The Wisdom of Solomon

“I’ve done what I thought is fair based on what I know.”

– The Honorable Judge Stan Strickland

When I awoke Monday morning, I still believed the Anthony trial was at 10:00 am, with a plea of some kind, and a hearing Tuesday afternoon. Somewhere along the line that changed. Had it been at 10, I wouldn’t have been able to go. Because it was changed to 1:30 pm, it posed no problem and I made it a point to arrive at the Orange County Courthouse at least a half hour early, fully expecting there to be a huge crowd fighting to get in. There wasn’t. Is interest waning? As I walked toward the entrance, I asked a cameraman if he knew what floor it was going to be held on. He told me the 23rd, but he didn’t know which room. I thanked him, without missing my stride, and I walked through the main doors into the awaiting arms of security guards and metal detectors.

Once in, I took the elevator all the way to the top. I had never been there before, although Bob Kealing from WESH told me some of the earlier hearings were held in this particular courtroom. He was the first friendly face I spotted as I approached the sparse crowd sitting and standing idly by behind the stanchions and velour ropes that kept us from the entrance. Nearby were George and Cindy, who remained relatively out of reach while we waited for the courtroom doors to open. Bob also told me it was a huge courtroom and reporters were sometimes told to go upstairs to the loge/balcony area that overlooked the room. He said it was very difficult to hear some of the conversations going on because of the room’s scale. Soon after, Kathi Belich arrived and I told her I caught her cold from the last hearing. She apologized and I said I was kidding and that my folks had been sick, too. She said her cold lingered for almost another month after we sat next to each other and she had already had it for a month at that point.

A bench sat outside the courtroom and several people filled it. Among those people were two women. One looked at me and smiled. She asked if I was Marinade Dave. I said, yes, I am. Gee, I almost felt like a silly-ebrity. We had a nice little chat and I asked her how she knew about me, not out of vanity, but because she recognized me. “We’re on Websleuths.”

“Oh, yes, I go there sometimes.” I try to go to all of the sites to read and learn, and when a cluster of hits come into my blog from a particular site, I like to see what the commotion is all about, good or bad. I am quite familiar with Websleuths and it was nice to meet a real sleuther, even if there is no such word. She goes by the name littlemisslegal. Unfortunately, I neglected to mention Tulessa, a very nice person I am familiar with. There may be more, but sometimes I get forums mixed up. Anyway, there’s more I could write, but enough of the informalities. I just wanted you to get the feel of the small crowd while we waited with anticipation to enter the courtroom.

As a guard unlocked the door for the prosecution and defense attorneys, we were let in soon after. Bill Sheaffer was allowed to follow the team of lawyers and he was all smiles as I approached him and shook his hand. This time, the State sat on the left, with the defense on the right. As I said in the past, you sit where you find a seat and this time, I parked directly behind Bill Sheaffer and Kathi Belich on the prosecution side. When I sat down, I did not pay particular attention to where the case attorneys were.

The room was vast compared to the other hearings I attended, and it had a high ceiling that was three stories tall. In bold, deep and perfectly chiseled letters were the words EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW set high above the judge’s bench. This was, no doubt, the county’s trophy room and I have no question this will be the room where Casey will sit when she is brought to trial for murder. Though not too opulent or magnificent, it had a very commanding presence that told you this was not a simple traffic court.

Suddenly, a side door opened and Casey walked in, flanked by a sheriff’s deputy and the now familiar court bailiff, the same one who called me in front of the judge. I heard no clink, clank of shackles as she walked to her seat where Jose and Andrea waited patiently. With constant whispering back and forth for the fleeting moments we all had, it came to a halt as those two big words were spoken, ALL RISE.”

Judge Strickland reminds me of the type of guy who would, outside of a courtroom, hush people and tell them not to make a big fuss over him, but such are the formalities of his position as a circuit court judge; all judges, actually. He has such a nice demeanor and he goes out of his way to excuse himself and apologize for minor interruptions he might cause, although it is his court. He would probably correct me and say this is the people’s court. He exudes nothing of the sort that gives pause to believe he is overtly in charge, but you would want no other captain of the court ship he commands. He is a natural and it is he, the man, that garners such respect, and all attorneys I have spoken to have nothing but praise for him. Today was going to be a testament to his fairness.

As soon as we sat back down, court was in session. I should point out that these were individual seats, not benches, and each one was cushioned. I had no problem with hearing Judge Strickland, but Bob had warned me that it was tough to hear in there, and when State Attorney Frank George spoke, none of us could hear a word. Whatever he said went by the wayside until after I got to watch the videos. Some things I could distinguish between the 13 counts Casey was charged with, but that was about it. Jose Baez was clear, Andrea Lyon was clear, and so were Linda Drane Burdick and Jeff Ashton. I heard Casey loud and clear, too. Casey entered wearing a loose fitting light blue dress shirt and gray slacks. Her longish dark brown hair was pulled tightly back into a ponytail. One of the first things I noticed was that her face looked gaunt. Quite clearly, she had dropped enough pounds since the first hearing I attended. I turned to Drew Petrimoulx, a WDBO Radio journalist, sitting to my right and quietly asked him what he thought. Yes, he agreed, she looks like she dropped more than just a few pounds. When she spoke, it was the first time I ever heard her soft and feminine voice. On the street, you would never think by the sound of her that she could possibly be facing horrendous charges like she is. Her voice was delicate and frail, not like the monster she is made out to be.

Judge Strickland called Casey and her two attorneys to the podium. Jose told him that she was ready to plea to the court, and plea she did. Prior to Monday, Casey had filled out a plea form and the judge had it in his possession. From that point, it was up to the defense and prosecution to argue over elements of the 13 third-degree felony charges before the judge would ultimately decide her fate. After a few more words from Jose, Casey was sworn in. Judge Strickland made sure she understood all of the charges she had decided to plead guilty to, that she was in complete control of her faculties, and that she did so freely and voluntarily. She also said she was completely satisfied with the services of her attorneys and that she was aware of the minimum and maximum sentences for all of the offenses she was charged with. She said yes to everything, including waiving her right to a trial.

State Attorney Frank George stood up at his respective podium and began to speak. On July 8, 2008, Casey wrote a check in the amount of $111.01 that accounted for charges 2, 3, and 4. She wrote this check at Target.  On July 10, she passed a check at Target in the amount of $137.77 that accounted for charges 5, 6, and 7. Also on July 10, she passed a third check at Target for $155.47 and that took care of counts 8, 9, and 10. Counts 11, 12, and 13 took place on July 15 when she wrote a check for $250 at the Bank of America. He then brought up count 1 which referred to a deliberate scheme of conduct overall. She planned on writing checks until they bounced off the walls, I would guess. Good thing we live in the information age, where account balances are instantaneous almost everywhere we go. Here, one thing perplexed me. Where was the Winn-Dixie check? Unless George misspoke, I don’t know.

Judge Strickland gave the defense an opportunity to challenge the charges. We can discuss the lack of brevity or the levity of the arguments, but let’s cut to the chase – it came down to the judge. First, it should be noted that Casey had no prior convictions and she did make full restitution and  Baez did bring up “equal justice” for his client. He asked for one year of probation and credit for time served, rather than the five years of incarceration the State sought. In the end, His Honor sentenced the 23-year-old Casey to (jail) time served – 412 days – plus $5,517.75 in investigative costs and $348 for court. The amount may be discussed and negotiated at a later motion hearing because the defense found the investigative charge too high and not justifiable. He also adjudicated Casey guilty on six of the fraud counts and withheld adjudication on seven, plus he tacked on a year of supervised probation, which could be problematic and complex later on, given that she still faces a huge mountain of charges ahead. He said that he had given this a lot of thought prior to sentencing.

“There was not an even number of offenses, so I withheld in seven, I adjudicated in six. If that seems Solomon-like, it is.

On each and every count, Casey must submit a DNA sample because she is now a convicted felon. There it is, the words everyone has been waiting for… convicted felon. Time to move on to the next chapter, but first, Casey apologized to Amy Huizenga.

“I’m sorry for what I did. I’d like to sincerely apologize to Amy. I wish I would have been a better friend.”

Photo courtesy of RED HUBER, ORLANDO SENTINEL / January 25, 2010

Two motions were heard after Casey’s plea. The defense wanted to question Jill Kerley under oath. Kerley is Roy Kronk’s ex-wife. Anthony’s attorneys claim that testimony from her will introduce evidence that suggests he could have been a suspect in the murder. The defense states that Kronk should not be looked at as a suspect today, but he should have been last year and it is meant to impeach his material as a State witness. In this respect, whether anyone likes it or not, this is the way defense strategies work. I spoke to Bob Kealing about this before we entered court. I explained that everyone thinks the defense is trying to point the finger at Kronk. No one in the media really believe that’s the case. It is to ruin his testimony as a credible witness. In court, Andrea Lyon explained that Jill Kerley is much too ill to travel to Orlando from Tennessee and a means to interview will be made, something like Skype, most likely. Judge Strickland granted that request.

In the final motion, prosecutors wanted Strickland to order Anthony’s defense attorneys to provide the names and addresses for any and all witnesses they intend to call into subsequent hearings and at trial. Linda Drane Burdick explained that the prosecution has a lot of names, but they need addresses, too.

The judge asked that both sides meet after the hearing to come up with a schedule and possible trial date. Earlier, Burdick said a murder trial this summer was highly unlikely because of the slow pace of depositions and motions. Baez said he was anxious to get the trial underway, too. (Later  in the day, the judge denied the defense’s motion to stop jail visits from being videotaped.) Alas, we will not see a trial this summer, sad to say.

By the way, what was it about those latent prints that were mentioned? Linda Drane Burdick stated the defense has already received 90% of discovery documents. What does that last 10% hold?

Finally, I want to say that this was a very friendly crowd of journalists, sleuthers and attorneys. After the hearing ended, I asked Bill Sheaffer if he thought this was a fair judgement and he said, yes, it was. When I left the courthouse, I went to the parking garage to retrieve my video camera. The first person you will see in my video is littlemisslegal. The second part is the press conference which is impossible to hear because I don’t have a boom microphone. To watch and hear that from the WFTV Web site, please click the link below. The final part of the video… well, let’s just call that a surprise ending. With that, let me say that I learn more about this case the closer I get to it. As much as I let things had gotten me down, I become invigorated and inspired by doing what I love to do, and that is to bring you my unique side of the story, as up close and personal as possible, where the people are real and the humble judge treats everyone, including Ms. Anthony, with dignity and respect. This was a sign of things to come, and what I saw was a very compassionate man behind the bench.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

WFTV Raw Video Part 1

WFTV Raw Video Part 2

WFTV Raw Video Post Hearing Press Conference

205 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Solomon

  1. And, yes, she sounded far different, chastened almost. That was a heads up. I missed a lot of what went on ‘cuz I watched on “Tru” (Hah!) TV, such as it is, and they felt a tremendous need to break in with long, mundane (Life Alert- OK?) commercial breaks- I should’ve just gone for the small screen and a live feed. I know being in court is a vastly different experience- usually more boring, but not at this one. Thanks for putting all of us there- you and T&T do this type of thing well. And now we have all this new speculation regarding prints… heard anything about that, perchance?

    Hope all is well with you and yours, and things get a chance to quiet down…

  2. Good morning, Karen C. – Good morning. I hope you enjoyed the post AND the surprise ending of the video. As much as people may like to make up stories to the contrary, we are not enemies.

  3. Thank you Dave. And you have the first Bill Scheaffer analysis of the hearing….way to go!!

    Yes, we can all see for ourselves what a kind of man Judge Strickland is and I’m so grateful he is the one presiding over these two cases. Justice will be served fairly.

  4. Thanks Dave! My interest is waning in this case. I can’t help but speculate that there will be a media blitz in the near future from the Anthony camp. This really is a sad situation. Casey didn’t comprehend that while she was ending Caylees’ life that she was in fact ending her own. And maybe, Casey was in such mental agony, that’s exactly what she wanted to do; and did. Believe me, I’m not making excuses; just perhaps a reason of “why”. I hope this case serves a great example to parents: If you don’t hold your childrens’ feet to the fire; society will.

  5. Good morning, Olive. You mean my mortal enemy, Bill? Gee, how did I get away with that one? I guess since I don’t have any money to EVER call a married woman overseas, which I would never do anyway, I certainly couldn’t afford to pay him to lie now, could I? This is all rather puzzling.

    Yes, Justice for Caylee from the ones that matter, a judge and jury, not people who are still arguing over incest.

  6. Dave at 10:06 am ~ Huh? What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?
    Is this referring to the troll junk that seemed to take over the contents of your blog? Let’s not go there……ever.

    There is plenty to discuss without referencing the off topic BS. JMO of course. But for those of us not all wrapped up in that nonsense, it really takes away from the topic at hand…..the Caylee Anthony case.

  7. You are quite welcome, Sarah. You know what is waning in my mind? The people who have mutated this case by attacking and attempting to destroy everything and everyone that steps in their path and disagrees with their beliefs. If any of the had 10% of the brain matter and common sense of the judge, we could have fair discussions all around the Internet. For example, who is on trial here? George, the incestuous father of Baby Caylee? That’s how sad this case has become.

    No, Casey is a very tough study and we, the public, may never know what makes her tick. However, to try to figure her out or feel that agony may have played a role is not wrong. She’s not the first person to stand accused of killing her child, nor will she be the last. Instead of blindly condemning her, why not study her more in-depth? What caused this?

    Thank you. I like open-minded discussions, not just trashing.

  8. Well, well Dave, worth the wait. I knew when I saw that courtroom – it was the real deal. I let my mind wandor and was wondering if maybe Casey was feeling the same thing. Yesterday I posted on open forum the video of you with Mr. Baez. I guess Snoopy pulled it up front. What I said their is true. I am so proud of you. Like a proud mother. Great Job. How much does one of the mics you need?

  9. Olive – No, this was not referring to trolls. It was all about the fact that I don’t have enough money, nor the desire, to call a married woman. I didn’t pay anyone who appeared on the video, either.

  10. Dave, I have no idea what you are talking about. I’ll just let it go as obviously it has nothing to do with Casey/Caylee.

  11. I thought maybe your suprise ending was going to be a one on one interview with Casey! LOL!

    Cold blooded murderers come in all disguises. Even when have soft, delicate frail voices. Casey took everyone” in” with her feminine, complying seemingly innocent demeanor. As usual she said what every narcissist knows what everyone wants to hear. She’s a con artist as displayed in her actions over a very long period of time. She is a known theif and liar. Please don’t tell me you have been taken in! LOL!

    Judge S. did what he was supposed to do. He looked at this “one” case and acted like he would with any other thief, and convicted and sentenced her appropriately.

    Thanks for the blow by blow!

    And I must have missed something regarding your encounter with Baez!

    Hope you are feeling well today, Dave!

  12. Who cares what people are discussing elsewhere? I saw all that and just said to myself, pfttt…crazy. Can’t it just be ignored that people are talking about incest regarding George and Casey? Who cares.

  13. Thank you, Annie. I want everyone to know that I will approach anyone and everyone involved in this case. Yes, I gave Baez my business card. So what, right? But wait! There’s more to the story, only I’m not telling right now. Thank you, and I’m very appreciative of your motherly instincts. That’s very sweet of you.

    By the way, there doesn’t seem to be a spot to plug in an outside microphone to the camera. I should have thought about that when I bought it, but I didn’t. The only thing I could do is but a digital recorder and a separate microphone and record the audio separately. Then, I could synchronize the audio and video in the editing software. I will have to explore that option.

  14. Dave, I truly believe you do not have to tell everything you you every read at Blinks. She makes me want to strangle her. And I mean it!! NO LOL. It keeps you on the inside just a bit and great for ratings.

    And I could never ever walk up to strangers like you. Last time I will say this YOU ROCK.

  15. Olive – It was an aside. It was case specific and only those involved in this particular ax to grind would understand. That’s why I left it the way it was. To those who don’t understand it, ignore it. To me, it was relevant.

  16. You know, Linda, one of the things that is quite apparent is the filth that comes out of certain commenters. In real life, they may have feminine sounding voices, not so unlike Casey’s, but on the inside, they are vicious human beings and very capable of inflicting character assassinations and other evils. God no, I will not mention names, but they are there, for real.

    Yes, Judge Strickland did a fine, fine job and someone on my video concurred.

    I appeared on the post hearing press conference as Baez and Lyon ended it and walked away. Apparently, I am a murderer for approaching him. If they only knew what transpired next, they would have a field day, finding lies laying everywhere.

    I am feeling rather well today, but now I must visit with my brother. Thank you for asking.

  17. Annie – I have no problem with Blink. We have shared information before and I respect her work. No problem with your opinion, but I like to keep things friendly wherever and whenever I can.

    I have never had a problem walking up to total strangers and starting a conversation. I believe people are inherently good and I think the world would be a much better place if we all interacted this way. Hand shaking, hugging and sharing common interests. Thank you. My brain is a rock sometimes, but other times I’m on a roll.

  18. What a nice surprise hearing you chat with Hon. Bill Shaeffer! He just seems so very nice, and down to earth. He and Judge Strickland are both very, very impressive men. Casey is very lucky to have such a fair minded Judge!

    I have never heard you speak, Dave! You have an interesting voice, not as “Southern” as I imagined. lol

    Personally, I think people are losing interest in this case. It has been going on for far too long, and at this point a big lull has taken over. Now we’re hearing the trial will probably not occur this summer. Do you think the Defence is delaying on purpose?

    I read an article on Crime Guide this morning, and they really ripped Casey apart, saying that she had plans to kill her whole family so that she could get their house, and get rid of them at the same time. So much hate! I pray for justice for little Caylee asap.

    You did a great job! Hope your Mom is having a speedy recovery, and that you are enjoying your brothers visit.

  19. Sometimes, comments go into spam or moderation for no reason, Hadley, and that’s what happened with you. Sorry about that.

    I am originally from NJ, by the way, but I moved here in 1981. It was rural NJ, and I don’t really have a strong accent of any kind, I don’t think.

    Some people may be losing interest, but they seem to be very interested in me for some weird reason. It’s like an obsession. Look at the other 11:31 comment, for example. There is something strange about people who cannot stop thinking about me to the point of anger and frustration. How odd.

    I do not believe the defense is stonewalling because the prosecution didn’t accuse them of it. I go by that information, not from anywhere else. Also, the judge is certainly within his power to speed things up and he hasn’t. I would also take his word for it, too, over anyone else.

    As for Casey’s plans, we’ll never know, will we? That could be a very good thing. Who knows where it would have gone?

    My mother is about the same. I guess it’s slow to recover for older people. Rest assured, she is getting pampered. Thank you for asking and thank you for complimenting my post. My brother will be leaving Friday morning.

  20. Dave, thanks again for going to the hearing for us and for letting us know “what all” went on. Couldnt watch any videos because my puter keeps buffering. As I had stated on the article previous to this. You go to the hearings for us and for Caylee and try to write what happens to best of your ability. And if you happen to shake hands with George or Cindy or talk to them, or say hello to Baez, well guess what!!—you MIGHT get an interview for us or something like that. More power to you on that. What would it hurt.

    Just keep ignoring the “bashers”. As someone else said, this is your blog and we are the guests, if we dont know how to act then we cant come to visit anymore—just like if we came to your home. Good job and forget the nutcases, you are above worrying about that. Who cares what they say or where they come from, and hopefully where they go!!! Your friend always.

  21. Yes, wolves come in sheeps clothing on the blogs AND in the outside world! LOL!

    Yes, I did look around and found the Baez thing. So what right? I son’t see the whole blogging world making a bif fuss that JVN has had Baez on several times with nary a “hard” question!

    Enjoy the time with your family. That is waht really counts!!!

  22. Yes, MsBingo, you can ask, but you can do it here. I need to set up a new OT page. That one is too cluttered and slow. It is a Sony Handycam, DCR-DVD650. I use very good software to build the audio and video files and then I export it. I saved an MPG4, which is not the best quality, and uploaded it to YouTube. I also saved it as an AVI, which was 1 gig. That would have taken 6 hours to upload and almost as long at YouTube to digest before publication. I may upload it overnight and change the two out, but if you think this one is good enough, I might not waste my time.

    Thanks. I’d like to think it was the cameraman, but I know better.

  23. Dave- you were doing what any good journalist could/should do (cultivating sources), but trust me, a lot of folks do not know what that entails. You can’t be responsible for their ignorance of that fact. They think they’re being purists (Oh, I could never be in the same room with so-and-so), when its merely ignorance on their parts. Go your own way, cultivating sources as you see fit- look what you’ve gotten!

    I’ve done some commenting over “there”, ‘cuz there is some not unfriendly cross-over from here, it’s “wider” (TV- which has its negatives), like you it’s local to Orlando, and it’s (somewhat) Bill’s. I keep wondering when the tomatoes start getting lobbed, though! I’m doing my best to stay neutral, but am biting my tongue…

  24. Dave~ this is a great post as always. I am glad you had one on one time with Bill. I must say I am going to be taking a little break, I won’t comment as much. I do not like all the turmoil. I do not like when people pop in and ask you why you would do something like having the nerve to give your card to Jose. You do not owe anyone of us a answer. You are a big boy and can do your own thing. I for one appreciate your post because we get to see both sides. The states and Casey’s side. You should just do what you do and ignore all the other places that cannot do what you do. jmo Hope you are enjoying family time.

  25. I will admit I was originally harsh on M. Ed. Jai, and I’m sorry for that, but instead of keeping it on her forum, she took it to BS’s blog to trash me, back when it was the rage. She joined Shadow and a couple of others. That was all it was. This time, she came in to tell me I am no journalist. Well, I don’t answer to her and she should have just left me in peace.

  26. Karen C. – I have no problem with anyone commenting anywhere.

    The way I look at things, it’s like a staunch conservative calling a TV station liberal for getting an interview with Barack Obama. Well, whether anyone likes him or not is not the point. He’s the president, for crying out loud. Baez is the lead defense attorney. What are we to do? Put our heads in the sand or spit at him? I just don’t get it. Oh well, let’s talk about the case…

  27. Hi, Laura!!! Yes, I am enjoying my time with the family and I try to write in between.

    I absolutely agree comments designed to throw fuel on the fire are getting old. I want to get back to the core issues of this case, not some snot brained idiot’s idea of who should not be allowed to write. They have become obsessed. If you don’t like it, go away and don’t come back.

    Enough said about them. Let’s talk about the case.

  28. I just love Bill Sheaffer.

    “So, for all of advocates for justice, yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. And, he has given us the Casey Anthony Defense team. Stay tuned. It’s bound to get more interesting.”

  29. Ah, yes, the case! Me, I’m all about the prints. I know they’re thrashing around on Discovery Schedules, etc. Reviewing in my mind what I recall of prints in this case in a general way, I do recall that there had been a definite ruling out of G & C & Lee, as the source of some prints somewhere, but there seemed to be a general feeling of disappointment that there had not been more- BUT that means there was SOMETHING, and that something would Casey’s something.

    Were you surprised that Amy wasn’t there? ‘Cuz I sure was… I’m trying to remember if you ever had any contact with her or not. Maybe she’s trying to stay out of the small stuff because she’s likely to be integral if this goes to trial…

  30. We’d all like to know about those latent prints that were mentioned, but I have a sneaking suspicion it might not be jaw dropping material. Here is what Wikipedia says:

    Although the word latent means hidden or invisible, in modern usage for forensic science the term latent prints means any chance of accidental impression left by friction ridge skin on a surface, regardless of whether it is visible or invisible at the time of deposition. Electronic, chemical and physical processing techniques permit visualization of invisible latent print residue whether they are from natural secretions of the eccrine glands present on friction ridge skin (which produce palmar sweat, consisting primarily of water with various salts and organic compounds in solution), or whether the impression is in a contaminant such as motor oil, blood, paint, ink, etc. There are different types of fingerprint patterns such as an arch, tented arch, a loop, and a whorl. Each indicate what type of fingerprint it is.

    Latent prints may exhibit only a small portion of the surface of the finger and may be smudged, distorted, overlapping, or any combination, depending on how they were deposited. For these reasons, latent prints are an “inevitable source of error in making comparisons,” as they generally “contain less clarity, less content, and less undistorted information than a fingerprint taken under controlled conditions, and much, much less detail compared to the actual patterns of ridges and grooves of a finger.

    I hope the latent print(s) aren’t only a small portion.

    I wasn’t surprised at all that Amy wasn’t there. I didn’t expect her and it wasn’t her fight, it was the State’s. Personally, I don’t think she even wanted to be in the same room with Casey. I don’t think any of her old friends and lovers want to be. Remember, Amy isn’t just thinking of her as a thief, she is disgusted like everyone else over the possibility of what she might have done to her daughter. I think what it comes down to is about how she may have been able to fool them for so long. No one likes that sort of person to ever resurface. If any of them attend the murder trial, it would be more for justice and vengeance for being duped by her.

  31. Seems to me that for the most part Casey’s “friends” have stayed out of the limelight. They are young adults trying to live their lives, like normal young adults. And a lot of young (and old) adults got out drinking and smoke pot and party! I am sure they do not want to be connected to Casey any more that they already are!!! “So, I am not too suprised Amy was not there. I bet the site of Casey makes her sick. She was the one most BS’d (and robbed) by Casey.

  32. Yes, Linda, and a lot of her old friends had to admit to things they wouldn’t normally tell the police, like smoking pot. They were granted that autonomous immunity, but cops are still cops, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  33. They use that process on CSI, but it is also used in the real world as well. Forensic Files pulled prints from a dead and bloating body. It’s rather amazing.

  34. Well crap. I didn’t mean to put THAT link up. I had a more professional one but pasted the wrong one. Blast it! I’ve closed the window now, and don’t have time to find it again. But it’s basically the same, just in crime labs it’s done with the proper equipment, not by blowing air into a can. lol

  35. Thank you for your (repeatedly) compelling and intelligent insight into this case. The end of your video brought tears to my eyes and served as a poignant and powerful reminder that all of this really is about CAYLEE. Hugs from a surprisingly sunny day in Seattle, WA.! XX

  36. Doozie – I replaced your first link to the one it was redirected to. I know there’s a technique that uses super glue and I kept it there for anyone to read. Now, I’ll take a look at your more recent link.

  37. Well, I am disappointed that they wont have a trial in the summer but not surprised. It took at least two years to have Scott Peterson’s trial, Phil Spector, etc. And there are still people that say she will plea, maybe when the extra finger prints are revealed she will change her mind or it will be changed for her. So I guess we all will have to settle down or “hunker down” as we say in Texas for the long haul. But it will be worth it because I am sure that justice will be served for Caylee, too many seeds have been sown by Casey for any other outcome.

  38. Interesting blog but I didn’t see what you saw. I saw a young woman bounce in (as best she could with shackles) with a grin all over her face and saying as she sat “I’m so excited”. This is not normal for such a serious occasion.
    The interesting part is that her lawyers seem to have finally got control of their client and have schooled her well enough to pass muster, well at least when AL has a firm grip on her shoulder.
    I don’t think she was chastened either, nor that she is necessarily soft spoken, she is so short she was no where near the mic. It just made it difficult to be heard.
    It may be hard for you to think of her as a “monster” but I guess you can’t ask her daughter how she feels about that now can you.
    You appear to be looking at Casey Anthony through rose colored glasses to me, and why do we need to know how much weight she has lost?
    Has she suddenly become more appealing in form and voice to you?
    Sometimes I love you blogs, at others let me say in chat speak, WTF!

  39. Ah, yes, another link to the cyanoacrylate fuming method (often called the super glue method) of developing latent fingerprints! I remember when I first heard about it and it really fascinated me. Why would someone think to use super glue? Thank you for the links. I say let’s keep digging. I will look more into it after my brother leaves.

  40. Hi, Anneliese – Thank you for enjoying my articles. I do try to be compelling, insightful and somewhat intelligent, but I can’t say that too loud. I’m glad you enjoyed the video, too. Yes, it is all about Caylee and, oftentimes, people lose focus of that. Sunny in Seattle? I wasn’t aware that could happen. I hope it lasts longer than a day or two. Thank you again, and please feel free to join in any time you want. There are a lot of people who are more compelling, insightful and intelligent than me.

  41. Hocuspocus – Please go back and reread what I wrote. I did not say that she is or is not a monster, all I said that by the sound of her voice, you can’t tell. Now, I want you to tell me if she narrated a children’s book on the radio, would you immediately detect a monster; a child killer? That was my point. You can’t always judge a book by its cover. Damn, I can’t win.

    Yes, she sauntered in looking smug, but what I wrote about were my observations in the courtroom. As soon as the door opened, I didn’t see her right away. Therefore, I cannot write about what I did not see, or should I lie because the video showed it later? Do you expect me to see everything? Don’t go putting crap ideas in everyone’s head. I said nothing that made her look good or innocent in real life and I don’t want someone telling everyone what I saw.

    A respectful WTF right back at you.

  42. Marinade~~excellent post. I scanned and will do my reread as per usual. Great comments in here and it good to see how many look forward to your write-ups and give their take on things.

    BTW, Ashton’s words were, “latent print related items.” I did not hear the word fingerprint mentioned at all.


  43. Hi, Snoopy – Thank you, and thank you for correcting the “latent print related items.” I will go fix it on the blog, but know, my friend – and everyone else – that YOU fixed it.

  44. I meant to add that the video you did with Bill Sheaffer was great. Of course, it is no secret that he is my hero and has taught me alot about the law this past year plus.

    It is too late now but Bill said the check/fraud should have gone before a jury. A big faux pas on the part of the defense for sure. It goes to show how an experienced attorney would have handled this check/fraud. Baez is just not qualified to handle this case and I am surprised that Lyon did not step in and advise him of the alternative route he could have taken.

  45. Hi Dave, Great info. It’s nice to have you discribe the courtroom setting. I was surprised that Amy did not go to the hearing. If it were me I would want to ask how she could do that to a friend? I would want to see if there was any look of real remorse in her face. I was shocked at her weight loss. To lose that much weight since her last appearance, wow. It makes me wonder if she is beginning to see her life to come. As usual I have another question. They always seem to be postponing of the trial because of motions. Can’t they request new motions after the trial has strarted? It’s not like a trial starts and stops in a few days. The interview with Bill was great. He seems like a nice guy.

  46. Dave, Haven’t been around much and probably won’t be for a while as I am dealing with the death of my Mom, on Sunday morning. I try to read, but cannot seem to hold focus on anything right now. I was able to read this post and liked it very much.

  47. Dave, did you see if Casey made eye contact with her parents either upon entry of the courtroom, or more specifically, after she left the podium and returned to her seat? To me, it looked as if she did make eye contact with them and then burst into tears. Just curious, is all.

  48. I don’t know what transpired behind closed doors, and I’m sure a more qualified criminal defense attorney would have impressed upon their client the options, but I wonder if this leaves open the door to appeal. As for Lyon, I think she knows about DP cases and law. As for fraud, I don’t know. That’s not her field of expertise. Ultimately, it could have been Casey’s decision because she got a much lesser penalty. Had she gone the other way, she probably would have gotten at least 5 years. I’m, in no way, disagreeing with Bill. Certainly, he’s qualified and I’m not, but suppose the strategy is to throw all the marbles at the murder trial in an attempt to set her free. If she’s acquitted, let’s say, she walks out of jail right then and there. If she’s convicted, this fraud trial becomes a moot point. She’ll be incarcerated anyway.

    I’m glad you liked the video. This was to show we have no problems whatsoever with each other.

  49. I found it interesting in court that Judge Strickland told Casey she is not to have any contact with Amy, but in the interview with Baez after court he said Amy could contact his office if she so desired. Why would he say that if the judge said no contact?

  50. Marica – I am so very sorry you lost your mother. Please accept my deepest sympathy. You are a very kind person and when I heard, it really made me sad. I wish there were something I could do, but if you would like to e-mail me, I will be there.

  51. Hi, Carol – I don’t think Amy or any of Casey’s former friends want to see her. They have bittersweet memories, especially because of Caylee. Also, it was the state that filed charges, not Amy. Amy could still go the civil route to try to collect, but I think she wants to forget that ugly chapter of her life and move on.

    Motions must be filed for any number of reasons. You can’t just call a witness out of the blue in a trial, for instance. There are protocols to set and issues in subsequent appeals and all. It gets very deep, but they are all important. I hope that answers enough for now. I have to go fill out paperwork at my doctor’s. I’ll be back.

  52. Olive – I didn’t see Casey walk in the door, or I did and it didn’t immediately register, but upon studying the video, it appears that she looked at her parents and (maybe) gave them a little smile. That is where they sat.

  53. Marinade~~it is almost a given that Casey will get at least LWOP, so the sentence of 5 yrs would not amount to a hill of beans. By going with a jury trial on the check/fraud, regardless of the sentence handed out, Casey could appeal and that would take over a year or more to happen. She would then go into the murder trial as NOT a convicted felon.

  54. I know, Snoopy, but what difference would it make in the end? For all intents and purposes, let’s assume she’s sentenced to LWOP or death. She’s going to appeal a fraud conviction? The defense would be stupid to put her on the stand during the murder trial anyway, so whether she’s on hold or not wouldn’t play into the equation, probably. I’m not challenging anything, I’m just looking at it from a different perspective. In a sense, I think the defense is breathing a sigh of relief so they can focus on what these “specialist” lawyers do for a living.

    By the way, M. Ed Jai is clucking away in moderation. Or is it spam? Anyway, if she wants to discuss the situation civilly, I will do that, but I’m not about to let her out at this point. She’s calling me chicken. I should let her crap on me here? Huh?

  55. Olive~~I noticed when Casey made her exit from the courtroom, she glanced over towards where her parents were and gave a sad smile.

    I feel Amy was being a very classy lady by not attending the hearing. I am sure she knew the cameras would have focused on her looking for her reaction. Amy would probably like to put this much behind her. She is still out the $400 that Casey stole from her and that she will never be able to recover. Amy is on the witness list for the state, another hurtle she must face and all for befriending Casey and showing her kindnesses.

  56. Dave I can see where some people are coming from when they negatively compare (?) you to a journalist from a network. As you know, or certainly should know, it’s got nothing to do with your writing talents. You are truly gifted. But a journalist from a network would never make comments suggesting that they know more details and MAYBE they’ll write about it and MAYBE they won’t.

    No offense meant to another blogger but she does something similar. Makes statements like “that’s all I’m willing to put out there at this time” giving the reader the idea that she knows factual information that she’s not at liberty to discuss, when more then likely it’s just another rumor or speculation that has not been proven yet.

    I know that the networks will say watch today’s news at 5:00 or 11:00 to hear this breaking news about…..(whatever) and then we stay tuned and watch it but they don’t advertise “we have the inside scoop and we might tell you, or maybe we won’t”. I know you don’t do this in your articles, but you do it in your blog. As a side note, journalists employed by a network would not be able to have their own interactive blog for reasons similar to this.

    If people are questioning you on why you’re handing out your card to Casey’s defense team, why can you not honestly say, “I’m working on a story”. “I’m researching for a story”. “I’m interviewing all of the parties involved”. Whatever. You don’t owe anyone an explanation in any shape or form.

    How many reporters and news crews were in front of the courthouse after court on Monday? They’re following a story and so are you.

    You’re writing articles that we’re reading because you can write in a factual unbiased way and we know that you research every detail before you commit on paper. That’s good enough for me.

  57. Dear Mr Editor Marinade, I think you use your moderation and spam more often. It is best to leave the broody hens in the chicken coop.

    Yours very truly, ‘

  58. Dave~ that is a prime example why I needed a break. The person who questioned you last night about Jose never comments but felt it was okay to come in and demand answers. Why? I like to debate also, but it is all in the delivery. Seems like a whole lot of people have forgot their manners or maybe they have none. jmo

  59. Exactly Snoopy, Amy was a good friend to Casey, something Casey really knows nothing about. It appears that Casey only made “friends” with people who give her what she needed, but I haven’t really heard where she was there for them.

    And I guess that is what bothering me about Baez’s comments about Amy being welcome at his office and to please accept Casey’s apology as sincere. I know what Baez is doing, I just wish he had left Amy alone all together in his comments.

    Also, do you think Casey looked at her parents in court right before she burst into tears?

  60. Snoopy, that’s a likely reason for Amy not being there, thanks. Me, I would be there, glaring away, but I’m feisty and wisdom is not always my strong suit! Restitution was made, so… and you know, from what Dave and others have to say the whole elevator-thing could potentially have been quite awkward… ooops, here comes Cindy!

    Marica, glad to see your post here, too. I didn’t get a chance to say Hi and proffer condolences at Bill’s, but I saw that there too. Bless you and stay strong- this case ain’t going anywhere fast, from what I can see of the schedule!

  61. Hi Dave,

    I sent you an email to your marinadedave @ account. Is this still your correct email? Thanks!


  62. Olive~~I think alot of things are starting to sink in to Casey, the weight loss could be a sign of depression and not eating. I noticed that she looked towards her parents before she broke into tears. She must have felt some ashamed to face them after her plea. In the past, she always got away with stealing and for the first time, she had to admit her wrong and take the punishment. I do not think Casey’s tears were fake as some seem to like to assume.

  63. Great article and video, Dave! I especially liked the ending of the video where you state that its all about Caylee then showed a picture of her precious smile.

    You are the best “journalist” blogger there is on this case. Keep up the good work, friend!

  64. No, her tears at the table were real, I agree. You know, Casey really has had no communication with anyone for some time, up until the night before the hearing. I noticed her weight loss also, and she may very well be depressed. I know I would be. It must be very lonely for her now.

  65. WOW *Dave,
    You are rubbing shoulders with the big guns now!! Bill Schaeffer is a class act. How nice of him to give you (us) a heads up on the proceedings.

    I disagree with you about Casey not taking the stand. I think she will. Did you see how excited she was? I think when the trial looks like it’s a slam dunk for the prosecution……..She will try to save her own life, by taking the stand and trying to explain why she did what she did. I think the little apology was a practice run to see if she was able to come across as believable. JMO

  66. Dave, do you ever read at Hinky site. She has an article up about the lantent prints. What is your take on this. Val really goes for the research. I need this in ENGLISH. What do you think?

  67. Olive~~I agree that Casey must be living a lonely life. Can you imagine not getting a hug or ever being touched except for a prision guard putting shackles on your ankles or cuffing you?

    There is little doubt that Casey will be convicted and receive a stiff sentence, maybe the ultimate one. Casey’s mind had to have been messed up for her to commit such an act and it looks like Caylee met her death in a heinous manner.

    No human, in their right mind, would have murdered their child just to go out and party and be free from their responsibilites of being a parent. I think we will hear of alot of mitigating circumstances , if this case makes it to the penalty phase.
    Because of their ignorance, a few more should be held accountable for Caylee’s death. Will these people ever be charged? No, because they did not do the actual murder. I think their punishment will be having to live with the fact that they could have saved this child. They will have to live with that guilt for the rest of their lives.

  68. Marica~~condolences on the loss of your mother. Take lots of time to grieve and try to dwell on the good memories that cannot be taken from us.

  69. Snoopy I must be dumb here. Your post of 4:07 ??? I thought she was now a convicted felon? What am I missing here? or were you talking if she didn’t plead guilty that would have been an option? Even so, I don’t see the difference here because she isn’t going to take the stand. The convicted felon title is only a negative when it comes to penalty faze no? Mitigating factor. That’s all I see it being. Are you saying that they could delay the fraud trial until after the penalty faze of the murder trial? I don’t see how the judge would have let that happen. JMO

  70. Marica;

    I’m so sorry to hear of your Mom’s passing. This is always so tough a time because we honour and love our Moms and they are an integral part of our whole life. I lost mine at 20 and I never really recovered from not having her as my guiding light. Give yourself lots of time and don’t feel that you are overreacting because you can’t get over it quickly. It does take a lot of time to heal. My condolences.

  71. Marinade~~I am going back to playing a lawyer here. Okay, Bill said that a jury trial in the check/fraud may have spared Casey from going into the murder trial as a convicted felon. He also said a jury trial would be like a dress rehearsal for the real thing. The defense could gain alot of experience from this. I will add here that some of the defense could use a bit of knowledge in how the system really works.

    Let’s say that the jury came back with guilty and she did get 5 yrs. The case could then be appealed which would take up to 12 to 18 months before being finalized.

    Dave, you mentioned that the defense may want to throw all their marbles into the murder trial. Okay, let say they do and get a not guilty. Remember Casey will not have been a felon, if I was her lawyer because I would have elected the check/fraud by jury.

    So now we have a ‘not guilty’ Casey and an appeal for the check/fraud. We decide not to go ahead with the appeal and contend with her 5 yr sentence. She will, by that time, have served 2 yrs, plus a few days. I would be willing to have my client serve another 2 yrs (a yr off for good behavior) rather than LWOP. This would all come about because I elected, as her attorney, to not let my client go into a murder trial as a convicted felon.

    Marinade, now tear that apart, if you can understand what I am trying to say. BTW, I cannot make heads or tails of what I wrote.

  72. Sorry some of the comments got caught in spam, but I had to go out for a little while.

    NosyParkerr, That’s some good advice. The thing I’ve got to learn is to not say anything like I may or I may not write about something, but most of the time, it does deal with a story I’m working on and it becomes a matter of whether it pans out or not. I think you’re right, it will simply be that I’m working on a story or angle, and yes, I owe nothing at all to my detractors. They will lie about me anyway, so from now on, a vague answer will have to do. I did tease a little with the “GUESS” star on my latest video. If that doesn’t quell the bitter rumors about whether or not Bill and I get along or that we never really met because he’d never have anything to do with me, then nothing will.

    Thank you for complimenting my writing. I would like to think I am good at, at least, one thing. I just sputter in comments once in a while. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. It’s this sort of input that helps me grow.

  73. Weezie~~my 4:07pm comment was about Casey and Amy.

    Casey is now a convicted felon. I was echoing Bill Sheaffer that had they gone with a trial by jury in the check/fraud, instead of the plea, which Casey took, she could have been spared going into the murder trial as a felon. Bill Sheaffer wrote a great post all about it.

  74. Yup, Laura, the nastys sure do like to raise hell, don’t they? I don’t know what they expect to do. Shut me down? I can’t help but wonder if they were raised on bad feed at a rundown farm. Maybe they got some pig hormones by mistake. Oh well, no more ruffling feathers around here.

  75. Thank you very much, auntdeedee. The “best” journalist blogger around. Oh boy, that’s going to anger a few already angry people. Tsk, tsk. I’m glad you liked the video, too. That’s my favorite picture of her.

  76. I am here to discuss the case. I couldn’t give a tinkers whatever who is saying bad things about whom. Why can’t we give this a rest once and for all? Like raw sewage, it creeps back into just about every other comment. I am taking a break.

  77. Hi, Diana. Three of us were clustered together Monday. Jim L., from the Today Show, Bill S., Esq., and me… All bald men. I was afraid the bailiffs would separate us for ruining the lighting, but no one did. Yes, you are correct, Bill Sheaffer is a class act. He was all smiles, too, as I entered the courtroom. I cannot see the man having any enemies.

    About Casey taking the stand, remember, giving a “canned” speech to the judge is a far cry from being cross examined by a battery of angry prosecutors. The defense would be very, very stupid to put her on the stand. They know it would blow the lid off her facade. I do not believe she will take the stand because the state would shred her into pieces.

  78. Yes, Annie, I do read Valhall and I like her and her articles because she backs hem up with science. No, I haven’t had a chance to read her view on the latent prints, but I will later. Probably not today. My brother’s still in town and that’s stopped me from answering a few e-mails, too. That and writing.

  79. I’m telling you, Snoopy, you have no idea what crud doesn’t get through. All sorts of hellish comments and threats. One just came in from a trench mouth named concerned4caylee. She needs a bar of lye soap. Oh sure, she’ll alter what she wrote and publish it elsewhere. These are women in need of psychiatric help. My God, I hope they never raised children! c4c could not care less for caylee. She cares for herself. Yuck, Stinky. Smelly.

    concerned4caylee – remember that name.

  80. Dave~~sadly, it has come to this. You wrote a great post and so did Bill. It seems that your priority has, once again, become discussing the trolls more than the topic. It seems that a few nasty comments can turn things around in the wrong direction. You have moderation and spam at your disposal.

    I have tried my darnest to help you to put all the bad behind and forge on with the good. It looks like I was wasting my time.

    I am taking my leave as my goal is to concentrate on the Anthony case.

  81. Now she’s saying she published it at Bill’s and says for me to go cry and whine to Craig. This woman has some serious mental issues. Remember that name… concerned4caylee. Obsessed neurotic schizoid bitch is a more appropriate description, but let’s move on. She got old and crusty in no time.

  82. Dave sez:

    Thank you very much, auntdeedee. The “best” journalist blogger around. Oh boy, that’s going to anger a few already angry people. Tsk, tsk.

    Geesh, Dave! When you spam someone, could you make sure not to fling them so hard they land in my sandbox’s Aw Mod?! I have enough trash to take out, thank you very much! LOL

  83. Dave, How do you know I am not an old and crusty obsessed neurotic schizoid “bitch” ? You talking to me? lol

  84. This one is just plain nutzo. She left it at Bill’s, too. Snoopy, you do what you feel is necessary, but I still have to defend myself from crackpots. This one is extremely dangerous. This one needs to be reported. She is a threat to society.

  85. I know you didn’t send her to my place-I was just kidding about your use of the spam button-that “It” got flung so hard it landed in my sandbox. Now give a little chuckle at the visual.

    BTW, it was a message for you and so I didn’t feel it was my business to read it. Since it said it would be spammed and it had a c&p of my comment, I just spammed it.

    Actually, I was going to edit the comment to say nothing more than “I’m an idiot” then let it through…

  86. Snoopy, laurali1, and everyone, I won’t mention such things happening at my site again here on Dave’s blog. It is tiring, I agree. I just want concern4caylee to realize what a joke they are sending me messages to be posted at my site that trash Dave. And that goes for the rest of such comments that have filled my spam-don’t bother!~
    Back to Caylee…

  87. I’m going to have to say once again that I must learn to totally ignore them. In this case, she went back to Bill’s knowing full well that it would be read. That’s what she waits for, the weekend and after hours. She was stupid to tell me she posted it there.

  88. Yes, that was a stupid move on her part. Oh well, she didn’t really care to post comments concerning the case there anyways.

    To be honest, I look at them as those who once were passionately in love with you at one time and then got jilted. That’s what their comments sound like-like ex-lovers with axes to grind.

  89. You may be on to something, auntdeedee. Like two other women, there’s nothing like a woman scorned.

    Anyway, I’m going to focus on the latent prints and a couple of other topics related to the case. I also stopped at the Orlando-Sanford International Airport today and spoke to two TSA people about the planes that arrive daily from Haiti. I’m hoping I can get some kind of story out of it. They pointed me to an area where I can park and shoot video footage. By the way, it’s right where the “real” journalists park. Imagine that, letting me in, too.

  90. Good evening Dave,
    Thank you for your up close account of your day at court. I enjoyed it very much.
    Dave, you are getting sucked in again. You seriously need to ground yourself and go to a peaceful place. It only takes a few minutes and then perhaps you will be able to let the irritating, fight provoking comments go where they should go, maybe into cyber space or perhaps they could just fall on deaf ears. Stop defending everything you say because those who matter and know your reputation don’t buy into any of their bull. Please ignore them. Imagine roots coming out of the bottom of your feet and growing deep into the ground. Now imagine you are in a big beautiful bubble. It’s safe in there. Nothing can get at you. Now you can get back to what you do best. Ignore them cause they don’t matter.
    So sorry to hear that your mother has passed over. She will always be with you. Just not the same as before. I too have loss my mom but that was a while ago and now when I remember her , it doesn’t hurt. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time.
    Dave, I started out to say, you are right you can’t win whether you are right or wrong , you can’t win by fighting but you can win by ignoring. Sorry if I seem bossy but you must be exhausted and the whole situation is not good for your well being. JMO

  91. Dave, you need an honorary press card!

    The other day my heart sank when I heard that the “rescue” part of rescue and recovery were called off in Haiti. Dan Wooley(sp) being found was a hope for Lee. Now it looks like it will be by recovery that he is found. Sad. My prayers for his family, friends, and church…

    Looking forward to your article(s) on Haiti, Dave.

  92. Hi, Frankie – You are quite welcome, my friend. As much as you enjoyed reading and watching it, I enjoyed writing and shooting it.

    Yes, I got sucked into it again and it is going to be the ruination of this blog if I don’t stop ignoring them. I cannot believe how subhuman people – especially grown women – can be. I’m going to have to ask an anthropologist to explore where Neanderthals went. Perhaps, they did not die out because they seem to exist to this very day, hairy armpits and all.

  93. Ok *Dave
    You’re on!! Remember my prediction in ummmm……. 2 or 3 years from now when the trial starts.
    I never thought she would take the stand until yesterday, and just seeing her so happy to get attention made me think she will try to lie her way out of this on the stand.
    Pam Smart took the stand when the evidence starting mounting up. She was a habitual liar too, and was chewed up and spit out by the prosecution. She showed up with a navy blue suit, white lace blouse and a cross dangling from her neck. It didn’t work. She got LWOP.

  94. OK, Diana, you’ve got yourself a bet. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the trial won’t start until at least November of this year and I would hope she’s got intelligent enough lawyers that would keep her off the stand. You know they’re going to dress her up like a timid church-going librarian, don’t you? Plain make-up and her hair in a bun. Wearing a nice shiny cross for everyone to see. Clutching a dainty lacy handkerchief. Heck, by the time the defense gets her all prettied down, she’s going to be a virgin again! She won’t need to take the stand. A picture speaks louder than words.

  95. Dave,
    I think you’ve got it. Now that is funny. Keep that humor going because they really are hilarious and should be laughed at. Dave, hairy armpits, too funny! Now that’s a statement that would hurt a normal woman to no end.

  96. Dave, When I told my Mom I had come to take her home from the hospital, and would be there to help care for her, she said “Good, I need to go to WalMart. So to those of you who have offered to do something for me.. Go to WalMart! My cousin came and spent time with me tonight. That was a huge help.

  97. The Neanderthal (pronounced /ni(ː)ˈændərtɑːl/, /ni(ː)ˈændərθɔːl/), or /neɪˈændərtɑːl/),[1] also spelled Neandertal,[2] is an extinct member of the Homo genus that is known from Pleistocene specimens found in Europe and parts of western and central Asia. Neanderthals are either classified as a subspecies of humans (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) or as a separate species (Homo neanderthalensis).[3] The first proto-Neanderthal traits appeared in Europe as early as 600,000–350,000 years ago.[4] Proto-Neanderthal traits are occasionally grouped to another phenetic ‘species’, Homo heidelbergensis, or a migrant form, Homo rhodesiensis. By 130,000 years ago, complete Neanderthal characteristics had appeared. These characteristics then disappeared in Asia by 50,000 years ago and in Europe by 30,000 years ago.[5] The youngest Neanderthal finds include Hyaena Den (UK), considered older than 30,000 years ago, while the Vindija (Croatia) Neanderthals have been re-dated to between 32,000 and 33,000 years ago. No definite specimens younger than 30,000 years ago have been found; however, evidence of fire by Neanderthals at Gibraltar indicate that they may have survived there until 24,000 years ago. Cro Magnons or modern human skeletal remains with ‘Neanderthal traits’ were found in Lagar Velho (Portugal), dated to 24,500 years ago and controversially interpreted as indications of extensively admixed populations.[6]

    Neanderthal stone tools provide further evidence for their presence where skeletal remains have not been found. The last traces of Mousterian culture, a type of stone tools associated with Neanderthals, were found in Gorham’s Cave on the remote south-facing coast of Gibraltar.[7] Other tool cultures sometimes associated with Neanderthal include Châtelperronian, Aurignacian, and Gravettian, with the latter extending to 22,000 years ago, the last indication of Neanderthal presence.

    Neanderthal cranial capacity is often thought to have been as large or larger than that of humans, indicating that their brain size may have been the same or greater. In 2008, a group of scientists made a study using three-dimensional computer-assisted reconstructions of Neanderthal infants based on fossils found in Russia and Syria that shows that they had brains as large as ours at birth and larger than ours as adults.[8] On average, the height of Neanderthals was comparable to contemporaneous Homo sapiens. Neanderthal males stood about 165–168 cm (65–66 in) and were heavily built with robust bone structure. They were much stronger, having particularly strong arms and hands.[9] Females stood about 152–156 cm (60–61 in).[10] They were almost exclusively carnivorous[11] and apex predators.[12]

    Contents [hide]
    1 Etymology and pronunciation
    2 Classification

  98. Dave~ I just left my therapy session and I agree from now on leave them in spam. Or lets not even address them anymore. I find them to be rude unwanted guest in our home and I do not like it! I like the peace and harmony, please lock the doors and windows. I know you found nothing wrong with the commenter from last night but I found it rude to come in and question when that person was not even one of your regulars. Not that we should ask either. So please just don’t let them in here! PLEASE!

  99. Marcia~ I am very sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine how you must feel, becauseI still have my mom. I don’t even want to imagine. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  100. Marica, in honor of your mother, I will go to Walmart tomorrow. I need to buy some supplements I’m running out of. I will think of you and say a little prayer for your mother. Thank you for sharing your story and I am so glad your cousin came to visit you. Remember, you have genuine people here who care, and you can always e-mail me any time. I will help you any way I can.

  101. Thank you. I am just afraid with all the rudeness we all will forget our manners. I think meaness wears off. I am glad to be moving forward. I like to read all you write. Now the letter that was sent to the judge not to long ago, why do you think that person was blaming Jesse like he or she knew for sure that he killed Caylee? You was going to write a post and then we got side-tracked. You can answer tomorrow it is getting late. 🙂

  102. Yes, it is getting late, for sure. My sister has been here, too, and is spending the night. I shot a short video of her and our younger brother early today. I might put it up so you can all wonder what happened to me.

  103. No, auntdeedee, there is no incest in my family. Somehow down the pike, the genes changed and out popped two good looking people. Me? I’m bald, somewhat fat, but that’s from the insulin, and… well, let me put it this way… when your parents told you they had someone they wanted you to meet and you asked them how he looks, they came back with, he’s a really nice guy. You know the type.

  104. Silly Dave! I meant, did they beat you up alot or tease you incessently while growing up and that’s what made you who you are today.

    Hey! I like nice guys!

  105. I’m throwing this out there because it was brought up on another blog. When Casey’s Visitor Log was published several months ago someone by the name of Alison Cochran was listed as a visitor.

    The following link describes Ms. Cochran’s feelings and beliefs about child pornography (if it’s the same Alison Cochran). From what I have heard she is merely a law student.

    Why did Jose Baez invite her into the jail to interview his client who is on trial for the felony murder of her child? Is there an indication that Caylee was being sexually abused/exploited by her own mother? This woman’s visit was from long before Lyon came on board. If Casey was actively abusing Caylee through the sale of “virtual images” then maybe that’s where the defense is going to go. Some pervert became obsessed with Caylee, yada, yada, yada. That won’t explain away the many items from the Anthony home at the dump site and it won’t explain away the 31 days of partying, tattooing, complete disregard for her missing 2 year old child, etc.

    Why was this woman visiting Casey early in the case? Obviously she was invited by Baez and company.

  106. to tose who contact Mr Marinade by e-mail: don’t expect a reply.

    to those who complain about what Mr Marinda writes: many of us who read here also read at other sources. I get news and facts from news sites, opinions and debate from sites made for that, legal info from mr Schaffer and as of late Mr Hornsby, friendship from places where there is no cliquing, and I caome here for a regualr guy point of view. I think it’s important to get all sides to a picture rather than a one dimentional view. If you are unhappy with the regular guy point of view then take a break like I did or find someone else’s blogs to follow. Too much time is wasted throwing words like “nasty” and “troll” around and that’s a shame because I think most people like me, the no cliquers, just want to read another view on what happens in the case. We don’t expect an expert, we just want to know what happened in court from the pedestrian point of view.

    That said, Mr Marindae, did you sense or see a lot of affection or conversation between the defense team and Casey’s parents? Do you tihnk the A nthonys will really play much of a role in the defense or do you think they’re unimportant from that point of view?

  107. Marcia, I am also very sorry for your loss. But your mother is still present in the spiritual world. I will pray for your continued comfort in Jesus arms and in his name.

    Dave, I didnt know that those of you that write blogs have a “i will continue to ignore you” button. Keep using it. I know you like to be fair but you are in charge and your loyal readers dont care what they say or to whom. We like the “old Dave”. I am not trying to be mean either as we love you. But you dont need the stress and neither do we. Just ignore them completely. We all have a mission here that cannot be denied and that is Caylee. She depends on us to stay on course.

    I thought of something. You know when you have a casserole recipe that says “choose one from column a, choose one from column b, choose one from column c—that’s what the defense is doing when framing a defense—-haha–Hope everyone is having a good day. Blessings to all. Dave hope you are enjoying your family visit.

  108. I do answer e-mails when I can, floormodel. As a matter of fact, I am in the middle of answering one right now from a flight attendant. Sometimes, they slip by me because a lot come in. I do read them all, but I know I have been guilty of forgetting some of them. I assure you, I do not do it on purpose. Now, I looked at my incoming mail and I see I let yours slip by. I am sorry, and I will respond. I feel that if someone takes time out of their life to write me a more personal note, I will respond in kind. Unfortunately, a lot has been going on in my life lately, like the death of a pet, my mother falling and my brother visiting from out of state. This has kept me rather busy, and despite it all, I still try to write and attend court hearings. No excuses, but as a writer, one would think I would be a fervent letter writer, too. That’s not always the case. Again, I apologize for my lapse.

    When I was in court the other day, I noticed the defense interacting with George and Cindy after the hearing was over and Casey was already out the door. Andrea Lyon is a more touchy, feely kind of person than Jose Baez, but yes, there was a brief exchange of words and affections immediately after the hearing ended. I didn’t notice anything more than, perhaps, comforting them. Do I think the Anthonys will play a pivotal role in the trial? Yes, I do. They are crucial to the timeline leading up to the disappearance of Caylee and what happened immediately after that, like excuse after excuse after excuse about where their grandchild was. I am positive there’s a lot more to it, but to write everything, it would be several chapters of a book. Let me say this, too; the State found it important enough to readdress issues with them when they were called in to answer questions a few months ago. Sure, they are key players, but please notice the defense has not pointed any fingers their way like they have as Kronk.

  109. Good morning, Caylee’s friends!

    floormodel, perhaps you missed the memo:

    Dave sez-My brother’s still in town and that’s stopped me from answering a few e-mails, too.

    Be patient!

  110. As was said above, November seems about right for a trial date. That would be about 3 years? The wheels of justice are they round or square? But, I hold to the fact that we have a great and fair judge in Judge Strickland. I liked the way he just listened to Casey’s apology but didnt engage her in anything else. But covered all the bases—-had she been coerced, was she on any drugs or alcohol (probably misses that)—jalapeno cheese dip has taken their place 0r had impaired judgement(that is a given)–haha. Had to be snarky here. I agree with what others have said that she cried when she saw her parents as that is her modus operindi in getting away with stuff. My personal opinion on real or fake tears is I dont think she is capable of real emotions but has learned thru her life to mimic what people want to see. That’s why when she came out and said “I am excited”—didnt have any previous experience to bounce that off of as to what is “apropriate behavior” when apologizing in court,so it came out weird. Being a pychopath or sociopath she has to micromanaged step by step by her lawyers so everything comes out RIGHT. And they cant control every second that she is in the spotlight. Just my observation from having a psychopath in the family.

  111. Good morning, auntdeedee. She did send me an e-mail, but it must have gotten lost in the shuffle. I created a new e-mail folder for incoming mails of that nature, so they don’t get lost. That way, I won’t be able to miss them, but it will probably still take time before I get to them.

    By the way, I have a new policy and I am the one who will enforce it. From now on, if any comments are sarcastic in nature, meaning intended to personally attack me or another commenter, that comment will be thrown in the trash. If you cannot be civil, go elsewhere. If you have an issue, e-mail me. I WILL read it. The days of hatred and bitterness are over. Take your garbage somewhere else.

  112. Martha – please excuse me I can’t go find the part in hearing right now (my husband is home sick today and he thinks I’ve lost my marbles with this case) but I believe when the DA was speaking about meeting after the hearing to discuss a date, he said he has his calander up until November. I took that at meaning – his calander was up to date till November NOT the court date should be in November. But, on alot of blogs I visit it seems I misunderstood and that’s when the court date should be?

  113. Martha – Actually, it would be 2 years if you look at her first-degree murder charge in October 2008 to a possible trial date of November 2010. If you really, really take into consideration how long it can take for justice to finally be served, William Zeigler has been sitting on death row in Florida since July 1976. It will be 34 years this July. My point is this: If people think the trial will bring justice to Caylee, they are dead wrong. Has justice been served yet to the victims’ families of Zeigler? Who has the right to protest and scream here? Who has the right to be impatient? The public sitting in front of their computer screens in another state or country, or the families of the victims? There is something starkly wrong with this picture, because as soon as this trial is over, the public will run to the next crime tree to bark up. Ta ta, Caylee. Meanwhile, will Caylee truly get her justice? Will anyone care any more? Ask the real victims, not those who hide behind a facade of “Justice for Caylee.” They think they own her soul.

  114. Annie – Someone asked me when I thought the trial might start and I said November. I didn’t base it on any calendar the prosecution has, I am just guessing the parties could have all motions, etc. shored up.

  115. Dave, Please can we just talk about the case? Snoopy said it so eloquently to you in her post to you. People who write so rudely-or attack others just delete! No need to discuss each time…Please-thanks. 🙂

  116. Dave: Thanks for the info. I am learning allot about the court system from you. I am glad you are going to ignore the bad comments, they are just a waste of time. Did you give me the new gravatar thingie? Cute.

  117. Hi, Carol – I love being a source for information and I’m glad you’re learning things about the case and Florida’s court system. The ugly comment door is closed and out of business for good this time. As for the gravatar, I switched the design option here on WordPress. WordPress assigns gravatars, not me, although I have designed a few for people and that option is always open.

  118. I’m not so sure the Anthonys will be helpful to the defense. Their words and actions haven’t really assisted Casey at all, if anything it may have made it worse for her. Especially if called to the stand. I don’t think the defense will attempt to run the bus over them in anyway because it will backfire, having already pointed fingers at the nanny who didn’t exist and now at Mr Kronk.

    I know Ms Lyons is all about bringing the families on board and that’s why I wondered if there was a little more warmth between the defense team and the Anthonys.

  119. Come trial time, you may see some of that warmth fade, floormodel. You do know that George and Cindy are on the State’s list of witnesses. We can expect them to be hostile, but they will be sworn under oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth when they take the stand. They are not under oath when they appear on TV, so time will tell. I don’t expect the defense to go after them during the murder phase of the trial.

    By the way, I’m stepping out. If anyone gets stuck in spam, I’ll let you out when I get home. I need to go to Walmart for several things and I promised Marica something. I intend to keep my word.

  120. I have a question here….. Where are all these character gravatars coming from? All of a sudden it looks like there is a 2 for 1 sale. It looks like they all come from Walmart? lol

  121. Of course her voice sounded all sweet and feminine, she has been practicing in her little jail cell. Just like her fake tears.
    SHE has made herself out to be the monster she really is, looks like she has you buffaloed Dave.
    Not on thing sweet about a lying, thieving killer

  122. Haven’t read thru all the comments but……..reguarding KC’s “soft feminine voice”
    I have daughters in their 20’s, they as well as co-workers of the same age, tend to get what I call a “phone” voice. They instantly change their tone while dealing with authority or bussiness, as opposed to talking to familar people. Kc displayed this same voice, insinerce, maybe, but she knew THIS was bussiness.

  123. Benda – She is 5’2″ tall and if you heard a recording of her voice, not having the foggiest idea who she was, you’d say the same thing. All I said was you can’t judge a book by its cover. Good things don’t alway come in small packages, but turn it around. If you closed your eyes and listened to Susan Boyle, you’d think she was a goddess. Regardless of what you think of Casey, what does her voice have to do with it?

  124. That could very well be, deanne. We all have our public and private side. I was just surprised at how meek she sounded. It’s like the lion that meowed – still dangerous.

  125. Hi Dave, Love your forum and I avidly follow it because I’m from England and the case isn’t being covered here. I wanted to pick up one point you made though. I am not buying into Casey’s *soft and feminine* voice [to quote you]. Re-listen to those first interrogation tapes made when Casey had murdered Casey just 4 weeks previous. No tears, no remorse, just a cold flat affect. Re-listen to those jail phone calls, especially her remarks to Kristina Chester, and the way Casey admonishes her parents so coldly. Again, no tears for her baby and no remorse. This then is the Casey-voice that I believe is authentic. I think the justice system moves so slowly that it distorts a true picture and memories fade. Casey murdered Caylee almost two years ago on June 16—it’s time this went to court. NOW.

  126. Nice job on your reporting and video Dave. To me, Casey still seemed arrogant. She walked into the court room with a smile. She answered the judge in the same tone as if she was answering questions in a job interview. I would have thought she would have appeared a little more chaste. I will have to watch the video again. I think the apology to Amy was staged by Andrea Lyon. She wants the public to begin warming up to Casey. I think Casey taking a plea and saying what she said to Amy was to display to the public that she’s human and makes mistakes. If Casey had maintained her innocence and was then found guilty by a jury I think it would have looked worse to the public. And with all the fraud evidence there really was no way she would have been found not guilty by a jury. I’m sure her weight loss is stemming from the reality checks that Baez is finally giving to her.
    But question for you: I heard somewhere that there was a lot of support for Casey in the court room? Was that true and if so, what kind of support?

  127. Hi, LINDA VALINS, all the way from England! I’m very glad you like my forum and you are quite welcome to stay here as long as you wish.

    By her voice, I was only speaking of that particular moment, when she timidly opened her mouth and said a few words. Had I not known who was speaking, I would never have guessed it was her. She didn’t sound like a dragon or a monster that day in court. Just like Susan Boyle’s voice. If you heard it without seeing her, you would think she had the face of an angel. I’m not belittling her looks, but she’s not beautiful any more than Casey’s voice that day sounded monstrous had I heard it and not known who it belonged to.

    Trust me when I say my memories have not faded. Not when I can stand only a few feet away from her, live and in person.

  128. Hi, Patriciao. Thank you, I’m pleased you enjoyed my handiwork. To answer your question about a lot of support for Casey in the courtroom. That’s a BIG negative. The only support Casey got was from her defense staff and her parents. Trust me, I don’t know where you heard that, but I was in attendance.

  129. Here is the info that should included with the Source link posted at 7:05pm. Sorry for the mix up.

    Visits preparing for Death Penalty Phase of a Trial
    The day after Casey’s last court appearance on December 11th, Andrea Lyons and Jeanene Barrett paid a visit to Casey. Jeanene Barrett is a Mitigation Specialist who works with Andrea.“”A mitigation specialist assembles the pieces of a client’s life, whether they’re birth records, grade school report cards, Boy Scout memorabilia or prison disciplinary records. A competent mitigation specialist also knows how to talk with a client and their family, sometimes about subjects such as child abuse and drug abuse.”” source They must provide a compelling narrative about a client’s life for an attorney to argue before a jury to get life vs. the death penalty. Jeanene Barrett has visited with Casey a total of 11 times starting in June of 2009.

    Now does Jeanene prepare Casey how to conduct herself in the courtroom too?

  130. Snoopy, it sounds to me like she specializes in a field. That means she collects all information whether it becomes useful or not. A good example of that is my visit with an oncologist a couple of weeks ago. That doesn’t mean I have cancer. Yet. I am sure the defense needs to get all its ducks in a row, just like my doctor wants to do with me. Do Barrett’s visits mean anything at the moment? Who knows, but collectively they may down the road. Collecting every single piece of data is typical in a capital case, especially when the DP is a factor.

  131. Dave~~I wonder if Lyon will try another ploy to try and get the DP off the table. I can’t imagine which avenue she would go down.

    We are supposed to have some action in the courtroom on Feb 1st. Do you know if that is still a go? What exactly is supposed to take place that day?

    It will be interesting to see if Macaluso will show up.

  132. Snoopy very interesting. Can you imagine what Casey has said regarding her own uprbringing. If she knows that they might have to use bad parental guidance as a mitigating factor, she could pretty much make a good case for herself! I’m sure she would throw he parents under the bus for her own preservation.

    I thought this was an interesting fact from Wikipedia.
    But more than 60% of the worldwide population live in countries where executions take place insofar as the four most populous countries in the world (the People’s Republic of China, India, United States and Indonesia) apply the death penalty and are unlikely to abolish it at in the near future.[

  133. Weezie~~I am with you that Jeanene is probably hearing some stories from Casey. Whether they are true or false is debatable.

    Dave~~I guess re Feb 1st is another wait and see. Hopefully the news stations will get it right this time , in unison that is.

  134. Speaking of Wisdom; I would ask you all take a peak at this very wise 20 year old’s video. Makes you really think twice about respecting our youth.

    A palindrome reads the same backwards as forward. This is only a 1 minute, 44 second video and it is brilliant. Make sure you read as well as listen…forward and backward.

    This is a video that was submitted in a contest by a 20-year old. The contest was titled “u @ 50” by AARP. This video won second place. When they showed it, everyone in the room was awe-struck and broke into spontaneous applause. So simple and yet so brilliant. Take a minute and watch it..

  135. Isn’t Feb 1st just the deadline the judge gave to the defense to give the proof they had that Caylee was put there while Casey was in jail? I don’t believe it was a court hearing. I could be wrong though.

  136. Weezie10, that is a great video! Do you know how I can copy it like you did on here, so that I can give it ot others I know to watch it? TIA

  137. Mary Jo~~thanks! Okay, it seems Baez has to turn in information proving Casey’s innocence by Feb 1st.
    I expect that to mean innocent of putting the remains in the woods.

  138. Snoopysleuth, That is what I believe he has to do by Feb 1st is to prove that she is innocent of putting the remains in the woods while she was in jail. Macalusco opened his mouth and said they had proof, so now they have until Feb. 1st to prove it. It will be interesting to see what they come up with, if anything.

  139. I don’t see the defense coming up with ANY proof to the contrary. All they’ve done thus far is try pointing the finger elsewhere, with nothing to back up their claims.

  140. mixologist~~Macaluso is the one who made the argument before Judge Strickland that they had proof that someone put the remains in the woods while Casey was incarcerated. He or Baez better come up with something.

    Macaluso has to go before the California Bar Courts on Feb 8th. I don’t know what will take place. He could lose his bar license. I am unsure if that affects him in Florida or not.

  141. The problem with the 2/1 deadline (for the defense) is that Baez has been using the word “innocent” so they cannot blame it on Mancuso’s misspeak or overeagerness. I have a friend whose ex was one of my city’s best defensive attys. and was well hated for it but he did the job he was paid for and he was always careful in the words he used while speaking to the press or the court. Terms like “innocent” and “without a doubt” can come back and bite you in the thushy if you really have nothing to base them on.

  142. I wonder what this so-called evidence is? And if it points to Kronk again? I feel sorry for the man. He reported this bag 3 times to LE in just a few months time, wasn’t taken seriously until December…he was a good samaritan doing what any of us would have done and he’s being blasted now, and possibly defamed by a disgruntled ex. It really makes me sick!

  143. that video is amazing! If it won 2nd place I’d love to have seen the first place video because this video is an incredible message!

  144. Dave~~I believe it was the Lost Generation video. If you want me to post a link to the film, not a video, of the Cyber Stalking in Open Forum, I will gladly do that. It is worth watching.

  145. Cyber Stalking and Fatal Attractions

    This film shares two stories with you. One with Graham Brown-Martin (pictured above) and his lovely wife, Wren as well as their toddler daughter and the other with a man, Chay, who in one weak moment had a one night stand that takes obsession to a new level. If there was ever a “Fatal Attraction” through the Internet, we have found it. However, unlike the Hollywood movie, Chay literally only had a one night stand, no strings attached. He never heard again from her until months later, and it would be the worse next years of his life.

    Watch the 50 minute film right here…

    Cyber Stalking and Fatal Attraction

    The film contains adult content. You can skip the commercials by moving the tab over at bottom of picture.

  146. First off, don’t assume that because someone you’ve met online comes off as sweet, nice and a good friend that they can’t turn all fatal attraction on you. From my personal experience, it can. No matter how long you’ve “known” someone you don’t really know them until you’ve spent real physical time with them. There are things like body signs, looks, the way someone says something that gives you glimpses into what they’re really thinking. These things can’t be observed in a chat room, e-mail or instant message.

    Source where you can read more~~

    How to Shake an Internet Stalker

  147. Snoopy – I have 862 comments and e-mails since I began keeping them for future reference. That’s not even a year yet (out of 2) and it doesn’t include GB e-mails sent to me. I banned her incoming (into my Yahoo! account) months ago and GB was the only way left.

  148. Dave~~in the film, it said the police was able to prove the woman’s identity through the IP number on the email she sent to the young man. They were able to retrieve all the emails she had sent to him and things she posted on different web sites. She ended up going to jail.

    I had never heard tell of stalking by proxy before. That was interesting.

    The film was based out of the UK and it gets a bit dicey when the stalker is in another country, where they have different laws re stalking.

  149. Dave; I think this must mean LOVE, because if they don’t say anything about you, then you have to worry that you become irrelevant. If you don’t go looking you won’t find or see it. I never leave your backyard except I just found a neat little show on Blog Radio on Sunday nights at 8pm. I just finished listening to a previous show about Misty Cummings. I’ll send it to your email.

    Don’t fret you have way more friends than most, so the detractors can lie all they like, cause that’s not the important stuff of life. You need to take care of your health and spend time on those you care about. If you ignore the idiots they eventually get bored and go away. Your response to them only eggs them on to higher highs. They think they are having fun, but in reality, the have it all twisted about. Your response to their meaness, gives them the misguided idea that you care enough to warrant their attention. GIVE IT UP. WE KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU and that’s what counts here. Peace and love

  150. Dave~~I certainly don’t blame you. When I watched Chay in the film, it made me think of you. The woman stalker posted online that Chay was gay and even sent emails to his workplace that we was a convicted felon. She also hired someone to hack his puter and found out that Chay and his wife were going to vacation in Venezuela. This woman ended up going to Venezuela too. Just by chance, Chay and his wife took a different flight on a small aircraft, had he not, the woman may have been aboard the flight. This stuff is serious.

    I am doing a bit of investigating the laws in your country as well as mine. I am being maligned too and intend to see it nipped in the bud before it goes any further. Enough is enough!!

    ps~~I have a certain IP number saved to file for future reference, if necessary.

  151. Thank you, Weezie. I know you care about me. I don’t care what others say about me, but I do have to keep myself safe from the likes of one particular woman and her loony bin friend.

    Snoopy – Believe me, I stay on guard because of that woman.

    I needed to protect myself. Everything is verifiable and I cannot let this continue.


  152. No surprise here Dave on your special guest star. Sheaffer is every bit the wonderful person you have told us he is. How nice of him, and for you and your readers, to have given you a few moments of time and his wisdom. You do great service with your reports.

  153. Thank you for enjoying my reports, Marica. Also, Bill really is a gem of a guy. He is as warm-hearted as they come and I am very proud to know him. I couldn’t have asked for a better “Guess” Star.

  154. There is no Feb 1st deadline for the defense to pass over info re Casey’s innocence..

    Readers have been asking about a Feb. 1 deadline — that would be today — in the Casey Anthony case. She is charged with the first-degree murder of her daughter, Caylee.

    In October, the Sentinel wrote that Judge Stan Strickland “ordered the defense team to turn over its witness list to prosecutors by Feb. 1. Prosecutors want to question the witnesses who support the defense’s claim that Anthony is innocent.”

    But this deadline was rendered moot on the day Anthony pled guilty in her check-fraud case. The prosecution and the defense agreed to work out a new schedule of deadlines for the case, including a potential trial date. That schedule has not yet been made public.


    Orlando Sentinel

  155. Well, I totally missed them talking about that during the fraud hearing. Maybe this way the prosecution can hammer away on a murder trial date since we know that there is not evidence of inocence. They can ask for their ‘evidence ‘ and then go right to the trial date. Hope that happens soon but I am not holding my breath. As you can see I am kind of down on all this waiting. Yes, I know that is all part of a trial that everyone must endure but it is hard.

    Red a little further up, Geez, I cant imagine anyone having that much time on their hands and a negative mind set to spend so much of their lives hurting others over the internet. They need to get a job or be productive somewhere!!!!!!! That is soooo scary. I dont know hardly anything about the internet. It does a lot of good but also produces a lot of bad too. ok, the old person is talking here. I am commenting a lot today but I dont have any news nor do I have anything profound to say. Just visiting I guess but trying to stay on topic. Peace and Love to all. Going home to play with my poodles and other rescue dogs. Groomed all my poodles for Valentines—valentine ribbon and polish!!! They look cute and they all know they are “love muffins”. They put my mind at ease and in a place away from the meaness of the world.

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