Caylee shrine property for sale – Owner ID’d

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News surfaced on Wednesday that the wooded lot where Caylee Marie Anthony’s skeletal remains were found is up for sale. It was put on the market this week at the ridiculously inflated asking price of $89,900. Both the prosecution and defense teams performed highly sophisticated and very thorough forensics work on that property and I decided to do some investigative digging of my own. Who owns it and what is it really worth?

I will say upfront that none of the media outlets have been able to confirm the actual identity of the property owner, just that his name is Thomas Hendricks and he has a Winter Park, Florida P.O. Box address. In other words, there is no physical address linking one particular Thomas Hendricks to the piece of land. If you Google the name, you’ll find lots of listings. How does one go about isolating this one person out of the many that share the same name? In the following paragraphs, I will explain what I found out, who he is and where to find him; right down to his FCC amateur radio call letters.

First of all, this is not the order in which I made my discovery. It just makes more sense to explain it this way and besides, I do not wish to give away all of my tricks of the trade. Secondly, I found all of the information on the Internet. Let’s take a look at some documents…

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Here is a copy of the defense team’s motion to inspect the crime scene, filed by Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez. This was requested after the state’s team of experts had meticulously combed through the area.


motion-to-inspect-crime-scene-2If you read through the document, you will see that Jose Baez had a tough time locating Thomas Hendricks, too. Next, I took a look at the property from public records available at the Orange County government website. From this site I was able to reference the property’s parcel number:



If you have sharp eyes and a mind to go along with it, you’ll also notice that Mr. Hendricks owns the land on the north side of Suburban Drive, right across the street from where Caylee’s memorial shrine is. To be more precise, he owns 25 properties in Orange County alone. One of the things I found out while searching through media websites is that he is, indeed, a very difficult person to track down. No one could find him and his only address is P.O. Box 4602, Winter Park, Florida  32793. That is not all. Here is a property he owns in Bucks County, PA, and it gives as his contact information the same Winter Park address. This guy moves around. Coincidentally, Bucks County is right across the Delaware River from Hunterdon County, NJ, where I grew up.

bucks-countyYou’ll notice I highlighted the information in gray. From there, I begin to get down to the nitty gritty. I was hoping that by digging deeper into this land’s property tax information, it would yield more than a post office box. I was hoping for a real address of some kind, plus an idea of what the property is worth.


Along the way, I did find something of interest. Having been to that area several times, I couldn’t see that particular tract as being worth much. The property’s code description has it classified as vacant home owners association (019). It’s not very large and I don’t think it could be developed for anything, like putting up a house. As a matter of fact, in my research, I discovered it’s not worth much at all, according to the amount of taxes Mr. Hendricks paid on it in 2008.


OK, so the property is only appraised at a mere $100. Sure, and up until Caylee’s body was found, that’s all it was probably worth. You’ve probably heard of those schemes to sell Florida land and when you finally get the chance to visit your new homestead, it’s a swamp. This is almost the same thing and until history changed it, that’s all it would probably ever be worth. Remember, after T.S. Fay came through in August, this land was under water for months and it confounded all search efforts until Roy Kronk came along on December 11. Now, you can second-guess all you want about the property’s value today and be my guest, but is it really worth almost 90 grand or is the owner greedy? What would a potential buyer do with it but keep it as a shrine and charge admission?  How can anyone justify that price? For that reason and that reason alone, I am going to share the name, address and phone number of the owner for being nothing more than a money hungry bottom feeder off this Caylee Anthony affair. Sure, Tom, join the bandwagon. Me? I’m going back to work to find you.

I had the name of Thomas Hendricks and a box number. I looked up his name on a website I utilize for this sort of purpose. I find it very revealing at times and no, you can’t have it. There are certain secrets I must keep. Along with his name, I put a Winter Park location, just the name of the city. Now, I had no idea whether he lived in Winter Park or not, but I figured I had to start somewhere. Of course, in Central Florida alone, more than one Thomas Hendricks appeared. One of the things that caught my eye was that one of them is a ham radio operator with the call sign, N4HTH. Hmm, another coincidence is that one of my grandfathers was a ham operator and he worked for years for a company called Hendrick’s Appliances as a repairman in Stockton, NJ, directly across the river from Bucks County. Interesting, I thought, but unrelated. Here is what I found:


Alright, so none of this information is private property. This list of names came off of a website that anyone can find and research, but right there, in living RGB color and B&W, was one particular guy with the same name who lives in Winter Park. Had I hit the mother lode? Fat chance, I thought, because there was nothing linking that physical address to the post office box number any more than any other Thomas Hendricks would link to it and I really had no idea what state he even lived in. I could be looking for hours, I thought, but in cases like this, I like to write things down. By the way, there’s a clue in that directory somewhere.

After extensive work, searching through records, I still had a few more ideas up my sleeve. The next one I tried struck gold and I got myself a positive match. Where everyone else seemed to have failed, doing my homework paid off.

Look carefully at the Quit Claim Deed below. Do you see his name there, near the top? Underneath it, you’ll see Post Office Box 4602, the numbers that stuck in my head, but keep scrolling down, because this is where this particular piece of public property yielded the biggest clue and an on the mark ID. Some might say it’s right on the money.


There. See it? In the middle of the deed is the name of his wife and it matches the name of his Successor Trustee, Faye M., on the White Pages Winter Park address. The mystery is solved. I lucked out, but I have always had a pretty good nose for scoping out information and knowing how to manipulate key search terms helped tremendously.

Under normal circumstances, I would not disclose private information, but at the same time, the asking price of this land is so grossly out of touch with reality, it unnerved me. Ouch! He paid $1.64 in taxes in 2008 on a piece of land he now claims is worth $89,900. That is terrible and it is a sure sign, in my opinion, of someone trying to get richer off this dead girl. Remember, everything I found was available on-line. To those of you not all that familiar with Florida’s open-government laws, also known as the Sunshine Law, you just saw it in action. To Mr. Hendricks: I know you have to go with the flow, right? Take the money and run. Please remember one thing – I didn’t try to peddle this story to the highest bidder because everything I found was free for the taking. No bones about it. I hope I rattled a few.


The land where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found is for sale. Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla said he wants to buy the property. (RED HUBER, ORLANDO SENTINEL / March 20, 2009)

Leonard Padilla offered $50,000 for the land to keep as a permanent memorial.

©2009 David B. Knechel. All rights Reserved.

see next post (below) for updated transcripts 3/20/09


308 thoughts on “Caylee shrine property for sale – Owner ID’d

  1. Thanks, Ina. No, he had nothing to do with Caylee’s disappearance or death. It just happens that the body was deposited on his land, land that would not have an asking price of almost $90K if not for that.

  2. Hendricks is a good businessman maybe? Who wants to buy it (for that price) anyway, if the price is much too high. It is the demand that makes the market? So if people don’t want to buy it, and of course they won’t! Who in his/ hers right mind would want to, just because of its terrible history? So he won’t sell it anyway. I think.

  3. I think it’s obvious his intent is to sell the property or he wouldn’t have placed it on the market. He is offering it at a terribly inflated price, hoping someone will come along and bite. Since nothing can be done with the property, what could it be worth, other than the purpose it now serves, as a shrine?

    Sure, he’s well within his rights to sell it for any amount, but he also knew at the same time that it was going to stir up a lot of controversy, and it has.

  4. Feet. You can look at the piece of land and see it is not very large, plus the elevation, which you can’t see, falls as you go into the woods. In order to even think about putting up a building of some kind, the trees would have to be cleared out and topsoil would have to be brought in to raise the elevation. By the time you’re through with it, plus the initial price of the land, everything is way too expensive.

  5. Feet. So one side is 100 feet, that is 3o meters. And one side is about 350 feet, is more than 100 meters? That can’t be right. That would make a nice piece of land. Just cut down the trees, level the ground.
    But I suppose you are a better judge of that 🙂

  6. I guess it’s large enough, but it would be very impractical. To bring it up to spec would be too costly. Two people have expressed interest in the property, though.

  7. Nice work Dave ! From what i have seen in pictures of this property, i agree that it would cost way too much to actually do anything with it. You never know tho’, someone might want it .
    Thanks for your hard work.

  8. No, because the land is not zoned commercial. Anything built on it would have to be assessed by the homeowner’s association first for approval. It is a residential area and it abuts school property on one side.

  9. Hendricks is a pensioner. A rich pensioner. But who are the ones that want to buy? Do you know that? Let’s give Hendricks a call! 🙂

  10. There are no more bodies missing. Besides, police scanned that property with a fine toothed comb. Not one speck of dirt was left unturned. That land is as clean as clean can get.

    No, I have no idea who is interested in the property. All interested parties are screened through a real estate agency. He is not selling it himself, so no direct contact is made to him except through a realtor.

  11. A run for her money? Gee, thanks, Sheron.

    By the way, I responded to a comment from Michelle this morning. It was added to her own comment from: 2009/03/20 at 11:30am.

  12. How about all of us go in together and purchase this
    property and preserve it in a decent and respectable
    memorial to the loss of a precious baby. No buildings,
    no commercial, no money making, just from our love for Caylee, and all children who have been murdered. Is this property in the city? Enough people sending just one dollar each, then turn it over to the city for care and preservation. Place a stone where families who have also lost a child by murder could have their childs name added, if they so choose. State of Florida’s Little
    Wings Memorial.

  13. But what if Hendricks knew, and he blackmails the asp. buyers, who are the killers? All done legally. So that is why the price is so high. They pay for silence.

  14. No, that would be very depressing I think Beatrice. For the local people who live there. A playground in honour of Caylee, I think that would make more sense. IMO. I should add that.

  15. You could be right Ina, that people will choose to forget.
    Actually more focus is already just on Casey and the upcoming trial.

  16. It’s a very nice idea, Beatrice, but not very practical, I’m sorry to say. First off, we would have to establish a not for profit foundation and acquire tax exemption from the state. Until then, we couldn’t collect money. We couldn’t even open a bank account. There are too many hills too jump over.

  17. The property owner is not in any way, shape or form affiliated, nor did he have any thing to do, with the crime. If I threw a bag of crack cocaine into your front yard and the police found it, what would make you guilty of a crime? It’s the same thing. Someone threw a body into the woods. Someone owns that property, but it doesn’t mean the guy had anything to do with it. If I shoot someone in a McDonald’s parking lot, is McDonald’s guilty of murder or am I?

  18. Not a practical person Dave, Just like to get over the
    hill without climbing. Thats why we need other
    people who can see the climb before starting. I tend to jump start. 🙂

  19. Hello everyone – I just read on another site that Leonard Padilla is considering purchasing the property…what a strange twist. This is bordering on ridiculous, really.

  20. Leonard fell in love with Caylee, I’m afraid. Now he wants to adopt her temporary grave. Maybe, he was one of the two people who expressed interest in buying the property. Do I smell a bidding war brewing?

  21. Guess I was not on board at the time. My thought was
    to place a thought of compassion without monetary benefit to anyone, for Caylee AND other children……. With all respect, can I guess that LP feels for the property because he played a part in looking for Caylee… Do you think he would want other property where other childrens bodies have been found that he has not been in the media as a participant in searching. Dave, has any reason been given as to why the Anthony’s kicked LP
    out of their house as he said they did… other than he
    told them he thought Caylee was already dead.

  22. Then too, guess it would be terrible for Cindy and George
    to be living so close to a positioned reminder of Caylee
    where Casey is believed to be involved. An odd piece
    of property right along roadway… Any possibility that
    road may be widened along that area. If so, wouldn’t
    the state, county, city or whoever be interested in it’s purchase, or taking! Eventually.

  23. I have nothing against a permanent memorial, Beatrice, but why there? Her body was found there, that’s all. It’s like taking a piece of a highway after someone dies in a crash at that site. We can’t just shut down pieces of road. And Caylee didn’t die in those woods. Don’t take this like I don’t have a heart. I just do not think that is an appropriate place for it. You know nothing about the neighborhood. There’s an elementary school at the end of the street. It dead ends into it. Many of the parents are complaining that their young children are freaking out over that place. Who do we listen to? People like you, of which there are millions, or parents who live near there and drive their children to school every day? There are a lot of things to consider before making a hasty judgment.

    Leonard Padilla is not the parent or uncle or anything to Caylee Anthony. Had she not died, he would never have come to Orlando to adopt her and the city. You can think all you want about how he feels about her and that property, but remember, he was searching for her in the Little Econ River at Jay Blanchard Park. Should we rename the park after him? Or Caylee?

  24. There is no room for development there. The school property is where Suburban Drive dead ends. There would never be a need to widen it.

    And yes, it is very close to the Anthonys.

  25. WOW! This is very disheartening. Great job investigating though…sounds like an interesting journey. Y0u ask a very good question Dave, why? Why is this small peice of land worth so much. Morbid to say the least. I pray all of this come to an end soon. I pray that the truth comes out soon, and that all involved can start to heal, especially those so close to home.

  26. Thank you, newlight76. I hope and trust that all is well with you. In my opinion, it seems strange the owner of the property would be so interested in making so much money by inflating the price. I guess it’s human nature to try to make as much as you can. Well, obviously, that’s not me, but to plenty of people, that’s what they want. The interesting thing to me is that the guy owns so much land as it is and he’s no youngster. Obviously, he’s not hurting for money, so what’s the big deal about this little swath of land? Only one thing comes to mind.

  27. Easy Dave, a memorial did come to mind but after
    thinking about I think you will find a few reasons I tried
    to state that it would not be a good idea…. apparently
    people like me should not consider any suggestion simple
    from heart. I understand that I know nothing about the
    area, and apologize for that. please forgive. I will leave
    well enough alone and do appreciate you.

  28. I think it would be nice to have a permanent marker or reminder of Caylee and all lost children. I just don’t think that location would be appropriate, that’s all. By the way, the new rumor (not really new) is that she was killed in the Anthony home. I don’t have any details, but we’ll see. You didn’t have to apologize for anything because you never said anything wrong. It’s the thought that counts and your thoughts were from your heart.

  29. Dave~~I took my time and read and scrutinized your post… reminded me of cadaver dog hunting down a dead squirrel.

  30. Padilla only offered $50G….he seems to like that figure for some reason. Maybe he only has the fifty in his egg money account.

  31. I just spent over 3 hrs reading legal documents. Geez, now I feel sorry for Cindy and a bit disgusted with George.

  32. You must understand that what I researched was information that was not public at the time. You tell me you knew where the land owner lives. He’s not dead, by the way, skunk or no skunk.

  33. Dave~~I told you last nite what a terrific job you did find our landowner. You are too far away for me to bathe you in frangrant oils and give you a Japanese massage.

  34. I guess George did a little misbehavin’, huh? I left that information out of the post below this one because George didn’t kill Caylee. I don’t really think it helps the prosecution one bit.

  35. If you had one of my Japanese massages, you would never want sushi again.

    My eyes are tired from reading the docs…did you read any of them….most things we already knew. Cindy’s mother, Shirley’s interview was heart wrenching.

  36. the anthonys make me sick defending their daughter maybe they should have put that much effort into protecting little caylee. i hope the land is quietly bought and jus left alone sad that he wants to make that much money from a dead baby.

  37. Alot of the evidence I read today would not be admissage in the trial. I couldn’t quite understand some of cell phone evidence. Casey did make visits out to the airport and JayBlanchard shortly after Caylee went missing. I wonder if she did that purposely to throw off the LE.

  38. No, I didn’t get a chance to read them today. I had to run my father around. today was lucky colonoscopy day for him. I didn’t expect to hear anything earth shaking out of the transcripts.

  39. It is sad, laura, about the land, but I do disagree with you about the effort that you say Caylee’s grandparents never put into it. For one thing, nobody wakes up in the morning thinking about ways to keep your daughter from killing her daughter. Another thing, Casey was an adult and not living at home when the whole thing came down. What were they supposed to do? Steal the kid? In Florida, by the way, and I don’t think you know this, obviously, grandparents have no rights. None.

  40. hey detwill 39 and dave has l.p. bought the property? do you live in fl. I live in indiana and i tell youflorida should start micro-chipping babies, parents are crazy

  41. No I mean now they keep back stepping it was pizza in the car just because caylee is gone doesnt mean she doesnt need protecting ie justice. i love my daughters to but if they kill their baby they are going to jail there is no good reason that you need to harm a 2 year old….

  42. I need to say to you Dave, that your whole post was
    about that particular piece of property. and you went to
    a lot of detail in giving your readers all the pertinent
    info. Also you mentioned, that you forsee the sale of the property for greedy purposes which led me to think of uses without that greed. soon realizing how that particular property would NOT be at all appropriate because of possible need to widen the road, and would be difficult for the Anthony family. When you referred to me as “people like you” you put me in a category, reminding me that I do not need to have anything to say regarding the use of property in your geographical location whether my heart is in the right place or not. Thank

  43. well its heart breaking i try to keepup on it… it seems kind of morbid but caylee reminds me so much of my daughters hair color eyes and i cant imagine anyone harming her. thanks for writing and investigating who do u think they will blame for it at trial?

  44. What I am saying is what’s done is done. I’m sure in retrospect they could have noticed things, but like I said, who gets up in the morning thinking your daughter might kill her kid today? No one. The Anthonys couldn’t take Caylee away from Casey any more than they could have had her committed. As for today, I can understand parents never wanting to believe their own daughter could have done such a thing and I’m sure that Baez is pumping them full of positive words, like Casey is innocent. The main method of communication between them and her is through Baez. He’s not going to tell them she’s guilty.

  45. I wasn’t specifically talking about you, Beatrice, but it is true, for those who have never been down that street and through the neighborhood, it’s not really fair to those who are living there. Like I said, I don’t think the road will ever have to be widened, but that’s not the point. It is how all of those school children and the neighbors feel about it. The homeowner’s association is already up in arms over Padilla’s expressed interest in the property.

  46. hey dave you can email me at i will keep checking your blog for any new stuff i appreciate your writings. we all do not live in florida but our hearts go out to your community, what a tragic blow to your community……..

  47. Blame at trial? Casey all the way. You know, laura, I went to the memorial and I saw the Anthony family up close and personal enough to know what kind of pain they are going through. It’s a horrible thing to lose a grandchild and a daughter at the same time, especially considering the circumstances.

  48. Thank you, laura. I will keep in touch. Yes, it was a big blow, but life must go on. Some people have told me they are so over it. You must understand it’s been on the local news every day, and yes, I mean every day since July 16th of last year. When there was no new news, the stations rehashed the old.

  49. oh i understand about baez its just so bizarre i do feel very bad for grandparents i just think now it should be about caylee….casey made her bed….

  50. Dave~~I never realized you made a blog re the evidence released today. I also went to Caseys birthday blog and all I can say is that MMM had her ego fed. I have an inner feeling that I know who ‘it’ is and her comments are laughable. What a sin that some take her serious.

    I do not live in Orlando but hope for the sake of the residents that Padilla doesn’t win the bid on that plot of land. Caylee was not a celebrity. She was just a normal little girl and I hope she can rest in peace without someone making a permanent memorial. If Padilla gets that land, I hope a rattler will bite him right on the family jewels.

  51. The property should not be made into a memorial for Caylee as Dave stated. It is a morbid reminder of what went on in those woods. As Mark Klass said last night on NG he couldn’t bring himself to the spot where they found his daughter and NG said she could never go back to the spot where her fiance was murdered. Let the woods grow back as they used to be. I don’t think Jay Blanchard park’s name should be changed . It seems it was named in honor of someones else. I think some new playground equipment for the children with Caylee’s on a memorial plaque would be more appropriate. It was stated she loved to go there to play. Forget the woods that is where she was left to decay and not a good reminder of little Caylee. How could anyone even think of making that a memorial?

  52. I agree with you 100%, magog2. I thought about the playground, too, over at Jay Blanchard Park. That wooded area will always be remembered as the place where her body was tossed in like trash and left to rot. That would never be a proper place to remember her with dignity.

  53. Dave~~I wonder if anyone else has mentioned the name of that landowner. Maybe you are the only one who was able to find out.

    Brad Conway was able to get that Caylee doll off the market. He seems like a very good lawyer and gets right down to business. It doesn’t seem like he is just in it for the glory.

    As far as Padilla goes, he didn’t stay very long in helping to find Haleigh. I wonder if Ronald run him out of town.

  54. Leonard Padilla stated last night on NG that

    ” he made his offer on the property with plan to give
    it back to the County.”

    If that is what he actually does, is that so bad?

  55. No, detwill39, I am not the only, nor am I the first person to mention Thomas Hendricks, although I must say that before I began researching the property, I didn’t have a clue what the person’s name was. I will say, though, that I am the only person who has dug deep enough into this person’s identity to know exactly which Thomas Hendricks it is.

    I read that the doll was taken off the market. Good. As for Padilla, I don’t know if he’s still in Orlando or not. I haven’t heard much from him, so he could be back in Sacramento. I think he’s adopted Orlando as his second home.

  56. If the county ends up with it, it will just be annexed by the school. The county wants no part of a memorial at that location. It is not safe. Besides, the county can’t decide on a whim to just put up a park there. The government runs the county. Who runs the government? Politicians. Citizens in that district do not want that space designated as a park. For one thing, it’s zoned residential and must follow stringent rules set by the homeowner’s association until rezoning, and then, it would have to be rezoned as parkland. Visitors will need to park their vehicles, since it is not within a reasonable walking distance. There is no sidewalk on that side of the street. They would have to construct one to meet safety regulations. Where will the parking lot go? No place, that’s where. In order for any of this to happen, the voters of Orlando would have to decide, not some bounty hunter from Sacramento. Not anyone from out of town, for that matter. People around here don’t just snap their fingers and, POOF!, there’s Caylee Park.

  57. No one from out of town huh? Guess I can’t buy it so I can get closer to you Dave. You sure know how to break a woman’s heart.

    Leonard Padilla has made alot of promises and he seems to use that $50G as a tool to make them. He had a $50G reward to find Haleigh but set a time limit. Why didn’t he give fifty to Kronk? I don’t think Hendricks will be in any hurry and will probably hold out for the $90G.

    To put any memorial or park on that plot in remembrance of Caylee is just the same as leaving an open wound. The little girl is gone and a constant reminder of a child who was murdered and then trashed is inane.

  58. Anyone can buy it, from anywhere, but it’s just not as simple as it sounds, to magically make that spot a park. How many people said Lee was the father? That didn’t make it true any more than, how many people would like to turn that place into a memorial because that’s the way it must be? I agree. It’s not a practical idea at all. Why not the Anthony home, instead? Turn it into a darn Caylee museum. It’s silly.

  59. I stopped at giving it to the county! …. not to establish any kind of memorial… by Padilla or anyone else… so I don’t understand if someone has the money to pay he owner’s price and does nothing with it except leave it to the county and the county leaves it in its natural state so no further development, and no memorial of any kind. by the wishes of the local people! How does this become so upsetting….it doesn’t even have to be Padilla,,, the point is, as you wrote about, is keeping greedy money grabbing attempts away. Perhaps the people in that
    community could make a bid against Padilla then he
    would disappear also. What if Hendrick’s changed his
    mind, and he himself gave his land to the county, would that be satisfactory to the surrounding community. No park, No memorial of anykind!

  60. To be honest with you, Beatrice, the people in that neighborhood are tired of all those tourists dropping by all the time. They would just as soon burn the woods down and forget about it. How would you like it if your street was suddenly turned into a busy highway? That’s all I’m saying. Move it out of the neighborhood. Get it away from the school. It’s morbid. That’s not where she died and it’s not where she will be buried. That’s where she was thrown away like a bag of trash. Is that how she should be remembered? What is a grave for, if not a memorial? Why not just bury her in those woods if you think that’s where a memorial belongs?

    I’m not trying to be harsh at all, but you don’t understand the whats and wheres and whys and hows of that location. Why wasn’t Dealey Plaza turned into a giant memorial for JFK. Shut the road down. Heck, he was a president, for crying out loud.

    As long as it remains in the news, it will be exactly what it is today. After the trial is over, it might be forgotten. That’s what needs to be done with that land, no matter who owns it.

  61. She hasn’t submitted a story to me yet, detwill39. It has to be e-mailed first so I can format it, edit it, and put it on the front page first, and before I do that, it may have to wait in line until I see a good opening slot for it. It goes on the Guest Writers page right away, though, after I look at it.

  62. If you really read the content of my comment you would read that I did not say anything about any memorial, park or anything that would draw tourists, etc. I did say by some means, it be left in its natural organic state… Now I don’t know Mr. Hendricks, or anyone else in your neighborhood but has anyone ever considered the thought that this property owner can’t stand keeping a piece of property where a childs murdered body was
    discarded/found! re: his price you know the property values… Dave, after you made the facts clear about the neighbors, the traffic, the school. I did say NO MEMORIAL, NO PARK,! NO NOTHING! ON THAT PROPERTY! …. my mistake, in the beginning was in thinking your post was open for discussion, that’s all. I am certainly not educated in expressing, and once more “facts” are known, as from you, I am willing to acknowledge inappropriate suggestions where they don’t belong. Also, I have never accepted that the Anthony’s should be hammered or put thru any more verbal abuse
    accusations or “sight” pain. Please!

  63. OK, Beatrice. I think we settled that one except for one thing: I don’t think the issue has anything to do with Mr. Hendricks not being able to stand keeping a piece of property where a child’s murdered body was. After all, he set the price so high, I don’t think that was a concern at all to him. He’s just looking to make money off the girl.

  64. It’s a sad sad state of affairs when a man wants to sell a portion of his property but doesn’t stipulate in the contract what can and can not be done with it by the new owner. Can you not do that? I wonder???? If he were smart, he would try to make sure the county could not change the zoning on the land. That way, it could not be turned into a memorial, I think….

  65. Thx Dave, I am anxious to read her story sometime.

    Here is my take on may have took place…

    I think Caylee was murdered at home in her bed. She was drugged and then suffocated. Casey used chloroform and a pesticide combo and then put the duct tape around the mouth, nose and extended the duct tape around the face and into the hairline. Casey put the duct tape on to make sure that Caylee would suffocate. I also believe this happened the afternoon of June 16th after George went to work. Casey wrapped Caylee in the winnie the pooh blanket and put her in the trunk of her car. She left her in the trunk and went to Tonys and then rented those movies and she spent the night with him. Casey went back home the next day (17th) and borrowed the shovel and tried to bury her in the back yard. The ground was too hard to dig so she gave up. Casey then got the laundry bag and a garbage bag but before she put Caylee in the bags, she went and got a heart shaped sticker and placed it over the duct tape. Caylee was then lifted back in the trunk. June 18th, Caylee remains in the trunk but bodily fluids are starting to seep inside of the bags. On June 19th, Casey went out to a location at the airport and then made a trip to JayBlanchard park but too many people were around and she could not dispose of the body. Casey stayed at Tony’s the night of the 19th. At or around June 20th, Casey had to put another garbage bag over the remains before she could get her from the trunk and then took her to the woods and disposed of her. Before transferring Caylee’s remains from the trunk decomp fluids had leaked out of bag and created the basketball stain ( irregular in shape) in the center portion of the trunk.

    The odor of decomp was developing at this time but was not prevalent unless trunk cover was open. Over the next few days, the odor permeated the entire vehicle.

    Okay Dave…how close did I come to what happened?

  66. Dave~~before you ask me how come the cadaver dogs hit in two spots in the Anthony backyard. Cindy removed items from the trunk of the vehicle on July 15th and placed them in the backyard to air out. What she didn’t laundry and/or destroy she put back in the car. The odor of decomp would have been transferred from items removed to the areas where Cindy placed them.

  67. my god detwill you are the CSI mega star of the year. How did you get so much of the details in order? You must have a running catalogue of events and it seems like you have been working on this for some time. Just one question, didn’t Tony stand near Casey’s car during these days and said he didn’t smell anything?
    Anyway I sure wouldn’t mind if you joined the Prosecution team.

  68. Weezie~~The only time Tony got handy to Casey’s car was when he took her back to her car to put the stolen gas in. Casey insisted on pouring the gas in herself. Remember they went out to the house in Tony’s jeep on June 23rd and stole the gas. The only time Casey’s trunk would have had to be opened is when she puts the cans in the trunk of her car after they were emptied. Tony said he didn’t get near the trunk to see in it. The smell of gasoline would have masked some of the decomp odor if it there was any noticable at that time.

  69. Thanks for clearing that up. Whew I sure didn’t want to ruin the best scenario I’ve heard to date. Did you ever take any special courses in detective work? You sure are good. Now I know why you and Dave get along, and want to live happily ever after. …. hmmmm well sort of.

  70. June 24th was the day George went to mow his lawn and found the shed broken into and gas cans stolen. He called LE and made out a report that same day. George is home and his vehicle is inside of garage. Casey comes home and is surprised her dad is there. George asks Casey about Caylee but Casey says she is in a hurry and has to get back to work blah blah blah… Cindy had called Casey earlier and told her about the shed broken into and gas stolen. Casey is in her bedroom and hollers out to her dad, ” I heard someone broke in the shed.” This is when George gets an idea…being an ex detective…he tells Casey that he needs to rotate her mother’s tires and he needs the little wedges, ( used to put under the tires so the car wont roll when it is jacked up). He tells Casey he needs to get the wedges out of the car…this is when Casey said, “no dad, I will get them.” George says, I have a key and can get them….Casey rushes past George and gets the cans out of the trunk before George can get near the trunk…that is when she said, “here are your F—ing cans.” Now Casey drove her car into the driveway and the trunk or rear end of the car would have been next to the driveway. George was near the front of the car when Casey rushed past him….You can see how George would not have noticed an odor or been able to see in the trunk. At that time, there was not a body in the trunk…but there was the stench of decomp.

  71. Weezie~~Dave is going to come in and tear my theory all to shreds… I love to argue with that man but will never marry him unless he is filthy rich and wants a woman old enough to be his mommy…LOL

    I never had any courses in the law or det work…I am just a nosey old turnip…and believe it or not…what I wrote is all from memory of what I have read and studied in the docs the past few months.

  72. Funny, detwill39, I was writing my take on the murder earlier today that I’ll probably put up next week sometime. Now, let me read yours…

    It sounds pretty good to me. My account is a little different than yours and, of course, I tell it in a different way. In my opinion, I do not believe pesticides were used. I know that was something mentioned as a possibility, but I just don’t think so. I also think she borrowed the shovel to bury the girl, but not for the backyard. I don’t think she ever intended to do that because no one can dig up ground and not notice it. Her father used that shed. he would have seen disturbed earth. There was another factor to consider. The dogs. Those dogs would have barked like crazy and sat on that earth and that would have attracted way too much attention. The rest sounds very conceivable. What do you think?

  73. Dave~~somehow pesticides comes into play. If not to do the homicide, then to kill the maggots that started to accumulate in the trunk. BTW, pesticides will also speed up decompostion but I doubt if Casey would have known that. There was earth disturbed by the swimming pool, approx 6 inches deep. Even George noticed this and pointed it out to LE.

  74. The cadaver dogs hit on spots very near the shed. The shed is located in an awkward spot to air out anything. By saying Cindy placed articles in the backyard to air out, they would have had to have been placed around the far right corner of the back, turning right and back up towards the front of the house. If you are standing in the front yard, facing the house, the back of the shed is almost flush with the front of the house, on the right side. I’ll go fetch a picture that will show you what I mean.

  75. The earth by the pool could have been disturbed by something else. Certainly, Casey was not going to bury her daughter by the pool. Nobody could be that stupid. Hey, I’m going to watch COPS. I’ll be back.

  76. If I had items that smelled of decomp, I would want them as far away as possible.

    Casey was stupid enough to kill her child, she was stupid enough to bury her anywhere. The ground is so hard in Florida in those yards, it is impossible to dig down very far. It is matted growth and Casey found this out when she borrowed that shovel.

    Did you know that Cindy and George went out in the backyard and physically moved the playhouse and looked under it…also the sandbox?

    You better watch COPS…get educated and help me solve this case and we will send our findings to OCSD. Do you think they will put us on the payroll for Orange County? Well me anyway.

  77. Dave~~here is part of an article to substaniate what I wrote. There is more than one shed in the Anthony back yard…take a look at this…

    George Anthony showed me how to get into the back yard from his family room.I walked out onto the back porch followed by George Anthony. I explained to him the reason for my visit and told him about the recent discovery that Casey borrowed the neighbor’s shovel for a brief period of time. I told him I wanted to examine his back yard for evidence of freshly turned soil or any suspicious disturbed areas. George Anthony walked with me into his back yard and assisted me in my examination of his yard by showing me what he thought might be suspicious areas in his back yard.George Anthony allowed me to search the inside of his three back yard sheds. The sheds were locked and were unlocked by George Anthony to facilitate my search. He told me that he and his wife had already searched through the sheds, but I was welcomed to check behind them. He told me that he even moved his granddaughter’s playhouse and looked underneath it for evidence of foul play. The playhouse is positioned in the back yard on a deck of brick pavers.After completing an examination of the back yard, I spoke with Sergeant John Allen on the telephone and told him there was one small depression in the soil near the pool area that George Anthony agreed looked suspicious. Sergeant Allen told me he was coordinating the response of the cadaver dog and the Crime Scene Unit. Investigative Analysts Tanya DePalma and Awilda McBryde arrived at the residence and also assisted in the search of the back yard and the drainage easement area directly behind the Anthony’s fence.At approximately 1900 hours, other units began arriving at the residence to include: Sergeant John Allen, CSI Gerardo Bloise, CSI Mike Vincent, K9 Corporal Mike Carden and two other K9 handlers, Commander Matthew Irwin, Detective Dave Clark, and Detective Kevin Kraubetz. The investigation was turned over to the K9 Units and the Crime Scene Investigators. I left the residence at approximately 2023 hours.

  78. Whoa, detwill39. Who told you the ground is too hard? Where did you learn that? I live here and what you said is wrong. I’ve buried plenty of pets in my parents’ backyard. I have dug holes elsewhere for different reasons and one thing I can tell you is that it is not hard, especially in areas where vegetation is present, including grass. If you are comparing it to the wooded area that remained flooded for months, don’t. That land is below groundwater level and it will retain water until it evaporates. That’s why it took so long to dry out. That side of town is low land. When developers came in, soil had to be spread out to raise the elevation. Soil here is very porous and sandy. Very sandy. Most of the time, water dissipates soon after a downpour and steam starts rising off the surface of the earth.

  79. OK, detwill39, so he has 3 sheds but no body. LE always looks at everything suspiciously. An animal could have dug a small hole foraging for something. One of his dogs might have smelled something and dug that hole. Did the cadaver dogs hit on that specific hole? No. Well, the cops still looked at it suspiciously because that’s what cops do with everything. I have my theories on what went on back there and I will explain next week. And sure, George was suspicious. He was a cop. Anything out of order is suspicious.

  80. Nice picture Dave, puts a point across. To think that this
    yard and home is where Caylee had some happy smiles.
    Does Cindy and George still live there, or has it all been
    abandoned where people can be probing around?

  81. Thank you, Beatrice. George and Cindy still live there. As a matter of fact, Lee moved back home for several reasons. One was money and he wanted to help his parents cope. Together, they could try to be strong.

  82. Dave~~you are just trying to throw suspicions on my theory. Go for it if you want to remain superior to me. It’s okay….you just don’t want an old woman outsmarting you.

    You have a better way with words than I do so write down your theory….I need a good laugh.

    I solemnly swear that the above comments were in no way intended to defame or embarass or confuse or belittle the owner of this blog. It was intended to put said blog owner in his place…back row, seat three….

    Eat my dust…..varoooooooom and since you know my mode of transport…move your feet.

  83. Dave~~John in Florida knows all about the earth in the Anthony’s back yard. I leave no patio stone unturned… Did you ever get to meet John?

  84. No, detwill39, I like your theory and there’s nothing wrong with it. Honest. I really just had a problem with your explanation of how hard the soil is. I mean, I’m not trying to throw suspicion on anything, but the fact remains, the soil is anything but hard.

  85. No, my family friends had to go back north suddenly. Her mother is 95 and is dying a slow death with stomach cancer. The doctors thought she would be gone by now, but she’s hanging in there. It will be soon, I am sure. A very, very nice lady.

    Oh, go ahead and ask John if you don’t believe me. He will verify what I wrote. Besides, he lives clear across in another county. I live near there and I did live there a few years ago. I know that land.

  86. Dave~~I have no idea how the earth is on Hopespring….I was going by what John said and since he lives so close, felt he should know.

  87. Dave~okay I believe you about the soil. Now what birthday post did you release ? Not our special friend MMM?

  88. Florida is a very, very big state. He lives about 40 or so miles away, I would guess, and where he’s located, the elevation is much higher. Incidentally, the highest part of Orlando is 110 feet above sea level and that’s on the other side of downtown. The east side is low, especially that part. When I lived on that side of town, we always flooded in some places. Don’t even ask me about the mosquitoes because of stagnant water. It was just north of that neighborhood.

  89. Dave~~seriously, I can’t wait to read your take on how Caylee may have been murdered.

    It was so quiet tonite, that is why I wrote my theory. I think we more or less ran out of steam on that plot of land.

  90. When you live in a nice warm and sunny climate, you have to put up with the alligators, snakes and mosquitoes. Warm climates even have an impact on your blood counts. Your blood would be thinner in Florida than in Alaska.

  91. I agree. That land should be left alone, not for any reason, but I just don’t see ever getting a variance to build on it until the trees are removed and landfill is brought in. We’re talking at least $30,000 to do that. Plus, $89,900 give or take, and your up to almost $120,000 before a house is put up on a crummy piece of land that will never be worth that again. Add $150,000 to build a house on a sh*t lot and we’re talking $270,000. Hose houses in that neighborhood are worth half that, tops. then, you’ve got school kids going in and out. It’s just not an attractive spot.

  92. I forgot to add MOTIVE for Caylee’s demise in my comments. Casey stole that little girl from Cindy out of revenge. Freedom and the partying would have been the second reason. I truly believe that Casey is a physcopath and her parents may have been the next ones to go.

  93. The only times I have seen an alligator in the wild is when I have gone canoeing or when I drive by a lake. The saying goes that if you see a lake, there’s bound to be a gator in it, but there is a lake right across the street from my house and it doesn’t have one. Occasionally, I run into a snake or two. Believe it or not, mosquitoes don’t bother me for some reason. I hardly ever get bit. One thing I never see are lightning bugs or ladybugs.

  94. Dave~~the way that piece of land floods, you would need to build a house on stilts. Unless they wanted to truck in one heck of a pile of big boulders and then put the silt and topsoil on the land, there are still no guantees that a hurricane wouldn’t still wash it out.

  95. Yup, it’s just not practical. That’s why the sale price offended me. It’s a worthless piece of ground. It reminds me of the old hucksters that would sell land in Florida to unsuspecting northerners, only to find out later that what they bought was nothing but swampland.

    Good night, detwill39. Yes, it has been fun, as always.

  96. Well I am really surprised more people didn’t comment on your theory detwill. That took a lot of work to compile and yes it is a real mystery murder. I find it hard to believe that Casey did the murder in the family home. I just don’t see that happening, just for the very fact that anyone could have walked in at anytime. And of course Cindy was unpredictable in Casey’s mind, and George was home at a time Casey wasn’t expecting. No I think she did it in her car. Left her there to die in the middle of the night, while she went partying. She had a pretty good knack of find places to abandon her car. Hey what do I know? I have a very hard time imaging this happening at the home. Casey is pretty cagey so I don’t think she would have taken those kind of chances of getting caught.
    However, the rest of it sounds plausible
    I hope others will try to put their spin on it. I have to think a bit more about the crime itself.
    Thanks Detwill and yes Dave I’m looking forward to your spin on it.

  97. Weezie, On 6/29/08 10:25:08 AM
    Text message: “Can I borrow you and your gas can”
    On 6/29/08 2:46:49 PM
    Text message ” I wasn’t sure if it was already done. Have it sent to the house> I have a lot of details to fill you in on. I’ll call you later on”.
    What is exactly known about these text messages.
    between who, etc. Thanks
    about, and who it involved?

  98. Beatrice~~first text msg to Amy Huzenca ….can I borrow you and your gas cans….this looks like she planned on going back to Amscot and pick up her car.

    2nd msg also to Amy….she was telling Amy to send a parcel to her home address. Remember Amy thought she was moving in with Casey at Hopespring…Amy had her address changed to Hopespring….this was discussed by Cindy and Amy when they went to Tonys to pick up Casey on July 15th.. Casey had told Amy that her parents were splitting up and Cindy was giving Casey the house and she, Cindy was getting an apartment on her own. Hope this helps some..

  99. Weezie~~when Casey made that rash of phone calls on the afternoon of June 16th…to her parents and Jesse Grund….she was making sure the coast was clear. If Casey killed Caylee in the wee hours of June 16th, that would say that George did not see them leave at 12:40pm on June 16th. and that Casey did not spend the night of June 15th at home. LE seems to indicate that the last time Caylee was seen alive by anyone other than Casey was June 15th.

    Dave will get this all figured out for us. I hope.

  100. I still take George’s word for it that he saw Casey and Caylee leave the house on 16 June:

    At or about 12:30 p.m., George Anthony allegedly sees Casey and Caylee leave with backpacks on their shoulders.

    At 2:30 p.m., George Anthony leaves for work.

    Between 3:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., Casey allegedly makes numerous calls, lasting anywhere from a few seconds to a minute, to her parents and several friends.

  101. Yes, thanks D. Was there any truth that Cindy and George were breaking and Amy was to move in. I hadn’t zeroed in on that, thought it was just rumor, and something Casey made up. Interesting, about the 15th
    I just never thought there was any reason, at that time,
    for George to not tell the truth about seeing them leave
    on 16th…. I still wonder about any lapse of time between 15th or 16th to 23rd and 27th. If Caylee had
    already been killed by 15th or 16th where was she. I have had some thought that she really had been placed in airport area (Casey kept running out of gas going somewhere) When search moved in that direction Casey picked her up and moved Caylee’s body. That being when the decomposition stain happened, remembering that no bag was seen earlier.
    where Caylee was found…. Of course no one agrees but
    I still hold out that there was someone else really involved or knew, (not L, C or G )and Casey could never say. To do so would be stating that she was also guilty…. Also, I believe Casey desperately wanted to leave with AL back to NY, which may have been what she and Cindy fought about. Cindy
    was not going to have her run off and just neglect Caylee.
    Therefore it COULD have been said if you do this I will
    take Caylee… because I don’t think Cindy would ever just keep Caylee for the benefit of Casey just running off, continueing to do her thing. Motive, she wanted to
    go with. He told her no, and in likeness
    to the other mother, drowning her two sons thinking her
    man would have her if there were no children. Casey surely did not want to leave Caylee with Cindy and AL wouldn’t want responsibility, going to school, etc. Well, I’m rambling, but back to the woods at airport area, whatever happened to the story that someone saw someone coming out of the area with what looked like a
    shovel….. You know D. I am making all these comments
    but I am not even thinking of dates and times that can
    prove it all rediculous… I don’t think the meter man
    was involved but there is something strange about there
    being a bag, then no bag, then there one is. One white, one black???? I could say I am offering you something to mull over but you guys all spend more time on your searches than I…

  102. Dave~~ The rash of phone calls almost indicates an accidental death. I wonder if we will ever know.

  103. Beatrice~~Casey was in jail when the first searches were done so she would not be available to move any body from the airport.

  104. Detwill39 – One would have to question whether it was an accident or not except for that persnickety duct tape and heart. I would find it highly unlikely that a former detective, trained in detail, would not get specific information right. It is not alleged, but fact, that Caylee and Cindy went to the nursing home in Mt. Dora on the 15th. When they returned to the Anthony residence, the two of them took a swim in the pool. It only makes sense to me that George got his facts straight. If this is the case, it almost substantiates a time frame of death from between 12:30pm and 3:00pm on 16 June because Caylee was never seen again. That evening, Casey watched videos with her boyfriend. No Caylee. Phone records establish that Casey’s cell phone remained in the vicinity of the residence, within a few miles, and on that person. What intrigues me are some of the options. Suppose it was an accident and she freaked? As the body began to decay, fluids erupted from her mouth and Casey placed duct tape around her facial openings to seal the leakage. That tape wrapped around the head is what the medical examiner used to determine homicide. I realize it is a very far fetched scenario, but it is feasible, except for one major detail; the defense will not argue for accidental death. Therefore, the only option is murder, which is the most likely course. I say the girl was murdered sometime between 12:30 and 3:00 on the afternoon of 16 June. Unfortunately, no one in the neighborhood saw her return home that day, so I would say she never did go back to that house on the 16th.

  105. Dave~~I am going to stick with my theory that after George left for work, Casey returned home and ended Caylees life. Her cell pings put her in the vicinity of her home so she would have had to drive to some location very close and do what she did. The duct tape was put on Caylee before she died. We are dealing with a physco here and I wouldn’t doubt that Casey made a ritual of the murder.

  106. Tony Lazarro woke one morning to find Casey sitting up in bed with her laptop and watching the last video of Caylee at the nursing home. He said she made sounds like she was crying but not shedding tears. I believe Casey was actually taunting the video with her make believe sobs….truly a very disturbed individual.

  107. I agree it was a murder and I only said accidental death because you mentioned it on account of the phone calls. Do I think she did it in the house or elsewhere? I am going to finish writing my story this week about a possible scenario. Until then, I ain’t sayin’ a peep and you can chatter all you want.

  108. Duct tape does not stick on wet things and that is why I think it went on prior to death in order to suffocate.

  109. In my story, the crime has already been committed. I just have to figure out a couple more of the details and what to do with the ending. I think you are right. I am off to bed. Good night, detwill39.

  110. D or D doesn’t matter, you are both good together, what
    one doesn’t explain the other does. Ok, so Casey was in
    jail when they searched airport area, but I can’t remember when they said someone reported a woman
    coming out of woods. Now “Dave” how unlikely is
    it that Caylee was actually killed at AL’s. Didn’t he have
    a break-in when not there, and who was it that said
    Caylee loved to be at AL’s and go swimming in his pool.
    If AL wasn’t home (assuming he absolutely had nothing
    to do with it) could the murder have happened there?
    Wasn’t it said that Casey did leave home and go to AL’s
    Was he home THAT day (16th) He stated he had not
    seen Caylee since June 8th. Well, you two may not
    make use of me but you can sure write some things off
    as “impossible”! Was it Weezie that thinks
    Caylee “drowned” or was that , Sheron. Considering
    heat in Florida I would think decomposition would be
    starting in 4 days, unless underwater, maybe 6 or so.
    What about it? Thats why it puzzles me, is killed by 16th
    why no odor on 23rd – 27th I mean a dead mouse odor
    can cause a very large area in a home to be nauseating.
    So if Caylee was in that car on 23rd I don’t care if AL
    was 3/4 feet away it seems likely to have been pretty
    strong odor. Talk later sometime, not too perky today.

  111. Dave,

    On what date was it that Casey borrowed a shovel from her neighbor? He said she backed the car into the garage, he said that was very unusual.

  112. Regarding the rash of phone calls made to her parents and Jesse Grund I am wondering if anyone anwsered those calls?

  113. Beatrice – There is no chance that Caylee was killed at Lazzaro’s. No one is going to break into someone’s residence to commit a murder. For one thing, the risk of getting caught is too high, plus in an area where there are hundreds of tenants nearby, the opportunity to be seen is high, too.

    I believe Caylee was discarded in the woods on or around 18 June. In the Florida heat, a body would smell awful after a matter of days. I think the odor came from fluids released by the body that were never cleaned up, not the body itself.

  114. June 18 – Casey allegedly borrows a shovel from a neighbor. Later that same day she is seen backing her car up to her parents garage. What was unusual was that the neighbor had never seen her back up to the garage before.

    No one answered any of the calls on the 16th.

  115. Dave~~I must have my dates mixed up, I thought Casey borrowed the shovel on the 17th. Now quit your chattering and get busy and finish your theory Detective Marinade.

  116. Yes David, where is your long expected theory? 🙂 How was it done! By who (m) ! And why! Please don’t make it a very long story!

  117. Hi – Does anyone else find it curious that those flurry of phone calls on the 16th were not answered and there has been nothing said about the next time Casey spoke with her parents? What I’m trying to say is….after the huge argument on the 15th, Casey then leaves on either the 15th at night or the 16th in the afternoon…under those circumstances, she leaves with Caylee….when they contacted her next, either Cindy or George…what did they ask about those flurry of calls? Wouldn’t it be alarming or at least important to talk to her right away since she had Caylee and they had just had a huge argument? It just doesn’t make sense to me that there’s no explanation/discussions about those phone calls and what was said about them when they next spoke.

    Does this make any sense the way I’ve written it?

    Thanks in advance for any comments.

  118. Dave – have you banned me from commenting? I sent something earlier and it isn’t there. I hope I haven’t offended you in any way??

  119. In the interview with Corporal William “Eric” Edwards and Detective Michael Erickson on 30 July, Brian Burner stated that Casey backed into her parents garage on the 17th. He had just driven back from Chicago and it was a down day for him. He assumed her parents were not home, but did not ascertain for certain. She backed into the garage, but one car might have been there.

    He continues… on the 18th or 19th he was doing yard work when Casey came over and asked to borrow the shovel to pull out a bamboo root she was always tripping over. He walked back to his shed, gave her the shovel and walked back out front with her and he, again, noticed her car backed into the garage. Later in the afternoon, she returned it in the same condition, meaning, no new dirt, just the same dirt that was already on it.

    I believe police later established the date she borrowed the shovel as the 18th.

  120. No, I didn’t ban you. Sometimes, comments get stuck in spam and I’m not always around to take them out, so they sit there until I return.

    I don’t know of any explanation for the missed phone calls. I would imagine that calls to her mother went unanswered for a number of reasons. She was working and she was still angry with Casey. Remember, too, that Casey was not living at home at that time but she was still free to come and go. Also, this was only a matter of 2 days after they had seen Caylee. No one was suspicious of anything back then.

  121. Dave – I guess I was tossing it out there but they had just had a terrible argument according to all accounts. Casey had stolen the money from her grandfather’s account, Cindy was livid and according to one source, had physically attacked Casey. When i think about it now, i think maybe Caylee must have heard this argument perhaps and been upset as well. I thought Casey was living at home at this point as well. She started staying at Tony’s all the time after this argument. I never heard that she wasn’t living at home prior to this. I must be wrong, I guess. It does seem odd to me that those calls were not mentioned and perhaps not answered considering the circumstances of the argument. I guess we’ll never know.

  122. There have been different accounts as to when Casey “officially” moved out, but before she moved in with Ricardo and Amy, she was spending most of her nights at Lazzaro’s apartment. Who she was staying with prior to Caylee’s disappearance isn’t all that important, because she was seen alive up to the afternoon of the 16th, so it’s her whereabouts from that date on that really matter.

    June 9 – Between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., Casey Anthony allegedly drops 2-year-old Caylee Anthony off with her nanny, Zenaida Hernandez-Gonzalez, at the Sawgrass Apartments on South Conway Road.

    Casey moves out of her parent’s house and in with her ex-boyfriend, Ricardo Morales, and friend, Amy Huizenga.

    June 9 to June 12 – Casey tells her parents that she is having Hernandez-Gonzalez babysit Caylee so she can go on a business trip for Universal Studios.

    June 12 – Family friends allegedly spot Caylee in a shopping center near the Orange-Seminole county line. She was reportedly wearing a pink and blue outfit and white-rimmed sunglasses.

    June 12 to June 14 – Christine Chester, a friend of Casey’s, says that she went for a walk with Casey and Caylee on one of these dates.

    June 13 – A friend of Casey’s, a DJ at a local club, allegedly sees Caylee at Lazzaro’s apartment.

  123. Murdered on 16th? Put in woods (same day?) Was it already flooding on 16th? No? then Caylee’s body could have been buried and then when the flooding came her body rose to surface, is that why a bag was seen and
    then not seen, no, that couldn’t be because a bag was
    seen in the beginning ( how much earlier?) then it wasn’t seen or wasn’t the same bag. If Caylee was murdered on the 16th, then plastic and laundry bag must have been taken from house when she came back to borrow shovel. Not likely she would have grabbed all
    that up earlier and left with it in front of Cindy and George. .
    The “fluid” stench? Wouldn’t it be just as bad on 23rd in AL’s presence, would there even be any body fluid on 16-17th. The 18th would be 3 days and closed up in a car it could be…. So do you think Casey killed Caylee on 16th, came back to house w/Caylee in car (17th) got bags and shovel when no one was home, and took body right to woods (where she was found), If all that happened on 16th, again, not likely to be any seepage. and don’t forget AL did not smell anything on 23rd but it was unbearable when George went to get the car saying he got within (? feet) and got shook up because he was afraid of who might be in the car, what day was that??? She threw gas cans at George, after the 23rd. Why did she not want George near the car? fluids? or body? I don’t think Caylee was murdered at home, but she could have been brought home, wrapped and duct taped (When someone dies the mouth generally gapes
    wide open, and I think Casey found it unbearable to look at and that is why she put the tape on with the sticker. a loving gesture, OK, stick me with pitchforks!

    When Casey left home (after the fight) she went to
    AL’s because she desperately needed to be loved, she
    put Caylee to sleep in the car while being loved… AL
    rejected her going to NY, (especially with a child). She
    found that Caylee had died, ( she had not handled putting Caylee to sleep well.) She desperately tried to make calls. There was no one, so she went home, went and prepared Caylee for burial, wrapping, taping and
    lovingly put a favorite heart sticker on her and took her
    out where she and her friend had always taken their pets for burial. Casey’s lies were not “premediated”
    lies, they were rediculous, child like, I didn’t mean to lies. trying to make something work… If she had planned to kill Caylee, her lies would have been direct with more believeable. I don’t think Casey planned to
    get away with any murder… her behavior was as if she
    was in shock, and she still is. Along with a personality (mental) defect. A “This just never happened!”
    PS…. If Caylee was killed (or died) on 16th/17th, buried
    right away, there would have been no fluid seepage stench,,,, unless she was brought up again and put in the car. Unless decomp is immediate for a small child.
    Probably some repeats here but I have a great headache
    and my eyes are blurry. So what am I doing on here???
    Don’t know!!

  124. June 15th~~Casey talks with Tony until 3am in the morning from cell phone records. She was in the vicinity of her home.

    June 16th~~George sees Casey and Caylee leave with their backpacks at 12:40pm. There is no mention of him talking to Casey earlier that morning. Did Caylee have breakfast? George often made Caylee’s breakfast. Did Casey just emerge from her room with Caylee and leave?

    June 16th~~
    1:26pm~~Casey calls Jesse G-no answer
    1:44pm~ Casey calls Amy H
    2.52pm~ Jesse call Casey
    3:23pm ~Casey sends text msg
    3:35pm~Casey calls Tony
    3:39pm~Casey sends text msg
    4:10pm to 4:58pm Casey makes 2 calls to George at Lexus, 2 calls to Cindy’s cell, calls Jesse G and Tony

    6:31pm~Casey calls Cindys cell
    6:32pm~Casey calls Anthony home
    6:33pm~Casey sends text
    7:16pm~Casey calls Anthony home
    7:20pm~Casey calls Amy
    8:03pm~Casey calls Annie Downing

    Dave ~~I have an incoming call to Casey at 3:04pm on June 16th…the call is highlighted in yellow and number not identified. I have the number written down but do not want to post it. Can you tell me where I can find who the number belongs to?….It has the Florida area code of 407

  125. Just my opinion, but I never believed that George saw them the morning of the 16th. I believe that Casey left with Caylee after the argument, just my gut. I think George said that to avoid talking about the argument that Cindy and Casey had on the 15th….

  126. Dave~~Cindy got all her dates confused. She thought at first that she took Caylee to the nursing home to visit her father on June 9th. She then remembered Father’s day was the 15th and corrected her previous statement. All the dates you listed are based on incorrect info given by Cindy.

    Casey left the house with Caylee (moved out but not officially) on June 15th-16th.

  127. Lori~~law enforcement have it listed that the last time Caylee was seen alive by anyone other than Casey is listed as June 15th…so you could very well be right.

  128. So, what you all are saying is that George is totally wrong and/or he lied, and the neighbor is wrong, also. Is this correct? These are your amended statements? You (detwill39 and Lori) absolutely know that George and the neighbor are wrong in their interviews?

    Remember, if this is what you believe, then George’s testimony at the grand jury is wrong and the case could be in jeopardy because of what you state is the truth.

    One last thing:

    According to records, Casey made six calls to her parents on the afternoon of June 16, with the first call at 3:03pm to her father’s cell phone and the last of the six made to her mom’s cell phone at 4:24. During that time she also tried her mother at work and called her ex-fiancé, Jesse Grund.

  129. Dave – I stated that it was my gut feeling and i stated why i thought so. I have felt this from the beginning. How could we absolutely know? I’m just expressing my opinion. None of us know what George said to the grand jury. That testimony is sealed so we can’t be sure of that. I don’t know what you mean by amended statements. This is just a thought i had while reading. A few times i have posted something here and it seems as if you become defensive if you don’t agree. I’m sorry if you see things differently, I’m just trying to express my thoughts with everyone else.

    Honestly, I’m a bit confused by you sometimes and I really like it here.

  130. Here is the official statement given by law enforcement on the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Investigative Report, Case Number 07-074777, Page 58/60:

    Also during the course of the investigation, over five thousand tips were received. No tips could positively confirm that Caylee was alive and seen after June 16th, 2008.

    JUNE 16!!!

    How much straighter do you want it out of the horse’s mouth? Or is that STILL not good enough?

    George’s testimony is what sealed his daughter’s arrest. Are you saying that testimony he gave to the police prior to the grand jury is not the same testimony he gave in court? Come on, people. Get real. Why bend facts to your liking?

  131. Dave~~Really….I am not going to recant anything I stated here. I do not know if George absolutely saw Casey and Caylee on June 16th and neither do you. I am stating a theory and for goodness sake don’t make us feel like we are on a witness stand in here.

    Lori~~take a deep breath….I just did.

  132. Dave~~and I can give you a document stating that the last time Caylee was seen alive by anyone other than her mother was June 15th.

    I believe it was in the doc dump before this last one…I dont have time to look for it now but if you insist…

  133. Neither do I? So, according to the official report, that’s still not good enough for you. It clearly states AFTER JUNE 16th, not June 15th. I am not making this up, for crying out loud. If LE believes him, I just don’t understand your logic and you continue saying I might be wrong. Well, if I am, so is LE.

  134. Yes, detwill39, I insist. I have a document opened right before me that totally disagrees with you and it is from the latest document dump. Obviously, to you I didn’t read it correctly, so I will give you an address. Go to page 58 of the document and tell me what it says differently from the paragraph I quoted. I insist on that, also:,0,100606.htmlpage

    Did you actually read the interview with the neighbor?

  135. Thanks detwill – I’ve just taken that breath and I feel better.

    Dave – the official report statement comes from what George told the police. In my earlier comment, I stated, that in my opinion, he lied about that because of the nature of the argument that, in my opinion, would hurt his family. I’m not bending any facts, if you take it as fact that what George said is true, okay, I’m not mad at you. I just don’t buy it. Don’t be mad back…remember, you can’t be sure of this either. George stuck with it, IMO, and that becomes the official statement. You can’t possibly think that everything LE thinks is right all the time. We all make mistakes. Why do you get so angry?

  136. I’m not angry, Lori, but when LE makes a statement based on what it knows, I find it rather disheartening that you then state that LE has been known to be wrong before, yet you do not base your statement on facts of any kind. Therefore, if we use your standard of logic, I can state just as firmly as you that Caylee is not dead. LE has been known to be wrong. Even Casey doesn’t disagree with her father’s date.

    And, by God, that’s what LE is going to say when they go to trial, that it was the 16th. To screw up that badly only makes the defense look better.

  137. Dave – you told me once I could disagree with you and I could state my comments because i was a rational person. Okay, moderate any way you like but your response is insulting. You sound very angry and your analogy is insulting to me and to my intelligence. You don’t know me and I don’t know you but man, you owe me an apology for that one. If not, fine but take a good look at what you wrote and how I’ve written in my posts. I hope I don’t come off to anyone else here as some sort of a jerk but that was just insulting.

  138. What I find so unbelievable is that a career detective gives testimony to both the FBI and OCSO that he saw Casey and Caylee leave on 16 June. LE chooses to believe him and you do not. I just can’t understand that for the life of me.

  139. Look, Lori, I’m sorry if I offended you. Words don’t interpret the same way as speaking. What I am going to say again, though, and I’ve said it before, is to take the evidence and go with it. Opine all you want, but keep it within the realm of evidence as we know it. Don’t go making statements about LE, of all people, being wrong unless you can back it up with something more than a simple gut feeling, because if we all did that, this blog would get nowhere and it would be nothing more than a wishy-washy blob. That is all I am asking for. Don’t just rewrite the story because it doesn’t fit your feelings. Believe me, I appreciate your ideas, but don’t rearrange dates.

  140. Dave~~I cannot locate the document where LE states the date when Caylee was last seen by anyone other than Casey. They also had the date that the Pontiac was left at Amscot as the 26th and not 27th. I know what I read and have a photographic memory. I know it was typed on the very bottom of one of the doc pages.

    I always felt quite comfortable coming here to comment on this blog. I thought this was a good place to be able to form an opinion or theory and in doing so, if someone disagreed, their retort would not make me feel like an uninformed idiot.

    I have followed this case since day one and read all the documents, listened to audio files and viewed the videos. I try to keep an open mind and do not take as ‘gospel’ what someone tells LE in a statement. Maybe at times, I come across as a ‘know it all’ but my intention is not to try and shove my facts, as I see them, down anyones throat as I would not want them to do the same to be.

    If I come across that doc with the specified dates, I will definitely come back here and post the link…in the meantime, a much needed break is called for and a cup of Red Rose tea…

  141. I didn’t mean you are remotely close to idiocy, detwill39. Just the opposite. You’ve been a great asset. That’s why I was taken totally off guard and by complete surprise when you stated, “… law enforcement have it listed that the last time Caylee was seen alive by anyone other than Casey is listed as June 15th…” when I had just read once again on the latest documents that it was the 16th, which was what they have been saying all along. I believe it to be true because I doubt whether George or Cindy would have allowed Casey to take Caylee out of that house that night. I believe Casey went into her room and slammed the door shut. I have absolutely no reason to consider George a liar when it was his testimony that condemned his daughter. If not a liar, what then? He would have to be quite incompetent to make up a date like the 16th. And I would believe him over Cindy any day of the week. Besides, it goes against my premise of how the crime was committed, when and where, if it happened the night of the 15th, and that date has never been anything LE believes is right.

  142. Great post Dave…I hope the guy gets his asking price. Can you imagine all the liability from all the gaulkers and such bringing their own children to the rattlesanke infested area? Not to mention it would be a dumping ground for copy cats in the future.

    Leonard Padilla wants it…let him pay the price. He will have a place to park his recreational vehicle when it comes time for the trial in October…it would be a lot cheaper than staying at the Ritz! He and Geraldo can stage their reality crime fighting show from that very location, destroying the rest of the neighborhood for the sole purpose of lining their own wallets. And, Nancy Grace may even make an appearance and sign autographs for all the fans visiting the shrine.

    Let’s face it, they aren’t interested in live children…dead ones are where the money is at. Who knows, maybe they didn’t collect ALL of Caylee’s bones and they can charge for others to go in and dig and do their own investigation.

    $90,000 isn’t too much when you think of the future rewards it will bring once this case goes to trial.

  143. I see where the confusion is from, detwill39. Let’s go by the hand written page number in the lower right hand side of the documents you have submitted on your 6:10pm comment. In PDF form, it is page 11. The hand written page number is 4756.

    June 15, 2008 – Caylee Anthony was last seen alive by a family member other than Casey Anthony. Caylee removed some items from her parents home, where she was living, and moved in with her boyfriend, Tony Lazarro.

    Please bear with me. Here’s where the information on that page gets very critical. 1) Did Casey or Caylee remove items? 2) Did Casey or Caylee move in with Lazarro? BTW, all subsequent documents, including interviews, spell his name Lazzaro. 3) Did Casey or Caylee move in with Tony or Ricardo and Amy?

    You see my predicament? But wait, that’s not all, because you must read the following page to understand it. On PDF page 12, or page 4757 if you notice the hand written number, this is what it says:

    To date, Casey Anderson has not disclosed the whereabouts of her daughter. This investigation continues.

    Two things immediately come to mind. 1) Just who is Casey Anderson? 2) By the way it is written, it is quite evident that this was VERY EARLY in the investigation. Please note that the final paragraph states has not disclosed the whereabouts of her daughter. At this juncture, LE didn’t know if Casey was dead or alive and all early interviews were messy, at best.

    It is in my best interest to explain to you why we had a dispute. Clearly, you can read for yourself, on your provided documentation, that the facts were not in yet. Subsequent interviews provided more information and a better timeline was established. As far as Cindy stating that the last time she saw Caylee was on the 15th, that was probably true, considering one detail that was not provided. Casey waited to open her bedroom door until after Cindy left for work. George saw Casey and Caylee because he left later in the day and the argument the night before was between Casey and Cindy, not George. She did not see Caylee on the morning of the 16th.

    How does that sound?

  144. HI, THINKER BELLE!!! Great to see you again. Hey, you might be onto something. Do you think Padilla will have enough time to file for a variance? That land is part of the homeowner’s association. I don’t think they’d let him park a motorized trailer in that spot. Plus, there’s quite a few trees and brush he’s have to remove. Then, there’s the problem with it being below groundwater level, unless he could put the dang thing up on stilts. Oh, but what about electricity and plumbing? Eh, one step at a time. I like your ideas. Imagine, charging kids $5 a day to sift through dirt looking for bones. Wow! It would be quite an adventure!

    I like it. Now I see why it is well worth the asking price.

  145. Are you still arguing about why the entire family shouldn’t be on trial?

    Okay, how’s this for Padilla’s daisey chain: Casey kills Caylee and dumps the body off on Suburban Dr., George uses a metal object to tap morse code to meter reader Roy Kronk as he passes by the back yard, Kronk picks up the signal and relays it to Geraldo Rivera, who in turn calls in Padilla to finish off the investigation.

    How does that strike you?

  146. Dave~~I have come across many misspelled words, wrong dates the whole bit in the LE sworn statements.

    Okay, I am going to be the FBI now. I arrive in Orlando and look at alot of evidence and weigh it for being factual. Now where do I start because I must have a ‘base’ to start with? First off, I will listen to the 911 call and see what info I gain from that? Cindy Anthony calls 911 to report her granddaughter missing. FACT #1…missing child report, time and date recorded as July 15th.. time ? ( and I am not going to look it up)
    Now what concrete evidence can I come up with that shows the last time Caylee was seen by a family member. FACT #2…I have a video tape showing Caylee at a nursing home, the video tape is dated and verified from a sign in records at the nursing home. The date is JUNE 15th. Do you see where I am going with this?

    I am not basing my investigation on any LE interviews or hearsay. I start with actual facts.

    The only way I can explain the date of the Pontiac being at Amscot on the JUNE 26th is somehow maybe LE has it parked there on a surveillance tape. Tony Lazarro said he picked Casey up at Amscot on June 27th but that doesn’t prove 100% that she parked the car there that day. In a high profile case like this, where is the guy who helped push Casey’s car in the parking lot?

    The documents that I seen those two dates on looked offical and not just hand scrawling.

  147. Are you looking to start an argument with me, Thinker Belle? I’ll tell you why. You left the most important person out of your daisy chain: Nancy Grace. How dare you give Rivera credit over her.

  148. Detwill39 – Just imagine if you were on the jury and key testimony is given by George Anthony (for the prosecution, I must add) and he says that he saw Casey and Caylee leave on the 16th. The prosecution does not argue that. In the end, you go back in the room to decide guilt or innocence and you stonewall everyone because contrary to testimony, the only proof that shows Caylee still alive is on the 15th. I say, you would have to acquit because the state did not prove its case beyond a doubt that she did, in fact, leave on the 16th.

    You say you base everything on actual facts. Do you know for a fact that Casey took Caylee out of that house on the 15th? Or are you guessing? Cindy stated that she went swimming with Caylee when they returned to the house that day. Did she? Where is the proof? Casey went to Fusian on the 21st of June, so said friends during police interviews. Where is actual proof, not hearsay? Where is the video? If police only looked at facts the way you see them, it would be a very, very difficult case to prove, since most of the evidence is purely circumstantial.

    You stick with what you want to think. I will do the same. In the end, the result is that Caylee is dead.

    The hand scrawling is what page number LE put on everything for records and documentation. Don’t play games with me. There are hand written notes all over this case.

  149. When reading the text messages, I found a few that were rather disturbing. One mentioned Grund and stated that he shouldn’t have talked with the police. (These were friends of Casey I assume…friends of someone that’s for sure).

    They also had made mention of the reward offered and talked about mobilizing. I wonder what that was all about?

  150. I don’t know, but I am pretty upset right now. All of the timelines of late state that the 16th is the last day and that includes LE. There must be reasons why that is the date they reference, but crap, George forgot his video camera.

  151. So why are you all just leaving me out of this arguement?
    Doesn’t anything I had to say make any sense, or am I
    too young to bother with? And Dave, don’t you know
    that you need some more men on board to win! 🙂

  152. Dave~~I am stating that the FBI or LE put those dates in as a base….

    Hi Thinker~~how is your shoulder? Why don’t you start another blog? If you do, can I rent a room in your blog house?

  153. Thinker Belle, yes, good to see you on. Did you notice
    the soothing effect you have on Dave, he actually blushed
    when you came back in. Yes you did Dave, you sure did
    and you jumped for joy too. I saw it all!

  154. Dave~~here is another thing to ponder. George tells FBI that he got mixed up in a Nigerian scam and lost alot of money. Now was it really a Nigerian scam or online gambling?

    I know it has nothing to do with who murdered Caylee but it does have something to do with …Is the witness credible? If I was mixed up with online gambling, I doubt if I could get a security job.

  155. I think law enforcement and absolutely the prosecution must throw out all interviews with every single one of Casey’s friends because they all drink and do drugs. They admitted it. Does that make it true? I don’t know, but if they did, they are not credible witnesses and if they didn’t, they lied. Clearly none of them are credible. None. This is the proper rationale, correct?

    I am amazed that George was able to get a job in security with all of the problems he had. Certainly, he is not a credible witness. He gambled. Do you have any idea how many LE officials I have gambled with over the years? No, you don’t, but they are no longer credible. That means that anyone working this case who has ever gambled… never mind. Case dismissed.

    Amazing, detwill39. I never knew you had George on trial this whole time.

  156. detwill, I may write one agin in the future and if so you may rent a room…have you been to Newlight’s blog. She has a very nice blog!

    Dave doesn’t seem in the mood for blushing I have figured after reading a few posts. I’ve been away for a while, so I’m not really up to speed as to why his tone has changed. But, it can happen…I know!

  157. Hi Beatrice, thank you for the lovely welcome!

    Detwill, I don’t recall the Nigerian thing…could you refresh my memory on that please? I can recall him saying something about calling the phone numbers and they all checked out. I don’t even recall if he said how much he lost.

  158. Thinker~~George told the FBI that he got mixed up in a Nigerian scam and lost quite a bit of money. I am unsure who the money he spent belonged to. He said when he got his big check from Workmens comp. he paid alot of it back.

    Dave~~I do not have George on trial.

  159. Thanks for that Det because I have really thought a lot
    about time of death as relative to decompositon time
    when that stench was so very heavy, If Caylee was dead
    and already buried no later than eve of 16th or early 17th
    can not rationalize any seepage yet. George found
    stench horrible on picking up car. (date? was it 29th)
    To me, the time of death is important…because it could tell where Casey and or Caylee was at that particular time. That can never positively be determined.

  160. Is it possible Cholorphorm may have been looked into
    for the purpose of manufactureing the drug Ecstacy?
    And how unlikely would it be that Ecstacy was used for
    putting the child to sleep. Of course now I will go down
    on record in the law for having inquired. Get me out of

  161. Actually, the video tape at the nursing home threw me. I thought (I think LP said it) that Cindy and Casey had a huge argument on the 15th when Cindy and Caylee came home from Shirely’s house (after the nursing home) because Cindy found out about the money Casey took from the grandfather’s account.

    But then, Casey takes the time to download the video to the computer for herself, her parents, and grandmother Shirley? After Cindy was strangling her?

    Everyone, including Lee, said it was Casey that downloaded the video to computer. Cindy and George said they didn’t know how to do that.

    If the horrible fight occured after Casey downloaded the video – why would Cindy wait to explode for an hour or two?

    LP made it sound like Cindy started screaming at Casey as soon as she got home from Mt. Dora, and it escalated.

    In Shirley’s recent interview that was released – she said she told Cindy weeks before about funds transferred to AT&T.

    Still trying to figure out exactly what happened on June 15th.

    But, I do believe George saw them both on the 16th at the time he stated. He knew the time, because of his favorite show. He had no reason to lie about that date.

    I just wondered why he didn’t see them earlier in the day on the 16th. It was almost or shortly after noon. Did Casey and Caylee sleep that late? Did George sleep that late? Did Casey and Caylee leave early, and came back to pack their backpacks, and then were leaving again?

    The puzzle pieces keep on puzzling.

  162. Hey Beatrice! Not sleeping quite yet – just catching up.

    I think it was you that pointed out TL didn’t smell the decomp from the Pontiac when he picked Casey up at Amscot?

    To the best of my recollection from the TL interview – he did not get out of his car. Casey was standing there waiting with a bag of food, and hopped on into his car.

    So, I can see how he did not smell the decomp.

  163. You are right about Amscot location Sheron, I was
    referring to “June 23rd” when AL helped her get gas for her car… I thought if Caylee had been dead from 16 -17th and was in car he surely could have smelled standing a few feet away… If her little body was in the car at that time she would have been dead probably 7 days. George remarked about odor on, I believe, June 29th as absolutely horrible without being vert close to car. I kinda mentioned this at 1:39 pm comment today
    I never really get any feedback when I comment. Seems I am not in the swing, considered just suspicious, but
    I will dare say it again, when there has been a crime committed, he solving crime solving usually starts with what seems suspicious, from which he facts are drawn
    out. Nice to talk one on one this late hour Sheron,
    I am a poor sleeper, accounts for poor brain function
    during day. I am just about to the point of stopping
    on blogs. Love the people but feel like I am just going
    around in circles sometimes… I would never want to
    be the blog writer…. that’s for sure…. How they do it
    is beyond me.

  164. Oh Beatrice, sheesh! I totally misunderstood, then. LOL!

    So many transcripts read – so much to try and remember. I do not remember TL (and I am assuming TL is AL?) ever actually helping her with her car. Before the Amscot incident, he helped her get gas cans from the shed in the Anthony back yard. Did he, at that time, actually take her to her car to put gas in it?

    Was this the same “running out of gas” deal where Casey started walking, and he met up with her while driving? Is this when he took to the house to break into the shed?

    AAHHH! I am confused, maybe I should re-read some documents.

  165. Yeah…I’m sleepy too…been reviewing those videos when I decided I had lost interest on the last one…never did hear about the scam. Guess I’m too tired.

    Det…wouldn’t it be easier to memorize this? I takes too long to watch the videos! Lol!

  166. Well, I am not seeing my comment back to you, Beatrice. It will probably show up shortly.

    And hello TB!! It is sleepy time.

    But, right as I left my comment for Beatrice, and went around the house doing the stuff to turn in for the night…I thought, ooh! Beatrice has a good point.

    A timeline has been done on when everybody last saw Caylee.

    Has a timeline been done on when everybody last saw, or was inside of, or around the Pontiac?

    I would like to see a timeline on that based on all the interviews and documents.

  167. OK, I even restarted my computer. Two of my comments aren’t showing up until tomorrow. That’s OK, but Beatrice please scroll up to find them tomorrow – because they will show up at the original comment time.

    Goodnight, all 🙂

  168. Lori, I DO find it odd that after the flurry of calls on the 16th – Cindy and George weren’t questioned about the exact next time they spoke to Casey, and what she had to say.

    Either the flurry of calls were – I want to know where Mom and Dad are, I was just calling to BS, to make SURE they won’t be coming home while I am doing my deed –


    Caylee just died accidentically, and I am trying to reach my parents to ask what to do. But, why not call 911 first?

    I would like to know the next time Cindy and George (separately) spoke to Casey, after looking at their cell phones and seeing they missed her calls.

    And what Casey had to say. I’m just assuming they did in fact return her missed calls. All parents do that, when they realize they missed the call.

  169. I think I have mentioned before in the MD blog – my teenagers did the same thing.

    Calling me to BS, and asking what time I was leaving work, casually.

    One time – I was suspicious. I came home early. Oh, they are playing monopoly with friends, and drinking whiskey.

    After that, I learned.

    When they are trying to track you. Surprise them every once in a while.

    They just never know when you will show up, even after “tracking” you.

  170. And though Casey was 22, it is evident by pics, actions, texts, IM’s, etc. that she was as immature as a teenager.

    I would peg her emotional and intellectual age as about 15. Who knows – maybe her brain just stopped growing.

  171. And, if in fact, the flurry of calls were about an accident.

    Wouldn’t Casey have left a message?

    “Mom!! Mom!! Help please!! Caylee is hurt! I don’t know what to do! Please help me!”

    Why no voice mails on those calls to Mom and Dad?

    Casey would not decide in the matter of 30 seconds (when the call went to voice mail), this was an accident, but nobody answered, so now I will make it look like a kidnapping.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  172. Let’s settle this once and for all. If Casey and Caylee slept over George and Cindys house wouldn’t Cindy have known that? If Casey in a huff left on the 15th and never came back to the house I would think Cindy would have known that. In one of Cindys statements I believe she stated that she looked in Casey’s bedroom and did see them asleep in there. If so then George would be right about last seeing her on the 16th.

  173. I do not know of any definitive timeline being done on the Pontiac, Sheron. I have written my fictional account of the crime and I am waiting for the most opportune time to publish it without getting in the way of other news releases, such as the testimony Hoover and (Dominic) Casey will give Zenaida’a attorney’s tomorrow.

  174. detwill- Re your theory, how do you view the fact that on June 16th, phone records show Casey made a flurry of phone calls to family members one after the other. I think the order was George, Cindy’s work/cell, George again. It’s been speculated that something happened to the child accidentally (real or faked), and Casey was trying to reach a family member. Apparently, there was another flurry of calls later in the afternoon.

    Who knows how things would have turned out had the calls been answered?

    So, just interested how you would interpret those phone calls?

  175. Okay, now that I’ve had a chance to read ALL the posts, I see that many of you have already mentioned the flurry of calls.

  176. People that age are always phoning ,texting.
    Did she not do so before those days? Because if she did, it can not be relavant?

  177. What about this:

    George saw Casey and Caylee leave around noon on June 16th. He remembers because he was getting ready to leave for work himself. As Casey was still pretending to be employed, she probably made a habit of returning to the house when she was sure it was empty. With both Cindy and George at work, she has the house to herself for at least several hours. Something happens to Caylee, either on purpose or accidentally. (Unlike most, I don’t have a theory about the method of death).

    Either way, Casey being Casey, works out a story which she knows she will have to sell to everyone. As per what we know about the family dynamics, she knows George to be the easier mark, as evidenced by her choice of who she called first.

    One thing about Casey which struck me, when she lies, the story is PACKED with many details. More on that later.

    So maybe when this bad thing befell Caylee, I think it’s reasonable that Casey almost immediately had a elaborate story all spun out, ready to be delivered to George. She knew that once told, George would notify Cindy.

    But she’s thwarted because there’s no answer. Needing to tell someone, now she tries Cindy at work, and on her cell. She stops calling at a certain point because she just cannot get anyone on the phone.

  178. Aw Dave – I would much rather read your new article about how Caylee died than read anything those two goobers are going to say tomorrow!!

    Prediction – Morgan will ask a bunch of questions that have no relevance in the civil suit. Like, what were you searching for in November?

  179. Hi, Sheron – I had to post a new article this morning to clear up the comment fiasco of yesterday. It falls in line with my death theory. Tomorrow, it’s not just the depositions. Casey will appear in court again. I called the court and this time, it’s not supposed to be open to the public, or I probably would have gone. Tomorrow’s hearing will be in courtroom 23A. Usually, it’s held in 6D. Anyway, I will more than likely have to report on those two things, the hearing and the depositions. I might post the murder story on one of my other sites and password protect it, which I will give to you and anyone else who asks, but I’m not going to do it just yet.

  180. Great – just let me know if you decide to let us read it!

    I wasn’t thinking about the fact you’ll report on tomorrow’s events. It would be a lot of work to have that many posts going and all the comments!

  181. Can I please get the password? I would like to see that one. Why is that necessary to protect it? Are you afraid someone will steel your ideas, or is it not quite finished?

  182. Becks, you already see what I think the flurry of calls mean.

    But, if your theory is correct (she really was trying to get in touch, instead of tracking them) Casey wanting to sell her story to George first, and then let him tell Cindy, makes sense.

  183. I am one of the few people who don’t have a death theory, but I am genuinely interested in other’s.
    So I look forward to yours, Dave.

    I’ve always been interested in true crime. One of the very first english books I read was Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood”, because it was cited to be a pioneer in the fiction/true crime genre.

  184. You are right, Becks. It was based on an actual event. Mine is, too, but it will never go down in the archives as a great piece of literature. Yoo short, for one thing, and it’s written in a blog style, unlike a book.

  185. You do? I never do. I write and send and think later: oops. But not often 🙂
    Don’t sit on it! It gets crushed! And by the time you published it, I will be in bed and it will be gone before I get a change to trash it… 😦

  186. Ina- I don’t think any of us will change Dave’s mind. I think I’ll just wait and anticipate what will undoubtedly be very interesting reading.

  187. OK, Ina, then I won’t put it up until tomorrow, and I will give you the password. I think I want to look into one other viable possibility about her whereabouts. Purely fictional, of course.

  188. I kiss you on the cheeks. Choose which ones . I am starting to enjoy the suspense. (It took a while.)

    Perhaps she went to the Beatles festival that took place that time 🙂 (I looked up events in Orlando monday 16 june 2008 lol)

  189. Becks (is that girl or boy), he can write huh! He is my favorite blogger. And the only one who’s english I can understand somehow. (Kissing a.s gets you anywhere I learned)

  190. Oh. Big brother is really watching us these days isn’t he? It gets tough to murder a person without being caught this way!

  191. Ina- Looks like your persistence paid off. And I am a female Canadian. One of my childhood friends was named Ina- she was of Ukrainian descent. Is that a common name for your family?

  192. I just twisted his leg 🙂

    No, Ina isn’t but it is short for Klazina after my grandmother, and that goes back a very long way.
    Is Becks short for Rebecka? Becky?
    Canada really likes this case I think 🙂 How come?

  193. Becks is short for Becky which in turn is short for Rebecca. I much prefer Rebecca, but I interact alot with people for whom English is not their first language and most cannot pronounce the “R” sound very well.

    My dad’s story is that when he was working on cargo ships, in order to improve his english, he tried to read anything English he could get his hands on. And on every ship he ever was on, Bibles would always be a constant in the bedside drawers. He picked Rebecca from the story of Esau, and wrote to my pregnant mother of his choice.

  194. Hey my father was a merchant marine too 🙂
    Yes books were important on those ships, there was always a bookcase from seaman’s missions I remember. 🙂 Did you sail along at times too?

  195. We got company so must stop. Nice meeting you Becks, I will read your comment tomorrow I hope. David, don’t forget to send me the password!

  196. Dave, I have read where some believe the duct tape was
    placed over Caylee’s mouth after death, I don’t remember
    where, was that you and do you have any knowledge as to whether or not from the examination of her skull, if the mouth (jaw bone ) was open or closed? Thank you

  197. Well, Beatrice, that’s a toughie. The medical examiner used the duct tape as part of her analysis in determining homicide as the cause of death, so I am going to say that the tape was the cause or contributed greatly to her death. When Kronk went into the woods to relieve himself, he poked the skull and moved it. Generally, mandibles don’t naturally stay intact with the cranium when no tissue is evident. Now, there is a good possibility the two remained together because of the duct tape, but I am not in a position to answer that with any authority.

  198. Interesting. Some of it I had heard earlier.

    “I think Mr. Padilla’s motives are suspect and he’s not the one to memorialize this little girl,” George Anthony said.

    The Anthonys also said they would like to see a park where children can play as the permanent memorial to Caylee.

    I agree.

  199. At what location is it suggested that a park would be nice
    because when I participated w/Ina that a park would
    be nice I was shot down. So to see a park as ok is a
    surprise for me.

  200. When I really looked at your map yesterday, not being there, but looking at your map , my consideration would never have been for “that strip of property running right along the highway” Also I remarked that “even if a park was wanted THERE (of any kind) the state/county/city may want to widen the highway… so it would never be a good place under any circumstances. Thanks Dave.

  201. I am totally not understanding this boat thing.


    Kid Finders has never actively searched for a missing child. Don’t they just put up posters and stuff?

    Maybe I am just not understanding all this. Are George and Cindy supposed to jump into their boat and find missing children?

    I know George was a detective, but has he ever done water rescue? Do they have any training?

  202. Hi Sheron,,, You are a person, I’m a person, Just on this
    blog I sense your kind heart and people of kind heart always feel like they would like to do something to help make wrong things, right. There are many very good organizations who do good, many of them feel good about making some effort for doing good. In George and Cindy’s position, I would think that they desperately want to do something representing their love for Caylee, but what can they do, what can they really do, that will satisfy all of us that they are really
    directing their effort in the best way.
    Example, there is Mark Glass, apparently devotes a lot
    of his time with offering his opinion, because he has been there, but I honestly don’t know if his organization has actually found a child or not. He wants to contribute something whether it is received well or not… John Walsh, very prominent in his programs efforts… Apparently in his action criminals are brought to justice… But when you think of babies, such as Caylee, Haleigh, (in todays news) and all the others of every minute who are so helpless in where they have been or where they are right now, organizations help keep us aware but it is most always the Law Enforcement that actually find the children and of course sometimes they are never found… I have in my heart about Jessica, the little girl who was taken by a man just across her street, buried alive! How it could have been so different for her if there had been a more complete and thorough investigation of that trailer, immediately! .. Instead the doors were simply knocked on and a question asked…”can’t go into peoples home that way,” they said, but when they got back with the papers that gave them the right to go in, they were too late. No matter who or what, when a child is missing, there should be a doors open policy for law enforcement to enter and search. The —— with privacy, when a child is at risk! Why do these things happen? I don’t know.. Anyway, I am one of those who like to think that I care, yet what do I really do, Give a little money, pray, wish these things didn’t happen,,,, wish there was
    no evil behavior, but there is and I personally can’t stop
    it… Many feel that Cindy and George should have done
    more before anything happened, but how could they have known.? Parents care, you care, I care, each in
    our own way. Sheron, I believe it is always acceptable
    when people want to do something good, and maybe our hearts do not beat in the same pace or direction but
    all in all, good is still good..

  203. Beatrice, that was a very heartfelt comment!

    But, my head is spinning over here with the new My Career Is Missing Children 101.

    Haleigh’s mom. Haleigh hasn’t even been located yet! George and Cindy with their new foundation and boat!

    None of these people have any training.

    Do not show up at my door if one of my kids goes missing. I know too much about all of y’all – and I don’t want your sympathy and understanding. Ya’ll don’t even have sympathy for your own missing or murdered babies.

    It’s like a pyramid scheme! They’ll be trying to sign me up to start a foundation for my missing child.

    It’s all leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

    Who tries to start a new career in the middle of their daughter being charged with murder, or their child still being missing?

    How many thousands of parents of missing children still had to work to pay the bills, and did any tribute work on the side for the sake of their dead child? We don’t hear about them.

    A purple building and a boat qualify these people to help others?

    And, I am not talking about what went on prior to Caylee and Haleigh being missing. And who should have done what. I am talking about what has happened since.

  204. When George wanted to kill himself, I was all for his lending a hand to Texas Equusearch.

    It’s a proven non-profit organization that provides training, etc.

    But George and Cindy are trying to start their organization with ZERO experience. A boat is the top priority? I’m thinking horses are a better thing to start with.

    They don’t know what they are doing. We never saw either one of them out there searching for Caylee.

  205. Beatrice, in your comment you asked, what can George and Cindy really do at this point for Caylee.

    Punish Caylee’s murderer just like they swore they would until it looked like Casey was that person.

    They would be screaming for the DP if their stupid ideas of Amy, Jesse, Tony, etc. had panned out. Oh, and I almost forgot, ZG.

    Accept your daughter is the perp. Love her anyway. Stop trying to throw the blame on others. Honor Caylee, do not help her murderer go free.

    But instead, they keep protecting Caylee’s murderer. And get a nice new boat.

  206. Sheron, I get your point, but I am not at all connected
    to the boat thing, I don’t even understand it.. first I heard was what you mentioned..I know there are schemes, that take advantage of situations where, like I said, kind hearts give and give to no benefit… Please understand I was considering in my thought, that they were promoting some “good” “already established”, yet again I will say, the most help usually comes from the authority led anyway…didn’t realize they were starting something new… hadn’t been following today. Sorry for getting offbeat on it all… thought you were just talking in general.. I would certainly say, why a boat? But it has been pointed out to me before, that I know nothing about their Florida area. Also my mention of the open door for missing children totally related to “Authorized Law Enforcement, only! Believe it or not some of us have long dealt with a horrible situation in our families so sometimes it may be that we tend to speak opposite of what someone else might. Understand that I do appreciate your viewpoint as well as anyone’s on Dave’s blog. I’m sure everyone is anxiously waiting Dave’s theory tomorrow, I’m sure it will be exciting for all.
    and may God Bless you all!

  207. One of the reasons why George and Cindy never helped search along with EquuSearch was because when EquuSearch returned, they were looking for a dead child. That was before Caylee’s body was found and George, Cindy & Lee were committed to finding a living child. To help in that search would have been an admission of defeat, because the search efforts focused on sifting through trees and weeds and stuff, not sightings.

  208. I would think that you could not build a girls home on that property as it is in a residental zone…..who is Kindfinders?

  209. I am so sorry I missed your comment, kob. I have different ways to cross reference and it sometimes takes me awhile to catch-up.

    Actually, the property is too small to build a girl’s home, but that’s a very good idea. Plus, it’s zoned for the homeowner’s association. That would have to change. Also, it would have to be a shack because there wouldn’t be room for parking and a playground. I think that’s a great suggestion, though, and worthy of looking into somewhere else.

    Again, I am sorry I missed you and thank you for commenting.

  210. dave, all the information you have posted regarding this, i already knew. what you may not realize is the property is for conservation ONLY. it cannot be rezoned, without hefty cost and attorneys, which by the price being ask, is way less than the cost of rezoning, or trying to change that particular property from conservation to something like a park..just saying.

  211. Thank you, Inky. I knew the property would have to be worked on tremendously, but the zoning code I got was 19, which is homeowner’s association. If it’s now conservation, or it has been as part of the homeowner’s, that’s fine with me. I think the land should be left alone. No park, no house. Nothing. I appreciate your information. Please feel free to join the fray at any time!

  212. Legal Description:

  213. i want to also say..i am just loving your website here, i just by chance landed here doing a search. i am usually more on the cayleedaily. but i am really digging your site, as you feel the way most of us bloggers on cayleedaily do about this case, i am now always posting your link in the blog since stuff you say ..when this is over is more the truth than anyone could ever know.

  214. Inky – Take a look at this page and find the Property Use code (0019):

    Then, go to this page and look up the correlating Code Description:


    That’s what led me to the conclusion I wrote on the post. Let me know what you think.

  215. Thank you, Inky. I am very glad you like it here. I would never want to take anyone away from the cayleedaily. Instead, I think there’s room for all of us and we should work together if we can. I go to that site and I’ve commented there before. The people are very nice. Please feel right at home.

  216. i have already discussed this the other day with a co worker, we are real estate appraisers. though its property use is for the homeowners assoc. since it is conservation, it is basically unusable land.

  217. Well, thank you, Inky. I knew the land was worthless. Your information adds merit to what I’ve thought all along. No wonder it was assessed at $100. Imagine paying $1.64 taxes on a $90,000 piece of nothing.

  218. it was probably part of the purchase of the original homeowners land, and had to be purchased since it was legally considered part of the properties being bought for building homes, sometimes when purchasers of land want land bad enough they have to pay the price for something sometimes they cant use, but for the profiteering as i call it when buyers want to build, it is sometimes something that has to be in the contract for a sale to go thru. though i have no proof positive this is what occured, the probability is it is.

  219. Hi Dave. There was an additional couple step to follow up that got skipped at the end. The physical address above is not Mr. Hendricks’ address. If you go to the tax appraisers website and search by address, you’ll see another individual listed as the owner. Go over to the Seminole public records and search by the listed owner’s last name – Mandes. You’ll see a deed recorded in 2010 where Mr Hendricks is listed as the Grantor. He sold that property. I’m on my iPhone so can’t see the “get image” results. Click it from your computer and you’ll see an image of the deed. It will list Hendricks and his address as of October 2010. Not calling you out on this one, so please don’t post my comment. Just would like to see you have and provide the right info. Too many odd people out there and someone will surely go knocking on the wrong folks front door.

  220. Sorry. Just got onto my computer and saw this blog post was from back in ’09. I was reviewing my email from today. No clue why my yahoo account provided me with a notification and link to this post at 3:37 this afternoon (1/11/12). Please disregard my prior response.

  221. I had to bring this back because of someone asking about the property. It’s interesting to note that the property has changed hands since writing this. Thanks, Kari. You helped, actually, so that’s why I left your comments in place.

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