“It was my honor, your pleasure…”

For those of you waiting for an important breaking story, I showed that in the video of Joy Wray with her statements about searching the exact location and not finding Caylee where her remains were later found. Because I wanted you to see and hear it, I got the video up as soon as I could. For sure, the interview showed why WESH television journalist and reporter Bob Kealing is the best in central Florida.

There are no revelations in this post. It is just about my experience and observations in the courtroom. There are reasons why I did not put this post up right away, too. Other than for my own personal reasons, I am not really one to grandstand. Most people know by now that Judge Stan Strickland called me up to talk after the hearing ended. Yes, I was the guy in the second row he asked for. What the judge and I discussed was not “breaking news” and, therefore, not something that needed to be released immediately after the event. Sorry, but it was never my intent to rush home and turn my blog into an outlet to publicize myself. I was not seeking my fifteen minutes of fame as some have suggested. I needed to wait until things settled down. What transpired at the end of the hearing was something I will remember for the rest of my life. I am not one to sensationalize. I do not love to blow my own horn. Not too loudly, anyway.

No doubt, I try to be independent, but I will always have a soft spot for the whims of a good woman. It’s definitely one of my traits, as anyone who knows me will probably agree. Stubborn, yes, but a softie at heart. At the same time, it’s very important to point out that there are a lot of good – dare I say great – women who frequent this blog and I am often thrust into acquiescing to some of their strongest wishes or suffer in the ensuing quagmire of “reader’s block” and harsh words if I don’t. Fortunately, we all know how to bend and it’s, more or less, just a way to vent and express how passionate we all are about the Anthony case.

When I mentioned I was going to do my best to go to the latest hearing, I was asked specifically that I not sit on the side of the defense. A lot of folks just don’t like any of the Anthonys. What difference does it make which side of the court I sit on, I wondered? I mean, this wasn’t going to be like a wedding where you tell the usher whether you’re a friend of the bride or groom. Oh, it makes all the difference in the world, I was corrected. Well, I continued, what if I have an opportunity to speak to George or Cindy or anyone else, like Brad Conway? If I am to consider myself a journalist of any kind, shouldn’t I be allowed to write about both sides of a story? I realize we all have bias here, but isn’t it a fact that I have been more than fair and protective of all sides, defense and prosecution? How can I get both sides of a story if I only listen to one? One of the reasons why people come to this blog is because, deep down inside, they are more than fair, too. It’s just tough sometimes, given the evidence we’ve pored over and the fact that emotions do run deep.

As I drove toward downtown Orlando on Friday morning, I wondered what sort of day I would have. Would I even be able to get into the courtroom?

When I got to the courthouse, I went through security and walked straight ahead to the information desk. I wanted to make sure the hearing wasn’t moved from 19-B. Good thing I did, because the nice man behind the desk said it was moved to 10-A. As I entered the courtroom, I glanced left and right. The right side was booked solid. I had to make a decision and I wanted to sit down before the judge walked in. The only seat left was right next to Holly Bristow – someone out to get a story. Obviously, the story was more important to her than where she sat, and later, I heard no complaining about her.

While waiting the long five or so minutes, the courtroom remained silent. There was no friendly banter. I think, like a church, there’s a certain reverence, but instead of God, it’s for the law, courtrooms and judges. It did not stop me from looking around. On the right side, I spotted Bob Kealing in the front row and Kathi Belich a few rows behind him. I sat in the second row on the left, in an aisle seat. Right away, I saw Jose Baez and Andrea Lyon, but where was Casey? Had they not brought her in yet? And where were George and Cindy? I peered around the left side of the person directly in front of me and there was Casey, flanked by her two attorneys. Her neatly combed hair flowed about six inches below her shoulder. Throughout the proceeding, I noticed she would often take her left hand to brush her hair back. Meanwhile, I began to wonder why George and Cindy weren’t there.


Suddenly, a small entourage of people, including Judge Strickland, entered through a door at the front of the courtroom, to my right. He walked along the wall, between a four foot high partition, and took his seat behind the bench. When Casey stood, I noticed she was wearing a green top with a wide black belt. It appeared the belt came with the blouse. As much as I wanted to look at all of these people as celebrities, I couldn’t help but think they were in this courtroom because of one person. As the proceeding began, I still wondered why George and Cindy weren’t there. I did my best to look all around without it being so awkwardly apparent. Finally, there they were, two seats directly to my left. Sandwiched between Holly and the Anthonys was Jim Lichtenstein, a producer for the NBC Today Show. I chatted with him later. Jim was visible in the Bob Kealing video interview with Joy Wray, standing on the left side of the camera view. He had a very friendly demeanor.

Just as the proceeding began, George and Cindy’s attorney, Brad Conway, entered the courtroom and parked his wheelchair directly to my right. Early into it, Judge Strickland questioned whose courtroom it was because there was hand lotion all over the place. That brought laughter from the crowd, including Casey. Whatever you think about her, it was a comical moment and it seemed to me that it was a simple way for the judge to help the entire courtroom to relax a bit. Judge Strickland apologized and the proceeding continued. Of course, we all know the outcome by now. Casey lost the battle to get her murder case thrown out.

“It’s a farce. It doesn’t even come close to the legal requirements necessary for the court to even entertain a motion to dismiss,” state prosecutor Linda Drane-Burdick argued Friday. “The entire motion, from top to bottom, it is replete with errors, it’s insufficient as a matter of law.”

“It cannot be the intent of the Florida legislature that a person swear to something that they do not have personal knowledge of,” Lyon argued.

“The content of the motion, as well as Ms. Anthony’s brief affirmations, are not enough to carry the day under Florida Rules of Pleading,” Judge Strickland wrote in his order. He ruled (read his order) that Casey had not sworn to the proper and legally required facts to even ask for him to consider dropping the murder and child abuse charges against her. (read motionstate’s response to strike) There is nothing that stops the defense from refiling the motion.

One thing I observed was Andrea Lyon’s very strong voice while arguing against the state’s c4 motion, which was the response to the defense motion to dismiss counts 1 and 2 of the indictment against their client.

Another aspect of the hearing concerned the time the defense argued against turning over evidence yet that showed someone else having dumped Caylee’s body in the woods last year. The judge said he realized that discovery was a rolling process as new witnesses are added, but if Todd Macaluso hadn’t opened a can of worms to begin with, there would be no issue. Because he did, the state should be allowed to see it. You said you have proof. Put up or shut up. The judge gave a deadline of February 1 to turn the evidence over to the state by granting the motion to compel witness list and reciprocal discovery.

As I watched and listened to what was transpiring before me, I tried to glance to my left at Holly without looking like a peeping Tom. I was trying to see how she was making notations. I had brought along my little pocket notebook and I seemed to be writing down information at the same time the real journalists were. She had a legal size pad and what appeared to be a Palm Pilot, where she diligently and quickly entered text. Pretty nifty, I thought. At some point, the judge brought up the Richardson Hearing, of which I had absolutely no knowledge. I still don’t, but it has something to do with defense depositions.

Part of the hearing dealt with those persnickety autopsy photos the defense has yet to see. The judge and prosecutors were mostly concerned with sending them out of state to be viewed by the defense team’s forensic specialists. How could the defense be certain that someone in another state, where Florida laws and court orders don’t apply, wouldn’t release any images to the public. If the photos leave the jurisdiction of the state, the judge said, no court would have jurisdiction over them. He also wondered how anyone could guarantee the images wouldn’t be lost or stolen in transit. It was during this part of the hearing that an idea popped in my head. I wrote it down on my pad and tapped Brad Conway on his arm to show him.


We briefly exchanged a few very quiet words. What the defense said was that the photographs on the server were unmanageable to print because their experts were “technically challenged.” In other words, too old to learn new computer tricks. They didn’t know, for instance, how to place 2 images side by side for comparison. Don’t laugh, I know a lot of people like that. They may know everything about plant decomposition, but nothing about how to operate sophisticated imaging software. In the end, the state was granted discretion over how and when they would be sent.

Casey will go back to court in December. A pre-trial hearing is scheduled in her check fraud case for December 18. The judge set the trial date in that case to begin on January 25. Her defense team has asked that the trial be moved out of Orange County, but the court has yet to rule on that.

I must be honest with you. As much as you may despise these people, George and Cindy Anthony are a very attractive couple in real life. When the hearing ended, Casey turned around and I saw her face to face as she walked in my direction. No matter how ugly you feel she is inside, she is still a pretty girl. She was short, no doubt, and and not as chunky as her latest jail photos show. She’s still quite petite. I wanted to get an up close and personal look at her and I did. Did she look like a cold-hearted baby killer? I can’t say. Is there a certain look? Did I miss something? All I can tell you is that she was there, and without these charges, she would still be Casey. It didn’t appear that over a year in jail has hardened or aged her.

I turned to Brad Conway again to mention a newspaper article I had read recently. It was Florida Today and it chronicled his past and what compelled him to become an attorney. It was complimentary and well written. I also told him I had something to give him from a private source, something that was sent to me. We discussed it and I had to tell him that I, unfortunately, left it in the car by mistake. He gave me his card and asked me to mail it, which I will do today. I excused myself and turned to George, who was now directly to the left of me. I offered my condolences for his and Cindy’s loss and we exchanged a few pleasantries. I don’t know exactly when and how it happened, but a court bailiff stopped me from leaving. I thought it was protocol, like I was leaving out of turn, similar to a wedding. After it’s over, you leave row by row. She told me to stop and wait. I did. This is the account of my experience. It may not be verbatim, but it is real and true.

“The judge wants to see you.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Hold on. Yes, I’m sure the judge wants to see YOU.”

“Uh, uh, no… I don’t think so. I think you got the wrong guy. Are you sure it’s me and not someone else? I mean, why would the judge want to see me? I don’t think I did anything wrong.” I was completely perplexed and I began to get a little nervous.

“Hang on, I’ll check.” She never left my side and I was almost oblivious to what was going on around me. I must add that at no time did I want to dart from the courtroom, making a hasty escape. But the thought did cross my mind.

Another bailiff came over to her and said yes, HIM. I kept looking at the bailiff and the judge, who was now gesturing for me to step forward. The bailiff opened the gate and I tiptoed my way over to him. He had moved away from the bench, but was still behind that retaining wall, about 4 feet tall.

“Here? Or over at the side?” I asked. I followed him as he moved to my right, nearing the exit door at the front of the courtroom, where he had entered earlier.

We stood looking at each other, with only a mere two feet separating us. Neither one of us had a problem making eye contact. The first thing I noticed was a real sincerity in his eyes.

“Are you Dave?”

“Yes sir, I am.”


“Yes sir, that’s me.” I thought that, perhaps, he had tried my marinade years ago and remembered me from one of the many food demos I had done. It turns out, that wasn’t it at all.

Now, some of you may choose not to believe me and you can think whatever you want, but I have absolutely no reason to lie or embellish my story. It’s not going to change my life or yours, but I would appreciate it if you don’t make up stupid stories. I also would be risking my credibility if the judge decided to publicly denounce this in the future. I value my honesty way too much and that was one of the things he addressed.

He told me he was not a computer person, nor was he very good on the Internet. I told him he didn’t need to be. After all, it was not a computer that qualified him to sit on the bench.

“Needless to say, I do go on the Internet and read about this case.” I see no reason whatsoever for him to remain blind to what the outside world, meaning outside of the court system, has to say. Should he cancel his subscription to the Orlando Sentinel and remove all TVs from his house? Would you expect him to sequester himself from the outside world? “I must say that you have the best Web site regarding this case. You investigate and you are very fair to everyone.”

“I thought you were going to ask me to never come back because the glare off my head kept you from concentrating.”

“No, I just wanted to tell you that.”

“I thought, maybe, you had used my marinade years ago.”

“No, you are very good as a writer and you stick to facts. You are very fair and I’m impressed.” WOW! That was impressive. I impressed HIM.

I thanked him to no end. I was in awe of the man. I, we, have watched him in action. His demeanor. His fairness. His elegance on the bench. Let me tell you all something, Judge Strickland is a very humble man. To think that I impressed him was the best compliment I could ever get about my blog. He did not look down upon me. He treated me as a person and that’s the way he looks at Casey and everyone else related to this case; something we have ALL seen in him – his fairness on the bench. I think he looks at blogs and forums the same way. He looks for fairness. After all, he must listen to both sides or he wouldn’t be a good judge at all, would he?

I told him about a friend of mine who was also a judge, but one who heard workman’s compensation cases. When I mentioned his name, he said he knew him. With that, I thanked him again and turned to leave. At that point, I was floating on air and I was bouncing off the walls. I told my story to several people standing outside. That was when I met Michelle. She said, “Wow, I’ve finally met a real celebrity.”

That brought me back down to earth again. I am no celebrity and I told her so. It was a real honor, but I am just a regular old guy. Nothing else.

I left the courtroom and went back to that information desk. I told that same nice man I first spoke with about my great adventure. I was still floating and I must admit, I did a little gloating. I asked him where Casey came out. He said in the basement. They have holding cells and prisoners leave from that location. Can reporters go down there? No, no one is allowed access and she’s already on her way back to the jail. I thanked him and walked toward the front. When I walked out the door, reporters and cameras were waiting. I walked right up to Bob Kealing and told him what had just transpired. He said they all saw me getting called up to the bench. I was not expecting to be interviewed by anyone. Instead, I asked him what they were waiting for. He said the defense team. They’ll walk out this door. I said I didn’t want to miss it. Did I have time to go to the parking garage and retrieve my video camera? He said yes, he was sure.

As I walked to the garage, I was stopped by a woman. “Are you Dave? Marinade Dave?”

“Yes, I am!” I said, proudly. Here I was almost living in the moment of my celebrity world that did not ever exist.

“I’m Joy Wray.” I knew immediately who she was. I told her I was going back to my car to get the camera. We walked together and chatted. We also walked back to the courthouse and a few moments later, Baez & Company walked out. The rest is captured on my video.

After it was all said and done and the morning was winding down, I walked with Bob Kealing to the television trucks, the ones with the towering antennae.

He said, “You’re the one that got James Thompson to open up. I read that. That was really good work. As a matter of fact, we all read your site. You are always fair and honest.”

Yup, that was me, or at least, that’s what I had always hoped people would look at me as. I still do and it’s reassuring to know media people follow blogs. We should all know that, too. He asked me for my card. I told him I ordered some last week, but they weren’t in yet. Instead, he offered one of his. Drats, my cards came in the mail this morning. If only I had ordered them earlier. Anyway, it’s time to get back to work. In the end, I’m still the same old Dave and I noticed I still put my pants on the same way as every other morning. The only thing that’s different? There are a lot more people out there who hate me now. Just remember, like Judge Strickland, I read what others are saying, only I am VERY Internet savvy.

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1,000 thoughts on ““It was my honor, your pleasure…”

  1. I agree with the judge. Bask for a moment, then let me know who the young man, looking so miserable is that was sitting behind the defense. I beleive Lyons spoke with him after the hearing.

  2. Dave , Congrats on a job well done. I am always glad to see a normal everyday joe sorta guy get a great compliament as you did. I can see you floating ! You deserve your moment as hard as you work on this to keep it all straight and helping with your family.GREAT JOB DAVE!
    PS When I heard the judge call you my heart sank. I thought you was in BIGG trouble.lol .HIGH FIVE DAVE!

  3. You the MAN Dave! I’m pretty new here but the minute I saw you in that courtroom, I knew it was you. I’m fairly “hair challenged” myself. Keep up the great writing. Thanks!

  4. Dave, i’m so proud for you !! I still don’t comment hardly at all, but i come here because of the exact reasons the Judge stated. You are a great writer, you investigate before you write and you are always fair to all involved. Thanks for your hard work and congratulations on a wonderful day in court !! BTW, did you get to speak to Cindy also ?

  5. Dave-Great article….I’ve been waiting to see what Judge Strickland said to you. That’s wonderful that he paid you such a great compliment! Congrats!!

    Snoopy, I’m sure the Judge did mention you & the great job you do here & Dave is just holding back……right Dave?

  6. Dave, I am so sorry I never gave you my phone number when you asked. I have missed out on experienceing you as Judge Strickland has, just the sound of your voice, your touch, your presence. He is so fortunate to have met you and so kind to have told you so. I am surprised the top of your head hasn’t sprouted like a chea pet from all that compliment. 🙂 Seriously, so very happy for you to have been acknowledged as you were and you most certainly do deserve all the good statements made to you. YEAH!!!! you do.

  7. First of all why would anyone think you would lie and embellish. AND we are the ones who ran to blog about seeing you in court and being called by the judge. And I did hear you say Uh-Oh. I WAS wondering if you thought you were “in trouble”. Thank you for finally giving us our take on what went on in the courtroom. And it is OK to feel proud the judge complimented you. You are a good writer and SHOULD get compliments from other journalists, etc.
    I was one of the one’s who wanted you to sit on “Caylee’s” side. Mostly because I feel like you would represent us little guy’s who are on Caylee’s side for justice. But absolutely get your point about both sides. And yes, condolences SHOULD be given to people who’s granddaughter was killed, even if it appears (!) that her own Mother killed her.

  8. This comment made so much sense to me.

    Just sharing.

    # Comment by Kleat — October 17, 2009 @ 10:51 pm


    Havent’ caught up yet. But a couple thoughts– first, remembering Lee’s comments about Casey and code talking– it was more about ‘code writing’, that Casey tended to do.

    Now– that would be perfect for Baez, to act as postmaster and censor to any and all letters between the Athony family and his client. Casey could tell the family where the baby was, in cryptic language, Baez would know ‘unofficially– one would have to speculate he could figure out or know the ‘code’, so perfect way to pass information as needed to locate the child’s body, and no one, not the FLA Bar could prove anything, if questions asked.

    Another separate thought– Baez is burning CD’s to send to certain experts, IIRC, one of the forensic specialists who WOULD need to have access to the photos on the server, and better, the photos on the CD to be shared, is in Canada. (Montreal– but also there was an earlier entomologist or botanist (forget which) in Ontario, maybe he’s been dropped).

    Question in my mind would be Judge Strickland’s failure to consider not just what happens if the CD goes out of state, where he has no jurisdiction, but to Canada. In order for materials to be shipped to Canada, they must clear customs in one manner or another. This is extremely risky for someone sending a CD or CD’s to Canada with photos of the body of a child as the contents. This is not being sent by one law enforcement agency to another, it might be shipped for hand delivery by UPS or FedEx, both of which are well served in Canada now.

    Sorry Judge Strickland, but if a CD were to be stopped by Canada Customs and the contents found to be a child murdered, bones, body etc, this could be easily explained, but in the meantime, questions might be asked and the need to share those images with other Canadian agencies, might be necessary.

    Just speculating here, but if those images of a murdered child enter Canada, wonder what risk of being shared, not necessarily publicly, but sent from one Custom’s agency to another, would be. And who would be responsible should this happen? Certainly not the forensic specialist/the addressee, not Baez– the sender. If Baez tries to mask the real contents for security, this could backfire.

  9. Casey turned around and I saw her face to face as she walked in my direction. No matter how ugly you feel she is inside, she is still a pretty girl. She was short, no doubt, and and not as chunky as her latest jail photos show. She’s still quite petite.

    ok, now i am concerned about socio getting convicted. all it will take is a 12 MALE jury, and she walks. on her looks, no less..they won’t care about the real evidence..just she is pretty and petit, so we can’t convict her.

  10. My friend stopped by so I didn’t really finish what I was saying and now don’t remember..but Dave, great article!
    Hope Dad is OK.

  11. Since I can’t, give yourself a pat on the back. You do great work Dave! I have enjoyed your site and almost always get a chuckle when I read the comments!
    Prayers to you and your family! Your mama and daddy created a wonderful man!

    Come on Dave… can you give one “toot” just for me? You deserve it!

    To all of the regular posters… (you know who you are) you make my day too. = )

  12. Inky she will not walk on her looks, as discussed before, Pam Smart, Diane Downs, Ted Bundy etc. did not walk. The only place she will be walking to is to the electric chair (I know, I know there are no more elect. chairs) of to prison for the rest of her life.

  13. Marinade~~Wow, I am so proud of you. Well, I knew it all the time anyway. Why do you think I hang around and put up with you?

    Do you think that I should refrain in sending my secret messages to Stan? I would still like to know what he wears under his robe. I am being honest, at least.

    Who would have thought since Nov/08, you would have come this far?

    I am still in shock that I have put up with you for 8 months but someone has to keep you in line.

    Your Honor…. I must say that you have good taste and insight!!

  14. Aloha, Dave

    Im back from the Mediterranean voyage. The only thing I missed on the web was your site. Internet access is very expensive on a cruise ship, and I had little time to stop at Internet cafes.

    Ive caught up with you, and cant tell you enough how proud I am of you and your investigative efforts. I read the statements of the bottom feeders mentioned in your last post and its so obvious that they are jealous of you.

    Keep it up pal.

  15. Well, you deserved the honor for all of the grief you have received from those who accused you of being an Anthony lover-just because you are a fair reporter (and you won’t allow the bashing, either).
    God humbles the proud, but exalts the humble-you’ve been honored and are still humble about it. Good going, friend!

    Snoopy, now we know the Judge has read your messages to him and about him! LOL!

  16. Sherry~~ Snoopy, now we know the Judge has read your messages to him and about him! LOL!

    OMG, now that I think of all those things I wrote, I don’t know whether to laugh or join the
    Foreign Legion. I only said good things and threw in a bit of hanky panky.

  17. Dave, as always a great article. Congratulations on all the wonderful comments that are so deserved. You have every right to enjoy the spotlight, you keep us up on what’s what with this case. See, people like Judge Strickland and others are impressed by your fairness and honesty. Dont pay any attention to all those bottom feeders, they dont know you or have taken the time to, if they had they wouldnt be making childish statements. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE TIME AND THOUGHT that goes into your articles and videos.

  18. this is a 1st time poster and wanted to say Dave..keep up the good work and I hope your dad keeps getting stronger each day.

  19. Anonymous – I don’t know who that person was. It could have been a family friend, a relative or part of the defense team. I noticed everyone in front of me, but I knew none of them.

  20. Thanks, Fostermom2. Oh, I’m definitely a regular, every day, sort of Joe type guy, although plenty here would question your use of the term “normal” in your description of me. Initially, when the bailiff stopped me, I really did think it was for allowing people to exit. Yes, my heart did sink a little when she told me I couldn’t leave yet. Thunk.

  21. Marinade~~Now I find the follow interesting. You quote in your post…

    At the same time, it’s very important to point out that there are a lot of good – dare I say great – women who frequent this blog and I am often thrust into acquiescing to some of their strongest wishes or suffer in the ensuing quagmire of “reader’s block” and harsh words if I don’t.

    Ahhh, If you did not write so well, what would all of us ladies do all day? Housework? Are you kidding me? What a waste, pure waste!

    Maybe the good judge should know that it is your fault, Dave, that the Board of Health has condemned our homes, child protective srv. took our kids, pets have been pounded, divorce rates are up and it is all because we can’t get enough of the Marinade prose and cons too.

  22. Dave,

    Yet another great article! Kudos to you…you deserve it!

    I especially liked the way you explained the seating arrangement as if it were a wedding. And, I only wished you had added it wasn’t a football game either.

    However, you still da man!

  23. Thank you, Boz. You may be new here, but you are part of the crowd and We are all glad to have you on board. Besides, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who’s bald. Just be careful no one gets us mixed up. Some twerp called me cue ball and said people were investigating me right now. Brrrr. I’m rattled.

  24. Hi, deb – Thank you, but I feel I was just doing my job. That said, you say – and listen to this, Snoopy! I am a…

    – Great writer

    – I investigate before I write

    – Always fair to all

    Deb? That is wonderful you think that about me, but I’m just a regular Joe. Do your words mean a lot to me? Absolutely!

  25. Thank you so much again, Dave for all you do for all of us! You are so fair, and keep us all informed with facts. The judge delivered the perfect message to you, something all of us appreciate about you!

  26. Alrighty then *Dave;
    Congratulations. That should make you happy that you endured the wrath of a room full of woman with very strong opinions for the past year and a half. 🙂
    P.S. Judge Strickland… We all love you too!

  27. Dave, you and Judge Strickland are two peas in a pod when it comes to integrity, fairness and honesty. It’s not surprising at all that he wanted to compliment you on your work. You deserve every Kudos you receive and them some. You, Dave, are a very respected man….you’ll just have to remain true to yourself and live with it! 😉

  28. Beatrice, you can always e-mail your phone number, or you can call me at the number on the sidebar. That one rings right into my computer. I have to send you an e-mail about something else, too, but I have been SO busy lately.

    Thank you very much for the accolades. I’ll tell you, it was nice to know that the judge recognized me from my Web site. It surprised me to no end though, to think that he was sitting on the bench thinking, “There’s that Marinade Dave guy.” It was a really big honor.

  29. Thank you Dave for your sincere report on how your meeting with the judge unfolded. I think this is great! ! ! Congratulations.

  30. Hey Dave, you done good!!!! Very insightful look at the courtroom and great observations. It’s nice to know the judge recognized a good blog when he saw one. I still believe that a fair and impartial jury can be achieved in this area. It may take alot of voire dire, but if all concerned are on their toes…I believe it can be done. I, too, hope your folks are doing better. Keep up the “good” and don’t worry about the negative. That usually has a way of working out anyhow. Looking forward to your next installment. By the way, do you still sell your marinades???

  31. Hi, Linda – I had no idea I as on TV at any time. I paid closer attention to what as going on around me than looking at the camera, so when I came home and got to my blog, I had no idea. Did I say UH-OH? I know I wondered what I had done. I was dumbfounded because I knew I didn’t do anything wrong. The bailiffs knew nothing about it, either, other than I was supposed to stay put.

    When I got there, the first thing that crossed my mind was to sit down. I looked to my right and it was packed. No empty spots at all. There to my left was a seat next to Holly. Hey, a seat and I get to sit next to a babe. What more could I ask for? To be honest, I didn’t get the impression that many in the courtroom were taking sides by deciding where they were sitting. Most of the media people were on the right. That could be standard. In the end, I liked where I sat because I got to speak with Brad Conway and I had he chance to offer condolences to George before he and Cindy quickly left.

  32. Shyloh – That comment by Kleat, although I like Kleat and all, is not totally representative of the truth. For example, Baez is not allowed to burn his own copies of the CD. And, the judge addressed his concern with sending the CD out of state, one of the state’s bones of contention. What about Judge Strickland’s failure to consider not just what happens if the CD goes out of state, where he has no jurisdiction, as Kleat wrote? I was there, in the flesh, and the judge did not fail to consider it at all. As a matter of fact, he made that a most important part of the discussion.

    Sorry Judge Strickland? The judge is well aware of the consequences and he made everything quite clear to me.

  33. Nice article Dave. I liked the way you began with wondering to yourself if you’d even be able to get a seat in the courtroom to ending up with the recognition of the good work you do. I’m not surprised that others see your skills but its unusual for busy people like the Judge to single someone out and let them know what they think.

    And the jealous haters at that foul site WS? Especially the one that drinks a little too much and posts late at night Kent? Forget them. They don’t have the skills, the guts or the charisma to start a great blog like this and nurture a growing readership.

  34. Thank you, Linda, and my father is now home. He asked me to pass on to everyone that he is very thankful for all your prayers and kind wishes. He actually said that on the way home.

  35. TOOT!!! That’s for you, gngrsnap626! I am very grateful you enjoy my site. Thank you for caring about my parents, too. And our assessment of the regulars is spot on. They make my day and lots of other people’s, too.

  36. I’m so happy you are back from your Mediterranean voyage, Ray. You must have had a wonderful time. I missed you, too. Thank you for the great words of encouragement. I don’t understand what else it could be with the bottom feeders but jealousy and low self-esteem. I want to say to them now that the negative messages they send are what keeps them at the bottom.

    You bet your life, I will do my best to keep it up.

    By the way, you must have a story to tell of your trip… hint… hint.

  37. Many, many thanks, Sherry. Oh boy, I sure have been bashed in the past, but I’ve always held my head high. I will continue to do so as the bashers – and there will be many more now – keep sinking lower and lower.

  38. Thinker~~I don’t want to put a damper on things but there is alot of competition among some bloggers. Now that Dave has been recognized, especially by the judge, I would keep my guard up.

  39. Boy, martha, I can turn this around and say with all sincerity, thank you for all the time and thought that goes into your comments on my articles and videos. Thank you for being a part of this experiment. I hope that we make new friends and we continue as friends throughout our lives. One day, this trial will end, but friendships won’t. You are a friend.

  40. Thank you, Mickey. I ill do my best to keep up the good work. Thank you for caring about my father, too. Please make yourself at home here. Come and go as you please, but realize you are always welcome.

  41. I told him he had no proof I was the perpetrator, Sherry. He could not prove I was behind the wheel when someone drove through that stop sign. I could have just been the narrator. Roy Kronk might have been driving.

  42. Thank you, Danna, but floating egos can sink fast. I’ll give myself a little pat and acknowledge my work has not been in vain, but it is you and all the others who actually keep me above water.

  43. ahhh. dave, lol i was being facetious..sorry i should have mentioned that in post..i was at courthouse friday myself, but i had other uninteresting things going on..smiles.

  44. I remember the Judge warning contempt of court charges for the one responsible for those CDs if they get into the wrong hands.
    Dave, if it had not been for you sitting on the side you did, none of us would have got to meet you-to see that purdy face of yours! My, but you ARE a tall guy! I sense that we would not have known about this incident had it not been broadcast on the court video. Judge Strickland is a loud whisperer for having such a soft voice.
    I’m inclined to believe that was a God-ordained situation you were put in! He sure did smile concerning you! See, even He is impressed.
    I’m glad your dad is home and that should make him feel better. Just in case, go over to your parents house and cut the cable! No more Fox News!

  45. Oh….. Snoopy. Guess what? I had you in mind when I wrote great women. That’s a fact. You do need to do your laundry, though, before the insanitation people come to take you away.

  46. I think sports never came to light because I can’t look at it as a game, but! In deference to you, my dear Thinkerbelle, I could not bring up football after Saturday’s Texas v. Oklahoma match. See? I try to keep every aspect of my topic in mind, including my friends and their feelings.

    Thank you so much. It’s nice to know I’m still da man. Coming from you, that’s very special.

  47. Dave~~you are gradually making a wreck out of me. I am off to the soup kitchen for a big bowl of chicken noodle soup.

  48. Wantjustice? Thank you so much for coming here. I do try to be fair and informed and, thankfully, there are enough people around to not let me stray far. When the judge called me up, I took that as a compliment for all of us, each and every contributor, not just me. That is very, very important.

  49. I am back from the soup kitchen. Just my luck they ran out of noodles. But they offered me a live chicken.

    How long do these acceptance speeches go on anyway?

    Someone please play a commercial so I can go pee.

  50. Snoopy – I think we’ve gotten used to Dave having time to acknowledge every comment – so I too get my feelings hurt when he just skips right over without a mention! I think we better get used to it.

    I didn’t know that Thinkerbelle had the TX v OU game thing going on Saturday like we did! My hubby went to OU and 2 of my boys went to TX. Somebody’s always disappointed every year at my house!

  51. Howdy, Diana – Thank you. Fortunately, it has not been a year and a half yet, but it will be next April. My first post about this case came in mid-November, when Padilla and the dive team were looking in the Little Econ River. Sometimes, it feels like a year and a half, but when you come along, it makes this blog seem fresh and new.

  52. Two peas in a pod, Olive? Well, he’s a judge. I’m not, but I would always want to be recognized as a fair and honest person, filled with integrity. Thank you very much. I take your words seriously and I will wear them as a badge of your respect. I hope I can faithfully remain the same way in your heart and mind.

  53. Dave we all are proud of you! Snoopy I am guessing the judge wears clothes under that robe of his!! I also like to say I read and comment here because of the research that Dave does and all the smart ladies. I am not shocked that the media and the Honorable Judge read here. Now if I could just get someone from the media to ask Jose WHY they say Casey is innocent but deny the duct tape around the mouth, who is he defending Casey or the perp! Dave this new job is already killing me, I was practically searched today and given a new federal id today so HOPEFULLY that never happens again! 🙂

  54. Marinade~~how many proposals have you got today so far? You are some smoooooothe with all that flattery.

    After the Anthony case, I think you should start writing some Harlequin Romance novels.

    Break time ….gonna try and kill that chicken and stuff it.

  55. Dave it was nice meeting ure mom at the Hosptial… My kids where all happy that I was able to give it to you. Someone took some fotage of them making the cards for ure dad. I will put on my youtube latter, WHEN my angels are in Bed… If yall would like to see it joyangels4caylee.No Mean Comments Aloud!
    Judge Strickland is a humble man of The Lord…. You could’nt ask for any better.May the Lord Bless him and his family. 🙂 Joy

  56. Dave, i was very pleased that you consider me a friend as i do you. When this is over group meeting at the Wafflehouse!!!!!!! Hope you have a great evening—-going home to feed my rescue kitty—she is about 3 1/2 weeks old. looking forward to tomorrows posts and visiting with you and our great group.

  57. Dave, I have read your blog for a long time but never have I made a comment. I felt the need to tell you that I choose to read your blog faithfully for the same reasons. We all have an opinion but I appreciate your approach to the subject: mature, fair,balanced & not based on speculation. That keeps me reading! Keep it up, love your blog.

  58. Dave, I guess this answers the question I emailed to you last week. I wish I had a little thumbs-up smiley to attach to this message. 🙂

  59. Snoopy and Dave talking code, sorry I am not going to touch it.

    Later guys. Again thank you Dave for all you do. Wishing your family the best ever.

  60. Thank you, Renee. I am so happy to have you here contributing. Your presence means a lot to me and I mean that. I guess I should be a little proud of myself, but not TOOOO proud. I can’t let it go to my head.

  61. Hi, SHARI – No, I stopped making the marinade quite a while ago. It became more of a burden. I’ll have to write about it sometime because I’ve never really elaborated on that experience in my life. I really wouldn’t mind making it again. It was a big hit.

    I think if I can be relatively fair and impartial on my blog, which I believe I am, at least 12 more people can be found in the Orlando area who can be more so than me. More so than me because they aren’t as involved as I am. I know if I were to sit on the jury, I would throw much of the news and released documents out the window and start fresh. The evidence is what matters, not prejudice. We look at papers and photographs. The scientists and doctors and attorneys will explain what each piece of evidence means, not media spin people.

    I will keep up the good as long as I am alive. In order to stay alive, I will have to forget the negative and not let it bother me. Thank you, SHARI.

  62. I think you’re right, Snoopy, and my guard is up. I expect trouble from some, but not so directly. More like snide remarks and insults. Pickle Brain. Cue Ball. Things of that nature, but sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

  63. Good going Dave, you absolutely deserve Judge Stan’s compliments, we all know yours is the BEST blog, I don’t let a day go by without reading it!

  64. Great job Dave! I watched you from afar and very glad you had the chance to actually meet George and Cindy. I let them know that I had thought you may be there. We all got the chance to spend some quiet time together this weekend and yes onlookers it was quiet time, and George thought it was really cool about what you had mentioned to him about whatever it was you had wrote about the Greenbeans! I personally want to thank you for making a tense morning into a smile! Very sorry to hear about your father, this is the first time I have had access to a computer since Friday. I have you and your family in my prayers.

  65. Thank you, owenmeany. The thing is, I did wonder about what to expect. I didn’t want to go into much detail on the post, but sometimes, I have this knack of drawing attention, not always good. I didn’t know what to expect, but I never would have thought about what actually happened. Not in a million years. I guess you’re right. Certainly, the judge didn’t have to single me out. After all, I’m just a dude, but I know he meant what he said. I will not allow it to go to my head. I will add it to my resume of life, though. It as a very proud moment, especially because of who was saying it.

    To be honest about WS, I wouldn’t knock the site because of one or two skanks. I noticed that no one (that I saw) responded to his remark. I’ve had plenty of good people there come here and I’ve seen some fine words written about me and the crime over there. I have no problem with WS. Even I have seen some bad apples here, but I wouldn’t want any of them to be a reflection on my site. I do appreciate the fact that you look at this as a great blog and I hope you continue to do so. I would disagree with you on one thing in particular… charisma. Unless I’ve got you all fooled, I don’t think I have much.

  66. You’re right, Sherry, none of you would have seen me. Was it God or fate that placed me there that morning, in that seat? I wasn’t trying to be on TV. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know I was until I got to the hospital room and my parents told me they saw me. Then, I turned on the computer and started reading comments. Even then, I had no idea any of you knew the judge had asked to bring me forward. That was a real shocker.

    My father is still quite weak and not feeling well. I would like to ask you all for more prayers. They never hurt. He is much more important than my blog.

  67. hahahaha Danna – I’m not allowed to have a TX OU favorite. In my position I’ve got to stay neutral! I just keep the food and beer flowing.

    Now Dave – have you thought about writing a book? You definitely have a unique writing style. (In a good way).

  68. I miss you, Laura. I waited for your call that never came. I slumped into my chair and my face fell to my lap as tears ran down my cheeks, wan with the harsh sadness that I might never hear from you again.

    Gee, I sure hope they didn’t “frisk” you too personally, if you get my drift. Just remember, we talked about this. After a couple of weeks, it will become routine. In the interim, I really do miss you. We all do. Please do call me when you have a chance. I’m glad you are proud of me, too.

  69. Thank you dave for being here….. Its nice when the good guys get recognized. Seems so many times that its too far and inbetween…

    Now in Joy’s interview she said she has not given statements to anyone but Baez. please see your video at 7minute and 20 second. And yet she did give a sworn statement to LE that was released as part of discovery on 6/12/09 http://www.wftv.com/pdf/19735491/detail.html

  70. It’s funny when I was watching the live feed, I was like, is that Dave!? Right there! And it was.

  71. Thank you, Joy, and my father thanks you and your children. That really was a kind gesture and he will always remember and keep the card. I will take a look at YouTube later. My mother is a real sweetheart, isn’t she?

  72. The pleasure is all mine, martha. Yes, we will meet at Waffle House, somewhere here in the south. Meanwhile, by all means, take care of your kitty cat. Thank you.

    Now, it’s time for… Jeopardy!

  73. Thank God for Jeopardy…. goodbye Marinade..

    I went and checked out Websleuths and it is a great informative site. There was only one person who said a few things which I interpreted as ‘being worried that Dave would get 1000’s of hits’… He also asked the commenter not to link to Marinade Dave. This told me all I needed to know.

    I realize that there is competition on certain blogs, as to who gets the most hits, but with the internet population, it seems rather silly to try and hog the channels.

    I do not think a person should be put down for investigating evidence before writing a post. We want facts, not rumors. We have had enough rumors in this case to last us a life time.
    Some of those rumors have left scars on certain individuals, ones that cannot be repaired. Lee Anthony would be the first one to tell you that.

  74. Oh you guys – there is a whole HISTORY that could fill days of chatter about WS and their (not all of them) unsavory tactics to raid other blogs. If you want to google it – and the owner – you could but let’s just say that there is a faction that hates Blink (and Scared Monkeys) and will do just about anything to bring them down. Now it seems they are jealous of Dave too. So I won’t take up precious space for that – but don’t let your guard down. There are some great folks that comment there – but then again, there are always THOSE others. Luckily Blink is like Dave and lets it roll right off her back – although she does have to moderate her site because of this nonsense.

  75. I read that the A’s took a nice cruise right after leaving the court house the other day, I believe they returned this morning. They needed a break from the media. Snoopy I rarely venture to other blogs except for a couple on word press and Blink for sure!!

  76. Dave I am sorry. I had to run errands downtown today after work. Actually Macy’s and Old Navy was having a sale!! I will be at a couple of high schools tomorrow we have fall break coming up and we have alcohol awareness speeches lined up for these teenagers. I will be at my office Wednesday and Thursday this week because I actually like being downtown, might look into a loft/apartment there. Then I could walk to work. How is your dad? Is he glad to be home? I really miss you all too….

  77. I will be honest, owenmeany, I have thought about writing a book, yes, but it’s come up in my mind before this case. It was always a question because I didn’t know what type of book I’d want to write. I still don’t, but if I ever wrote about this case, I would do my best to make it true to life and fair to everyone involved.

  78. snoopysleuth….
    Can I ask you why Lee let his atty go…. by all rights noone in this case is safe. And even during the depo there did seem to be some questions that the answers were unclear and or left room to wonder….

  79. That’s fantastic, Dave. Good for you. I like your blog. It’s unique. So…now that we know the good Judge reads here: Judge Strickland – you’re hot.
    Dave, you know how he can find me 😉
    I must say, I’m a bit surprised he reads around but it’s probably a good thing to widen his field of thought in this whole thing. ‘Not good with computers’..me either, but I get around.
    Dave, I don’t know if you or anyone can answer this but, WHO was the depressed looking young guy behind Casey??

  80. You are quite welcome, sterling1462. I’m glad I’m here, too, because I have nowhere else to go. Thank you for thinking of me as one of the good guys, too.

    On Joy, didn’t she say that Baez deposed her? I think she was just interviewed by police, but the defense was the only one that deposed her. There’s a difference. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  81. Cheyanne he left with the defense team ….. and is seen in the famous Belich video …. He is a student….. I wanted to make a funny remark but did not want to get in trouble…..

  82. sterling~~it costs money to keep lawyers on a retainer and I doubt if Lee has found the golden goose. Lee testified at the deposition with the state attorney under use immunity. Actually, unless Lee lied under oath, I cannot forsee him retaining a lawyer.

    BTW, if you lie under oath during ‘use immunity’, the immunity is cancelled and you would be looking at perjury charges.

  83. I’ve missed your wonderful words as well…. Maybe the ocean saltwater helped the ole lungs this weekend 😉 I ended up with Walking Pneumonia, and the doctors orders was a well rested weekend away…lol.

    I think I agree that you need to write a book! You and your family are in my thoughts…..

    Good nite to all, just wanted to pop in and say thank you for your kind words that make people both smile and go hmmmm at the same time,Thank you Dave….

  84. hello to everyone glad to be here yes about bozo asking the judge for the cd not a good idea.second there is too much out there already before it goes to trial but bozo has his so called friends that are going to get his client out now who would do this?too bad about the good lawyers that are going to lie too get out of this hole.now did we not hear that bozo was told if he had what he wants he has to come forward with any info that he has of the other person involved with bringing caylee body where it ended up?what a yo yo????????????????????the judge gave bozo up until feb.ist.then he cant say we did not tell you who he has in mind that he can accuse right?l think the court has all prove of what has been brought forward about the casey anthony case so lets proceed please .l dont like the fact that the cd was giving to him and wrong move again on the judge.bozo thinks he is a high qualified lawyer but yet he is garbage.where the hell did he get his diploma?l would never let him be a lawyer for me its all he is about garbage he knows nothing but to say um?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????all the time he opens the mouth thats what he first says the ah.l quess its all about being on tv the few minutes of fame right bozo?you make me sick.its not really what casey anthony has done but for you to lie and let another criminal on the street.you guys you know what if this shit head walks you can be sure she will kill her other baby that comes along right.l hope we see justice for caylee.it does not look good for her right now but bozo won one over the state.here he has the cd.what else l quess the next thing that will happen is cd lost watch and see.good day guys.

  85. No kidding, Snoopy. I never thought I had any problems with Websleuths. How odd that they would want to play a competition game with me or anyone else. As Kentgogetbent said, this is about a murdered child. What effin’ hypocrites they are. All in the name of their own brand of self-justice.

    There are lots of people hurt in this case, directly and indirectly. I think some of those blogs and forums have taken it upon themselves to take me on. Fine. We will continue to take the high road. They can take the road that leads to their intestines.

  86. Dave, I forgot to ask…did you REALLY say ‘it was my honor, your pleasure’? That would just be too cute..

  87. Dave~~it was just the Kent fellow. He didn’t gain any support from the other commenters.
    I just checked a couple of his comments and it was easy to spot his ‘gripe’… water under the bridge now and not worth discussing anymore as far as I am concerned.

  88. Dave – The really great thing about Judge Strickland viewing your blog, is that he is able to see for himself that it is possible to seat a fair and impartial jury. The Orlando community is fortunate to have you.

  89. Dave~~I get up at 4am to start doing PR work for Marinade Dave. Strickland was an easy catch, because he likes me. Now Obama is giving me a bit of difficulty so I am working on Michelle. Keep the faith! Snoopy will have you in that Oval Office taking notes soon.

  90. I don’t know who that person is, Cheyenne, but the person directly in front of me and directly behind Casey was a woman, I’m sure. There were two of them side by side. To their immediate left was a young guy. He walked out of the courthouse with the defense attorneys. Unfortunately, I don’t know who they are, nor would I take a stab at it.

    I’m certainly glad you like my blog and think it’s unique. Thank you for that and I’m glad you see the judge for who he is. I know people questioned elsewhere if it was right for him to look at sites about this case. Why not? He can read the newspaper can’t he? He can watch TV. To those people, I say, what kind of judge would he be if he let blogs rule his life? How could he have made it this far if he was that impressionable? He wouldn’t have. To me, it’s a narrow minded person who would think it would be wise for the judge to stick his head in the ground. I’m more surprised he still has time to enjoy his life. Or should he not do that, either?

  91. Boy, JWG, a lot of comments slipped right by me, including yours. I’m sorry about that. Yes, this answers your e-mail from last week. Thank you very much for the thumbs up. I do want to discuss a couple more things with Nieves, though. Just a couple of small ideas I’m tossing around.

  92. Thank you, dancehappy. Somehow, your comment slipped by undetected. I’m sorry. Mine is the BEST blog? I think if that’s true, it’s because of you and everyone else. We are a team.

  93. Yes, Tengard. Sorry I missed this comment, but only you and George know I mentioned the Greenbeans story to him that morning. I sure hope I helped their day a little. That brings me great joy. Thank you so much for sharing this information with me. That means a lot. A lot.

  94. anniepaws~~Your frustrations are very evident judging by your comments. Casey has the right to have counsel, Jose Baez, and also to a fair trial. I am sure that everything will work out and we will see justice take place.

  95. Regarding the Cd’s it would have been nice if the Judge could have made it clear what would happen if the defense lets them out. Like putting into the motion that sactions of 100,000.00 per photo would be assessed and that that money would go to a victims children fund. And manditory jail time of 3 months per photo.

    So Joy is doing a story with people magazine…. as per her statement on your video. Was it not people that has paid other parties in this case upwards of 10,000.00 per interview?

  96. Everyone is glad to be home from a hospital, Laura. Unfortunately, he’s not feeling well at all. I hope he improves soon. It’s as if he slipped a big notch.

    A loft/apartment? What about your daughters?

  97. Thank you again, Tengard. Fresh ocean breezes are always a good thing.

    I will keep a book in mind, but I have no idea about what and when yet.

    Sleep well and thank you for keeping my family in your thoughts.

  98. Well, checking out the word velvis led me to Edgar Leeteg, father of velvet painting (prior to his velvet paintings to paint on velvet was just a hobby and hardly worth the mention in art circles) and ran across one of his quotes that I felt fit our Dave in light of his latest adventure:

    You’re considered a great success when you inspire either devoted admiration or intense dislike in people.

    Edgar Leeteg, long considered to be the father of velvet painting

    You’re a success, Dave! You’ve got both devoted followers to your blog and the intense dislike of those jealous bottom feeders. Atta boy, Dave! :mrgreen:

  99. Hi, anniepaws. You were stuck in spam for awhile because certain words direct people there. I guess in your case it was bozo. I have a rule against calling people names, but I don’t think you knew that. No matter how you feel about anyone, Baez is still Baez. All of the people involved in this case are all given proper names. I don’t care if anyone loves or hates, but I just prefer keeping the blog neat and tidy.

    Aside from that, thank you for your opinion and you are more than welcome to drop by any time. Oh, I think that CD will not get lost. The defense will have to guard it with all it’s worth.

  100. Why, thank you, Vicky. Too bad I live in Seminole County. On second thought…

    Actually, I wondered if anyone would bring that up. Of course, we could seat an impartial jury. Not everyone is so intensely involved in this case.

  101. IIRC, the Judge said those CDs are to be delivered personally. Baez said he would do it via the USPS. Is that considered personal delivery? I don’t think so but I could be wrong here.

  102. You really did leave a positive impact I think to all!! I even had to chuckle when I heard the judge cover his mic talking about you! You’ll have to tell me about the greenbean story one day. Honestly to see a smile like I did after a grueling day and being able to brag a little bit about you, made mine! Maybe I left a little bit of positive impact with a buzz in the ear….

  103. Regarding DNA:

    Local 6 reports…..

    According to court documents reviewed by Local 6 investigative reporter Tony Pipitone, the DNA Kenney-Baden is referring to is consistent with another FBI analyst who touched the tape. There is not enough DNA to say it was the analyst for sure, but there is also not enough evidence for the defense to go as far as to say it was a stranger’s DNA.

  104. According to court documents reviewed by a fl news station investigative reporter Tony Pipitone, the DNA Kenney-Baden is referring to is consistent with another FBI analyst who touched the tape. There is not enough DNA to say it was the analyst for sure, but there is also not enough evidence for the defense to go as far as to say it was a stranger’s DNA.

  105. When I made my marinade, I had a recipe I wrote down. An attorney friend gave me some advice. Ironically, it’s the same attorney I mentioned to Judge Strickland. I didn’t have enough money to protect my recipe from anyone, any entity with power. Let’s say Kraft. They could steal it right out from under me. He told me to send the recipe to myself, registered mail. I said, you’re kidding, right? He said it might not be the best way to do it, but who can argue with the US Post Office? If you can’t trust them, who could you trust?

  106. I had no idea the judge was saying anything. I was oblivious to that, Tengard. I see Snoopy left a link to my Greenbean story. Thanks, Snoopy.

    I would like to think I can help bring happiness to others. I hope you did leave a bit of a positive impact in their ears. If we can sit down one day, that would be very nice. Thank you for your help, Tengard.

  107. After leaving the court room on Friday, The Anthonys went on a cruise to The Bahamas and returned today with media in tow. It was written that they had a great time.

  108. Oh no, Snoopy, that is not a demotion around here! Some of us don’t have such a position on this blog site! :mrgreen:

    (sorry, I didn’t see your comment sooner 😳 )

  109. My pleasure Dave, Thank you Snoopy, I appreciate the link. I will talk to you later! Nite all……………..

  110. It seems there are many individuals who seem to believe that there is some type of conflict for Judge Strickland to “surf the internet” to garner information about the Casey Anthony case. I personally disagree. If he is to rule on motions regarding pretrial publicity, where it is coming from, the level of local interest in the case vs interest by individuals living outside of the Orlando area, etc., in my opinion he would be remis in taking the word of the attorneys involved. I noted in the defense motion for a change of venue, there was no mention what so ever about those individuals who are advocating for “innocent until proven guilty”…I respect that he has taken the time to conduct research this on his own.

  111. Oh… by the way, I’ve officially gone from Tengard to jilligan45… just for the record

    Sleep well!

  112. I have done quite a bit of reseach regarding moving the trial….. for last 5 years most Judges opt to bring the jury to them instead of taking the trial out of the county. Including Micheal Jackson’s sex crime trial and many trials that involve children, and it seems to be a way to keep costs down and easier to sequister jury. Less chance of evidence tampering or spoilage due to fact is does not pass though even more hands. You are talking about 12 jurors where as the state would have to pay for possible 100 witnesses lodging and travel if the trial itself was moved.

  113. Dave the apartments downtown are in old buildings, most units are a whole floor. My kids don’t take up that much room. Megan is moving in January to her own place. She is almost 19, in college she is a big girl now. I will always be sure where ever I live there is plenty of room for my babies and at least 1 guest. Night I will be back tomorrow morning after my school projects.

  114. So many words of praise in prose I thought a verse might help us doze.

    Ode to Dave

    It’s Monday night and aren’t we proud

    That Judge S. whispered oh so loud

    “It’s that man, Dave, I want to see,”

    “So, Bailiff, please bring him to me.”

    At that, surprised, our Dave did pause—

    To chastise me he has no cause.

    There must be something else amiss,

    The next few moments, simply bliss—

    The good judge then said, “I’m impressed.”

    And Dave was thinking “I feel blessed.”

    What had transpired is no surprise

    Our Dave’s a hero in our Judge’s eyes!

  115. Vicky – I think it is stupid that anyone would think the judge should close his eyes to the outside world. That is just insane. Who are these people that want to dictate rules to the sitting judge? Hypocrites, that’s what they are.

    Of course the judge is interested in this case. Of course he gets to see every piece of evidence we get to see, and more. So, he shouldn’t be allowed to read the stuff he knows more about, anyway? He sees things we don’t see. He’s seen those autopsy photographs and now some people question his judgement because he reads blogs about what he already knows? People are really, really stupid. Now, they question the safety of the CD images like they know more than he does. I just don’t get it.

    Are they going to question his competence? This is getting ridiculous. Just sitting in a courtroom with him is a lesson in intelligence and integrity.

  116. Wow Dave. I feel calm knowing what your thoughts are about Judge Strickland.

    By the way, you should write a book. Not about this case, though. There are a lot of really good reasons this blog is so successful, but it takes a good writer to help it along…that is for sure.

    Maybe write about being a diabetic? About taking care of parents as we all “age?” I really think your talent for talking to us openly and honestly is the key. Well, I will be waiting for the first publication!!

  117. Oh yeah, moving a jury has always been an option. It was done a few years ago in Putnam County, I believe. A jury was moved from Tampa. I wrote something about it a couple of months ago, but I don’t remember where it is.

  118. Dave – I completely agree with you.
    Everything I have seen from him in this case indicates that he is an exceptional member of the bench. He also appears to have the patience of Job.

  119. Do you not think that moving the jury to orlando would help keep baez from doing a media blitz in say tampa for the next year?

  120. That is simply beautiful, orlandoan. That took some work, too. Thank you very much. That will be my quote du jour on the sidebar tomorrow. It’s great! I’m stunned. It’s so original.

  121. “He said it might not be the best way to do it, but who can argue with the US Post Office? If you can’t trust them, who could you trust?”

    LOL and of course, this technique worked in court, no less, to “prove” that Santa Clause existed at Macy’s!

    Bravo on a terrific blog…from a lurker who enjoys the tempo and civility on this site!

  122. I think almost everyone feels that way about Judge Strickland. I think what impressed me the most about him was his being humble. We already know him as a fair judge and he does come across as a very nice man and fair, but when I met him, I felt like I was talking to a friend; someone who we’d all want to hang around. There was absolutely nothing stuffy or pretentious about him. Like trusting a doctor, I would put faith in him on the bench. Hands down.

    As for writing a book, Lexi, I think I’m a ways away from that, but I have been tossing some ideas around in my head. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  123. What a great poem, orlandoan!

    The Judge will be ruling according to the laws on the books, not the print of the papers or the commentaries of the blogs. He has a protocol to follow in court and laws to abide by in his rulings-and that is all. He is a seasoned and disciplined Judge so why the concern?
    I like what Vicky said, too.

  124. Really dave…. I think you are great and so is Judge Strickland….. were you one of the volunteer searchers that Baez refers to that “may have” had something to do with the body being placed there…..
    Did Judge Strickland give him your name?

  125. Baez wouldn’t waste his money, sterling1462. Besides, he wouldn’t know what to do until after the judge makes his decision. To be honest, it would also be in the defense teams best interest if no media blitz takes place at all. They do not need any publicity that could possibly taint a jury. Certainly, not outside of Orange County. Face it, no one would look kindly on an alleged child killer.

  126. Hi, joypath – Hah! I had forgotten The Miracle on 34th Street. That as such a nice movie. I think what some people forget is that this wouldn’t be the first time, or the last, that the USPS, FedEx and/or UPS have ever moved secure evidence from one location to another. That’s what they do for a living. The Hope Diamond was once sent through the regular mail.

    Thank you for your kind words. Please continue to read and don’t ever be afraid to comment.

  127. The how do you explain the fact that Baez calls media from the areas he wants the judge to take the trial go back to oct last year when the grand jury handed down the verdict and answers their questions during interviews. He – not the state – has reached out to media. He not the state is telling half truths to national tv. He sent conway out to do a media release. Conway even stated that Baez gave him the documents to give to the media.
    Where is that in his best interest?

  128. Nope, sterling1462, I did not help out in any of the searches. For one thing, my health wouldn’t have allowed it because I tire so easily. My doctor wouldn’t have allowed it, either. I wouldn’t want to be one of those people now susceptible to the defense.

  129. Marinade~~get to bed this instant!!! Don’t drool on your teddy bear okay?

    Nite nite Sir! I am truly proud of you!!

  130. The state, in this case, is the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office, so when you mention “not the state,” we are not discussing a state attorney from Tampa or Miami or anyone else. What he says on national TV matters not about what people in another state think. By releasing snippets of information, the defense is not muddying any jury pools from outside this area. His contention is that local media are distorting the truth. I live here. Hardly a day goes by that there isn’t some sort of BREAKING NEWS on the Anthony case. Populations in Tampa, Miami and elsewhere do not go through the media blitzes like we do. Baez’s argument isn’t all about released documents, it’s more about the saturation because of the daily deluge on the news.

  131. I am assuming that when Brad Conway appeared on Larry King Live with George and Cindy, it was blacked out in Orlando. I don’t think so.
    Alot of mistruths ( as Cindy calls them) were bandied around on that show.

    I realize this was not Baez’ realm but, then again, was it?

  132. I notice Dave you did not touch the fact that Baez gave the same information to Conway to release in Orlando to Orlando Media….
    And snipes of Information you call…. have been regarding DNA of a so called stranger. I have read every report…. there is no stranger DNA. And the really interesting thing is that the DNA in question is not from a Hispanic female…

  133. Dave, you are quite welcome. I was and English major, as you may have guessed. I wrote it in a Word Doc and pasted it here after I worked on it. I am delighted that you enjoyed it.

  134. sterling~~can you link me to the source that states that Baez gave the same information to Conway to release in Orlando etc etc…?TIA

  135. So Dave….
    you think that if Judge Strickland give a change of venue now…..
    that Baez will not be down or up there with the whole dream team …. giving media blitz?

  136. Snoopysleuth are you telling me you did not listen to Conway’s Media release on sept 30th….
    well here ya go…. Conway states that Baez gave him this information to release to show DNA contamination…. only he can not prove anything….. Because Baez only gave him 1/2 of the report. The report he sights goes on to show that the DNA in question belonged to FBI. No mystery dna…

  137. Starting on 3 minutes 30 seconds…. Hair belonging to someone other than Cindy Casey or george…. not know who it belongs …..
    also saying fabric of the duct tape not the same…4 minutes 40 seconds…. not talking about the textile fibers from the edge of ducttape…. but the fabric of ducttape…. play of words

  138. Pretrial publicity is not an issue for the Judge. He’s not the trier of fact. That’s the jury’s job.

    Pretrial publicity is a big issue, though. In England it is extremely limited. Maybe we should rethink our system. And don’t hit me on the head with the first amendment.

    Besides, I think it’s possible for someone to hear lots of pretrial publicity and still sit as an impartial juror. I think I could do it in this case.
    But that may be because lawyers get a lot of practise at seeing both sides of an issue. What I couldn’t do is defend her.

  139. snoopy
    at 11minutes and 33 seconds Conway says this was supplied to the anthonys to show the criticism they face……

  140. Well what about the 48 hr show, that was shown all over Florida, isn’t that tainting the jury pool? I think the judge has to take that into account when he makes his ruling. Baez/the defense agreed to appear on that show. And they are the ones who want the trial moved. Huh?

  141. When a lawyer goes on nation TV and knows and has reasonable knowledge that this will be replayed in the local media…. is and can be constuded as Jury tainting. Baez has knowledge that this would be in local media….. after all he uses several of these media links to prove the point that the trial should be moved. So by going on national tv with that knowledge is that not a violation of the bar ethics code….. regarding pre trial media releases?

  142. Thanks, Snoopy and Sherry

    I wanted to write a sonnet, but I wanted to get into the mix here and thought I had better pay a quicker tribute to MD. A sonnet will be for another time.

    Nite all.

  143. Only after the media calls Conway out on the DNA does he admit it belongs to a FBI worker and then says there is a third DNA….. but when the Media again calls him out on that he back tracks and says he does not have that information. Again he tries to say its not the same type of duct tape and that they cannot prove the Anthony’s have ever had that type of ducttape…. It was all smoke and mirrors…. but the statement that Conway made….at 11 minutes that this was supplied to them to show the criticism they face….. Conway stated earlier that Baez supplied him the docs and that these documents had not been released beyond the state and Baez.

  144. Sterling~~I got thru that video. It buffered every few minutes. All I can say is that Cindy sent Brad out in the media with a nail but forgot to give him her hammer.

    Brad said that the Anthonys got the docs from the defense. Who, when, where, how, mode of delivery? Cindy and Brad poured over these old docs and picked out a couple of ‘ inconclusives’ and Brad went before the media and did a spin on them. Since those docs were released, there has been more tests done.

    I can’t see where this press conference would aid the defense. It was a total spectacle.

    If Baez instigated this press conference, he failed once again. I wish Brad would take the same highway that NeJame did. Brad seems to be just a mouthpiece for Cindy, who I may add, has tried to run OCSD from day two.

  145. “What he says on national TV matters not about what people in another state think. By releasing snippets of information, the defense is not muddying any jury pools from outside this area. His contention is that local media are distorting the truth.”
    DAVE as to your statement above…

    So where in the florida bar code does it say you can make the statements in other states – but not in your own state? There is no milage rule ….. the rules do not stop at the state line…..
    here is a link to Florida Rules of Professional Conduct

    “Reasonable” or “Reasonably” when used in relation to conduct by a lawyer denotes the conduct of a reasonably prudent and competent lawyer.


    Rule 4-3.6 Trial Publicity
    (a) Prejudicial Extrajudicial Statements Prohibited.

    A lawyer shall not make an extrajudicial statement that a reasonable person would expect to be disseminated by means of public communication if the lawyer knows or reasonably should know that it will have a substantial likelihood of materially prejudicing an adjudicative proceeding due to its creation of an imminent and substantial detrimental effect on that proceeding.

    (b) Statements of Third Parties.

    A lawyer shall not counsel or assist another person to make such a statement. Counsel shall exercise reasonable care to prevent investigators, employees, or other persons assisting in or associated with a case from making extrajudicial statements that are prohibited under this rule.

    The defense on 48 hours put it out there that there was no duct tape on Caylee’s body…… even though 911 call by kronk said there was… the ME said there was…. the photos that are sealed show there was….. you call his statements quote “By releasing snippets of information, the defense is not muddying any jury pools from outside this area.”

    please help me understand where the statement made by defense is considered reasonable….. and not to taint the Jury pool? Matter of fact would that not be considered that on national TV, in front of 6 million people, the defence team called Roy Kronk and the ME a liar? Saying there was no ducttape? This show was broadcast all over Florida. And he had reasonable knowledge that it would be released in Florida….. Matter of fact it was viewed by 6 million viewers nation wide so the chances are it was viewed by at least 6000 viewers in Miami alone.

    I am not trying to make waves….. cause I think you are great at keeping to the facts…. well the above is directly from the Florida Code. Baez used many links to local media, that release every National media Blitz the Defense participates in, in a motion to show cause for change of venue – fact read the motion and exhibits. So he has reasonable knowledge that the interviews are accessable to every one in florida. And he has reasonable knowledge that the same interviews will be accessable from any computer anywhere anytime. Last time I looked CBS and NBC did not black out their morning show segments in florida. And Baez has reasonable knowledge that they are not blacked out.
    Also read archives in Miami newspapers – they state they need the influx of money that their county would recieve by getting this trial moved there. They did not say – hay we will give you a fair trial. They just want the millions of dollars it will cost to move it there.

    Another note: many newspapers across the country are going under…. because it is faster and easier to get information on the web. Just because their paper does not cover it does not mean its not out there for every potential juror to see. If yahoo is your home page its staring you in the face.

    Baez has reasonable knowledge that his national media interviews will in fact be seen and heard in the whole state of Florida. Why else would you go on national tv. Until he knows where the trial will be – his most logical option is to hit everywhere. The internet is a wealth of information 7 days a week. The fact remains that almost everyhome has the internet or has access to internet. Gosh even in Tampa and Miami internet is readily available….. probably more than a news paper.

    I live 2000 miles away and it is ready for me to read and watch 24 hours a day.

    So Baez has reasonable expectations that he is reaching the jurors thoughout the state of Florida with national media interviews.

    Show me proof that Baez is not already tainting the jury pool?

  146. Baez is trying to taint the jury pool. Is he succeeding? No way Jose! It is backfiring on him. Going before the media indicates a lack of confidence. You don’t need to sell the cat when he is already in the bag.

    Nite nite…

  147. Snoopy I really think that Conway would be better off if he did leave…..

    He overcame so much to get where he is….. And everyone in this case is getting trashed…. He is becoming a mouth piece…. and it is sad…. He tries to say things staight but its hard when your hands are tied.

    Did you watch DAVE’s video after the hearing?
    I found it interesting when Joy Wray says she is with People Magazine. Did not another person in this case get 10,000.00 for her exclusive story with People Magazine…. Joy even showed his business card. Gosh that will look bad for the defense if she gets paid for a media interview.

  148. Hey Dave,
    I read here all the time but have never posted, I noticed in the Video that the Judge asked the Baliff asked to get you to stay, if you listen closey you can hear him say it. My first thought was “Oh man, Dave is getting spanked!” I can only imagine what was going thru your mind, I would of wanted to bolt from the courtroom too..lol. I think it’s awesome that the Judge reads your site & as for being impressed with your writing & fairness…well, the man knows what he’s talking about! I just wanted to tell you that you have every reason to be floating on air & even to gloat…that’s quite a compliment & very well deserved!

  149. Dave, I was so thrilled to read what an amazing time you had when you attended the hearing. Judge Strickland is just about the most respected person involved in this case and he confirmed what all of us know. But, it must of felt incredibly special coming from someone of his stature.

    I guess that confirms that you are meant to write! Your fan base is growing daily!

    Please remember to take care of yourself and your parents. Your Dad had a serious diagnosis of CHF and keeping his spirits up will help in his recovery. Don’t hesitate to contact his Doc if he is not recovering well.

    And with all this going on, remember you need to really watch out for yourself. The blog can wait!!!! Just a reminder from a lurking RN!

  150. Hi Dave,
    I am following the Anthony’s case from the other side of the world and you really deserve the honor from Judge Strickland. I really like to read your articles because they are always very informative and clear. You are fair reporter and I’m always eager to read about your investigation.

  151. It is so sad that the A.’s are making so much “blood money” off of the horrendous slaughter of a tiny, helpless,terrified little two year old, named Caylee. The sad thing is that it will continue even after the murderer is found guilty! MORE interviews, books, photos etc…

    They made sure the press was there to greet them after their cruise~sickening! Cindy will be selling autographed photos of herself next!

  152. Sterling1462 nicely said. Remember though, there are only two possibilities for the defense. 1) Pay off a juror. 2) Threaten a member of a juror’s family.

    Whyelse could they possibly be taking this to trial?

  153. I’m logged into my wordpress account – so this is my hat (lilyolily is owenmeany and vice versa).

    So good morning again. I will probably comment under lilyolily from now on because I think some people get a negative vibe from owenmeany. But little owen is one of the sweetest characters in a book ever. I will miss him!

    Just call me lily. I use this hat at the only other place I comment (Blink) so some of you may already know me.

    Hope you are all having a beautiful day like we are here in South Texas!

  154. Hadley, you are soooooooooooooooo misinformed, that’s what’s sickening. Get your stories and fact’s straight before you start spewing CRAP! It was MY weekend, MY 1 year of being in remission from cancer, MY Birthday….. MY WEEKEND away with several of my very dearest closest friends who have been my support and backbone for the past year. And yes, George and Cindy happen to be MY FRIENDS. There was NO “BLOOD MONEY” spent, she DIDN”T call the flipping reporters… Some asshole twittered about them being on the ship 30 minutes after we took off….It’s people like YOU, Misinformed beings that start all the crap. So what that they got away for a couple of days for some relaxation and maybe, just maybe some peace and quiet…… SO WHAT????? They are intitled! There is no chance for that at all with them, they will ALWAYS be HATED because of thoughtless misinformed people like yourself!

    I’m so very sorry Dave, please forgive me…. I’m so so sick of the crap that is spewed, by people that have NO CLUE!

  155. Sorry Tenegard. I notice that sometimes new posters come here and don’t really understand what Dave’s blog is all about. Or maybe they do – there has been a slight uptick in bad commenting since Dave’s work has gotten more popular.

    In any case – I’ve always enjoyed your comments so please let Dave take care of the issues that crop up – he always does.

  156. Thank you Lilyolily, I know he will…. It’s just so frustrating to read so much crap everywhere when it’s so not true……

  157. Tengard, would you please kindly tell us some things? If someone would just tell us some FACTS we would not be misinformed. I personally could not go on a VACATION if my daughter was sitting in jail accused of killing my granddaughter. I would be doing everything in my power with all my might to get her freed if I thought she was innocent. You want to stop fooling yourself? Answer this one question, please. How long do you go before reporting your child missing? Don’t beat around the bush! Answer that one question. OK?

  158. I know. I can feel your frustration. Wish I could help. You are probably an old hat at letting go of the crap – you’ve had to deal with a lot so I won’t pretend to give you advice. Dave will check in soon I’m sure. Hope everything is ok with his Dad.

  159. Boz? Please! First the Runaway Jury scenario and now you’re going off on a respected and trusted commenter? I wish you wouldn’t do this right now. You know Dave’s TOS right?

  160. I don’t believe at this point that the (or some) dislike for George and Cindy Anthony are meant personnally. The fact is that there are many people that feel sorry for them in their current situation. The being in uproar about them originated during the investigation, depositions and verbal statements. The public picked up on inconsistencies and these “the story doesn’t match previous statements” theory is the root for the dislike. jmop

  161. I’m sorry Lily. I’m as frustrated as Tengard. Only on the other side of the fence. Didn’t Tengard go off on Hadley first? I really didn’t “go off” on anyone. I just asked one simple question.

  162. Maybe Cindy’s demeanor to the press & her statement:

    “The vacation was from you guys,” Cindy said after leaving her cruise ship. Cindy said they had a nice time, but she also snapped at WFTV, “Thanks for ruining our trip.”

    has alot to do with how people perceive her & the comments and judgements they make about her.

  163. I’m not that someone to tell anyone the fact’s, it’s not my place, it’s not my business nor my job. I’m not fooling anyone, I’m not fooling myself. In my perfect world which in these days, with what I have gone through I can consider perfect thank you…., I CAN justify getting away for even just a couple of days for some peace of mind. Who cares what you personally think, and I really don’t care how you feel about what I personally think…. I live in this world of reality, not the facade of living vicariously through others gossip.

  164. I personally don’t care if the Anthony’s went on vacation. Or how they got the money to do it. Lots of victim familie’s write books, maybe get paid for pictures, participate in a progtam about the murder of their loved ones. Was anyone upset that Sharon Rocha wrote a book about Laci Peterson ? I wasn’t. It’s just that usually money is made after the conviction of the person who killed their loved one.

    With that said, because of how the Anthony’s have spun stories, changed stories and told lies, is the reason so many of us are “against” them. It’s all laid out thanks to the Sunshine Law (and the Anthony’s putting themselves in the media with changing statments, storie’s etc.), that they get this reaction. So, people pick on their going on vacation, the blood money (“we know they aren’t working” people cry). But it has more to do with all of their staments and seemingly blatant lies and spinning. I just read the depo’s, and still on Cindy’s. They all have a ring to them of trying to paint Casey as this perfect person with integrity and Mother of the year,when in fact everything points in the absolute opposite direction. Casey’s sees to have painted one face to her family, one to friends and certainly one to Caylee.
    Everything Casey has said, as to the “disappearance” of her daughter have been proven to be lies. Everything. And her parents, from what we all see and believe, are trying to spin her into something she is so obviously not.

    Tengard, with all due respect, you became friendly with them “after” the fact. They too, I beleive show different faces to different people and situations. And that 48 hrs mystery showed that. So we all maybe do that to a point? Probably. I can have a potty mouth, but wouldn’t “show” that potty mouth to people who don’t speak that way (as an example). I am not saying you don’t have an honest friendship with them today. I’m sure you do.
    But surely you realize the reaon why people react to them the way they do.
    And by the way Tengard, I do hope you are feeling well. My cousin and two friends are in remission as well.

  165. Tengard-I know you know them personally, so you’ve seen another side of them, which, I guess, we haven’t. Pretend you don’t know them, and try to see them the way we do.

  166. I also apologized for “going off” as I will again… It’s not like me, and yes I am frustrated at all the slinging… That’s what I like about Daves site is that at least it’s kept to a minimum. I’m very sorry for showing my backside.

  167. I’m counting. That’s 86 times since August of 2008 I’ve asked that same question to an Anthony supporter and they’ve dodged answering it.

    I am very sorry about your battle with cancer, sincerely.

  168. Conway stated that the Anthonys needed THIS money—from sold pictures or whatever—because they are unable to work and they need something to live off of.

    I don’t know the Anthonys. Even before the tragedy happened, George was having difficulty finding work in his line of work. Cindy, however, is in a line of work in high demand. I had read that she was on a leave of absence(?)
    I assume (maybe wrongly) that Cindy could work. She’s very astute and seems to be able to hold up well enough for some form of work.

    Renee, you are right that many people feel sorry for the Anthonys to some degree. Dave could feel badly for them as he sat with them, knowing even as he does that they haven’t been consistent. He’s willing to allow them to stretch their lines as far as they want to try to rescue their child….even get her clean off.

    But most of the uproar is about the Anthonys “stretches” of the truth, the vague answers, the suggestions of other possibilities and murderers, etc. This is NOT OK for many who support the truth as determined by evidence at hand.

    It would seem that if the Anthonys are Christians and have friends like Tengard then they would be in utmost support of the truth, as painful as it may be, and allow God to work as He may in the courtroom and in Casey’s life.

    They would glean more sympathy and not be seen in the same camp with the same goals as the defense whose job it is to defibullate the truth at all costs by any means through any others’ pain.

  169. “Needing this money” sounds like they need it for food, mortgage, medical bills, etc. not for a cruise.

  170. Its not my place to moderate Dave’s blog so I will just leave it with this:

    Why would we ask Tenegard to pretend she isn’t a trusted and loyal friend to the Anthony’s? That’s what makes her comments here interesting. Not the same old echo chamber of everyone saying the same thing over and over again about the family. I’m thinking she sees enough of the comments all over the place to know what so many people think.

    Dave has given Tenegard a friendly place to comment and decompress and process what goes on from a different perspective.

    Why are you doing this?

  171. Well The Anthony friend – Joy Wray – is capable of workings. And yet in Dave’s video from the hearing she states she is with People Magazine. Why do you suppose that a friend of the Anthony’s need to sell their story?

  172. I only asked Tengard for a moment to see the outside’s view. Not to accept it. I agree Tengard’s comments are very interesting.

  173. Ah Miss Linda, so nice to see you! Your right, I’ve only known them since this has happened but we have been each others strength through good and bad, and regardless the timing of our friendship they have been a blessing to me. Julie, you know there was a time when I didn’t know them and I was unsure, as I got to know them I realized that there can be so much more good in one’s heart than bad. Anyway, I’m done.. I’m very sorry to have stepped on toes, and I didn’t mean to make waves… Just frustrated. May you all have a great day. Please send Dave my well wishes to him and his family.

  174. I would like to respond to some of the comments I have just read.

    First of all, George and Cindy are NOT on trial! For anyone to boast about how they would act given a similar situation is absolutely inane-not insane-INANE.

    These comments only demonstrate how easy it is for the media to fire up the general public. Are they expected to sit home and mourn all the time and become abnormally depressed just to appease those whose omnipotence precedes all others?

  175. I’m don’t comment one way or the other about the Anthony’s because there is enough of that going around to last a lifetime.

    I will say that $20K (minus $3K to Conway) so $17K doesn’t go very far these days. I’m assuming the Anthony’s probably pulled in close to $100K a year before all of this happened.

    I would also say that if anyone ever needed a mental health break – and to get away from the never-ending attacks – it would be the Anthony’s. I don’t begrudge them a single bit of a short cruise with trusted friends. They need to remain somewhat sane and healthy, don’t they?

    Casey will get her trial and will be punished. The Anthony’s are in a nearly impossible position – and no I don’t agree with their tactics but I’m not them.

    But does saying the same obvious things over and over again really change anything?

  176. lilyolily, Dave’s blog gives us ALL a place to comment and decompress and process what goes on from all of our prospectives.

  177. Good morning, everyone.

    Sterling1462 – I understand what you are saying, but Baez and his team are not the first defense attorneys to open their mouths and they won’t be the last. Look, even the well-respected Mark NeJames had press conferences. Was he hurting the Casey defense by opening his mouth? John Morgan loves to promote his law firm. When Mark Peterson was charged with murder, his lawyer, Mark Geragos, held press conferences out the yazoo. Why are you singling out this particular case? You make it sound like Baez is breaking all sorts of laws and legal precedent. As for Joy Wray or anyone else inclined to speak to a magazine, she does not work for the defense. Baez cannot control her and you cannot lump all of these people together.

    I don’t care what your interpretation of the law is. Are you a lawyer or member of the Florida Bar or Supreme Court? The Florida Bar has already looked into allegations against Baez and found them unwarranted. By coming to me about this, you are screaming up the wrong tree. As much as I like your comments and research, I can’t say I agree with you. Lawyers are lawyers and they have been disseminating events for as long as lawyers have been around. What I’d rather hear from you is an argument supporting your contention that this particular lawyer is vastly different from all others.

  178. Tengard, you DID NOT step on any toes. You have a right to your opinion, so giving your opinion is not stepping on toes. I see your side and the “other side”. I would stick up for my friends also.
    And again, who cares if they went on vacation. It was a weekend cruise. They didn’t travel the world for 3 months, for cryin’ out loud.

  179. Thinkerbelle, you ARE right that G&C are not on trial. They are in this lousy situation because of their daughter. I would never wish a murdered granddaughter on them or anyone else.
    And the media didn’t really fire up the general public. I beleive the general public was already fired up this past week because of the depos just released. I know I am fired up after reading them.

  180. Hi, Shae – I must admit I was somewhat perplexed at first because I couldn’t think of anything I had done wrong. When he spoke to me, he put me completely at ease. What a consummate professional he is. Anyway, I read elsewhere that people were making up things like, maybe, I got caught with a camera, but anyone with common sense would know the bailiff would handle that, not the judge.No way was I going to carry any sort of contraband into the courtroom.

    Thank you for taking the time to write and compliment me. I’ll admit I floated out of the courthouse and did so for most of the day, but by Saturday morning, I was back on the ground. In the end, it was not 15 minutes of fame, it was merely someone who admires my work. I would much rather have that than my name in lights.

  181. Exactyly Dave. Every attorney in these hig profile cases have gone on news shows, held press conferences etc. So Jose Baez IS no different. I kept up with the Peterson case also. However, the info released to public in that case is NOTHING like this one because of the Sunshine Law. There was no sunshine law in california.

  182. You and me both, frosty. It was quite a thrill because I was really just an innocuous guy wanting to experience the real thing so I could have a better grasp when writing. Hands down, in my opinion, it couldn’t have come from a higher authority. As much as I would like to think of myself as a successful writer, I don’t. I mean, I know I’m fairly good at it or I wouldn’t have the confidence to do it, but did I ever expect anything like this? Not in a million years.

    Thank you so much for writing. I do try to take care of myself. I have CHF, too, but believe me, I worry a lot more about my parents. Thank you for caring, too. Hopefully, I’ll never have to contact you for advice on any of my health issues. I wouldn’t want to scare you away.

  183. Dave, just to let you know, I am so happy I found your blog back in August. I started out at a Fox blog, then found the Caylee Daily, then found Blink. From there I found you and I thought Blink was the best. I read the four blogs daily, but was really excited today that Blink posted here. ( I can’t find her post), but from what I understand, she has respect for you and your site. I hope your still walking on air. You really deserve it. Hope Dad is doing better.

  184. I’m sure that if they were given their choice the Anthonys would give back the money and take their grandaughter instead. But they don’t have that option.

  185. Ideas,

    While I agree that Cindy COULD work, from a legal standpoint it would not be prudent. That is, from her employer’s standpoint. There is an inherent and lurking liability in having someone like her, with her present state of mind and history of her behavior to be in charge of patients’ daily care, medications, treatments, etc. If one of my family members or I were under her care, I would be vehemently objecting to the clinic, hospital, doctor’s office, et. Why? I do not trust her and don’t want her anywhere near me or my physical care nor that of my family. So, to me it isn’t about whether she is able. It is about the wisdom of that from a business and health perspective.


    Cindy is the architect of her own destiny.

    In my opinion since the inception of all of this she has incited the press and much of the viewing public with her outcries, her violent manner, and her vindictive spirit. My initial feelings for her were sympathetic; imagine being part of that tragedy. At one point, very early on, I considered contacting Brad Conway and offering to send a meal to them. It did not look as if they had any support, only protesters outside their home. But the more she appeared and the more she spoke the less sympathy I felt. Then when she did the John Morgan depo, she was just way too combative. Just say the truth and say it calmly and let the depo proceed and end. It seemed to be beyond her to conduct herself in a dignified mode.

    However, it’s not too late for Cindy to take control of the press. How? Just tell her to calmly say, “NO COMMENT.” and calmly move on, keep walking. The press will eventually tire of that and will seek information elsewhere. Mark my word.

  186. “I don’t care what your interpretation of the law is. Are you a lawyer or member of the Florida Bar or Supreme Court? The Florida Bar has already looked into allegations against Baez and found them unwarranted. By coming to me about this, you are screaming up the wrong tree. As much as I like your comments and research, I can’t say I agree with you. Lawyers are lawyers and they have been disseminating events for as long as lawyers have been around. What I’d rather hear from you is an argument supporting your contention that this particular lawyer is vastly different from all others.”
    above quote from Dave….

    So is it your conclusion above make it right? Because one lawyer does this… this also makes it right that all lawyers do this….

    I could say the same about murders….. because some comminted a murder before I did…then I can comment a murder… after all other people did it before I did it …. so it is ethical?

    Or ….well others have lied before ….. so I can lie….

    Way to funny…..

    so hear is my arguement……
    Just because others have “disseminating events”
    events before THIS DEFENSE TEAM did …. does not make it right or ethical for him to do so.

  187. Hallo, Rita from Luxembourg – What a nice thing for you to do and for me to wake up to. Luxembourg is a country I’ve always wanted to visit. I have a deep respect and keen interest in Europe and history, especially from your region. And the wines! To die for.

    Thank you so much. It is very nice to hear from someone across the Atlantic, especially someone so interested in this case. I am glad you found me and enjoy my articles. If you have any questions or thoughts, please, do not hesitate to let me know. Also, we all would enjoy hearing about this case from a different perspective, so don’t be afraid to join in.

    Great to hear from you!

  188. Orlandoan-I really agree with your last paragraph. JMO, but Cindy has come across that if she’s being paid for the interview she is calm & concerned. If she’s not being paid, she is snippy & sarcastic. I’m sure they are sick of the news media & cameras, but come on, a calm “No Comment” is a great idea.

  189. I agree that if anyone needs a break, its G&C. The last year has had to be hell for them. Cindy needs to learn to say ‘no comment’ and quit feeding the beast.

  190. Hadley – One of the reasons why this blog is successful is because we treat people – all people – with respect, no matter how we feel inside. You are more than welcome to contribute, but please substantiate your claims with verifiable facts. Case in point: The Anthonys DID NOT make sure the press was there to greet them after their cruise. The press was doing what the press does. They are paid by media to follow people and get scoops. That is a fact, whether you choose to believe it or not, and it’s been that way since the dawn of man. DO NOT make up stories here.

  191. opps forgot to check my spelling….
    I type very fast…… fingers do not keep up with the train of thought….

  192. Good morning, ya’ll!

    Excellent reading today! I have work to catch up on but I will be hovering!

    Dave, I hope your Dad is feeling well today!

  193. I like lilyolily, but I also like owenmeany. I will call you lily!

    The weather has finally changed in Florida. It’s cooler and dryer. Finally. It’s almost like clockwork every year – mid-October, but it was very hot until it a couple of days ago.

  194. Tengard – I think some people write comments without thinking or they think very little and what little they do, they make things up. I learned a while back that sometimes, it’s just in their nature to rile people.

    I forgive you and I also understand your frustration. You spent the weekend with the Anthonys. Hadley didn’t. Just remember, I try to limit hatred on this blog. Generally, these people come in, ruffle as many feathers as possible, and fly the coop.

  195. Congratulations, Tengard! May you hit the five year mark with bells on! And never again with the cancer! Hugs, friend, and it was nice of you to include the Anthonys on your cruise. That they went on it is none of our business. That is why I didn’t make any comments on it.
    Yep, the most hated person in America behind bars is Casey and the most hated people outside of the jail is the Anthonys. I must say though that they did that to themselves. No one is to blame but them. Zipped lips would have had a totally different outcome for them.

  196. dis·semi·nate (di sem′ə nāt′)

    transitive verb disseminated -·nat′ed, disseminating -·nat′·ing

    to scatter far and wide; spread abroad, as if sowing; promulgate widely

  197. Reading the same ‘bashing’ comments all over the net bore me to tears. If you read one or two, you’ve read the remaining 1,000 posted. Gag.

  198. Personally, I see no reason why the Anthonys shouldn’t have taken a few days off. Their life has been HELL. Why do people care so much about what they do during their off time? If the media demand answers and George needs to use the bathroom first, there are going to be people out there who will adamantly accuse him of avoiding the press. Damn, let the poor guy take a crap, for crying out loud. Everybody needs a break.

  199. I get it, and again I do aplogize. I try not ot vent too much, you know me…. I’d rather sit on my hands and just read…today just hit a personal nerve and I let it get the best of me… for now I’ll just read. God speed to you and your family.

  200. Just remember this… how would you, any of you, like a camera shoved up every orifice on your body every hour of every day? Think about it.

    A camera focused on me in the courtroom for a short while. How many people accused me of being a ham? I didn’t even know I was on camera and I was crapped on for seeking fame. Hell, my life is back to normal compared to what they’re put through. Sure, the open their mouths sometimes, but not 24 hours a day. Everyone deserves down time.

  201. Orlandoan, I agree that Cindy has been the architect of her own destiny. Reading the depositions it is strikingly clear that Cindy wanted to be a friend, not a parent. And George wasn’t allowed to discipline or the marriage would be over.

    One excuse after another was made for Casey. And ,unfortunately, Casey has the type of personality with no internal restraints.

    In this society it should be a lesson for all parents.

  202. Dave wrote,
    how would you, any of you, like a camera shoved up every orifice on your body every hour of every day?

    I don’t think it’s THAT bad, but probably bad enough.

  203. I think that last comment would make a lovely post, Dave!

    In your style, you could make others feel what it would be like to deal with the local press. You may not win a popularity contest though.

  204. I can say this: If Cindy came to me for a job as a nurse, I would be reluctant to hire her, fearing that WFTV, WKMG, WESH, WOFL, CENTRALFLNEWS13 and the Orlando Sentinel would take up all my parking spaces. Every day.

  205. Hmmmm sounds sort of kinky Dave.

    Just trying to lighten up to where I was when I first commented this morning. Sorry all if I over stepped my bounds. I too get tired and bored with the psychoanalysis of every move and word of the Anthony’s. They are human. Flaws, warts and all. I don’t see them getting rich yet – they may do that someday. I might judge what they do with any proceeds in the future but those facts have yet to come about. I’ve said over and over that they are virtually unemployable. Too much risk for an employer to take on. They have to eat – have shelter – and survive the next 1 1/2 years somehow.

    Yet I know Laura has the most compelling perspective about this – based upon real experience and I have the utmost respect for her position and her resilience. She is truly an inspiration if someone needed one.

    ok off of my (Dave’s) soapbox!

  206. I really feel sorry for Lee…. in his depo he states that he had to pay for his own car his own way in life.
    And yet Casey was never held responsible for forging his signature and cashing his check when she was 15. She never was made to buy her first car. The Anthony’s gave it to her. And when she agreed to pay for Lee’s car she only made 2 payments and The Anthony’s just let it slide. Never to be spoken about.

  207. Sterling1462 – Congratulations, this is a prime example of how facts get twisted and the truth is distorted.

    “And yet in Dave’s video from the hearing she states she is with People Magazine.”

    Huh? She showed me a card. It was from a representative from People Magazine. I met him. Steve. They want to interview her. They did not offer her a job, nor did she state she worked for the magazine. You let emotion override logic and sense.

  208. I have not been commenting here for a while, just reading, however, thought I would clarify for tengard that I am “Ah Linda” from Jersey, not NY.

    I feel that perhaps you confused us.

    Nice work Dave, and glad your father is on the mend.

  209. Tengard, I will not allow MY BLOG to turn into a whipping post. I do not deserve the crap some of you are dishing out. Either slow down and relax or get out. Tengard knows the Anthonys as friends. NONE OF YOU KNOW ANY OF THEM AT ALL. Do not make reckless accusations on my blog. I worked very hard on making it what it is and I will not allow any bitchy women to tear it all down.

  210. Tenegard – glad you came back. Please comment. I might have gone too far defending you – obviously you and Dave can do that all by yourselves. If I offended anyone – I apologize!

  211. Good morning, Thinkerbelle. I have decided that from now on, anyone who tries to turn my blog into a bully pulpit, their comments will mysteriously disappear until they can control themselves. This is not a toilet fro them to crap.

  212. Gosh, Dave…I’ve been rereading and trying to figure out where the beaaatchy comments are. I’m dumbfounded…hope I wasn’t one of them.

  213. Yup, Linda, and my point is that people can confuse the documents with who said what. If we did not have any sort of sunshine law, what Baez says would be no different from any other defense attorney’s attempts to manipulate the media and get their points across.

  214. Dave….
    Joy Wray’s words were ” I am with him” she did not state they reached out for an interview nor did she say “I worked for them”. And where in my statement did I say “she worked for them”?

  215. Now wait Linda from Jersey… I’m soooo confused, which is not hard to do these days…lol, I thought it was Linda from New York this morning that was chit chatting.. was it you?But it’s very nice to see you too! Lilyolily, I thank you very much for helping me out this morning…. I appreciate it, I myself allowed myself to get a little miffed and it’s no ones fault but my own. I think it’s just because I’m so tired these days, I become defensive a little more easily. I know better than to let anyone get the best of me, I took it personal and I really shouldn’t have and it was pretty darn unprofessional of me. I agree with majority of you, it’s great that everyone can agree to disagree on different levels… I just see it through a different set of eyes, that’s all.

  216. Thank you very much, Annie. Your comment is like an oasis this morning, too, with all of the negativity and attacks on the Anthonys and Tengard. Sorry, but I’m still a little bit steamed.

    Yes, Blink did come in last night to congratulate me and it sure was a nice thing to do. I very much appreciated it. I’m glad you found me, too, and that you are happy with what I write. I sure hope I continue to live up to your expectations. I was walking on air on Friday, but deflation set in overnight and by Saturday morning, I was just the same old Dave.

    Thank you for your concern for my father. He appreciates every one’s thoughts and prayers.

    Oh. Here is Bink’s comment. You have to scroll through all of the comments because it’s at the bottom:

    a place to comment and decompress and process

  217. sterling:
    here-“And yet in Dave’s video from the hearing she states she is with People Magazine.

    Perhaps you meant WITH a person FROM People Magazine.

  218. “a place to comment and decompress and process”

    that was me Dave – lily

    Blink’s comment is at the end of your previous post.

  219. Dave, I think if most women want to beatch, they will beatch about C because of a competetive spirit.

    Though I don’t agree with things she says and does, I see her as a personality…like others that one might read in blogs, watch on TV, etc.

    The media has put a slant on that personality, and most of us really have no idea what she was like before this tradgedy hit.

  220. We are not talking about Cindy as a “friend” or co-worker. My opinions are based only on what the family has said/portrayed in the news, and in their LE interviews and Morgan depo. That is how we all got to “know them”. I am sure being “friends” with them is very different.

  221. That’s a good point about Cindy’s present state of mind and employment, orlandoan. I didn’t think of it from that point of view.

    One thing I will say, and you live here, too, is that John Morgan is not the most respected attorney in town. He can be perceived as a glorified ambulance chaser. Everyone in town knows who he is. I have met and spoken with him. Although I feel neither way regarding him, I do understand a public opinion that is more negative than positive. The Anthonys went into those depositions with a lot of disdain. They were part of the crowd that didn’t like him to begin with. Couple that with a lawsuit they feel is totally unwarranted, I could understand their hostile nature. That doesn’t mean I agree 100% with the way they handled themselves, but I must admit, no one wants to walk into his “mock” courtroom where he can pretend to be the presiding judge. Even on 48 Hours, he didn’t speak about his client. It was all about getting Casey to fess up. That is is ulterior motive, in my opinion. I had to throw in that disclaimer at the end. I don’t want to be deposed by him, either.

  222. Thinkerbelle- we’ll never have the entire picture, but you can glean a great deal about the family before the tragedy by reading the deposition transcripts.

  223. Sterling1462 – I am not in a position to argue ethical standards with you pertaining to lawyers. Whether it is right or wrong is a legal matter. If you live in Florida, complain to your politicians and get them to rewrite the law or change the state constitution. Outside of that, you are entitled to your opinion and so is the Florida Bar. Guess what? I’ll take the Bar first.

  224. Dave…
    I do feel you are mad at me…. for this I am sorry.
    I myself have been a witness for the state of Texas in a high profile Murder case. But never once did I go on TV, nor did I in anyway hamper the investigation, or recieve any money from the media. The accused was the father of my child. And after seeing and hearing all the evidence I chose to stand for justice and the truth. There was no DNA evidence in that case either.

  225. Blink has the full pic that is being hashed out here on her site. It seems this pic is cropped from a pic that was sold to Globe magazine October 8, 2008 before the remains were located in December. Interesting…..ABSOLUTELY!

  226. By the way Dave, your comment regarding Bitchy Women was uncalled for. You seem to get Bitchy sometimes too. But since you are a guy you cannot be called Bitchy. Tengard defended her feelings and opinions just fine.
    As far as Anthony “bashing”, I see it more of Anthony “opinions”. Is it bashing just because the majority is giving unfavorable opinions based on what the interviews we have read and the times the family was speaking on TV?
    I can see if you want to call it “bshing” because people are in an uproar with opinions of them taking a little vacation.

  227. Don’t let things get to you, Tengard. Trust me, if anyone was sitting with you, face to face, they would not be talking like this. You personally know the Anthonys, they don’t, yet they know so much more about them than you. Go figure. Hey, I went to the hearing Friday and I am pretty stupid, too. Plus the 15 minutes of fame thing. I keep hanging in there, though.

  228. Dave my prayers are with you and your family. I hope your dad is feeling better. Thanks for putting your foot down, bitching at or about other posters is not alot of fun to read.

  229. Hi, Linda from Jersey, great to hear from you again! I missed you. If anyone got you confused with Linda From New York, I’m sorry, but I am still upset about the Yankees losing last night.

    Thank you for complimenting my work and wishing my father well. Please don’t be a stranger.

  230. No, Thinkerbelle, there were a couple of terse comments aimed at Tengard and I didn’t like them. We don’t congregate here to pick on each other. This is supposed to be a place to analyze events, not to gripe constantly.

  231. Linda from New York, I completly understand where you are coming from and can see where you are coming from by what you hear and see from the media. I don’t always condone ones actions or reactions, but it will never sway me away from support… that’s just me. And where the heck did Linda from Jersey go? Dave, gosh I hope your not upset with me… I totally apologize for my bit@%iness… Gosh I need to bring Jilligan back, she’s so much nicer…lol

  232. Agreed, Dave!

    Often I don’t read all the comments because I am trying to stay in the moment. During these times I just feel like Rosanna-Rosanna Danna…just say “never mind.”

  233. Sterling1462, you clearly wrote that Joy said she was with People Magazine. If you need help relocating your comment, I will show you. Otherwise, if I said I was with WESH, you would be right in thinking I work for the station. Please don’t play mindless word games with me.

  234. Tengard I am glad you are staying and you don’t ever have to explain your friendships!!! I am also glad that you are still Tengard. Owens I will now call you lily but please don’t go changing your name again, I get so confused!! LOL I am also glad you was around this a.m. to help out Tengard. It gets old all the attacks on innocent people. I am glad G&C got away for the WEEKEND they do deserve it, I know what it is like to loose two children and believe me they deserve more then one weekend away. I can’t stand some of the things they do but who am I to judge they can’t change how they raised their daughter. jmo By they way Hi Dave. Expect a call tomorrow morning!

  235. I’m sorry for your unfortunate circumstances, sterling1462, I really am. I realize there are a lot of charged emotions in this high profile case and I don’t mind if people say things when they are upset. I took issue with some of the comments being directed at Tengard. It’s fine to have opinions and it’s fine to talk about them, but I am the only person anyone can point a finger at. It’s my blog and my rule. I do not want anyone to walk away and I certainly do not want anyone to walk away mad or hurt. When it reaches a personal level, I step in. And I did.

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  237. If it was uncalled for, Linda From New York, then I was a bastard, OK? But I would not have stepped in if I didn’t feel it was necessary. You go back to earlier this morning and read what Hadley wrote and tell me in all honesty that it was merely an opinion. Then come back and convince me I’m wrong that comments didn’t go downhill from there. I’m sorry, this is not a free-for-all.

    Hadley: Submitted on 2009/10/20 at 8:03am

    Look for it.

  238. Lily I think I may call you owenslily or lilyowens, just having fun and now Tengard is going to mess me up with a new name! My other friends who are not computer related mess me up when they get married or divorced and change back their last names. Dave just breathe, you know you always have at least one bad child on the play ground. It’s not like you can paddle them from where you sit! Tengard don’t apologize, you are defending yourself and you should not even have to do that. Where is MY Snoopy?

  239. Thank you, deb. I think what some people fail to recognize is that I have been sitting in this seat for a long time and I think, by now, I should know what I am doing when I step in. No, attacks are no fun and they denigrate this blog.

    Thanks for asking about my father.

  240. Ya know what Dave, I think I tend to pass over the “stupid” comments as re: Hadley.
    OK, I relly gotta get outta here and go to the dentist.

  241. Tengard, I’m not upset with anyone. I realize how passionate people are, but I felt I had to step in. No need for you or anyone else to apologize for anything. I just wanted things to settle down a bit.

  242. You bet, Dave. It is definitely the full pic. I still really don’t have an opinion about what’s behind her, but if it can be blown up and show she was being put in the trunk at that time (she is pointing to whoever is taking the pic). Then there’s someone else out there that knows something very important that could be the prosecutor’s smoking gun. I would never put myself in the position that the Anthony’s have put themselves in, because they have no idea what the prosecution has and how non-caring they COULD look, if it’s proven with this pic that Caylee is being put in the trunk. And, if the Anthony’s have knowledge of this pic and that is in fact what is being done, then it says alot about the mentality (psychological profile) of all of the Anthony’s.

  243. Thinkerbelle – I don’t like to forcefully take control of comments, but all I could see ahead was a road filled with potholes and hazardous conditions. I put up the yield sign first before the giant stop sign.

  244. Just a quick comment, we know the media reads this blog and the Honorable Judge Stan, is this the behavior we want them to see? Now sit up and act right come on friends we do not act like this. Owenslily/lilyowens/lily point whatever finger you feel like just don’t tell Dave which one it was!

  245. Here is a little suggestion. When you comment, address your remarks to Dave instead of to another commenter. If some other person has said something that you disagree with, let Dave know about it. This will eliminate direct confrontations which tend to get out of hand.

  246. I finally finished reading all of the depositions last night. Exhausting!

    My main take-away – the Anthony’s are trying to make certain that nothing they do or say will be the lynch-pin that seals up their daughter’s fate. They want the state to prove it without their involvement one way or the other.

    Don’t know how I feel about that – it is only my opinion. But I’m not sure I could live with being the smoking gun that sealed up the fate of my daughter.

  247. Well, there you are, Snoopy. Great advice. Address them to me.

    I don’t care if we disagree – any of us, but there’s no need to ever go on a mercy killing. We should treat each other like we are sitting in the same room together and not behind the shield of a keyboard.

  248. Dave, we have another little one missing in Orange Park, FL.
    Breaking News:

    An Amber Alert has been issued for a missing 7-year-old North Florida girl who vanished after school.

    More than 100 Clay County deputies and law enforcement personnel from neighboring counties were searching Monday and Tuesday in Orange Park for Somer Thompson.

    The second-grader is white, 3-foot-5 and 65 pounds. She had brown hair tied in a pony tail with a red bow and was carrying a purple Hannah Montana backpack and lunch box.

    Somer was last seen about 2:45 p.m. Monday heading home from Grove Park Elementary School. She was walking with her sister and some friends, but ran ahead of them.

  249. Tengard, does your hands go to sleep when you sit on them? Dave what picture are you all talking about? Jan 12:19 today?

  250. I can’t see the photo…guess my security won’t let me enter that site.

    So, Dave, or anyone else, what do you think of it? Does it look real or presumably trumped up?

  251. I could not see it either Thinkerbelle! Tengard I hate for my hands and feet to feel numb, I would imagine you must sit on them often with all the comments that go south! I am glad you had a chance to get away and I am also glad you are cancer free.

  252. Okay DAve, but if I do something please just tell me to knock it off…I can be dense at times and not as easily riled as others.

  253. Laura, it’s on another site called Blink on Crime. It looks like the full pic that the one everyone here is discussing. Casey is holding her and she is pointing and leaning towards whoever is taking the pic.

  254. Thank you Laura for your kind words, majority of the times I just walk away than sit on my hands…life is too short to sit for so long 🙂

  255. Tengard & Dave-was off for a while, didn’t read all of the comments, but got the general drift.

    If either of you felt I was “bullying” Tengard, I wasn’t. I thought I was having a discussion. Listening to her point of view & giving mine.

    I like chatting with someone who actually knows them, even if for a short time, just to get a different perspective than what the Anthony’s themselves & the media has put out there.

  256. Laura and Dave, at first I thought the photo was of our Caylee in the trunk. All kinds of theories out there but, now I believe general thought is its a picture off of one of the gossip mags. Someone found the picture of the mag on e-bay it’s from 10/2008.

    Hope that helps some.

  257. I guess I don’t get as easily riled up on this forum because I don’t imagine nostril flaring, arm moving, finger snapping, head moving nuances that would add to the tension. If I’m not feeling well I probably would.

  258. Laura~~ everything is fine on the home front. I will shoot you off an email with an update soon.

    I know that I can come into Dave’s blog and voice my opinions of the Anthonys and other players in this case freely and without repercussions. I do not sugar coat anything and try to base my opinions on facts or what I perceive. I am also pro freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

    In other words, I can be as nice as I can be a chit disturber.

    As long as Strickland thinks I am the greatest, who cares anyway?

  259. Yes Annie it did. I went and looked the only thing I can say if the photo is real, it could be a problem. It is the last shirt Caylee ever wore and Casey was in the photo so it can’t be said that was a shirt the nanny had. jmo

  260. The photo is explained in a brand new post by Blink just now. Fascinating! Dave I don’t want to re-direct traffic from your site but it is a really strange turn of events!

  261. Julie – I’m not pointing a finger at anyone. All I know is I’ve been down this road before and I can sense trouble ahead. I tried to slow things down and it didn’t work. The closer I got, the louder I got. You must understand that I see comments in a completely different way as the administrator. I look from the underbelly of the blog and I saw trouble or I wouldn’t have done anything. Experience more than anything else was my guide. I meant nothing personal and no one person is responsible for my actions. It’s over and I hope that’s the end of it.

  262. ohh my I think I will be sick….
    Just the thought that Casey is holding this child with that t shirt on….. and then Caylee turns up in bags with duct tape on her mouth…..
    and the anthony’s must have gotten really emotional seeing caylee in her “death” shirt. See exhibits listed in the Cindy Anthony depo. Cindy was shown this picture during her depo. And Baez told her not to answer …. his words were “zip it” This has to be so upsetting for the Anthonys.
    I am sure I would ask the depo be stopped so I could compose myself. This is so very sad … and to think this photo was paid for.

  263. Dave, if you think it’s crap, the photo that is, don’t waste your time sending it. I’ll trust your judgement on it.

  264. Annie – it is a picture off a rag mag, but it is from a year ago. The one important thing we must factor in is the date of the actual photograph, not the date of the magazine’s publication. Has anyone seen the receipt for that blouse? Do we know how long and how many times Caylee wore it? That picture could have been months old before Caylee died. That’s the key. Who can verify that it was taken the day she died? Otherwise, it’s just a photograph of Caylee, uncropped.

  265. Really?!!! My interpretation was that they may have been discussing a document at that point in time, Sterling.

  266. Dave, you know sometimes how you have a word on the tip of your tongue, well rag mag was on my tongue for 20 minutes. Thanks, now I can eat lunch.

  267. I thought I recalled that someone stated that TL had photographed Caylee in that shirt on his cell phone. Does anyone else recall such a thing?

  268. Dave, I guess I’m more interested in what can be shown in the background of the larger pic. Everyone was discussing the spare tire cover, the pooh blanket, the laundry bag found with the remains, etc……If all these can be seen in the background of this pic……Then IMO it tells a very sinister story.

  269. Dave,

    Good point, however, Why Pick this photo for the Globe? Don’t killers leave subtle clues.
    Don’t think this is a coincidence, I’ll make no apologies for my opinion. It speaks an eery
    correlation to Casey’s statement, “They haven’t found her clothes, yet”. Did Lee concede the photo to LE?

  270. I think Blink’s find is fascinating and the supposition holds weight. I just wouldn’t put too much poundage into it at this point. There have been tons of theories come and go. It was definitely a good find and it’s well worth investigating. That’s why Blink is a good as it gets.

  271. People need to get to the important facts. At the hearing, Dave did not pick his nose, bite his nails or try to get ear wax with his pinkie finger. Judge Strickland did not use someone else’s handcream and …..need I go on. Oh yes, no one has mentioned that Cindy and George were not chewing gum in court or when caught by the media re: their trip.

    Just a little humor.

  272. I think it could be an innocent picture of Casey getting something out of her trunk while holding Caylee. Plus, the Globe has a reputation for touching up photos. I’m not going to deny anything at this point, but I am not going to speculate, either. It seems obvious to me in the image that Caylee knew the person snapping the picture.

  273. Great work Dave. Your mom must be so proud!! Hey, if my son was recognized by Judge Strickland, I would be!!

  274. Advocate – I don’t know who sent the photo into the Globe. It could have been any number of Casey’s friends. To me, I can’t look at it as any sort of proof of her shoving Caylee in the trunk. Caylee does not look like she’s in any trouble. Besides, look at how small Casey’s arm looks. I’m not calling it a fabrication, but I am, by nature, a skeptic.

  275. Hi, Newbie – I’m sure if G & C were chewing gum in court, there would be angry hordes all over the blogs. Did they wash their hands before entering the courtroom? Oh, look! There’s a wrinkle in Cindy’s dress. Disgusting. One of Casey’s hairs is sticking out. Kill her.

  276. Thank you, ChicagoJudy. I guess it would all depend on the circumstances of meeting the judge. I’m thankful I met him the way I did, not like other people who show up in his courtroom, if you get my drift.

    Yes, my mother is proud of me. I hope it’s because I’ve never really been in much trouble growing up and I’ve always treated her with love and respect. Of course, Friday didn’t hurt.

  277. I’m surprised no one has commented on the Anthonys need for money to support their gum habit.
    I don’t care for the whole group of A’s but all this has gone too far.


  278. Yeah Dave, as far as Hadley at 8:03. That statement about Cindy calling the press so they can capture her coming off the boat from a cruise is absolutely what you are talking about when someone basically makes somehting up. That’s why I probably don’t even remember it.

  279. Dave I looked at the photo and it looks real to me! Casey’s arm looked okay to me and so did Caylee’s jmo.

  280. Casey did have her backpack full on the days she was hanging out at the Baez law firm. I will not speculate on the pic but I did think it was really interesting, especially since all the Anthony’s were shown the cropped pic in all their depositions by the state. AND, this was the only pic they were questioned on. Definitely has some significance to the murder trial. I don’t know what and I will wait for the professionals to show me. I know that it is not illegal for Casey to sell pics to pay for her defense because she hasn’t been convicted of anything YET, but I do believe in karma.

    That which happens in the darkness is always brought to light!

  281. Dave, beleive or not the dentist wasn’t too bad (for once). I got two caps-front teeth. They are shiny and new! Having my two front teeth chisled down two weeks ago-OUCH! Gotta finish reading!

  282. Dave~~if you was a nice kid growing up, how come you got the nickname, little Stinker?

    The pic of Casey and Caylee…. it is ridiculous to think that Casey was putting Caylee in the trunk. They all looked happy to me in the photo. Caylee is reaching out toward the one who took the pic so I can guess it may have been Cindy or someone she was familar with.

  283. I don’t see the trunk or anything like that but I do see the shirt everyone was saying they never seen with Casey in the photo.

  284. Ok I gotta go look at this picture. And yes, the Globe of all “tabloids”. The one with the headlines, “My baby Daddy is an alien”…haha

  285. It could very well be a real picture, Laura, but take a look at the shirt I’m wearing on the banner. That photo was taken in the spring. I wore it last week. Suppose I die wearing it. Does that mean I died under a tiki hut? That’s my point. It’s a very compelling photo, but can anyone prove it was taken the day Caylee died? Or that the person who took it was an accomplice? I’ve already read that Lee took it. Huh?

  286. Went over to Blink. Is that cover picture what I am supposed to be looking at. And now my curiosity is peaked regarding this pic mentioned in Cindy A’s depo. I still hav enot finished reading it. They are all very long.

  287. Oh you are too funny Dave. They were a perfect fit. Dentist is like 8-10 mins away PLUS I stopped at the store. 70mph on the parkway!

  288. Because I was little back then, Snoopy.

    I agree with you on the picture. I’m not going to say no, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. For anyone saying it is proof, we’ve been down this road so many times. People grab at anything and everything.

  289. But Jan, please explain the correlation between Casey wearing a backpack to the Globe picture. Am I missing some connection? Are you saying she had the photo hidden in her backpack? To make money while sending a cryptic message?

  290. I only pointed the pic out so everyone could compare it to the cropped one. I never meant to start a debate on whether it was real or not…. or …..taken on the day Caylee met her demise. I just feel that the prosecution had very deep reasons for asking all the Anthony’s about this one particular picture, considering thousands have been released. I think they have something that will prove when the pic was taken, and I won’t be surprised if it was her final day. Can’t wait for the professionals to tell us more about this pic……………..

  291. Dave – you’re sooo right about this pic not being proof of anything – and we have been down this road many times!

    I think its cool that a commenter found it – when it was out there in plain view all this time. That tells you how long this case has gone on and how long we still have to go. There will be many twists and turns along the way. Glad you’re here to help us along the road trip with a firm but fair attitude.

  292. Linda from New York, I didn’t mean to insult anyone this morning I promise. I thought you and I were conversing and then all of a sudden Linda from New Jersey popped in out of no where @ 11:05 and I thought maybe I was having an out of body experiance….cause I knew I had just responded to you…

  293. Dave, why not? She has to pay her defense right? If she did take it in, in the backpack, she didn’t do anything illegal but I do remember that the source of her defense funding was in chamber. Baez may have had to tell the judge at that time that Casey had sold pics…….. and, if she had sold this one to the Globe I can definitely understand why there would be interest in this particular photo. Especially since Caylee remains were found with this clothing.

  294. Dave I must be confused, I only meant that Lee Cindy and George all denied seeing this shirt~~ there it is with Caylee in it and Casey holding her. I hope you do not die in that shirt under a tiki hut…..

  295. A couple of things )I noted over there were: 1) Casey is not wearing the same shirt she was seen in the Blockbuster video that night and, 2) she DOES seem to have the same hairstyle (Casey) about the time that the photo’s were taken of her partying days.

    Casey has had a few hairstyles that help date any photos that may have been taken during Caylee’s short life which will help narrow down the timeframe – but not verify a date.

  296. Dave, I have been a bad girl over at blink in reference to a commenter who had bad things to say about you and us over here.

  297. No problem, Jan. Thank you for pointing it out to us. That’s a great find. All I’m saying is we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket. Also, as much as I hate to say this, the police are suspicious of their own mothers. In other words, everything, but that doesn’t mean any one thing is a smoking gun. The picture may be something or it may not. If, as some people now insist, it was sold out of Baez’s office, isn’t that a contradiction? What lawyer is going to sell the rope that’s going to hang their client?

    I guess what I am trying to say is let’s not jump the gun.

  298. Tenegard – I too get the “Linda’s” confused from time to time.

    Hope I didn’t step on too many toes this morning either.

  299. I know, Tengard. I thought it was funny that it would be a “terrible” thing for someone to be confused with me.

  300. Try to remember it this way and you’ll never have any problems:

    Linda From New York writes with a New York accent.

    Linda from New Jersey writes with a New Jersey accent.

  301. Linda from NY – I haven’t seen any bad comments about Dave at Blink at all? Now I’ll have to go look?

    On the contrary – I normally see very complimentary comments about Dave – as well as Blink coming here and saying good job to Dave herself.

    Now you’ve got me curious?

  302. OK everyone and I mean Linda From NY, I keep on going back and forth today, what is your name over at blink’s. What was blink’s name here from last night? Can we all just go by one name so I can follow??

  303. Dave~~ I am glad Your hard Work and Dedication
    in this Case didn’t go unnoticed.
    It just shows You how many People pay Attention to what is said on these Blogs. 🙂

  304. Dave, you are a very funny man. Yes I am writing with a New York accent! I lived inthe Brinz until I was 11 yrs old. I am now 47. And people STILL tell me I have a Bronx accent. (My husband says, especially when I am mad). I wa in England in 1995, going in a club and getting proofed/carded and the guy asked me if I was from the Bronx. All I sai was How youuu doin’. haha-But really, he picked out my “accent” and he was English!

    lilyolily (ownemeany is easier to write). The comment is from a granomma oct 20 12:03 pm.
    She thinks we are comical.

  305. Make that Bronx, not Brinz. There is no Brinz in NY.
    ALSO please! What am I supposed to be looking at in that picture? Where is a cropped picture.
    I need to know (waaa..waaa).

  306. I am Linda From New York everywhere!! I really don’t usually comment anywhere but here. Sometimes over at Snoopy’s, sometimes at Blink and over at 1492’s (Oh, I forget her blog name, but she comments here-and I am probably confusing her with th year Columbus discovered America!)

  307. Linda (the NY one) – I used to go up to NJ every summer for 10 days. That’s where I’m originally from. My friends from down here always told me I came back with a NJ accent that eventually faded. I never knew it or even believed anything of the sort. One thing I will say, no one from down here can say “howya doin?” like it’s supposed to be said. There’s an accent that cannot be rendered with a southern drawl. It’s impossible.

  308. Oh LindaNY – I saw that from Gmom. She does have a point – when Dave, Snoopy & Laura get going I get a great big kick out of their twisted senses of humor! It was a ‘lil dig – but more of a suckup to Blink. I do that with Dave sometimes so he doesn’t forget me 🙂

  309. Lilyowen/owenlily/lily LOL~~ I have been busy the last few days with a new job today I make time to come in here all afternoon and Dave is IGNORING ME, and My Snoopy disappeared, POOF GONE! I feel like the red headed step child AGAIN!

  310. Laura, you know I would never ignore you. I missed your comment.

    OK, let me ask you this… if all of the Anthonys are liars and they all insisted they had never seen the shirt, which one is telling the truth?

    Sorry. It’s a loaded question.

  311. Dave~ I am not calling them liars either. Are you messing with me? I am just saying look Caylee did own the shirt she is in it! I think we all know the A’s are not liars they may tell mis-truths, half truths or mis speak but I did not call them liars…. This time! lol 🙂

  312. Okay, I looked at the Globe cover picture. Is there an uncropped version of this photo? If so , can anyone provide a link?

  313. Has anyone taken a good look at the picture. To me it sure
    looks distorted, I mean take a magnifying glass and really
    study the faces. Is there a bruise on Caylee’s eye, looks
    painted on by Globe. Is there a pic I am not seeing??
    Who snapped this picture???? they would know all about
    it, wouldn’t they?

  314. I am sorry, I just posted this on the other site I was proud of — not so sure right now.

    Excuse me, Granmomma, Mr. Dave, is not an Anthony supporter. He spoke to Mr. Anthony said his sorrow for their loss, spoke alittle about the Green Bean story and shook his hand. I think that was being a gentleman with manners. He is fair in his reporting. I can not speak for him, I believe he believes we do not have to walk in the Anthony’s shoes.

  315. By the way Boston you are right. Cindy and George did nothing to Caylee but love her. As far as Casey, she is what she is, and it has nothing to do with how she was raised. I am sure G&C did not raise her to be a theif and a liar (or a murderer). They in no way shap or form could have seen this coming.
    I’ll tell you why I think this.
    My Brother!
    My sister, brother and I were raised by the same parents. HE chose to steal mini-bikes, rob houses and became, for a short time, a heroin user. He is lazy, never put himself out there to make a living. Had a child, that my Mother helped raise in her home (bro was living there also). the first time he was arrested for robbing our NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR’S house my Mother wanted to keep him in jail-tecah him a lesson, tough love. But me and my sis and Father felt oh so bad for him. Guess what! He did it agian and ended up in jail. (this is over 20 -25 years ago). Never kept up with his child support . Was in other trouble over the years where I baliled him out my parents bailed him out. So we were enablers, I guess. He got someon else, from Canada pregnant, moved there, cannot come back over the border to NY, coz there is a warrant out for his arrest, he dumped his son, me, my sis, nieces and especially my Mother, to avoid responsibility.
    My point is, my parents were hard working honest people who brought all three of us the same exact way, and HE, for whatever reason went the OTHER way. Nature or Nurture. I beleive we are all born with our own “personalities” and “morals”. My Father passed away in ’97 before he dumped us. And after he dumped us, he never looked back. We got in touvh with him ONCE when my Mom got sick in 2006. We told her she was sick. Never called her. She died Christmas 2007. He has NO idea. I have zero respect for hime for turning his back on his son and Mom.
    Why did he turn out that way. He was raised right.
    Not Cindy and Goerges fault, at all ! for the way Casey turned out (lying, stealing, etc.). We coddled my brother too, his whole life (beleive me there is a LOT more to his story).
    I have very stron opinions on the way the Anthony’s are handling things AFTER Casey killed Caylee. But they did not raise her that way. I have gotten so upset when people bash them as though it is their fault for everything Casey has done and .
    OK, I am done. Sorry for the long post. It’s been on my mind a long time when they get blamed coz people say they “raised” a killer.

    Boston, what prompted me to go on this little tirade was your comment: “Mr and Mrs Anthony had nothing whatsoever to do with the commission of this crime either before or after the fact”. I agree wholeheartedly.

  316. I am stating my opinion here…. Ricardo’s computer was taken by le, le asked about emails between him and Globe I am wondering IF he could have supplied this photo? I am only thinking out loud. Dave and Snoopy have disowned their beautiful step child me for what reasons I do not know!!!!

  317. Yes, Laura, I was just messing with you. I guess I’m more interested in who took the picture. If it was taken from Lazzaro’s cell phone, for instance, how did Casey get hold of it? Did he e-mail it to her? If he did, why hasn’t his testimony backed him up? Did Lee take it? Is that why he came clean to authorities? If he did, then he lied about never seeing the shirt before. Could it possibly be one of her former friends out to make a buck? Quite obviously, it was someone Caylee knew. Look at her eyes. Who is she looking at and why is there no fear?

    If we insist that the picture is proof of some kind, then law enforcement should have closed out the investigation months and months ago because of that proof, and we should have already seen the documents. After all, this image existed last year, before the body was found. That means either the police missed it or they are still investigating it. If they are still investigating it, perhaps they don’t have solid proof of anything yet. That’s the only reason why I won’t jump the gun.

  318. lulu the only photo that isn’t the cropped one that is in the discovery is the one that is posted in the Globe. I don’t know of a link to one that isn’t the cover of the Globe but I could be wrong?

  319. It’s okay Dave! Now I have noticed owenlily/lilyowen/lily ignored a comment to her, I am just going to sit in the corner for a while and read! 😦

  320. Dave 1 question…
    Where did CA work in relation to the Wal Mart KC was seen at by Mr Thompson?
    Rephrase- what is the distance between the two places? Do you know?

  321. I’m with you, Beatrice. The jury is still out on this photo. I don’t know enough about the image to speculate. I think the investigators asking the Anthonys if they ever saw Caylee wearing the shirt is a no brainer. That’s the shirt found with the remains. Of course they’re going to ask them that.

    Look at it this way. Suppose Casey bought the shirt weeks earlier. The only time Caylee wore it was when her mother, not Cindy, put it on her. Everyone insists that George did not see Casey or Caylee leave the house on the morning of June 16. How many more mornings were just like that? If people insist that George and Cindy never saw them leave on any given morning, then odds exist that neither one of them ever saw the shirt, especially if Caylee spent nights somewhere else while alive, and we have records that substantiate that she did. Where isn’t the point in the context of this issue.

    I think it’s too premature to assume that Casey sold the picture as part of a cryptic message. I’m not going to flat-out disagree, but I have nothing in front of me that backs it up.

  322. Oh boy, I got slapped on the hand at Blink’s place. My mouth seems to be running on OT today. Maybe I oughta rest my brain before it gets me in trouble. Time to do something constuctive here at home, like laundry!

  323. On that photo- interesting.
    All of the Ants said they have never seen that photo before. That shirt was found at the remains site. I think it is just a photo to identify the shirt as belonging to Cayee like the photo of Caylee in the striped shorts. That’s all. Since none of the Ants have seen the photo before then that means none of them took it. It could have been taken by one of Casey’s friends. That it was sold for money may or may not have been by Casey for her defense.
    That’s all I’m getting from it. It does look like Caylee could have been standing in the trunk but, to me, that may be because Casey put her there while retrieving something from her trunk. I don’t think Casey was doing anything sinister since there was someone else there snapping the photo.
    A clue to when this pic was taken could be it was at the time Caylee had a bruise under her eye-you can see that on her face in the pic.

  324. Laura – I would never ignore a comment from you intentionally! hahaha you crack me up too much.

    Congrats on the new job – I know at first how tough it can be. Heck just finding the bathroom is often a big accomplishment. I saw you comment the other day about your office being down the hall from the governor! How cool!

  325. Thank you, Annie. Who is this Granmomma, anyway? I saw that comment. She is a fool to assume something about me when she has no idea who I am and what I represent. It was idiots that accused me because I wouldn’t tolerate any bashing. That has nothing to do with supporting anyone. It has a lot to do with supporting manners. She should know better. Shame on her.

  326. Ooooh I’d hate to see a blog war get started over one comment or a misunderstanding. The two sites are very complimentary and compatible!

  327. I have no problem with the photo. I have no problem with Blink’s site. I have no problem with her finding it or getting a scoop. I have no problem at all. I am just saying let’s not jump to conclusions. In itself, the photo proves nothing. Who took it? When? Who sold it to the Globe? We can assume all we want, but assumptions are not based on facts.

  328. Company just left and, yes, it was a man, but married unfortunately.

    If we look at the overall picture of this Anthony case, objectively, we can see that Casey left clues everywhere. I think it was her sadistic way of torturing her parents, especially Cindy.

    If you think about all the clues, it is almost like she tried to stage the perfect crime and make a game out of it. I would not be surprised if Casey moved that pool ladder and left the gate open, not because Caylee had an accident in the pool. Caylee was smothered to death.

    From her searches on the computer, her passwords, the location of the remains between those two properties, Sawgrass, using the names of Vicky Alemans family to connect to a Zenaida Gonzales, the bella vita tattoo, her photo bucket pics, all clues.

    I can believe that Casey dressed Caylee in that pink top, got photographed and gave it to Baez to sell. Baez would not know that was the top that would be found with the remains. Cindy would certainly know that Caylee had that particular top.

    It seems Casey not only wanted to torture her mother, and by the way, she is doing a damn good job of it, she is also torturing Jesse Grund.
    In Casey’s warped mind, Jesse loved Caylee more than her, also Cindy loved Caylee more.

    We are dealing with a sociopath with no conscience who delights in destroying others who get in her way of self-gratification.

    Has Casey come clean with her attorneys? My answer is no. She is doing a con job on them just like she is the rest of us. It is just more manipulation, which apparently, she gets great satisfaction from. She is not screaming bloody murder to get released from jail. She is as happy as a pig in chit and Zenaida, her alter ego, is keeping her company.

    My opinion only from my observations.

  329. hahaha LindaNY – I read your comment at Blink’s. I truly think the whole thing is a misunderstanding from just one comment.

    Blink’s site does have a lot of people who like to speculate – and it can be fun for a lot of people.

    Dave likes to make sure someone has facts to backup any statements people make.

    I don’t think one is wrong or right – just that every blog owner has the ultimate right to decide the tone of their own blog.

  330. Dave did you miss my 3:02 comment? I would not want you to disown me, but some how you and Snoopy forgot about your red headed step child!

  331. I don’t know, Snoop. Casey didn’t look happy in court the other day. But I agree she’s a sociopath.

    To me, at this point, that picture simply proves that Caylee had a shirt like that.

    Laura-lol. Right now you could visit me in Michigan, but pack warm!

  332. Now Laura is ignoring me back! I think the comments sometimes move pretty fast and its hard to keep up.

    What’s up with me playing peacemaker today? Its not my nature! 🙂

    Now pass the peace pipe back this way.

  333. Snoopy, Do you really think Casey is/ws smart enough to leave “clues” to anything. I don’t think she is so smart. If she were smart, she would NOT have killed her daughter. I don’t think she left “clues” she just messed up ( I would have rather of used the eff word instead of “messed” LOL).
    She is torturing everyone.

    And Lily, my comment wasn’t really all that bad.

    I know, I said I was leaving but I didn’t. Or maybe I said it over at Snoopy’s.

  334. lulu~~ I agree, Caylee had a shirt- had the shirt that was found with her. When can we go to Florida? Michigan is just north of me and you all get WAY to MUCH snow! Don’t get me wrong I love the stuff, just not that much. Snoopy that was a GREAT comment. I love when you give you opinion.

  335. Good Afternoon,
    FYI- IMO, facts do not support that the photo in the globe was taken the day Caylee died. There have been other photos of Caylee in earlier releases with the “boo-boo” under her eye and not wearing that particular shirt. If I am not mistaken, they were taken in April.

    The documents that were release a few weeks ago, did contain a memo that stated it was believed that having Caylee wear that shirt on the day of her death might have been intentional.

  336. Sorry I missed your comment lilyowen/owenlily/lily (lol) I was so excited to get a new mom I forgot about your comment! I have found the restroom and the closest coffee shop. It is a good thing you are here to keep the peace today. Everyone needs to put the boxing gloves down we need to focus.

  337. I think I have a comment in spam. If I am not mistaken, there was a photo released of Caylee in earlier documents where she had a small bruise under her eye. I also think it was taken some time in March or April of 2008. So, IMO – this photo was taken several months before Caylee’s death.

  338. Dave, I don’t know who Granmomma is, I believe just a blogger like me. She did respond and basically say sorry/truths. I hope I didn’t step on your toes by stating your side, but I feel You acted like a gentleman. Love this site.

  339. Wow ….. I stumbled upon this site when it was referenced elsewhere. Nowhere else on the web (that I’ve found) can you actually “discuss” the case, the family etc. in such a calm environment. Love it.

    I’ll be back!!!

  340. Well Dave, I said something to granmomma regarding us and you here and that is why I got in trouble over at blink. Blink herself said somehting to me. But I did apologize for getting my knickers in a twist. I was told I was name calling, but all I really told gmomma was to take some advils if her head was hurting from reading us commenters/anti-anthony’s. I did also say she was probably one of those bloggers who use the bad names when refering to the Anthony’s, Casey, Baez.

  341. lulu~~Casey appeared in the courtroom just the way her defense wanted her portrayed. It is a well known fact, a defense attorney will groom their client in how to act, when in the courtroom.

    Linda from New York~~sociopathic manipulators are much smarter than what we give them credit for. To the sociopath, it is a struggle for survivor in their fantasy world. They tend to excel in deception. Eg: Why is this case still unsolved?

  342. Hi Dave Wow lots to read. Lots of emotion. Yesterday I went into the local nature center and filmed a doe and her twin fawns. It’s amazing how calming an outing like that is. It sounds like a few of you could use a deversion like that.

  343. Sherry ~ that is not a bruise under Caylee’s eye, it is a strand of her hair. If you look at the pic on Daves’s thread, posted above, you can clearly see the hair and no bruise at all on Caylee’s face. Just sayin’!

  344. Dave~~ we may have to ground our red headed kid.

    I just left Blinks….no big deal. When you are a newcomer and go to blog for the first time, it is best not to come across too harsh to a one of the blogs regulars. It is a natural instint for the moderator of the blog to defend their own.

    In this case, one commenter thought that Dave was an Anthony lover because he shook George’s hand. The commenter came across as an anti-Anthony. This person did not know that
    Dave went to a memorial at Blanchard and shook Richard Grunds hand. Richard, who is now being persecuted my Cindy Anthony.

    If Dave was writing an article about God, I can see him shaking hands with the devil to get both sides of the story.

  345. Gngrsnap626 – It was only a couple of miles away. I think Cindy worked at the Winter Park Gentiva. If not, it was about 6-7 miles away, but driving anywhere on 436 is no prize.

  346. Good Afternoon Dave & Co….Been awhile since My last visit. First off Dave,I know this is off topic,but I have to commend you on the following issues, 1) The French Beef Au Gratin, was BIG HIT for dinner, 2) Was your heart doing double time when you were seized by the bailiff. LOL! That was quite an honor to meet Your Honor,what a GREAT story.

  347. I left a comment over there at Blink’s, Linda From New York. Hopefully, that will calm the rough waters. Thank you for giving me your support. I don’t think Blink is really mad at you.

  348. Ah, Nancy Drew. I am very happy to learn the French Beef Au Gratin was a big hit. That pleases me to no end. As for my meeting with the judge, I don’t know if my heart raced or not. It races all the time, anyway. Did I have a sinking feeling in my heart? No, because I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong. Was I perplexed? Absolutely, because I didn’t know I had done anything right. Let me tell you, it was a marvelous experience, to say the least. Thank you for letting me know about the meal and how much you liked my story. It’s great to hear from you again.

  349. LOL! You are very welcome,I’m sorry that your father has been ill, I ‘m sure that keeps you running,I know that feeling very well. I hope he is is feeling better soon. My son is in Culinary and loves the tips you have here,it helps him out on school projects! Speaking of which we are heading for the kitchen now with more tips. Hope to be back soon. Take Care. ND

  350. Olive, I’ve magnified both the pic on Dave’s one post and the one at Blink’s. If you look you will see that under that hair is a bruise.

  351. Thank you for asking about my father, too, Nancy Drew. He drove to the supermarket today and he’s back to talking about Democrats. That’s a sign that he’s improving.

    Your son is in culinary school? Great! I hope I can help him with my Marinating Tips page. That would really make my day. Yup, time to eat.

  352. Thank you Dave. It is so much easier to view than the one on Blink. Certainly does not look like Caylee was scared. Like she knew who the person was taking the picture. Sometimes tabloids make pictures look like they have been cut and pasted on any background of their choice. The bruise looks less doctored. You must have gone to a lot of trouble to do that. Appreciate it very much.

  353. I have had a good time reading all day as I ‘slave’ away. I have more than made up for missing work to go back home, lots of success here! (I love my job!)

    I read both blogs, Dave’s & Blink’s – plus a few others including Snoopy’s & of course my own. It has been a very lively day every where today!!

  354. Marinade~~you are asking for trouble, you big turkey. Try as you may, you will never succeed in breaking me and Stan up.

    Stan loves the way I groom before I sit in front of the monitor and watch the motions. Hair done up in big pink rollers, ratty ole terry green housecoat, mules, and I even take my dentures out and run on the rims. But underneath this garb, is ALL WOMAN and frisky to boot.

    Eat your heart out Marinade….I love the man who has a nice gavel.

  355. I am not going to comment on your blog anymore until you apologize to the Canadians.
    I may even inform Her Majesty that you said that the judge wondered if she had idiots in her Commonwealth.

    I will check back later for your humble apology.

  356. Nice comment at Blink Dave. Blink commented back underneath yours.

    I’d like to think I played a small role in keeping the peace today!

    Now I’m gonna go marinate some chicken ya’ll

  357. Dave, I have a question about this:
    “Sterling1462 – I understand what you are saying, but Baez and his team are not the first defense attorneys to open their mouths and they won’t be the last. Look, even the well-respected Mark NeJames had press conferences. Was he hurting the Casey defense by opening his mouth? John Morgan loves to promote his law firm. When Mark Peterson was charged with murder, his lawyer, Mark Geragos, held press conferences out the yazoo. Why are you singling out this particular case? You make it sound like Baez is breaking all sorts of laws and legal precedent. ”

    My question is did these others lawyers ask for a change of venue due to tainting of the jury pool that they were responsible for? Isn’t that what Baez et al are doing?

  358. I had to comment Snoop & LNY –

    Most men would like to think is not the size of the gavel its the . . .

    nevermind you get the picture

  359. Dancehappy – Since no one but Scott Peterson was charged with a crime, at least the ones I named in my example, let’s just stick with him. I mean, ZG isn’t on trial for murder. Neither are George and Cindy, might I add, although it’s quite evident some people think otherwise. OK, here’s the dope on Peterson:


    Go there, read it, come back and ask me the same question again. That dirty Geragos. How dare him taint the jury pool.

  360. Who is Mark Peterson? Is he related to Scott, the one that is on death row for killing his wife, Lacy?

  361. Snoopy, I really respect your opinion , but I still don’t see Casey as a witty game-playing master criminal. I just don’t think she’s that bright. I think we may read too much into things looking for clues.
    The Blink people seem to think that photo is the Holy Grail. Am I missing something? Actually working on one of my cases today and might have diminished frontal lobe cells.

    Laura, sorry. We won’t be in Fla til New Years Eve. But that would be a fun time to come!

  362. Dave I was talking about the comment about Ricardo and globe….. Just wondering your thoughts on it! I never miss any of you or Snoopy’s comments!

  363. I tend to lean your way, lulu. After seeing her in court, Casey is no brain surgeon. She’s not even a brain.

    I also am very suspicious of that photo. I won’t say no, but I definitely won’t say yes.

  364. Laura, my dear, I need to go back and do some reading on Morales before I could say anything about him and that photo. For all we know, there’s a possibility that the shirt was left at someone’s apartment and it wasn’t picked up until she spent another night with the dude du jour.

  365. Linda from NY~~ thank you for saying hi to me. My wonderful have slammed the door in my face, and now my mom wants to ground her red headed step child!!! Lulu~ I don’t think there is much to the picture either my point about the shirt is, the family said they didn’t think she had one like it. She did, there is a picture of her in it looking happy well before the day they found her and the shirt. New Year’s Eve would be fun, then I could get my step daddy for ignoring me. (not hard he has a judge on his side my bail would be like a million dollars for a small bruise)

  366. Dave you are KILLING ME! I am not saying Ricardo had anything to do with the shirt I was just saying we know from his le interviews he sold photos (he deleted emails from globe b4 he turned over laptop), maybe that is how the Globe got that photo. I do not know for sure just thinking out loud, some think Jose sold it for Casey surely she would not be that stupid?. I am not name calling, or at least that was not my intention….

  367. Dave – you know not to tease us ladies who are now thinking about gavels and all . . .

    What am I thinking? My hubby has a very nice gavel.

  368. The picture had to have been taken several months before Caylee died and it does show a bruise below her left eye. There is a picture of Caylee at Ricardo’s apartment with a bruise below Caylees left eye. Ricardo said she hit hear head on the table. This picture was printed in The Globe in October of 2008 2 months before Caylees remains were found.

  369. That is exactly what I meant, Laura. I don’t remember that Ricardo sold photos to the Globe, but if he did, then I would say there’s a high probability that he sold the pic to that rag mag and it becomes meaningless as far as the death is concerned. I wasn’t thinking anything about name calling.

  370. OOOOoooooHHHhhhhh

    There are so many gavel limericks running through my head right now.

    Note to self: Cannot compete with Snoopy.

    Dave I’ve been known to gaze in the direction of a man’s gavel – but like you, with your sideways glances at women walking into Walmart – I try to do it discreetly.

  371. I’m iffy on it, too, Wiggle Room. I think Casey could have left articles of clothing, hers and Caylee’s, all over the place. That blouse could have been left at Ricardo’s until the next time she slept at his place. Quite possibly, no one in her family would have seen it. Lee, for sure, because he didn’t live with the Anthonys. He didn’t see Casey and Caylee every day. There are other things that just don’t compute, not related to the blouse, of course. Why, if Casey was (and still is?) this shrewd and intelligent sociopath, would she just abandon a car that would absolutely, completely, 100%, incriminate herself? To leave a clue? Why would Baez sell a picture for Casey? So she could leave a clue? In my opinion, and I mean this 100%, that girl did not leave stupid clues around because she was so stupid, she never once thought about getting caught. If she was so intelligent, why did she allow herself to get caught?

  372. lulu~~We all look at this case in different angles. BTW, I respect your opinion as well.

    I have been of the opinion that Casey murdered Caylee to revenge her mother. She dreamed it, she planned it and, when the straw eventually broke the camels back, she carried it out spontaneously while in a fit of rage.

    Cindy was scared of Casey. Cindy may come across as being very domineering but when it came to Casey, she feared her. She feared her because Casey had the power to take the one person away who gave Cindy unconditional love.

    Caylee did not lie and steal from Cindy. Caylee did not have a gambling addiction. Caylee wasn’t instrumental in having Cindy’s wages garnished because the IRS wanted their share of a pension fund ( George’s).

    I watched the jail house videos…Cindy was crying. Casey’s words while laughing, “Why is she crying already?” Cindy was begging and pleading, in a gentle way so Casey’s temper wouldn’t flare up, to try and find out where Caylee was. Not an alive Caylee, but the remains.

    On July 3rd, Cindy wrote on MySpace, ‘My Caylee is Missing.’

    This is Casey’s response…

    The message, titled “Diary of Days,” read:

    “On the worst of worst days, remember the words spoken
    Trust no one, only yourself.
    With great power, comes great consequence.
    What is given can be taken away.
    Everyone Lies.
    Everyone Dies.”

    There is another one that Casey had on her MySpace or Facebook, am unsure at this time..

    It referred to spending days and even months trying to figuring things out, putting the pieces together. It ended…’or move the eff on.’

    Just a couple more things that I base my opinions on…. oh, and let’s not forget the Diary left in Casey’s room, pages torn out so it was a question as to when it was written.

  373. The last one you quoted was from the missing childrens site that had a quote from Tupac…that’s a biggie in this case.

  374. I understand, I thought you was saying I thought he had something to do with murder. I am better now, I was just saying interview, le, globe, computer, sold stuff etc. etc. etc. SNOOPY, Stan is probably feeling dirty right about now. Owensmeany/lilyowen/lily (I love all the names) NO one can compete with Snoops humor, she is great!

  375. Thinker~~just watch Marinade come back after Jeopardy and try to tear my theory all apart.

    I think it is a man thing!!

  376. Laura~~why would Stan be feeling dirty? I am sure the cleaning lady takes care of his gavel. She probably gives it a little pound after shining it all up to see if it can still bang.

  377. Well, Snoops, I could tear your theory apart and I’m not a man.

    Recall Thompson stating, “Just the facts Jack” when in fact a lot of what he had stated didn’t resemble fact but more of an attitude and presumption.

  378. Snoopy- I bet Stan is blushing right now!
    Lily- I must confess I do the same… and wonder, boxers , briefs or commando!
    Dave, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!
    Can’t help myself!
    OK ladies –
    Which one is Dave?
    I vote briefs!

  379. Phone calls, company, reading Cindy’s depo (will I ever finish?), blogging: I am tired. Goin to watch TV and fold some laundry. Oops, missed Ghost Whisperer.

  380. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    OH MY!!

    I can’t stop laughing right now – much needed after today’s events!!

  381. I really don’t recall much mention of G’s gambling problem…only that he said he caught caught up in an email scam from the UK if I recall correctly. He only told Cindy he lost it gambling; probably the same thing, scam-gamble, what’s the dif?

  382. Thinker~~you have the right to tell me that I am full of attitude and presumption. I can handle constructive criticism as we all should.

    If I could not handle criticism, I would of had Marinade knocked off a long time ago.

  383. Thinker~~~online gambling can be an addiction. Any addiction is frowned upon when you are emloyed with a Security Co.

    A Nigerian Scam is a one time money venture and not considered an addiction.

    Which one did George choose in his FBI statement? Uh huh…

  384. I didn’t say you Snoops. I was referring to Thompson’s written statment on the blog the other night. If that was indeed the same guy.

  385. I don’t think you’ve been around security people much or perhaps do not pay that much attention. I seriously doubt they go through the scrutiny you may assume they do.

  386. Thinker~~I think it probably was Thompson or someone doing a pretty good imitation. Due to Thompson’s explicit, graphic, literary skills, I have totally debunked his whole statement.

  387. Thinker~~Are you telling me that someone who applies for a security position, does not have a thorough background check? Maybe the laws south of the border are not as stringent as here?

  388. Of course background check…they aren’t hiring people straight from the penn! However, I doubt that covers gambling problems, drinking problems, drug problems…unless, of course, they’ve been busted.

  389. Dave~~will you stop going to Websleuths? What the heart doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t feel.

    You know the truth so why should what some yokel says matter.

    It takes two to create a fight. The one who steps away is the better of the two.

    You cannot spend your precious time defending your honor.

    Snoopy has spoken.,… Let me know if you want me to go and put them out of their misery.

  390. I’m not calling you a liar Dave…just didn’t want anything to pop up from the author in question. Who cares about those nosy busy bodies over there? Iknow I don’t!

  391. George got into the gambling when he bunged up his knee. He wanted to make some fast money.
    Re~~interview with FBI When he got his first workmen’s comp check, he paid alot of his gambling debt off. I didn’t know Nigerian Scams let you run up a tab???

  392. This is my opinion only – but the owner of WS – cannot STAND any competition. Especially the kind that keeps things above board. Now, I haven’t been involved in all of the BS that went down there – I’ve never been a member of WS or anything but I know this because of another case I am interested in due to Blink (Christine Sheddy) Since she (WS) was exposed as having a convicted child molester as an administrator at her forum things have really gone downhill and gotten totally out of hand. She banned 100’s of users – who immediately registered at other forums or started their own blogs including Blink.

    The rest is ancient history except for the fact that the types of raids you experienced the other night Dave – it happens at a lot of other wordpress and netblogger forums that are local and write about local missing women/children.

    What I said earlier – don’t let your guard down. I’ve learned a lot about human nature and the awful lengths some will go to to make money.

  393. You know Dave, those are the type of people I would want no affilation with whatsoever. Dooffeses IMO. I hate people like that! I really do.

  394. That information makes me wonder if the administrator really knew this person or was merely enamored by their writings.

  395. lily~~I heard alot of what you wrote at Blinks. I had no idea it was quite that bad. I did a quick pop in and out so could not tell what kind of a blog it was. I guess if the blog generates an income, they want as many hits as possible and will try any ploy to get them.

  396. I just read it, Dave. There was someone last night that stood up for ya. Eh, let ’em talk….
    Looking forward to your next read

  397. Dave is definately dealing with some serious Gavel Envy. Having been recognized for his ability to avoid premature speculation seems to have created some level of resentment among those who are unable to hold back until the timing is right.

  398. By the way, Blink wrote a very gracious response to Dave’s comment on her site. She is obviously an individual with a great deal of class, and sincerely appreciates and respects Dave’s Blog philosophy.

  399. That’s very interesting, lilyolily. The owner of Websleuths actually had a convicted child molester as her right hand man? And she thinks I’m dirty? That’s disgusting.

    Thank you for this information.

  400. Yeah, the Bronx Cheer doesn’t over well in writing.
    No cursing here, right? Picture me lifting my right hand exposing only one finger. The middle one.

  401. Hey Dave – I’m from Kansas, and even I know what the Bronx Cheer is.
    By the way, in case you are not watching, NY just scored the first run of the game.

  402. So a child molester was part of a site/blog, that has pictures of young missing children pasted everywhere?! I shudder at the thought. I did hear about that a while ago.

  403. If we spend our time comdemning other blogs, we are placing ourselves in the same category as the Nitwits. We will become Nitwits too.

    Ignorance is bliss.

    How many proverbs do I have to relate to get my message across?

    I have to go and suffer thru some more of Cindy’s dep.

  404. You mean WS, lulu? That since no one there can back up the claim that I talked to the judge, it didn’t happen. I made it up. Or, the judge was actually reprimanding me instead. There were plenty of witnesses who saw me float out of that courtroom. I think the site is like Confederate money; worthless now. Look at it. It used to be buzzing with activity. Today, it’s got people who have nothing better to do than smear others. It’s sad to see a once proud site fall into such disarray and public neglect.

  405. i completely understand. Been there. Best to just move forward – what others thinks is what others think. You have a great blog and many great commenters here – sometimes its best to just stay home 😉

  406. Dave, had it not been for your blog, I’d probably still have mine up. Like I said before…I like yours the best!

  407. Thank you. I promise, no more complaining about something that is only going to make them feel better about themselves. No point in joining the misery loves company crowd.

  408. Dave~~I know for a fact that you spoke with Stan. How do I know for sure?

    It will be my new post for tomorrow.

    Stan, darling, you macho hunk of a man, thank you from your fiesty Canadian Woman.

    Who I may add is not an idiot who works for the Insanitation Dept.

    ta ta for now darlings….

  409. I am going to steal all Dave’s contributors and invite them to my sandbox…

    lobster, beer, red and white wine, clams, mussels, scallops , oysters, sex

  410. Love Oysters!

    Glad you’ve moved on from the earlier stuff Dave. I only brought that stuff forward so you would have a tiny bit of history. As usual you have and will deal with it in your own way!

    Its so not worth any more discussion.

  411. Marinade~~aren’t you the least bit curious about my new post?

    I am naming it Cleaver Cleavage in Automation

    Marinade Mania or

    SnoopyStanSleuth or

    The Judge and the Canadian Idiot

  412. Well, ya’ll

    my wild and crazy life now demands I go to bed so I can do it all over again tomorrow

    Watch out for the sexy oysters, Snoopy

  413. Dave~~actually, I don’t have the time to write a post. I was just making jest. I still have to read all the deps etc etc etc

    This page is getting slow to load…lots of comments..

  414. Dave, How close is the location where latest child missing coming home from school to that location of Haleigh Cummings

  415. I thought I heard you say am I in trouble or I hope I’m not in trouble to the court bailiff when she told you Judge Strickland wanted to meet you. That’s what it sounded like on the video. It was kinda funny, I’d expect anyone to be somewhat nervous.

  416. I have to respectfully disagree 100% on Daves comments about Casey’s looks being unchanged. There has been a steady decline in her appearance each time she shows for a court hearing. She doesn’t look healthy mentally or physically. From the photos I’ve seen & not just the tattoo pics, prison is clearly taken it’s toll on her face & body.

    Without going into petty details if you compare her from the time they arrested her..when she was in the interview room primping up a storm every time one of the detectives would leave, talking in a chipper voice strutting when she walked you see a whole different Casey in all manners of looks & body language & it is all for the worst.

    Every time I see her she looks a little more despondent too, like it’s all just starting to sink in, the severity…no remorse for killing Caylee but the fact that this is her life & right now is about as good as it’s going to get. Plus the death penalty looming over her, it’s eating her alive & the stress is showing on her back, the dark circles under the eyes etc.

    I’m not being snarky but since Dave brought it up…

    For someone who for years got by on her looks you could see Casey was devastated & humiliated to expose the tattoo & have the unflattering pics of her back all over the internet. She didn’t mind exposing skin before with 1000’s of taudry, cheesy, some downright skanky pictures, but now not so much. Especially since the tattooo will help to put her away for life.

    Not being mean like I said but karma is a fact & she’s getting it full force. Her beauty is fading fast & she’s not even 25 yet…ino it was the only thing she cared about or had going for her…soon it’ll be gone.

  417. snoopysleuth // October 15, 2009 at 7:45 pm

    I noticed in the Motion for Change of Venue, they included alot of comments where Strickland’s name was mentioned. Most was pro Strickland’s decisions. It will be interesting to see how Stan views these.

    Dave~~ Take note of what I posted on Oct 15th. This was before the motions on the 16th. Now this would be a good reason for Strickland to check out the blogs, including yours. The defense did make it a point to single out comments where Strickland’s name was mentioned.

    Now what would be their reason for this, I wonder?

  418. For those who defend Cindy & George how do you feel about the way they effortlessly & tirelessly continue to try & pin the murder Casey committed on innocent bystanders.

    They could watch Jesse Grund, Zaneida, Amy, Ricardo, Tony get framed go to prison for life & get the needle & sleep well every night of their miserable lives.

    That I can’t wrap my head around, it’s rotten to the core when they are not in denial. they know Casey kiled caylee & have been actively covering up, obstructing justice, framing innocent people in the hopes of setting the real killer free since around august of 2008.

    All I see is ugly when I look at Cindy, George & Lee inside & out. Read their latest depositions with the state from just Aug. 2009, they have only gotten worse in the massive amount of lying & blaming others.

    Enjoy your blood money now anthonys because you can’t take it with you to the pits of hell. What they are doing now is exactly why casey killed Caylee, she never had to be held accountable for her actions & in her sick mind she thought LE would ‘overlook Caylee’s disappearence’ just like her family overlooked & cleaned up after her stealing, lying, whoring & now murder.

  419. The amount of Cindy’s lies is amazing. She must spend hours and hours of a day just making up lies to tell at depositions, to the press and to herself. I bet she lays in bed at night anticipating every angle of the case and making up a lie to counter it.

    I bet she’s making up lies in her head as she showers, puts on make up, washes dishes and eats lunch. Whatever mental problem she has must be severe, chronic and and incurable.

    I am so so glad NOT to be her and have to live with what she lives with. But on the other hand she seems to have been born without a truth gene. Mabye making up lies is an enjoyable hobby for her.


    Watch your thoughts, they become words.
    Watch your words, they become actions.
    Watch your actions, they become habits.
    Watch your habits, they become your character.
    Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

    The Anthony’s couldn’t be a better example of seeing this manifest in the worst possible way.

    This was on another site & spot on in describing this family of deceitful liars.

  420. To the Anthony’s: It’s dishonorable & counter productive to think you’re showing your love & commitment to a family member by enabling, encouraging, endorsing evil, criminal behavior.

    Love them, stand by them, but hold them accountable for their actions. To do otherwise-by obstructing an investigation, hiding evidence, framing & ruining innocent lives- is an abomination to justice & to innocent, murdered Caylee.

    What’s disgusting & despicable about the Anthonys is –they have no problem dragging innocent people, even entire families (the Grunds) through the mud. …..Do they care about the lives they’ve ruined so far? What they are doing to former friends & boyfriends who once trusted Casey & were ripped off by her?

    Implicated for kidnapping, murder by the Anthony’s? Strangers…unsuspecting bystanders who had the misfortune of just crossing paths with Casey? Some never met her (Zeinada) some were friends from high school with no contact since but were still named as suspects or persons of interest. Some don’t even exist. Yet in the State depos Cindy, George & Lee were still at it full force, trying to finger someone, anyone else to blame but Casey. that’s what hell is for, evil actions purposely trying to ruin innocent lives.

    OK I’m done & taking a long vacation from anything to do with the Anthony’s, I feel filthy just reading their vile garbage spewing crap in those depos.

  421. Hi, Gina

    I saw this part of your comment this morning – and thank you for bringing it over from Blink (Muse). It is pretty profound

    Watch your thoughts, they become words.
    Watch your words, they become actions.
    Watch your actions, they become habits.
    Watch your habits, they become your character.
    Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

  422. I guess I’ll stay out today of the whole assumption that Dave’s site is all about ‘defending the Anthony’s’. Its not. But I already went down this road yesterday and think I’ll travel a different path today!

    Morning Mr Marinade and troops!

    Why-o-Why does 5:30am seem earlier and earlier every day?

  423. Many thanks Dave for your kind message. I apologize right away for my English writing, it can sound strange sometimes but it is not my mother tongue.
    You’re right Europe is wonderful and I get the opportunity to visit United States and you have beautiful places too. Wines are exceptional here as you said are to die for!…and just for that it’s worth a visit.
    I’m very interested in the case since the beginning, I used to go on CNN news to have another point of view of the world, I really do not know if it a good website or not but it is where I first heard about Caylee. I’m a mother myself of two little princesses and what stoke me much was this story of a mother who reported her daughter missing after 31 days!! I must admit that I was shocked ( perhaps due to my Italian origins lol) and I got a bad vibes for Caylee. I was hoping that she was found safe. Due to my living in the other side of the world it is difficult to follow the court hearings or the special show on the case. I tried to found on Internet some site who gave news on the case, there are numerous but they all tinted with a sort of opinion. And I found your blog, and yesterday I decided to leave my 1st message after you told us the anecdote with Judge Strickland. Your work on this case is enormous and it helps to understand…espacially for me from the outside.
    Concerning the Antonys I must say that I was upset with this strange family but after all when you think about it closer I guess it would be difficult to know how WE would react at such drama in a family. It is not easy to take someone shoes even for some minutes only! They are facing the loss of their grand daughter and the loss of their daughter in some ways, the idea that their daughter can be responsible of this drama, their life have been up sided down and scrutinized by medias. I’m not excusing their behavior but I can understand the pressure on their head everyday that leads to make some strange choices and some time bad but their future is now in the hand of justice. They probably know that they first deposition can harm their duaghter’s defense team…

    Many thanks for sharing your theory, your explanation of the place in Orlando, it is open my mind clearer on this case.
    have a nice day from the other side of the sea

  424. Snoopy – I think one of the things the defense failed to understand in those comments referenced in the motion for a change of venue is that those comments came from everywhere, including out of state and out of country. Didn’t Baez specifically mention one blog? That blog doesn’t even generate from Florida, nor do most of the commenters. I don’t see a point. If the defense had just stuck with local media in its argument, I could understand where he’s going with it. Why would praise for the judge from Canada or Indiana or California have any impact on a Florida jury? Why would any blog influence a jury? It didn’t make sense to me.

  425. Me too buddy.

    I don’t think you will have to. Some people are gonna think – what they’re gonna think. It’s kind of obvious most of the comments were lifted either verbatim or close to it from Blink’s site.

    You’re up and about early! Hope things are good with Marinade Sr and Ma Marinade!

  426. Hi, Rita from Luxembourg – It was my pleasure to respond and it’s just as nice to have you with us.

    I think everyone was shocked when Casey said it had been 31 days since she last saw her daughter. That’s what created such an uproar and fascination with this case. It reached into everyone’s heart, especially mothers. How could a mother do this? Even if she isn’t guilty of the murder, how could she have just ignored it?

    As for the Anthony family, I tend to lean more with you. I know they’ve done some things I disagree with and I don’t know how I would react under the same conditions, but what bothers me the most is that a fair amount of the populace has become the judge and jury and they want to put them out of their misery. No one has a right to condemn another human being. Look at the most recent comments from Gina. There is a strange obsession over George and Cindy. I’m the type of person that feels that nature will take its course. There is a time and place for everything and if the time comes that the state of Florida decides the Anthonys have abused the law, then the state of Florida will decide what action needs to be taken. Until then, I may have my opinions, but condemnation is not an opinion and it’s not an option in real life. Not when it comes to people who are not their peers to begin with. Sure, opine all you want, but don’t condemn. That’s where I don’t see eye to eye with many.

    I am going to spend part of the day going over those recent depositions. I want to see if I can pick up any hidden clues, not like cryptic messages, but more like reading between the lines. If something is found, I will expound on it. Meanwhile, I have other work to do, but thank you very much for getting back to me, please make yourself at home here, and keep joining in. If you have any thoughts or questions, that’s why we are here. It’s a very competent group of people. Until then, guten tag, mein freund.

  427. I’m up early because I always try to get up by 7 to take my morning meds. Sometimes, I fall back to sleep for a couple more hours. It all depends on how I slept that night. I don’t know about the folks. I haven’t heard a word from them yet.

  428. Since most people don’t have the guts to come on and make silly comments until the middle of the night – It would be a bad trend if that’s what you had to look forward to every morning.

    But I think soon – it will all roll off your back. You’re becoming much more well known – and with that territory comes a bit of jealousy and other stuff.

    Skip over the Captain Obvious comments if you can?

  429. There are a lot of things that can disturb anyone in this case but as you said I do not think that judging or hating the Anthony will help to find the truth. People can sometimes let their emotions overflow. The Anthonys have done so many mistakes but it concerns the malfunction of their family which now I think they have to deal with and heal their wounds.
    have a good work…I will continue mine.

  430. jilligan45 it is then. I switched from owenmeany to my wordpress account name lilyolily a couple of days ago so we’re dealing with identity crisis at the same time.

  431. OH Jilligan WHY are you doing this to me? I will take forever to read this poor owensmeany/lilyowen/lily is still a long name! Good morning by the way, glad you are back. lol

  432. Dave – don’t know how many – but you’ve got a BUNCH of comments on this article. Even with my very high speed access it takes a long time to reload.

    Not complaining about your popularity Sir but maybe you could give us a fresh Page 2 or ‘continued’ just for comments?

    Or maybe this is a blatant attempt at getting you to release a new article (LOL)

  433. not read REMEMBER your new name. I am on the phone and can’t concentrate… lol I can’t do two things at once!

  434. Laura – I did it just to mess with you because I know you don’t already have enough on your plate to deal with!

  435. I am soooo tired again this morning, I thought the fresh sea air would help the cause of my walking pneumonia, I think it made the crud worse! My immune system is so down to begin with, Sometimes I think I pretend I’m wonderwoman….lol

  436. LOL lily! I am still doing two things at once and it is hard to listen and have other thoughts in my head. Lord help me. How are you today?

  437. Yes, yes yes… my children like to think that too….. mom’s are never supposed to be down, cruddy and cranky 🙂

  438. I’m good – getting to work from home yesterday and today (hopefully the rest of the week too)! That’s why I’m like a gnat buzzing around all day.

    My comment that went to SPAM was begging Dave to start a page 2 so that the comments won’t be so hard to reload since it looks like there are well over 650 by now.

    How are you doing? Doing good work like you do has to be rewarding.

  439. hahaha Jilligan – mom’s have every reason to be down cruddy and cranky. If not us – then who? Mine starts with my 16-y-0 son picking one bite out of the cheese omelet and toast I made for him at 5:30. Feeling so under appreciated! I was a hero with my lab and yorkie with the leftovers tho. They always treat me right.

  440. Very interesting comments duringn the extreme wee hours of the morning, it amazes me how so many people grow a set of peanuts when they think no one is watching. But believe me, I’m used to it… I guess one of my super human powers is to block it out…well, for the exception of yesterday…lol, Dave I was just outon your marinating site and OMG I can’t wait to muster up the energy and go home and cook!

  441. I love my job. I wish I could retire though, I enjoy talking to you all more! My girls think I am nuts. Oh to be thought of as wonder woman.

  442. Jilligan you should zip to starbucks! I did. No one should sit and judge you for your friends. You only met them a year ago, you wasn’t around when raising their daughter. They should sale the peanuts they grow.

  443. peanuts mmmmm now i want peanut butter toast.

    and a latte from starbucks

    thanks a lot

    One thing interesting – haven’t heard anything about or from Mr. Thompson lately or have I missed something?

  444. Laura, your right. Starbucks it is! Honestly I really don’t care what people think, I’ve actullay known them longer than that, we have just become closer over the past year and few months, I know in my heart I know the real them. Aside from things that have been said or done on their behalf I may not have always agreed with, but who am I? …..just a very good friend. Anyway, judge away! I’m one of the coolest cat’s you’ll ever meet, just ask my 14 year old’s friends ….lol besides, the only reason I’m really out here is to get those really yummy marinating tips!

  445. Jilligan I thought you was here for my company! lol It is not our place to pick and choose your friends, that is not the kind of friend I am. Can’t speak for everyone. I love peanut butter toast, apples and peanut butter and peanut butter on a spoon! Dave is talking on phone he is not ignoring us.

  446. Laura, can I pick u up a latte as well? I’m thinking a couple of redbull’s may do the trick…lol

    I’m here for ya gyrl anytime!!! That’s it…. Grande Latte’s for all!!! witha splat of peanut butter on the side… ewe……..

  447. Sounds good! I am here for you too! I am glad lily was around yesterday to help you, not that you need our help but it is always nice to have someone to back you up.

  448. ok made my own peanut butter toast and coffee. guess i better get some work that i get paid to do done. dang jobs! i will be back soon. can’t stay away for long. Give Dave hell about being so popular his comment page is bogged down.

  449. Good morning all. No, didn’t just get up-the early morning is for job hunting

    Rita-You have nothing to apologize for. Your English writing is great!

    Tengard/Jilligan-Hope you feel better soon.

    Lily-Maybe I should get an alter ego. Me and the one who does not have thick skin-I got mad yesterday when someone made fun of Dave and us on Blink yesterday!

    Dave, if you are going to read the depos we won’t see you for days!! I am not kidding. I’m still reading Cindy’s, and it’s been, I think, since Sat or Sun.
    Is your Dad feeling better?

    One more thing: Go Yankees!

  450. my husband will be having surgery this Friday to have a tumor removed at the base of his brain. prayers are appreciated. also it will be our 32nd anniversary.

  451. Oh Martha. I just caught your comment about your husband. You will both be in my thoughts during this event on your 32nd year married. I know you must be frightened and many other things I can only imagine.

    Thank you for letting us know.

  452. Good morning Sherry and Linda. Martha, I will pray for your husband and you! I will also be thinking about you so please keep us posted.

  453. Sherry – I didn’t have a problem with Gina’s opinions. It just seemed to me that she wrote comment after comment after comment doing nothing but putting people down. If you agree with her, how come you don’t write lengthy and obsessive comments like that?

    I wrote about what I observed about Casey in the courtroom. I said she doesn’t look as bad or as fat in person, at least on that day. How can anyone disagree with me if they weren’t there? Had Gina been in the courtroom, I wouldn’t have mentioned it to her. I’m not downing her at all, I just don’t agree with her and I am allowed to voice an opinion, too.

  454. GM. The following is copied and a opinion, I guess. Why, why did the Anthony family have to take these unreal turns and twist right from the beginning? Why, why could they not see that lies and mistruths would come to the surface sooner or later? This is exactly why I feel so sorry for them…….the inconsistencies are many and almost like something from a made up novel. I have deleted a few bad words before posting.

    One thing is clear: Casey took a photo or photos from the house after she was released from jail, and that is “ZIP IT” material to the defense.


    I know the depositions were the topic of the last story, but I have been busy/just skimming them now.

    As Judge Strickland might point out:


    I had to go back and look at Cindy’s FBI interview. (I need to go back and look at George’s as well).

    Here are a few gems in the meantime:

    “The other thing is, why would you run out of gas and not just have someone just buy you a gallon of gas or two of gas until you can get to a gas station and fill up. It doesn’t make sense. So, I’m not sure why she would abandon the car. Especially if the car HAD ALL THIS EVIDENCE THAT’S GONNA LINK HER TO CAYLEE’S DEATH IN IT.” pp.56-57

    HUH,CINDY?? I thought you believed Caylee wasn’t DEAD at the time you spoke to the FBI. I thought you believed there was only a rotting PIZZA in the trunk of the Pontiac. I thought you didn’t think there was ANY EVIDENCE of Caylee’s DEATH last summer. I thought you wanted people to keep looking for her. (Like you want people to believe she is not dead NOW, because you, personally, refuse to look at the hard evidence showing that your grandchild’s remains–and no one else’s–were recovered around the corner from your house, where you and your children rode bicycles when they were growing up).

    Clearly, Cindy, you already knew that Caylee was DEAD, and already knew/understood that there was EVIDENCE OF CAYLEE’S DEATH IN THE PONTIAC, LINKING CAYLEE’S DEATH to Casey.

    That, dear friends, is AN UNINTENDED ADMISSION. And a HUGE one, at that. (I have said all along that CA and GA KNEW that Caylee was dead as soon as they got near that car). (I almost PUKED when I saw that she testified at the deposition that she went into the house and ATE LUNCH before going back to work on July 15, 2008, after just having been in the garage for several minutes with that Pontiac stinking up the entire space with Caylee’s DECOMP. Are you kidding me?? That is… just… BEYOND disgusting)

    Here is yet another winner:


    Got that?????? They WARNED GEORGE–BEFORE they even took him to the car on the lot– that it has SMELLED SINCE IT HAD BEEN THERE AT JOHNSON’S– AND TOLD HIM IT SMELLED AT AMSCOT–WHEN THEY PICKED IT UP. (does that jive with what Cindy Anthony tells the media, the State?? Hell to the NO.) (And if it was stinking on that lot, OUTSIDE… How the F did she go into the house and EAT LUNCH. Yahhh.. She didn’t. If she did anything, she PUKED. There is no way in Hades that this woman ATE LUNCH after smelling that vehicle. Either that was just another big, fat LIE… or she is a total MONSTER.)


    At one point, she almost COULD NOT SHUT UP about wanting to inflict PHYSICAL HARM on CASEY… ABOUT (wanting to) SHAKE HER PHYSICALLY.. about how she was afraid that if she started to shake her, she might not stop… and on and on about it (see pp. 65-66 for some pretty bizarre comments out of Cindy’s own mouth) (Ummmm.. if she believed Casey was a “victim”, how come she wanted to MURDER her? Yahhh.)

    DARK, DARK SECRETS in that house. Lie-telling is nothing new there. Major sickness abounds. I mean, Lee… with all that totally inappropriate laughter– STILL.

    This family has been in LIE-TELLING MODE since the VERY FIRST NIGHT. I believe the lies began BEFORE Cindy called 9-1-1 the last time. I think they sat there and tried to figure out a way to get out of this mess, and they had to come up with the Jay Blanchard park story when the Sawgrass story didn’t work out so well.

    One of my favorite portions of the transcript is when the FBI Agent interrupts Cindy’s utter nonsense and says:


    [Cindy interrupts “But I don’t think she was working during this time”– LOF-INGL]…

    He continues:

    [Cindy interrupts with nonsense]


    [Cindy interrupts]…


    [Cindy pretends that this is not an EXCELLENT point: “I don’t know. I could not elaborate.” Ha. All she does is ELABORATE and LIE-TELL when it suits her aim.]


    POLYGRAPH- FBI agent asks Cindy if she is willing to take a poly about all she told him during this interview–and she says, “Absolutely.” p.227

    Well…. apparently she LIED about that as well.


    Hmmmm…If Caylee was still ALIVE… why would she need to SUGGEST that some sort of “ACCIDENT” caused Caylee’s UNTIMELY DEATH? pp.227-228

    Let me get this defense diagram straight.

    A) Caylee is NOT DEAD. They cremated someone else’s baby’s remains. And that’s, ya know… NORMAL. (cue Lee’s inappropriate laughter here).
    B) Caylee is NOT DEAD, BUT… IF she IS, then some STRANGER did it.
    C) Forget B. Caylee is NOT DEAD, BUT… IF she IS, then some KNOWN person (Amy, Jesse, Tony, Ricardo, blahblahblah) did it.
    D) Wait. Forget B and C. Caylee is NOT DEAD, BUT… IF she IS, and it can be definitely linked to the last person to be with her while she was alive (ahem, Casey– OR Casey and George), then.. it was an ACCIDENT involving the pool and the ladder somehow.
    E) We take back D,–and the other stuff– because it was a STRANGER who stole Caylee through the back yard.
    F) We might take back D and E, because it was actually some KNOWN PERSON (Amy, Jesse, Tony, Ricardo, blahblahblah) who stole Caylee through the back yard.
    G) We take back all of the above, except for A, because Caylee is alive and living in California.. or New York… or Puerto Rico… or Georgia… or Miami.. or North Carolina.. or Texas…
    H) We’re still investigating, and we’ll let you know

  455. I really thought that was an interesting comment from silverspnr at Blink when I saw it this morning too. One of the best commenters at Blink IMO

  456. lilyolily, I so agree. I could not help but post it all over the net (geez, Renee). Silverspur has great analytical skills. Many of his/her comments make A LOT of sense.

  457. thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. i will let you know how the surgery goes. my husband says he is not afraid of dying as he knows he would be in God’s arms but just afraid of being totally paryalysed. He was in a very bad accident many years ago and was paralysed and had to learn to walk again, etc. He doesnt want to be dependent on anyone for care. But I know that Jesus wants to do good things for people and healing is one of them so I know that he will be doing great after Friday and on the road to recovery. Going on to the house, spending today and tomorrow at home–no “puter”. Will miss everyone here.

  458. You’ll be missed here Martha. Enjoy some quiet time with hubby! Happy anniversary to you two kids. Go act like newlyweds. I’ll definitely think of you on Friday. My best wishes for a full speedy recovery.

  459. Hello Marinade et al… I am going to try and finish reading the rest of the deps today so will be keeping a low profile…

  460. The cropped picture was cropped from the larger picture that was on the Oct. 10, 2008 cover of Globe magazine. The significance of the picture is that it was a picture of Caylee in a t-shirt that had the lettering “Big Trouble Comes in Small Packages”.

    A tattered pink t-shirt collar and the letters off of that t-shirt were found at the Suburban Rd site. The t-shirt had otherwise been destroyed by the elements. LE had found a shirt like that one and purchased it as an example of what the destroyed shirt might have looked like. I think that LE wanted to have on record from Cindy that the lettered t-shirt did come from the Anthony home, which she would not acknowledge before the picture was put in front of her. Her statement had been that Caylee did not own any lettered t-shirts.

    LE have investigated where the Globe got this picture which shows Caylee in a similar type of t-shirt being held by Caylee. The person that sold that picture to the Globe has probably been identified and LE knows who it is, but has not told us yet. Blink claims that that cropped picture was found at the crime scene site. This is the part has been certainly questionable to a lot of people. I would not think that the picture would have survived any better than the t-shirt did.

    We may not no of the significance of this, if there is any, until the trial.

  461. Meter Reader To Be Deposed In Casey Case
    Posted: 12:04 pm EDT October 21, 2009
    Updated: 12:43 pm EDT October 21, 2009

    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Casey Anthony’s defense team scheduled its deposition of meter reader Roy Kronk (read document). He is the man who found Caylee Anthony’s remains on December 11.
    Kronk will be deposed on November 19.

  462. Anna, the claim that this picture was found at the crime
    scene site is very interesting. Does anyone state what
    condition it was found in? You are right, likely not in good shape at all, if placed at the same time as Caylee’s body. Could it have been put there by someone after body was recovered? Whoever took the picture could have copies anywhere. Does anyone know if the original picture could have been reprinted in some local photo shop.

  463. Casey Anthony’s defense team scheduled its deposition of meter reader Roy Kronk. He is the man who found Caylee Anthony’s remains on December 11.
    Kronk will be deposed on November 19.

  464. Nope that statement that Blink said a photo was found at the crime scene is just false! In fact it was a total misreading by one commenter – and another commenter was patient enough to explain it to her further down. The commenter who first misread Blink’s article came across rude IMO and always uses all caps which is annoying to no end. Blink chose not to fix her error because she obviously didn’t read the facts very closely.

  465. Dave, I have just discovered your site and wanted to say thank you for providing a place for mature people to discuss this case.

    I live in the Orlando area, gasped when this story 1st broke, cried for the family, did searches for Caylee, and like everyone else, just want Justice for her.

    I have read the topix’s, comments from news outlets, etc, but get tired of the hate that spews from some posters. I certainly don’t understand the Anthony’s actions, but I have not walked in thier shoes, so I try not to judge.

    I enjoyed your article and I also like the idea that Judge Strickland reads the blogs. One must be informed to make an informed decision. I believe an impartial jury can be found in the Orlando area. I have spoken with many that have so much going on in thier lives, they cannot take the time to process each piece of evidence that comes out. My roommate is prime example, as she will ask me monthly, “So hows the case going?”

    If it is ok, I will come back. I tend to lurk and read more than I comment.

  466. I didn’t comment on that Beatrice. I think Anna did above. I thought there was something new that I had missed so I went to go check out Anna’s comment and that is what I found.

  467. I hope its not because of me? I just wanted to make sure that didn’t become an assumption in the case (a pic being found with Caylee’s remains).

    If I came across rude – please I didn’t mean to. Things like this become ‘fact’ or assumptions real easily in this case.

    I think I’ll just stick to commenting about Dave’s articles – nothing else while here. This becomes a no-win situation and its not my place to correct inaccuracies. I don’t know how people who have these blogs keep their sanity!

  468. Morgan? It is perfectly alright if you come back. As a matter of fact, I encourage it. Lurk all you want and comment when you feel the urge. Thank you for enjoying my articles and the ensuing comments. Please make yourself at home.

  469. Not rude at all Lilolily, It was my error in not checking
    back. I read, but do not comment often. Something new peaks my interest, but often I am out of context that is why I tell myself to stop. Thank you for that correction. if you had not stepped in I could have had too many thoughts about it.

  470. Anna – I will grant you that it is unfortunately a not real well-constructed sentence. And one other commenter misunderstood it like you did. But if you’ll read down to HK’s response to the other commenter that misunderstood the sentence (IVOIRE) you will understand. I’ve read that article many times – and I can see how some might have misunderstood the sentence.

  471. Dave, jimminy crickets, today I woke at 5 am est. decided to read all of your blog — instead of finishing the depos. My gush you really are fair and just. Hope you see this.

  472. Annie ~~Dave will read it in the mean time welcome! He has a lot of older post to you can find them up on the side bar. None of us are perfect but we for the most part get along. I hope to read some of your comments in the future!!

  473. Laura — That’s exactly what I did. I have read the sidebars, the rules, moaning and complaing. Then I started on Snoop’s blog – gosh, so many people with so many deep thoughts!! All, I want for X-Mas is peace, Justice for Caylee and some sort of portable gadgit to read the internet on the go.

  474. Annie LOL! I suggest a blackberry or some sort of cell phone with internet access. I love being able to keep up where ever I am at.

  475. Lilyolily, I am not understanding your post. I posted just above you post, a link to Blink’s statement about the Globe photo. If you follow the link that I posted, Blink’s first paragraph is very clear. I have not read the comments below, but after your comment, I went back up to my link and looked and am not finding what you are referencing about all caps, etc.

    The only reason that I posted this at all was because there were some comments about the cropped photo being of Caylee lying down, etc, and I had information to clear up that it was from the larger picture.

    I closed my statement stating that the Globe picture will be a mystery until the SA decides to release that information. And, I did not appreciate the comment about me keeping my comments to myself.

  476. What are you talking about Anna? I never told anyone to keep their comments to themselves? I am sorry but I am very confused. And quite honestly so are you.

  477. Why were some comments unfavorable toward the Anthonys deleted? They were by no means spam or posted by trolls. One was from Sherry, another Rene, what’s up with that? And why are the accusations against C & G never answered or responded to by their ‘so called friends’ just sarcastic & evasive little brush offs by these oily sleazes as if the questions haven’t been on the minds of millions of people disgusted with their atrocious actions.

  478. This is lilyolily – I had to reboot computer and haven’t logged back into my wordpress account yet.

    I am not going to comment on Blink’s articles here anymore – it seems fair for to stick to Dave’s topics while I’m here so I’m sorry if I got this too far off topic.

    The comments have gone on at length at both of Dave’s and Blink’s sites about this photo. The facts as I understand them are:

    1) There is a cropped version of the photo in the discovery evidence and its of obvious great interest to LE. I have read ALL 2,000 plus pages of Cindy’s, George’s and Lee’s recent interviews. There is a reason for their interest in this photo and the Anthony’s obvious cover up of it.

    2) A commenter at Blink’s discovered an uncropped version of this photo – it happened to appear in the October 2008 cover of the Globe.

    3) Blink wrote EXACTLY this: A cropped version of a photo of Caylee wearing the tshirt that is believed recovered with her remains.

    What she meant was a cropped version of a photo of Caylee wearing the tshirt – the same tshirt that is believed recovered with her remains.

    I agree – it could be misinterpreted to mean that the photo was recovered with her remains but that is NOT what was meant. You and IVOIRE at Blink are the only ones that I’ve seen that took this to mean the photo was with the remains. As I said before – the sentence could be misinterpreted.

    I am not going to comment on this any further because I was just trying to clear it up before it became an assumption that is wrong. I did not mean to stir anything up and I NEVER told anyone to keep their comments to themselves. I wouldn’t do that.

    Thanks –

  479. Jazzmin623 I am confused by your two posts.
    first you feel sorry for Tengard, and then your second one seems to contradict that. Just trying to see what you really mean .

  480. Um friends with the Anthony’s….being ironic, snide, Linda from NJ, also I’m testing what happens when you register. I thought I could delete my posts, looks like I was wrong. sorry dave. I don’t like this blog very much & won’t be back.

  481. Jazzmin, I don’t think you offended anyone, it’s a legitimate question that thousands of people agree with you on.

  482. It is not tengard’s job to answer questions regarding her friends. She owes none of us anything. If you want to ask questions about G&C maybe you should try and call them. Would you want your friends going around spreading your business? Do we not all have people we can trust and talk too? I don’t like the Anthony’s ways but just because someone is there friend does not give us the right to attack and ask personal questions about them. Everyone assumes they lie all the time what makes you think they tell the truth to their friends? I don’t get it. Like I said I have a lot of issues with the dynamic of that family but it is not Tengards job to answer my questions. jmo

  483. Laura…yet they come here & insert their opinions & disapproval of those asking the questions. Therefore opening themselves up to my type of response & criticism…
    Calling people who post names saying they have ‘small peanuts’ that sort of thing.

    Who cares anymore really…they are pathetic attention seekers just like their criminal pals…if not they certainly wouldn’t be here bragging about their friendship with the parents of a remorseless baby killer & the worst grandparents on the planet who should be charged with obstruction of justice, hiding evidence, malicious slander whatever the legal term is for that…etc etc. I’d rather be friendless than claim these subhumans as part of my life.

  484. Just because the A’s do things we don’t like does not mean that their friends are criminals. As far as I know the A’s aren’t criminals only their daughter. Yes they befriended her and let her get away with stuff most parents wouldn’t but that is not Tengards fault! It is no different when we degrade a innocent person then when the A’s do it.

  485. Oh & don’t tell me I don’t know them, I know enough facts about the Anthonys, plenty enough to say with certainty birds of a feather flock together…look at the Milsteads, Dom Casey all have shady in the Milsteads case criminal pasts. Look at the defense on Casey’s side all have no ethics have been in trouble with the bar & things to be ashamed of in their past too more so than the average lawyer.

    They have no consience or qualms about setting a sociopathic, lying, theiving baby killer free. Hey it might not be so bad if they getr what they are fighting for. casey will just go right back to stealing from her parents, lying, maybe killing, this time she might wipe them out financially for good, why should I care. I just want her punished for killing her beautiful little girl, call me crazy.

    It takes a special low on the bottom of the food chain to be part of this group of bottom feeders is all I’m saying & the anthony’s ‘friends’ are definately part of societies underseam.

  486. Welcome to the site, jazmin623!
    I don’t think Dave has deleted any comments of mine that have been unfavorable to the Ants. I’m usually careful about saying anything untoward about them here. Perhaps one slipped in?
    Nevertheless, Dave usually sets us straight for such comments instead of deleting them.

    So sad that the child’s body is found. I need to hear of a missing child being found alive and unhurt…. 😥

  487. One more thing Tengard does not attack me or anyone for our opinions when they are just that she may something if it is false or not fact. Like I said I am not a fan, but I am not in their shoes and I believe I know how I would handle myself and it would be none of the things you listed. I just think you have only been around for a minute Tengard herself says she does not agree with all they do but regardless she is a friend and I am sure she is not the only friend they have. I doubt they act the way they do all the time. I am not asking you to change your opinion of them but I think you should give tengard a chance before you attack her. We could all use a friend like her. You know one that does not turn on you and talk chit behind your back. jmo

  488. You have not been around so let me say I lost twins I know what loss is about and yes it is HORRIBLE and I would like to see justice served on Casey. The Anthony’s did not murder Caylee! In the USA we are innocent until proven guilty and blah blah blah she has to have a attorney that is how it works. I think if Dave his rathers he would rather you spew your hatred for the A’s without attacking his commenters.

  489. So jazmin – exactly what do you expect to gain by your drive-by comments calling others subhuman, etc. ? Does it make you feel a little bigger? ‘Cause I hope somebody is getting something from it – would hate for it to go into the big echo chamber of these same types of comments out there on the blogs. For some of us it just gets really tiresome and boring. That’s why we’re here and not where you usually comment.

  490. I am stepping in here for one reason, and one reason only, DAVE.

    I do not take sides in these back and forth issues that seem to get nowhere but create animosity among most of you.

    If you have any RESPECT for Dave and the work he does for you, quit making his blog into a BATTLEGROUND.

  491. I’ve been reading through some of todays comments…now I know what Dave meant yesterday.

    He doesn’t want the type of comments that bash, only the ones that discuss. And, from what I know of him, one may leave a dissenting view if it is done tactfully.

    Reading a bunch of beacthing could get really irritating and makes others super sensitive.

    Just My Opinion as Always

  492. Annie – Sorry, I had to step out for a few hours, but I found you. Thank you. I do try to be fair and just, but like anyone else, I have my moments. I hope you find it comfortable here. Please comment any time you want and keep reading. I’ve written about a lot of different things.

  493. I suggest you all take a few deep breaths. Go have a nice iced tea or hot tea.

    Dave went out this afternoon and look what he has to face when he comes back. Not only does he have his own health issues to deal with, his father is very ill. Let’s have some compassion for the one who makes this blog possible.

    Think about it!!

  494. Dave: I wonder if the Globe could have done some computer work to make the shirt look like the one of interest. Is that possible? I don’t know much about computers. I do know I don’t trust the rag mags for true info.

  495. Dave~~ I guess I got here too late to read …delete my comments in bold, if you want. I got a little hot under the collar when I just saw what was happening , once again.

  496. Carol isn’t that the truth about the rag mags. Dave sorry if I was out of line I don’t get the personal attacks on Tengard. I am taking the night off no more comments, because I feel bad that you are probably upset! Oh and the reason I am taking the night off is to punish myself not YOU! 🙂

  497. Yesterday morning was it Hadley. Today, it’s someone else. Only closed minded people have the power to condemn. That is because they know nothing but condemnation. Everybody must conform to the laws of their petty little world, but ONLY IN THEIR PETTY LITTLE WORLD. Not here.

  498. I am going to take the evening off too. When you’re not here Dave – I feel the need to defend anyone getting attacked. Now I wish I had not responded at all.

  499. Carol – I worked in graphics for over 25 years and I am a pro on Photoshop. Yes, absolutely, that could have been altered because I could have easily done it. Do I think it was? No, because the cover of that magazine printed 2 months before Caylee was found. There lies the key.

  500. Hey, everybody! Don’t let some bad apple come in here and spoil the bushel. Who ever heard of this jazmin girl? Yet, she came out of nowhere and starting throwing crap around. You all did the right thing. You stood your ground. I wish I happened to be here because she never would have gotten past her first comment.

  501. Dave, I beleive, I read everything I could find on the internet that you wrote, took the better part of 8 hours, missed all the abuse today. If, I get up early on Thurs. I’ll copy a list of your writtings and see if I missed anything.

  502. Owenmeany, Laura, and everyone….please carry on here. By making an exit, you are giving in to one individual to planned on disrupting this blog. Please please please, defeat jazmin’s purpose and STAY.

    Do it for Dave and Snoopy, okey dokey. Now I am even starting to sound like Marinade.

    Supper break….bbl PS…I never did get to read any more of the deps, maybe this evening, I hope.

  503. Okay snoopy! You must finish reading the depos tonight. I thought I upset you and that was not my intent it is getting old all the attacks lately!!

  504. Jazmin623-No “unfavorable Anthony comments” were deleted. The comments were broken into 2 parts: Older Comments and Newer Comments. Maybe those comments are in the Older Comments section. No?

    Whoosh…she was a meanie. I know this case and the Anthony family , in particular, can tick some people off, but my goodness!

  505. I was just gonna take a little break – not a permanent vacation! hahaha

    Yet here I am again . . .

    If Dave’s got such a great attitude – I suppose I’ve gotta let it catch on.

    Snoop – we’re used to you ruling the roost when Dave is busy. I’m not good at it – I know this now. I don’t like to see a regular commenter get slammed and not one of us defend them. It puts me right back in 4th grade. 🙂

  506. Hi Dave, glad to see you get some recognition for the work you do! Been reading like crazy trying to catch up, don’t know if I ever will….

  507. Can I puhleeze ask a question about the Blink article about the Globe picture and please correct me if I am wrong and please, somebody answer.
    Blink says: One could make the leap that the person selling it would have had knowledge of what she was wearing when 34 month old Caylee Marie met her tragic end.

    “Make the leap”…. So the question is: Make the leap is not “fact” that the person who sold it had knowledge of what Caylee was wearing when she met her tragic end”. So this is speculation, right?

    I don’t want to sound like a moron. I have been having trouble getting through all the comments, but the comments seem to find this to be a fact. AND did I miss something that this is the picture that INDEED was what Jose was freaking out about?

    I hope I don’t sound like a dope. But I would really like this clarified.

  508. Well Snoopy, that big ole meanie doesn’t scare me! Dave (and YOU) will not be rid of me, you poor souls!

    She/he (jazz) seems to think people are guilty by association. So maybe jazz thinks Tony, Amy, Jesse etc. are just as guilty as Casey.

  509. LindaNY – I think you understand the shirt/photo issue exactly. It is pure speculation – and for some a leap to say that whomever sold the photo to Globe knew what shirt would be found with Caylee. Some think its too much of a coincidence and some think it is just a coincidence. I have not made up my mind yet.

  510. Linda from NY~~We do not know for a fact that Baez sold that pic. We do not know for a fact that Baez or anyone, except for Casey, knew what Caylee was wearing when she met her demise.

    You mentioned that it was stated at Blinks, “one could take the leap.” Making a leap is pure speculation and not fact.

    By now, I would assume LE knows who sold the photo to the magazine.

  511. Thank you, thank you Lily, I really thought I was missing something. My thought is: coincidence. Is that the photo Jose was gettin crazy about at Cindy’s depo. Or is that some speculation too? It would make sense if Jose was getting “upset” at the depo because the State was asking Cindy about items Casey gave to Jose and Jose was “objecting” to a photo (?). So if he was objecting to THAT photo, it would make sense coz THAT photo appeared, and was obviously sold to the GLOBE, before Casey was re-arrested in October, therefore that could be how Jose is being paid, somewhat? I am thinking out loud and will bring this by Snoopy’s for the depo discussion.