Jailhouse Confections, Part 1

Confections [kənˈfɛkʃən]  – Informal anything regarded as excessively elaborate or frivolous

Maya Derkovic and Robyn Adams

Venting through the ventilation system

There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one’s safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions. Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn’t, but if he was sane he had to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn’t have to; but if he didn’t want to he was sane and had to. Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Catch-22 and let out a respectful whistle.

– Joseph Heller, from Catch-22

That’s one of the problems with the letters released yesterday, letters written by Casey’s own hand. Damned if you believe her and damned if you don’t. Here, we have 258 pages of, as criminal defense attorney Richard Hornsby stated, drivel. We also have several interviews to pore over and Detective Yuri Melich’s synopsis of what Maya Derkovic and Robyn Adams told him and other members of law enforcement about conversations they had with Casey. The words of two jailhouse snitches allegedly coming from a confirmed liar.

Herein lies a dilemma. In her interview, inmate Maya Derkovic talked about Casey using something to knock Caylee out, but she was not specific about what drugs she used to do that. Melich wrote, “Casey Anthony never mentioned what she used to put Caylee Anthony to sleep.”

But also in his investigative summary, Melich reported something completely different coming from inmate Robyn Adams. “Caylee Anthony had trouble sleeping and she had to use chloroform to put her to sleep. Casey Anthony implied her mother may have brought the chloroform home when she worked at a local clinic.”

Those are contradictory words written by Melich. Generally, prosecutors rely on sworn testimony and not on what a detective writes in a summary, but now the possibility exists that the defense could exploit the detective’s credibility at trial. In the movie Cool Hand Luke, starring the late Paul Newman, the prison captain said, “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.” Was it chloroform or wasn’t it, according to Melich? Did Casey tell one person about using this trihalomethane, but not the other? Can we trust anything coming from the mouths and hands of an established prevaricator, a convicted murderer and a convicted drug trafficker out to strike a deal with the State?

Without addressing the Melich implications any further, I will focus on Casey’s jail-bird friends. Melich is a matter for legal dissection.

What happens when convicts are called to the stand is simple. The defense has the option to cross-examine, and when they do, a whole can of worms spills out about that person’s criminal past. Yes, the defense will do that and because of the Sixth Amendment, Casey will have the right to be confronted with the witnesses against her, shackles and all.

Maya Derkovic, now 21, was convicted of murdering a 15-year-old girl, Harriet “Jackie” Curtis, in February of 2008. Dear Maya is spending her best years at Lowell Correctional Institution. She was a member of a gang, the 3rd World Rolling Sixties, a spinoff of the West Coast Crips. While incarcerated at the Orange County Jail, she decided it was time to come clean with what she did, so she opened up to a jailer, and later, to detectives. She and two other gang members lured Curtis to a retention pond on Goldenrod Road with the sole intent to kill. The other two, Amiri “Sin” Lundy and Dominique “D” Tolbert, held Curtis down while Derkovic choked her to death.

A pertinent point Casey’s defense would bring up is the conflict that’s arisen since Derkovic’s confession. In trying to find peace, she decided to come clean. In October of 2007, she told Orlando Sentinel reporters Henry Pierson Curtis and Sarah Lundy, “What I did was terribly wrong. It’s time to fess up to what I did and do the right thing.”

That sounds all chivalrous and everything. Good for her. She saw the light. Praise the Lord, but there’s a problem with it. She appealed her conviction. For the record, she is now incarcerated for these felony offenses: (1) Carjacking Without Felony Assault/Deadly Weapon – 2 years; (2) Aggravated Flee/Alluding a Law Enforcement Officer – 2 years; and (3) 2nd Degree Murder, Dangerous Act – 30 years. Why would Ms. Derkovic appeal her conviction if her inner conviction was to come clean and seek redemption?

Robyn Adams is married to a former police officer. Orlando Sentinel reporters Jim Leusner and Vincent Bradshaw wrote on July 23, 2008 that “Clay Adams lived two lives: one as an Altamonte Springs cop, the other as a painkiller-addicted, marijuana grow-house operator who was scheming to kill a former supervisor.”

Courtesy of WFTV

I live right around the corner from Altamonte Springs and there’s no way I don’t remember the story of one of the city’s finest from July 2008. According to a complaint filed by Agent Timothy Gunning of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Robyn Adams, then an employee at a surgeon’s office, obtained illicit prescriptions for her husband and marijuana seeds from the Netherlands via the Internet. They both ran the grow-house.

According to the Sentinel article, the complaint gives this account of the probe:

Adams approached an informant to partner in a marijuana-growing operation. That person tipped off CCIB agents, who brought the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and ATF into the case.

During the next two weeks, the informant secretly recorded meetings and phone calls with Adams and his wife while agents monitored them. Adams bragged about previous marijuana-growing operations and driving the pot to Tallahassee distributors.

Adams provided the informant with drivers-license photos, undercover aliases and real names of drug agents and CCIB officers, along with the descriptions of their vehicles. Adams also supplied weapons and prescription drugs to the informant, a convicted felon.

He told the informant that he joined CCIB earlier this year to learn investigative methods on how to detect marijuana-growing operations, Gunning wrote.

Adams was “extremely upset” when a supervisor’s reprimand led to his removal from the task force, the agent wrote.

“Clay advised [the informant] that he will let the issue cool off for a couple of months and then ‘take [the supervisor] out’ when he least expects it, utilizing a .308-caliber rifle equipped with a silencer,” Gunning wrote.

After the informant rented a home for the operation, Adams and his wife set up hydroponic equipment in the residence last weekend and provided marijuana seeds, the complaint read.

Adams is a master patrolman who has served as a uniformed officer and detective for Altamonte Springs police. He has been suspended without pay, police Chief Robert Merchant said at a news conference Tuesday.

Adams’ actions “disgraced the honor of the badge,” he said.

“I am extremely upset,” Merchant said. “We work very, very hard to build our reputation only to have it brought down by [Adams’] actions.”

This is a despicable couple who conspired to deal in illicit drugs and (allegedly) have a police officer murdered. Clay Adams owned an arsenal of handguns, rifles and shotguns¹.  She will stay locked up inside the Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) until April 6, 2017, while he will remain up close and personal-like with Big Bubba at the Beaumont FCI until October 17, 2023. When interviewed, Bubba said he “don’t like cops gone bad.” No one does. Robyn Adams kept those letters from Casey after promising to dispose of them. Flush after reading. She tried to work out a plea deal over them. In my opinion, once a cop’s wife, always a cop’s wife, no matter how rotten to the corps. It’s a mindset thing and if you can’t trust a cop – or his wife – who can you trust?

I don’t know what is truth and what is fiction from the documents released yesterday. What I can and will say is that there are huge differences between being raised up with a strong religious faith and the kind that comes in prison, called jailhouse religion. I’m not going to say that either of these women picked up an honesty trait suddenly, and I’m not going to deny that they may have had epiphanies – the sudden realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something – a Come to Jesus moment so to speak, but I sure as hell wouldn’t put any stock in what they had to say. Any more than I would put in Miss Anthony’s letters. Again, let me refresh your memories… “Not a bit of useful information has been provided by Ms. Anthony as to the whereabouts of her daughter,” Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland said. “And I would add that the truth and Ms. Anthony are strangers.”

What we have to be very careful of is selective believing. If you don’t trust Casey, how can you believe any of it is true? If you do believe any of it, you must believe Casey is telling the truth. So are the snitches.

A veritable Catch-22. Plus 2.

OCSO Supplemental Report on Casey’s Letters



506 thoughts on “Jailhouse Confections, Part 1

  1. Hi Dave. One thing before I read any further..Where is it said the convicted murderer and the convicted drug trafficker are out to strike a deal with the State?

    Melich wrote a synopsis of his conversations…I would imagine a summary of a conversation he or anyone else had in this case would not be brought up at trial. So I can’t see why his “credibilty” would come into question.

    And isn’t it obvious, the prosecution would not use Melich’s summary and the snitches tales while presenting their case?

  2. Oh absolutely Dave. Take those letters with a grain of salt. Seems most around the blogs feel the same. I do.

    One thing in the letter: Casey stating yet another “story” about leaving Caylee with Zany for a “few days”. Never heard that one.

    And what about her statment of the blanket and garbage bag found with Caylee when her remains were found, before it was announced by LE? What do you think? And why do you think the prosecution would cal these two to the stand?

    So many questions!

  3. Linda – I wrote “… and a convicted drug trafficker out to strike a deal with the State?” That refers to one person, Robyn Adams.

    In his report, Melich writes that Adams “agreed to speak with us at this time, but refused to provide a sworn recorded statement unless she had an toorney present. Robyn Adams was concerned at something that occurred while at the Orange County Jail while incarcerated there and she wanted to ensure she would not be charged with any other crime(s).”

    Melich will take the stand and the defense will cross examine him. This includes attacking his credibility. I’m just the messenger. This is what goes on in a courtroom. I do not make the rules. I may go into Melich later on, but this post is really more about the snitches.

  4. What a motley bunch. Anyway, I’m getting a couple of impressions from this part of things. I’m thinking she was putting this theory out there just in case, as a sort of plan b. I think it’s possible that she used something to knock her out sometimes, but I think this was an intentional kill. Chloroform is on computer, in car, in needle found in woods. I connect the dots and I get a lethal injection scenario. Taping her skull doesn’t match an accident either. So, I think Casey had some alternative agendas in mind with these notes, jmo.

  5. Hey Dave~~wow, when did you find the time to put all this together? Lots of information and greatt post.

    I interpreted Yuri Melich to be referring to Maya’s statement in one of the things he wrote and then Robyn’s in the other. He referred to two separate statements of the two separate inmates and I do not find them contradictory at all. It was his take on each one.

  6. But Dave, what made you think THAT particular summary will be presented?

    Sorry for my mistake of saying TWO snitches. Robyn may have thought/wanted to make a deal but don’t see that it happened/was asked for/or offered.

  7. That’s wahat I was kinda thinking. It was Melich’s “take” on the interviews. What he got out of it. Not everything will be presented in court. And I highly doubt these inmates will be brought to the stand. Maybe Casey’s letters, but not them.

  8. Hiya, Snoopy – I started doing research on Derkovic and Adams before the documents were released yesterday. That gave me a little bit of a head start on those two. As for Melich’s report, I see it the way you do, but that doesn’t mean the defense won’t try to discredit him. That was my only point in saying that, to remind everyone about how a defense works at trial.

  9. Casey’s defense team will try to discredit not only Melich but every other officer, expert witnesses like all defense attorney’s (and prosecuter’s do). And I do believe I know what goes on in a courtroom from following many, many court cases in the newpapers, TV etc!

  10. wow, great post.
    Also these letters are a look into what Casey’s life be like in prison, the girlfriends and stories will change yet remain the same for the rest of Caseys life. Drival was a very word, Dave.

  11. I agree, she said one thing to one, another to another, that doesn’t surprise me, or make it seem contradictory. I can’t see any of this coming in because of alot of different things, but who knows..

  12. If I can’t find anything about chloroform in Robyn Adams’ transcripts, then I will firmly say that Melich was wrong in writing that she did state it.

  13. Linda, once again… In his report, Melich writes that Adams “agreed to speak with us at this time, but refused to provide a sworn recorded statement unless she had an toorney present. Robyn Adams was concerned at something that occurred while at the Orange County Jail while incarcerated there and she wanted to ensure she would not be charged with any other crime(s).”

    That, in my opinion, is trying to negotiate something. I’ll give you this if you give me that.

  14. Dave~~any of the things that Casey supposedly told Maya and Robyn and were told to Yuri will be considered hearsay and not admitted into evidence anyway. I mean told things that were not in Casey’s written letters. If Maya or Robyn observed Casey’s emotions or actions on a first hand basis, there is a possibility that could be entered into evidence. Maya’s and Robyn’s credibilty will be torn to threads. There are bits in Casey’s letters that can be used against Baez ( smuggling books and the emails to Casey from her folks) and also tidbits can be used, if the trial comes to the penalty phase.

  15. would just like to note that while you are in jail you are not generally locked up with fine upstanding citizens.

  16. I beleive the chloroform satement is in a “supplemental” document…Casey did not write it in one of her letters…Came from one of the snitches (Hearsay!)

  17. Hornsby can spell the word correctly, I apparently can’t copy the word correctly. lol
    Off to paint today, respects to all.

  18. Oh, she was “negotiating” for any “new” crimes. I thought for her “original” crime! My bad.

  19. That’s not true, Snoopy. Easily, this hearsay could be considered firsthand knowledge since it was told to them directly by Casey. Allegedly, in my opinion, but LE is stating it as reliable. If I told you that Casey looked me square in the face and said something, that is direct contact and firsthand knowledge. If I told you what Casey told me and you contacted LE, LE would have to talk to me, not you, in order to use it as evidence.

    Yes, the defense has every right to discredit them.

  20. If you read the notes – which include notes from Robyn to her sister (her real sister) she implies that her relationship with Casey and information she gathers may be her ticket for getting out of jail early.

    From what I could tell from the envelopes, these notes from Casey were forwarded from her to her attorney and then given to her (Robyn’s) dad for safe-keeping. Apparently her real sister got jealous after reading them because they implied a very close relationship with Casey and Robyn similar to ‘sisters’ and Robyn had to explain that her plan was to use them for her own means.

    Robyn also explained to her real sister that she was disturbed and uncomfortable about Casey’s inappropriate reactions to Caylee’s missing/death. (paraphrasing)

  21. Good post and nice analogies Dave. I see the situation the same way you do.

    I do think it gives some insight into Casey’s state of mind and knack for living in a fantasy world. Also the whole found Jesus-in-Jail thing is way over the top.

  22. Dave; Once again you have outdone yourself and added a lot to the recently released letters.
    I don’t think the State would want to use any of this. It shows a very unstable mind and if anything it works more for the Defence, otherwise Baez would have fought tooth and nail to have them sealed. It shows Casey has compassion for other’s, it shows she is angry with her brother, her father and mother for all her upbringing chaos. They will use the abuse excuse when it comes time for mitigating factors, Baez is smiling like a Cheshire cat. There isn’t one thing that could be held against Casey other than the lack of Caylee’s name or feelings about her one way or the other. The only one small glimmer is: How did Casey know that the remains were found with a blanket when it wasn’t reported on the news or through her Pastor who delivered the information to her. That might have some probative value.

    Anyway you sure have us going again.

  23. Lilyolily – There’s no doubt in my mind that Adams had an ulterior motive. She kept the letters! It could be that she expects to make money off them, too, down the road. As for Casey, I haven’t read her letters yet and I’m not going to comment much on their content until I do, but I’m sure most of them are not only drivel, but frivolous drivel at that. Thank you.

  24. Dave~~sorry but I see it as hearsay…third party and inadmissable. Robyn says, “She told me such and such…” She tells this to Yuri.

    Casey to Robyn to Yuri…. third party info when it is told to Yuri. If it isn’t in a sworn or written statement and signed, it is not worth a darn.

    Maybe we should go back to that blue truck hitting the yellow car. LOL

  25. Every one of her (FEW) statements about how much she misses/loves/loved Caylee is followed by a completely random and inappropriate question or statement to Robyn all in the same rambling.

    For example:

    Hooray! I’ll see my Caylee in heaven! So what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

    There are 5 or 6 more but I don’t have the stomach to go back and look for them. They have an in-genuine quality to them that seems forced. She talks about Robyn’s kids way more than she does Caylee.

  26. Something to add to Dave’s take on this….. most likely as the state builds their case they also view the case from the prospective of the defense and we should as well. That is the way to tie up any holes in the case before it reaches the courtroom.

  27. Right on, on Adams! Snitch-snake. I had two roommates in Boston (both guys- duh), at two different apartments each tell me, somewhat sotto voce (after I forked over good money of course), they “used to work for the DEA”! Woo-Woo! Snitches, both of ’em! Time to start going through the Classifieds again… Damn. Drug addicts lie up one side and down the other, routinely. Ex-cop wife, whatever, looking for the upside and this one she thought would be a doozy. The Killer would have way more credibility than her, imo.

  28. Thanks, Weezie. The statement about Casey knowing what the body was found with came from Robyn Adams, a convicted felon. Now, I would never say it’s not true, but in all practicality, it still comes down to the credibility of who says what.

    And speaking of credibility, Casey never said her mother strangled her on June 15. She said her father did after July 15. Which one is true? Which one is false? Egads! No one knows up from down with that family.

    And again speaking of credibility, I am sure River made a statement to Bob Kealing about provocative pictures. I surely don’t trust them, either.

  29. Snoopy – Let me say this. If two vehicles collide at a busy intersection and no police were around to witness it, who do the investigators rely on for evidence and information? If every one of Casey’s friends who were interviewed by LE are nothing more than hearsay, then all of those interviews were a giant waste of taxpayers’ dollars. Annie Downing is toast. So is everyone else.

  30. I was reading on Wesh Website that Richard Hornsby stated if Casey sticks to the accusations about Lee and George they can face charges. Casey lies about everything who would ever believe her?

  31. This MAY be a bargaining chip with Robyn Adams, for both sides…
    LE-give a sworn statement or we charge you with a felony for contraband. (pen she gave Casey, smuggling the letters out?)
    Adams_ don’t charge me and I will.

    Adams already took a plea agreement in her drug case and her appeal is toast.

  32. There are two sayings that I think can help us here:
    1) there is thickness among thieves
    2) Use a thief to catch a thief

    I do believe that Casey was dumb and self-centered enough to think that Robyn Adams WOULD actually read and flush the notes down the toilet – as was evidently the “pact” ….I doubt that Casey kept any of Robyn’s notes …because there is only one person in Casey’s universe …and that is Casey.

    I think that the letters were basically Casey’s way to reinforce her new reality …her re-invented self. The official “new” history of Casey – with no mention of the woman who texted one of her lovers – lamenting that she was stuck with the “snothead” kid and couldn’t come over for some sex.
    The issue is that IF there is no Zenaida – as everyone knows – except Cindy …then Casey’s signed statement to police – the ONLY statement to police …is a LIE ….
    The issue of molestation/incest …is typical “noise” to keep everything off focus. As predicted …these letters will be Casey’s way of putting her parents and brother under the bus … It remains to be seen if the Anthonys will verify Casey’s statements …or finally distance themselves and admit that Casey killed Caylee. She is the only one who had means, motive, and opportunity to do so.
    I hope that OCSO or SAO can transcribe all these letters (to read her handwriting is actually painful – and in itself is indication of some major personality issues) ..so that we can see what was written versus what was allegedly said to Robyn and the other inmate.
    Yes…I know the general thought of taking a jailhouse snitch’s comments as just useless hearsay ….But one of Casey’s friends even commented in her sworn testimony that Caylee could fall asleep at any party …A 2-YEAR OLD??? Get real! There is no way that any rational person serving on a jury is going to have reasonable doubt about listening to that comment. So that goes to giving credence to Robyn’s statement about Casey and the chloroform.
    But most importantly: Anybody can quote scripture …but if Casey were REALLY a true Christian, if she were REALLY a great Mom …she would have talked to police to tell them what happened. How can she still deny her daughter the dignity of a date of death! She can’t talk because she will not admit that she killed her child.

  33. this is copied from WESH: “Defense attorney Richard Hornsby said the biggest shocker in the letters were Anthony’s claims that she was sexually abused by her brother, Lee Anthony, and her father, George Anthony.
    Hornsby said if Casey Anthony sticks to her story, they could face charges.
    Horsnby also said if she’s convicted of killing her daughter, Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony’s claims that she was abused could save her own life.
    (Maybe the reason Casey wrote this in her letters was to save her own life, and maybe Lee or George will say this all happenedeven if they faced jailtime in order to save Casey’s life?

  34. as far as what she accuses George and Lee of, unfortunately this sort of thing happens so much, one has to wonder. One (like a psychologist) also has to wonder why, if not true, she would say it, including before all this went down.

  35. Also wouldn’t Casey be grieving behind bars if she thought her child was really murdered by someone else. No mother’s heart could stand that pain. Yet, Casey talked about going on a RV with another inmate…She also never pleaded on TV before she was arrested for Caylee’s life, she never looked for her daughter, a Mom who can’t find her 2 yr. old would be panicked! Any mother who loved her daughter would have fell apart in prison over the loss of her baby, she didn’t care less, not while at home before she was actually arrested and not in jail, Casey was more interested in her letters how she would appear on camera in court, it shows her mindset, these letters are very telling.

  36. But, will they fall on their swords for her? A la Susan Smith’s stepfather? I’m betting, only to save her life! And that wouldn’t happen until Penalty phase. What would be the Statute of Limitations for this in Florida, I wonder, for Hornsby to make such a statement?

  37. Cheyenne, I read somewhere, maybe on Wesh, that Mr. Conway The Anthony’s atty. put out a statement The Anthony family denies Casey’s allegations. Yes, I did read Casey has told others before Caylee “went Missing” about Lee.

  38. Karen, I think if Casey pursues those allegations-the family may go along with it- if it will save Casey’s life.

  39. It was Jesse she told. You could say well, maybe she was trying to manipulate him to get her out of parents house. But if she told others before, besides him, what would be the reason? I can’t see someone saying they did that (like George) if it’s not true, that’s one hell of a price..too high, I think. I don’t know if it’s true or not. Certainly if it was believed, makes you feel bad, but not enough to explain Caylee’s death, that’s for sure. I’ll tell you, it could explain some other dysfunction, like with her mom. But I don’t know what to think on that, one way or the other…

  40. Casey going away with Robyn. Sounds like a “Thelma and Louise” ! Maybe Lee and Casey were still playing doctor and Casey asked Lee to touch her breasts.

  41. sorry to get off point there, Dave. As far as letters..I think it’s a bunch of crap as usual from her, indistinguishable between lie and truth. I don’t know if it’ll come in or be believed.

  42. I think Casey simply rattled on & on, saying nothing. Casey accusations against Lee/Geo were simply poor me and her way of trying to get attention. Remember it is all about Casey. Her attys might not believe her but they do know it would help with the death penalty phase
    if the public believed her.
    Of course Casey’s pen pal would try to use Caseys letters as a bargaining tool. I certainly would try. Makes sense.
    I am very curiuos about Lee. Is Lee ready to wash his hands of Casey? Even though most of us do not believe Casey, those accusatuions are out there forever now with Lee.

  43. How many have been abused as a child and have never ever hurt another person physically or murdered them. It is an excuse. And if it flies. Jails would be empty today.


  44. The family has already denied all those molestation/incest statements from Casey.

    Casey did mention to Jesse about her brother and “abuse”. So sick of Casey Anthony. Ridiculous amount of time for this to get trial. Ridiculous. OJ killed his wife, went on a bronco chase, lots and lots and lots of DNA evidence to review by experts on both sides. Over and done with (no, conviction of course-race card played) in 14 months!! It will be almost 3 years for this to go to trial and for her to get convicted. When it finally get to trial it will be no differen from any other trial. Circumstantial evidence will convict her. Sorry, just kinda sick of her today.

  45. Linda FNY, so agree with you. Trial is taking
    forever and the cost to the FL tax payers will be huge. Out here in CA, a few counties where courts tried to move a trial to, have refused big time trials stating their counties cannot afford it.

  46. She’s awake now, but has no recollection of what happened the past week. She had been in an induced coma and she had a very high fever. If all goes well, chemo will probably start on Monday. Needless to say, Laura is in better spirits than she had been in. It was wonderful talking to her.

  47. pg 98 of 516 – Robyn’s letter to Tracy. Robyn apologizes for writing to KC. “This may be my only way out of prison sooner than my expected term” Robyn admits the reason why she writes to KC, to use her as a bargaining chip. 1st time Robyn mentions David Badali.

  48. I haven’t read all the pages yet but my take on it so far beside the legal angle is that Casey is a chameleon – she becomes what she believes the other person wants her to be and in this case Robyn preaches faith, etc. and therefore so does Casey.

    Yes, she does mention Caylee, but does anyone else find it very odd that she is so accepting of Caylee’s fate? Almost a year ago someone I knew murdered her two daughters who were under the age of nine. She was caught with their bodies in the car. To this moment I write about them daily in my journal and rant and rave frequently how unfair it all was. I write about all the things I wished for them and how I wished I could have saved them. Isn’t it odd that this was Casey’s daughter and yet she doesn’t do the same? She is just far too accepting.

    I can also only but wonder what George, Cindy and Lee must be thinking while reading the letters. Will they still cover up for her?

    Oh well – time for me to return to reading the letters.

  49. pg 175 of 516 – Robyn writes to BFF (Tracy) I’ve been allowed to secretly come out late @ night to have chats with KC. KC is very distraught when they are diving in river. (Econ) Must be writing about the time LP was diving in Econ River. KC was very upset. Ironically, the diver who found the bones was David Badali.

    Officer Hernandez is encouraging the Robyn to talk with KC.

  50. Melich’s statement appears to be based on his interview with Robyn Adams on January 27th. Since she would not give a sworn statement, he had to rely on notes. His synopsis is of that interview, not the one FDLE did on February 12th.

  51. Thanks again. I really have been wondering and worrying. What a tough challenge for both Laura and her daughter. One thing I know is that Laura is a strong and determined woman. I’ll be praying.

  52. LOL *New Puppy

    I too thought…..Thelma and Louise when making it all the way to page#57. I skipped through a lot of them and some were sideways.

    She surely does live in her own little world.

    She thinks she will get out of there and go on road trips in an RV with Robyn. She writes with excitement , and mentions it in several letters
    Talked about changing her name and says she’s a fat girl inside.

    I can’t believe you haven’t read any of the letters *Dave. I really wanted your input on her thought process. A different post perhaps?? 🙂

  53. I will read the rambling letters, Diana, and write something. Yes! That’s why this post is called Part 1. To be honest, there may be several more parts before this document dump is all worn out.

  54. Dave,
    Is this how George met River and Skye??

    Casey is so shallow, self-serving, and boring. No remorse for slaughtering little Caylee. She is just a cold blooded killer who would probably kill again if released.

    Her friend Robyn should never, ever be released if she choked a fifteen yr. old to death! So much EVIL!

    I can’t imagine Lee ever speaking to Casey again after what she said about him.

    Tks. for another great article! Hadley

  55. Hi, Hadley – It looks like Skye met Casey in jail and River met George under the tent. Something seems fishy to me.

    No, No, No! Robyn didn’t kill anyone, Maya did!

    I wouldn’t trust anything that Casey writes, including her allegations of sexual abuse.

  56. Dave, I did not and Doubt I will ever read “all”
    of Caseys letters. The older I become the less empty brain cells I have to use. I do not want them filled with drivel.
    I did read the first 5 or so pgs then skimmed.
    double yuck!!

  57. Dave said, “If I can’t find anything about chloroform in Robyn Adams’ transcripts, then I will firmly say that Melich was wrong in writing that she did state it”.

    I disagree. Melich may have been privy to much more then has been released so far. He’s no dummy and I don’ think he made stuff up. I’m absolutely sure that every detail has been checked and double checked which led to their findings.

    Let’s give Yuri and John credit where credit is due.

  58. Dave said,”I will read the rambling letters, Diana, and write something. Yes!”

    What made you think it was okay to make ANY comments when you haven’t even taken the time and (extreme) effort to read the “drivel” (Richard Hornsby is right on target).

    I’m disappointed.

  59. River was supposed to have met George in a parking lot as per Skye. She went to him, introduced herself and offered to help out. Maybe the tent was set up in the parking lot. Skye said River and George were intimate. River says uh uh. I do not trust anyone who finds it necessary to change their name. River did try and explain the reasons in her interview. I am still not buying the story of these girls. It seems they were trying to con George and both Cindy and George were trying to con them. JMO

  60. Nosy Parker~~I think you are overstepping your limits in here. What was RH right on target about? Dave not reading the letters or what? You left us dangling here.

  61. Snoopy girl, just have to like how you defend a friend, with class and intelligence.
    Dave, thanks for the link on the handwriting.

  62. Dave, I’m not even getting into this whole situation! Casey, Robyn, and Maya are all in this mess for what they can get out of it and I’m not capable of deciding what is truth, mis-truth, half-truth, or a downright lie.

    However, I skipped reading most of the letters and found Robyn Adams’ sworn statment to the FDLE.

    It’s a fascinating read and I do find she MAY have information concerning Casey’s demeanor at various times throughout their “relationship”, whatever it was.


  63. I think the Anthonys are saying that “no sexual abuse ever occured”….just heard the tail end of it. I think Casey will say or do anything to cover her butt at this time. It’s all about HER!

    She talks about the clothes Cindy picks for her to wear to court, and how she doesn’t like them. When the trial starts, and she has to be there every day, she’ll end up wearing stripes if she doesn’t stop bashing Cindy! lol

    Don’t know Laura, but will surely pray for her little girl. So sad when a little child suffers from a bad illness.

    Sorry I got the killers name wrong! haha What a lousey det. I would make! lol

  64. A few days ago Richard Hornsby said that Casey’s communications were “drivel”. Dave cited Richard’s comment. Did you miss it?

  65. You make a very good point, Nosy Parker, and I’ll retract my statement. Melich WAS privy to more information than we have seen. My original point was that the defense will capitalize on anything that looks unusual, and I still think that’s a topic for discussion if it ever comes out that there was never a statement made by Adams that Casey mentioned chloroform.

    This isn’t a question about giving credit where credit is due. For that matter, where did I say anything about John? That’s how words are distorted. I never mentioned him today. What gave you the idea about John? The summary was written by Melich.

  66. cali patti~~we will find out just how classy I was when I get the rebuttal. LOL

    Remember that song that made Tammy Wynette famous? She didn’t know any better and neither do I.

    Anyhow, I have about 100 more pages to read in the supplementary and have no desire to do so. Would someone like to give me a summary of them?

  67. Melich and John are working hand and hand together. What you say about Melich you’re saying about John. They’re a team at least when it comes to the investigation of Caylee Anthony’s murder. IMO.

  68. Nosy Parker – I was interviewed by John Allen. He is the case supervisor. I was not interviewed by Yuri Melich, who works under Allen. I have also talked to Allen on the phone a couple of times. I have never communicated with Melich. The two are not joined at the hip. For that matter, what happened to Eric Edwards? Why not include him?

  69. Snoopy girl, lol, being ‘not as smart” as others on this post, I can freely admit to not reading ____ when I don’t want to. I love reading, I read backs of cereal boxs, how-to manuals and read by candle light last night while power was out. I just could not read many of Caseys letters. I read as much as I could and my stomach began hurting. Yuck & more yuck.

  70. Quote; Snoopy Sleuth; Nosy Parker~~I think you are overstepping your limits in here. What was RH right on target about? Dave not reading the letters or what? You left us dangling here.

    You are over stepping your boundaries here and if you can’t see it then you are more enmeshed then you realize. That’s JMO. Dave’s a big boy and he has no problem dealing with anybody who is rude or unreasonable. Where do you get off on involving yourself in a difference of opinion between Dave and me. And in such a confrontational manner. No wonder Dave has so much conflict with others.

  71. Dave I’ll gladly involve Corp. Edwards and his involvement in the investigation of the murder of 2 year old Caylee Anthony.

  72. Snoopy, Dave is so lucky to have you for a friend. The two of you are just great together. Nothing beats a loyal friend…they are hard to come by! I envy you two.

    Nosy Rosy got after me awhile back. I didn’t even know WHY. Bah Humbug!

  73. Nosy Parker – “I’m disappointed.”

    What the hell is this? Can’t I ascertain information from the news? Do I have to read the entire Bible to know it’s the Word of God? For crying out loud, woman, I have stated that I don’t have answers for those letters yet. Are you trying to frame me for your pals? What the hell can YOU tell us about those letters? Enlighten us like you do over yonder.

  74. Well, perhaps you think Allen, Melich and Edwards are joined at the hip, but I saw the dynamics going on at the sheriff’s office, and Allen is in charge. Under your rules, that’s not the way it would be. If Melich holds an interview, I suspect that you expect Allen and Edwards to know it word for word?

  75. anyhoo, just breezing in for a bit, I’ll tell you people, I stopped reading the docs on this mess long ago, too time consuming. I read the news when stuff comes out, I read this blog, and if something catching my attention, I’ll go in the docs.
    This business about George bouncing this chick, I just find that hard to believe. Just can’t see it. I could be wrong, but..just seems like another coo coo drawn to the case.

  76. “sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home” ……… I’ve never read of Dave or seen Dave having conflict with anyone.

  77. Hadley for God’s sakes my name is Nosy Parker, not Nosy Rosy. God have mercy!!! I don’t even know you.

    Dave you don’t have answers to those letters because you haven’t read them yet. So don’t offer your words of wisdom until you take the time and suffer through reading them. It is painful . Come on!!!

    Big questions; Was Casey Anthony sexually abused by her father? It’s all “fuzzy” to her. Was Casey Anthony sexually abused by her brother? When she told her mother of the said abuse did her mother make excuses for the alleged perpetrator (her brother) and tell Casey that she was a whore (Casey’s words)?

  78. ok, please, Dave you said nothing wrong.
    You do not HAVE TO DO anything you don’t want to, that includes reading.
    I think everyone saw thru what,
    WHO WILL REMAIN UNNAMED was trying to do.

  79. remember when we were little and our Mom’s told us to just ignore the bully?

    Hadley, funny Nosy Rosy.

  80. Nosy Parker~~ I have observed you on many occasions conversing with others. The end result alway seems to end up just like it is doing in here tonight. What right do you have to come into a blog and give orders to the blog owner? What right do I have to tell you that you are overstepping your limits? You best ask Marinade Dave that one.
    If I wasn’t a lady, I would tell you that you come across as being a pompous ass.

  81. I don’t mind the questions, but there’s an attitude going on here. If I walk into someone’s house, I don’t throw insults at the owner. Not at first, anyway. This is a confrontation. On the post, I was straight. I gave Richard Hornsby full credit. I never wrote anything about those letters. I tell Diana I will read them and write something in the future. Nosy attacks me for writing about the letters I said I didn’t read. I just don’t get it.

  82. I’m just coming up from underneath my hiding spot here in the lurkers corner to tell snoopy that you are da bomb! And Dave….I don’t understand what you said that confused or agitated anyone. Keep up the great work! Now…back to my dark lurking place.

  83. Dave~~it seems to always follow the same pattern. I wish some of these folks would set up a blog of their own. Let them give it a whirl for a week or two. That would be long enough to instill in some of them that when you enter a blog, you are a guest not a damn drill sergeant dishing out the orders.

    Dave, I apolize for getting a little carried away but you know me.

  84. Good night to all, before I leave I just have to say from what I read (I didn’t read all the letters, my eyes were hurting), but from what I read it was very telling of someone who had no caring at all about Caylee, her child. Whether it goes into evidense for the jury or not, as a mother there was no concern for her child. I have a friend who lost a son, he was not a child but a young adult my friend was never the same, it’s been 3 yrs. he died unexpectedly from undiagnosed heart problems. The worst thing in the world is for a mother to loose her child, I see no grief from Casey, it just shows she wanted it this way. JMO goodnight all.

  85. emdeeem~~get out here right this minute. Big black widow spiders lurk in dark places. By the way you spelled your name, you may be related to me…God help me!

  86. I totally understood what you were saying, Dave. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and the commenters here are excellent for the most part. I have read here for a looonnnngggg time and have never posted, but it is so annoying to have senseless interruptions. (If someone needs to improve reading comprehension skills, might I suggest sylvan learning centers?)
    Back on topic…I have read every word of every letter. Frighteningly, Casey reminds me of my 20 year old daughter. I definitely see the immaturity in KC’s writings. I also feel that they are not as damaging to the defense’s case as the media proclaimed them to be.

  87. Dave/Snoopy girl, I am new to reading you and Dave however you two have always “carried yourselves” in consideration to others comments, empathy (to new contributors),
    and with open minds to either side of a disscussion. I’ve never been made to feel stupid
    or unwelcome.
    O do try to follow the owners rules and yes I did read them.
    The rules in here are fair.
    Snoopy slueth, you did well!!

  88. Snoopy…I would consider it an extreme honor to be related to you!

    I spelled out my initials phonetically.

  89. Hadley~~thank you friend. Hey where is the cute little baby?

    Has anyone read the entire Part 2? It is worth me reading?

    Question~~I read so late last nite, I got a bit confused. Is River an illegal immigrant or what?

  90. I must say that you, cali patti, and Hadley, are always polite and very sweet. I certainly don’t mind tough questions, but I don’t expect to be slammed against the wall here on my own blog or anywhere else. Everywhere else I can’t control, but I sure can here.

  91. I’d like to know how someone lifts up your sports bra or unfastens your bra while you sleep and you don’t know it until you see them sitting on the floor looking at you holding a flashlight.. Doesn’t make sense, especially since she said it happened for 3 years. Maybe he drugged her too, and that’s why she slept through all that.

    Casey Anthony is just a habitual liar starving for attention.

    How cruel for her to say that about her own brother. I do not believe her.

  92. Snoopy, I didn’t read that River was an illegal, but, excuse me Nosy, I won’t tackle that part until I’ve absorbed enough to write about it, just like Casey’s letters.

  93. Dave I was surprized you held back as well as you did. I do not understand attacking anyone ever. There are better ways.
    As to Caseys letters, I did not read each one word for word, but I did read groups of them here and there. In my opinion, the letters do not hold any secrets that have not already come out. That type of reading, for me, was difficult to remember what I read just after reading it.

  94. Cali patti – I want to read them – at my own pace – to see what I could cull from them; something from her inner psyche. I don’t know, but I think they’re worth a look. The only problem is they make me nervous just peeking at the first page.

    Everyone has their detractors, but somethings wrong when a person only knows how to be rude.

  95. Diana~~I was wondering why Casey would sleep in her sports bra. Wouldn’t she want to set them free for the night? That was a terrible accusation to make about her brother. It is going to be hard for him to go out in public now with all the hecklers. Saying Cindy called her a whore was something else too. She is really alienating herself from her family. I wonder if they will bother to show up in court again.

  96. In my opinion, G&C will continue going because, no matter what, she is their daughter. That’s got to hurt, but they could try to justify it in their minds by thinking she was under plenty of stress. The problem I see, that they don’t, is precisely that. Casey never looks at her parents. I’ve never seen it.

  97. I just listened to an interview with Los Angeles Psyshologist Dr. Michelle Gollard on Casey Anthony Letters. If you haven’t listened you might find it interesting. She seems to think Cindy might turn on Casey to save her own image. (heard at the end of the interview)

  98. Dave~~I read all the letters. The time consuming part was having to rotate so many pages from horizontal to upside down. I can’t really say that there were many omg’s… I noticed that Casey had some mood swings including what appeared to be temper tantrums.
    She admitted that she hated anyone trying to discipling her. She mentioned Caylee almost as an afterthought… like…oh yes, I best put something here about Caylee and then right away, she would talk about something else.

    Her rambling about God and religion took up alot of the letters. You could tell that she had the bible handy and was copying scriptures.

  99. Greetings Dave & Snoopy,
    Dave, thank you for writing about the documents. I was trying to read her letters. It is very hard on the eyes.
    I don’t know if you read a comment that I made last night. I said that I feel that Casey does sometimes throw some truth in amid her ginormous lies. Her truth might be the drivel part, who knows. I can’t believe she is so stupid to write anything down that could be found and used against her, or is she? I also mentioned that the letters could be a planned defense thing. I’m not as convinced of my opinion about that as I was last night but who knows. This is the most amazing case that I have had such an interest in.
    Dave & Snoopy,
    I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to run a blog. I know I would never be able to. You are both so good at what you do that I am always in awe of how you write and how you handle the tough questions. You both deal with the facts and can back up the statements that you make. I trust both of you that your words are true. Thanks for all your time and hard work. I appreciate what you do.

  100. Interesting, Snoopy, I looked through the Mom Logic stuff while listening to the interview with Los Angeles clinical psychologist Dr. Michelle Golland on WDBO.

  101. I read all of the letters, and the biggest thing that gets me is that a guard let them out of their cells at night . And also that Baez has no respect for the court or jails

    I might have read wrong with River, that she only said she was illegal to not be questioned on her past, but that was the thought I had. I cant believe it was passed off on the news that she had an affair with george. I think she should slap skye for adding a lot more to it, than there really was . Good article Dave and dont let people that are negative get to you, it wasnt called for at all

  102. I also googled WDBO Casey Anthony Letters/Michelle Gollard. At the end of
    the write up it says listen to full interview.

  103. Good evening, Frankie – Thank you for reading my articles, too. Yes, those letters are hard on the eyes and I am not looking forward to reading them. If there’s truth in them, I’ll have to read it to believe it. If she says the sky is blue, OK. As for the content, by what I’ve read and heard, it sounds like it’s a teenage girl fantasizing about her future with Mr. Dreamy while complaining about her parents. It’s as if her mind stopped at 14, but her body kept going. That’s what I’ve often speculated. She’s not legally nuts, but she’s a psychologists dream and nightmare rolled into one. What sort of teenage brain accuses her brother and father of sexually abusing her? A girl trying to rationalize her mistakes. Someone who will never take the blame for anything. Someone who will stop at nothing. Do I think it was a setup by the defense? No, I don’t think Casey could follow orders like that. I think this is precisely the way her brain works. I won’t really be able to picture it all for real until I actually read the letters, but some very good pictures have already been painted.

  104. Hi, Fran – I have more to study on the 32 and 38 year old twins, so I don’t want to say much yet, but I do have a good idea and a theme, which some might find interesting. As for the negative comments, I like a good discussion, but not from someone filled with so much contempt. Thank you.

    Oh, as for Baez, attorneys can be that WAY. They try to get away with things. Let’s see how this unfolds.

  105. It was a good interview, too, New Puppy. I just don’t think G&C are quite ready to break away yet. They are probably thinking these were the thoughts of a very confused girl. I think it’s going to take more than this, but it’s got to hurt.

  106. Dave, in the Supplemental info LE has the twins with the same B-Day, in 1971. The simple answer is that one of ’em has phonied her age on her Page, a while back now, and never bothered to correct.

    I understood you perfectly- Life Is Short, inane Casey ramblings can WAIT, they have to be choked down one-at-a-time, like horse pill vitamins, but with way less value!

  107. Dave,
    Your’e probably right. Don’t you think that most criminals eventually have to brag about how they did it and maybe brag about what the cops, parents or friends missed or how they pulled the wool over their eyes? Maybe she isn’t there yet but who knows, it could happen.

  108. Snoopy:
    I have got to find me a new baby…

    haha Oh my! Nosy PARKER…sorry..I thought Nosy and Rosy went well together! Maybe Rosy Nosy? nite nite

  109. Frankie~~thank you for the lovely compliment. I try my best and it is not always easy.

    I found the interview with River got a bit tense..they said they were going off record but it looked like they kept the audio rolling. She did say that someone at Kidfinder’s demanded money from her and she refused. River thought he may expose her past to George. I can’t recall the name right off but it began with an ‘I’… I have never heard that name before and only heard about Dennis and Sherry Milstead connected with Kidfinder’s.

  110. Your probably right about the age issue, Karen. I still have a problem with George having an affair, the compromising pictures that never surfaced, and the latest statement about George and River NOT having an affair.

  111. Frankie – There’s that old saying that the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. In Casey’s case, will she ever return to the truth? I kind of look at her like an old, old movie star. She sits in her little theater watching old, old movies of herself, living in that celluloid world, sipping on her endless glass of red wine, all dolled up and nowhere to go. I think Casey lives in a completely different world, detached from reality. I think that because of their youth, most of her past friends never sat up and took notice. They never cared to look into her mind because they had youthful things to attend to. Except for a small handful, who made up the majority of her boyfriends? Dedicated men or one night stands?

    I sometimes wonder if she’s simple-minded.

  112. Dave~~your last line described me turkey! During River’s interview, LE looked at a pic that was in her phone and said, “this looks like more than just a friendship.” Maybe not in those exact words. It was a pic of River and George. I have no idea what the picture showed.

  113. Nosy Parker // April 7, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    Dave said,”I will read the rambling letters, Diana, and write something. Yes!”

    What made you think it was okay to make ANY comments when you haven’t even taken the time and (extreme) effort to read the “drivel” (Richard Hornsby is right on target).

    I’m disappointed.

    I don’t see how this post could end up starting a battle. I see nothing wrong with it. I am also disappointed the way people act here when someone has a different opinion. Or questions someone.

    I wish you well Dave. I won’t be back. Too many seem to do a lot of patting on the back to keep some happy. I am not into this sort of thing.

    Love reading your blogs though. Wishing you well and your family.

  114. Casey mentioned that she would like to write her memoirs down in a book, maybe a couple books. In one parts she says, “God knows the truth” She wanted to set straight some of the rumors. She had to protect her daughter. My words, from what? She was glad Caylee was in heaven and would be glad to see her again. She needed to forgive Jesse. These are just little tidbits that come to mind.

  115. Sometimes a blog owner has to put up a post before they’ve read all the documents for the sake of a place to comment for their commentors. Some commentors have something to say before a blog owner has come to that part of a document. It helps everyone to do this.

    I’m thinking that what Casey had to say about Zenaida and the molestations are a defense strategy that was told to Casey at one time. She just reiterated it to her inmate buds. Casey had to know there would be no privacy of anything she writes although she may have expected it from the jail, not from Cookie.

    My hugs and prayers for laura and her daughter.

  116. Shyloh – You do what you want. I’m not going to stop you, but if you think it was polite to question what makes me think it was OK to make any comment about Casey’s letters when I DID NOT make any comments about them, guess again. If you think it’s OK for her to come in and ask me something in an other than friendly manner AND CONTINUE TO DO SO, then that’s just too bad. What the hell is wrong with a little courtesy, for crying out loud?

    For crying out loud, go hang out in your blog heaven, where there are no cliques and no one EVER gangs up. Get real. Find one. Every damn one of them is a clique and they hate everyone else over there.

    I wish you well, too, but you are quite aware of what your crowd does to me over there. That’s ridiculous.

  117. Snoopy,
    You are absolutely not simple minded, absolutely. Am I telling the truth? I thought if you add absolutely that you would have to believe me. LOL
    I love the picture you put in my mind. Wasn’t Betty Davis in that movie? Very funny Dave. LOL

  118. A little suggestion to anyone else, who like me, hesitates to dip toes into the cesspool of the letters- read the supplementals and the Robyn Adams interviews first. A lot of references and such get explained through them. I was frankly surprised to find her as articulate and thoughtful as she comes off in these. Seems Maya dragged her in, working her own deal. She expresses some concern for the guard, Silvia. A lot of it is self-serving, but less so than I had expected. It is amazing that she and Casey were able to have all this personal time together- and she certainly has a lot to say about specific things that are damaging to Casey to say the least. I wonder if she could be a suitable Pro side witness; if it’s true that she didn’t initiate the contact with LE I think it may be possible…

  119. Look at this excerpt….

    What made you think it was okay to make ANY comments when you haven’t even taken the time and (extreme) effort to read the “drivel” (Richard Hornsby is right on target)

    IMO, Dave was being scolded on his own blog.
    The ANY and (extreme) show the mindset of the author of that excerpt. The author could have got her/his message across in a more courteous manner.

    Sorry you feel that way Shyloh, get mad at me not Dave.

  120. Frankie- not Bette Davis but Gloria Swanson, who knew a lot about broken dreams… “Hollywood Boulevard”…

  121. Dave, George and River never had SEX, not that they never had an “affair”. I believe they were seeing each other to be together alone at her place. Having an affair doesn’t always mean having sex anymore than dating a person means the you land in the sack. Have you never read classical literature where there’s an affair but no sex? 😀
    Besides, George texts River because he says he needs her on two serious occassions (a few days after Caylee’s remains were found and when he was suicidal). That is much more than a friendship, imo.

  122. Thanks Karen,
    I couldn’t for the life of me remember exactly who. You are absolutely correct. To make matters worse it took me awhile to come up with Davis. Seniors moment I guess. I can picture Casey playing the part especially the wide eyed crazy looks on her face.

  123. She IS the Drama Queen, sharing the stage with Mom (who gets the Hook…)

    ‘Night to anyone left…

  124. OK Dave, I agree to a point, but my God man, this just goes to show her character and disposition as far as Caylee is concerned. Dave, I know you are very fair in what you write, but, in your “heart of hearts” you cannot possibly believe that Casey Anthony is not solely responsible for Caylee’s death. Justice must be served or we all are in peril for future acts.


  125. auntdeedee, sorry to disagree but a friendship with no sex is a friendship, if it includes sex it is an affair .. at least that is my opinion – and to me from Rivers`s interview I believe she was friends with george and it went no further

  126. Its funny that Jose asked Jesse to give a DNA sample and he wouldnt. I remember Jesse saying the timing wasnt all that close for her to have not been pregnant before she was with him and that was why he had the test done. And yet Casey is still saying he might be the father. I guess the dad (Eric) really was the guy that died in a car accident

  127. In thinking about George and River, it is really no surprise that george needed a friend and river was a good friend to him. She didnt try to get him constantly to answer questions about the case. There is really no doubt in my mind that george and cindy dont have a good marriage, constant fighting , but they were tossed, or jumped, into a situation that was bizarre and it wouldnt help a bad marriage thats for sure. So for him to be able to go to river`s and sit and have a caring person just kinda to be there with him, is totally understandable in my mind. Right from the start I found it very hard to picture george having a sexual relationship in the the first weeks of caylee being missing. I just cant help but think sex wouldnt be on my mind , in the least, if I had a grandaughter missing. Maybe I am wrong, but to me this interview with river sounds much more believable.I think it was 2 lonely people who both needed a friend, and unfortunately( for river ) george had some reason not to continue the friendship. I think he was a jerk to take any money from her tho. River was kind of a very needy person and perhaps relied too much on her friendship with george. I am anxious to know what more Dave knows on this situation.

  128. Wow!! Here’s one of your readers thoughts on the matter. It’s the mind set of many of your readers and IMO that’s why people get frustrated.

    “You do not HAVE TO DO anything you don’t want to, that includes reading”

    LOL!!! I guess that includes researching and getting your facts straight before you open your mouth. Do you see the hypocrisy in this readers very supportive statement?

    BTW I wasn’t commenting on the legitimacy of the facts in the article you posted. I was responding to your comments that followed in the ensuing conversation. Often it’s not your articles that people disagree with. They’re always well written, fully researched and unbiased. I’ve never commented negatively about any of your articles.

  129. <–wears a helmet
    I think there were a few of us who noted these jailhouse letters were from an Xcop's wife before they were released. We also discussed Officer Hernandez's involvement. My point, you didn't have to read the letters. Your article is about the persons who were involved in the jailhouse sting, at least that's they way I read it.
    Most of us had an inkling of the motivation behind them. If you read up to pg 64 of Part 1..it's literally in black and white and again on pg 98.
    What I've noticed about the media, it seems what is 1st reported is always the most truthful. Early on in today on TruTV it was first reported that KC used antihistimines to put Caylee to sleep. By 2pm, the story changed to chloroform. Chloroform is must more interesting if you get my drift.
    Oh well, I'm going to read some of Part 2. If someone can find where KC mentions chloroform, please post it.

  130. On Kruezers Korner, there has been a commenter as James Flannigan, stating he takes care of River, that she lives in his house. He several times has mentioned that we will all know the truth when we see the intimidating pictures, his comments usually inferred that there were intimate pictures of River and George which sounded as though they were sexual. However, it is just something written by JF. Don’t know how much weight it carries.

  131. As you said before – it’s not so much what Casey does say but rather than what she doesn’t. I take it that the letters were written over the time span when Caylee was first missing up until after her body was found. Yet Casey talks about Caylee (the very few times she does) in an abstract way – she talks about being with her in heaven and spending eternity with her, but not once does she speculate where she is, nor wonder or worry whether Caylee is safe and warm or afterwards how she died, how afraid she must have been, etc. etc.

    So yes, these are not the letters of a mom who is devestated to have lost her only child because surely such thoughts would occupy her every moment. All she talks about is the food and her dreams for the future, having another child and possibly adopting one. She’s already planning on having another child while she “should be” grieving for the one she just lost.

    These letters have convinced me more than ever that Casey did indeed kill Caylee and that she definately has a personality disorder. She lacks empathy or remorse and treats this whole thing as a misunderstanding that will soon be sorted out by her boys. This is definately not the letters of a grieving mom.

  132. Seems the for the most part of thoses letters, Casey had written ,was more on God and food..She really didn’t say much about Caylee…I don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth!!!….On that comment she made about her father and her brother,well I don’t know if it happened or not,but I do believe she would throw anyone under the bus and she could careless who it is ….I hope the truth on what happened to Caylee will come to surface,but I am not so sure it ever will..There has been so many lies and so much in this case that has went on……Not even sure what or whom to believe anymore…I just hope justice prevails for little Caylee.As far as thoses letters that Casey had written,I do think she was being very careful what she had written,she wasn’t going to take the chance in saying that much relating to Caylee,or this case..I think she will take what happened to Caylee to her grave before she would admit it..

  133. Hi everyone,
    I have read these letters and I must say that Casey remains Casey, she is self centered, talking about everything except Caylee or so little! I got the inpression while reading that she was playing a role to be interesting to the other inmate…and be once more the focus!
    Casey and truth are stangers…and we can read it once again. We also learn that Anthony family and her attorney are not able to follow rules …it’s amazing!
    I do not think that these letters will change the case but it brings a new light to what we all think about Casey, she does not care much about the loss of her child and she persuaded that she will go out free! (O_O)
    have a nice day all… 😀

  134. Marinade Dave // April 7, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Shyloh – You do what you want. I’m not going to stop you, but if you think it was polite to question what makes me think it was OK to make any comment about Casey’s letters when I DID NOT make any comments about them, guess again. If you think it’s OK for her to come in and ask me something in an other than friendly manner AND CONTINUE TO DO SO, then that’s just too bad. What the hell is wrong with a little courtesy, for crying out loud?

    For crying out loud, go hang out in your blog heaven, where there are no cliques and no one EVER gangs up. Get real. Find one. Every damn one of them is a clique and they hate everyone else over there.

    I wish you well, too, but you are quite aware of what your crowd does to me over there. That’s ridiculous.

    Mygod Dave. I only post at a few places. I am devoted to your blog. Val. Blinks and Crime seekers. I don’t post at any other blog. Oh yea and it’s a Mystery to me. I have no clue what places you are talking about. I have taken up for you. I hate bashing of any kind. My blog Justice for Caylee on myspace you would not like. They don’t bash me, or any other poster. But they do hate Casey and wish her dead. I do allow people to vent however they feel. If I don’t agree that’s fine. But for everyone to gang up on ONE person just because they question to me is wrong. We can answer with respect and ask where do you feel I did something wrong.

    I love your blogs and have great respect for you and I know you do awesome work. I was voicing my opinion. I don’t mean to offend you in any way.

    But no I don’t belong to whatever group you are adding me with. Unless someone is pretending to be me. Even if they are. I am not going to lose any sleep over it. People will be people. Sad some just don’t deserve the time of day.

  135. Shyloh – Well, let’s start over again. All I know is that Nosy came in and went for my jugular. I don’t care as much about what she says, it’s mostly about how she says it. She certainly wouldn’t go to another blog and chastise the owner like she does me. That’s all. I immediately put my defense shield up and the regulars here did the same thing. It’s one thing to disagree and it’s another to do it with a bad attitude. That’s all. Had she confronted me in a respectful manner, none of this would have happened and there would be no problems at all, with her or you.

    I’m not asking anyone to give me special treatment at all. All I expect is that they don’t just come in here to scrape the mud off their shoes.

  136. That’s a good catch, Boston. So Cindy would not have had access to chloroform. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Casey’s pants must be on fire all the time. Thanks.

  137. I think these letters have everyone a tad testy, everyone’s been short with each other on other blogs too.

    Casey lies about the time of day so don’t anyone expend another moment on “Cindy bringing chloroform home”. Nope.

    But there were the searches made on “chloroform” by someone there at the house, or possibly two people, one of whom we know was Cindy (the consistent misspelling of the word), who then tried to shrug it off as a search for chlorophyll! Remember that screensaver? “Woo her with chloroform”? It’s found in Casey’s trunk, found near Caylee, and can be made at home using available products. I wonder what Casey’s grades were in Science classes…

  138. Thank you Dave. I understand that. The one comment is my own interpretation of how I read it and didn’t feel it was off base. The second comment she made after that. That was rude in my view. See I can see a difference. And no one will ever attack you without me saying something if I catch it because you have been given hell for a very long time. Some blogs I actually stopped reading because of the hell you and Snoopy were getting and maybe still are, I don’t know that….
    I am still going to read you if that’s ok. You are great at what you do.


  139. I think you’re right, Karen. Unfortunately, there are so many liars involved in this case, it frustrates the heck out of everyone. I find it hard to believe that the ones who called Casey a total liar are now believing her when it comes to her incest allegations. This is that pick and choose mentality I wrote about; the Catch-22.

  140. Dave, can you explain your comment upthread about Amy Huizenga being “toast”? I’m not getting it. TIA.

  141. Shyloh – You can comment. Don’t stop. I enjoy your insight and your friendship and I would never want you to remain silent. To be honest, I wouldn’t have any problem with Nosy if she just tones down her attitude. I don’t mind if she disagrees with me at all, it’s just that she comes in here attacking. What should she expect from me? That I’d bow down to her? Heck, I’m not asking her to do that with me. Just be polite. Believe me, this is not the first time she’s treated me this way. And I like her.

    Thanks for the compliment on my work. Yup, it’s a battlefield out there.

  142. Olivia15 – In the context of what I wrote, sure, I can tell you, but I never mentioned Amy Huizenga. I said Annie Downing. Big difference, and my point was about what is and what isn’t considered hearsay. It was also about hearsay in the courtroom. Earlier, Snoopy said, any of the things that Casey supposedly told Maya and Robyn and were told to Yuri will be considered hearsay and not admitted into evidence anyway.

    I disagreed. That would mean all of the police interviews are worthless, since they are Casey to Annie to LE. I just used Annie as an example. Every interview with her friends is nothing more than hearsay, but it’s considered firsthand knowledge, since they know her. It would be different if it was Casey to Annie to me to LE.

  143. Google- How do I make chloroform? Viola!


    Bleach! Acetone (Home Depot or Target)! “Party” ice! Glass containers! THAT’S IT!!!

    See, I anticipate the Blessed Contrarians here with the Where are the 800 phone records? Where are the (Cindy’s) credit card receipts?

    Hah! She wouldn’t have needed them!

    BTW- there is a “Shiloh” out there in blogland as well to add to the general confusion.

  144. Dave…I have opted out of reading KC’s hen-scratch drivel…I value my eyesight too much to subject myself to blindness….From now on it will only be type written accounts and docs for me…I can get the jest of of her letters from reading bloggers comments…Keep up the great work of keeping us informed…it is a tremendous time consuming job and we all appreciate it…ST

  145. Boz – Here is the answer from Answers.com (WikiAnswers):

    It is difficult, at best, to purchase chloroform as an individual. If you represent a school, university, or business/laboratory that legitimately uses this substance, you can shop at chemical supply sites such as science.com.

    Keep in mind, though, that since the government restricts the purchase of chloroform to insure that it is used only for legitimate purposes, it might be tough to you get your hands on it. Even if you do, the penalty for possession in a federal court is severe!

    I seriously doubt Casey went down to her neighborhood Home Depot store, and if the federal government is so restrictive, I also doubt Cindy ever brought it home. Why would she? For what purpose? To hurt her grandchild?

    Why are people selectively believing only what they want from a pathological liar? This is exactly what I warned about in my post. OK, so far, people are now believing Casey was molested by her father and brother and Cindy supplied the chloroform.

  146. Remember, Casey is a media-lovin’ creature, happiest curled up on the couch with her chips and remote. Chloroform is what Bad Guys use all the time on TV, movies, etc. I can’t recall if that was what was used in that “kidnapping the child” episode of “One Tree Hill” or whatever that was.

    Of course Cindy had squat to do with it. But she will always get the blame from her regardless.

  147. Great article dave, thank you. I have a feeling that while casey is a pathological liar, there always seems to be a little bit of truth somewhere in her statements. I just find it almost impossible to really know what that little bit of truth might be in any given statement. For all I know she came on to Lee and he told cindy and that’s why cindy called her a whore. but hey, who knows!?? One thing I’m fairly certain of is that she always tries to put herself in the best light regardless of what the truth is.

    As to the hearsay, the way I understand it is let’s say you and I have a conversation and I tell someone else about it. If you were to try and testify it could be considered hearsay, either you or I would have to testify for it to be first-hand knowledge and/or to corroborate the third parties testimony.

    Personally, I don’t think the Robyn’s testimony regarding any conversations is going to carry too much weight. Too much time had passed between the convo’s with casey and Robyn talking to LE and there’s a lot of incentive for Robyn to embellish the details of the conversations.

  148. correction in my comment regarding hearsay, meant to say if the third party were to testify it might be deemed hearsay.

  149. No, Donna, I’m thinking Casey, not Cindy. Plenty of easy-to-use cleaning products in that house. No need for Cindy to make up a batch of dangerous product for the sole purpose of cleaning. I don’t think Cindy ever hurt her granddaughter at all, to the contrary. I think doing a little chemistry project right there in the bathroom would very much appeal to Casey’s sense of superiority and adventure, though- see how smart and brave I am.

  150. Dave~~I love it when we disagree especially when I am right. The hearsay can get quite confusing. As this case goes along, you will see just how much evidence the defense will try to get thrown out as hearsay. Whether they succeed will be in Strickland’s hands.

    All the interviews with Casey’s friends will not be thrown out. The friends witnessed certain events…eg: Casey was upbeat and jovial…Casey was crying..Caylee wasn’t with Casey… these are all admissable. Also, if asked, did you see Casey do drugs? The answer is admissable.

    Tony Lazzaro witnessed Casey with night sweats, watching that video and whimpering…etc etc etc

  151. Thank you, cassidy. I think the prudent thing to do regarding Casey’s statements is to go with what Judge Strickland said, “And I would add that the truth and Ms. Anthony are strangers.” Why would anyone choose to believe anything she says? How can someone call her a blatant liar and do an abrupt about face when it only fits their idea of events? Like I said, I would believe her if she said the sky is blue, but I’d still look up just to make sure.

    As for hearsay, I don’t know why people believe it is not allowed in court. That’s a fallacy. If Bob tells Bill he killed Becky and Bill tells the police, it is hearsay. Should the police shrug it off because it is hearsay? No, of course not, and when Bob is arrested and brought to trial, Bill’s testimony will be crucial, especially when coupled with forensic evidence that backs up his under oath claim.

    What the prosecution does with the snitches’ sworn statements is anyone’s guess. Will it be used? I don’t know, but it is risky because it opens up a couple of cans of worms for the defense to capitalize on.

  152. Dave’s response to me I guess:
    Why are people selectively believing only what they want from a pathological liar? This is exactly what I warned about in my post. OK, so far, people are now believing Casey was molested by her father and brother and Cindy supplied the chloroform.

    Boz says:
    I did not say one word about believing KC Anthony. As a matter of FACT I tried reading her letters but could only stomach half a page and stopped. The ONLY concern I have from any of these newly resleased documents is the revelation AGAIN that Jose Bozo smuggled contriband into and out of the jail.

    Also, see Karen’s comments about MAKING chloroform. It’s not that hard.

  153. Thanks and sorry about the Amy/Annie switch. I had read it so far upthread, I confused the names by the time I got to the bottom.

    Dave, might I suggest full body armor and a teflon helmet before you dive into Casey’s letters. They’re extremely painful to read.

  154. I didn’t mean YOU personally, boz. There seems to be a pervasive belief around the blog world that the pathological liar is telling the truth. That’s all. I was making a statement in response to what you wrote. It made me think about it.

  155. I think people feel the need to “explain” Casey and incest of some sort fills that criterion- “Oh, that’s why…”

  156. I learned early in life and have lived with this:

    One sign of insanity is KNOWING what you BELIEVE.

    You know like when someone tells me they “know Jeff Gordon is gay”, I always ask them how they KNOW that.

  157. Cassidy – Let’s look at third party hearsay for a second… OK, longer… Bill tells Bob that he killed Becky. Bob tells Detective Bryan. Under oath in a police interview room. Bill thinks it’s best if he blows away Bob, the only person he told. Meanwhile, so much circumstantial evidence is building the case against Bill. He is arrested for murder and eventually brought to trial. Since the key HEARSAY witness, Bill, is dead, what happens? Can the detective testify to what he was told by Bill?

    Yes, of course he can. Although not as strong as what Bill would have said, it would be allowed. So could the transcripts of his interview.

  158. Casey told Jesse Grund back in 2005 that Lee used to come into her room at night. Maybe there is a bit of truth in what she says. We do not know for sure. Why would she mention this to Jesse way back then? We do know that Casey had/has a very deep resentment of her mother? Now for everything, there is a reason.

    I am not saying that I believe Casey was sexually molested because like everyone else, we do not really know the truth. I feel if George ever abused Casey, it was probably physical abuse and she drove him to it with her lying and stealing. Strange tho, George was doing the same thing, lying and stealing.

  159. that’s a little bit of a slippery slope there dave. In your scenario, even if there is a sworn statement, the defense has the right to confront the witness, and if the witness is dead, they can’t. there’s a chance that the judge wouldn’t allow it in at trial. Unless of course there’s evidence that bill killed bob. defendant’s right to confront their accusers is a biggie.

  160. Boz – You know how that gay thing started with Jeff Gordon? I won’t say I know this for sure, but it’s what I’ve heard. Back then, he was a threat to Dale Earnhardt, the Intimidator. His sponsor was Dupont, which, at the time, used a slogan that said something about a “rainbow of colors” because of its wide spectrum of paint colors. Rainbow being the key word in gayness, but Jesse Jackson never had problems with his Rainbow Coalition, except from racists.

  161. I have seen the shiloh on Val’s. I am not that person. Hopefully out there in blog land she is using her own photo haha.

    I also don’t believe Cindy would get a hold of anything that would harm Caylee.

    The question I have about Cindy being in the position she WAS in at her job, could she in some way purchase Chloroform? If one is in the position to be able to get it. I wonder what forms they must fill out, and for what purpose?

  162. also dave, regarding that scenario, doyou think if, now god-forbid, robin passed away, would her transcript be admitted?

  163. Morning, Dave I apologize for making the statement , “You don’t have to do anything you do not want to, that includes reading.”

    I should have tried to explain myself better.
    It was simple to me, it is YOUR blog. You can comment on whatever You want. Nothing is required of you. If as a reader I find you writings thoughtful and interesting I can respond or not. You can run a tight blog with rules or not. It is your blog. What isn’t ok is coming in here, telling you do ___, then reprimanding you.

    Yes, I did read many of KC’s letters, just not all of them.

  164. My response and man are we getting off topic and this will be the last of it:

    Damn, I wish Jr. would get married and have a kid or two……….or at least get a girlfriend. Come on Danica, maybe you’re the one. Please!

  165. I quite agree. But “normal” people who don’t have Psych degrees tend to insist on a reason.

  166. Snoopy – Let’s just assume for a moment that Casey is telling the truth about being molested by her father and brother. Holy mackerel! It sure would explain her screwed up attitude. It would also have to free up the question about whether she killed Caylee or not, since she also insists she didn’t didn’t do it. Or marginally, it would be a good reason for lifting the death penalty. So what we have is a sexually inhibited, mentally abused person who did not murder her daughter, all because she says so. My point being if one, then two. One conditions two.

  167. Boy, Boston, you nailed it right on the head. Here is a young woman who shows nothing; no emotion, no remorse, and no mourning over the loss of her daughter, yet she writes about how much she misses her, how much she loves her, how much she’d give to see her again and she speaks to her every day? Huh?

  168. Cassidy -There’s a simple problem with your interpretation of the Sixth Amendment and the right to confront the witness. If Bob killed Bill, Bill wouldn’t be able to testify. Let’s back it up a step. Bob killed Becky. Becky can’t testify. That sure does make it easy to get off scott free because criminal investigations don’t always have a lot of evidence. How convenient if all murders were like this. Casey could walk right out because Caylee was the only witness to the murder. Most of the evidence is circumstantial and courts can’t just assume that it’s always present in every case.


    Read the part below the heading, Order in the Court!

  169. I keep laughing at every reference in Casey’s letters about what great “mother’s” they both are. Seriously???? Casey is accused of killing her own daughter, and Robyn was actively selling and growing drugs, and her husband betrayed the police officer’s he worked with. They also had known felon’s and drug dealers in their home with their children. Yeah, they are “Mother’s of the Year”. LOLLOLLOL
    I know it’s trivial, but Casey really is in a world all her own. “WELCOME TO CASEYLAND, PLEASE FORM A SINGLE LINE, PLEASE THEN….. take some mushrooms, smoke some hash, down a few Oxi, wash down with Scotch and Ecstacy, and maybe you’ll be able to “see” Caseyland too.

  170. Shyloh, I am pretty sure Cindy would have to steal the chloroform, if the clinic even had it. She had no reason to steal it, nor did she have a valid reason for signing the stuff out if it existed there at all. Besides, that would leave a paper trail.

  171. A lie is a lie – is a lie – is a lie! Casey Anthony and her family members will never tell the truth to anyone – as quickly surmised by Judge Strickland at the outset of this case when he stated that truth was a stranger to Casey Anthony (and also to her parents).

    I do not believe Casey was sexually assaulted by either her brother or her father. At one point, she states she dreamed about this happening. IMO she lacks the capacity to separate fact from fiction and reality from dreams. Perhaps it has something to do with her seizures, but I doubt it.

    More likely, she is an evil, self-centered and cold-blooded psychopath who habitually functions in an emotionally detached manner so that she can easily divorce herself from her actions and the consequences of such actions.

    I have always believed that Casey regularly chloroformed Caylee when she wanted to do something and had no one to care for her. She simply carried this regular practice one step further on the day she affixed the duct tape to Caylee’s mouth and nose, snuffing out her life. I do not believe that Cindy would have ever provided Casey with chloroform under any circumstances.

    Wheelchairguy has hit the nail on the head in stating that the entomologists and other forensic experts will be able to establish the date Caylee’s body was placed in the woods within a week’s time of her death in June 2008.

    Baez can speculate all he wants about Caylee’s body being moved to the location where it was found many months later — he can produce as many witnesses as he desires to state they searched this area and detected no signs of death or decomposition — but, in the end, the truth, reality and facts brought forth at trial will trump such speculation.

    One step closer to ensuring justice for Caylee!

  172. Cassidy – If the State chooses to go that route, yes, I believe Robyn’s transcripts could be used except for one thing; the defense wouldn’t be able to cross examine her and it should fall under the directive of how crucial her testimony is. In the end, it would probably be more of a problem because it still falls under the guise of how credible she is, dead or alive, and in that case, the defense wouldn’t be able to question her about her past, to discredit her. I seriously question her relevancy as any sort of believable witness, anyway.

  173. Good morn… afternoon here, cali patti – Yup, I could just choose to not respond. Maybe I should have done that yesterday, but sometimes, that’s pretty rude, too. One thing is certain, I do not owe anyone an answer at all. No one does, and anyone asking a question should be civil about it.

  174. I don’t believe that case to be on point with your scenario. In that case, the decedent wrote a letter (obviously prior to her death) implicating her husband should something happen to her.

    in your scenario, bill(the accused) allegedly admits killing becky to third party – bob. bob goes to le, gives a sworn statement. Bob is then murdered. Bob obviously cannot testify in bill’s murder trial. The defense will definitely move to not allow the sworn statement in as evidence. As I said before, I beleive the judge would not allow the sworn statement allowed in unless the prosecution could show that Bill was responsible for bob’s death.

    In any murder trial, the accusers are obviously not the decedent. The accusers would be anyone giving testimony against the defendant.

  175. dave, i was just thinking as to robin’s statements, the prosecution would be better off (and I in no way wish for robin to pass – this is just hypothetical) if robin, let me say, was not avaible to testify (i feel better saying it that way!) because it would give them a chance to submit the letters without having to deal with her credibility on the stand. they could just agree not to submit the transcript.

  176. I’ve sort of followed Danika’s career for years, the woman does have a quick temper.
    Win she won in Japan it was earned, however many said it was only because others ran out of gas. Huh? That is Indy racing.
    With her going Nascar I can now have my own driver to cheer on instead of one of my sons.
    I am not a huge Nascar fan but weekends with my sons in the RV have been a blast.

  177. Didn’t judge strickland ask the prosecution to get a transcript of that hearing at the last hearing? Iirc, there was some confusion over the issue of TES as an agent for the state and the Judge wanted to clarify that.

  178. Boston:
    Very good questions. I think the Anthonys have already denied that any sexual abuse ever happened. If not, I cannot imagine Lee ever speaking to her again. Cindy is probably livid at Casey at this time. Who knows what she might say or do now?

  179. I think Iirc is international indy race cars…Can anyone come up with something better??? I’m a IHRA fan (international hot rod association) Drags in other words….even thouth my nephew worked for NASCAR Sterling Marlin….

  180. Well, trying to read the letters. Lilyolily–love that puppy picture—-

    I agree with you that when she talks about Caylee and then about food etc–something inappropriate as well as very little about Caylee. That shows that she just is talking and “knows” that she should try to act a certain way even though she doesnt feel it. Shows how pathological and narcissistic (in mental terms) she is. She know she should be saying Something about her child so she throws that in amoungst her other more important statements etc. Hope everyone has a good day.

  181. IFTS is already taken – google: IFTS

    IFTS Istruzione Formativa e Tecnica Superiore International » Italian

    IFTS In-Flight Test System

    I F’ing Thought So LOL

  182. I use “lol” when a comment has me sitting here smiling. I like smiling/laughing so I may be a wee bit easy.
    I also am not as intelligent as most who reply in here. Simply feeling fortunate Dave allows me in.

  183. I have a question, if anyone knows: when did this inmate tell police Casey mentioned the bag and blanket, after that info was out (for the inmate to have heard) or before? I don’t know if the date of this particular cionversation is given.

  184. I always thought that all mail, ingoing or outgoing was checked by jail staff . But Robyn was able to send all of caseys notes and letters to her sister. Does anyone know the laws concerning mail to inmates in florida ?

  185. Cheyenne, I dont think Robyn talked to law enforcement till Dec /2009 so it doesnt make her baby blanket and garbage bag story a “bombshell” and probably not worth anything

  186. Fran – I was wondering the same thing. I know they pretty much skim over the contents, but I was wondering why no one picked up on it.

  187. Cali, about spell check. I at times will create my comments in a word document and copy and paste the comments on a blog. Not all the time though, obviously.

  188. cassidy – some of those notes were almost like scribbles on a little piece of paper – wouldnt that catch any eyes that were checking mail outgoing – i am confused by this

  189. Boston, I used to think LOL meant Lots of Love but I think most people think it stands for Lots of Laughs. ???????

  190. good gosh Dave the story just gets more and more convoluted. I started reading the notes and got hypnotized by the big round letters–I am coming back later to read your synopsis. You are amazing!

  191. boz, thank you. That is good idea. I went to bed 5 yrs ago, out of anger, and recently rejoined the world. It had a terrible effect on my ability to think. Enough said. Off to walk.

  192. Glad your back Cali. The world is tough to beat but you can do it. At least you don’t have children telling the world you’re a child molester, I hope! George should be grabbing some beer and aspirin and heading to the beach real soon.

  193. Dave~~Mr Smith kills Mrs Jones. The state gathers enough evidence to charge Mr Smith with murder. Mr Smith has a right to face his accuser. The accuser is the state.

  194. Juliet Lewis was a roommate of zenaida ? I dont recall that . I thought Juliet was someone that she had supposedly confided in that caylee was kidnapped

  195. LOl
    I told you so about River/Skye…It was very obvious but “some” are naive.
    I’m telling ya Casey is very much innocent and all heck is about to hit the fan.

  196. Fran // April 8, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    Cheyenne, I dont think Robyn talked to law enforcement till Dec /2009 so it doesnt make her baby blanket and garbage bag story a “bombshell” and probably not worth anything
    From the LE summary interview Robyn was in Casey’s jail dorm from 07/22/08 to 07/07/09 when she transferred to the Federal Pent. She wasn’t interviewed by law enforcement until 01/27/2010.
    Apparantly, Robyn’s sister Tracey Nealley turned Casey’s letters over to Robyn’s attorney, Andrea Armas. IMHO Robyn was hoping they would facilitate a reduced sentance, or make money, but she also knew they were contraband. Robyn’s father Thomas McDonnell turned the letter’s over to LE.
    It is very possible that Robyn learned over the year and a half since Caylee was found about the bags and blanket, and thinking that it would help her cause “embellished” her story to include that Casey told her about the Chloroform.
    From Casey’s letter’s I find that hard to believe, since she only incriminated other’s and said she was “completely innocent” and the victim of her family and other’s. I don’t think Casey would ever admit to anyone that she drugged Casey, or that there was an “accident”.

  197. Dave said – “The problem with it, Karen, is precisely that it “explains” why Casey is the way she is, and pathological liars are very good at manipulation.”

    Casey is the way she is due to her family environment and not only what she learned from them, but what they condoned and accepted not only from her, but from one another. Look at them, and tell me which of them aren’t pathological liars and manipulators. They ALL are! They feed off one another, Cindy to George, George to Cindy, Lee to both his parents and with Casey, and worse yet, all of them used Caylee as a pawn in their tug-of-war.

    The family is one of the most mentally and emotionally sick and dysfunctional that I’ve seen in quite some time, and the dynamics of it was like a time bomb waiting to tick down to explosion.

    An abundance of shoes, clothes and toys do not make a loving a family. This family didn’t even know the true meaning of love, which consists most of all of honesty; the main ingredient they lack.

  198. Heckler32…are you saying Skye and/or River murdered Caylee?

    Whether River had a real affair with George or not has what to do with Caylee’s actual murder? Where are you going with this, or do you even know?

  199. Everytime I hear Juliette Lewis I think she thought of Natural Born Killers. There’s no Juliette Lewis, correct?

  200. Hormones do strange things to a girl. This time in development can bring a lot of fantasy, sexual awareness. With media, movie, peer groups continually zeroing in on sexual behavior, young girls and boys can imagine much of what they see on screen and hear, as happening to them. It always amazes me when a media celebrity is beginning to loose public appreciation they come up with some kind of sexual abuse having happened to them as a child, to sell their book. Of course it happens but is really weird how many “celebrities” there are who claim it, always “later”! In most cases after the claimed abuser dies so they can not defend themself. It draws sympathy, excusing a damaging lifestyle. Casey. in her fantasy writing to Robyn, expresses sexual infatuation. wanting to go away with her in an RV, an intimate gesture. Their talking thru the pipes was likely more personal than what is in the letters. I am not saying the abuse did not happen but she could have picked up on the perks that people receive by claiming sexual abuse. Casey’s lifestyle portrayed a strong sexual drive yet no satisfaction (Ha! don’t we all!) Abuse, sexual abuse off any kind is not acceptable, but I do know that what used to be considered a normal family relationship, a hug from dad or brother, uncle, grandpa, has been so distorted with sexual abuse scenarios that it is impossible to show any love to a member of your family for fear of being accused of inappropriate touching. It happens, but my God, not every move is with sexual intent. Since no one else knows any facts re: the letters, I assume it is ok to have a few wild thoughts.

  201. Interesting that in Feb/2010 the detectives went and got that diary from Brad Conway. I guess handwriting analysis may tell us whether that journal entry was made in 2003 or not. I am guessing that at that age 5 years would make a difference in your handwriting

  202. Casey liked the actress Juliet Lewis. Casey used that name as it fit in with her celebrity fantasy. Casey and the actress were very good friends, in her mind. It was an easy name for her to remember to spin her lies.

  203. Fran~~ I also heard that they were going to analyze the handwriting of the diary and her letters. The pens that are issued in jails and prisons are big and bulky and that is one reason Casey’s writing is so big and hard to read. Casey also mentioned that her hand hurt after writing alot. Someone snuck her in contraband pens so you may see her penmanship take on a slight improvement in some of the letters.

  204. snoopy – i knew that she liked juliet lewis etc, but in the supplemental from Yuri it says that juliet was a roommate of zanny – I do not remember casey ever saying that – do you ?

  205. Boston, don’t get me wrong. I’m not giving Casey an “out” for murdering Caylee just because she came from a sick, dysfunctional home atmosphere. It was still Casey’s ultimate decision to murder Caylee, but face it, all Casey has ever known in her life are lies, manipulation, and that both of those things work for her in her life. She learned that from her parents, not only how to do it and master it, but also that it works for day-to-day living.

    I agree with you; plenty of people have risen above their upbringing and fared much, much better than their parents. Casey IS her parents, minus the fact that hopefully, they’ve never murdered someone yet.

  206. Fran~~the only thing I remember about Juliet Lewis is that Casey said she used to work with Juliet. Casey said she told Juliet that Caylee was missing and then Juliet was supposed to move up north. Casey could not remember or produce a phone number for Juliet. I never read or heard that Juliet was a roommate of Zenaida.

  207. You know, New Puppy, you’re right about what a person can get in trouble over today. In some cases, it’s well warranted. I remember, years ago and during the height of the Women’s Liberation Movement, I held the door for a woman as I was exiting a building. She was directly behind me, also on her way out. She told me I didn’t have to hold the door just because she was a woman. I looked her briefly in the eyes and let go of the heavy door. I told her I would hold the door open for anyone, male or female, because it was the polite thing to do.

    It’s really weird how society changes, and not always for the better. During the days that women burned their bras in protest and liberation, men were lining up to give them a light. Today, people aren’t supposed to touch strangers. To me, that’s something that is extremely necessary. We can’t leave our doors unlocked like the old days, and there are a lot more weirdos. Why? I don’t know, but what you wrote made me think of another woman. Lindsay Lohan. She’s a real piece of work.

  208. Olivia~~Casey did not choose to be the way she ended up. IMO. I think her mother should share some of the blame as to how Casey turned out. Maybe Cindy realized that much too late and, by defending Casey, she is trying to make amends. I believe Cindy may have molded the clay but her expectations were set too high and the clay crumbled. It seems that ‘keeping up an image’ was/is high on Cindy’s list. Alot of it rubbed off on Casey as well. To tell you the truth, Casey was glad to get away from her mother, even if it meant being in jail. This is another reason why Casey spent her days at Baez’ office. Casey mentioned in one of the jail visit videos that she was better off in there.

  209. Boston I don’t agree with you fully. I hope that’s OK. I’ll bet of those millions of successful people you’re referring to, whether rich or poor, MOST of them had TWO loving, caring parents. Parenting has a LOT to do with how a person turns out. George and Cindy are certainly not making good decisions now, are they?

  210. Dave, please don’t be discouraged and do keep holding those doors open for women in spite of the selective boneheads.

    Most of us are very endeared to men who do so.

  211. I would even bet my last dollar, which I’m down to now, if George and Cindy Anthony would publicly tell the world they are sorry, they have finally realized KC is sick and they all need help beyond belief and they don’t want to live off money gained because their granddaughter was murdered, please someone give us a job, there would be an outporing of help and support. IMHO.

  212. Snoopy, I couldn’t agree with you more, except that, I don’t believe Cindy is upholding Casey to make amends, but rather, because if Cindy didn’t uphold Casey, she would have to admit her share of the guilt in what happened to Caylee.

    Cindy should bare a lot of burden for Caylee’s outcome, and while she didn’t murder Caylee herself, she in a sense, did do it slowly by allowing the daily lies, laziness and manipulation from Casey, who was Caylee’s mother.

    And George? He is as equally to blame for this as is Cindy because he didn’t have the balls to stand up and be a man, be a productive father and set Cindy and Casey right. George is a coward through and through, and in turn, just as physically and emotionally lazy as Casey.

  213. New Puppy~~I couldn’t agree with you more about all the celebrities being sexually abused. Everytime it came on the news, I used to say, “omg, not another one.” Alot of them ended up with a drinking or drug problem and they needed an excuse so the onus was put on dear old dad or an uncle. It is a typical cop out and they do not take responsibility for their own actions. Most of them came into too much money at a young age and whooped it up. They could afford the drugs, booze and lavish parties being a celebrity. When their life style caught up with them, all the memories came rushing back of being abused as a child… IMO….BSh**

  214. I’ve worked over the years with a wonderful organization for young unwed pregnant women. Most of these girls were kicked out of their homes, when it was discovered that they were pregnant. Many came from poverty, abuse, and addicted parents, some from good homes. At the center, they are given an education, financial advice, parenting advice…etc. etc. and we tried to give them the best opportunity when they left to be a loving mother, and product member of society. I saw kid’s from the worst circumstances end up with Master’s degree’s, I saw kid’s from “Weathly” families, that were lazy ingrates. Enviroment has a factor, good families has a factor, and the individual’s own personal ethics and goals also had a factor. But at the end of the day, I would say it was the individual girl’s goals, and desire to be a good mother who could provide for her child that was the most important for her success in the program.
    I think that Casey’s family wasn’t perfect, but was far from completely dysfunctional. I think the real dysfuntion began with Caylee’s conception, and Casey’s blossoming knowledge of Sex=Power with men. All women usually come to know how well we can use sex to our advantage, and Casey decided that sex was her “best” asset. She is a narcisscist, and has a very short attention span to becoming bored with anything she begins. She liked the “idea” of unconditional love from a child, but when it became “work” and “labor”, when Caylee began to impede her life, and could also start to “talk” about her days, she no longer warrented Casey’s time. I think she killed her, taped her up, put the Kiss Kiss heart sticker on her mouth, and rarely gave her a 2nd thought.

  215. HLN tag line,
    Inmates say Casey drugged daughter.

    Dave, my sons are 24, 28, 31 yrs old. They were brought up to always hold doors, say Mr./Mrs.,
    so on. Good manners has carried them well thru situations, maybe better than thier education.

  216. I went looking back for the info I had seen that said Juliet was a roommate with Zanny, it is on page 12/279 in the supplemental but I guess it is an over view of interviews and I think River may have said that , not yuri – so it is just river getting things confused

  217. But Snoopy, it’s not just celebrities though, although I roll my eyes, too, when a “new” one comes forward. My husband tells me stories that would curl (or straighten, depending) your hair, from his past and friend’s pasts, etc. Substance abuse if very often a coping mechanism, or if begun early enough a way of fitting in with the abusers (family). Oh, I’ll share a beer (or 5) with Step-Dad, so he won’t hit me tonight- if I do that he’ll love me again. 8 years old here, we’re talking.

  218. It just bothered me because there has been wrong things in some stuff from LE . I just hope when this finallty goes to court, that they have all their facts and info organized and correct

  219. I wonder how much trouble Baez could be in over these letters. He wouldn’t exactly be the first in history though.

    You know, Dave, there’s enough stuff here for another 3 posts, easy!

  220. parenting certainly matters, but no more of a mitigating factor than sexual abuse. All of that stuff helps make you, but they don’t make you a murderer, that’s a ‘switch’ you have to choose. Like someone said yesterday, Shyloh, I think: if those sort of things excused people, most of the prisons would be cleared out.
    You may be right, Snoop, about Cindy, but she’s not on trial. I’d like to know myself what the hell happened there, but I doubt we ever will. Alot of people dislike Cindy. I just want justice for Caylee, and feel there’s no excuse or abuse strong enough to ever explain away a mother killing her child. I sometimes wonder if part of society hesitates when it’s the mom and says oh well, it had to be this..or had to be that, why else? I think it’s probably much simpler, she (Casey) put herself first. Period.

  221. I like if someone holds a door, btw. Imagine saying ‘whatta ya doing that ’cause I’m a woman!?’ lmao…

  222. I agree, Boston, good post. That “Cindy couldn’t control Casey” is a huge point of contention with me, because while that is true, it is repulsive that Cindy only BEGAN trying to “control Casey” when it was much too late, and Casey was much too old to suddenly conform.

    Cindy should have done her motherly duty beginning at toddler-age with Casey, when reprimanding them for wrongs and guiding them toward a rightful, successful life is of utmost importance.

    Cindy only tried taming the beast, after she realized she had created a beast. It’s too late then, and her and George’s lazy parenting is inexcusable. Both of them are a complete abomination to what diligent, mindful parents represent.

  223. I just finished the interview with Robyn. There was no mention of Caylee being put to sleep with chloroform. I find nothing in this interview that would be relevant in a court of law. Casey supposedly mentioned a black garbage bag and blanket around the time Caylee’s remains were found. Robyn didn’t know exactly when Casey told her this but she didn’t think it was a month after the remains were discovered. Robyn is not credible and the defense could tear her testimony to shreds. JMO

  224. Hello Dave and all. Good comments! Don’t agree with all…but we all can’t agree, huh?!

    Took a one day break in “reading” THE letters! Much easier at 75 %.

    While I have lotsa thoughts about letters and comments here I will just put two in writing.
    Casey’s handwriting: Starting arwound 8th grade the is somewhat how I and some other friends use to write. Big and neat and not so much seperation between words. I use to write my small a just like a typewriter “a” (YES! I said typewriter-no computers when I was in 8th grade-not even in 12th grade! LOL Graduated HS in 1980). So she seems to still be writing in that “schooltime” penmanship.

    She says several times about passing notes via her attorney to her parents and vice versa. Why would Jose do that? (I know, I know she’s a pathological liar).

    I don’t think Cindy is making any kind of amends to Casey by standing by her side. From what I have gathered, Cindy has made excuses for everything Casey did in her life. I have had a friend or two who have made excuses for their children, you know, MY child would never do that, this is what must have happened….George seems to have wanted to “call her out” on the not working thing when he went to Sports Authority. Cindy squashed that. Nothing ever Casey’s fault or Cindy’s fault. Manipulate the story and circumstances. I have a good friend I have since I am 15 years old. Good friends with her and her husband. She embellishes stories, sometimes lies (just little things)…She just does not come of as being sincere a lot in what she is telling you. It got to one point where I did not even want to hang out with her. My other friend and I would talk and find it unbeleivable that she would say one thing to her and one thing to me. Point is: Her daughter is the same exact way. My other friend’s daughter went to school with my embellishing friend’s who said everyone sees through the stories. Casey learned from Cindy. Cindy has been making excuses for Casey since day one. And if it is true about Lee, well Cindy made an excuse for him too: Sleepwalking.

    OK, back to reading the drivil for a while. But the timeframe of those letters is something else. Especially before Caylee’s body is found. She is some piece of work. Well, it gave us something to talk about while waiting for the trial to begin. Amazing, huh, how just when you think nothing more could come out regarding Casey Anthony!! Good lord!
    (OK said more than I thought I would).

    Have a good nite, all.

  225. The sad thing is that Geo., Cindy and Lee will still “stand by Casey, and try to save her.” I think they should back off until they get a public apology.

  226. there’s got to be reason(s) too why Lee’s ‘normal’, and Casey’s not..if parenting’s an issue. Seems like she started sliding off track late in high school. I think she’s probably got 2 or 3 clinical psychological disorders, they probably didn’t recognize until too late. It’s too bad because if she did tell her friend as reported that she needed help, etc., the baby and her maybe could’ve been saved. It’s a complex situation..

  227. Linda FNY, I agree with your point that often
    “problems” are a family trait. I have seen this trait passed down generations. Children learn by modeling their parents. Also people do not want to call out a person on, example, lying, if they lie also. Its a family cover-up.

  228. Boston – What makes you take the jump to Caylee was abused all her life ? I just cant convince myself of that , I dont see the proof. Any and all children have some falls and some bruises and the bruised pictures I have seen just look like she took a fall.
    I myself believe that would have been the last straw if Cindy & George saw her abusing Caylee. Certainly she was guilty of being on a computer , perhaps too much, altho when I had my grandson I played on a computer when he was happy watching cartoons, or when he slept, and that certainly didnt mean I was on the computer all day.

  229. Marinade~~stop reading other peoples mail.

    Dave kills Bill. Dave tells Richard that he killed Bill. Richard goes to LE and gives a statement that Dave told him that he killed Bill. Dave gets wind that Richard went to the police so he goes and kills Richard. The state finds enough evidence to bring murder charges against Dave for killing Bill.

    Question~~can Richard’s statement be brought into evidence.

    Answer~~yes, if a witness is knocked off so they cannot testify, they can testify from the grave.

    Dave….you are in some pile of chit!

  230. I know Cindy and George gave the statement through Mr. Conway denying what Casey has said in her letters re: Lee and George, but I wonder if Lee will make his own statement through his atty. as well?

  231. Dave threatens to kill Snoopy. Snoopy calls her boyfriend, Stan, and tells him that Dave threatened to kill her. Stan gets very upset and calls his buddy, Yuri, on off duty police detective, and tells him that Dave threatened Snoopy.

    Snoopy’s body is found floating in Lake Irene.
    LE takes statements from both Stan and Yuri. Only one of those statements can be admitted in evidence if Dave is charged with murder. Which one and why not the other?

  232. Barbara~~to my knowledge Lee does not have an attorney. Tom Luka resigned from being Lee’s counsel right after Lee took his deposition with the state attorney.

  233. Snoopy finds out that Dave is having an affair with Fran. She files for a Bloggy divorce and demands Bloggymoney.

    Should Snoopy be entitled to any of Dave’s assets which consist of a turnip and a Sony video camera?

  234. Ooops sorry, I am a little bloated but otherwise quite dead. I wonder if the dead can file for bloggymoney. The executor for Snoopy’s estate should be able to get that Sony video camera.

  235. You guys are too funny! Have to go for now, it’s really windy outside and have to bring some patio things inside, bye for now!

  236. yep , dont know who killed snoopy but it wasnt Dave. He was with me the whole night ! and whether we were just talking is nobody`s business . Lets just say I am 100% sure he didnt leave my side

  237. Look what I just rec’d in my email…

    You almost had me Snoopy – I had to tape my hands to keep from responding to your 8:03 comment on Dave’s Blog. My answer. Stan would be allowed to testify. Why, because Yuri was overheard stating that he did not blame Dave. 🙂

  238. Dave~~were you two hanging out in your tapioca tree taking pictures of Lake Irene? Are you sure it was Fran? That has to be a ray of sunshine in a blog once in awhile.

    Casey’s letters really make me go bonkers . I had to take a break … and go into a lighter vein…

  239. omg I didnt realize snoopy had figured it all out . that`ll teach me to not scroll up far enough. Sorry Dave, I tried to protect ya

    Snoopy finds out that Dave is having an affair with Fran. She files for a Bloggy divorce and demands Bloggymoney.

  240. the sky is not blue and grass is not green .Actualy the wavelenghs of light are absorbed by our atmosphere and blue cannot be absorbed so is reflected back giveing the illusion that our sky is blue were as its every coulour but blue.Same thing with grass an plants apearing green ,They cannot absorb light at green wavelenghs so reflect it back…So If Kc says the sky is blue she is on familiar ground ie she is lieing whereas if she says the sky apears to our limited sences to be blue then that statement would be true.A question for the women.Arent bras uncoumfourtable to sleep in?

  241. Dave~~geez I am sorry to hear about the tapioca tree… I hold that tree close to my heart for reasons I shall not divulge… such as a video with my name in the credits… see I am a blabbler mouth.

    I dread the thoughts of trying to read more pages…

  242. ecossie possie~~I already knew everything you said. Do women find wearing a bra to bed uncomfortable? I wouldn’t know… I just set flopsie and mospsie free and then go zzzzzzzzzz

  243. Snoopy: Since you were having a torrid affair with Stan, (Dave has shocking photos!) it will have to be Yuri.

  244. ecossie possie,
    I was thinking the exact same thing when I read about her sports bra being pulled up around her neck. I don’t know anyone that wears a bra to bed. I can’t imagine sleeping through someone pulling up a sports bra because they are so tight that they are a nightmare to get on and off. Wasn’t she only 12 when it started? None of it sounds right to me.

  245. this all sounds borderline coached to me. Plant these ideas just in case, and hope it grows. Like a safety net. So if the letters came in, jurors could think accident, abuse, etc.

  246. Hadley~~ a torrid love affair with Stan…there ya go, my adrenaline has gone haywire again. It’s a flight or fight situation but I am willing to stick around for the battle.

  247. I keep getting emails from a smart a** telling me to write msges in here for him/her. It better get in here itself…

    Dave, are you finding anything substantial in the letters that you have read thus far?

    Question~~how can they get the sexual abuse that Casey wrote in those letters into evidence without Casey taking the stand? How could they introduce them?

  248. yesterday while reading, i think I remember reading something about casey talking about certain atty’s taking on robin’s case, maybe appeal. I can’t find it now, but was wondering if anyone else remembers seeing it.

    that handwriting is so hard to read! I’m hoping someone else saw it and remembers, so I don’t have to go back and try to read them again.

  249. yes Im a male.And Ive never encountered a woman who sleeps in a bra sports or otherwise.I come from Scotland so wooly vests yes thermals yes hotwaterbottles yes but never in a bra?

  250. I made a comment a couple of minutes ago and now it’s not showing at all. Usually it goes into moderation till dave graciously lets me out, but now I don’t see anything. Hopefully this one works.

    In one of the letters I thought I read something about casey saying she was glad certain attorneys, i think it was michelle and some other name, were taking on robin’s case or appeal. and also that she was glad the way they handled her appeal. Does anyone else remember reading that, and if so, could you direct me to the page please?
    I’m cringing at the thought of re-reading any of those letters. They really hurt the eyes.

  251. ecossie possie~~hiya matey. I’ll just bet you like haggis. Do you wear the tartan, a kilt maybe? I just love the bagpipes and went nuts over the Alexander brothers when they came here in their kilts. The bros played piano accordian and piano.

  252. I just read about 10 pages of it. She’s certainly “out there”. I’ve got to be honest, I know she’s a liar in general, and she’s a murderer, the sex abuse I feel there’s a chance something could’ve happened. Only because this would explain the serious decline and obvious mental distortion. But I’ll leave it to the shrinks.

  253. Watson~~ wearing a bra 24/7 would take away the muscle tone of your breast. It is just like a woman wearing a girdle and wondering why her belly was still flabby. Any support system takes over and your own natural support (muscles) get weak. If you don’t use em, you lose em.

  254. Snoopy – I would assume it would be presented during both phases. That is if the defense presents a case during the guilt phase. They might use her mental health or lack there of to explain her behavior following the “kidnapping”.

    It will be interesting if a psychiatrist/psychologist who specializes in the effects of sexual abuse shows up on the defense witness list. That will be the determining factor as to whether or not they plan to use that allegation in her defense.

  255. I don’t think it excuses, but explains.

    Unfortunately I’ve seen alot of victims of incest, and what was chilling was her reference to not knowing if it was real or dream. I’ve heard that exact description.

  256. Snoopy – Do we need to substitute a body part in the song “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” in your honor?

    Cheyene – Many aspects of Casey’s behavior could be attributed to incest. Even prior to Caylee’s birth. IMHO

  257. Welcome to Dave’s blog Watson!! I have certainly heard alot about you. I was beginning to think of you as a phantom commenter.

  258. i did eat haggis as a child but no longer eat meat,Not that you could class haggis as meat offall perhaps.I have a blackwatch tartan kilt for weddings ect.Ive lived in England for the past twenty years an I off course love the bag pipes the Alexander brothers I thought they were long dead?Unless the ones you saw are the children of the originals.

  259. Don and Phil Alexander have been long gone for some time now.

    Dave must have retired for the nite???

  260. Oh come on Snoopy! You’re the one who brought up knee warmers. And your warm welcome was sincerely appreciated. I feel like I’ve known you for a long time, having read so many of your comments over the past year.

  261. When Casey was originally questioned over Caylees abduction She is asked if she told anyone about it .Casey replies she told Jeff Hopkins an then states she called Gloria…… Zeneidas mother but that she never got back to me?Implying she left a message on an answer phone.However a few momments later Melich asks her if she has a phone number for Zeinidas mother .Casey replies that she has no number for her,So how can she phone someone she has no number for a good liar needs a good memory an Casey is a useless liar with a very short memory

  262. Watson~~tell me I am smarter than you and I will extend the welcome mat again. There is someone else knocking at the door but they can’t get in…

  263. ecossie possie~~very good observation re the number for Gloria. I remember her saying that in the interview LE did with her in that room at Universal on July 16th.

  264. Snoopy – You are much smarter then I am. 🙂 Who is knocking?

    ecossie possie – Great observation. I’m just wondering which Zanny Casey will finally settle on. Each seems to have a different method of kidnapping.

  265. cassidy~~I remember reading about attorneys by the names of Michelle and Mike, I think. I dont know who they would be. Casey said they worked on her case and may take on Robyn’s appeal. Maybe someone else knows who they are. Sorry, I missed your question earlier.

  266. Snoopy – You are much smarter then I am.

    ecossie possie – Great observation. I’m just wondering which Zanny Casey will finally settle on. Each seems to have a different method of kidnapping.

  267. Snoopy- I don’t know for certain who attorneys Michelle and Mike are, but when I read what Casey wrote, what crossed my mind was perhaps they worked her case when her bond was appealed as being excessive. Didn’t the defense take that to a higher court and get shut down?

  268. Thanks Snoopy. I wonder if those atty’s work in baez’ office, and if they’re still handling work for robin.

  269. I have a feeling if a Criminal Lawyer was representing this Robin, she wouldn’t be a liar, but credible. I have no reason to not believe her yet. She had some drug charges. I can think of worse crimes. Interested in reducing her sentence? So what. But I’m sure as heck not listening to the calls 🙂

  270. I have family responsibilities today, so I will try to be in and out. If you get stuck in spam, I’m sorry, and I will let you out when I’m available.

  271. From what I’ve gleemed. Mike Walsh is a Miami attorney who IIRC filed a motion on Casey’s behalf over the excessive bond, I believe Michelle is either an associate of his or his paralegal.
    Many people thought that when Casey mentioned the “Walsh’s” would be in Miami to help her, she was speaking of John Walsh from “America’s Most Wanted” who’s son Adam was murdered, and thus his passion for finding criminals. But he wouldn’t touch Casey with Dave’s 10 foot pole (LOL), he’d go after her, not help her.

  272. Dave, I know you’ll be in and out. But since I’ live in Orlando, I was wondering how difficult you might think it would be to be in the gallery during Casey’s trial? I would imagine that it would be packed with reporters and the like, and what Anthony’s that may still support her by then. Some of them might be dealing with their own charges. But I digress.
    What do you think about being there for the trial, just you average Orlando Jill?

  273. Good Morning Dave, I’ve made a few observations about the investigative documents released and wonder what you think.
    Robyn Adams did not come forward with these letters and neither did her friend or her father. Maya pointed LE in her direction. I wonder why Maya waited a year to pass this info along. Could it be that Skye had something to do with this? The timing of all of these “revelations” seem a bit too coincidental.

    I find it interesting that Robyn had her friend forward the letters to her attorney (Andrea Armas) several weeks after being sentenced. She was advised that the letters were of no use in hving her sentence reduced and disclosing them might cause her to be labeled as a snitch in prison. So, it does not appear Robyn had any intention of revealing them for the time being. I found the investigative summary of Andrea Armas’s interview interesting as it seems she might have been “up to something ” with those letters. I also find it interesting that Robyn’s father did not retain her to represent her while being questioned by the FDLE. I wonder why.

    My guess is that if the SAO has any intention of using Robyn as a witness at trial, they will polygraph her to make certain that the statements she made to LE are truthful. I know polygraphs can’t be used in court, but would bolster their confidence in using her.

  274. Hey, Vicky-
    I noticed that, too, about Robyn’s being dragged into this through Maya. Others might say, well, she didn’t destroy the letters but who amongst us would have done that, really? They’ll be extremely important to any comprehensive analysis (spelled correctly today!) of this case and to any serious biographer of Casey later- never mind the short-term importance of them. I imagine that technically she “owns” them, as Casey “gifted” them to her, but with LE appropriating them now for possible use at trial later, etc. Who knows what they would be worth on the Market now (how high would the NE go?).

    She offered to poly I believe.

  275. Gee, got a little Off Topic last night with bra’s and things, huh? You people are crazy. LOL!

    I think it is funny that Casey was betrayed by Robin, keeping the letters and all, not flushing them. And looking to make a buck or get sentenced reduced. Ha. She deserves it. After all , she betrayed Caylee…

    Hi Dave.

    Hi, Linda.

  276. By the way, from the Casey Anthony Letters:

    “Unfortunately, my plans got beyond tangled when Zany wouldn’t tell me where she and Caylee were. I had asked her to take Cays for a few days, so I could put the rest of our stuff together, money I had saved, new clothes, new everything,” Anthony wrote. “That’s why I waited to report her missing, because she was and wasn’t.” (From Wesh article)

    There ya go. That will be what the defense will present as the “compelling” (Jose’s word) reason as to why Casey did not report Caylee missing. I am sure Jose has sent out a BIG thank you to his “innocent” client for putting the “compelling” reason out there before the trial for all to see!

  277. Linda from NY, That can be disputed because she didnt have any money saved! She stole it! She gives 3 different Zanny Nanny stories. Chalk it all up liar liar pants on fire! Rings all round these. Caseys world building a Casey dream land game like on the computer Build your farm, Build Caseyland thats all I got out of all this crap she spews. Gave me a heartache and a headache! lol got aspirin and a stiff drink and Idont drink…Need one after all this Casey crapola.

  278. any child can have delayed speech, it’s not necessarily indicative of anything. I thought she worded about right for her age. Who knows what exactly went on, but there’s no way she could’ve drugged/trunked her too often, in FL heat, with little air, and she’d wake, make noise, pull tape off, etc. (if it was used previously) We just don’t know. This final cause of death I believe was intentional. She mentioned in her ramblings ‘forgiving’ for what happened to Caylee, maybe she ‘forgives’ herself, and justifies it. Sure seems like it.

  279. Vicky // April 9, 2010 at 10:02 am

    Can you point in the direction of the LE summary of their interview of Andrea Armas? I would like to read it and can’t find it anywhere on Orlando Sentinel or WFTV, but then again, I could just be missing it.
    Thank you in advance.

  280. Hi fostermom, how are you? Well, everything Casey stated regarding what happend to her daughter will be disputed! It just cought my eye that her is another Casey story about what happened to Caylee: “I dropped her off at the Nanny’s and went to go get her and no one was there, I paced and paced, I tried calling the Nanny, but the phone was disconnected…AND (although not from Casey’s mouth) “She was held down at Blanchard park and the Nanny (and whoever-I forget) took Caylee and gave her a script to follow…And NOW,.. “I had asked her to take Cays for a few days, so I could put the rest of our stuff together, money I had saved, new clothes, new everything”…Why wouldn’t she tell the cops that? This girl is going to jail for the rest of her life (coz I really do not think she will the DP-but ya never know).

    I really am thinking Jose would love to ring her neck for putting that in writing…You just know THAT is the defence, excuse, “compelling” reason to try to counter the “31 days”! I really think she gave away the compelling reaon Jose has yacked about ad nausuem!!

    BBL. Going to spend some time with my fan club! Yes, I have a fan club, my three nieces, 1 1/2, 5 and soon to be 11. Who else is soooo happy to see me every time! LOL!

  281. Vicky – In the OCSO Supplemental Report released on Tuesday, the one that’s called Casey Letters 2, Det. Yuri Melich writes on page 8, “On January 27th, 2010 Corporal Edwards and I met with Robyn Adams at the Federal Correctional Institute in Tallahassee, Florida. Robyn Adams is currently incarcerated at this facility for an unrelated crime. Robyn Adams agreed to speak with us at this time, but refused to provide a sworn recorded statement unless she had an attorney present. Robyn Adams was concerned at something that occurred while at the Orange County Jail while incarcerated there and she wanted to ensure she would not be charged with any other crime(s).”

    What exactly this entails, I do not know. I recognize one thing, though, and that is what Casey told her. About what was found with Caylee’s body, that’s very interesting if true, but when Robyn described what Casey said about sexual abuse by her father and brother, yes, I don’t doubt that Casey said it, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Casey’s told nothing but lies and I wouldn’t trust her. However, what Robyn said about Casey’s reaction to the news of a child’s body being found, I believe her on that one.

    I knew Casey wasn’t smart enough to keep her mouth shut.

  282. Pamela, I also wanted to know how or what the courtroom rules will be. Frist-come or will passes be issued and for out-of-state visitors, is there RV parks nearby.

  283. RE: Linda’s post 11:15, I agree with you Linda, and to add to this- Casey states in her letters she bought new things while planning on moving away with Caylee…how come there was not one thing bought for Caylee on those shopping sprees? If she was “planning on taking Caylee” to move away where is all she bought for Caylee?

  284. I think who Casey was after the baby was born and who she was almost 3 years later are very different. Her whole look even changed, dramatically. She was declining (and knew it) and I think she made the decision to put Caylee out of her (own) misery, as well as her (Caylee’s) own, I really do. To be free, as well as other reasons. As far as abuse and neglect (other than being preoccupied with herself) we really don’t know. We can assume, but there’s no evidence. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  285. Hello Dave et al…

    I just finished reading the comments. Vicky, very good observations. It seems to me that that all these people were out for their own gain, in one way or another. It is hard to know who to believe and Casey already has the reputation of being a pathological liar. I would like to see a polygraph administered to Robyn.
    We all know that Casey would blow the machine up.

    I don’t know what LE can gain from these letters and the personal contact between Casey and the inmates. I could not find anything of real relevance. Even the interviews can only be taken with a grain of salt. One person that I am definitely leery of is Skye Benaida. It seems she had her own agenda and her past is nothing to be proud of.

    I still have a couple more interviews to read.

  286. One thing about those letters (I only read up to page 10 or 11) there’s alot of words crammed in very close together, and her mind is all over the place. It was rather creepy. She’s unusual too, where (kind of like a Drew Peterson) the mind’s full of like a hard to believe sorrow, and pensiveness, spiked with bizarre humor (‘can I get an amen?’) just really odd stuff…

  287. well, I know murder is worse than abuse, it’s murder. Listen I’m not defending her, I think she should be executed. I’m just saying it’s not like she was a known abuser with a record. Mixed up 20 something, yes. I think she got worse and worse as a mom, and planned this death of her daughter. As opposed to just snapping, losing her temper, etc.
    I don’t doubt she at least gave Caylee stuff like tylenol to make her sleep. I don’t know about anything else. Personally, I think she injected her with chloroform and taped her to kill her.

  288. Casey said after returning back to jail after being home, “the bitch knows what it feels like now,” referring to her mother. This gives me every indication that Casey took Caylee’s life to revenge her mother. Casey felt that she never had the affection of her mother. Cindy showed the love to Caylee that Casey felt rightfully belonged to her. This built up alot of resentment in Casey and then, that last fight sealed Caylee’s fate. I am strongly thinking that the prosecution will use this as motive and Casey wanting her freedom will be second on the list.

    It seems that Casey doesn’t mind sitting in jail as the price to pay for finally getting the satisfaction of seeing her mother suffer. Casey mentioned that she did not want to see her father and brother suffer.

    If Casey was jealous over Cindy’s affection for Caylee, it only played a small part in the overall picture. This makes me wonder if the sexual abuse that Casey claims happened may have been true. If this was true and Cindy did not believe her, can you imagine how this would devastate a young girl? The young girl would think that maybe she was a whore. Alot of people who are sexually abused blame themselves and lose alot of self confidence.
    “Maybe I am a spiteful bitch.” Those words to Lee on the evening of July 15th carry alot of weight.

    A child does not feel love and the security they crave from a parent who allows them to lie, steal and let them get away with it by covering for them. They feel just the opposite. Casey realized this as she got a bit older.

    Noone owns their child. Children are a gift. You nuture them and love them and guide them until they are mature enough to go out into the world and fly on their own. No parent has the right to control their children, especially when they become young adults. “No, you cannot have an abortion,” this was a fatal mistake. “I will give you and the baby a roof over your head and financial support.” This was control and dominance on the part of the parent. My God, even holding the child first and taking away that very first bond with mother and child is one of the cruelest things a person could do. Trust me, I had 3 beautiful daughters and know that feeling of holding the tiny baby for the first time. It is a feeling like no other.

    In no way am I condoning what Casey may have done. I have to say ‘may’ because, under the law, it still has to be proven so she still has entitlement to remain innocent until proven guilty. I just wanted to give you an idea of why I think Casey is sitting in jail charged with murder and a few reasons why I think this all may went down. At times, I find myself pitying Casey and abhorring Cindy. JMO

  289. Snoopy-
    Say what you will about L. Padilla (Go ahead- you know you want to! lol), but one thing he has said consistently (on NG) is that Casey had real problems with anyone wanting to go through Caylee’s photo albums and such, that she would actually pull out her old ones and want to talk about herself as a “cute baby”! Also that she deflected positive comments made about Caylee (what a cute little girl) to see if she could get the person to say something good about herself, Casey! That is bizarre behavior- Me, me, me. I have yet to get through but a fraction of the “letters” but I’ll be looking for indications of that…

  290. Karen~~it appears to me that Casey was looking for praise and affection that she lacked from her own mother. People who do not feel loved with carry it into adulthood. Casey went from boyfriend to boyfriend trying to please them to gain affection. Alot of them were just using her. She stikes me as a person with very low self-esteem. These kind will do anything to try and fill this void, even to trying to put themselves off as celebrities so they can get praise and recognition.

  291. yes. And dysfunctional relationship with her father too, I think. The thing with the albums (unless she was trying to change the subject) I can’t even get my head wrapped around being jealous of your baby. Any of us with kids knows once children come, no longer is it about you but them. And they’re the apples of your eye..
    And yes, that ‘well maybe I’m a spiteful b*tch’, very telling…

  292. Karen~~do you have any preference of what you would like me to say about that old fart, Padilla? Out of the 100 guesses that he makes, he has to get at least two right. I just can’t find those two.

  293. Take the time to find the truth. Look at the pictures. Read the documents that clearly state from many friends of Casey’s that “the kid could sleep anywhere”. Look at the Nursing Home video and listen to her speech-it’s clearly delayed. Look at her reading the book -she has no words to match up to the pictures. Look at the many pictures of a sad, lonely and confused little girl.

    I have probably read everything or close to it on the anthony case. But what I havent seen is any of her friends say casey was cruel to caylee. Nor have I seen any real proof of abuse. We do know that Casey sitting in jail showed a side of herself that is certainly ugly when she gets mad. But there is literally hundreds of pictures of caylee, and some arent of a smiling ham it up for the pictures, but none show great signs of abuse in my mind. There is no doctors reports or hospital reports, that show abuse. We all like to think we know so much about this case, but it doesnt mean all of our opinions are right. The anthonys looked after caylee a lot, from their depositions and I just think they may have acted a whole lot faster if they really saw proof of casey abusing caylee. Caylee talked way better than my grandson who was the same age as caylee, she could sing a song, she could count in spanish. She had sweet clothes, lots of toys.
    I dont buy the chloroform thoughts either, however her dosing caylee on tylenol or cough medicine wouldnt surprise me. And friends saying caylee would sleep thru anything doesnt worry me. My girlfriends children slept thru all parties, they were used to those noises from day 1, and it conditioned them to sleep thru them. I just dont make the leap to caylee being abused all the time by casey
    No doubt in my mind that casey was growing more and more resentful of living under mommy`s thumb tho and more and more fights with cindy over casey wanting to party too much., more fights over money casey stole and caseys world took on a more and more desperation to get out of mommy`s house but she had no means to be able to do that. And in my mind there was no way she was gonna give caylee to cindy to raise, so she erased caylee out of her life and I am beginning to think she thought she was doing caylee a favor to murder her. I have to give that a little more thought tho

  294. just really sad all the way around. The only good that can come from this is, people need to act when they think a child is in danger and this type of situation is escalating, and moms that feel themselves slipping (and she did, according to Annie, I believe) need to get help, it’s available.

  295. Pamela – The summary of the interview was in the supplemental report, just before the transcripts. It was midway through the document and was located withing the same overview of their interview with Robyn’s father. Andrea Armas told the investigators that she advised Robyn that the letters were usless in so far as assisting her with her sentence. She also advised her that bringing them to the attention of LE might have her labeled as a snitch by other inmates. she went on to tell investigators when they asked for the letters that they had been sent off for handwriting analysis, but then said a friend was doing it. She also admitted that she had made copies of the letters. Something about her actions seems a little screwy to me.
    I don’t remember exactly where in the document and am not on my home computer to find it. If you can’t find the summary of their interview with her, let me know and I will look later.

  296. I am listening to some of Robyns phone calls. Richard Hornsby released a lot of her phone calls, and also Skyes phone calls. I guess he is out to prove Robyn is a liar. I think Robyn is desperate to get out of jail in any way she can. I have only listened to about 5 of her calls but interesting so far in her phone calls she doesnt talk of her kids at all, only about god , and about how much she loves clay.

  297. Fran, the words, “Caylee could sleep thru anything”, I agree with you that it means nothing or little. I to have seen small children able to sleep thru noise.

  298. snoopysleuth April 9, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    This is one of the most comprehensive, accurate posts I’ve ever read on the dynamics of not only Casey, but also of that pathetic excuse of what is called “the Anthony family”.

    I agree with every word of it.

  299. Fran~~I think we all would like to know the truth. We can look at pictures and read documents. From the documents, we find bits and pieces of the truth but from the pictures and videos, all we can do is speculate and give an opinion.

    My daughter was home for a visit and NG was on. They were showing the video of Caylee singing and looking at the book. BTW, my daughter had not been following the case so I explained, Caylee was almost 3 and her mother is being charged with her murder. My daughter then asked me if the little girl was retarded. I had to agree with my daughter that Caylee appeared to be very slow for being almost three. I mentioned this in a comment on another blog around that time, wondering what some of the others thought. That was a big mistake because I really got alot of flack for even suggesting such a thing.

    We only had that short video to go by and Caylee’s ” tired papa” was nice and clear. When she was reading the book, she may have been playing possum as kids will do, so I will give her the benefit of the doubt. I thought her words in the song were well pronounced. Not all kids progress at the same rate and I wonder how much time Casey spent with Caylee one on one. We must remember that Casey spent most of her time texting or on the internet. Cindy would have been around on the weekends but all learning gained on a weekend can be lost during the week without continuous stimulation.

    By Casey…
    Was Caylee physically abused? I am not sure.
    Was Caylee mentally abused ? I would lean more toward a ‘yes.’

  300. Olivia~~thank you so much for the nice compliment on my comments. I have mulled so much around in my mind, even to the point of trying to put myself in Casey’s or even Cindy’s place. This whole case has so many turns and angles, a piece of evidence may come up and change my thinking in another direction.

  301. So true, that last statement there, Snoop. Between now and trial we’ll have to absorb dozens of “revelations”, shocks and insights.

    Not to mention Bombshells!

  302. I just watched Bob Kealing on WESH. Robyn Adams told FDLE that Casey gave a description about the black bag and blanket, etc., right after the remains were found. On the phone recording with her father 3 days later, she said she hadn’t been able to talk to Casey. Hmm.

  303. Dave, I’m not saying I believe Robyn, she, like Casey, is a convicted felon.

    But I do believe that Robyn isn’t completely stupid to the fact that her phone calls were being recorded, and she wasn’t going to admit to speaking with Casey on a personal level for that reason.

    All in all, I think the entire Robyn/letter issue is 85% irrelevant. The State’s case doesn’t hinge on Robyn’s testimony, and at this point, I doubt they will use her.

    The remaining 15% that I do see as valid are Casey’s own written words in those letters which give credence to her own mindset, priorities and spite-factor of why she murdered Caylee.

  304. Dave, Richard H has web sleuths listening to 800 of robyns jail phone calls . I believe his reason for this is to prove whether robyn had a purpose to befriend casey. The very first phone call of robyns that I listened to, her father asked if she gets to talk to casey and she and she says no. But that was back in the beginning and she wasnt allowed to at first. I would imagine richard will have the dates on all phone calls , and will quickly be able to nail down the info robyn gave to LE. Wouldnt surprise me in the least if she embellished a little and added to the stories. She didnt want to serve 10 yrs. I really think this is no big information because I cant see her statements having much impact on the jurors given she is a cops wife , serving a 10 yr sentence for a grow op and weapons charges. Sounds like Richard fully plans to “out” her if he can find the proof and then she wont have any part in the trial

  305. Ha. Between Casey, C, G and Lee (“especially” that family of four), Robyn, Maya, Skye, Joy (OK she as problems) etc, etc, they are all liars. C, G and Lee looking to get Casey off of a murder charge. Robyn looking for a reduction to her prison time, Skye? 15 mins of fame, forget Joy, she inserts herself in lotsa “things”. Every single thing these people have said “under oath” has to be taken with, not a grain, but a large serving of salt. Can’t count on anything these people say, under oath or not. People lie under oath all the time.

  306. 800 phone calls????!! So not only will our eyes be bleeding but our ears as well. LOL!

  307. sometimes the way small kids read a book to themselves can look unusual for lack of a better term. I think that’s what she was doing. Most 2 to 3 year olds can’t read, lol. I thought she looked tired or something, but I could be seeing it through the eyes of this case. I don’t think I’m going to listen to any of the phonecalls, just read what you guys have to say about them.

  308. Yeah, I don’t see what people are talking about with Caylee. Seemed like a typical 2 year old to me. Even cute little kids are no photogenic all the time. There was nothing wrong with her. Just her mother.

  309. My eyes hurt when attempting to read the letters, I couldn’t read all, just skimmed through some -then had a headache! I also don’t think I can listen to so many phone calls either! 800, ? The lawyers on preparing for Casey’s trial- I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to sort through everything, every piece of evidence and then decide what will be presented at trial! Can’t even imagine how incredibly difficult that must be!

  310. I increased the size of the print to 100% when I read those. Even then, so many words crammed together, it was pretty crazy.

  311. Marinade~~have you got anything on the drawing board? I need a fix. One of your posts is needed for my addiction.

    I understood Robyn could not pin point when Casey was supposed to have mentioned the garbage bag and blanket except it was not a month after the remains were found. The inmates have access to newspapers, tv and transistors. I cannot see the state putting either one of those inmates on the stand or giving statements. I think they would muddy up the states case and make them look desperate. Both River and Skye’s testimony should also be tossed as well.

  312. I agree Snoopy I can’t see them being called to tesify. IMO the sate doesn’t need them.

  313. Yes, Snoopy, I do. After I took care of my parental chores, I took a ride down to Suburban with my video camera. I thought it might be nice to see those woods today and maybe, take a little break from this week’s madness. A breather, so to speak.

  314. Linda from NY~~Caylee was three years old less 2 months, not a 2 yr old. That makes a big difference. Children do progress at different levels and alot depends how much interaction their parents or their siblings have with them. I still have the baby book that I kept for my oldest girl. She could say ‘helacocker’ for the helicopter that used to fly over the army base whe she was 15 months old . She was not a baby genius , just a regular little girl. When the girls came out with the typical , “wa’s that?” I never answered them in baby talk, for example I did not say fridgy but refrigerator. Maybe I was a cruel mommy.

  315. Snoopy, at 3:48

    your last sentence, about abhoring Cindy, I’ve also felt Cindy caused a great deal of pain
    in Caseys life and absolutely did come between the mother/child bond, with Casey/Caylee.
    I to know those first quiet moments when holding your newborn is so very important.

  316. I have def been a lurker on this site as well as a 2 more.
    Dave, I think you are a bright person. I enjoy reading your “articles”
    I have not been able to follow the comments and opinions of others for a few weeks and now that I have, I seriously had this “have to” urge to express my feelings about “things.”

    Let me get started. Post it or not.
    It is my opinion only…and that is exactly what is on YOUR site. I assume it would be or should be a private site if one was not able to express their opinion whether or not it suited ANY of your readers….nor you.

    I have read certain comments-opinions on here
    that for some reason “provoke” Snoopy to attack. You say nothing. I am going to add before I go any further that I have read and respected Snoops input and thoughts (opinions) thus far. Very good stuff Snoopy. But, I personally have a “errrrr” moment when she puts herself into areas of subject that have not called for her “let me stick up for my friend” comments. It’s a bit childish.
    She may Dave…very well..be your friend…but you are a big boy and it is your blog right? I as a woman am very capable to handle the “blog bashers” on my own and would (speaking for myself) be embarrassed if someone didn’t feel that I was capable of doing so. I would it def make me feel “loved”, “liked” and respected but would rather handle on my own because I can.
    Hey…just my opinion. Ok folks….go for it.

  317. I thought this Robyn character said Casey said on the 11th they’d found her with bag, blanket, etc.? But by then she (Robyn) had heard those things in the news, and simply could’ve said it was the 11th

  318. I’m working on the video right now, Snoopy. It probably won’t get done tonight and it takes a long time for YouTube to post it, but it will be up there before it is here.

  319. Dave, I have finally read most of those letters. I made a shortct then d/l them, what a mess. Casey is lonely in there and tryong to connect with someone. Very immature. Of course the RV trips are fantasy, yet what else does a person have on 23 hr lockdown. No, I am not feeling sorry for Casey, just how some of her writings came across to me.

    If you or Snoppysleuth do a new writing could it be something lighter maybe just one time. What about marinating methods … ?

  320. Hi, Justice Floats. Thank you for thinking I am a bright person.

    Snoopy is my right arm. I am not always here and she does a great job of keeping peace. Yes, I am a big boy, and this is my blog, but it’s also everyone else’s who knows how to treat each other with respect. I put my faith in her. So do a lot of other people. Snoopy has been friendly to people who are friendly to her and every other commenter. Right now, I am editing a video, I cannot be two places at once, and someone has to mind the shop. And just so you know, she also has her own blog…


    I would only ask you to join in whenever you feel comfortable. There are a lot of very nice people hanging around.

  321. I wasn’t the first to hold any of my children, but we still bonded and had many, many quiet moments between mother and child.

    You know it is kind of interesting just reading the blogs rather than posting. I am able to sit back and keep my mind open to the information.

    Anyway… from what I am reading lately…not just here but pretty much everywhere…most of the blame for Caylee’s death seems to be shifting towards Cindy…actually both George and Cindy…but mostly Cindy.

    I can’t help but think that is a little unfair. Granted Cindy held Caylee first and maybe that annoyed Casey…but Casey had no problem allowing her parents to feed, diaper, clothe and babysit her child. Caylee had lots of clothes, toys, she was well fed and healthy. Casey had no job and when she did…there was no way she could have afforded to care for her daughter…heck I don’t think she had a clue how to care for her child. I don’t think she had a clue how to care for herself…..and frankly I think if Casey had been responsible for ALL of Caylee’s care…she might not have lived as long as she did.

    I do understand why people may not like Cindy. but I honestly believe that she loved both Caylee and Casey. I also honestly believe that she and George are living in a hell that most of us could never understand. jmo

  322. Justice Floats~~ I never get a chance to use any of the weapons in my arsenal at my own blog because I have my place triple padlocked. I have to get a little practice with my weaponry so Dave lets me hang out here.

    Can you honestly say that you find it offensive when I extend my talons and go after one of his contributors? Why should you let this bother you? When you find that you are personally having an errrr moment, just duck or get out of the line of fire and go on your merry way.

    I didn’t want my secret revealed but I consider myself Dave’s bouncer. He is just too nice and cannot handle being mean and ugly like me. That is why he can concentrate better and write such great posts.

    I promise to keep your boat afloat as long as you don’t try and sink my ship.

    The above comments were not made to show any disrepect to anyone. Snoopy

  323. Hey Snoopy,
    It’s like Good Cop Bad Cop. Me and my husband play that when dealing with salesmen, especially time share salesmen. Guess which cop I play. I’m good at it too.

  324. Hey Snoopy Girl, it takes me at least 3 attempts to spell Sleuth correctly, girl is easier, hope that is ok.
    I find it awesome you are Dave’s bouncer, besides you do it so very well.
    Snoopy you do your own Blog quite well also.
    off for tonight, ya’ all take care.

  325. Mr Marinade~~have you seen Watson today? I have been trying to track that man down all over blogdom with no success. He is a slippery devil.

    Great comments in here today. I was in moderation all night long but it gave me a chance to read alot. I hope we all get to see your video, not just Snoopy. I don’t know what to make of her sometimes but it seems that she has your best interest in her sights.

  326. Snoopy, You are never mean nor ugly on Dave’s blog- you just let people know not to attack each other just because they may not agree, which is fair! Great job as a bouncer on the blog! ( I also like reading your posts too, so do most people here!)

  327. Hi Frankie~~I do my very best to be courteous and treat the blog owners and fellow commenters with respect. If I ever cross that line, I hope someone brings it to my attention.

    Dave and I banter back and forth and it may come across to some as being a bit harsh. We have been together on this blog for well over a year so it would be difficult to not consider him a very special friend…. notice I said friend!!

  328. Frankie~~my guess is that you take on the role of bad cop and chase the salesmen away with your rolling pin in hand. Those rps can be quite the weapon, especially the old fashioned ones.

    I can honestly say that anytime I did intervene to break up an argument or defend myself or Dave, I did not take pleasure in doing so and it did not give me a sense of power. I would much rather divvy out the hugs.

  329. I have not seen you cross the line yet. There are times that I wouldn’t blame you if you did. I am absolutely positive that someone would bring it to your attention right away if you did go too far.
    I have a banter friend also. It’s my best friend husband. People that don’t know about it think we hate each other but we don’t. It’s just fun.

  330. Dont mess with Cindy Anthony.She has special powers an can see into the future.How do I know this?When the police came to hopespring drive to question the Anthonys after the infamous smells like a body in the damm car phone call.Cindy told them she had several numbers for Zanny in her panda address book.However thease turned out to be four post it notes with numbers on them?Not actually written in the book at all.Cindy explained this by stateing that she never bothered to write her number in the book as she changed her number so often.You see now her special powers come into play.You or I may have inked in the book a couple of times before resorting to post it notes but we dont have future sight.How else would Cindy have known not to bother writting her number in the book as she would change it in a few months.And why bother to hang on to the old defunct numbers that were on post it notes?Surely youd just throw them away an keep the current number.Unless an this is were the cynic in me comes out.You are desprately trying to create a history for a non exsistant nanny going back over time.Its a pity Cindy didnt take her gift of future sight to prevent the tradgedy the took her Grand Childs life.

  331. Anyone: I haven’t had time to read all the
    comments today and maybe it has already mentioned. I am interested in hearing if anyone was able to determine if Casey was indicating who might be Caylee’s bio dad. RE: Letter “Story #2, Two Peas In A Pod De Ja Vu” She mentions her pregnancy and a couple of names, etc Who is Eric? Also toward the ending letters I notice she writes how she really wants to see her family and how much she misses them. Sounds contradictrary to her talking about being abused by Lee and George and her angers toward Cindy.

  332. Hi ecossie possie,
    Glad you could join us again. You must be a night owl.
    You are right. Cindy does have special powers and can see into the future. She tried very hard to cover up from day one. I’ll bet she is already regretting using her little tricks to try and help protect Casey. On second thought she was covering up to protect the family image. It sure didn’t work for her though.

  333. I think Snoopy is Dave’s imaginary friend..LOL
    It’s okay, we all should have one. She does seem to use her talons. Snoopy reminds me of a character in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” Which one is she? Creepy.
    But I understand Justice Floats. I just pretend like she’s not there.

  334. Cindy was Georges second wife .Does he have any children from his first wife any half brothers an sisters for Lee an Casey an maybe other grand kids an has anyone heard anything from his first wife an why they seperated? an hello everybody.

  335. Eric is the guy that died in a car crash just before Caylees second birthday .Though acording to his date of birth on his death certificate he would have to have been fifteen when C aylee was conceived.Which would make Casey a child molester.

  336. ecossie possie~~I love your insight and the way you pick up on those little things that alot of us overlook. I would never have clued in to the postie notes the way you did. I hope you will stick around here, we need more people like you.

  337. I am so disgusted with this OSCO’s debacle! Really, can they be any more obvious? I think not. It’s not so bad that it was found out, it’s just bad because it exposes a trick that most LE thought WE DIDN’T KNOW.
    Gee thanks OSCO for looking more foolish than you did from Day One.
    I know what happened on July 15th. You walked into the Anthony home, saw this little hottie and wanted to get up close and personal, thinking this was a simple mother/daughter dispute. WRONG.
    You allowed time for cover up. You didn’t take this seriously. This mirrors the JonBenet Ramsey case where the whole family and their friends were allowed to hang out in the home for hours before anyone took a good look at the entire home.
    Missing children alerts should be of the utmost importance. The first thing you should do is separate ALL of the family members. Interrogate them individually. Interrogate any friends too, before the crime hits the media. Do not allow friends to get together and create a timeline. Look through out the neighborhood for a missing child. Did it dawn on any of them that the child may be nearby? Nope.
    You allow an outsider LP to get his nose into this like it was some kind of game. I’m totally disgusted with this case and if KC Anthony walks you only have yourselves to blame.
    Carpe Diem!!

  338. ecossie possie~~Eric James Baker was killed in a vehicle accident in 2005 in Kentucky. I didn’t take note of his dob but I remember viewing the death record. Would you possibly have a link to it?

  339. And so does your’s Lily O Lily. I can’t help but call a spade a spade. It is…what it is. I can deal with it. Can you?

  340. Seize the Day JB. The minute you are an experienced, educated law enforcement officer or child advocate – please do let us know.

    In the meantime, your outrage and ‘insight’ is what it is. Melodrama.

  341. ecossie possie, Thanks, sort of thought so
    but, in reading that letter there seemed to
    be two guys besides Jesse she mentioned.
    being with. Eric, no name, and Jesse, so
    She implies that the one not names would
    be the father, not Eric. not Jesse of course.

  342. It’s okay JB, it’s only a figment of your imagination. Think kind thoughts..think kind thoughts..

  343. I cant remember were I saw it only that I did the math an he wouldve been fifteen when casey was conceived an sixteen when she was born.An eighteen years old when he died..

  344. Spade a spade is in modern day terms a very racially derisive phrase and most folks know better. Enlighten thyself.

  345. JB, you sure have your right to your opioion but the part about LE wanting to “get up close and personal with Casey” is far from the truth and really uncalled for, LE were always very professional.

  346. Lily,
    You know I’m right. I don’t need to have a degree in anything but Common Sense. Caylee Anthony’s murder may never be solved because of these morons. Or should I say proven.
    When men stop being men, maybe then they can start to think. I know for a fact and KC admitted this herself, if she were old and ugly, she wouldn’t have 1/16 of the press coverage she gets.

  347. Marinade ~~ are you still around??

    ecossie possie~~I think Eric died in the spring of 2005 and Jesus Ortiz died in a vehicle accident in May /05. Caylee’s birtday was Aug 9th so neither one of them died on their way to her 2nd birthday. I don’t think we will ever know who the daddy was.

  348. Calling a spade a spade has nothing to do with race. I can’t believe anyone would think anything else. What about a club a club. A diamond a diamond. I don’t think in color, so I guess that just doesn’t come to my mind but it did to yours?

  349. JB – did you read the words ‘modern day’? Probably not. That means in this century. The actual origin has to do with a gardening shovel but it’s been interpreted many different ways. However, most people that live in the current century recognize it’s racial connotations. It’s an ugly phrase that most people have erased from their repertoire for obvious reasons.

  350. JB and Lily, please do not let all this blow up into a big problem. Everytime this blog goes belly up because we just will not stop digging at each other. It takes days for Dave to get all running smooth again. Maybe OF would help. None of my business but lets try and have courtesies. Sorry Dave and Snoopy if stepped in when I shouldn’t have, not a
    habit of mine. Just like to see a good blog
    keeping on keeping.

  351. Thanks for the compliment snoop though I am sure that lot of people including the police would have picked up on the inconsistancies in Cindys adress book story an I cant wait to hear her try an explain on the wittness stand .Just answering that that its not relevant to anything isnt going to work.

  352. I’m done. I kept reading for someone to state the obvious, but no one did so I did.
    I’m thinking after this is all said and done, just like in the OJ trial, procedures will be changed because of this case.
    Everyone wants to critique everything Cindy and George did, but what about LE? They allowed it and fed right in to it.
    I can not find another case of a kidnapped/missing child when a stranger from another state is allowed to involve himself. Maybe there aren’t any laws to prevent it now, but I think there will be. Leonard Padilla made LE look like clowns and ever since then they’ve lived up to the title. Now there’s a new player Robyn Adams. When will it end?

  353. Good question Snoopy. I did read all of the notes and the summary. I do not think that they will have any impact at all on the trial. I think both Robyn and Maya’s credibility are too questionable to be considered at all. The same way I’ve felt about Skye/River/Crystal/can’tremember. They’re all self-serving girls on the margins of society and would jeopardize the trial more than they would help.

    Have you guys heard more from Laura since Wednesday? Will you please keep me updated? I wish I could do something – anything.

  354. I heard shortly before Caylees birthday .Never heard Eric died on the way to Caylees birthday?Why would she invite someone who aparently wasnt going to be in Caylees life to her second birthday .

  355. New Puppy~~ I don’t know if ecossie possie is still here. I don’t blame him if he left with all the nit picking going on.

    Jesse Grund had a paternity test done when Caylee was born. Caylee was conceived around the end of Oct/04 and Jesse had a feeling he may not be the bio father. The paternity showed that Jesse was not the father. I believe Baez wanted to get a sample of Jesse’s DNA and have his own test done. Maybe Casey tried to convince Baez that Jesse lied or faked the test. I believe this is what Casey was trying to convey in one of her letters to the inmate. She also mentioned Eric which would have been Eric James Baker.

  356. I don’t change my repertoire for anyone. It is what it is. I am who I am. I’m not a racist. I’m a fourth generation of New Orleans which is a very diverse city where slang as such doesn’t have any bearing of what a person is made of. We are who we are and I refuse to defend who I am because I know. And that’s all thats important.

  357. Well now you know not to use that insult within earshot of all of your african american friends. You’re welcome.

  358. nit picking? You mean like having cooties? LOL
    Now that’s not a word in my repertoire.
    Me Cheri bon rolle!

  359. Lily~~yes, Laura’s daughter will be starting chemo on Mon. Laura sounded more upbeat and expects she will be at that hsp for the next 4 wks anyway to see her dtr thru all the treatments.

  360. A spade an shovell are two different impliments .A spade is shaped like a spade in a deck of cards an has a sharper edge an is used for digging holes.A shovell has a flat an duller edge an is used for shovelling coal or snow ect an is compleatly usless for digging holes.

  361. My friends would be insulted if I called them African Americans. They are people period, exclamation mark. And in my book, the term spade is NOT from spade such as a shovel. It’s has to do with playing cards. Spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts. I wish I knew what part of the world you come from.

  362. thank you ecossie possie. I owe you a coke because thats what I was trying to post at the same time..lol

  363. Did LE also do a paternity test on Jesse? Also Casey always had said Jesse really loved Caylee so why would Casey say he would fake a paternity test if he wanted Caylee to be a part of his life. Just doesn’t make any sense.

  364. Thanks Snoopy, Yeah, I just could not get
    those remarks to make too much good sense and thought others might be putting it together better. I think this is when she
    led off with telling Robyn she has never told any before, so I was really looking hard to
    see if it led to real dad.

  365. JBMission~~you are stretching things to the limit in here. It will not be my fault if the blog owner sees fit to make a decision. Dave welcomes opinions on the Anthony case, both pro and con. He does not tolerate disruption of his blog. Think about it before you continue!

  366. Barbara~~LE did not do a paternity test on Jesse. Jesse kept the results of his paternity test that was done in /05 and they accepted those as proof. LE did do a test to check the paternity of Caylee using Lee Anthony’s DNA. The results came back negative that Lee was not the father.

  367. Thanks Snoopy, I did know about Lee, but couldn’t remember if LE did another paternity test on Jesse again, (other than the original DNA he took).

  368. Lily,
    I want to end here and say, if you or anyone else was offended by my comment. I will not use a term that is one I’m accustom to. We’re all here to learn and my post was sincere. A comment is a comment, nothing else.
    As a matter of fact, I’m never offended by anyone’s comment. It’s not personal yet because I’m not one to back down from a threat “let it be what it be”. LOL
    Good night

  369. I was just about to dip my toes in here, but looked at the temperature again! Whoa, Nelly!

    OK, who’s up and coherent?

    Do I need to gird up my loins, too, or is poor Lily the chosen target tonight! Yoicks!

  370. ecossie possie,
    Here in Canada our garden spades are pointy and smaller than a shovel. We have shovels that are flat, rounded and pointy. It depends on the job you want to do as to what style of shovel you would use. If you are thinking of the shovel that Casey borrowed from the neighbor it would be pointed for digging holes.

    I thought Cindy was making up the fact that she had the nanny’s phone number. I was sure she would say she lost it or threw it out by accident.
    I have friends that seem to change their phone numbers often so my phone book is always written in pencil. I never really thought about how many people would use pen or pencil.
    Good night to you too.

  371. Finally I am all caught up on the comments!

    The talk about Caylee not being abused earlier has me wondering~ isn’t giving medicine to knock a child out abuse if its not being used as per its intention-like giving cold medicine to cause sleepiness when the child has no cold?

    ecossie possie, keep seeing those things that we overlook, ‘k? Great catch!

    Be good to each other, Caylee’s friends!
    Good night!

  372. BTW- anyone recall if Dave has a post somewhere in the foggy past about Casey’s “Journal”? Can’t imagine that he didn’t- ran out of time earlier today to do a thorough hunt myself.

    Reason I bring up- Hinky has a seriously great post today on the subject, focusing on ink analysis and the like. They can forensically speaking pretty much “date” an ink entry or addition to weeks if not months from what I understand.

    I asked my father about that, regarding a case of an MD “back home” he knew, who phonied up some stuff in a patient’s charts who was suing, an attempt to look like certain tests had been ordered up on a timely basis. Bad move, got caught. They can apparently distinguish newer entries, even from the same pen, pretty accurately. Wonder if anyone knows anything about this…

    A VERY interesting post, folks- good, worthy comments, too.


    So, the gist being that if Casey could be proven to have made those particular entries (about her “actions”, “hopes for the future”, etc.) closer in time to Caylee’s death, well…

  373. auntdeedee,
    I too think that giving a child medicine to make them sleep when they are not sick is certainly abuse. It’s still drugging a child. The party must go on. I think partying was a big part of Casey’s life and having Caylee in tow would definitely cramp her style.

  374. Snoopy- BLESS you, I’ll be looking out for that. There’s just SO much here now (this has gotten huge, size-wise ya know), just from within the last several months I’ve been poking around.

    Usually I’m all wound up after work this time o’ night, just when everyone’s said/done their thing and checked out already… I really appreciate your sticking around the hot tub to make sure no one gets too boiled!

  375. I might have had something to do with it too Karen. Just defending Snoopy – which is unnecessary ’cause she does a stellar job of it herself.

  376. I got that, Lily. I would like to LIKE JB- she’s sharp and nothing if not acerbic, and does have an interesting “take” as well as valid points to make, but Good Lord the gal just has to stir things up every single bloody time, doesn’t she? Seems to come quite easily to her. I’d probably get on with her in Real Life wonderfully well- commenting is not always the best or wisest way for a person to present themselves. I’ve read comments from people I actually Know (not here) and am surprised at the sudden passionate outbursts! It is superficial at best due to space and time constraints. Plus, people should really give a once-over before hitting that Submit button and do everyone a favor. IMHO! Hah!

  377. Wonderful Snoopy! I knew I’d seen the dang thing… I’ll keep checking at Val’s, too; there’s def. been fresh interest in this item from LE. Maybe LKB hasn’t been able to completely invalidate the thing, try as she undoubtedly has. Last I knew she was still saying, Oh, that’s from years ago, no relevance. But I don’t think we’ve gotten everything back from all the labs yet, do you?

  378. Karen~~I remember alot of us discussed the diary. It looked to me like pages were torn out .

    I will check out Valhall’s tomorrow as it is getting late here now.

    Goodnight to all and pleasant dreams…

  379. One last thought while I still have brain activity tonight (so I remember tomorrow, if no other reason)- Word Choices. They can probably tell from what her vocabulary is/was more-or-less when a journal entry was made, just due to patterns, mannerisms, etc. There will be a difference between her writing patterns from 2003 and 2008- five years where great changes were happening to her in her life.

  380. snoopysleuth April 9, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    We can only hope that happens. Just once I’d like to come in here when someone isn’t ripping into someone else on a personal level. It’s so damned foolish and unnecessary.

    I’ve never seen so much jealousy and a power play strife of “who’s on top” in a stupid, worthless online blog as I have in this case.

    It’s gone beyond ridiculous with that particular poster.

    (And no Dave, your blog itself is not stupid or worthless. It’s the comparison of the bigger picture of life I’m referring to. I’m sure you know that.)

  381. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy Boston and theJBmission’s posts. By far the most intelligent writers with good, in depth posts.

    Was sorry to see the JBmission catching so much flak for the spade comment, which by the way was one of my mom’s favorite sayings. She used it often, as I do. When I want to really tell it like it is, I call a spade a spade, lol. Another way I heard spade used was to say something was black as the ace of spades. How silly to think that spade meant a Black person. Even being from the deep South where there are still bigots galore, I haven’t heard spade used to refer to a Black person. Maybe in my mom or grandmothers day. Anyway, I thought everyone knew calling a spade a spade was telling it like it is. Seems that it wouldn’t have mattered what JBmission said though, LilyOLily was going to find fault in it. She was nipping on theJBmission like the chihuahua that chased me a block and a half when I was about 11 years old.
    Then to my surprise, it was theJBmission who was reprimanded by Snoopy rather than the yipping, nipping LilyOLily. Oh well, at least it doesn’t take anything away from the wonderful posts that JBmission makes. Her posts and Boston’s are the reason I click my way here, so was glad to see the snide remarks rolled off of JBmission like raindrops on a duck.

  382. I have known many people who gave a bit of tylenol or cough syrup on occasion, and I am not talking once a week , it would maybe be once every couple of months and I never felt it to be child abuse. One girl I worked with had a baby the same time as me, and did it constantly, which made me not hang out with her , because I didnt agree with what she was doing.
    I actually was told by my pediatrician to give my son a half a baby aspirin for those times when nothing , nothing would get my son to sleep. Some people dont get calm little babies. Mine was horrendous for not sleeping. And I can tell you I had 1 baby, I was not willing to take a risk of ever having another one that wouldnt sleep. I wasnt drugging him so I could go to a party tho. I know for a fact my daughter in law sometimes gave my grandson a bit of tylenol to take the edge off getting him to sleep , he was very much like my son was for not sleeping. They lived in a suite in our house so I knew how much he cried and certainly I took him often to give her a break from it but sometimes a bit of tylenol was a life saver – if that is child abuse then I am guilty – but it was better than shaken baby syndrome

  383. LilyOLily,
    Peace. Seriously. I would like to know why I keep getting attacked. This has been my experience ever since I stood my stand on KC. That should not matter. I didn’t get personal with anyone. You insinuated that I was a racist. Others insinuate I don’t know the facts. Nosy Parker insinuated that I was prejudice against Canadians. That’s not fair. And just look at the dialogue that you created? That wasn’t necessary. Nosy Parker did the same thing. She called me a stalker. It’s weird but now I see how things like this get out of hand. If you don’t like what I post then don’t read them. I’m not a bad person. I liked Snoopy from the beginning. What happened? I have no idea. If I pose a question to someone, then that’s who I want an answer from. You have been very critical of me. My point remains, I think LE has royally screwed up this case.
    And here you are again, asking what “threat”..lol Knowing darn well what’s going on…lol You’re too funny and it’s transparent what you’re doing right now.

  384. Alice- I think maybe you missed the 10:24 comment from JB then? That’s what started it. Although I also use “Calling a spade a spade” all the time and never think of it in that context as a racial comment of any kind. Call Some One a “spade”- well, that’s different.

  385. Ok folks, I live in far South Texas. Everyone here knows that is a derogatory phrase and enlightened people don’t use it anymore because of it’s racial connotations. But go right ahead and use it to your heart’s content.

    And Ruby-Rose – apparently you didn’t read far enough upthread, and if you did then you agreed with the slam on Snoopy.

    That’s all.

  386. JB – if you didn’t attack then you wouldn’t be on the receiving end of what you deserve. You know very well what started this whole thing.

    I do not agree with your position, but that is not what the problem is. It’s the self-righteousness that begs a counterpoint. There are a lot of people that comment on the good blogs that question the discover and evidence. I am one of them. You personally attacked Snoopy and you knew what the reaction would be – and you obviously looked forward to it. You were outmaneuvered. It wasn’t that difficult.

  387. Lily- Well, I’m from Buffalo and to us it means “Calling a spade a spade (as opposed to a snow shovel or a tire iron!)”, and no racial meaning I’d ever heard of. You know, it could possibly mean different things in different parts of the country, and also to different generations…

  388. BTW- I can’t remember if I’ve seen the answer before but who is that adorable lil’ Chihuahua? looks like a feisty critter…

  389. ecossie possie – great comments , loved your thoughts on the phone numbers on post it notes – it makes so much sense the way you explain it and it certainly got right past me.

  390. The issue is Karen C – JB has been issuing the phrase ‘calling a spade a spade’ in reference to me for several days now. I don’t appreciate it for several reasons. I don’t agree with her positions but I don’t call her anything. I just don’t agree.

  391. Alice_Rose – “April 10, 2010 at 1:15 am

    “Just wanted to say how much I enjoy Boston and theJBmission’s posts. By far the most intelligent writers with good, in depth posts.”



    I mean really we have to stark ranking posters here by “most intelligent”!? You really want to stoop that low and demean all others here?

    Stop it.

  392. It’s just my opinion that they are 2 of the most intelligent and I enjoy reading their posts. It’s my opinion only-not meant to rank or demean. Why think the most negative? It’s a compliment to Dave’s blog and in no way meant in anything but a positive light.

  393. Good morning – Today starts a new day. Stimulating conversation is great, but not at the expense of fellow commenters. If anyone attacks someone else in any manner, I will put an end to it. That includes goading.

  394. Good afternoon,
    Just stopped by to read what’s being said about me. Thanks to everyone who doesn’t think I’m an idiot. I do have a different way of thinking. I’m actually proud of it.
    When this case comes to a trial, then we’ll know the real facts perhaps. Hopefully, in retrospect, others will see that I wasn’t too far off path. Will anyone take the time to admit this? No, absolutely not. I’m not seeking validation anyway.
    What makes me belie the poster’s comments is when I read, “the baby killer” etc. They speak of this like it was fact, yet KC has not been found guilty YET. These are not words that I use freely.
    I hate having to defend myself because I want to wait for the verdict before I refer to anyone as such. Is that so bad? I’m offeneded by people who do this. They may be the most insightful, brilliant person ever, yet when I read this, I move on. I don’t attack them personally them.
    I’ve been called stupid, uninformed, a dullard. Only me. I try to take care of myself as best I can. “I hate having to use my razor sharpness to get in digs, which obviously I do so well”
    Now doesn’t that sound offensive? Paleezz. It’s not thought provoking, it’s riot provoking.
    Read along and figure it out. I’m not the only onager here. There’s actually quite a few.

  395. I really don’t think it matters of we believe, from our own “investigations” of all that has gone on this case that the majority feel Casey is guilty of kliing her daugher. THIS, blogging, talking about it, is NOT a court of law. Yes, that is where it matters, of course. But it is not where it being presented/discussed. I think the conversation is great, pro and con whether we all agree or not. Based on what I have read and absorbed, so far, tells ME she is guilty. And I beleive a jury in the courtroom will agree.

  396. Linda – It’s way too bad that some people have taken it so personally, they’re ready to go out and shoot someone who stands in their way. The way they fight over this is despicable. Some of them are lower than the animals that dragged away Caylee’s bones. They curse, hiss and spit, calling others names and finishing their tirades with God Bless and Justice for Caylee, as if their vile vomit has anything to do with it. Sure, God blesses insignificant gnats like them and Caylee nods in agreement.

  397. HEY! I’m BAAAAACK! haha Sorry I’m such a problem!

    Did u see RH’s site? Whoa! Some people are just vicious! I find it very hard to deal with people like that. Most of them can dish it out…but can’t take it. (Cowards that they are)

    I’ll just quietly lurk abit.

    Dave, I was so afraid a big rattlesnake was going to slither out when you were in those woods! Be careful!

  398. Fran,
    I loved reading your post. Brought back some cherished memories. Well, now I cherish them. I had 2 babies in 13months. Needless to say, sleep was hard to come by. I remember asking my pediatrician what to do with cranky babies who refuse to give up. I had tried everything. Feeding them cereal in their bottles, bathing them and quickly hit the rocker. Singing, humming..just everything I could think of. They would not sleep. This pediatrician gave me paragoric. Now this really tells you my age. Paragoric is prehistoric to the medical profession. But in any case, I tried it. Well, it seems like my kids liked being high. They didn’t go to sleep. They were cruising, playing with their toys, digging their musical mobiles. I couldn’t believe it. I was afraid to just leave them in their cribs alone. They were high as kites. Finally the meds wore off and they knocked out. I never used it again.
    My granddaughter is slightly autistic and she’s hard to calm down at night too. My daughter gives her a tab of Melatonin. It’s herbal and not addictive, fast acting. I wish I had heard of this when she was young.
    As for KC and if she admitted to giving Caylee benadryl to sleep, I’m not too quick to condemn her for doing so, if it wasn’t a habit. I’m wouldn’t be too quick to believe she used chloroform either. From what I’ve read in documents, there wasn’t any trace of chloroform or benzodiazepines found in Caylee’s hair strand.
    I think Robyn and Maya were speculating just like everyone else. But who knows, maybe Robyn will pass the polygraph if need be.

  399. JBMission~~now I am so glad that I stayed up late. Paragoric huh? It was used to rub on a baby’s gums when they were teething. That is the only way it was supposed to be administered. You would put a little bit on your finger and gently rub it on the baby’s gums. I understood that it numbed the gums. I never used it on my girls but remember my sister-in-law using it on her babies.

    Maybe I am not the oldest one on the blogs…LOL

  400. Babies in the womb are used to a lot of noise .Just imagine the noise of the mothers internall organs heart pumping an digestive system blood rushing through the body.Also the noise from outside the womb.Silance unerves them its not what there used to.Ive got many cranky newborns to sleeep by sitting them next to a washing machine going through a wash cycle

  401. ecossie possie~~you are so right. My doctors always told me to not ‘pussy foot’ around my babies when I brought them home. Play the radio, vac the floor or whatever and the baby gets used to it. Some mothers wonder why their babies have colic, especially if they breast feed. If the mother eats cabbage or turnip and foods highly gassy, it goes right thru the breast milk. There is always a good explanation for everything.

    I am not sure how we got on to this subject but it is interesting.

    Dave, you must admit your blog brings out our maternal instincts sometimes. LOL

  402. My first visit to your blog. I must say there is nothing in all comments about the Anthony case. people are more concerened with each other, criticisms, and rudeness than utilizing this area for stating a view on the facts.I don’t quite understand that..”Mr. Marindae” sorry to say that included you as well. I will admit that after not reporting your baby missing for 31 days, having a great time during that 31 days, her lies to explain, we know the baby’s body was in her car as a dead baby..what more is there to discuss?

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