I’ll be the first one to tell you that there have been plenty of arguments over what day Casey allegedly killed Caylee. Personally, I got into a dispute with a (once) regular commenter here on this blog and let me tell you, it was unsettling. What I have noticed is that more arguments and bitter fights have been started over this case than when brother fought against brother during the American Civil War. I’ve felt the sting of several people, but this one person in particular really boiled my blood. For the life of me, I don’t have a clue why a few hours would have made all that much of a difference and in retrospect, I think it was to prove me wrong, nothing more, nothing less.

On March 24, I published a post I thought would assuage those naysayers who insisted on the 15th as the date of death, while law enforcement, most armchair slueths and myself have believed that death occurred the following day. I wrote my thoughts on a post titled, June 16-19: Crucial Days. Well, it still wasn’t enough. Soon after that article ran, I published another piece titled, Anatomy of a Filicide, which chronicled my fictional account of how the murder might have happened based on research I had done, including cell phone pings. That still wasn’t enough to break the spirits of the few who chose to stand their ground.

This time, I will try to show exactly why I am so sure that Casey spent the night of June 15th at home and didn’t leave the house until early the next afternoon, as George said and as Cindy verified by making one little observation, whether she knew it at the time or not. She stated that she heard Casey and Caylee in the bedroom that morning before she left for work. The door was closed. George stated that Casey and Caylee left at 12:50 pm that day. Now, you can call George a liar. You can call Cindy a liar. You can even call Jose Baez a liar, but I’d really like you to call a cell phone tower a liar. Three of them, actually, and the only ones that pinged back and forth with Casey’s one and only cell phone. If you want to conclude Casey had a hidden cell phone somewhere, be my guest, but facts are facts, and Casey used her cell phone throughout the night of the 15th and into the 16th. Without much fanfare, I bring you data, raw data that only speaks the truth.

CELL PHONE TOWER #1 – S. GOLDENROD ROAD – Latitude 28.5028444/Longitude -81.2863333
2860 S Goldenrod Rd (Lat: 28.502778 Lon: -81.286111), Type: Pole, Structure height: 33.8 m, Overall height: 33.8 m – Registrant: Florida Power Corporation, 2600 Lake Lucien Dr Ste 400, Maitland, FL 32751, Phone: (407) 475-2231
CELL PHONE TOWER #2 – S. GOLDENROD ROAD – Latitude 28.4691667/Longitude -81.2916667
MUAYYAD MUSTAFA, 6767 South Goldenrod Road (Lat: 28.469083 Lon: -81.284028), Type: Tower, Structure height: 42.7 m, Overall height: 44.2 m – Registrant: At&t Mobility LLC, 5601 Legacy Drive, Ms: A-3, Plano, TX 75024, Phone: (469) 229-7422, Email: ka8805@att.com
CELL PHONE TOWER #3 – NARCOOSSEE AREA – Latitude 28.4547222/Longitude -81.2636111
Jerri L Janjua, 7777 Narcoossee Rd (Lat: 28.454722 Lon: -81.263611), Type: Pole, Structure height: 42.6 m, Overall height: 45.7 m – Registrant: Verizon Wireless, 1120 Sanctuary Pkwy, #150 Gasa5reg, Alpharetta, GA 30004, Phone: (770) 797-1070, Email: network.regulatory@verizonwireless.com

These are the decimal coordinates for those three towers. Just below this text is a map I designed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The red stars designate the location of each tower that bounced Casey’s cell phone pings back and forth. The blue star signifies the Anthony residence. Please take special notice because the house falls within the range of those three towers and you’ll observe the common overlap follows southwest of the residence. If you look closely, Casey would have been restricted to that area on the night of the 15th because her phone didn’t ping off any other towers. Either she left the house to drive across Chickasaw Trail – only to drive into a very similar neighborhood to commit the crime – or she stayed home. You’ll notice it’s tough to escape that area southwest of her house. The end result is whether she spent the night at home or in her car, parked along a residential street. You judge for yourself, but I’m convinced the crime was committed the next day. So is law enforcement.

cell_tower_ranges1Click on the map to enlarge it.

To see the AT&T cell phone usage printout, please click HERE and go to page 16/25. Also, the range of the towers is greater than depicted. To show the actual range of all towers in the vicinity would only prove more true, that her movement was greatly restricted on the night of the 15th because her phone would have pinged off more towers.

The next map shows an overview of towers in the immediate area of the Anthony residence. You’ll note that since no other towers picked up her signal the night of the 15th, she was stationary throughout the night. She did not head north, south or east. She either remained at home or she drove across Chickasaw Trail into another residential neighborhood very similar to her own, which makes absolutely no sense to me.

The blue dot in the center signifies the house. Click to enlarge.


In a typical cell-phone system in the United States, the cell-phone carrier receives about 800 frequencies to use across the city. The carrier chops up the city into cells. Each cell is typically sized at about 10 square miles (26 square kilometers). Cells are normally thought of as hexagons on a big hexagonal grid. Because cell phones and base stations use low-power transmitters, the same frequencies can be reused in non-adjacent cells. The two purple cells can reuse the same frequencies. Each cell has a base station that consists of a tower and a small building containing the radio equipment.

To read more about how cell phones work, please click HERE.

Reference: FCC Registered Cell Phone and Antenna Towers in Orlando, Florida



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  1. Something of this nature could be used if the state wishes to establish a time and/or location of death. The exact location and time can’t be established 100%, but it can be surmised from available information such as cell phone pings and the testimony of her friends and family pertaining to her whereabouts.

  2. Thank you, Carmen. My guess is that the prosecution is already aware of this. If not, they’ll have to find me. Hopefully though, they’re smarter than we might give them credit for. I hope.

  3. I didn’t realize it was such an issue, I guess I thought everyone knew it was the 16th of June. Maybe they assume and have not read all the evidence yet. Good job setting it straight. Always interesting reading your thoughts, very well said.

  4. Thank you, Laura. Those thoughts still linger. Now, if anyone comes here to argue the 15th, I’ll refer them to this post and that will be the end of it.

    Actually, there is a minor discrepancy with one of the towers. The AT&T records show it on the west side of Goldenrod and the FCC records show it on the east, but both show it in the same general vicinity.

  5. Hi, Boston! Great to hear from you. I think the most important thing to investigators is the fact that Caylee is dead and her mother was the last person to see her alive. By establishing where Casey was during crucial hours after she was last seen by anyone else, it could narrow down the time and place and show that no one other than Casey could have killed her, accidental or murder. The fact remains that Casey’s attorneys are claiming she did not do it, one way or another, and the state will do its best to prove otherwise.

  6. Hi detwill and Boston we have missed you two. Hope you stick around, we all enjoy your company…….

  7. Ah, how nice to see the whole fam damily reunited!
    Funny how, even though we would probably all admit that our opinions are just that, opinions, we can sometimes become so enamored of them that we will fight for them as if they were children. Children of the mind. Maybe that’s because in our modern life there is not much call for defending our principles. Not much call, or not much chance, depending on the principle in question…

  8. Lent is over. YAY! (And I’m not Catholic.)

    I think Casey’s motive differs vastly from what the Anthonys think because they are in denial. They don’t believe she killed Caylee, let alone had a motive for it. The motive, IMO, was to deny Cindy her precious granddaughter. The means and opportunity were there any time Casey chose to carry out her fantasy of death. If the alleged argument the night before did, in fact take place, it gave her more of an incentive to get rid of the problem.

  9. This is the sickest comment I have seen yet!!

    SONINHEAVEN // April 12, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    And another thing.say if by some chance Casey did get out and have children later in life who are we to say she would kill again….it’s called growing up and accepting resonsiability. Some people change after they grow up, their behavior and demeaner. I am not saying she would be a perfect mother, but I had a very wise woman tell me the other day that children don’t actually grow up until their 30’s. So can you really say she would kill again. I said JMO that I felt she would not….

  10. Well looks like I will receive the Sickest Comment reward. Dave, Will there be a trophy for that, should I be watching for the UPS man to bring it. SS I have been called worse…Welcome to the blog…..I am now getting my thank you speach ready…..

  11. You should consider yourself lucky, SONINHEAVEN. You’ve earned your wings. I earned mine when I got my first negative comment way back when I began writing about this crime. Welcome to the club. What took you so long?

  12. I had been lurking for a LONG time just took a while to get the courage to comment, I love it now and enjoy talking with so many smart people. And I will let it be known now no one is running me off. Some people may not agree with me, but oh well that’s life…..

  13. Boston – I don’t think Casey always had the desire to harm her daughter. I think it was a culmination of events that finally reached a crescendo and BAM! The deed was done. The incentive may have initially hatched a long time ago, but with each squabble, she got closer to the point of no return.

  14. Dave – I like your intelligent story lines – and the back up you give. Stimulates my thoughts on it, and you give lots of info I did not know before. Keep it up.

  15. The cell phone records are telling, but as I noted on another thread (referencing JWG’s sleuthing), the computer forensics for the HP laptop for July 16 between 2:00-3:00pm will nail down whether or not Casey returned to the house in the afternoon.

    The laptop had not been used at all for the previous two hours, and suddenly the usage was heavy around the time the George said he was getting ready for work and then leaving for work.

    LE has not released any information about what the nature of the HP activity was during the 2:00-3:00pm time period, but if the activity involved accessing Casey’s password-protected MySpace or Facebook accounts or email or IM’s to Casey’s contacts, then it was indisputably Casey’s activity and she was at the home that afternoon after George left for work.

  16. Oops – The HP DESKTOP (not laptop) had not been used at all for the previous two hours, and suddenly the usage was heavy around the time the George said he was getting ready for work and then leaving for work.

  17. I concur, Maura, but I can’t substantiate anything about the computer usage yet, either. I recall reading where George said he left for work about 2:30 that day. Quite obviously, I believe Casey went back to the house after George left or I would have had a tough time writing my fictional account about how the murder took place. It is also conceivable (with no evidence released yet) that George accessed his files/the Internet and left the house without signing off. When Casey returned, she could have done it for him and that would explain that 2-3 pm window. I guess we might not know anything until trial, unless further documents are forthcoming with more definitive information.

  18. The cell phone pings put her in the vicinity of the home, but not directly inside it. As far as the computer, it depends on whether it’s connected to the phone or cable. Either way, it’s easy to show log in/log off times. Maura is right about computer information detecting who was on that computer by what sites were hit on and if one person in particular accessed it, unless whatever was done on it is too vague. For example, if anyone can sit down and power it up, that’s not going to tell you much. Also, if a search was done for something innocuous, like “orlando dry cleaners.” that’s not going to tell you much, but, if any activity took place when George was gone and Casey’s phone kept pinging near that house, it circumstantially places here there.

  19. No footprints could have been found there that would have lasted from the time the body was disposed of and subsequently found. You’ve got to remember the area was under water when the bag was tossed in there. Besides, even if it was dry, how many feet and shoes could have milled around near there? That was a playing area for neighborhood kids.

  20. Dave~~now that I have told you that you have your cell phone pings established and they back up your theory…can we discuss Casey use of that dreaded landline versus her cell phone to make all those long-winded call to Tony Lazarro on the night of June 15th until approx 3am on June 16th. I believe this was another point we disagreed on….I said she used the cell and you said the landline.

    Once we can come to some agreement on the above, just think, we can continue to smooch between arguments.

    Boston~~ My gosh I missed you and kept asking Niecey where you went.

    Someone asked who Keith Williams was. He is the man who also searched in the area where the remains were located on Aug 5th and again on Aug 18th. He found a bag of stuffed toys and a Father’s Day balloon and took them to Cindy. Cindy said they did not belong to Caylee. I believe that LE was notified of this findings in August and now Baez has taken a great interest in Williams.

  21. Boston~~did you get a chance to view the deposition videos of George and Cindy? I would love to hear your take on them.

  22. Yes, Dave, the information released so far only describes the level of activity on the HP in hourly blocks. However, the activity on the HP desktop between 2:00-3:00pm was heavy activity whereas a simple power-up would have been indicated as light activity.

    Whoever used the HP desktop from 2:00-3:00pm was using it to a significant degree during that 60-minute period.

    PS – Did George ever say in any interview what time he left the house on June 16? In his August 4 OCSO interview (the one in which he nailed down the timeline), he said Casey and Caylee left around 12:50p, but he never said what time HE left the house that day.

    He mentioned that on June 24, he and Cindy met at the Bank of America to cash the IRS stimulus check and that he was back at the house around 2:25-2:30p getting ready for work when Casey rolled in (the gas can incident). However, June 24 was not a regular work day for him since he said he had a job interview at 6:30p that day with Andrews International (a new security firm that hired him).

    He worked for Security Forces through June 30, and usually worked the 3-11 shift Sunday-Thursday although he mentioned a 7:30am-3:00pm shift he had worked during that general time period leading up to Caylee’s disappearance.

    He definitely worked 3-11 on June 15 (Father’s Day), so it stands to reason that he worked 3-11 on Monday, June 16. But I can’t find any place in the July 24, July 31, or August 4 transcripts where George specifically said what time he left the house on June 16.

  23. I haven’t seen anything that substantiates his leave time, either, but I do believe it could be due to the fact that the times he left for work every day were routine to him. Some days, he’d leave at 2, other days at 3:30, and not one particular thing stood out in his mind that one particular day because it was a pattern like every other day when he left for work. I probably wouldn’t remember a specific time on a specific day, either, but I would remember something like watching my daughter and grandchild leave because it wasn’t something that happened every day, same old thing, day after day. I am sure he has established is work schedule to LE and the fact remains that he claims he saw Casey and Caylee leave at a specific time on the 16th. That verifies his schedule. Where he worked that day, I don’t know. Security people work all over, wherever the company is contracted.

  24. Dave~~thank you very kindly sir!

    I just heard that George and Cindy will be appearing on the Oprah show sometime in May. With the way this case is being publicized, they may have to select a jury in the depths of Africa.

    I already read a bit of your take on the depositions Dave and I am sure, you would not want to hear mine. I was reading up on just how much weight a deposition can carry in an upcoming trial. Here is a question for you….Can George and/or Cindy be held in contempt for their actions in the deposition? Can they be charged with perjury for lying in the depositions? How come they did not raise their right hand and swear the evidence they had given was the truth in the deps? The LE did it at the beginning and end of their interviews. If they lied in the deps, who would be doing the charges of perjury, Morgan or LE?

  25. Depending which route George travelled to work on June 16th, could they not check his E-Passes for a time and then do an estimate. To my knowledge, George did not mention the time he left for work.

  26. You are free to discuss your take on the depositions because they are mostly opinions, detwill39. The cell phone pings were established facts. There lays the big difference.

    I’m not trying to defend the Anthonys per se. I am only saying I can understand their belligerence due to their limited knowledge of what the lawsuit is actually about. They think it’s only about defining who is and who isn’t THE Zenaida Gonzalez and that ain’t her. End of story. So, everything else is superfluous and bothersome to them. Obviously, they have no patience or understanding of the law.

    A deposition is no different than testifying under oath at trial, and they were under oath even if it wasn’t shown on the videos. I doubt seriously if they will be held in contempt because it varies from what they described to LE. Although compelled to tell the truth, when they were interviewed by LE, they were not under oath. I really do not believe anything they said would warrant contempt, perjury or obstruction charges. First of all, ZG’s lawyers will have to present reasons why and then, the judge will either dispel those questions or order them to answer. If they refuse to answer, the judge may then hold them in contempt. As far as perjury, I don’t think so. There’s no way now to prove they perjured themselves.

  27. Boston – I went to the Orlando Sentinel, WFTV and MSNBC websites and nothing was mentioned about the death penalty, although a decidion has been rendered in the Phil Spector trial – no announcement yet.

    Shoeprints on the bag, if any were found, could mean anyone, but I doubt anything like that was found. I think she gave the bag a heave and never actually walked into those woods, let alone step on the bag.

  28. Boston~~I wonder if the death penalty is reinstated because they had more concrete evidence from the forensics. I know they were testing fatty gasses or something to that effect. The only other thing is that it may have something to do with Dominic Casey searching in Nov for Caylee’s remains. This is just a gut feeling.

    Dave~~thanks for info. I will be a lawyer before this trial takes place. LOL

  29. Yup, the DEATH PENALTY is what the state is now seeking due to evidence found after the body was found. The state always said it was premeditated, but substantial new evidence warrants the new penalty.

  30. Cindy and George were under oath when they were interviewed by LE in early August. You can read it on the transcript or hear it on the audio.

    George was not under oath when he talked to LE on July 24 because he was there on his own and it was not an official interview (he said he wanted to talk to the detectives and had not told Cindy or Lee he was heading to OCSO).

    Cindy and George were not under oath when they talked to the FBI on July 30 (Cindy) & 31 (George). They complained bitterly when the FBI tapes were released because they said they had not been told that the interview was being recorded.

    Even so, they could argue that they were shocked, exhausted, and confused back in July/August and now are not fully responsible for altered statements because they’re taking psychotropic drugs.

    I doubt the SAO would go after them for perjury. It would be a terribly messy affair, and in the end, the prosecution would gain nothing except for more hard feelings.

    I’ve been thinking that the SAO has perhaps decided not to get any more on-the-record statements from George and Cindy because they know George and Cindy are telling different stories now than they were last summer, and the SAO doesn’t want a new set of statements that contradict the first. For the trial, they are better off having only the first set from July and August to put on the screen if George and Cindy start backtracking on the stand.

  31. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Boston, but you’re too generous. I would have bet a lot of money that the SAO was NOT going to put death back on the table.

    Maybe the hair and bone toxicology report finally came back showing that Caylee had been drugged.

  32. I am watching/listening to HLN and it came on as Breaking News. It looks like we may be watching the trial on the tv in the lounge of an old folks home yet.

    Boston~~I can’t hold a candle to Maura but thank you for the compliment. Hey you are one of the best and that is why I missed you so much.

  33. Dave I wouldn’t be so sure that the state is that smart. Go ahead and take that leap.
    Send this to the prosecutor’s office with your regards. That is great detective work and for sure they will want to show the last time Caylee was known to be alive. It won’t tell them when she died but it proves up to the last few hours of Caylee’s known whereabouts.

    You really must have been mad to do all this work! You have me convinced.

  34. I have a question regarding the smell in the car.

    Does anyone know if Casey could have cleaned the car enough for the smell to go away? Or, is that a smell you just can’t get rid of?

  35. You can’t really just get rid of the smell once it’s there. besides, Casey was too lazy to clean anything. Please feel free to ask any questions you want.

  36. I would make an educated guess that you would need special cleaning solvents.

    My dear friend was a property manager of several buildings. Over the course of her tenure, there were deaths in apartments that had not been discovered for a week. She acknowledges that you never forget “that smell”, and it takes a team of professionals to come and dissenfect and deoderize the area.

  37. OK. So, at the most there was some leakage of body fluids but not like a total decomp in the trunk of that car. It seems easy to clean up. Does the smell permeate it’s surroundings?

    I hit an animal with my car once and it was stuck to the underneath of my car. The smell made me want to push it off a cliff. It lasted only two weeks but I drove it through the car wash constantly.

  38. I’ve worked with companies that specialize in biohazardous materials and death was their specialty. You don’t just go in there with a scrub brush and Comet cleanser. They have to wear special suits.

  39. You can’t just run your trunk through the car wash, Kate. And you don’t want to get close enough to the toxic smell to clean it. It can be fatal if not handled correctly. It is anything but easy.

    Time for Jeopardy!

  40. I even crawled under that car and peeled some of that beast off myself. I swear it was the abominable snowman I hit but I am told it was just a white possum. I was visiting the great white north during a blizzard. Never again. I will stay in the desert where I belong.

  41. For crying out loud. Get a TIVO and watch Jeopardy when you go to bed. You should be at our beck and call at all times.

  42. Fatal. Seriously, the fumes and residue are highly toxic if not handled properly and that means total ventilation. Those biohazardous materials people are covered in airtight uniforms. It’s all heavily regulated by the federal government and OSHA.

    You don’t mess around with death.

  43. Well Casey just went by a car…

    JVM is just reporting that the trial now will be a couple of years away now. The have to
    “Death qualify the jury”.

  44. OK. The chemicals used for clean up are hazardous but not the decomp itself. We are not discussing blood borne pathogens here, Just the death of a three year old.

    I think I could have cleaned that trunk. I might have had to remove the carpet but then it is just metal under that, right?

    I am just trying to figure out how opposed Casey was to doing physical labor. I think it explains some of her actions in this case.

  45. No, Kate, the chemicals produced after death are highly toxic. You can’t just get in there and get your hands dirty. Of course, it takes heavy duty cleaners to kill the bacteria and other toxins the body and all its organs produce. We’re not just talking bone and meat. We’re talking enzymes and waste. Speaking of which, guts and stuff are hazardous waste materials. Once you die, your intestines relax. You… well, do I get my point across? I’ve worked with those people before. You can’t just walk into a room after a guy blows his brains out with a double barrel 12-gauge shotgun. One little piece of brain stuck in a wall can make you very sick, let alone the smell.

  46. Well, that sounds logical. Thanks.

    But don’t you think murderers should clean up? Risks be damned.

  47. Kate; If Casey had her way, she would have hired a cleaning lady to do it. But then she would have had to steal the money to pay her and that might lead to evidence against her, so she didn’t bother with cleaning or hiring.

  48. Thanks Weezie10

    What I am trying to wrap my brain around is the fact that there could not have been that much to clean up. A spot at most. How did that spot create such a horrible smell?

    I guess everyone is watching Nancy Grace-less right now. Kind of quiet here. I will go visit nancygracemustdie.com for a while.

  49. Kate – Casey doesn’t fit the classical mold of a murderer. No two murders are alike, either. Casey strikes me as a person who has left lots od messes behind. She seems like someone who starts a project and never finishes.

  50. Kate~~the stain in the trunk of Casey’s car was the size of a basketball and irregular in shape. This stain was made by body fluids and gases from a decomposing body. The heat in Florida would have sped up the decomp. The lining of the trunk would have acted like a sponge and absorbed a large amount of fluids. In a case like this, in order to rid the odor, the trunk liner would have to be discarded.

    I have smelled decomposition and have also had a good whiff of a dead animal. There is no comparison. Any fumes, especially in a confined space, from waste products or decomp can be lethal if inhaled as the fumes are highly toxic.

    Have you ever heard someone fart and then someone else holler…METHANE?

  51. I can’t stop laughing now. I haven’t heard that but I have heard someone say ” don’t light a match after someone has farted.

  52. Hey evryone, just finished up my work and took time to read all comments. I am so glad everyone is back. I know I am not part of the ‘group’ but I do enjoy reading all comments and find you all to be very imformed on this case, has anyone ever thought they brought the DP back on the table for a confession, life and no death. That maybe there case is not as strong as they would like. JMO……..

  53. I think they brought the dp back to pressure her into a plea and I think it may work. Jose will stick around but he’ll have to get a second chair attorney who’s death qualified.

  54. You might be right, Lulu, but I do believe the state is confident it has enough to convict her, death penalty notwithstanding. Even if she talks, I don’t think the DP will be taken off the table.

  55. Well if Casey admits to anything at all, I would give an applause to Biaz for convincing her it would be in her best interest to MAKE A DEAL now!
    Does anyone think she will? I bet my last dollar that she doesn’t, that she takes it to the full trial. She doesn’t believe she did anything wrong , she loves the starlight attention, she may even like the fact that George and Cindy are made to pay a huge price for what they did to her!

  56. Well if anything she might be running out of mascara, to curl those lovely little eyelashes that she bats at all the men. Anyone care to fill her canteen?

  57. If she has $500 in her jail account, she probably won’t be able to spend it all when she transfers to state prison, but I’m pretty sure she can take her possessions, including money, with her.

  58. Cell Pings – did you exclude Lee’s residence? From what I have read the infamous wooded area is actually closer to his place than his parents. My own scenario is that she left the house with the baby on the 15th and went over to her brother’s place. Quite possibly the same cell towers? And why would Cindy leave for work the morning of the 16th, claim she knew they were both sleeping yet called Casey’s cell around 7:30 am?

  59. Hi, Snowy – Nope. The woods are much, much closer to the Anthonys’ house, about a quarter mile, give or take. The pings more than likely would have bounced the same off of Lee’s place, but Lee wasn’t home and law enforcement has, in no way, suggested that Casey even went there, let alone killed her at his place. They are very comfortable with what George had to say about the day after Father’s Day and time of day. Also, Cindy said she heard Casey and Caylee making noise from the bedroom before she left for work. Law enforcement has no reason to not believe both of their testimonies on that because they were not held at a time that the two of them could have rehearsed anything. Besides, there never was a motive for lying. In the end, what is the big deal whether it was the 15th or 16th? The girl is dead and her mother is in jail either way. Until the law changes the date, I will stick by what the law says, not info from second-guessers on blogs.

    Also, don’t believe what you read. I’ve been there plenty of times and Lee’s place was around 2 miles south, in the opposite direction. Besides, he had roommates.

  60. Just real quick – what do you mean by ‘law changes the date.’ Are you assuming that LE believes the 16th solely because it was stated as such in the interviews with the Anthonys? If the bounty hunter contradicts that statement with the 15th – does LE offer a doc somewhere confirming what they believe to be true?

  61. All I can say is that the state contends that the 16th is the last date anyone saw Caylee alive. That is what the state says and I am not going to argue with them. All of the other information is being fed by conspiracy theorists. I don’t listen to that. Besides, where was Leonard Padilla on the 15th and 16th of June? Not in Florida.

    You have to remember that this information was collected when Casey was only charged with child neglect and lying to police. They were just looking for a missing girl when G&C gave that testimony.

  62. Do you really want a change? Will we all be together when the trial begins? You are at the controls Dave, it will be your decision.

  63. Wow, I can hardly wait to read it. Going to bed early tonight but will catch up tomorrow. Hope Dave you are well and I am hoping the Health Care bill goes through. It would certainly help you and others out. I am really astonished that it has taken so long for a change to happen down there. I am praying for this to pass.

  64. Hi, Anonymous. I feel better now that I was able to sit up and take a little nourishment, as my Grandfather Landis used to say. I hope the health bill passes, too, and I hope it’s not too late for me and countless others. thanks for caring.

    Yes, this case is taking forever. Thanks for writing. Do it more often if you like.

  65. Even more so “really” after reading the comments.
    Like what you said about those woods being nearer to the Anthonys’ house than where Lee lived. And, I could never make sense of the cell pings maps. You were very clear about that info.

    I know that LE had to go with George’s testimony but had the pings said differently then they would have gone with the pings. I didn’t believe George either, and I still question his seeing them on the 16th. With the pings I can say that Casey was at the house and it doesn’t matter what George saw.

    Ofcourse, more info has come out since you wrote this article so, to me, it would be dumb of me to believe it happened on the night of the 15th (well, I thought early a.m.,16th). Casey never left home according to the pings. She had no open opportunity to do the evil deed until after George went to work and before the movie date with Tony.

    Good job!

  66. the only point I care about is that IMO she did it and it was not a drowning or at least it was not an accident if she did drown. I will go to my grave believing Casey is the only one who was responsible for this too ! Thank you Dave for another great posting

  67. glad to receive your post, Dave! I hope all is well… I concur as well. It fits, and makes logical sense..

  68. Facts are facts, can’t dispute them! I really still cannot get over Casey got off scot-free. 😦 Thanks Dave for everything! ~Gerri AK

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