Creepy Cryptic Casey, Part 2 Revisited


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  1. Good move- reposting this one so folks can see for themselves. Otherwise, pages and pages of insipid pablum from all her “admirers”.

  2. Dave, I agree it is a good Idea to repost this, it definitely
    makes You think. Is All of it a Coincident ?
    Let who reads and watches this, decide for them selfs. Myself I think it is very interesting and worth
    to keep an open Mind, it very well could be probable. JMO
    Eerie if You ask me.

  3. Hi, Hilde… Yes, it’s all too coincidental, but I know people who swear there’s no such thing as coincidences. It is or it isn’t, but it sure is strange any way we look at it. Eerie is a good description.

  4. Dave—I’ve been hoping all day that you would invite another discussion of this on your blog. Why I’ve never been able to shake this off as coincidence is because there are three things here, that when all strung together, make a nice tight package. You have the time (9 to 1), the name (Zenaida Gonzalez), and the lot number (8905). I remember she told her mother to look for clues in things they had discussed. Cindy thought she meant things they discussed in the first two weeks of June, but maybe she meant that night. Also, as we discussed on your blog just recently, she was raised in this neighborhood. She walked to school here. She rode her bike here. She hung out in the woods with a group of friends as a teenager here. We know from her Photobucket account, she liked word analogies, and messages hidden in words. She liked to be secretive and mysterious. And, since I’m really going out on a limb, I might as well add that I would also include the fact that she is a Pisces and this sort of puzzle would greatly appeal to her Piscean mind. Who knows, she may have googled the location of the local swamp (which she knew was used to dump garbage) and thought perfect, just the spot I’ve been looking for. It all fits.

  5. After all this time, I can’t imagine that all the items and ingredients that appear to have been thought out by Casey in such detail have not been presented and considered by the State. Someone must have pointed this out to them already and UNLESS they make an issue of it in their prosecution, as in to show premeditation, I feel it (combination of peculiar coincidences) is a product, not of Casey’s planning, but of her subconscious and some unseen force in the universe.

    I am not particularly superstitious or metaphysical, not even spiritual, but in the absence of believing that Casey consciously planned everything to the extent of numbers, names, locations and timing all related to each other, I have to admit that there are too many oddities to have had them occur simply coincidentally. Therefore, I am left to believe that an unknown force (as spiritual as this may sound) is at work.

  6. I am confident that the prosecution team is comprised of a group of level-headed thinkers who would determine that either there is more than just coincidental substance to all of this or NOT. And, tending to be a “face value” type of person, I will go with whatever the State presents.

    If they say in court that all of this information goes to premeditation, then I will, too. On the other hand, if they DON’T latch on to these theories, while they can still demonstrate premeditation through other means, then I won’t be able to make anything more out of this than spiritual intervention, which in of itself is quite “creepy.”

  7. Dave, it has been a while, so I thought I would say that I’m grateful you give us a place to go online where we can be true to ourselves and our opinions without fear of someone bullying us for expressing those opinions.

    Thanks for a blog above the rest!

  8. I have a question- when Casey states between 9 and 1 on her statement- is she giving LE the time frame she says she dropped Caylee off at “ZANNY”? If so- that is a big time frame- how could she not remember what time “exactly” she dropped Caylee off???

  9. Well, nan11 and george, I really don’t know what the answer is. Casey was cryptic, so we do have that in our favor, but how bright is she? As smart as she seemed to be, she wasn’t. She never thought things through. Now, it wouldn’t surprise me if she pieced all of this together as some sort of game, so she could laugh at other people’s stupidity, especially her parents, but if she did, she left the game before achieving a winning score. In other words, she stopped at death. Think about it. We know she (allegedly) kept the body in the trunk for 2 or 3 days. Why? Had she planned this, there would be no reason to do that; she would have deposited the body right away because she knew where it was going to go.

    That’s the problem. It’s almost like a puzzle. For this, there’s also the possibility of that. Looking at Zenaida Almodovar and Peter Gonzalez is easy to explain Zenaida Gonzalez, but where id the Fernandez come from? No one in the neighborhood has that name. That’s a missing piece, and that could throw a monkey wrench into the equation.

  10. Barbara, I think she is saying that is the time she dropped her off. I ask myself the same question about her not knowing the exact time she dropped her off. Any time I have ever dropped my child off at a babysitters or had the babysitter at my house, I always know the exact time.

  11. Yes, george, even then I thought it was creepy. The original article, the first one, was published in January of last year, I believe.

    On this being a place to express opinions, yes, it’s always been like that. All of the bashers were busy bashing everyone and I never allowed it. There are other very good blogs that don’t allow it, but no doubt, some very bad cesspools have sprung up and all they do is bash. To each their own, but not here.

    Thank you.

  12. Dave, the last video you shot where you drive from the Anthony house to the swampy site was 55 seconds, right? Timer 55. When I timed it, it was 55 seconds.

    Casey loved the show Survivor and talked about the strategy of outwitting opponents to survive and stay in the game. I think she liked these types of mind games. She also liked being on the computer and, who knows, maybe she figured this all out long before the timeframe LE did their forensics on. Maybe this plan was in the back of Casey’s demented mind for 2 years prior to murdering Caylee. I think Casey is clever, but thorough she is not when it comes to planning things completely out.

  13. That’s a good question, Barbara. If she meant she dropped Caylee off between 9 and 1 and we look at the addresses as the source, she is, in fact, stating the truth. Incidentally, if you follow the fence between the two properties, it points to the precise spot where the skull was found.

  14. Thanks Dave I read George an Cindys letters but am not going to read the admirers an haters drivell.Bet they had know idea when writting that there names an adds would become public along with there museings to Casey.Ah well another day an more lifes damaged by Casey,

  15. When Casey first was incarcerated, Cindy, George and Lee knew Caylee had been harmed. They did their utmost to quiz her and try to break through the brick wall she took refuge behind. Their aim was to try and break Casey to find out where Caylee’s remains were located.

    To Casey, it was like playing a game of Clue. I believe on My Space, she had put up something to the effect, “you can try to put the pieces of the puzzle together or move the f*** on.”

    Casey left each morning with Caylee to go to work at her phantom job at Universal. A good many days, she may have hung out around Suburban and waited for her father to leave for work and then she went back home. She knew Suburban like the back of her hand. What a way to remember a ficticious name by thinking of the owners of those properties. Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales, the nannie. The nannie took possession of Caylee, in a swamp area, nestled within those properties. To Casey, this was the truth but as she said, noone believed her.

  16. Interesting, auntdeedee, when I timed it, I got 65-70 seconds, but it depends on actual start/finish and I was fluid. I didn’t back out of the driveway and start.

    I think it’s one of her flaws to not think things through. All her life, she got away with lies. Think about it. She stole money from her parents and got away with it. She made up stories about jobs and babysitters and all sorts of things, and got away with it. She probably thought she never, ever had to finish things through because she was trained to lie and it always worked. She became the product of her own destruction; her own undoing.

  17. First time commenter here but a long time lurker. Very interesting! I have been closely following this case on different blog sites from the start. I don’t think Casey is smart enough to have put this all together. I definitely think she got the Zenaida Gonzalez from the two neighbors and who knows how or why she added Fernandez. Probably just to lend a little more credence and not have anyone connect the two neighbors to what she was saying. It’s a stretch for me to go with the 9 and 1 but still possible. I don’t believe the 8905 Suburban had anything to do with leaving Caylee there because it matched the baby’s birthdate. That one is just too hard to swallow but the other two I think definitely could have been part of her game.

  18. For what it’s worth, ecossie possie, Casey made the mess she is now wallowing in. Unfortunately, she’s taken a number of people down with her. On purpose, too.

  19. It wouldn’t surprise me if a member of Casey’s family sent her the pages 177-179. Someone definitely did and their purpose was to let her know that they were onto her little games.

    If Casey was stupid, she would have fessed up by now. That girl is as sly as a fox and feels quite superior within herself for outsmarting us all.

  20. Pathological liars are very good at stating the truth deceptively.

    The State must have other information for this to be pre-meditated since Caylee’s remains were found after the charge was given in October of ’08. I wonder what it could be. It can’t be the tape found on Caylee’s skull. We have seen everything about the computer forensics, I believe.

  21. Mary Jo, yes! I mean 9am would be right after breakfast, and 1 pm after lunch. How in the world can any mother NOT remember if she dropped her toddler off with “a nanny” in the morning or afternoon?! Casey spoke so much after wards in some type of code with Lee and her parents, very strange behavior for A mother who’s child is missing. She was able to steal from her parents thousands of dollars before they found out, she did all of those things so brazen, even with Amy. She just feels she can lie her way out of any situation. Until she took Caylee’s life, she’s not facing just Cindy and George but the justice system. I have to believe she will be convicted and there will be justice for Caylee. Vicky stated there may be or could be someone else involved, if that were the case -Casey would have given them up long ago… I mean look what she said about Lee and George and what she accused her own family of! She only cares about herself, she would not protect anyone else not while her own life is at stake!

  22. And you know what still surprises me, Snoopy? I agree, she waited for George to leave and she went back home, but how come none of the neighbors ever said they saw her do that? Or did the ones who didn’t go to work just not pay any attention to her?

  23. Hello, Yo, and welcome. See? That’s what’s so good about this post and maintaining an open blog. Everyone can formulate an opinion and discuss it freely. Personally, I don’t know what is and what isn’t, but I had to publish what was out there.

  24. If I remember correctly, also didn’t Casey tell Cindy that Caylee would be home by her 3rd.birthday? Maybe, just maybe Casey believed that someone would find her body by then since she gave “clues”? Sadly though Caylee wasn’t found until December.

  25. I don’t know, auntdeedee. Remember when Jeff Ashton yelled out the last thing Caylee saw was her mother as she applied the tape? That was a mighty powerful statement.

  26. Dave~~I think the neighbors went about their business and didn’t pay attention to Casey’s comings and goings. She claimed that she did alot of work from home on her laptop. The day you went out to video, there was one man out mowing his lawn. The streets were relatively quiet.

    My biscuit man lives next door. I don’t know when he is coming or going.

  27. I think there are still some latent prints that they haven’t released if I am not mistaken. I would think for them to put the dp back on the table they had to have some pretty significant evidence proving it was Casey. That evidence would not have to be released if it was too prejudical towards her until a week or so before the trial or at trial.

  28. I believe Casey planned a lot of things out, maybe she drove around for 2-or 3 days with Caylee’s body in the car because she had second thoughts about that “spot” maybe she was thinking of a better plan- but decided to go back to her original? Maybe that is why the dogs hit in the yard, she couldn’t decide? I know this is all just speculation but I am confident when state prosecutors bring this case to court before the jury- they know a lot more than us.

  29. On July 15th, Cindy put things in her backyard that she had taken from the trunk and wanted to air them out. It was only a few days later that the cadaver dogs picked up the scent.

    JMO and not stated as a fact. I should have added this to my previous comments. Consider it done.

  30. Oh, I meant that Casey was charged with pre-meditated murder before Caylee’s remains were found. Duct tape to Caylee’s mouth and nose is definately premeditated murder but the SAO didn’t have knowledge of that yet. I believe that was the aggravating factor to the DP being put on the table though.

  31. Mary Jo, Casey was already charged with first-degree murder. The body and duct tape changed the penalty. I’m positive that incriminating evidence, like prints, hadn’t been disseminated by April of 2009, when the DP was added. I don’t think FBI lab results were sent back to the state attorneys by that time. I think it was more than just tape, including items directly linked to the house and numero uno, Casey’s car. The car and the tape were two very incriminating pieces of evidence, and remember, this was long before it turned out to be a rare tape that George happened to be in possession of.

  32. Just looked again at Casey’s statement, she crossed out a word before she wrote “between 9 and 1, it looks like the word she crossed out said “around” as if she was going to give a more precise time-but she changed her thought and she crossed out and wrote “between 9-1!” I am sure LE can see that.

  33. That is true. She was charged with premeditation early on, too, and there’s a reason for that. The fact that it was thought out at all, even for a minute, made it premeditated. She could have walked away instead of going through with it. Certainly, when she went for the tape, she could have put it back down. She didn’t, and that’s premeditation in the state of Florida, by golly.

  34. On October 14th, Casey was charged with murder 1. George testified at the grand jury. There would have been more than George so I am assuming Yuri Melich testified as he was/is the lead detective on this case. They had the odor of decomp, 31 days, lack of cooperation from Casey…

    The DP and LWOP is automatically on the table with a murder 1 charge.
    The state took it off the table, IIRC around Dec 5/08. It was put back on the table in Apr/09. The body was found Dec 11/08. Why did they wait 4 months before putting the DP back on??

    Good question for you Marinade!

  35. I’m getting ready to watch COPS, but my guess is it’s all about test results. Tests were taken, but the results took time. When I first went to the doctor about diabetes, we all knew I had it, but all I could go on at the time was a BP med to protect my kidneys. Blood was drawn, but I couldn’t be officially diagnosed until the test results came back. I think there were a lot of tests performed and the results came back at different times. Some tests took longer than others. In order to add the DP, the State had to get all their ducks in a row. I don’t think, other than the duct tape, there was any one thing that signaled the penalty change. I think it was a culmination and the State had enough by the time April rolled around.

  36. Dave—I wonder, if as a little girl, she played some sort of number game with street addresses? I’ve read where she was rather smart in school, especially in sciences; and, she liked to read. Add to this, her familiarity with the neighborhood and some of these facts could have been in place in her mind for years—just lying idle, waiting for a purpose. When Caylee was born, the date of her birth could have triggered her memory of the address of the swamp. And, for some reason, maybe unknown even to herself—she held onto that memory.

    I doubt that she really connected all these dots to laugh at other people, but rather as a way to amuse herself.

    Another thing I’m trying to keep in mind, is 9 to 1 was also the hours of Tony’s daytime classes, so she could have liked how that coincided with the house numbers. I’m thinking that she never really put all this together until later, so it wasn’t really planned with great effort.

    While I don’t believe her apparent lack of ability to plan in any way reflects her intelligence level—I do believe she found herself in a position where she had her daughter’s lifeless body in her trunk, knew as soon as she got a minute she had to do something about it, remembered the roadside dump close to home, and made her deposit.

    Bingo—she had her amusing riddle and her problem was solved. (Or so she thought.)

    The only thing I can come up with for the Fernandez, is that she was trying to make Zany sound more real by giving her the hyphenated name, as most Spanish women do this. (Don’t they?)

    I know all this is really stretching things, but throw in a little bit of mental illness (notice I did not say criminally insane) and it makes a story out of the coincidences. 🙂

  37. They say that sociopaths, psychopaths and pathological liars will give more information than what is needed. They feel the need to have to give details that the normal person wouldn’t give. That is why she always goes on and on with her answers. Cindy is the same way.

  38. LE came up with the name Zenida Gonzalez that inquired about an apartment at Sawgrass but Casey may not have even known that she had done that. It is possible that she knew or knew of, Zenida and Gonzales that lived on the next street over from where she lived and that is why she said she was the one that “kidnapped” Caylee. The names were familial to her and it was easy for her to remember.

    I still have trouble believing Casey was smart enough to plan it this way, but then she was smart enough to get away with a lot of things her entire life up to and including being seven months pregnant and her own RN of a mother did not believe it. She had it easy with parents like Cindy and George, they were oblivious to whatever she did or was doing up to and including the murder of Caylee.

  39. “Timer 55= number of days from Caylee’s murder to her birthday, Aug 09/05.” Snoopysleuth

    See, now I heard that Casey changed her password to Timer55 AFTER June 16th, so the fact that she calculated the number of days until her birthday suggests that she could have been thinking she has 55 days to come up with a permanent plan and act on it to save herself from anyone knowing what she had done.

    How seriously was she about leaving Tony and moving to California with that other guy? If she was no longer local, then she would have had a permanent reason to not produce Caylee for her 3rd birthday.

    But, then, that begs the question as to what was on her mind for the long-term future. Even if she relocated to CA, at some point her parents, her family would want to make that trip to see Caylee. If everything was planned, did she think so far ahead? Would she have just abandoned all contact with her family in order to get away with it? She doesn’t seem to have had a problem with disconnecting with them through this process, yet.

  40. “They say that sociopaths, psychopaths and pathological liars…” Mary Jo

    Ut oh, I am very articulate and inundate people with details in conversation because I like to be clear and want to avoid being misunderstood. I hope that I am the exception to the three categories Mary Jo listed!

  41. Just an aside~~

    Once upon a time, far far away from Suburban Drive, in the city of Orlando, Florida, lived a little old lady with her pet bird whom she called Casey.

    She was tired of her hum drum life of gardening, making biscuits for her neighbor, who would invite her out for drive to the beach to whale watch and things that are none of your business.

    One day, she fired up her trusty Window’s 98 and googled Casey Anthony. Her life has never been the same since.

    The little old lady became fascinated with things called blogs and eventually became addicted. To heck with gardening and biscuits. Eventually, she became quite adept at making folks believe that she knew the ins and outs of every law in the state of Florida. Oh, she was good at putting words together and found it quite amusing to fool all these bloggers, expect for one man who went by the name of Marinade Dave.

    She was to find out that this SOB knew more than she did or thought he did. Marinade’s blog became a war zone as they argued back and forth. When things got really bad, with the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the old lady would leave and he would pout.

    As fate played its role, she would eventually return and he’d be happy and it would be harmony for a couple days. It is believed that they were both a little touched because they never could get permanently detached so life went on.

    That was then and this is the present…

    Today, I watched a video. Marinade filmed an old abandoned house at the request of this same little old lady. Oh she nagged him to video the house and he was dead set against it. To shut her up, he complied to her wishes and was none to happy.

    The evidence is within the video. You can see it for yourself. Just listen to, “There, you wanted it, you got it.” as sweaty, grumpy Marinade exits the driveway of the Old Abandoned House.


  42. George, you are safe. There is a difference in the way that they answer the question and give the details.

  43. Snoopy, you are quite the story teller and I love the way you add a little bit of your sense of humor to it. Have you ever thought of writing a book?

  44. I see nan11 has a new gravatar… or is that a nanatar?

    I think that Casey has made us think a lot about what she is capable of. I try not to delve too deeply into it as something I have to believe in. I try to present the facts with a few twists, but with her, there’s no telling what is real and what isn’t other than her daughter is dead and she sits in jail charged with her murder. I think it’s great to discuss every aspect, but I sure don’t know all that much about her, as much as I’ve studied her. She’s a tough nut to crack.

  45. Mary Jo~~I used to belong to Amateur Writer’s Group, AWG, and wrote a bit, mostly comedy skits or articles that made little sense with screwed up tense. Thank God, I had a patient editor.

  46. Peggy, it’s not the next street over. Those two names are the last two houses on Hopespring Drive. Casey gave the story about Sawgrass and when LE went there to investigate, it so happened that a woman with the same name had just filled out an application, but that’s where it stopped. There was never any connection between Casey’s Zenaida and the one who went there, but the police had to question her because of the name.

  47. George – With Casey, there’s no telling what plans she had with boyfriends. She went through boyfriends as often as she changed her underwear. Would she have left Tony? Yes, and she would have found new boyfriends in California after she used the first guy out there.

  48. Dave–Yes, I think even law enforcement would agree that she is a tough nut to crack.

    A nanatar? huh! I’m trying for a new summer look. 😆

  49. Ah Snoopy, what a story, you are just amazing at putting a spin on words. Good work Snoopy Sleuth.

  50. George: Was she planning to go to CA with someone else? I’m just curious because I hadn’t heard that. I had read that she was practicing writing “Casey Lazzaro.”

  51. Marinade~~ what do you mean by a happy ending? It ain’t over until I sing.

    Peggy222~~spin on words, Dave taught me everything I know. Did I ever tell you that diabetics don’t eat at restaurants very often? LOL

  52. Snoopy, I am sure you got raving reviews from the AWG and your editor too. For 82 you still what you need to be a great writer.

  53. Casey really left herself no no other choice than to leave Florida. There is no way she could have remained there under the circumstances. She just didn’t get out of there soon enough. She underestimated Cindy’s overwhelming desire to see Caylee. I think if Cindy had not made that 911 call, Casey would have staged another big argument with Cindy and would have stormed out declaring that she was leaving Florida and Cindy would never see Caylee again.

  54. IIRC, weren’t there some photos of Casey that Judge Strickland sealed? I remember that George was shown some photos of Casey during one of the interview and he became very upset when viewing them. Then prior to a document release, JB managed to have a group of photos sealed. What if Casey had made the decision to become involved in the “escort” industry, and somehow got hooked up with a pimp who was reaping all of the financial benefits? Perhaps only giving Casey small amounts of cash for the services she was rendering. There could very well have been a “nanny” who took care of Caylee while Casey was “working”. She could have made the decision to leave the “business” once she met Tony, but her new boss was not willing to let her walk away.

    As for what happened to Caylee under this scenerio. I have no idea.

  55. No Snoopy, you did not tell me that diabetics don’t eat at restaurants very often. Now why would that be? Because they are so demanding and have to have everything just they way want it and most restaurant owners do not like demanding patrons?

  56. peggy222~~I just repeated what I heard Dave say one time about he diabetics not eating at restaurants very much. He knows all about those things. Right Marinade?

  57. Snoopy – Cranberry juice with a bit of vodka. LOL Seriously. Does anyone recall those photos that were sealed early on?

  58. Snoopy – I’m a bit tired this evening. Got up real early this morning for a t-ball game. Why do they schedule those things so early on a Saturday?

  59. imgonnatellurmom, you have to remember that Casey did know that Cindy wanted to see Caylee. She put that post on her My Space page about how much she missed her.

    Subject: My Caylee is missing
    Current mood: Distraught – July 4, 2008

    “She came into my life unexspectedly, just as she has left me. This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love. Now she is gone and I don’t know why. All I am guilty of is loving her and providing her a safe home. Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankfull for all of the love and support given to her. A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed by the one she loved and trusted the most. A daughter comes to her mother for support when she is pregnant, the mother says without hesitation it will be ok. And it was. But then the lies and betrayal began. First it seemed harmless, ah, love is blind. A mother will look for the good in her child and give them a chance to change. This mother gave chance after chance for her daughter to change, but instead more lies more betrayal. What does the mother get for giving her daughter all of these chances? A broken heart. The daughter who stole money, lots of money, leaves without warning and does not let her mother now speak to the baby that her mother raised, fed, clothed, sheltered, paid her medical bills, etc. Instead tells her friends that her mother is controlling her life and she needs her space. No money, no future. Where did she go? Who is now watching out for the little angel?”


    What I find so strange about this now is that Cindy has apparently forgotten what she wrote about her precious angel. If she truly felt that way, what is her excuse for the way she is acting now?

  60. Vicky~~yes, there were some lewd pics of Casey that George said he viewed. It may have been the same ones that were making the rounds on the net. They would be digusting for a father to see. I am unsure about pics being sealed tho. The defense would have to file a motion for that and I do not recall seeing it. Maybe someone else here know more about it??

  61. Peggy~~read this again, it is what Cindy wrote. It caught my eye when I read it in your comment.

    This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love.

  62. I think the defense tried to have the pictures sealed but that motion was denied. George was shown pictures of Casey, but I Think they were the ones that were being shown on TV. I think he said that some of them were before Caylee went missing and before Casey was pregnant, but some of them were from when she was at Fusion after she went missing.

  63. Dave~ Snoopy ~ or Vicky ~ do we know if the letter that had been sent to Lee, le or the media has ever been released? IIRC the letter was mentioned in the forensic reports after Caylee’s remains had been found. So December 2008. I have no idea who sent it or what was in it. I am curious as to what happened to it. Great re-post Dave!!

  64. snoppy~~”This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love.”
    could it mean Cindy believed little Caylee was a Gift from above. Just a thought. 🙂

  65. I have no idea Laura. BTW – Hi, I hope everyone in your fam is doing well this evening.

    Mary Jo – You might be right, but I could swear I remember there being a group of photos that JS allowed to be held back from release.

  66. Peggy~~I found that an odd thing for Cindy to say. July 3rd was not a good day for Cindy. Alot of things happened that day. I wish that we knew more about what Cindy may have discovered that day to prompt her to desperately try and make communication with Casey.

  67. I really don’t think Cindy thought Caylee was dead when she wrote that. She was attempting to lay a guilt trip on a person with no conscience. All she received in return was a Casey taunt. Casey does not do guilt.

  68. imgonna~ my family is wonderful this evening. They are all tucked safely into their beds! Nice and quiet FINALLY! That is a shocking thing to say, I refer to my girls as angels. I never threw in the “from above part.”

  69. Cindy also refers to Casey as having no money. Cindy did go to Universal that day to see Casey. She said she phone Casey from the parking lot of Universal but Casey said she was in Jacksonville or Tampa. Cindy relates all these facts to LE after July 15th so…is she telling the whole truth? Did she find out that Casey did not work at Universal on July 3rd?

  70. Cindy saw Caylee as a “God-send”. I don’t think Cindy thought Caylee was in any real danger. I do think this proves that Cindy had never met Zanny & did not have any contact information for her. As a grandma, I would be upset if a “stranger” had my granddaughter when I made it clear that I wanted to spend time with her.

  71. I thought it was an appropriate time, Laura, to republish it, since it was in this new document dump. As for a letter, I have no knowledge of it being released yet.

  72. Hi Laura – It was me asking about the family. Although I’m sure imgonnatelluermom is glad they are all tucked in. I have to admit, once mine got to be teens, there was a period of time I didn’t much think of them as angels, but I loved them to death anyway. LOL

  73. The above mentioned My Space Page by Cindy
    shows her sincere Feelings at the time before
    she went into Denial at least in Public.
    Cindy knew there were a lot of Problems with her Daughter especially after Caylee was born.
    I would think Guilt on Cindy’s Part also played a
    Role, if only she would have done something different, maybe get Custody of Caylee sooner,
    maybe let Casey give Caylee up for Adoption when she wanted too. There are a lot of ifs but it is too late now.
    It doesn’t matter what Cindy did or didn’t do, she wasn’t the one who killed Caylee.
    Casey Anthony is responsible for what happened to Caylee no one else! It just has to be proven now in the upcoming Trial!
    Casey has hurt so many People, especially her Parents by being responsible of taking away their precious Grand Child in such a horrific Way. 😦
    Does Casey even realize what a precious Gift she
    had in Caylee? She just through her away like Trash. She will have to live with that the Rest of her Life in spite of the People who think she couldn’t have done this. Casey knows what happened to her Daughter! JMO

  74. Laura~~I can think of at least 3 different people who may have wrote that letter and sent it to Lee et al. All of them have commented on this blog at one time or another.

  75. Snoopy – Cindy lives in denial. She still thinks there is a possibility that Caylee is alive. Every once in awhile, reality creeps in and she lets her guard down. She quickly recovers, however, and begins to cover up for her moments of lucid thinking. The letter on the Internet and the 911 calls were reality knocking at the door. Good night sleep and that good old denial is ready and rearing to go once again.

  76. Casey was an avid photographer, photographed everything, but yet, there are absolutely no photos of Zanny, ever!
    The Zenaida Gonzales theory of Caylee laid to rest between/near the two homes, is quite interesting. Then Zenaida Gonzales at Sawgrass Apartments just a coincidence? But then Reverend Grund, stated in the document (that recently came out) that Casey said she found a babysitter, named Zenaida Gonzales, while Casey & Jessie were still together, long before Caylee was missing-murdered. This name Zenaida baffles me now, when all along, I thought Zanny the Nanny was from using Xanax on Caylee to put Caylee to sleep so Casey can go out and party.

  77. I still think we all need to entertain the possibility that Casey is not guilty of 1st degree murder. I know all of the evidence points in her direction, but there are people who have been wrongfully convicted with mountains of evidence that pointed to their guilt. I believe that Casey is culpable for Caylee’s death, but did she actually kill her or was Caylee’s death accidental? I’m just not completely convinced her death was premeditated.

  78. I may come across as mean spirited but I find it hard to understand how a g/mother can cover for the murderer of her precious g/child, even when that murderer is her own daughter. Caylee was defenseless against this monster.

  79. “Yes, george, even then I thought it was creepy.” Marinade Dave

    The one item that gave me a real goosebump moment was “8905 Suburban Drive.” I zoomed in on the map, thinking that 8905 would be in the vicinity of Caylee’s location, but it’s closer than that. In fact, I don’t think you can get any closer with an actual street address.

  80. Snoopy – Denial is a very powerful thing. I don’t think Cindy is conscious that what she is doing is so disrespectful to Caylee. SHe keeps telling herself that Caylee is alive. That way she can avoid the truth.

    I wonder whether or not the members of their church do anything to move her toward mote rational thinking.

  81. “On July 15th, Cindy put things in her backyard that she had taken from the trunk and wanted to air them out. It was only a few days later that the cadaver dogs picked up the scent.” snoopysleuth

    Boy, snoopysleuth, you sure are good at finding meaningful information. I hadn’t heard this, but, then, can we assume that this means that Caylee was NOT in her backyard, post mortem, as so many originally thought?

    Even, Richard Grund had a vision of Caylee dying in her sandbox in the backyard. His prayerful vision could have been solicited by available information, of course.

  82. Snoopy – Maybe Casey shares her mother’s inability to deal with things as they really are. I have no idea why she would not have called 911. What if the person she claims to have left Caylee with returned a dead Caylee to her and told her to prove she (Casey) didn’t do it.
    I realize that the defense must have no way to prove an accident or SODDI, if they could Casey would not be in jail. But, what if Casey was actually set up because she angered the wrong people?

  83. LOL – Their main squeeze has returned. I bet is ego is just overflowing. And they say Dave has a harem.

  84. Snoopy – Don’t you think it is a good idea to look at all of the possible defense strategies and whether or not reasonable doubt could be established?

  85. I didn’t understand about the letter to Lee. Snoopy said maybe from someone on this blog? What could be in a letter from a blogger that Lee or The Anthony’s or LE doesn’t already know?

  86. Vicky, in your statement that you do not know if it is 1st degree and it could be accidental, how do you explain the duct tape wrapped around Caylee’s mouth and nose three times. Had she “only” put the tape around her mouth just to shut her up or whatever she was doing and she died it could have been an accident in her eyes, but when you put take over the mouth and the nose, the person can not breath and they die. IMO, it can only be 1st degree, nothing else.

  87. “There was never any connection between Casey’s Zenaida and the one who went there, but the police had to question her because of the name.” Marinade Dave

    Wait, wait, wait. Are you sure? I mean, probably, because I am farther behind than you, but this would be the first FIRM opinion (or FACT) that I heard that Casey DID NOT borrow the name Zenaida…Gonzalez from the potential future tenant who visited Sawgrass.

    So, what you are saying is that Casey had already conceived the first and last names of “Zenaida Gonzalez” (who knows when she thought to insert the Fernandez part) WITHOUT knowing that an actual person having the same name was at Sawgrass, and that she pointed to Sawgrass simply because of her familiarity with the complex being the residence of her friends?

    If this can be proven, then it would be quite unfortunate for Sawgrass’ Zenaida to claim her life and reputation was ruined by Casey’s intentional false allegations and blemishing of her name, right? I mean, ZG has had it tough because the SHERIFF brought her possible connection to light through their normal, warranted investigation, but that would have nothing to do with Casey having directly used her, personal name.

  88. Sorry Vicky! So many comments coming in quickly I did get you confused. I thought accident when the cell records came out and it looked like Casey did try to get a hold of Cindy and George. It is all the stuff she did in that month to hide “it” that makes me think she murdered her, no accident. Watching movies less than 4 hours later what the???

  89. “What I find so strange about this now is that Cindy has apparently forgotten what she wrote about her precious angel. If she truly felt that way, what is her excuse for the way she is acting now?” peggy222

    You are absolutely right. The only phenomenon I can think of is the old cliche’, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Generally these days, Cindy is way more concerned with helping Casey instead of helping Caylee. Casey is still alive and in need of help. I find it ludicrous for her to think that Casey, if set free, would help her to find WHO took Caylee. It’s a neverending fantasy.

  90. OldCarGal – Your comment just showed up now, from 10:24. Casey had been using the Zanny name for some time, but I can’t pinpoint a date. I don’t think it was from Xanax ay all.

  91. Vicky, the tape was the same tape, a very special tape, that George had. The heart came from Casey’s room. There was a sheet of hearts in Casey’s room and low and behold, it matched the one on Caylee’s mouth. Casey not calling for 31 days, parting this entire time, getting drunk, pictures prove that. And yet she claims she was looking for her “through other means”. There is so much evidence against her and nothing to say she did not do it.

  92. Barbara~~there have been a few people writing letters to Judge Strickland, hanging from sky hooks, etc who have left comments in here. We had inmates, James McIntyre, James
    Thompson, etc etc…I would rather not name them all to keep the peace. Anonymous letters do not carry any weight with me and I doubt if they do with law enforcement. LE fairly well knows the yokels who just want to get involved.

  93. Hi Laura – If someone else killed Caylee, she might not have known she was dead at that point.

    The real killer might have delivered Caylee to Casey the next day. There are a lot of cases where gang members, etc. have killed children to send a message. Casey puts Caylee’s body in the trunk while attempting to figure out what to do. She then suffers a mental meltdown, and kind of does a groundhog day thing. Thinking it must all be a bad dream and will all be over in the morning. Only it isn’t a dream.

    I’m not saying this is necessarily what happened. I’m just thinking of other possible explanations.

  94. George – I’m afraid the Zenaida who is suing is a victim of circumstances. Casey was using the Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez name before the other one, without the Fernandez, was even in the picture. As a matter of fact, it would have been next to impossible for Casey to know anything about that one. Incidentally, the lawsuit filed on her behalf by John Morgan lists her name as Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, and that’s not her name.

  95. Thank you for posting this. I had not read this before and am quite interested in learning more. Food for thought.

    I do wonder if Casey had the brain power to be figuring out all of this “cryptic” stuff. She seems quite attention deficit, in a way, and it seems that calculating all of this stuff would require a concentrated effort.

  96. Snoopy, thanks for your reply to my question re: letters to Lee or LE. At first I just couldn’t understand how a blogger would have info. about Casey that LE didn’t already have or aware of on this case.

  97. Peggy – Once Casey realized that she might be blamed for Caylee’s death, she might have put the tape there to make it look like a kidnapping gone wrong. Before she could file a missing person report, the real killer might have told her they were watching her family and if the police were called, they would be killed as well. She did tell LE that her family was in danger.

  98. Cindy and George were very disrespectful to ZG’s attys. All they needed to say right from the start was ZG their client,was not the Nanny that Casey “accused”. Why did they take so much anger out on ZG’s atty’s. ? I never understood that.

  99. Alright I realize Casey is not working on all cylinders mentally but if she honestly did not “harm” her child I do not think she would be able to go on with life like oh’well. I mean this is her chance to have mom shower her with attention. Oh poor Casey someone killed our Caylee….. This is why I am convinced Casey did it. Cindy has Casey’s back thru all the lies, now if this had been the work of the nanny could you imagine how Cindy would be really? Death penalty would be to good for Caylee’s murderer.

  100. I would guess Casey had to operate based on instinct at some point (after committing the murder)- when all reason had left her- and maybe this is the result. Her instincts guided her to make some very creepy and telling choices.

  101. I am sorry Vicky, but I will never be convinced that Casey did not murder her baby. I also believe she did it because Cindy loved Caylee more than her and in Casey’s mind that could not happen and she had to do something about. She planned this murder for a while, June 15th came along, her and Cindy had that horrible fight where Cindy was trying to strangle Casey (this came from Lee), and she decided to leave and take Caylee with her and that is when she decided it had to be done then. Casey lies as easy as she breaths. She manipulates everyone that she comes in contact with.

  102. “I’m just not completely convinced her death was premeditated.” Vicky

    When I struggled with this question, I thought about the computer searches in the Anthony home on the computer that Casey used most on “chloroform”, “neckbreaking”, “kidnapping nannies” and “shovels” which occured BEFORE June, 2008.

  103. Laura – That might very well be true if in fact Casey killed Caylee, but if it was someone else, the Anthony family might still be in danger and Cindy might be afraid to do much more than she has already done. There are really dangerous gangs out there. I have read here on this Blog and many others what a dangerous city Orlando can be.

  104. “I wonder whether or not the members of their church do anything to move her toward mote rational thinking.” imgonnatellurmom

    Excellent point. I wondered similarly if she was in counseling and how it is an ethical responsibility for a counselor…or church official, to help her to confront reality.

  105. No Snoopy, that does not count. I am attempting to have a serious conversation here.

    George – I have always felt it is prudent to cover all of the angles and to never underestimate the enemy. I don’t think the defense has a smoking gun, but I do believe they have something up their sleeve. None of us know what Casey has told them and unless she tesitifies, we will never know. So I figure it doesn’t hurt to think about what could have happened, if in fact Casey did not plan and/or participate in Caylee’s murder.

  106. There’s some cryptic comments in here tonight, it’s hard for me to follow the trains of thought!

    Dave- I didn’t see the part of the docs where your blog post was sent in. I only read the first few letters and my eyes started to cross. 🙂 I wonder, do you know who sent it in? How did you feel when you saw it there (other than surprised!)?

  107. “Incidentally, the lawsuit filed on her behalf by John Morgan lists her name as Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, and that’s not her name.” Marinade Dave

    Well, I just cannot respect that, then. It just makes her look like she’s out to cash in, as well as Morgan, of course. Aren’t the odds in her favor, though, that she will win a judgment?

  108. Vicky,
    I strongly disagree,Casey is much too self centered- she would just never take the fall or blame for someone else. I don’t believe she would sit in jail for so long facing the death penalty if there was someone else involved without letting the court know. She went on and accused her brother and father of abuse, and also said her mother Cindy knew of this and did nothing. Casey shows no compassion or care for anyone but herself, she would not stay in jail to protect anyone. If she was so fearful of other people threatening her after Caylee “went missing” no mother could just “go on” with their daily life and party without a care in the world and get a tattoo, any mother who loved her child would completely fall apart. It wouldn’t matter who threatened her. No one, not her boyfriend or any friends saw Casey in any distress in those 31 days. Casey was happy-she now could live her “Beautiful life… “

  109. Geoerge – I really think Cindy is fully aware of the truth. I also believe she knew full well those letters to Casey would be released and their content is intended to continue her quest to create reasonable doubt in the eyes of the public.
    I would imagine that she and her pastor have had some serious confidential conversations about Casey. Cindy can’t bring herself to confess Casey’s and her own sins publicly. She is going the “it is between me and God” route.

  110. George, the trial for Ms. Gonzales is not until August 2011. I truly doubt it will make any difference if she wins or looses, Casey does not have any money and neither do George and Cindy. I personally think she should just bow out, take what she can from it, write a book and be on her merry way.

  111. What’s that Snoopy?

    Barbara, I can respect that. But, there are times when one digs a hole so deep, it is impossible to climb out of it. I have no idea what Casey was doing all those months before Caylee was killed. Neither do I know what kinds of people she was dealing with. She may feel safer in PC at the jail.

  112. John Morgan wasn’t really interested in winning a case for Zenaida. He took on this case and used it as a fishing expedition to get some info on Casey et al that can be used in the murder 1 trial. He wanted the notoriety.

  113. Florida is safer with Casey being in jail, that is for sure.

    OK, I am done. Good night all, see you on the flip side. Be good and if you can’t be good make me proud.

  114. “I also believe she knew full well those letters to Casey would be released and their content is intended to continue her quest to create reasonable doubt in the eyes of the public.
    I would imagine that she and her pastor have had some serious confidential conversations about Casey. Cindy can’t bring herself to confess Casey’s and her own sins publicly. She is going the “it is between me and God” route.” imgonnatellurmom
    (Sorry, folks, I am in a very quoting mood, tonight.)

    Hmmm…wow. What insight. Right, she at least knew that her letters would be reviewed by jail personnel, and possibly forwarded to LE or the State. Makes sense that she would be writing to a larger audience than just Casey. Wow, that is just conniving! Then, in a strange way, I feel better knowing that Cindy is well enough to know the truth.

  115. If it was accidental, why dream up Nanny? And Blanchard Park? And why put duct tape on face? And why not tell Tim Miller and cut a deal right away? Accidental would’ve gotten her much less than 8 years! They didn’t have the body yet! She could’ve told them, well I drove her off to where the gators are- long gone. Then if the body’s found later it would be like the deal Karla Homolka got- ink dried, State is stuck with it.

  116. Snoopy, I had noticed that too, all in past tense (July 3rd post). And a very permanent past tense at that. I think she was more expressing her worst fears, maybe to play on Casey’s non-existent guilt?

  117. There is a bit of truth in Casey’s lies.. She told her parents that they were in danger if she talked..I believe Cindy was the one who prompted the danger to the family thing… I think Cindy and George may have been in danger, the next on Casey’s list.

    BTW, searching for shovel on the internet was not the type of shovel used to dig in the ground.

  118. Just look at this…notice she did not specify a few what? Her frig is going to defrost itself before the nite is over.

    Vicky // June 26, 2010 at 11:56 pm

    I need to go read that letter again. I’ll be back in a few

  119. Vicky, I guess you are keeping a very open mind! I don’t agree but you have always been a sweetie and funny too, I mean that. 🙂 I’m just sooo tired, so goodnight Vicky-and Goodnight all! Ta Ta

  120. I don’t really see that the past tense used in Cindy’s letter on My Space is that telling.

    She moves back and forth between the past and the present. Please expalin further Snoopy. Perhaps Cindy was into the cranberry jusice too.

  121. Vicky,
    I can kinda see where you are coming from. Wasn’t it Cindy that said that Casey wasn’t smart enough to pull it off on her own. She must have had help? Or something like that. Ever since I read that I have been trying to figure out who might have helped her. I’m not saying that I think she is innocent but I don’t really think she was the total mastermind behind it. Somebody must have something even worse on her to make her take the wrap. Didn’t Lee ask Casey if it was the same as before? What about him? Or maybe Caylee’s real father has something to do with it. Just sayin.

  122. Vick~~ I think you and I should become therapists… It seems those others all went sane tonite…good going…

    God speed your feet to bed and don’t trip over the cat.

  123. Good Night Snoopy – I hope my what ifs did not cause too much discomfort among those reading here tonight.

    If I really was a drinking gal, I’d have something to blame my musings on. I think Murphy’s Law hit Casey straight on for the first time in her life. Everything that could go wrong with all of her plotting and planning did.

    Frankie – I don’t know if Casey had any help or not. But if she did, you are right. That person has something major hanging over her head. THE TRUTH. Something Casey has never come to terms with. And that truth must point a finger directly at Casey. Otherwise, I think she would have already spilled the beans. If and it is a big if, Casey did not kill Caylee, then whoever did must be one of the most evil, powerful and frihtening people in the world for her to be more willing to face a jury and the possibility of death than his/her wrath.

  124. Vicky, I agree. Casey’s new friends seemed kind of kinky. Who really knows what all they were into. Drinking , drugs, sex and partying are some of it for sure. There could be a lot more stuff so weird that we can’t even imagine what it is. The pictures of Casey and her “girl friends” make me think she may be bisexual. That would open a lot of different possibilities couldn’t it?

  125. *Frankie

    Who in their right mind would take part in murdering a baby? And why would they have a reason to help her with such a horrible crime? I think Casey did this deed all by herself. She is evil and has the mind of a 13 year old girl, and the behavior of a 5 year old when she throws her little hissy fits because she doesn’t get her own way.

    As much as you can’t get that statement out of your head (Cindy saying she must have needed help), I feel like that about the statement Casey made to Cindy very early on…….Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything. What did THAT mean.??

  126. Snoopysleuth…Casey wouldn’t know what kind of shovel is use to dig in the ground…She probably asked her neighbor for a shovel and he handed her one. Can you imagine if the neighbor would have asked what was she needed the shovel for?

  127. Casey is guilty as we all we know – there is nothing to say she didn’t murder aylee.
    I think she spent her whole life lying to anyone that she was involved with….Caylee was at an age where ‘out of the mouths of babies’ was getting closer and she was a threat to Casey ..where did you sleep at the weekend darling Caylee who looked after you today while mummy was at work…this was going to be a massive problem for Casey along with the fact she had met a bunch of really nice friends who liked to party Tony Lazzaro mentioned to her he was not ready to be step-father and was possibly moving to New York (she cried) but has not done so for Caylee.
    This is the only motive to this saga signed sealed and delivered – guilty beyond.
    As for the group of ‘baddies’ every phone call, sms , my space, face book beg to differ – she did not have time to associate with anyone else.
    And Vicky here needs a dose of reality.

  128. If Casey is innocent and C&G supposedly believe that, why aren’t they spending some of the long gone profits from Caylee’s death to find the real murderer?
    Like OJ, did he ever attempt to look for the real killer after he was acquitted? NO!
    They are living in their own little world, which is slowly collapsing.
    The trial will be upon them soon enough and they are in for a rude awakening.
    But, all said, I do believe they know Casey killed their granddaughter. They are just putting on a front for the media etc.
    It is a sad situation, no matter which way you look at it.
    There is no SAVING Casey from the truth . . . not her truth – prosecution’s truth.

  129. Just the statement Cindy made concerning Casey not being smart enough to pull all of this off seems to sum up the mother daughter relationship. It must be very tiresome to have your mother telling people you are not very smart. Culminating in I will show you maybe?

  130. Good Morning All,
    Diana, you are forgetting that they are not in their right minds. All of them are a sandwich short of a picnic.
    I would love to know what Casey didn’t say anything about too.
    I don’t think it is very nice to criticize Vicky for expressing her views. She may be right or she may be wrong. None of us know the truth yet and maybe we never will.
    Everyone should be able to express their opinion without others jumping on them and telling them they are wrong. When telling someone they need a dose of reality what you are saying is that they are not in the now which is a little rude IMO.

  131. Good Morning Dave and everyone. I see we had some late nighters once again. I believe that we just may solve the mystery of Casey by the next millennium, good work guys 😀

    I got to thinking about what you were saying Vicky. I think you have to remember that when you are on a jury, and that seems to be what we do here, among being LE, the state of Florida and anyone else left out, we have to view the evidence with out a ponderous of doubt that Casey is Guilty or Not Guilty. Because there was never any evidence introduced to us to exonerate Casey because Casey was with any gangs or gang members, into prostitution, someone else killed Caylee, that her or her family were in any danger because of some outside force or the supposed Nanny took and or murdered Caylee. If evidence has not been given to the jury then it can not be viewed as evidence or deliberated on. Therefor the only verdict there can be given to Casey Marie Anthony is Guilty in the first degree. Now the jury will deliberate on what sentence Ms. Anthony will receive. There are only two sentences, LWPP or the DP.

  132. Good Morning Marinaders – I do not believe Casey is innocent. However, I do believe it is a bad idea to underestimate the defense in this case and to assume they will never be able to create reasonable doubt without considering where they might try to go.
    The comments I made last night were made to generate conversation and to demonstrate what I have known all along. On this Blog, we are able to agree to disagree, and to do so with utmost respect. I want to express my sincere gratitude for responding to my comments in such an intelligent and thoughtful manner. People like you make visiting Blogs a pleasure.

    Snoopy my friend – Thanks for going along with me. You know how much I enjoy bantering with you. You are the best.

  133. There are always going to be people who can’t accept that differing opinions do not warrant personal attacks. The best thing to do when that occurs is to accept that fact and move on. We need to lead by example and make Dave’s Blog a Bash Free Zone.

  134. Vicky,
    Do agree, innocent until proven guilty in the US.
    Hard to imagine with what we know, but it is not our judgement, at this point.
    It will be up to the jurors to decide Casey’s fate.
    Respect your open and fair opinions and everyone elses’ points of view.

  135. I don’t believe for one minute that Casey was trying to protect her family by not talking. She was trying to protect herself from being ripped apart by Cindy. She didn’t look scared in the pictures taken at Fusion, nor did she look like she was “checking other resources.” And who can forget that lousy tattoo, “Bella Vita.” (What is it with all those tattoos?) If this were a novel and not real life, any publisher would say the plot was too unbelievable to sell.

  136. When this is all over, Casey is not only tried but convicted there will be many books written about this circus as well as probably a movie. I would also bet that Cindy will write a book, just the thought of her making more money off the memory of Caylee makes me ill. I do not know how she sleeps at night. At least Casey can not make any money off the daughter she murdered.

  137. I haven’t had time to read all the articles or comments, but I read enough of the parents letter to see one problem. They always tell she is beautiful or georgous. They should have taught her what my grandmother always said, “Pretty is as pretty does.” Maybe then she could understand that her nasty and vile ways prevent her from being a beautiful person.

  138. ecossie possie~~I have a snow shovel. I dig in the garden with a spade. Some spades are rounded and pointed to dig while others have a flat edge to cut out sod.

    Shovel is aslo an internet term and not a garden tool. Neck breaking can be connected with dancing.
    That is what I was trying to get across.

  139. George said that all the media frenzy and public scrutiny would die and disappear once Casey’s trial is resolved. If the trend continues and she is convicted and sentenced to death, then I don’t think the Anthonys will let it die. Can’t you see Cindy (dragging George) doing interviews and shows proclaiming that she is fighting the injustice of her innocent Casey being “crucified?” She will fuel the media frenzy all over again, I believe.

    When I consider the possiblity that someone else was involved in helping Casey, either with the murder or disposal after the fact, she is still guilty, more than culpable, because she is refusing to name any actual, real person. What fear would she have…that her family would be in danger? Come on, really. If ANYTHING happened to her family at this point, I don’t think ANYONE could get away with it. It is just not believable, and this much, as we know, fits Casey, that her stories are UNbelievable.

  140. Then there’s the timer 55 business…and the disposal site being about 1 minute from her house. Do I think her mind works in these ways, yes I do.

  141. “…Cindy will write a book, just the thought of her making more money off the memory of Caylee makes me ill.” peggy222

    I agree. I haven’t been one to dig into the Anthonys because I don’t envy their position, HOWEVER, I understand why many are angry with them. It just cannot be reconciled that they can support the only suspect of their granddaughter’s murder. This is why many of us feel such sorrow and pity for Caylee even after death, because her own family has disregarded her in favor of her murderer. I wish someone would ask Cindy, “Who cares for the precious little angel, now?”

  142. After reading George’s letters, I think the only truth Casey ever told in her life was that she was abused. I think the defense is going to go with a temp. insanity (the fight with Cindy, the abuse from G & L, her world closing, that kinda spiel) and she snapped. When you here how Casey talked about Caylee (she’s in a better place now with the nanny, yadda yadda) it makes sense. Anyone else think this?

  143. I am human, and I did not want to believe that a mother, Casey, was responsible for her own daughter’s death, but in light of all of the evidence that has been brought forth (not including that of which we do not know, yet), I cannot understand how anyone can feel sympathy for Casey in her situation, now, let alone write letters expressing that sympathy. Heck, she’s alive, isn’t she? She hasn’t truly faced the fear of death, yet, though I hope that day will come. Poor Caylee is gone.

  144. I don’t know that I believe Casey was abused, and yet a couple of George’s letters sounded strange. Who knows? On the other hand, his last letter really expressed outrage at what she said. I don’t think she snapped — I think she’s a cold-blooded killer and it may be that the abuse allegations are just something she made up for mitigation in case she gets the DP. I think the underlying theme of “Bella Vita” was “It’s a great life now that the kid is out of the way.”

  145. I just read a letter to Casey telling her that Jesus had deposited $20 into her commissary account. Who knew?

  146. George, your 4:44pm comment is right on. We will hear about it ad nauseum after Casey walks through the doors of the Big House. Every anniversary of Caylee’s death, of which it seems that the Anthony’s have accepted as the 16th of June, every anniversary of Caylee’s remains being found, every anniversary of Caylee’s memorial (or was that Casey’s memorial), and every anniversary of Casey’s guilt by jury, we will hear of her innocence by Cindy. George will probably move on if he’s still alive but Cindy will never let it die.

  147. I don’t buy it that Casey held information back because someone might harm her family. Her actions show the exact opposite…she could care less about her family..then and now.

  148. Hi, all! Busy day, yesterday, and I most certainly missed you all! Lots of catching up to do, so best get at it. More than 200 comments to read! You all were sure busy! 🙂

    By the way Dave, we truly do appreciate the videos, and the effort you put forth to provide us with them. I just wanted to thank you again.

    And Snoopy, it’s so wonderful to see you here!

    Going to catch up.


  149. You know, don’t slaughter me, here, but I am going to express an opinion that I have kept to myself, until now.

    I am apt to believe the Lee story…that he had some normal guy developmental inclinations that he pervertedly pointed in the wrong direction. I know that this is possible because I am familiar with an experience like this within my own family. It is uncomfortable to deal with or even think about, I can assure all of you.

    It is not so uncommon an issue in families without moral structure OR in families who don’t talk about such things and just pretend they never happened.

    I don’t believe, however, that Casey’s encounters with Lee reached a physical extent. I believe the curious boy had thoughts (fantasies) and possibly pleased himself with Casey in mind, but I don’t believe it involved her other than his voyeurism.

    In her letters, Casey suggests, ambiguously, that she may have suffered sexual abuse from her father, George. This I don’t believe. She admits that she doesn’t know, but it could have happened. Lee’s behaviour does not indicate an adopted pattern, stemming from George, to me.

    I also believe that if Casey had told Cindy, her response would be just about the way Casey described (again, from an experience of which I know). You all know the cliche’, “To victimize the victim.” This is a common, though an uncaring and unhealthy response when a recipient is unwilling to accept the circumstances. Sound familiar? Cindy is not so in touch with reality and likes to perceive her world and environment perfectly, at least to others. I don’t think Cindy could have considered that her son would have shown an attraction to her daughter.

  150. If there is any truth to it, george, I’d like to think that your description is the right one. I don’t believe George ever molested her and we all know how adept she is at lying. I’ve got no issue with your opinion in the least.

  151. Also, I should point out that IF there were some inappropriate behaviours coming from Lee toward Casey, I still don’t believe that is any kind of acceptable defense for any of her actions. Yes, we are creatures of habit, but also improvement. We are suppose to learn from mistakes, our own and those of others and not only not repeat them, but rise above. I will hate to see Baez utilize some sort of victim of hardships defense for Casey because I know better.

  152. Hey Feathers!!!

    Hark, David!!

    George, I do not find anything wrong with your comments. They make good sense and seem quite realistic. I can well imagine Cindy, once again, not accepting reality to keep up the family image. By not believing Casey, if she was presented with the facts of Lee’s actions, Cindy would be giving Casey just cause for alot of built up resentment. This could be devastating to a young girl and leave lasting scars. The question is, coming from Casey, is it true?

  153. “The question is, coming from Casey, is it true?” snoopysleuth

    Exactly. You know, I would love to hook her up to a polygraph, even post trial, just for the heck of it!

  154. I doubt Casey answered any of the letters she received from all those strangers, she probably didn’t even read them. I do think though if Casey answered any letters from her own parents they may have been given directly to Mr. Baez back then to deliver to her family, or she answered via Mr. Baez. I could be wrong but i thought it was reported that Mr. Baez was delivering messages to and from her. I believe it was around the time Cindy gave Casey that Bracelet to wear and Mr. Baez was reprimanded about that. Wasn’t it snuck in through Mr. Baez from Cindy along with Casey’s clothes to the court room?

  155. Any incoming letters to Casey at the jail would be inspected for containing contraband. Outgoing mail should sail thru uncensored, therefore we will not be privy to any of Casey’s responses to the senders.

    Cindy sent Casey a stamped envelope along with her letter. The letter was returned to sender and did not go thru. Maybe the letter was too bulky and, therefore, rejected as possibly containing contraband.

  156. George–Your 7:31 pm comment was so compassionately worded that it was a pleasure to read.

    Maybe her and Lee had some out of place sibling nonsense. A ways back, I was listening to an audio of one of Cindy’s interviews, and right out of the blue she began explaining how she wished she would have sought professional counseling for Lee. At the time, I found this so strange but now it seems to fit. However, honestly, I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of Casey’s mouth.

  157. George~~a good injection of sodium pentathol, truth serum, would do the trick with Casey. Who knows, she may to have some minor surgery down the road. As long as they set up an audio recorder in the OR.

  158. Dave, lol.

    I guess that would depend upon what you mean by “enjoying”. Do I, or did I, enjoy scrubbing red koolaid from the off white carpet – that’s seen better days? Or rushing out to the store for a pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers hoping it gets the marker off the doors, so I don’t have to paint them again – we’ve all known marker happy three year old’s right? And by the way, Magic Erasers work on three year old’s too. Did I enjoy watching my daughter dive into the pool fully clothed because a child slipped out of his swimmies when he decided to jump into the deep end? This would be the same child who fed the Shelties chocolate cake and so I am having to deal with that (their, intestinal chaos) today. 🙂

    I could go on and on; but yes, I guess it was an enjoyable day. Everyone’s alive and fairly well, and so looking forward to the 4th of July. I’m just looking foward to going back to work, tomorrow.


  159. It’s been so long that I don’t recall if George had any interaction with Casey the night of the 911 call. I know that Cindy spoke to her. Lee spoke to her. The 911 dispatch operator spoke to her. LE spoke to her. But did George? Does anyone recall?

  160. Cindy will write a book, as well as to make her rounds among the talk show. ABC probably has an exclusive interview waiting in the wings. What George will do? I just don’t know.

  161. Hi, All! You know, George, I’m inclined to agree with you but I don’t think we’re likely talking about anything more than normal playing doctor-type activity by Lee. I really think she’s pretty much pulled it out of her keester ‘cuz she has to have some reason why she’s so screwed up. I have no doubt that this is mainly a product of the mitigation specialist and Andrea Lyon. They’ve started early, massaging this notion into a life form of sorts. She probably actually believes it herself. And if untrue (and I think it is!) what she’s said about George is really unforgivable. I don’t think he’s going to be falling on his sword after all…

  162. Feathers~~I do not recall that George had any interaction with Casey on July 15th or 16th. I believe he was so used to Cindy being in control, he knew his place was to be quiet until Cindy barked out an order to him.

  163. dadgum! I’m finally up to your post! 6:03. It’s good to see you! Now, if I might ask, what did I miss last night?

  164. Snoopy, isn’t that so rather odd, though – that he wouldn’t have had some sort of a conversation with her, under the circumstances? I ask even because when it came to Casey, Cindy seemed always to push George off to the side saying she would handle Casey. Could he be so timid when it comes to Cindy that even under the circumstances of Caylee’s disappearance he stood on the sidelines and let her handle it?

    I’m looking back to Tim Miller’s statements regarding George having gone to get Casey to make a mark on the map. It was said that she appeared ready to do that when Cindy stepped in and put a stop to that. Might George have been able to get the truth out of Casey on any one of a number of occassions, but for Cindy’s interference?

  165. Might Cindy have been envious of Casey, and or of the attention George paid Casey when she was a little girl? Why was Cindy always coming between them?

    I’m not implying anything sexual. I agree that if there was something sexual, it was probably mutual, as childhood experimentation more than anything. Perhaps a bit more when Lee got older. This would certainly have been swept under the rug.

  166. Long time reader, first time poster here! I guess I felt I had nothing to add to the conversation until today.

    Speaking of premeditated thinking on Casey’s part (the address where caylee was found equaling her birthdate, the “nanny” name when you put the two houses together, the time equaling the address numbers, the googling of neck breaking etc) .

    Did you all know that she also googled Missing Children sites and set up a Caylee is missing myspace over two YEARS before Caylee went missing?

    I found this page (thank you to the person that put in tons of hard work researching this!)

    Ok I am not a myspace expert but this is what I noticed when looking at the page. Casey created a myspace page almost two years before Caylee went missing. Check it out.
    Then go to view all blogs entries and a new page will open up and look to the left and see that the date created is Signup Date: 10/23/06. When you create a page you cannot change the URL name, you have to create a new one. Why would you create page for a child that is not missing two years before the incident? Her parents and brother just took over the page and have started using it. It had not been logged on to since 16 July 2008. They are using a page that was created almost two years ago.

    Found this earlier and had heard something about it before, where Casey “pretended” Caylee was missing to get Cindy back for something. Someone referenced it as to why Lee asked Casey “is this like last time”. Don’t know how accurate it is, but very interesting to have a Cayleeismissing Myspace page blogged on in 2006. Means she not only researched other missing kids sites prior, but also played with this idea prior to actually having Caylee “go missing”/

  167. Good evening all, and hey to Feathers ;),

    If you read Cindy’s brothers statement you will see that he regards Cindy as some kind of bully that ran the Anthony household and nobody else. You can see that when she gave her testimony during the Zenida Gonzales civil suite. She really thinks that all she has to do is say jump and everyone is suppose to say how high. They can try and soften that witch all they want, but you can not make a silk purse out of a sows ear. She puts the wording high maintenance to a new level. I wonder what Casey thinks when she reads those letters of Cindy. Maybe she does not even read them.

  168. Hi, greensthings – I’m very glad you finally decided it was a good time to pop in and say something. Thank you for that.

    I can’t vouch for the cayleeismissing Myspace page. I do know that soon after Casey was incarcerated, the Anthonys contacted Myspace and the company accommodated their wishes, so I know it was manipulated by someone other than Casey. When I went over there now, from your link, I see it says: Last Updated: 4/7/2010, not 10/23/06, so I don’t know what to think. What I did do is download the docstoc document and I will read it in the near future. It is 33 pages and I’m not through all of the 5,000+ pages yet from the recent discovery release.

    This is very interesting, but if it’s true, I question why no one has really explored this discrepancy. Until I take a good look into it, I encourage you to continue looking for juicy tidbits like this and commenting on other topics. You are more than welcome here and I thank you for your thoughts on this matter.

  169. Hi, Peggy. What do you make of the MySpace pages? I know nothing about MySpace. Dave, you worked to sort out the MySpace Zenaida pages. What do you make of this?

  170. Thank you for the warm welcome!
    The 33 pages are actually very short pages (mainly page photo captures) and is quick reading. I do not know who put in all the man hours on the docstoc but it is quite illuminating (especially when combined with the research you just did on the house numbers and nanny “name)

  171. I have no way to be sure this is a reliable site, other than the fact that I have seen some of these deleted messages in the past so they did come from somewhere. It does seem legit to me and does answer Lee’s question pertaining to “is this like last time?” Reportedly “last time” was some prank Casey played on cindy at poor Caylee’s expense.

  172. Well, greensthings, I will definitely look into it and if it’s compelling, I’ll write something. Of course, I will give you credit for the find. I might take a quick peek tonight, but it’s late for me to delve into it now. I do remember “is this like the last time?”

    Anyway, that’s how I found out about all of this; from what people told me.

  173. Hello friends 🙂
    I have not read any of the latest doc dump yet but can add to the conversation based on things I put together a while back.
    I have trouble believing ANYTHING Casey says. but I agree with George that it is more likely some juvenile fondling that occurred( IF ANYTHING). Never did she accuse him of having sex with her. Now, discussing George she never came out and said sex happened but she certainly implied it when she said after these vivid dreams she would wake up sore just like she did as a kid. here are a few dates I compiled after working with the jailhouse letters:
    Casey claimed she stopped the alleged abuse by Lee at 15- 2001

    Casey alleged she saw a DR. independently to deal with alleged abuse at 18- 2004

    Got pregnant with Caylee November 2004

    In letter written to Robyn in March 2009 she said she told Cindy about the abuse by Lee two years earlier which is when Cindy asked her if that was why she was a whore- 2007

    Caylee goes missing June 2008.

    I can’t help but wonder under what circumstances Casey decided to tell Cindy about this abuse 6 years after it stopped? I’m not saying that it isn’t possible she would keep it to herself that long, but because of Cindy’s response I think there may be more to it. Was Casey mad at Lee for some reason and needed Cindy’s sympathy? Was Lee pressuring her for money for the Sunfire? I’m purely speculating but everything happens for a reason with this family and it’s often not what it seems. Oops I forgot, Brad Conway says that Casey never made these allegations to Cindy.

  174. Evening Dave,, Great comments today.

    Welcome Greensthings. Very interesting stuff there. Thanks.

    Feathers – Just in case you have never heard, and for future reference (told to me by a carpet cleaning professional), next time red koolaide is spilled on the carpet, soak up as much of it as possible, pour a small amount of water on the stain and then load it down with table salt, vacuum when dry. It is amazing how much if not all of the red stain the salt will absorb.

    George – Your comment regarding Lee upthread was excellent.

  175. Hey Feathers, I honestly could not make anything out of it, but then I do not have a My Space account and that probably would help. I am sure Dave can figure it out and then he can report on it.

    I am going on vacation tomorrow, be gone a week but I plan on taking my lap top so I will check in at night. We have a busy week planned, it should be fun. I think it will do me good to get away and not think about Casey so much.

  176. greenthings, we welcome you! And please don’t be a lurker. Everyone has something to say, even if it’s just to express your sadness for Caylee.

    I find this most curious, Dave. There’s a push to delete the myspace pages, the link for which greenthings provided, though it was recently updated with a memorial for Caylee.

    It was supposed to have been deleted on the 7th. I’m going to poke around over there for a bit. Maybe pull the page source and see if there are any dates from 2006. Is that possible?

  177. Casey is lieing about Lee .Firstly she says she slept in a bra?A dont belive that,She also says that she would wake up an the bra would be undone.Come on there is not a teenage boy ever been born that knows how to unhook a bra.

  178. ecossie — laughing hysterically! Not one who wouldn’t fumble so that he’d be sure to awaken his sleeping victim!

  179. Interesting? Regarding the myspace site.

    June 9, 2009 – Tuesday
    Site closure delay
    Thanks for all the kind notes, the site is due to be deleted and should have been a couple of days ago. Due to the fact when this site was established a different e-mail address had been used and I am awaiting the confirmation of the password from the family in order to confirm our request to delete the site from Myspace. A request was also sent to the folks at Myspace yesterday morning.

    In the meantime, to answer the many questions about where to know if the site is legit in the future that I am connected with and the answers to your questions are answered honestly please befriend us on and these two sites are ones in which I operate along with our volunteers and staff.

    Thank you.

    Michelle Bart

    What is this saying? Michelle Bart has to get the Anthony’s permission to take down the site? Why would that be? Also, who’s email address was it under originally? Casey’s?

  180. “I’m looking back to Tim Miller’s statements regarding George having gone to get Casey to make a mark on the map. It was said that she appeared ready to do that when Cindy stepped in and put a stop to that. Might George have been able to get the truth out of Casey on any one of a number of occassions, but for Cindy’s interference?” Feathers

    I remember this. I also remember what Tracy McLaughlin (Leonard Padilla’s colleague) said about George barging into Casey’s room the day after she was initially released from jail on bond, and shouting (something to the effect of), “I want to know where my granddaughter is,” and Cindy intervening, then, also.

    Cindy, Cindy, Cindy seems to have done more harm than good…always.

  181. ecossie possie~~I wish to inform you that Casey said her bra would be hauled up. It was a sports bra and there are not any of those pesky hooks in the back. The perfect bra for teenage boys like yourself. LOL

  182. George~~ when Casey was out on bond, George barged in the room and grabbed Casey asking her what she did with Caylee. His friend from Ohio had to get George away from Casey and out of the house.

  183. George,

    In many of the documents and through so many statements George has maintained that Cindy has hindered him when it seemed (to me) he was simply trying to parent. One has to wonder what would be if George ever, just one, was allowed some measure of authority.

  184. Oh snoops Im so far off being a teenager thankgod.And when I was I had a silver tounge an could talk a lady into undoing those pesky bra catches without exposeing my lack of dexterity

  185. Whether or not Lee was palying touch feely with Casey is debatable. However, if it is true, this guy was extremely immature for his age if he was still attempting to “haul up” her bra when Casey was 15. Seems to me that he would have moved on to more willing participants by then. Perhaps his illness delayed his emotionl development.
    I am not one to diminish the potential emotional consequences Casey might have suffered as a result, but by challenging him directly, she took back her power. Many young girls in the same position would not have the personal strength to do so. So, I have a hard time buying her claim that she was significantly impacted by his conduct.

  186. I just finished reviewing a bunch of MySpace stuff and couldn’t make heads or tales out of it. I know greensthings points to evidence that a message that Caylee was missing for two years prior to June, 2008 exists, but I wouldn’t know how to interpret if that was valid or not. Can this stuff be altered to show earlier dates, icons, etc. If Casey created a farse that Caylee was missing, her random messages to others didn’t reflect any real concern, then.

  187. I just thought it interesting that Michelle Bart would have taken over a Caylee site that seems to have been set up by the Anthony family, if that was the case, and now there seems to be an urgency to shut it down, but by whom? Michelle or the Anthony’s? It’s just curious.

  188. On the July 25 jailhouse visitation video, Casey tells her parents that she met with the court-appointed psychiatrist.
    Cindy says, “We forgive anything that you’ve said”. Casey replies, “I haven’t said anything, don’t worry”.

    I’ve wondered about this exchange from the beginning. I thought it might be about the fight Cindy and Casey had which caused Casey to leave the house on June 15-16 with Caylee. Now I’m thinking it might have been about Cindy or George moving Caylee’s body after reading Georges letter to Casey.
    What do you think?

    Link to video:

    George’s Letter
    March 25, 2010

    Casey Marie,

    Where do I begin???

    Well, met with Jose and Cheny Mason on
    Wednesday, March 24th.

    Jose in Chaney’s office delivered me
    disturbing news & ask me 2 heartbreaking
    You know what 2 questions he asked
    and I said num…..
    Why, Why also destroy Lee…
    Why, Why also destroy Mom…
    Why, Why also destroy me, your family…
    Why, Why also destroy Caylee Marie…

    After all I have tried, sacrificed, continued
    to have you, My Daughter, Why???
    Continually coming to court, continually
    wanting to see you, Why???


    I have an idea what 2 questions Jose asked George. I believe one of the questions was did you sexually abuse Casey? This will be critical for the defense when and if it goes to the penalty phase and to keep Casey from getting the death penalty. Also it would be very unlikely that Casey had not been sexually abused and murdered her daughter. If she wasn’t sexually abused and murdered her daughter she would probably be the first mother to do so in recent history.

    I believe the second question asked by Jose was did you move the body of Caylee Marie or what member of your family did. I found it very strange that during the hearing where Casey was absent due to her fall that Cheney Mason said in open court that we’re not saying Casey didn’t kill her daughter we’re just saying she didn’t put the body there. It appears that Casey has convinced her defense team, either through lying or the truth {which is hard to gauge in this situation} that she didn’t put the body there and has confessed to killing her daughter.

    Lastly, after reading the Rick Plesea Transcript (Cindy’s Brother) the part that jumped out me was when Cindy, George and Casey went to Rick’s wedding and Casey was wearing a tight top with a very large pregnant belly (7 months along) sticking out and Cindy could not see it. “Casey told us that she would have to had sex first to get pregnant and that she did not have sex with anyone.”

    Cindy’s brother Rick pleaded with Cindy, to please take her to a Dr, because if Casey was not pregnant then she had some sort of huge tumor and only had a short time to live, and it scared the heck out of him.

    George and Cindy have had a LONG track record of believing everything that Casey tells them, thus allowing her to play them, steal from them and use them.

    This is one of the most screwed up family dynamics I have ever encountered!

  189. george // June 27, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    I just finished reviewing a bunch of MySpace stuff and couldn’t make heads or tales out of it. I know greensthings points to evidence that a message that Caylee was missing for two years prior to June, 2008 exists, but I wouldn’t know how to interpret if that was valid or not. Can this stuff be altered to show earlier dates, icons, etc. If Casey created a farse that Caylee was missing, her random messages to others didn’t reflect any real concern, then.
    read the docstoc

    It has dated page captures with the name “caseeismissing” dating back to 2005.

  190. FEATHERS The words tattle tail spring to mind.Snoops can flirt with me whenever she wants if she enjoys it .She deserves to for putting up with my incessant Know it all atitude an constant corecting perseived mistakes.Like the sky is not blue an you cant dig with a shovell or ostriches dont bury there heads in the sand ect I could go on an on,However Snoops just humours me an for that I am eternaly gratefull

  191. greens-

    I *think* that Casey set up that myspace page years prior to Caylee going missing. At that time it was a personal myspace page.

    After Caylee went missing, Casey changed the URL of the myspace to

    I don’t currently have a myspace, but I did have one several years ago. How it works with the URL (or at least how it worked at the time) is that when you sign up for myspace, you are issued a randomized URL. It is basically followed by a series of assigned numbers.

    Later, you can choose to change your randomly assigned URL to something of your choice (ex- I believe that is what Casey did. I don’t know if you can change it more than once.

    Also, after you change the URL, any comments you had posted in the past will now display the new URL. So those screencaps posted of Casey’s old posts showing the Cayleeismissing URL only show that at the time the screencaps were taken, the URL was

  192. Not that Caylee has been missing for two years, but that Casey has had a Myspace account set up under the name “caseeismissing” for almost two years before the child went missing!

    I am sorry if I did not make myself clear before.

  193. Greensthings I dont think George or Cindy had anything to do with Caylees murder or moveing the remains.If Georges freind is being truthfull.Why would george lose it with Casey an shake her an demand to know what she had done with Caylee ,When she first came home on bond

  194. Ecossie possie~~I do not humor you!! I think you are brilliant and very perceptive. You seem to pick up on things that we overlook. You are very logical and you would make a great detective.

    I am not flirting with you but I do like men who wear kilts. So there!

  195. Is anyone left here? If so, quick burning question. If LE has been able to interview so many people, have they interviewed George’s buddy from Ohio who was staying with them at the beginning when this all happened?

  196. George..I wonderif they are holding the most incriminating information until last, ti be released. Not being from Florida, I am not really sure how this works, when it comes to that..the order of release, I mean.

    Going to try to sleep, it’s after 3, *yawn*, alarm goes off in 15min..

  197. I don’t like to be repetitive, but did you catch the envelope from Mallory in batch 1, #15080 through 15084? It’s the copy of this article, along with a typewritten note, not signed. But the envelope syas Mallory P, and it’s sandwiched letters and envelopes from mom. The handwriting on the envelope looks odd, though it is disguised..

    Are people really using other addresses, or is it really from MP? I found it odd that MPs first letter sounded so much like Cindy and George..same ‘hello beautiful’, etc..

  198. Greenthings—You lost me at the part where you mention that you believe the second question was–did George or any family member move the body.

    I think the child’s remains were there, in that swamp, where the murder left them, all along. There has been some suggestion that PI Casey found the remains site in mid-November. Some things that gives this credence in my opinion are: 1) the late November, 2009 interview with Cindy and George where Cindy appears so distraught that she can hardly hold her head up; and 2) the PI had apparently been told not to notify LE if he discovered the location.

    Now this begs the question—what was their intention? And did it all go astray when the duct tape was clearly evidenced? I wonder if everything else had been disclosed, except the “sticky” tape details? And once this had been witnessed, and relayed to the powers behind the scene, did they suddenly feel the earth shift, the game over?

    I thought your post was great, though. I agreed with everything else. 🙂

  199. Yay! Not going into work today! Download a file, process it, send it back and voila! C’est finis! Gonna get to that later. But for now:

    Dadgum, as far as I know, what the State hasn’t yet completed, they can hold back, and the “thing” about that is, they can hold the most incriminating evidence for complete processing, until the tenth hour, if they so choose to, or so I’ve been told.
    Regaring this and that, and to conintue on in my most humble opinion: As for the body having been moved or placed by someone else, I think the entomology reports as well as the botonist’s observations rule that possibility out. Roots were growing through Caylee’s remains, and were so rather well established that it creates a real stickler for the defense. Camp Baez will have to refute or otherwise attempt to discredit such evidence, which is just not going to happen. It’s impressing that the jury will see photographic evidence as well as to hear the testimonies that go along with the pictorals, and how devastating is that going to be? I can’t imagine.

    As much as I hate to even think such thoughts, her bones were so scattered and some bear the marks of carnivorous activity, which also supports the State’s theory on when Caylee was placed in the wooded area.

    What I don’t hear next to anything about is the witness reports of seeing a car matching the description of the Sunfire backed into the same wooded area. I’m going to back track at some point today, and try to sort through all of that, unless someone knows if this witness account doesn’t hold water.

    I wish you all a really good day, and will be popping in and out, as time allows.

  200. Hello Marinade et al…great comments in here from very smart people.

    Feathers, ahhh it is nice to have you around today. I read somewhere that the prosecution can hold back evidence until 2 wks to one month before the commencement of the trial. The only stipulation is, that evidence cannot help the defense.

  201. greensthing~ I have read about the myspace and remember at the time I thought it was odd that it had been set up months before Caylee went missing. I believe I read it at abovetopsecret. Welcome, by the way.

  202. If this is true that Casey had created a “Caylee is Missing” site well before Caylee went missing…it goes to show the mindset and the way she vindictively tried to manipulate Cindy by using Caylee. I think this also goes to show premeditation as she had thought about it much before the crime actually happened.

  203. If I were in George’s shoes right now…I’d ask for Immunity, spill the entire pot of beans including throwing the spoon at Casey and then enter the Witness Protection Program to get away from Cindy! At least he could do the right thing by Caylee.

  204. nan11-

    Do you happen to have a link to that interview where Cindy is so distraught (late Nov interview)? Thanks!

  205. Feathers said;
    What I don’t hear next to anything about is the witness reports of seeing a car matching the description of the Sunfire backed into the same wooded area. I’m going to back track at some point today, and try to sort through all of that, unless someone knows if this witness account doesn’t hold water.

    Kovach, Paul – Witness who
    believes he saw Casey Anthony in wooded area. Sometime at end of June,
    he and friend Jimmy were driving slowly, looking for scrap metal when
    they came across the car on Boggy Creek. Saw woman in straw hat and red
    sunglasses coming from wooded area. Well-dressed man on cell phone
    pretending to fish, seemed to be acting as lookout. Car was white
    Pontiac Sunfire with black bra. Woman put shovel and bag back into
    trunk … almost hit her head. Note: This story is believed to be unreliable.

  206. Vivi: Do you mean this one where she is acting like a whipped puppy? George took the helm that day. Wonder who took it away from him.

  207. How do you set up a paypal account for someone eles? Can anybody point me in the right direction?

  208. Yup, I remember the “sighting by airport” incident when that first came out. I’ve always wondered about that. BUT did her car have one of those bra-things? Does she have red sunglasses? The guy on cellphone could be completely unrelated (or, more sinisterly, interested in a young woman on her own off in the woods!) The hat being almost bumped off seems to be a detail no one would make up- but app. LE doesn’t think THIS girl with white car is Casey….

  209. Thanks whathappen you are to kind 🙂
    Dave and all Im trying to be strong for my kids. I will always fight for Justice for my kids and all kids in the world.

    Dave U can call me anytime you want I hope all is good with you and ur mom and dad tell them I said hi. 🙂
    God Bless U all

  210. Sarah- yes, that must be the one! wow. Not your typical Cindy behavior.

    Dadgum- I think that message about the paypal is a spam comment. Someone trying to steal money through paypal, it happens all the time.

  211. Dadgum- just look over on the right, here, at the “tags” section and type in Joy Wray and stand back. Also, Youtube videos from same. It’s a lot of history here, there & everywhere…

  212. Gotta go to work soon, but maybe “Hopespring Drive” or “Suburban Drive” might get you over to Joy W. somehow.

  213. Dadgum- the “JoyAngels” comment above- that’s Joy Wray.

    And “The Tudors” does NOT qualify as history (spoken from a history double-minor and SCA Event attendee who’s general area of particular interest is the Tudor Age! LOL!) The costumes alone are enough to give me apoplexy!

  214. viviennekisses–Sorry, I’m just checking in now. The video posted by Sarah at 2:25 is the one I was referring to. Thanks, Sarah!

  215. Hello everyone. Just a few odd comments even though I haven’t yet read all the doc’s. Sorry I’ve also lost track of who said what. In terms of the two questions Baez asked George – I would agree that question 1 was whether or not George had ever molested Casey and question 2 likely was whether George was aware if Lee had done so as well. My interpretation of George’s letter to Casey is that he is deeply hurt. He knows that Casey did kill Caylee and despite this knowledge has still supported her and yet she still goes ahead and does her utmost to destroy them.

    I agree with Snoopy. The cost of a vial of truth serum will be much cheaper than what this trial will cost at the end of the day. Think about it … it cost absolutely nothing for Caylee to die and yet Casey has the priviledge of a trial running into the millions.

    Feathers, you are so lucky to have a sheltie. Here in SA shelties are rare and cost the earth. The waiting list is about 8-years. I have a rough collie, but would loooove a sheltie.

    Random comments I know.

  216. Karen, if TV says it’s true, it’s true. Like real-ality shows. Real, everyday people acting..well..real.
    As for history, and the’s all as real as NG and JaneV-M. I get all my news from those two..and Geraldo on weekends. Sometimes I like to read the newspapers like the Enquirer and the Sun, better writing can’t be found.


    All you have to do is look at a portrait of HenryVIII, and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Compare..still fun to watch.

  217. Good afternoon/evening/morning, whatever it is where you are, all!

    Greenthings, thanks for the information regarding the Sunfire. So little’s been said about it that I wasn’t certain it hadn’t become a mute point. Then again, as Snoopy pointed out, we will not know what all the State has until just before trial.
    As I believe Caylee suffered, and that there was a struggle, I expect to see some sort of blood evidence as well as a latent or two, so who knows, maybe the matter of the Sunfire backed into the wooded area will come up again. Maybe Dominic Casey will be, somehow, attached to that? He sure exited in a mighty big hurry.

    There has to be more, and so much more, the way I see it. Seeking the death penalty is quite extreme, causing me to think the evidence in the States hands is just as much so. Extreme. We just haven’t seen it yet, though Ashton gave us some insight, perhaps, when he broke all of our hearts speaking about Caylee looking up into the face of her mother as she was being murdered, by suffocation I believe. It’s difficult to imagine.
    Pepper, you mentioned the Shelties, and indeed, I have two sweet little sable haired girls, I inherited when my sister-in-law, who bred them, decided she’d had enough of not only the dogs but my brother and her children, and split. I’ve no idea what they cost, I’ve not ever asked, I’m just grateful to have them. Sassi-Pamilla and Destiny. They’re sisters. I’m not partial to any particular breed. A mutt would do me just fine. One of my dear friends though, who lives in Georgia, so fell in love with the Shelties that she and her husband ended up with 5! They breed Border Collies, one of which they have shown in the AKC circuit. Stormy. He’s been retired now, though. I could never do that. Part with my dog through so much of the year, in order for him to live with his trainer, be shown, and then come home to vacation and breed. That would be like shipping one of my kids off to boarding school! Can you imagine! Nope, not me. LOL

  218. Maybe this was mentioned before, but another thing that is very telling about George’s letter is the terminology used. He asked …
    Why, why also destroy … – the “why also” implies that in George’s mind Casey had destroyed something before. Why would he not just say – “why destroy Lee?”

  219. Feathers, I agree. My dogs are my little children and I couldn’t bear to be parted from them. I had two rough collies (which also tend to be quite rare in SA but are a lot cheaper than shelties), a little brother and sister – a few months back my little boy died from a virus and I still can’t think of him without the tears. Our little, or should I say big and clumsy girl is a sable and my baby boy was a tri-coloured. Anyways, thanks for sharing your doggie info with me.

    Here in SA it is 1.23am so I should have been in bed ages ago. I do agree that LE has a lot of evidence that they will only release at the last possible moment and if I remember correctly something was said about them having a very precise time line for Casey. It’s going to be hard for her to lie her way around the cell phone pings.

  220. Pepper–I’ve been puzzling over that, too. Maybe, he was just checking off the ruined people in is mind? Like a list: 1) Lee 2) also Mom 3) also me (family) 4) also Caylee.

    Another thing I’m wonder about is why didn’t he sign it. Or, did he and that page is missing?


  221. Dadgum,

    I’m about 6-7 pages into your journal, now, and all I can say is PRAISE GOD. Praise God for moving the minds that would provide Sam with what he needs to progress, be it doctors, nurses, therapists or equipment – but most importantly, Praise God he has all of you!

    Sorry Dave. I just had to say it.

  222. During one interview, George Anthony says another investigator told him that as many as 1,200 photos of Casey Anthony “are out there — she’s done some bad things.

    That is an interesting way of putting things. Here is a link to the article.

    From the same article:

    “George Anthony admits hiding from his wife and son the fact that sheriff’s detectives had found over 1,000 provocative photos of Casey retrieved from the family’s computers, cameras and online.”

  223. Greenthings – I guess it depends on what one’s notion of provocative is. A photo of Casey pole dancing might be OK to her friends, for instance, but not to her dad.

  224. Feathers~~I am here to solve this case and I need the help of the chap from Scotland. Do you some man in here who may wear a kilt? I cannot recall his name but it sounds like a young opossum. BTW, they make good eating roasted over an open fire.

  225. Being clad in an over-sized fig leaf is provocative. Concealing lethal weapons is against the law.

  226. Why good Sir detwill, what an honor it is! And to think me mind was playing tricks thinkin’ you had come to see me! But alas it’s the gent in the skirt — oops — I mean kilt – that you’d be seeking the attention of. That would be ecossie, though I do believe he misplaced his possie. I would suppose SS has it, and is holding it hostage, though you it may fare thee well to inquire.

  227. OH MAN!!! Dave, where’s my post! Did I not hit send in response to detwill? Alas most not. I shall do it again!

  228. Be still my fluttering heart, that quivers so at the mere sight of you, O thou most handsome of gents, Detwill!

    But alas, it is a kilt that you seek, rather than a skirt, and so I shall be most pleased to respond to your inquiry, perchance you might blow me a kiss, as you bid me a fond farewell….

    The gent in the skirt — oops — I meant kilt, would be ecossie, though he is most forlorn at the moment, having lost his possie. SS, I hear tell is holding possie hostage, but she might release it to ecossie, so that he might be whole, if you would consider trading your fig leaf for a kilt?

  229. Feathers~~If you are in the habit of wearing glasses, I suggest you don them and take a closer look at my gravatar. I am not in the habit of blowing kisses at females.

    So I am looking for a possie ecossie?

  230. I don’t know if I need to don my glasses as much as I need to wipe the tears of laughter out of my eyes! OH MAN, you’re a girl! My mistake! Don’t blow me a kiss! Just wave your hankie, or something.

    Yes that would be ecossiepossie, you would be looking for MA’AM, I ain’t seen him here as of late last eveing, but I’m sure he will be back, for I hear tell, that he is partial to what uniformed dames wearing fig leafs and mighty fine hats. Darn. I struck out again!!!

  231. Oh there you are ecossie possie. I heard that you worked out of Scotland Yard? Maybe between the UK and Canada, we can solve this case.

    Don’t worry I will not roast you, at least not until after we solve this Anthony fiasco.

  232. Detwill39, you best keep an eye on that Feathers. I think you look very feminine. Snoopy has to walk me ’cause I wanna pee…bye bye

  233. As Cindy would sayUMMMMM No Im a male feathers.An Detwill39 no Ive never been in the police or worked at Scotland Yard.I am however from Scotland,Though have lived an worked in England foe the past 20 years..

  234. Hey, I said I was sorry, okay? What’s it gonna take? A possum spit roasted, served up with some of Dave’s famous marinade, or a hand woven kilt? What? I’d do anything!

    Ne’er the less, what’s your theory Detwill39? Can I be deputized?

  235. I have a Kilt that I wear for formal wear weddings ect.My surname is Black so I could either wear the Campbell tartan or the Blackwatch tartan,I chose Blackwatch as its black an greeen an subdued as opposed to the Campbell tartan wich is rather loud an garish in my opinion.

  236. It is so good to see so many of my bosom buddies in here tonigth. This is like a coming out party. I have a dozen more friends but they wont be here until tomorrow nite.

    Sorry this was Off Topic, my friends get so excited when they see an RCMP constable.

  237. ecossie possie~~I really like the blackwatch tartan. I really don’t care for the multi-colored loud plaid.

    I must go and find somewhere to put my mustard, maybe on a hotdog.

  238. Dave I have a question. Anyone can give their opinion. I have been wondering about 200,000 dollars. Isn’t that a lot of money for a media outlet to pay for a missing child? I mean Caylee had been missing. Then the other part of my question is IF Casey received this money why did she hand it over to Jose? Shouldn’t she have offered it to the kidnapper? I know this is a little off topic but someone mentioned the money and it kind of hit me. 200,000 for a missing child and mom does not try to find her child with it….. hmm

  239. p.s. Snoopy~ I love all of your friends. They are sooooo cute. A great sense of humor is so hard to find, especially on wordpress. 🙂

  240. ecossie possie, I too, prefer the blackwatch tartan. Those colors go very nicely together. I am sure that detwill will fell the same.

  241. This is such a great group of people to be on a blog with. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here. Thanks for all you bring to this blog!

  242. laurali–I find $200,000.00 is a lot to pay for pictures. Have you heard the rumor that Casey did an interview? It makes the price a little more realistic.

  243. No I had not heard the rumor. I do not believe Casey did an interview. She would only tell them the same thing she told the cops. Is this the reason Jose went to New York on business, when Casey was not suppose to take visitors but she went ahead and spoke to her parents? I think it was August 08.

  244. Nan, Laurali, wouldn’t you think that $200,000 is a rather conservative figure? Perhaps only that which they were forced to admit to. I actually think the numbers are much higher. If you take all of the photographs, all of the interviews, all of the donations – which most certainly had to add up to thousands upon thousands of dollars! In reading Casey’s letters, I gave up counting how many people sent her money.

  245. Nan11 I dont think Baez would let Casey give an interview,If there had been we would have seen it by now.Regards the money 200 thousand dollars is chump change to Disney,Quite often thease deals are done in the form of a blind auction between two or three differnt coperations,Each make a sealed offer an usealy the highest offer is aceptted.

  246. Wasn’t Baez in New York at the time of the Aug 15th jail visit video? Does anyone recall the date that Cindy and George were interviewed by ABC? The one Casey collected the $200G for the license fees.

  247. Of course 200, is not a lot to disney. However no other family has ever been paid that much for a missing child for photos. But more as to why Casey would not use that mkney to find Caylee. Didn’t she say she would do whatever to get her back? Can’t remember her exact wording.

  248. I guess it would have been tough searching from a jail cell, Laura, but how could she pay a ransom when a kidnapper never existed? No ransom note, no phone call, no cryptic messages other than her own.

    I agree, $200, 000 is an awful lot of money, and I doubt a payout that high will be offered again, but ABC didn’t do it to lose money. I’m sure they made a “killing” off those images.

  249. Laurali–Now, this goes back awhile. Let me see if I can get my facts straight. Remember when Leonard P. bonded Casey out the first time? OK. The re-arrested her on a Friday (live on Nancy Grace). Well, LE had requested Mr. Baez to turn her in for the check fraud charges but apparently he didn’t want to because someone was coming from ABC on Saturday morning to do the interview. LE ruined his party and he was pissed. But, rumor has it that the interview was done soon after she got released. Or something like that. 😆

  250. eccossie possie–I know, I was surprised when I heard about it. But, the person that suggested it is quite reliable. The person thinks we might really see that interview someday. I wonder if it could have been part of the deal to wait until after the outcome of the trial to release it?

  251. I still don’t get it. Why such a windfall profit, for some, over Caylee and not say Haleigh, who’s still missing? Why does Casey get the big wig attorneys and all of the media attention whereas others do not?

    I understand because of the nature of the crime – a pretty young mother who came from a seemingly stable middle class family and Caylee being a two year old child – it still doesn’t seem right. If Haleigh’s killer were found tomorrow, we’d have a trial and verdict over and done with, within a year, and no doubt because the defense would be a death penalty qualified PUBLIC DEFENDER who wouldn’t have the budget to drag his heels, stall for time, and chase shadows.

  252. nan11~~since I have been blogging and commenting, I know of a person who folks refer to as ‘reliable’ make a lot of wrong calls. For instance, Kyron Harmon was not killed and his body dumped in a garbage truck.

  253. Dave she did get out for a month. I am just saying she spent it on herself. I would give everything I had for my kidnapped child, she did not even offer a reward with 200, dollars. She did not even offer a 1,000 dollar reward.

  254. Feathers–It just seems to me that right from the start Caylee’s family was so willing to sell her. I mean, within the first week, they had foundations, and copy rights and media interviews (with accompanying pictures) all on the go. It just never stopped.

  255. joyangels4caylee)joy,

    I’m not aware of the situation with your children. Could you please fill me in?

  256. Hello you sweet, funny people. I’ve just been reading some of your posts and couldn’t stop giggling. What a great group you are!

    Feathers, you are a hoot! Detwill, love your photo. You are definitely a she.

    Night all…

  257. ecossie possie–Thanks for that. Well, I guess I’m not surprised, but in a way I am. What makes people think they will get away with stuff like this. 😥

  258. kahluablue~~for the record, Detwill, Colonel Mustard, Sparkee2 and Snoopy are all the same person.

    I am glad you recognized me as a female. Feathers was geetting a little excited there for a while. LOL

  259. Feathers–Type colon small o small o small p small s colon.

    Sorry, I replied on Snoopy’s blog earlier.

  260. If Casey is convicted and they did the interview already but it hasn’t yet aired, they can’t legally give her money for that because of the son of sam law. How would that work?

  261. Well Pooh – I missed my friends Colonel Mustard, Detwill, and Sparklee – They do know how to liven up the place.

    I wonder if Kyron’t step-mother failed the polygraphs. I fear that this is going to be yet another case with a tragic ending.

    Laura – Had CAylee not been “missing” for a month before that 911 call was made, they would have never paid that much money for her photo rights. Just like the majority of people following the case at that time, they knew they were dealing with a dead child, and it not a sensational kidnapping case. They got a combo. I sensational murdered child case with a now infamous family.

    Btw – Evening folks, great comments this evening.

  262. I cannot see Baez taking a chance and letting Casey be interviewed. He has shielded her from everyone. Why would a network want to interview a pathological liar?

  263. OldCarGal, She broke my heart! Now I either become an angry lesbian or just retreat to my corner and attend to my wounds. Tomorrow, I’m seeing the optometrist.

  264. Is Kyron’s stepmother going to be a replica of Misty Croslin. I don’t think Terri was happy about taking the second poly. LE do not give out the results of the polygraphs to the public.

  265. Snoopy, lolololololol! Thanks for making me laugh. 🙂

    The mustard gravatar is really cute, too.

  266. Not only did Kyron’s father file for divorce, he obtained a restraining order, and took their child from her? What does he know?

  267. “Now it’s being reported that Kyron’s dad has filed for divorce from Terri. Also a restraining order. Wonder if this is true.” Kahluablue

    Yeah, see, my jaw dropped because a motive for a separation/divorce would be cited, I’d think. On the other hand, it was recently MISreported that Kyron’s body was found.

    The Multnomah Sheriff like social media to the extent that it sticks to factual information.

  268. Feathers, I’m curious about the same thing. What does he (and Desiree, Tony, and LE) know?

    God, I hope that little Kyron is still alive!

  269. Kyron’s father must have shown just cause, if he was able to get a restraining order and take their small daughter with him. I wonder if we will see an arrest or another cat and mouse game.

  270. kahluablue~~I do not hold out any hope that Kyron is still alive. The first 72 hrs is crucial and, if the child is not located, the odds are against them that he will still be alive. Finding Elizabeth Smart was rare. I think the Smart’s faith worked a miracle for them.

  271. When there is jaw-dropping news, I am always skeptical until it can be confirmed. In fact, already, there is a follow up report that says, “Kyron’s stepmom denies reports father and child moved out,” at

  272. Kahluablue, I’m trying to find an updated report. Nothing yet to refute the reported separation, that I can find. I’m going to keep looking.

  273. Kaine Horman rumor

    PORTLAND, Ore. – The Oregonian is reporting Terri Moulton Horman, Kyron Horman’s stepmother, called the newsroom to dispute the notion Kyron’s father, Kaine Horman, took their 18-month-old daughter and moved out of their house.

    Terri Horman said the only change in the living situation is her father has arrived in town and is living with them.

  274. Feathers- I read that or similar too, but it sounded like she had made the comment earlier in the day, not recently, giving a “thumbs up”.

  275. OK, who wants to save Nancy Grace’s people the trouble and just write up tomorrow’s show for her right now?
    I’ll start: “Bombshell Tonight…”

    OK, I have to go to bed now, have 2 little boys over and must set some sort of good example!

  276. Karen, me too. Kids too. Pages are loading too slow anyway. Sleep tight, Karen. Hug your boys for Auntie Feathers. 🙂


    I just hope they (LE, Horman family) have accurate information and evidence to explain the way she’s being treated. It would be awful if down the road it was proven she had absolutely no involvement in the disappearance of Kyron.

    If she’s innocent of any wrong doing, I can’t imagine how terrified and tortured she feels right now. Hopefully, these grave actions will lead to a break in the case.

    Does anyone know if Terri has lawyered up?

  278. gboy,

    Aside from the previous posting I’ve not found anything new, but it’s still so early. Should you learn anything could you please post it?

    This is all so sad. I wonder if it wasn’t to protect the child from threats being made against the step mother that Kyron’s father was able to obtain a restraining order. A judge might take threats being made against a mother quite seriously and agree to remove a child from a dangerous/threatening environment. We just don’t know.

    God knows, too, that such desperation can cause blame to be cast where none is due, even as the same has severed many a relationship and ruined many a reputation.

    I can well imagine that there’s a whole lot of blame casting going around, as well as repeated “if only you’d have done that or this”.

    I’m reserving judgment until we know more. It’s near more than my heart can take to think that another mother, and even a “step” may have harmed a child.

    Keep us posted, if you will please. I’m off to work and won’t be able to keep up; but will check in when I can.

    Have a great day, gboy, all!

  279. Mornin’….Just wondering if anyone saw on JVM last night, the discussion about whether the letter from George to Casey where he told her she had gained a few pounds and should “watch it” was inappropriate coming from a Father??? Most of them said yes. I’m not really sure. But I do think not only didn’t Casey ever write him back or allow him to visit, after this letter she for SURE wasn’t going to respond to him…probably never now. But she did slim down since

  280. Im Joy Wray is a a very nice and lovely person she loves her kids. The Anthonys fell in love with Joy kids. George even wanted to be the childrens God Dad at on time. I came down and meet George at kidfinders he was holding and caring a little girl on his back. It turned out to be Abigail) She is the same age as Caylee even looks so much like her they could been Sisters. Joy was helping Cindy and Michelle Bart hand out info about Caylee Anthony. George was still holding abigail like she was his pride and Joy. I stayed there for one hour talking to Joy,Cindy, George,Michelle Bart. And Joy’s little angel Abigail. The little you could not help to fell in love with her. Joy is a very good mom and a caring person. I asked her if we could be friends on myspace she said sure. Joy posted pictures and video of Nov 8-11th the days she searched the same area where Caylee was found. She took the pictures and video off on dec 12,2008. I guess she did that before she went to Sgt Allen. The pictures Joy has that has not been released shows that tree with pavers. And alot of trash coke cans, ect. My point is that Joy knows and has more proof than anyone knows about. I think she may have some contacts with George Bush. Because I saw a black folder of about 50 letters that he had wrote to Joy and Pictures that was taken that goes way back since she was little girl. She left at kids finders table for a sec .I thought it was info about Caylee. I ask her if she is Friends with the Presd. at the time. Joy said, he is very special to me and he always looks out for me.
    I think it is so wrong how some people have Judge Joy’s Life we have no idea what she went through. Don’t Judge someone intill you walk in there shoes. That is not our Jobs it God Job.

  281. Gboy, I agree with you. If Terri is not guilty of any wrongdoing regarding Kyron, she’s being treated horribly. Reminds me of how women were burnt alive as they were called “witches.”

    However, if she is involved in any way with Kyrons disappearance, I pray that she takes responsibility for her actions and justice is served.

  282. “Sheriff’s spokeswoman Lt. Mary Lindstrand said Monday night her office is “not talking about personal issues going on with the Hormans.” She said Terri Horman is neither a person of interest nor a suspect.” Lisa Flam, AOL News

    See, this is what gets me. An official spokesperson from the Sheriff’s office is saying NOT a suspect, NOT EVEN a person of interest. I mean usually LE calls someone the latter when they suspect they are the former, but in this case, Terri hasn’t even arrived at person of interest, yet.

    This makes me think that the marital split was a result of domestic tension given the circumstances. If this is what it amounts to, and nothing more, then if I were Terri, I’d be crushed to lose my daughter in a family law matter.

    All else aside, I wondered about Kaine assuming parental custody of Kyron, at so young an age. Granted mother, Desiree, had some medical issues, but I found it odd that custody issues never achieved, at least, a more balanced schedule between parents. I felt this possibly said something not only about Kaine’s dedication, but perhaps need to control a situation. And now, he has taken an 18 month old away from her mother…what? Has she been convicted already?

  283. Hi, what happen,
    Have not seen that video before, but I have one thing to say, “That is one of the most beautiful representation of that precious child.”
    How gorgeous is she . . . so emotional.
    Thanks for sharing that with us!
    Caylee, we will love you forever.
    Justice will be served.

  284. Gboy, good observations and questions. People, families, relationships can be so complicated! I have a feeling that much will be revealed in coming days.

  285. Morning Dave! Your posts about the possible correlations–ZG name to street names, location of body, “9 to 1,” etc.–are stunning. Could this be an incredible coincidence or something else? Wow.

    I remember it being said that Casey’s story had similarities to a TV show. Something about a babysitter taking a baby. Remember that?

    Hope you’re having a nice sunny day. 🙂

  286. Are you going to the July 15th hearing Dave? I plan to attend this hearing. Would love to meet up with you after the hearing.

  287. Sorry to be off topic, all/Dave, but if I might:


    For those who do, or who wonder, I assure you that I AM NOT.

    Sorry Dave.

  288. No one in here thinks you are Melissa, I assure you. It is only in the minds of idiots. For example, I fathered Melissa’s child, who is you. I am Snoopy, I am Vicky, I am every single person who comments on my blog. I am you and I am Melissa. Therefore, I impregnated myself all by myself. How illogical, as Spock would say, but such is the mind of derelicts with no sense of intellect or direction.

  289. Karen C! You near gave away my identity! You promised you wouldn’t do that!

    I forgive you though,
    Mel-onator! LOL

    Dave, had I been able I’d have crawled through cyberspace and knocked a few childish heads together when they accused dadgum for being anyone other than herself. Their absolute ignorance shows in their so doing, considering the fact that all they had to do was to click on her name to be taken to her site that tells of story of her son’s accident and their family’s devotion to him.

    If they did click on her name, and visit the site, and weren’t moved to tears and inspired to triumph, there is something severely and seriously wrong with them.

    Believing themselves to be so smart, they prove themselves not only idiots, but WRONG in their judgments and assessments, again and again.

  290. Forgot something:

    “tells the story of” correction; and

    You know what, guys? I’m beginning to think that What Happen might just be BAB. It’s all in the lingo.

  291. I just got on line and noticed that there were no further comments after Snoopy’s comment at 3:03 p.m. Am I to understand that everyone was just completely stunned by that mental image and were unable to type further?

  292. That’s funny, Snoopy. Hey, wait! I’m Snoopy. I’m Feathers. I’m the only person on this blog and I spend all day and night commenting to myself.

    Hold on… I’ve got to get my parents out of their iron lungs. They’ve been in an hour too long. What a rotten son I am.

  293. Dave, you should feel honored if they think you are me. Just imagine , you are 82 and a puter whiz and hacker, also a good detective, brilliant, wise, sarcastic, not too forget snarky, too. LOL Now that is a compliment!

  294. Here’s the best part, Snoopy… You are me. I am Feathers. Feathers is Melissa. Melissa is pregnant with my baby, only I am me. Therefore, you are pregnant. Or I am. Congratulations to both of us.

  295. OMG, I just had a contraction. Can you feel it too, Dave? Let me know when your water breaks, okay? Home delivery coming right up, hopefully not feet first.

  296. Dave and Snoopy: That reminds me of the old Smilin’ Jack cartoon where one of the characters had buttons that kept popping off his shirt and a chicken would eat them. Do either of you remember that, or is it something that has just come into my fevered imagination, provoked by your very funny comments?

  297. birdlover jan – Yes, of course I remember Smilin’ Jack. boy, that goes back a ways. I don’t recall that specific story, but the buttons flying has been around since I was a kid.

  298. Death penalty expert Andrea Lyon leaves Casey Anthony defense team
    Chicago attorney Andrea Lyon, who joined the Casey Anthony defense team to fight prosecutors’ desire to seek the death penalty for the 24-year-old Orlando woman, is no longer on the team.

    Lead Anthony attorney Jose Baez confirmed today that Lyon has left the defense because of financial issues. He filed paperwork with the Orange County Clerk of Court’s office late today reflecting Lyon’s departure.

    “We’re sad to see her leave, but we completely understand that it’s a fiscal reason,” Baez said.

    He said Lyon will remain “fully accessible to us if we need her at any time.”,0,2682343.story

  299. Mary Jo~~omg! I have a feeling that Mason Cheney’s actions may have helped Andrea arrive at her decision. I guess she would rather bow out now than ruin her reputation by not getting the DP removed.

  300. For some reason this does not surprise me. I have thought for awhile that since her motions have been denied that this might happen. Also with having 2 DP lawyers on the case, Casey doesn’t need 2 of those.

  301. IMO this is good for the Anthony defense. Lyon was very good at blathering ad nauseum in such a boring tone and manner that any jury would have been subdued into stupor and not remembered any of her points against the death penalty. Her snotty “I am bitch hear me roar you morons” attitude didn’t help either.

    Casey is more likely to receive LWOP now.

  302. Good morning everyone, Casey’s team is in big trouble now, this just may get her the DP that everyone was trying to avoid. She would do well now to just give it up and plead and pray they give her LWPP.

  303. This is what Bill Sheaffer has said:
    “Sheaffer said if Lyon was a true believer in Anthony, she would have made it work.

  304. Actually, I think Mr. Sheaffer has hit it right on the head. I wonder if she had set her students to finding a way for Casey to, in fact, be innocent and they kept concluding- Uh, No, she’s guilty as all hell, sorry! There are truly innocent or less culpable people already convicted on death row she can be applying her efforts towards, far more worthy than Casey at this point.

  305. I saw this on WFTV so I copied and pasted, is the prosecution ordering Cindy and Lee to testify next hearing or the defense?
    “ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — WFTV has learned that two members of the Anthony family have been subpoenaed to testify at a hearing in the case against Casey next week.
    VIDEO REPORT: Mother, Brother To Testify

    Both Casey’s mother, Cindy, and her brother, Lee, were ordered to testify.

    The hearing scheduled July 15 is about the panicked 911 call that Cindy made, which launched the murder investigation against Casey.

    During the phone call, Cindy said her daughter’s car smelled like there had been a dead body in it.

    Prosecutors say that call was an excited utterance and they want it admitted as evidence, but the defense says it is hearsay and wants it thrown out. “

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