Guilty as CHARGED?

When Casey Anthony’s friend, Amy Huizenga, went on vacation last year she loaned Casey her car. When she returned, she learned her checks were missing from the car. Soon after, she found out her bank account was cleaned out and her balance was zero. Casey was charged with check fraud soon after her daughter was reported missing and now prosecutors want that case to go to trial within the next two months.

Casey at bankCasey is charged with more than a dozen fraud charges. Those include fraudulent use of personal identification, forgery of a check (1) and uttering a forged check (2). Authorites say that Casey used her former friend’s checks to purchase more than $400 worth of clothes and groceries at Target and Winn-Dixie stores around the area where she lived. She also withdrew $250 in cash from Amy’s bank and tried to pay a $574 phone bill, but at that point there wasn’t enough money in the account to pay the bill.

Recently, Linda Kenney Baden said the murder trial probably won’t start until June of next year and prosecutors don’t want to wait that long to resolve the fraud case. Assistant State Attorney Frank George said, “Given the complexities of the two cases, it is unreasonable to allow the forgery case to languish another year without a resolution.”

No date for the fraud charges has been set yet and Orange Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland has not yet responded to the request.

Also, prosecutors want a picture of Anthony’s tattoo  of the words “Bella Vita,” which is Italian for “Beautiful Life.” She got the tattoo about two weeks after Caylee disappeared. Assistant State Attorney Frank George said a picture of the tattoo “would be relevant and material in evaluating issues to be presented in connection with the upcoming trial.”

The first-degree murder charge was filed separately.

(1) 831.01  Forgery.–Whoever falsely makes, alters, forges or counterfeits a public record, or a certificate, return or attestation of any clerk or register of a court, public register, notary public, town clerk or any public officer, in relation to a matter wherein such certificate, return or attestation may be received as a legal proof; or a charter, deed, will, testament, bond, or writing obligatory, letter of attorney, policy of insurance, bill of lading, bill of exchange or promissory note, or an order, acquittance, or discharge for money or other property, or an acceptance of a bill of exchange or promissory note for the payment of money, or any receipt for money, goods or other property, or any passage ticket, pass or other evidence of transportation issued by a common carrier, with intent to injure or defraud any person, shall be guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.
(2) 831.09  Uttering forged bills, checks, drafts, or notes.–Whoever utters or passes or tenders in payment as true, any such false, altered, forged, or counterfeit note, or any bank bill, check, draft, or promissory note, payable to the bearer thereof or to the order of any person, issued as aforesaid, knowing the same to be false, altered, forged, or counterfeit, with intent to injure or defraud any person, commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

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  1. Good morning Dave – Good article. BTW, the link above, George Anthony “Bad Vibes” goes to MM’s site but nothing is there. I am very busy – no time to comment further – will try to get back later. Hello everyone 🙂

  2. But wait….she’s a good mother! She shouldn’t have to face charges for some piddly misunderstandings with friends and family over finances. She only did it a few times. I mean, look what they’re charging her with… they’re only charging her with one charge for forging a check and 2 for uttering….

    She’s a good person and a good mother, anyone will tell you that…nobody’s come forward with any complaints about her.

    Just kidding. It’ll be interesting to see her ‘friends’ points of view about Casey on the stand.

  3. What kind of punishment could come with these charges? What do you think she will actually get sentencing wise? Then will she be transferred to a prison to await trial for the murder charges if she gets prison time? I have lots of questions sorry.

  4. Good morning, Sophie. I’m sure Amy’s point of view at the upcoming fraud trial will paint a very bad picture of her former friend. She could be sentenced to prison for those charges alone, and for a fair amount of time if the judge decides to sentence her for each charge she’s found guilty of. She may be looking at going to the big house in a couple of months.

  5. Sentencing in Florida is determined based upon whether the crime charged is a misdemeanor or a felony. If it a misdemeanor then the maximum sentence than could be imposed is one year in jail. If however the crime charged is a felony, the computation is based upon many factors including offense level, prior record of the accused, whether there are any minimum mandatories, and then it is still unclear.

    My guess is she could get 2-3 years on each charge. Judges can veer from sentencing guidelines and prior convictions, which she has none, will also factor in.

  6. Okay so let me see if I get this correct, she will go to trial if the judge/jury finds her guilty she goes to prison and awaits murder trial there rather then in the county jail? Will they keep her in protective custody in the prison? She does not have a previous record so the judge probably will not go to hard on her, is that what you are saying. I am not a law breaker so I am not sure how they decide what time to give.

  7. She looks just like a typical filicidal mother. Run of the mill. Blame the whole thing on Target. They neglected to carry AutoStench® Trunk Stink BeGone™.

  8. I think I’ll leave them where they are. I think most people read the comments, too, and this way you get the credit for digging them up.

    Look, I’m sorry, but I can’t afford to give you a raise right now. I will give you a promotion, though. You are now a lieutenant.

  9. I think she should be your assistant. That sounds a little more official. Detwill deserves that at the very least.

  10. At least on the check fraud charges, it should be an open and shut case, and nothing at all to question or debate. Got her dead to rights on the videos, and everyone, including her mother, acknowledges that she stole from them.

    Except Tony, I think he said he never missed anything while she was with him, and when Amy’s checkbook went missing he checked his own finances and found nothing wrong.

  11. It does appear to be a slam dunk on the fraud charges and it may affect the sentencing with the onus of murder one hanging around, although it really shouldn’t. The judge will probably stick to the guidelines, but I’m sure she will get prison time out of it.

    As for a plea deal, she may want one, but the prosecution doesn’t have to offer her one. In this case, the people vs. Casey Anthony want to stick it to her. If she goes to trial and pleads guilty, the judge may reduce the sentence to include time served, but I doubt it.

  12. Gees, just like a normal person, except she stole the checks/mpney used to pay for all that.

    I have a questtion regarding the videos. Apparently she takes out something from her wallet – ID? or Credit card? – and the cashier(s) swipe/s the card and give/s it back to her. Did she steal Amy’s ID too, and/or pass herself off as Amy? Or did she use Amy’s checks, write them to herself, cash them at bank , and then use the cash to buy stuff? This seems almost stupid -but nobody has said Casey is smart.

    Did you catch it on the video, at the bank, when she finally sees the camera, and looks away, down, realizing maybe for the first time that the camera is there . . . For a moment it is almost as if she has this look on her face of – ugh oh, caught – Then she looks directly into the camera – and then away, and does that ‘hair’ thing of hers – smoothing her hair when the camera is on her, or when she wants to seduce a man/detective/policeman . . .

    So on one of these, she wrote a check – Amy’s? Was the ID Amy’s too? Do Amy and Casey look alike? How could she pass herself off as Amy?

    I have never done this – so haven’t a clue how anyone could do it. Don’t store’s check ID anymore? I know some stores swipe the check or ID just to see if the person has bought there before – with no problems – and then it is OK.
    I guess that is how it works. Every once in awhile I get asked for my ID – but not often.

    Is it really that easy to steal someone else’s wallet and buy stuff? No one looks at the ID to see if it is the person standing in front of them?

  13. I don’t know exactly what Casey was doing on the video, but I do know that Casey and Amy do not look anything alike. Amy is a blonde and she weighs more (or did then) than Casey. Casey may have a better looking body, but she’s got an ugly brain.

  14. There’s no way the court will try this case first. The defense would scream bloody murder
    because it could jeopardize the murder case.

    Prosecution would love it . But it’s not judicially expedient. If she’s convicted of murder they’ll just drop these charges and save a lot of money.

  15. Aloha folks

    I just cant believe the stupidity involved here. Borrows a shovel from the neighbor, gets a tattoo, invents a nanny, goes places with cameras, and even looks into one, blatantly lies to police… I guess I understand socio/psycho pathic behaviors better than I understand just plain stupidity.

  16. Thanks for the Video’s Detwill39, you are amazing to have so much ready for us.
    Did anyone notice that she fiddled with the check prior
    to completion of purchase, and that she did not “sign”
    at the end, like she may have carefully presigned. I am
    always impressed with the nervous act of her hands. In
    this video as when brought before judge she very often
    rubs her palms together and intertwines her fingers as
    if rubbing lotion on her hands.. That’s the way I do it too 🙂 This case is so creepy I am beginning to examine
    some of my own behavior, anyone else???? 🙂 Talk
    about getting under the skin, this girl is a master at it.
    Also, since it is believed Casey wanted to rid herself of
    Caylee, yet she apparently continuesly sexually cavorted,
    how about another pregnancy, wasn’t she worried about
    having a repeat. Ray, I love your comment, it really
    gets to you, doesn’t it!

  17. Alohowdy, Ray

    Casey will definitely win the Stupidity/Shovel Borrower/Tattooed/Nanny Inventor/ Photo Hog/Liar Award of the Year. Huh. I didn’t know one had to be socio/psychopath to qualify. good thing, too, because it leaves me out. Yup, that’s her.

  18. Well, I would like to see her go to trial on these charges, then sit in a minnimum security prison and get a bit acclimated to the Big House life, while awaiting the murder trial.
    Just a note: I’ve already seen comments concerning Baez as her lawyer for these charges. She has a different lawyer for them, but I can’t remember his name…oh, lieutenant!

  19. They should definitely not drop these charges. If she gets off of the murder rap, she will walk free. I think they should go forward with the trial for the fraud and theft. If she gets prison time, and it is over a 2yr sentence, she should end up in general population. When/if she goes to prison for the murder, she will, no doubt, be in protective custody.

    Now, if this trial goes ahead on the theft etc, she should not get time off, for the time served since Oct/08 as her time spent in jail, since then, is related to the murder charge. The time she spent in jail before the murder charges may be taken off of the sentence for theft.

    Baez will probably have Casey plead not guilty by reason of ‘ugly coping’ and lord knows what else on the theft charges.

  20. Thanks Beatrice

    Yes this really gets to me.

    Trying to be very “adult” about this case, but sometimes I slip up.

    Like I use to say to my kids when they temporarily suffered “brain death” with their teen behavior: STUPID STUPID STUPID

    Ok, now that I got that out of my nervous system I will return to my normal measured and rational self ( dont believe me, I may turn to this rage persona as the trials commence and I see the Badens on TV)

    By the way, folks, this husband-wife Baden performance, especially to promote their new mystery book , appears to be a conflict of interest, at least to me.

    What about you guys out there?

    Should Linda Baden still be on the defense since the husband did the autopsy and then BOTH of them fielding questions about the case as they appear on TV to talk about the book?

    As my friends who speak Yiddish say, what meshuga!

  21. Hi, everyone.
    That surprises me, Dave, because I thought the prosecution was going to wait until after the murder trial before they went forward with the check fraud trial.

    My thoughts about Casey’s check fraud
    trial are, “You can’t break the law, Princess. Earth to Princess. Earth to Princess. We all need money. You no can do that.”
    Also, you can’t steal from your friends, or someday you’ll end up alone and in jail — oh, wait — you already have.

    That was one expensive phone bill.
    “Earth to Princess. Earth to Princess.
    We all have to limit our time on our cell phones, or else we’ll end up with a kajillion dollar phone bill.”

    I also like how Casey has to show up in court. She never wanted to actually come to court. She wanted her lawyer to handle it, but Judge Strickland forced her to come to court, as is the law.

  22. Hi Dave and everyone, good topic. Hope your feeling well today. Watching Casey is like you know, just a typical day as she would say. I can’t wait to find out if the prosecution side wins getting these fraud charges in court and wrapped up before the trial. I think the prosecution side has a great point on the time frame, who knows for sure when the trial will start, plus waiting for after a trial doesn’t seem fair or right for Amy Huzienga .

    oh and Dave, not on topic but i knew someone other than Leonard Padilla said Lee told him about the fight with cindy and her choking casey, so i did some back tracking last nite and i found it was Jesse Grund. Jesse i listened to talking to investigators and he told them Lee said Cindy and Casey got in an argument that turned physical ending up with Cindy’s hands around casey’s neck, and that Lee told him that Cindy said she thinks that is why Casey was not letting her see Caylee. I do trust Jesse Grund when he says Lee told him this as Jesse has no reason like to sensationlize it for any reason like LP might could being on NG and all, even though i believe LP when he said it too, but you know what i mean.

  23. Det, this is to you, thanks for the post to me yesterday. appreciate it much. as you see i have brought my cows back, lol. The links i just love to see again and watch Casey on so thanks for putting those up for us today too. casey is as smooth character . Oh, i read your posts last nite and found the ones with the date ? and i am putting that question mark as i don’t want Dave to have to hear it, well anyway, you guys had me laughing my head off. In Dave’s defense i can barely stand to hear that date ? anymore myself. lol

  24. I don’t see Baden/Baden as a conflict of interest. She works for the defense, he doesn’t. They promote a new book and are asked to field questions about the Anthony case. If he worked for the prosecution, I could see a conflict, but otherwise, no.

  25. This is the first time I’ve heard about the fraud case coming up. Casey’s civil lawyer wants to postpone the defamation lawsuit until after the criminal trial, but this particular prosecution falls under criminal. To me, it’s not directly related to the murder, at least not like the civil case is, where ZG is a key element of it. My guess about why the defense would want the fraud case postponed has more to do with coming into court on the murder charge with a criminal record.

  26. By the way Det, i can see the problem you had with the water hose and grey duct tape . NOW PLEASE DON’T ANYONE TRY THIS AT HOME OR YOU WILL BE SORRY. I soaked the back of my hand, had it dripping with water, put one layer on it, stuck everywhere okay accept tape pops up on sides, put a second layer on and it stayed better and then a third layer, i can now see easily if you added some hair to ahere to the end of the tape it would stay if you wrapped it good like it appears casey did and tight. you would never get it to stay on that water hose. get that black rubber tape and it will.
    Now reason for not trying this at home. residue from that friggin tape has been like next to impossible to get off anywhere the stickey residue gets on you. I have tried a grease solvent product, soap of course, comet, sos pad and last acetone (finger nail polish remover) . my fingers and top of my hand is not too stickey right now dry, so i thought i had won the battle pretty much, hellooooo, i went to clean the bathroom sink, found out when i get water applied again they are still sticky. NOW I HAVE TO RESEARCH WHAT TAKES TAPE RESIDUE OFF SKIN.

  27. Laura brought up a good point that I never thought of. If Casey gets convicted of check fraud, she’ll be sent to prison.
    And, as unpleasant as it is to be in jail,
    prison is so much worse. And in prison,
    eventually, she won’t have her own private cell anymore. Another rude awakening.

  28. Thank you, knight Owl, I am feeling fine today.

    I believe the charges against Casey were more the idea of prosecutors and not Amy. When she mentioned the fact they asked her if she was willing to press charges. Even if she said no, the fact is that crimes were committed. The state easily could have filed charges with or without her. I don’t think Amy believes she will ever get a dime out of it, and neither does the state. Amy might want retribution in some form, but I’m sure the state is looking at time behind bars.

    The Lee/Grund conversation is not off topic. Everything about this case, no matter which post it’s written on, is on topic. If you brought up the plight of gopher turtles in Argentina, well, that would be off topic. That said, I seem to remember there was someone else saying the same thing and I couldn’t remember who it was. I will try to remember it was Jesse Grund. Thanks for filling that bit of info in.

  29. Actually, Casey could be sequestered for her own safety. The state wants to make sure their star criminal remains healthy for the murder trial. It’s not unusual to remand a prisoner to a less hostile environment. We all know how the prison population, in general, detests child murderers almost as much as child rapers.

  30. Hi Knight Owl, good luck with the duct tape. Try goo gone if you have any. It is great on sticky stuff!

  31. Yeah, really, Kari, talk about a smoking gun! with the check fraud charges. I’d like to see Casey hide behind a veneer of “I didn’t commit check fraud” on this one. Or even Cindy and George for that matter.

    LoriK, I never thought of that. I guess she could plea on these.

    So, Lulu, are you thinking the prosecution is just pretending that they’re going to try the check fraud charges first?

  32. LOL, Dave, with your “Stupidity/Shovel Borrower/Tattooed/Nanny Inventor/ Photo Hog/Liar Award of the Year.”

    All on a sesame seed bun!

  33. Prison wardens are responsible to keep all their inmates in one piece until release or the other.
    In a prison, you cannot sit around and read law books and eat goodies all day. You are assigned to work detail and that may cleaning poopy toilets. The guards cannot see the inmates 24/7 and you have to be tough to survive. Calling out to ‘Miss Bailey’ will not even heard of. BTW, Miss Bailey was the one who Casey called out to, when she wanted her phone volume turned up…jail video. PC or protective custody in a prison is no bed of roses and you do not get preferential treatment.

  34. KOwl~~cooking oil will dissolve that gluey residue from the duct tape. It’s a good thing that you didn’t try it across your lips, that would make one long smooch with your hubby.

    The prosecution do not pretend to file motions. If they file a motion to get a fraud and theft charge trial, they mean it. They are professionals and not into playing cat and mouse.

  35. Dave and all – I have been busy (got a kid graduating from high school on Saturday).

    Question: If Casey is convicted of the check fraud charge first would that information be allowable at the time of her murder trial for killing Caylee?

    I am a lawyer’s daughter but don’t have a legal mind at all.

    I always thought previous intents were not allowable since they have no bearing on the present case. But I suppose that would be up to the judge?

    Barbie Girl

  36. If Casey is found guilty of fraud and/or theft before her murder trial. She will have a criminal record before her murder trial and this is taken into consideration at time of sentencing. It looks like if she is convicted of the murder, it will be life without chance of parole so previous charges wont carry much weight anyway.

  37. I do not see how the prior acts of fraud and theft would have anything at all to do with the act of premediated murder, unless proven that she was purchacing duct tape, trash bags, anything used in the murder itself. If this is not a fact and she goes away for murdering her child, not needed. Only if there is possibility that she may not be convicted for this murder would the need be to convict and sentence her on prior acts.

  38. Yeah, Detwill, I believe I did read that the State of Florida puts their prisoners to work with work details. I will have to go dig that up so that I can put it in my comment and perhaps a link to it.

    In the meantime, for those who are interested, check this out:

    Here is what Casey is looking at if she goes to death row:

  39. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, Beatrice, I’m going to call the prosecutor’s office tomorrow and try to get some facts out of them pertaining to what takes precedence in this case. I’ve heard different angles on it, including one about a 1st degree felony trumping all others and the prosecutors are playing to try to get a confession out of her, which is not going to happen. I’ll try to get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

  40. Dave~~when you call the prosecutor’s office, tell them detwill said hi.

    Okay, what about First Things First….the charges for child neglect…dropped. The charges for theft and fraud were filed before the murder charge.

  41. Dr. Henry Lee also did a 2nd autopsy for the defense. At the time, I think I remember, waiting for him to do it was being blamed for holding up Caylee’s burial.

    Of course, now we know she was cremated and speculation is her ashes are in the Teddy Bear that was at her Memorial. And with some ashes also inside lockets for Cindy and George and a bracelet for Lee. That was what the CMA kissing of the wrist was all about.

  42. I was planning on mentioning your name before I even asked a question, detwill39. I already knew how that would get me right through the front door.

    I can’t say with all certainty, but wouldn’t the neglect charge go away when a person is charged with murder? It’s no longer neglect. The theft and fraud charges are what I’m going to try to find out tomorrow.

  43. Hi all, with it too hot for my hubby to golf today, a phone growing out my ear all day from calls and still in my ear as i am typing, what i get from trying to skim over these posts, is Detwill and Laura gave me information to get the sticky glue residue off, Dave has bumped Detwill up to Lieutenant, Las Angeles summed it all up and even put it on a sesame seed bun, Barbie girl has a kid graduated from high school, and is doing a good job on the post, Beatrice is making good sense with her post, Marinade Dave i agree with his post per-referring back to mine, Ray’s is on the mark with casey’s stupidity, gave me a huge laugh, lulu has the defense pegged as yes they will scream bloody murder alright, Corey’s mom wants to see Casey go to trial for these check fraud charges (mee too). kari thinks it should be a shoot and closed case, i agree, Lori k wants to know if casey will plea, a good question Lori, now i hope i left no one out . my sister is whining i am half listening to her via-phone and she is write. Lordy maybe i can come back tonite and hopefully from Laura and dets’ advice no sticky fingers and no phone attached to my blooming ear.

  44. That’s a really good summation of the comments du jour, knight Owl. I hope you can come back, too, but wash that sticky goo off your fingers first so they don’t stick to the keyboard.

  45. Dave, too late for keyboard, i was trying to get back to you and say send me some of that lava soap. i will be back tonite. now my hubby is yapping for dinner and the computer, helloooooooo wait until he get’s his finger’s on these keys now. I am pleading Insanity as my defense. lol

  46. Oh, Det, that is an ugly thought had i used the tape over my mouth for my experiment, You said i kissing my hubby would be one long stuck kiss. I have been married only once 39years now, see what i mean? I tease my hubby all the time now by saying, it should be a criminal offense to stay married to someone this long and look at the same mug everyday. lol

  47. Dave, thanks on my summary, my sister is still yapping, my hubby wants dinner, I don’t know where Louie kitty is, best not be in the house or he could end up as dinner, who knows, i have a phone permanently growing out my ear. my hubby just said, weren’t you on the phone when i left hours ago? Now i must go or he will kill me and you guys will see him next on Nancy Grace bombshell breaking news. lol

  48. The following is a snippet from the Florida Department of Corrections:

    “Misconceptions About Florida Prisons.
    The following is intended to clarify misconceptions about the Department of Corrections.

    2. “Inmates have cable television and satellite dishes.”

    There are no correctional facilities with cable television. The 33 prisons that have satellite dishes use them for staff training as part of the Corrections Distance Learning Network (CDLN). The CDLN saves money by training staff throughout the state simultaneously. Most prisons have televisions available to inmates for use when inmates are not working. The televisions are located in dormitory dayrooms for group viewing. Most of the department’s televisions were paid for by proceeds from sales to inmates from the inmate canteens. However, state law now prohibits the purchase of televisions for recreational purposes.”

  49. Wow, Los Angeles, thanks for the tour! I didn’t pick up
    on how the showers work, community or private and if
    one is the only one on death row if it would then be private. Man, if I had committed murder this sure would make me want to take it back in a hurry! Do you think if the public had flyers in their faces and had this internal knowledge that it would deter a certain amount of murder. How about narcissticism (sp) do you
    think they would tolerate better, since they are already
    considered self-confined. Certainly their own little world in there. What a sad sad reality. I have just
    come out of sitting in the confines of space such as a cell
    and imagined the 365 days a year, (years) because they
    stay and stay before DP is carried out. Do we need to publicize the situation one may end up in if one
    “plans to commit” such crime that may lead to DP.
    Children are taught many things in school other than
    reading, writhing and math. Would it be wrong to introduce some way that may keep one from crossing
    into an act of DP crime. I doubt that Casey gave the
    slightest thought beyond her own personal plan of what she wanted for herself before she acted. Just what it could lead to for her future. Possibly she will try and commit suicide when and if reality ever sets in.

  50. Hi Beatrice. Thanks.
    Yeah, I think it might be a good idea once they hit high school. I’ve thought about that from time to time. I think it’s important. I feel it could deter some.

  51. Here is another snippet from the Florida Department of Corrections:

    “Misconceptions About Florida Prisons.
    The following is intended to clarify misconceptions about the Department of Corrections.

    4. “The Department of Corrections determines how long inmates serve in prison.”

    The Department of Corrections does not determine the length of prison sentences or the length of time inmates serve in prison. Judges and juries, in accordance with state laws and sentencing guidelines, make these decisions. The department is solely responsible for the care and custody of offenders under its jurisdiction. FY 2005-06, the average sentence length for all prison admissions was 4.4 years for whites, 4.7 years for blacks and 5.0 years for all others. The average sentence length for all offenders admitted in FY 2005-06 was 4.6 years. “

  52. I knew that about the prison TVs but kind of forgot. Yup, prisoners are in prisons for a reason and that doesn’t mean to get to watch reruns of The Jeffersons and Hee Haw.

  53. Dave~~if you referred to my comments upthread somewhere….the child neglect charges were dropped some time ago. I think that was noted in my comment. I am scared of heights and don’t dare scroll up.

    LosAngeles~~a member of my family was a prison guard for over 20 yrs. Lots of very strange things occur behind those walls and too graphic to put in here.

  54. Beatrice, Los Angeles, interesting idea, preventing crime by previewing death row…

    Hmmmm. I can see a series of public announcements, like the campaign against drugs. “This is Johnny before he robbed a bank and shot the teller. This is Johnny on death row, after…”

    It could work!

  55. Los Angeles – Thank you for your inside view of what Casey might be facing.

    It occurred to me…..don’t you think it is ironic that she was so addicted to her cell phone and laptop and now what does she do all day???

    I can imagine she must have gone through some withdrawal.

    Thanks for the info.

    Barbie Girl

  56. Los Angeles-Yes I think the Prosecutor’s office is blowing smoke . There’s a lot of that there “posturing ” in the law.

    Detwill-they won’t drop these charges until after a murder conviction.

  57. I know we have programs here in Florida, and it can’t be the only state, where school children are taken on field trips to prisons to get first-hand experience of how a prison operates. It is definitely meant to be a deterrent. Now, I do not know the criteria for these trips, i.e., are they troubled children to begin with? I never attended school in Florida and the only minor child I ever picked up at school was Hannah, who attended a Catholic school and they didn’t do that sort of thing.

  58. Dave~~I am trying to find a copy of those checks that Casey made put and endorsed. They are in one of those sets of docs… Can you remember when they came out? Oh never mind…Jeopardy.

  59. *out I wish I could get a good choke hold on the idiot who designed the placement of letters on my typewriter. They don’t match my fingers. Dave , did you design the keyboard or was it the cotton gin?

  60. Yeah, Barbie Girl, I think it’s ironic too.
    I would think she went through heavy withdrawal from the cell phone and laptop.

  61. Oct 01/08

    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Casey Anthony has entered a written plea of “not guilty” to all of the check fraud charges against her. Her arraignment is scheduled for later this month, but she is not expected to show up for the arraignment because of that written plea.

    Well well well, Casey pled not guilty back in Oct/08…will she change her plea or will Baez challenge the courts with his charm and expertise?

  62. Dave~~how come the blogboss gets to play and I do all the work? I wanna work for peanuts and get offered tangerines.

    I need help….Where is my buddy from the great state of Massachusettes??

  63. Dave~~ if I don’t come back, my puter is jammed… now don’t get upset….I am not leaving on my own accord… where is Laura tonite?

  64. Casey Anthony has entered a written plea of “not guilty” to all of the check fraud charges.
    Arrogant little troll, isn’t she?
    She’s dumber than I thought.

  65. Dave~~I made it to page 69 but I kept losing my cursor but it would come back after about 5 secs and then it jammed up.

    I did find the checks. I noticed Casey printed the ones for Winn Dixie and Target and just signed Amy’s name. The $250 one was made out on July 15/08, the same day that Amy returned from Porto Rico. Casey made that out to herself and just signed Amy’s name. She was going to make sure that she cleaned out all the moola. When Lee went to Tony’s for Casey’s things, her purse had approx $200 in it and Cindy got her mitts on that.

    When Cindy took that money, she was pocketing stolen goods. That money was rightfully Amy’s and should have been handed over to the police.

    Can you put the kabobs on that one, Mr Marinade?

  66. The above link is the check whereby Casey wrote a check to herself on one of Amy’s checks and signing Amy’s name on it.

  67. I don’t know the legalities involved in that $250. It could have been Casey’s own money, which I doubt, or Amy’s – in a purely legal sense because at that moment Cindy grabbed it, it belonged to her. No charges were filed at the time and no accusations were forthcoming by Amy to the authorities. If I had to make a $250 wager on it, I would bet that Cindy had all rights to the money. Remember, on the 15th, Amy didn’t know the status of her checking account when Cindy got her mitts on it.

  68. Dave, do you want me to put out an APB on Laura and track her down?
    I will get to the bottom of this.

  69. Dave~~When I mentioned that Cindy pocketed stolen goods, Amy’s money, I thought you would rip that apart. Are you watching House or not feeling well or what?

  70. You did some good work there, LosAngeles, on finding those checks.

    My guess on the plea would go along with detwill39, though, because it was what Baez & Co. would have told her to do. she’s not smart enough to rationalize a complex issue like that on her own. Just like when I’m sick, I might try to diagnose myself, but ultimately I would listen to my doctor. Same thing with a lawyer. Make the prosecution work for it. Bog them down. Play with them. There is a certain strategy and as much as people want to blame it on Casey’s stupidity and Baez’s incompetence, I can understand the process. Delays, delays, delays.

  71. Dave~~I guess you are right…dammit. The receiver of stolen good must be aware it was stolen property at the time they took possession of it.

    I hate it when you are so wise and knowledgeable Mr Marinade.

  72. Detwill39 is cheating. Laura stood me up. My heart is broken. Yes, please go look for her. Never mind. If that’s the way she wants to be.

    Actually, she said earlier that her Internet connection may go out today. Storms and all.

  73. I was watching House. I had to restart the computer. We had some heavy rains and I shut it down for a little while just in case of lightning. I pulled the plug.

  74. LA~~I read the store list of Casey and was looking for anything related to the case. There was Arm n Hammer found in the trunk of the Pontiac.

  75. A not-guilty plea is standard procedure, unless the client really asserts his/her desire to plead guilty, or there is a plea bargain offered. For one thing, as I understand it, a not-guilty plea just automatically gives the client more time to do whatever they want to do before they go to prison…

    I admit my experience with the law has been mercifully meager, and all third hand, so someone else may know more than I do about it.

  76. We got some rain today but the nasty storm must have blown out to sea. There is a hurricane brewing down somewhere…

    I visited John in Florida at John Kreuzer’s and killed two birds with one stone….omg…and I am not into throwing rocks…

  77. Whoops, while I was checking in guests, you all already discussed what I was typing! Sorry! I’ll try to keep up.

  78. Speaking of Johns….Heeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny is silenced. Ed MacMahon passed away today. He was in his 80’s. MacMahon’s house was in foreclosure and Trump purchased it and let Ed live there….Speaking on foreclosures….Dennis and Sherri Milstead’s home is in foreclosure.

  79. Milstead was trying to get an extension on the sale date of his home. I believe he and Sherri are living near the Anthony’s and it was rumored that they may move in with the A’s.

    Dave~~I am quitting your blog and going to work for the National Enquirer. Will you give me a reference?

  80. Yes, I heard about Ed McMahon this morning. He was one of the good guys. How could someone not like him? Well, he lived a very good life, except for the last couple of years. Here’s to Ed!

  81. So, Dave, by saying this:

    “My guess on the plea would go along with detwill39, though, because it was what Baez & Co. would have told her to do. she’s not smart enough to rationalize a complex issue like that on her own. Just like when I’m sick, I might try to diagnose myself, but ultimately I would listen to my doctor. Same thing with a lawyer. Make the prosecution work for it. Bog them down. Play with them. There is a certain strategy and as much as people want to blame it on Casey’s stupidity and Baez’s incompetence, I can understand the process. Delays, delays, delays,”

    you’re saying that Casey always listens to her lawyer. So, therefore, very early in the case before the body was found, her lawyer advised her to not take a plea deal,(because she did not take a plea deal at that time), and in you’re paragraph quoted above you insinuate that Casey always listens to her lawyer. So do you consider her lawyer advising her to not take a plea deal at that time demonstrates competence on his part?

    Now if for some odd reason you were to say, “No, I didn’t insinuate that Casey always listens to her lawyer in my paragraph,”(which I would disagree with), then you’re saying that very early in the case before the body was found, her lawyer advised her to take a plea deal and that Casey said no to her lawyer. So do you consider her not listening to her laywer’s advice to take a plea deal at that time a smart move on Casey’s part?

    Which is it?

  82. Sorry guys, I was running in a stop child abuse run this evening. I am back! Detwill sweetie, I know you have been busy all day but you are my go to gal, Did the fbi/le lab find decomp on paper towels that was in the trash bag from Tony’s apartment that was in Casey’s trunk????? Take your time looking for it, or yes or no if you know would be fine.

  83. I was not cheating! I am glad I was missed, or at least you all noticed I wasn’t here. lol Dave I need a couple of financial reports typed up can you write them, type them and forward them to me. I am not in the mood to do work. I will be burning the midnight oil.

  84. At that time, early on, Casey and Baez had not gotten into a legal relationship. Yes, she hired him, but it was less casual then. I am not insinuating sexual. I know when I was charged with possessing marijuana back in the early 70s, the prosecutor offered a plea deal, which went through my attorney. In other words, the prosecutor did not speak directly to me. My attorney relayed the message and asked me what I would like to do. He said that if I take the deal, one charge would be dropped in exchange for pleading to the other one. He said I could get my record expunged after one year and it would be just like I was never arrested. I said, no, I am innocent of both charges. He said, good, let’s fight it. Now, it would have been more convenient to him had I taken the deal because instead, it meant more work on his part. Do you understand what I just said? I was offered a deal through my attorney. I turned him down. What do you mean which is it? I did the same thing Casey did, only mine were much lesser charges. Please tell me the difference and why you specifically know exactly what transpired between the prosecutor’s office and Baez. How do you know things didn’t come down the same way?

  85. I missed you, Laura. We all missed you. I felt… empty inside. Now, I am fulfilled. Whew! I’m glad you had a good run for a great cause. You may be typing reports, but I am almost always lurking in the background when it seems like I’m not here, usually typing away. I am the fastest 2-finger typist in the south.

  86. laura~~honey, I am going to bed in a few. No more sleuthing for me tonight. I wouldn’t doubt that, if there was paper towels in the trash bag, they would have contained some decomp. ‘

    nitey nitey to all….

  87. Lol. I can’t type with two fingers. I type with all of them. It was good I raised some money for a good cause. My daughters ran it also or should I say crawled it. That is why we are so late getting back it was only 5 miles and it took them a hour and a half. I was about to send out a search party. Seriously it took me 31 minutes and for a hour I waited, I did get scared. I am retarded I know.

  88. LOL, Detwill, maybe a fine politician if there was no TV like in the days of Abraham Lincoln when you had time to think before you speak, maybe, but I doubt it. But do you think I would have ever made a good lawyer?

  89. Oh, Dave, do you have any left?(what you got charged with having in the 70s, that is) If so, please mail it to me immediately.

    Okay. I see what you’re saying, Dave.
    Yes, yes, that’s how it’s done. We often do listen to our lawyers. Technically, that’s how it’s done. It’s like a business deal, so to speak, trying to get the best deal.
    I don’t specifically know exactly what transpired between the prosecutor’s office and Baez.

  90. I figured I’d check one more time before falling to sleep. No, LosAngeles, I haven’t smoked pot in many, many years. I never thought I’d ever say never, but since I quit smoking tobacco over a year and a half ago, I have no desire to inhale any type of smoke. Besides I have a lung problem.

    When a plea deal is offered, the prosecutor contacts the lawyer and the lawyer lays the cards out on the table for the client. It’s proper protocol.

    Anyway, I am dead tired. Too bad you live on the wast coast because we all go to bed when you are in your prime time. Well, good night for now. If I wake up later, I’ll check in.

  91. I love Earth to Princess!! That was hilarious!

    Knight Owl – did you really put that duct tape on to see what would happen?! Crazy girl. OK, I thought about doing that, too! LOL Years ago, when wrapping Christmas presents, I put a piece of Scotch Tape between my teeth (to free up both hands) and it stuck to my lower lip. I just ripped it right off to place on the wrapping, not expecting it to hurt. Good Lord, I took off a piece of lip, it hurt so bad it made me cry, and that part of my lip did grow back, but it’s different. I am so glad you tried that on your hand!

    If the cooking oil does not work, there is a Citrus based spray that I cannot remember the name of now. I tried everything (including all you mentioned) to get sticker residue off my kids bedroom doors long ago. I did not know I should not let my little one’s cover their doors with stickers…live and learn. That citrus spray did the trick. I got it at Walgreens or something.

    Excellent post, comments, and sluething, once again! I am never disappointed.

    One thing I would add – Ray mentioned about Casey being stupid. And I whole heartily agree, except for one detail. For someone so stupid, how is this NOT a slam dunk case for murder? I mean, people spend months and years plotting murder and get caught, despite all the planning. How in the world is there not evidence against Casey enough to dispell she might get off?! That baffles me. I can’t believe she left no prints on the tape – unless the weather did that.

    Also, I don’t understand her writing Amy’s checks and forging her sig. Here in Houston, use your debit card, no ID required. But you write a check anywhere, and they might require 2 forms of ID. And they look to make sure sigs match, and you look like the picture. I am amazed she got away with doing that. Amy should go after Target and her own bank for the money.

  92. Oh! And I should report back my test results. Knight Owl’s experiment reminded me!

    Remember, about a month ago I had a realization that George is, in fact, lying about June 16th? I came up with that doing my own little experiment. As I said then, I never doubted George’s word. Then I realized, nobody remembers in detail what someone was wearing one month after the fact, when they did not know that would be the last time they saw that person.

    I tested myself. I sat at my desk and tried to remember what friends I had seen in the last few days were wearing.

    I was amazed! Could not remember. Could not remember what my boss had worn the day before! I have a pretty good memory, and was really stunned how hard it is to recall outfits worn by people I had recently seen.

    Unless I had remarked on the outfit, or it was just a crazy type outfit. Then, you do remember.

    So, I challenged a friend on this. He thought I was stupid. I told him one month from now, I will be able to tell you what you are wearing BECAUSE I AM REMARKING ON IT. He jotted down on his calendar to ask. Red shirt, black shorts. Astros were playing the Reds, so I gave him heck about wearing the red shirt.

    I saw this same friend last weekend, and do not have a clue about his outfit.

    Same day a month ago, I walked behind him and asked what I was wearing. We had been to lunch, and watching the Astro game. He totally didn’t know what I was wearing. I think I was wearing a purple shirt, and he said grey.

    My point of this long post is – it really IS hard to remember what your family and friends are wearing a month after the fact. George did not know that day was special in any way – plus he was supposedly watching TV.

    That’s how I figured out he was lying.

    I know Dave disagrees – and that’s cool! I asked Dave to do the test, and I don’t know if he has tried this crazy memory game.

    George might be so sure about their outfits because it really WAS the last time he saw them on the 15th, and after the fight and all – he really might have paid more attention because he did not know if he would see them again. That was a very traumatic night, which leans more to remembering.

  93. OK, been sitting here thinking about slam dunks.

    Through cell phone records, prosecution will be able to prove no calls were ever made to or received from Zanny the Nanny.

    Casey WAS stupid enough to say Caylee called her to talk about the books. Cell phone records will prove that never happened. WHY LIE ABOUT THAT?

    As a juror (which I will not be, just assuming someone like me from Florida will be on the jury) I am going to have a real problem with the cell phone records for that past 2 years. None of those calls are a Zenaida Gonzales. So, Casey never ever called her babysitter? And the babysitter never ever called Casey? As a mom, I will tell you, that is impossible.

    So, the cell phone records alone would tie this up for me. Casey had no reason to lie about Caylee calling her – that was just dumb of her to say. STUPID, as Ray said.

    But, somehow, there are lots of people that think she may get off?

    Don’t even bring in the trunk evidence, or the pole dancing, or the Universal Studios drama.

    There are no cell phone records to support what Casey said.

  94. Hi Sheron, you have been missed. I really do understand your reasoning about George, but if I may I really believe that if there had been a fight the evening before, the sorrow he may have felt, the fact that Caylee no doubt heard it, thinking he may not see them again soon could have left a lasting impression, especially Caylee, leaving with an upset mother. When my family comes to visit and I know it may be 6 months or more before they visit or I see them again, I really do remember the whole scene as they leave, how they are dressed and all, whether the kids have pigtails or ponytails. Certainly, that all may fade before any long amount of time, but for a short time, he could have remembered. How long was it after they left before he made his comment (or lie) Perhaps I am too sentimental, but it seems George, has his own special attachment to Caylee. I believe George was especially observant of Caylee. The rest of any situation within the family, or between Cindy and Casey, he most likely just tolerated it.

  95. Right! Beatrice, you are saying what I am saying.

    I think George saw them on the 15th, not the 16th.

    He remembers the outfits from the 15th – because it was all so drama. I cannot even imagine watching my wife strangle my daughter. At that point, who do I protect? Wife or daughter?

  96. And you all know I got laid off almost 3 weeks ago. I am not taking this well.

    I got a leg in to be the Assistant Controller at Taste of Texas. It’s a Houston tradition for 30 years back, and the best steakhouse you can imagine. I got the leg in through a CPA firm that I have been affiliated with for over 10 years. They know how good I am. I am the best dang controller of your books that you could ever imagine. The most loyal, trustworthy, stand by your side, employee. To the point of being stupid for being so loyal.

    I know you are not supposed to take the first job offered out of desperation.

    Do I hold out for my salary? The Taste of Texas job would be fun and challenging! But half my salary. I am worth what I am worth.

  97. Hi, Sheron! It’s a pleasure to see your great comments.

    I’m one of those types that remembers minor details, like what a person is wearing and what they ordered in a restaurant 3 years ago. I don’t know about George, but is an uncanny trick my mind plays on me. It’s not an every day thing, but somehow I conjure up things from the past. That’s one of the reasons I can write about personal experiences. Lots of things remain vivid.

    What we know for certain is that Casey had decided to move out and in with other people. Regardless of what any of us think about the 15 &16, and it has caused great turmoil in the past, suppose there was no fight? None of us know for sure, but that’s not my point. Suppose George relaized that Casey was going to move in with her boyfriend, ex or present, and he didn’t know when he would see little Caylee again and because of that reason alone, he remembered that image of her. That is not impossible to fathom, and as a former cop, a detective no less, he was trained to pay attention to detail. I will not say this is true, but it falls well within the range of possibility.

    The phone records will be crucial in this case. Not only do they prove she never called any person named Zenaida Gonzalez, they paint a graphic picture of where Casey was during the final month before she was arrested.

    On a personal note, I would take the job. You could still look, but it’s a job and one you feel very comfortable with.

  98. Good morning everyone! Sheron, it is hard to find a job right now maybe you could talk them into bumping your salary every4 months until you are back at your old salary, negotiate.

  99. Dave, how are you? I am good kind of tired but good. I am a little confused about Casey moving out. Now I believe the story that she “moved” but why not take all of her stuff? Why did she not take anything of Caylee’s? I personally don’t think she moved I think she was back at mom and dad’s house everyday, they just wasn’t home. I believe it was another one of her lies, I think her parents are being truthful when they said she moved because they was use to her being there everyday but I am sure she did not move. It was more like she was hanging out with friends when mom and dad was home.

  100. She was under no direct order to move out or anything. It was her decision and it was at her discretion and leisure. Remember, the explanation given was that she and Caylee could bond. No one is disputing that aspect of her desire to move. She had a key to the house and she could come and go at will. Part of the explanation of why she returned to the house and and backed into the garage could be to remove some of her personal belongings.

    A neighbor who lives across the street, Jean Couty, was interviewed by Melich and Allen on Sept. 15. It’s an easy read and it sheds light on the types of arguments between Casey and her mother.

    This interview has been overlooked by many. Although it does not argue for or against a June 15 fight, it is probative.

  101. To illustrate a motive before June 15, WKMG wrote this on their Web site:

    On May 6, 2008, Anthony exchanged computer messages with one of her lovers, then-Orange County sheriff’s Deputy Anthony Rusciano, referring to Caylee as a “snot head.”

    ”Bring your fine little (expletive) over here sometime today,” Rusciano typed to Anthony.

    “God, I’m so sick of having to rely on other people,” replied Anthony, claiming she’s “playing phone tag both with Zani,” the mystery nanny, “and my mom.” “Want me to bring the little snot head?” Anthony asked.

    When Rusciano did not reply, Anthony wrote “didn’t think so.”

    Anthony later typed “if my nanny can baby sit tonight, I’m set. If not, I’m screwed.”

    By nightfall, Anthony seemed resigned to the fact that she could not leave.

    “I’m sad. I’ve been sad all day, I’ve been sad for days,” Anthony typed. “Too bad I can’t move out tomorrow. (It) would make some of this a lot easier.”

  102. I don’t think she killed Caylee because of an argument, I honestly think she did it because of Caylee starting to speak well and because being a mom set her lifestyle back. I am sure if they did argue it might add fuel to the fire so to speak but I just think it was more along the lines she didn’t want to be a mom. The obvious answer for that would be for Casey to let her parents have Caylee but she couldn’t do that because Caylee was her competition as far as her parents go. Of course this is my opinion and I do not know these people but I am thinking back to when I was Casey’s age struggling being a mommy why my friends got to go out and have fun. I liked being at home but sometimes I got sad but I never thought of hurting my daughter. I guess you could say I loved my daughter more then I did partying.

  103. I think it was a build up of hostilities. By that, I mean over an elongated period of time. It wasn’t one particular argument, but a series of them. If there was a fight the night of the 15th, it may have finally snapped her. I just don’t know exactly what transpired in that household.

    Anyway, I am driving over to my sister’s at Cape Canaveral. I will be back in a few hours. You wanna be in charge?

  104. Good morning! I am not the kind of person that can accept a job and keep looking. If I take a job – that’s it, I am loyal. Just the way I am. Not saying that’s smart or anything! LOL

    I agree with Laura. I really think the duct tape is a signal – keep this kid silent. Caylee was just blossoming on being very verbal. Way too much stuff snot nose was going to “tell”.

  105. Sheron I think you should negotiate your pay. They will see how loyal you are and I think they will agree to it. How are you today?

  106. Here’s another snippet from the Florida Department of Corrections:

    “Misconceptions About Florida Prisons.
    The following is intended to clarify misconceptions about the Department of Corrections.

    5. “Inmates still aren’t serving most of their sentences.”

    Offenders who committed their offenses on or after October 1, 1995 are required to serve a minimum of 85% of their court-imposed sentences prior to their release. Offenders released in January 2007 served an average of 86.4% of their sentence. The average percentage of sentence served for released offenders has significantly increased in the last 10 years (January 1997, 67.7% versus January 2007, 86.4%). A downloadable brochure on Time Served by Florida inmates is also available.”

    I thought it is interesting to note that in California, where I live, for as long as I can remember, inmates usually serve 1/3 of their sentence.
    Unless it has changed recently, and I didn’t hear about it or something.

  107. Here’s another snippet from the Florida Department of Corrections:

    “Misconceptions About Florida Prisons.
    The following is intended to clarify misconceptions about the Department of Corrections.

    6. “Prisons are air-conditioned.”

    Only ten of the major state-managed prisons in Florida have air-conditioning in some portion of the facility housing inmates, and many of these are located in South Florida. The following institutions have air-conditioning in the areas indicated: Lancaster C.I. (confinement area); Union C.I. (13 dorms); Youthful Offender institution Brevard C.I. (all dorms); Lake C.I. and Zephyrhills C.I. (a/c installed in Mental Health areas in 1997 at Lake C.I. and 1995 at Z.C.I.); female institutions Broward C.I., Hillsborough C.I. and Homestead C.I. (all dorms); Dade C.I. (Mental Health area) and Charlotte C.I. (Mental Health area air conditioned in FY 1994-95) The five Florida prison facilities built under the privatization contract are also air-conditioned.”

  108. Hi laura and everyone. It is so hot and humid here my keyboard is sticking.

    I hear, laura, that you are holding down the fort. Anything new in the Anthony case today?

  109. Not that I am aware of my sleuth has been awol all day! She will get demoted if this keeps up. lol

  110. Laura~~you are supposed to have this case all solved by now. Dave is confident that you can do it. Why do you think he left you in charge?

  111. Hey Detwill I am over here, come back! Have you heard any thing new today that we should all be aware of?

  112. Okay Casey is guilty. I sentence her life in prison with out parole. Also she has to stop lying or she will get no more of her money from strangers.

  113. Knight Owl and Sheron, I admire your scientific spirit, performing experiments in the interest of justice!
    I think we have to admit we’re back to square one with the duct tape. It may not stick well, but that might not prevent someone from trying it.

    People’s minds and memories vary so much, that I’m not sure any scientific experiment would really be evidential as regards George’s memory–unless it involved George himself. Still, it might sway the jury.

    Personally, I have a feeling, no more than a hunch, that George was not quite truthful about his last sight of Caylee. I don’t think he lied, but I rather think he was being pressured to say something, and he came up with a memory-picture and he’s stuck with it, even though he may have later remembered something different, or later realized he was remembering some other day.
    It is only a hunch, just based on a sort of self-conscious narrative style to his remarks when he was being interviewed on that point, as if he had rehearsed the answer to that question.

    He had a similar tone of voice and manner of speech when he was telling about getting the gas cans back from Casey’s trunk. I attribute it, in that case, to his embarrassment over having called police and reported his gas cans stolen, when it turned out it was Casey. There is a certain indefinable air of guilt covered up in his words, and I wonder if he ever called the police to report his gas cans had been found? Or did he know all along that it might have been Casey, and call the police more or less to spite her? Or was it Cindy who called?

    That’s all mere speculation, not at all scientific.

  114. Thanks for the link. That is kind of what I said early, Caylee did not fit the lifestyle Casey wanted/needed…..

  115. I have not noticed a scratch on her during court appearances. However she is no angel if she killed her daughter!

  116. You are going no where I will be in charge of him and you will still be the sleuth we could never replace you! Your the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Yes, Dearie, I had lunch with my parents, sister and brother-in-law. It was a relaxing day. I brought my laptop but only got online twice for a few minutes. I guess yours was, too?

  118. Los Angeles, I’m with you! I think I’m going to shoot
    myself too, but I think we are supposed to do it on Open Forum? I went to WMC and found out Dave doesn’t want
    to hear it 🙂

  119. I had a lovely day thank you. It was pretty quiet in here. I am glad you are back, things will pick up now.

  120. Boston I am so glad you are back!!!! I missed you. Got to go back and finish reading your comment.

  121. Dave et al – I think I heard that Casey even carried duct tape around in her purse, or something like that. Must be she had a thing for duct tape. I know I use it for everything at home — it is a very handy item to have on hand.

    My grandson was living at home with me last summer when the Casey Anthony case came to light. He was a rather loud child back then, it was my daughter’s second move back home, and the stress got so bad I would facetiously think about putting duct tape on his mouth. Just my comic humor, of course.

    I think that the duct tape kind of seals it (no pun intended.)

    She put the duct tape on her to silence her or kill her, or both.

    QUESTION: Curiously, when this case broke into the media I wondered if Casey ever had issues where Caylee got on her nerves, Caylee was precocious and Casey couldn’t handle it, Casey had anger management problems towards Caylee, or ever lost her anger with her or started to get violent.

    But everyone indicated at one time Casey was pretty devoted to Caylee.

    I think Casey got frustrated, her friends were out partying, she was tired of being tied down, frustrated and already having psychological problems and about to lose it.

    Any child can provoke the most loving and well intended of parents.

    It was an accident waiting to happen.

    But it wasn’t an accident.

    She’s being tried to murder.

    Barbie Girl

  122. Boston~~Anthony Rusciano was after Casey for the lust of it, not for the love it, well maybe. Casey was not in love with Rusciano, she went to satisfy his needs and no doubt he satisfied hers in the form of drugs, booze or maybe she picked his pockets. Casey had to have constant attention and if that meant using her body to get it, so be it.

    If Casey had loved Rusciano, there would have been a little cuddling after the sex. Tony told LE that she was dressed and out the door. He felt like he was the girl in the relationship.

    If Casey was ever in love, and for a sociopath that is almost impossible, it would have been Jesse Grund or Brandon Snow. Casey was and is, in love with herself. It is quite evident with her constantly grooming herself and satifying her own needs with food treats etc.

    Nice to see you back…it is so hot and humid but a little fog is rolling in so it may cool off a bit.

  123. Hi everyone.
    Detwill, that’s a spooky article you linked about the scratch/bruise on Casey’s forehead that looks like the devil and she’s rattled about it and keeps trying to rub it off.

  124. Boston~~Sociopaths have manipulation down to a perfection. If they find someone better than themselves, they will set out to destroy that individual. Examples are: Scott Peterson; Drew Peterson.

    I may be a sociopath…yikes….notice upthread, I tried to play God.

  125. LA~~it is spooky if you believe in those things. I doubt if it is true. I posted the link as a way to show the imagination of the author of that article. I do believe the devil does roam around. Geez, maybe he/she knows how to blog. LOL

  126. I think Casey may have a ‘zit’ on her forehead from eating too much junk food. I don’t think the devil can get his/her hoofs, or is that hooves, thru the bars at the jail. The devil may have been in the hallway, Casey went to the door of her cell, bent forwards, and the devil gave her a mule kick.

  127. Detwill, mule kick….LOL You can’t believe everything you read. The article said it has been on this February yet no one has noticed in while she was in court. Good evening everyone!

  128. Yea! Laura said that I could be a queen.

    Lol, Beatrice, better on Open Forum.

    I’m wondering if the forensic psychologist that Detwill linked in her comment at June 24, 3:13 pm, was confusing Tony Rusciano with Tony Lazarro. I’ve noticed that a lot of the lawyers and psychologists that I see being asked questions on these TV shows don’t actually seem to know all that much about the case, as if they never did any research on it.
    The forensic psychologist speaks of Casey’s “extreme romantic attachment” to Tony Rusciano. Whereas Tony Lazarro is the one Casey had an “extreme romantic attachment”

  129. Detwill, I thought you might include George in the sociopaths although not a physical killer. Oh, he’s good at it !!

  130. I agree that Tony Lazarro was her favorite. There was no mention of love in the text msges with Rusciano but there was with Lazarro. Love is an easy word to throw around, it is another thing to mean it.

  131. I agree LA, It was my understanding that Tony Lazarro
    was the one she looked forward to possibly going to NY
    with. Rejection can cause (not excuse) people to do a lot of things they ordinarily would not. Making a joke of someone can also do that. Perhaps that is more what Tony Rusciano did to Casey. The way he spoke of her certainly
    he had no conscience either.

  132. Newbie~~I am not sure that George would be included with the sociopaths. I would be more inclined to add Cindy. Two in the same house, Cindy and Casey, would be like an accident waiting to happen but, in this case, I do not believe it was an accident.

  133. detwill, just think about it. Who immediately starting being the “good guy” by apologizing for his wife? Who has need to say “I am not like that” in big overtures of his goodness? Scott Peterson was thought to have been a great guy too…..before he murdered Lacey. Who cares to appear to be a “victim” of his wife?
    All I am saying is a second gander at George may turn into you seeing him in a different light.

  134. Newbie~~you could very well be right. Maybe he is a wolf in sheep’ s clothing. He does tend to get the sympathy of the public. We could all be wrong and maybe Cindy needs our sympathy. George has a record of lying to his first wife, lying about his gambling or Nigerian scam. You are a smart cookie and have me thinking now.

  135. Thanks Newbie, I am really a little tired of hearing
    George so perfect and Cindy a bitch. Maybe she has
    been “driven” to be bitchy. I am willing to be wrong but
    have always noticed his “poor me” but lacking in hugs
    for Cindy. Hey, I will eat what I say anytime. None of
    us are “really” right on, about the Anthony’s anyway.

  136. I feel bad for Cindy she was supporting 3 adults and a toddler by herself. I think she is use to being taken advantage of, and now she is doing what she always has done take care of her family. Even if she goes about it the wrong way. We moms tend to be very protective of our children. Most moms anyway. jmo

  137. From June 15 2008 and forward, Casey didn’t act like she was in the throes of depression to me.

    Detwill, would you happen to know why, when sociopaths find someone better than themselves, why they will set out to destroy them?

    Lol, Detwill, I think he/she knows how to influence blogs 😯 😯

    Lol, mule kick. I was thinking that surely no one would be dumb enough to make something like that up and think that it would have even a slight chance of being believed. They supposedly took pictures of it. I’d like to see those pictures.
    Oh, Laura, I didn’t know the article said it has been on this February. I guess that debunks that.

  138. Beatrice, I know I didn’t believe Tony Rusciano when he told the cops that Casey left immediately after sex or whatever. That’s just hearsay.
    And, besides, if he’s one of those insecure type of guys, he would just routinely make something like that up to make himself look better and to make the ex-fling look bad.
    And he also could’ve made that up to try and make himself look like a better person in front of the cops.
    I’m surprised when people just automatically believe what he said about that.

  139. Sociopaths need to be the center of attention. Casey was Cindy’s princess until Caylee came along. Jesse Grund even said that Casey was jealous of his affection for Caylee.

  140. When someone testifies under oath, we assume it is the truth. He was fired for lying so maybe LE felt the girly thingie was just a lot of bull as well.

  141. Thank you, Detwill. Because, come to think of it, whenever in real life when I’ve met or known someone who I suspect might be a sociopath, they always do want to be the center of attention.

  142. LA~~sometimes I think I am a sociopath but would never kill to gain attention. For starters I am afraid of guns and blood. I can always dazzle them with my words. And speaking of words, where is Dave tonight?

  143. Are you going to retire in Florida? I told you, you are the best sleuth irreplaceable. Dave would never marry me if he was going to loose you, nor would I marry him if I was going to loose you! You all are the best.

  144. I am so afraid of blood, Detwill. When I was young, I entertained the thought of being a surgeon, but I couldn’t because if I sliced into someone and saw the blood, I would feel too sad and I would have to run out of the operating room.

  145. Maybe it is all the ‘trouble’ I keep causing. All sleuths are trouble makers and all trouble makers are sleuths. We look for trouble and, if we cant find it, we cause it. Anything to liven up the place.

    I am wishing tonight, Dave would ban me for good and put me out of my misery.

  146. You’re the best too, Laura.
    But is this some sort of weird love-triangle going on between you’s guys?

  147. laura~~I am not moving to Florida. I do not like snakes nor alligators. I may bring Dave to Canada so he can finally get some good health care. If I have to sponsor him, marry him or whatever it takes, I’ll do it.

  148. No love triangle there is enough love for everyone. We are just big flirts. Just trying to laugh some in the midst of this tragedy. I amokay with sharing you can flirt, until the wedding. lol

  149. LosAngeles~~I am not part of any triangle. I tried cyber sex one time. The 24 yr old stud turned out to be a sex starved 90yr old. He couldn’t hear, had no teeth, full of lumbago but he sure as he** knew how to type those sweet words.

  150. Detwill will you warn someone before you send your one liners. I spit water all over desk! Jeez you are killing me. You can marry Dave if it makes him healthy, he said he would adopt me and then he could be like woody allen. lol

  151. Barbie Girl,

    Cindy/Casey had a child manual with pages bookmarked for how to handle tantrums.

  152. If Dave is feeling well tonight, we are going to see one intriguing post tomorrow.

    Dave, just pop in and say “howdy’…we are all holding your fort down. Well, I am trying to knock some bricks down off a back wall.

    We do worry when we do not see that shiny pate!

  153. I did pop in 9 minutes ago. No, I didn’t get a chance to write anything today. I may just post a picture of my parents, my sister and her husband since that’s where most of my day went.

  154. Could be Casey taped Caylee up while she was in her car seat. It would’ve held her in pretty good, as far as any squirming goes.

  155. Really, Detwill39? George’s book? No, if he had a manual, it would be an emergency survival “duck and cover” book, not a “let’s fix this problem” book.

    Now, I’m not saying George is spineless, or that he was a poor, little victim amidst “his girls.” It just seems customary for George to let Cindy have her say and her way and then her say, again so that the boat keeps floating.

  156. Id’claire~~anyone in their right mind, would never duct tape a child. If you taped up a child’s mouth, ripping off the tape would take the skin along with it. Duct tape was used in the murder but it was meant to be permanent.

  157. Id’Claire, I like that a book on duck and cover. I agree Cindy wears the pants in that house.

  158. Dave, if you post your family, will we be able to see THEIR chins? Or, do half-faces run in the fam?

  159. Id’claire~~”duck and cover” is priceless. I needed a good laugh. No wonder George snuck up in the middle of the night, like a bad little boy, and gambled online.

  160. Id’claire~~now you have me in hysterics…half faces….I have heard of people referred to as half a–ed…………the s’s are missing.

  161. Dave,

    I know your fam have whole faces, I thought it’d be funny to see them like we see your pic.

    I’m sure you have a lovely enough family. I didn’t think all the half-ses jokes would come out.

  162. Dave~~can I have permission to steal your pic from your travel post. The one with you and Stew. I want to make a whole man out of you without the shades. I have your other pic in my files and I can shrink and turn it…

  163. Boston, my comment that duct tape might not “stick well” was referring back to someone else’s comment that duct tape would not stick to a wet surface, and therefore would not have been used to contain leaking bodily fluids. The idea was tossed about a bit, and Knight Owl was inspired to try her own experiment.
    I did not mean to imply that duct tape in general does not stick well, it is indeed very adhesive.

  164. Oh that comes like half azz! How funny. You have half a face and half a azz! I have real good taste in husbands uh?

  165. Wal Mart has a duct tape brand by Main Stays, that stinks…not sticks. But even poor duct tape works better doubled-up, overlapped.

    But Casey would not get her duct tape from Wal Mart. Her main shopping grounds were Mommie’s Cupboards!!

    However, given a car with gas and an idle check-book, Casey’s secondary preference was Target!

  166. Beatrice, Newbie, I agree that George’s suave charm may cover many secrets. I have always thought, most people do not like Cindy, because she is so brash and opinionated, and most people like George because he is a smoothie, and can really talk nice for the police or the press.

    But for just those very reasons, I would sooner suspect George of lying than Cindy. Because Cindy has changed her story, and sometimes said contradictory things, people say she’s lying. I think she just changes her mind, or her perception, and blurts out whatever she currently thinks. George is the one who could develop a good story and stick to it.

    If you’ve ever known a wife-beater in real life–they can be street angels, butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth–till they get home. Any young ladies out there: Beware a man who seems too good to be true!!

    (I’ve never been beaten, but I knew one.)
    (Oh, and NO, I’m NOT hinting that George might have beaten anybody. Just saying–you can’t always judge a book by its cover.)

  167. There shall be no laughter in them there parts. (JK)

    Laura, I hear wedding bells 😆 😆

    LOL, Detwill, the Omoki Tribe 😆

    Id’Claire,that child manual with bookmarked pages, I would bet there is no way Casey bought that book with an intent to read it. I feel it must’ve been Cindy’s and that Cindy gave it to Casey to read, and Casey was just pretending she was reading it.

  168. Wow, you guys’s is fast with posting your comments.

    Dave, I’d like to see a picture of your parents, your sister, and her husband.

    Yeah, I suppose Cindy rules the roost.

    LOL, Id’Claire, “half-faces” 😆

    Detwill, I heard somewhere(sorry. I don’t remember where), but I heard that George lost money in a Nigerian money scheme, but that because all this publicity came upon them, he thought it was less embarrassing to say he lost it gambling.

  169. “Boston
    L.a. since we can’t read anyone’s mind we should take their statements to LE as truthful and candid ones up to and until they are rendered misrepresentations of the truth,”

    “We” should? Not me.

    I do agree with you that it will never be part of any evidence in the case.

    He has lied to the cops twice before. To me, that is a credible reason not to believe him.

  170. I thought this was interesting. These are snippets of the depo’s of the two prison guards, Richardson and Unser,
    where they state that they feel what was done to Casey, concerning when she received news of remains found, was cruel:

    I had never realized that the guards felt this way until I read this a while back.

  171. LA~~I remember alot of the evidence on the docs. I have been obsesses with this case since last August and got nerve enough to start commenting on blogs in Sept. I love sleuthing and reading the docs, sometimes I take notes.

  172. Because of the Death Penalty, I look at premeditated.
    I have assumed from reports that the trash bags and the
    laundry bag and the duct tape came from the Anthony
    home. Is it to be believed that for the premeditated murder of Caylee, Casey took all this from the home in
    preparation for the murder. I have also read that Casey
    came back to the house on the 16th (?) and killed Caylee there, wrapping her in the trash bags, the laundry
    bags and using the duct tape to, well who knows? Yet,
    I have not read that anyone saw Casey bring Caylee back
    to the house when she backed her car up into the driveway. If Caylee was already dead (premeditated) then why wouldn’t she have taken all she needed to do
    the job with her when she left, why take the chance on
    coming back home with a dead child. My question is,
    has anyone ever made a statement as to when Casey took the trash bags, laundry bag and duct tape from the
    home, again if premeditated (for a long while) did she
    not already have her place to put Caylee. Why “premeditate” to drive around the area long enough for
    Caylee’s body to start to decompose. Also, looking into
    her theivery and fraud, did she premeditate to do all
    that too, or did she have her personal desires, a big
    dissappointment, the opportunity present itself and she thought she could get away with it? I do not think
    Casey thought she could get away with anything, because she did not try to hide the check cashing, she
    certainly did not have a WELL PLANED lie, just a big
    mess of lies, and she almost seems content to be in jail. Not trying to say pre-accident with Caylee but something just is not jelling for me. The only thing
    that suggest premeditate to me is that there were no
    fingerprints on the duct tape (at least that is what I read) that she could have prepared herself well for them not to be there. As far as Casey and Cindy having a fight, you all should have been my neighbor when my
    children were growing up. You can be sure they heard
    a few yells at my children and back from them. I must
    live in a different world, because it seems that what I
    call family goings on is termed ooh and aahs for the Anthony’s even before the murder. So who knows, either LE prosecution is holding back or everything is circumstantial. Does Casey herself, know all that has happened, I really doubt it! She seems to just be in the
    moment, day to day. For her even this attention may be better than none.

  173. LA~~I just read some of that motion filed with the courts to supress the release of the video of Dec 11th when the remains were found. (your link-thank you)

    I think the defense is going after the state on this one. Casey had not waived her Miranda rights and had the right to see her counsel. The state botched this one big time. First off, the body was not identified, even tho it was found off Suburban.

    Normally, if they have to inform an inmate of the death of a family member, they generally take them to the medical facility. This is normal procedure.

    This could be used if there is an appeal.

  174. The state seemed to have made a mistake on that one. Although, I don’t think they need that tape, do you?

  175. How can the defense use it as a reason to appeal the verdict if that video of Casey never enters the trial?

  176. The appeal takes place after the trial. If Casey is found guilty of murder one, then she can get herself a good appeals lawyer. Most cases are appealed after a guilty verdict. Scott Peterson wanted to appeal, but that was the last I heard of it. They probably couldn’t find enough just cause to appeal in his case.

  177. I’m so glad Scott Peterson got a guilty verdict. Before his trial, I think a lot of people were so afraid he was going to get a not guilty verdict.

  178. The prosecution may decide to bring the video in at the trial. They can do a comparison. When Padilla had the divers in the Econ river and they thought they had found some remains, Casey just glanced at the tv in the jail and sauntered back to her cell. This indicated that she knew it was on Caylee. The jail guards said she wasn’t the least bit fizzed when she watched the news about Econ.

  179. That’s right. But now that the State messed up on that video, do you think the State will now try to leave that video out of the trial?

  180. Scott Peterson got what he deserved. He will probably die of old age before he gets put to death. We will never know how that murder went down as he, no doubt, thinks he is innocent and will never talk.

  181. The state probably disagrees with me and thinks they did no wrong by making that video. They got Casey to sit in a chair where they had a stationary video camera. They did not purposely set up a camera to do the video. They can also say that the guards were just making uneducated guesses about the cruelty.

  182. I don’t think Scott Peterson will be talking any time soon. I remember reading, within the last 4 years (I don’t remember the exact time) , in the news ,that the prison reported that Scott Peterson got royally beat up one day, beaten really hard by inmates.

  183. Beatrice, I don’t see how you can possibly think that Casey is content in jail.
    You don’t think that computer searches for chloroform and neck-breaking show any premeditation? Or what about the computer search for that episode of a TV drama in which the nanny kidnaps the little child?

  184. LA, observed from reports and comments that she has
    no emotion and that she is a sociopath. Perhaps content is wrong word. I am sure if she would rather be out partying if she could be. Unaffected, would that be better? Yes, she is the subject of all this, so I can see her contented in the “attention” and not relating to what future holds for her.

  185. I do not see proof of premeditation unless fact is that she actually purchaced choloroform or that Caylee
    had a broken neck. I looked up choloroform “because of
    this case”, I am not premeditating anything, but If I
    do a crime later on surely it will come up. How would I
    ever be able to prove I was just curious. In the beginning the choloroform was commented about in relation to mixing ecstacy or some other drugs. I failed
    at the time to find out from Det just when she was looking on internet for choloroform. Maybe she still has
    some link or something……. or maybe I just need to go to bed and pass out.

  186. LA, Meant to add that “I” do not see proof, I see
    circumstantial until forensc…….(sp.) prove it. Of course
    they must have some proof to return to DP.

  187. I don’t know Beatrice. We’ll have to see.
    I just thought that the last place Casey wants to be is in jail.

  188. I don’t know either LA, Once in awhile I try to participate in these comments always ending up I don’t know what I am talking about, only having my opinion. I have learned that opinion is to be backed up
    by fact, and I can not find the fact. It is difficult for me to appreciate making fun of a murderer. even if I had proof of what one has done. I feel the loss of Caylee, for the character of Casey I feel pity that she could do this crime. God forgive if she did kill Caylee. To have been partying around while planning it? I just wonder if even God can forgive her. Sorry

  189. Beatrice~~the chloroform searches were done on the puter back in March/08. I am not sure of the exact dates but they were done on 2 different days. Sorry, I dont have time right now to link you up to them.

    Feel free to ask any questions and one of us will find them for you.

    Hope to get back on a little later…have a good day all…

  190. Beatrice~~your opinions are very important and do not hesitate to jump right in with them.

    Hi Dave whereever you are…. now I am gone…

  191. Good morning everyone. Beatrice your 3:42 a.m. comment I agree with you. I feel pity for Casey also. She has no emotion where Caylee is concerned, she took her gift from God and threw her away. Now she sits in jail and I am pretty sure she is convinced that she has done nothing wrong and that she will be going home. I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts and ideas.

  192. Good morning! Detwill39, you had a comment stuck in spam overnight and when I went to approve it, it disappeared. I have small problems like that once in a while and I don’t know why, but I have no idea what it said.

  193. Good morning, everyone!
    I have always believed that the chloroform searches by Casey started out as her curiosity of it because of Ricardo’s sex and chloroform ad on his computer which Casey saw. But, it doesn’t seem to have ended there…she also had a search for making it. Did she make a batch of it in her trunk (where she could make it in an open air place so it wouldn’t kill her)? Where did that chloroform come from that was found in the trunk by forensic testing? If she did make a batch of it, then I believe she had help.

  194. I am on my first cup of coffee. When I get up I do chores first, then start doing my work. I have a couple financial reports I have to finish today so I will be in and out of here for a little while.

  195. I know you have been busy Boston, I could you and Dave’s writings all day long! I feel like you guys are dead on with your theories. So don’t ever leave us again, I was sad but Super Dave to the rescue. lol

  196. I read some where that there was a dead 3 year old in the trunk of a car, I believe for 3 months and Casey’s car still tested for higher level of chloroform then Casey’s trunk. Any thoughts?

  197. Should have said could read you and Dave’s writings all day long… brain is faster then my hands. lol

  198. Thanks Boston but I meant it you have protected me from one mean person and I think you know who I am speaking of, I can’t name names but you have ran into them and they scared you. You are a friend to me and I don’t want you to leave us.

  199. Beatrice…You may be right that if put to question, Casey would not remember what happened with Caylee in detail.

    Her frame of mind may have been such that it was all done blindly in a rage or something. In addition, she expunged it all from her mind through denial and lies. She probably doesn’t
    know what to believe…except that she loved Tony and that she’s angry with her folks.

    When she hyperventilated and proclaimed “This can’t be real…” it was a sign that she thought she had run far enough away from the truth.

  200. Coreysmom-I think she went home and made it in the garage. When the garage door is open I think I see the laundry room. Am I seeing, to the left, a washer and dryer?
    Yep, Boston, I beleive she could have made it in the garage, too. Not sure where the washer and dryer are located in the garage.

  201. Beatrice, I am glad to see I am not all by my lonesome in thinking Casey could not possibly have had any coherent plan that resulted in this mess she is in now! I just don’t buy into the pre-meditation theory. Maybe just pre-fantasizing, I dunno.

    Detwill, et al, jumping back to George’s statement to police that he had lost money in the Nigerian scam, not, as previously stated to his family, gambling—well, did he say that to the police because they would be able to check his story and find the truth? Or did he say it because the type of gambling he was doing is illegal, or because accruing gambling debt would look very bad on the record of a security guard? Why would his family look more kindly on his gambling than on his foolishly falling for some investment scam? Isn’t that also a kind of gambling? I just wonder about these things.

  202. I believe the reason Casey seemed content during her early days in jail was because she thought she was going to get away with it, and that the body would never be found. She thought the elements would destroy the body. Maybe a relatively minor child neglect charge or whatever.
    Many times when people are miserable in the hospital or jail, when people visit them, they have the temporary appearance of being happy and content because it’s just so nice to be able to talk and interact with someone, but it is indeed temporary, and in no way indicates content.
    Also, in one of the jailhouse visits, Casey was pushing hard for George and Cindy to get her out of jail. She can’t stand being in jail and/or prison.
    It’s not a picnic at all.

  203. So, Coreysmom, you believe Casey’s interest in chloroform is all Ricardo’s doing?
    I believe that “Win Her Over With Chloroform” picture was just a joke that Ricardo put on his computer.
    I believe Casey was researching chloroform for her own reasons.

  204. No, I don’t believe it was all Ricardo’s doing as per the making of chloroform. Just that he may have helped her to make it. Yes, it was just a joke concerning Ricardo’s ad on the comp, but, Casey, I believe, was drawn to check it out on her comp. IF she made the stuff in her trunk then that may account for the high level of chloroform being present in there. The level was higher than what is in human decomp. Plus, there is no indication that the chloroform was due to a mixture of chenmicals that were used/stored in the trunk.

  205. Here’s an exchange.
    First, I said this to BEATRICE, not Boston:

    LosAngeles // June 24, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    “Beatrice, I know I didn’t believe Tony Rusciano when he told the cops that Casey left immediately after sex or whatever. That’s just hearsay.
    And, besides, if he’s one of those insecure type of guys, he would just routinely make something like that up to make himself look better and to make the ex-fling look bad.
    And he also could’ve made that up to try and make himself look like a better person in front of the cops.
    I’m surprised when people just automatically believe what he said about that.”

    Then, Boston said this to me:

    Boston // June 24, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    “L.a. since we can’t read anyone’s mind we should take their statements to LE as truthful and candid ones up to and until they are rendered misrepresentations of the truth.

    His statements relative to Casey Anthony’s performance in bed is simply his observation/opinion. It is not heresay because it will never be part of any evidence in the case.
    There is no credible reason not to believe him.”

    Then I said this to Boston:

    LosAngeles // June 24, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    “‘We’should? Not me.

    I do agree with you that it will never be part of any evidence in the case.

    He has lied to the cops twice before. To me, that is a credible reason not to believe him.”

    Then, Boston said this to me:

    Boston // June 24, 2009 at 11:55 pm

    “L.A.-You don’t have to believe anything anyone says and you do not have to believe anything you read. You can read into anything you want and come up with your best interpretation.

    There has to be at some point an acceptance of what is truthful , plausible and rational. After all we do have to rely on evidence and not idle speculation.”


    Boston, if you don’t agree with me on something, that doesn’t mean that I’m not accepting what is truthful, plausible, and rational. That’s YOUR opinion.

    And, if you don’t agree with me on something, that doesn’t mean that I’m relying on idle speculation, and you’re relying on evidence. Again, that’s YOUR opinion.

  206. Laura~~Detwill is here to the rescue.

    Instead of making comments directly related to anothers, line for line, just generalize with the opinions and this will eliminate some of the conflict. You all make very informative comments and it is good to have a wide variety of opinions. If we all agreed on everything, we would come across as being a bunch of smiling idiots.

  207. Boston~~right on my dear! It is so hot here that I could not stay outside. I hope the fog rolls in tonight to cool things off.

    I will scoot around and see if there is anything new but things are slow.

    Dave~~any hints what you are writing about?

  208. laura~~the pavers are on the video that Hoover made when Dominic Casey was out at Suburban looking for the remains. Google- video, dominic casdey

  209. Detwill, you can gamble online?? Well, I suppose I should have guessed that. You can do everything else online.
    But that is terrible news for compulsive gamblers. But, I guess, online porn was terrible news for the sex addicts. Hmmm. Maybe I’m lucky to have an addiction (food, ice cream, chocolate!) for which I actually have to leave the house periodically.
    So, he told the Nigerian scam story to the FBI, so we assume that was true, since the FBI would find out otherwise? I’ll gladly be guided by you on this one, Detwill, since I know next to nothing about gambling, or the FBI, either for that matter.

  210. Hints about what I am writing about? Yes, detwill39, it is about Casey Anthony. Just kidding. It’s touching on how the two different sides will look at the autopsy report.

  211. I know a lot of people have opinions on this case. I personally don’t know enough about Rusciano to make a claim one way or another. There are thems that believe him and there are thems that don’t. Who knows for sure? But I don’t think enough evidence exists to come right out and malign him, any more than someone saying that George and Cindy should be behind bars when law enforcement – and they are on top of this case – haven’t remotely hinted in that direction. That’s one of the reasons why I feel that delving too deeply into personal opinions will be the downfall of this blog, as strangers run away for peace and fresh air.

  212. I can’t really conjecture on Casey’s mind, her capability of retaining what is reality and what isn’t.

    Boston, you suggested it odd that Casey would report her child missing, if she was trying to run from reality. However, she did not report her child missing. Her mother did.

    Even if she expunged the details from her mind, guilt, evidence, and detectives are harder to expunge, thus she would pin guilt on others and RUN even faster from reality.

    With George, Boston, you may be right about George being desperate. He may have been trying to provide for his family with his gambling and the scam. With Cindy’s stronghold on the family, and his knee work, he may have wanted to man up and help financially. This is not an excuse for him or perhaps the only reason for his gambling….

  213. Gees – It is just an opinion – to believe or not believe any of the players in this. And who we believe depends on our own personal experience. Even how one interprets evidence is subject to our own personal experience. If we were on this jury – or any jury, whether we believed the prosecution or defense – depends on our own personal experience – in interpretting the evidence as presented.

    Can’t we all just get along 🙂

    I am with you both – on both your sides. I could go either way. I mean – why should we believe the cop – he lied about most of it, until the cops cornered him with evidence, and he had to give THAT stuff up.

    So – we make up our own minds – about whether to believe the guy – or not. Is this really such a big deal?

    I like the varying opinions – and theories. I think most of them open up our minds to new thoughts and ideas. I LIKE that.

  214. I know I said I would call the prosecutor’s office yesterday and then I got sidelined by family. Today, I forgot about it until now. I will try to do it tomorrow.

  215. Dave~~I was wondering why Yuri didn’t get in touch with me. For goodness sake, call the prosecutor’s office. One of these days Alice………argggggggggggh….

  216. Please do not read the following if you are the faint of heart. It is very Graphic!

    This is Blink’s take on the autopsy results, it is very well written and seems to make alot of sense. If you are able to read it all, let us know your opinions.

  217. Wow – Dave – you broke that news to me – just got off to go get news on it – and my computer locked up (probably due ot the internet traffic on news on this). OMG – is right ! OMG.

  218. Dave~~when I click submit, I get bounced out to a blank page. Anyone else having this problem? My comments are showing when I come back in.

  219. Yes, detwill39, I am having comment problems on my end, too. when I hit Submit Reply, it hangs and then tells me it’s a duplicate. It’s got to be a WoerdPress issue.

  220. Dave~~it just started happening today. Maybe WordPress are backing up the data files…

    I am still waiting to hear about Michael…they are talking as if he was dead …the paramedics revived him after the arrest….it does not look good..he is in a coma….Dave….best retract that he is dead for now…

  221. Seems to me there was a time in one of the videos that Casey said to her parents, “I am better off in here”

    Sometimes I allow myself to ” accept” a lie because the person involved is an acquaintance or dear to me but
    still question it within myself. If I do not know a person it is easy for me to believe they “could” lie. It works both ways. But usually in a “situation” where something is lied about, I never take for granted that just because they said it as the truth, that it is. I do not really comprehend “evidence” in a lying situation, because
    I thought “evidence” is to be tangible. If I just lie
    in the wind, there is nothing to see. just suspicion that
    I am lying, or take my word that my lie is truth. Let’s
    all practice lying in here and see how proof of truth comes about. Do we need “Seeing is believing”?

  222. Dave~~Los Angeles Times has confirmed that Michael Jackson is dead. They probably had him on life support and he was brain dead when you announced it.

  223. Thanks, Detwill, for the link to Blink on Crime, there was a little bit of new info, there. I hadn’t actually ever read about the O thing, but I am aware from reading old stories, that it was the custom to tie a rag or something around the head to hold the jaw shut. Blink on Crime makes good sense, but there is still some wiggle room there for speculation.

  224. Beatrice~~did you happen to click on the link I posted at 5:22pm? You will find parts interesting because it contains info that you tried to explain to us awhile back.

  225. Yeah, poor Michael, a modern Peter Pan…

    But it’s a good way to go, I guess, just dropping dead from a sudden heart attack.

    Farrah Fawcett also died today, after a long battle with cancer. That’s a hard way to go, I guess, but at least she got married first!! I wonder if that was her, sort of, last wish? Or if there was some other reason.

  226. Dave~~I never realized how slow CNN are. They don’t even have it up yet on their main page.

    Dave~~you are my hero!! Sorry it was more sad news. They say things happen in 3’s…we just had Ed MacMahon…Farrah Fawcett and now Michael

  227. Beatrice–let’s all practice lying in here??? Aww, you’re making my hair stand on end! Things are crazy enough in here with everyone, I assume, sincere and truthful; or cutting up and joking around. I get confused between which is which already, if we all practice lying I shall be completely at sea.

  228. Yes, I have made some comments that bounce off and
    never come back or Dave is filtering 🙂

  229. I’m having problems with comments, too. I don’t know what the problem is, but I assure you it’s with WordPress.

    Also, I am not getting comment notifications in my e-mail. something is wrong at WordPress and what’s going to happen is they will come in all at once.

  230. Oh, thanks, Dave. I thought I read that they had married yesterday, or the day before. I don’t focus much on celebrity news, I guess they just announced they were going to marry. Too bad, then.

  231. Detwill39, Thank you for 5:22, hope everyone reads and
    comments. Very good for me! Am I right in reading
    that possibly fingerprints do exist and prosecution knows
    that, or did I misread. I guess this is still an opinion but
    even so very good.

  232. Detwill39, PS If Casey’s fingerprints are on tape, I
    would say deffinately NOT premeditated! Or did I get
    that twisted. No I think that is what I want to say.

  233. Boston~~I may take a trip over to the Island this summer and you and I can tee off okay? In the evening, we can play chop sticks on the piano. Now there are 3 lies in my comments and you better be glad there are. LOL

  234. Beatrice~~we have not seen all the evidence so they may be holding back ‘fingerprint evidence.’
    The prosecution are not supposed to hold evidence back that will help the defense. Those fingerprints would make the defense shudder in their cowboy boots.

  235. I must say that Blink has left the door wide open to one of my earley theories – that the tape was applied post mortem to shut the mouth. Not set in stone, but certainly within the realm of possibility.

  236. Dave~~Humble has 12 posts on the main page of WordPress. Wow! I did a test at Kreuzer’s and got the white page. Everytime I submit and get the white page, I have to exit out to desktop to get back in. I hope this place doesn’t crash from data overload.

  237. Beatrice~~I think Casey was premeditating a murder. She started making plans back in March/08, unless she just fantasized about it and carried out the internet searches.

    The actual murder of Caylee was on ‘impulse’…and IMO not premeditated to happen on the date it did.

  238. Thanks for the answer, I read back up a little ways and felt like idiot for asking. I would rather not read blink just cause I don’t want to read autopsy anything new?

  239. Boston~~now you and I viewed the information at Blink’s totally different. I think if Caylee was on her back when the tape was applied, there is a good possiblility, she was on her bed when death occured. I am still maintaining suffocation, possibly with a pillow. The small pair of shorts, if they were Caylee’s, must have been made of good strong material. The animals and the elements caused all the other clothing to end up in shreds. There were no shoes found, another indication that it happened in Caylee’s bed.

  240. Boston~~I believe that a fight did take place on June 15/08. We have Jesse Grund, Rick Pleasea, Lee Anthony and neighbors who all mention the fight. I realize that they heard it second hand but surely they all wouldn’t make up the same story.

    Cindy was informed by her mother on June 15/08 that Casey had stole money out of her g/parents account. That is a good reason for a fight to take place. It’s enough circumstantial evidence for me to say, it is more true than false.

  241. Hi, everyone!
    First, premeditation can be as quick as a few minutes.
    Second, Internet has been having big problemw affecting all websites due to the MJ news.

    If anyone has been following the disappearance of Jada Justice LE believes they have found the litte one’s body. There won’t be a positive ID until an autopsy is performed. Evidently, whoever killed her tried to burn her body. Here is the link:

    What a sad day. Farrah, MJ, and the finding of baby Jada dead in a field… 😥

  242. Hey Dave I got it and now you have mail. Dave send Detwill some love letters we wouldn’t want her to have a broken heart!

  243. Detwill39, I find myself chewing on that theory, kinda
    likd Padilla on his toothpick. Makes some sense. 🙂

  244. Boston~~Blink said he didn’t think the shorts, that were found a couple feet away from the remains, belonged to Caylee. It is because the shorts were in pretty good condition.

    The O thing has to do with the mouth gaping or opening upon death.

    There was alot of trash in the area where the remains were found. They even found one guy’s credit cards or receipts and checked him out. He used to live around there and lost those things a couple of years ago.

  245. Coreysmom~~my God, another child killed. What in the he** is going on? It is almost getting to be an epidemic and we are losing so many innocent children. I keep thinking that this world needs a cleansing.

  246. I’m wih you about this world needing a cleansing, Detwill39! And soon!
    I just heard that the top story in Gary, Indiana is the finding of Jada’s body, not the passing of MJ. At least they have their priorities straight…

  247. Folksies~~ I am seriously thinking of taking a hiatus from the world of blogs for a period of time. Maybe when I return , there will some good info to work with. As it is now, it is just a repetition of the same things over and over. I will probably check in from time to time and take a peek. I love sleuthing and there just is nothing out there to find. All the very best.

  248. Self-control is over-rated. I don’t think Casey had self-control. That doesn’t make her less culpable. There are forces out there…….but we are all still accountable for ourselves, and deserve what we get ourselves into.

    Sorry, I can’t give Casey that much credit. Sadly, Caylee paid the price.

    Maybe in the next world, everyone will have the opportunity to fully rectify the ills they have done, which would include bringing back the dead. But then, there would be so many ills to rectify, and too much catching up to do. Better start another comment……

  249. OMG, now I am crying. I heard about this little girl last week. The babysitter is the mother’s cousin. The cousin was watching the baby why the parents was out of town. It is very sick how people treat children. I know her parents have only talked to the cousin one time and that was through an attorney, I knew then that the story didn’t add up.

  250. You need to send her a love letter. Then maybe your next post could be about something fun and positive. Now please go get her back, we need her for more then just her sleuthing abilities she has great humor.


  252. Hey Dave maybe she just had to potty again. We don’t want to get blamed for kidney or bladder problems. YOU WHO DETWILL, CAN YOU HEAR ME?

  253. I don’t think anything upset her. Maybe it’s just for a lack of anything new to discuss, but I do have a new post tomorrow. Maybe I should start writing about other things.

  254. I think something fun or something that is not bad news. No one upset her I think it is just getting to her all the bad stuff going on with people. She will come back if I have to holler everyday to get her attention. I would drive to N.S. but then what drive around until I find her, not a very good plan.

  255. Detwill39, I hope you are not taking a break because
    you have sudden health issues and if my nonsence has
    caused you any hurt, I apologize, Sincerely

  256. I think detwill needs a break because all these children are dying. She probably just needs to take a few days off.

  257. My prediction: Detwill will be back sooner than she thinks. This blog is habit-forming. (There’s probably a nun joke in there somewhere.)

    Oh, yeah, I forgot about the letters, I was going to say before, surely the shirt said, “Big Trouble Comes in Small Packages” Cute saying for a toddler’s shirt. Because they had the word ‘small’, and I don’t think they had ‘here’, but I forget now.

  258. I read your comment on whatever the post in…Dave’s half family ? Go to Heath Conversations if you would.
    My Healthy is not printing out. lol

  259. DETWILL – Amen!!

    I am glad there is someone out there who is tired of the repetition and constant rehashing of the same information over and over again.

    As drawn as I have been to this case, for almost a year now, I find that the more I read on here, which amounts to mere speculation and theory, the less I know.

    Now I know I like you and have followed your posts from the beginning.

    I am glad I am not alone in this and there is someone in cyberland who has some sense (with all due respect to those loyal bloggers who want to see justice served for Caylee and who love and care for her.)

    Barbie Girl

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