pleasure, Suzanne. You’re right, how many other people would have done that? I couldn’t make it to the courthouse yesterday, but I’m going to make a special trip down there today. Yes, he is an asset to the department, and more importantly, to the human race. Thank you for your great and encouraging words!

  5. Dave,
    What does the Defense really have that might help Casey? I just can’t think of
    anything that is of real importance. Help
    me out here, if u will.

    Helen (mb)

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