From the division of ‘a Selasphorus rufus spoke to me’

I know there’s quite a buzz making the rounds on the Internet pertaining to Tony Pipitone’s exclusive story last night on WKMG, the CBS affiliate in Orlando. I must say, it was a great report, but of course, there’s always that element of hype that goes with virtually every story from every media outlet no matter what news is on the verge of breaking. Certainly, Tony deserves accolades for what he dug up and put together. It is true, no other TV station had the story. I’ve always recognized him as an excellent investigative reporter, and one of the reasons why he can shine like that is because he’s not a beat reporter; he’s not a man (or woman) on the street who puts together daily bits and bytes. This allows him more time to piece together a well choreographed production.

I know a lot of people are questioning whether it was the prosecution or the defense that met with him all clandestine-like to give up the secret goods on Dr. Jan Garavaglia’s deposition. Well, I’m not going to explain the story that aired last night. If you don’t know it by now, please go to Click Orlando , read it, and mosey on back. There’s also a video link to last night’s 11 o’clock broadcast. As Cheney Mason said at one point of the deposition while addressing the medical examiner, “this is not my first rodeo.” It wasn’t Dr. G’s, either. Nor was it Mr. Pipitone’s.

I went to the courthouse this morning and afterward, I asked some of Orlando’s finest journalists how he managed to get that information. Did someone spill the beans? No, most likely not. He had time to go to the Clerk of Courts office and peruse all sorts of documents, including “previously unreleased depositions of Garavaglia and others,” as their site explains. No back alley meetings wearing trench coats. No 007 guitar riffs playing in the background. It was there waiting to be found.

On another note, congratulations are in order for Kathi Belich for inking a long term contract with WFTV. Speaking of which, WFTV offered an on-air correction. It also appears on the Website. On a February 2 newscast, Kathi reported that some person had filed a grievance with the Florida Bar against Jose Baez for misrepresenting his facts to the court, and in particular, Judge Belvin Perry Jr. In fact, the complaint dealt with “ethics violations,” a spokesperson for the Bar stated. The person also confirmed that the defense attorney had been informed of the complaint, but refused to say who filed it.

Several of us wondered if Jose Baez threatened to take legal action against WFTV and, specifically, Kathi Belich, if a retraction wasn’t forthcoming. The thought had certainly crossed my mind because I am aware of what this defense can do, and it’s common knowledge that Kathi is the biggest thorn in the defense team’s side. They would love to send her out in the Atlantic in a canoe, sans paddle. To be honest, it’s not every day that a major media outlet retracts anything, so this came as a surprise.

Next Wednesday will be the start of a two-day status hearing. Casey Anthony must attend because several motions will also be heard, including:

  • Motion to Suppress Statements (Jail Interviews)
  • Motion in Limine to Supress Jail Video Footage
  • Motion in Limine to Exclude Evidence to Canine Searches & Alerts
  • Notice to Suppress Statements of LEO
  • State’s Motion to Strike Defense Supplemental Witness List
  • Rule to Show Cause
  • Frye: Motion to Strike Defense Motion to Exclude Unreliable Evidence (Plant or Root growth) and Motion to Exclude Unreliable Evidence (Chloroform)

Late this afternoon, the judge announced that the State’s Motion to Show Cause will be argued next week. That’s the big one the prosecution wants to hold Jose accountable for – contempt! Also, Judge Perry approved two more defense motions – one for out-of-state video conferencing costs and the other for $4,500 for a mental health expert for the penalty phase if Casey is convicted. The cost of video conferencing will run about $140 per hour, but Perry believes it’s still a good deal since the cost of travel and accommodations for the defense experts would be much higher.

Well, there you have it. A little more to add to the ongoing Chronicles of Casey. One more thing… the title is just the Latin name for a particular breed of small bird – a rufus hummingbird. In other words, from the department of ‘a little bird told me.’