New documents: The name that scares Casey the most

State Attorney’s Office releases about 500 pages of legal and investigative documents and photographs in the case

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“I hope I made the right decision. I just hope the end justifies the means…This is the happiest I have been in a very long time.”

The date puts it a few days after Caylee was last seen alive, assuming it was written in 2008. Read the Diary Entry.

diary-left-page-03Photo shows ’03 in upper left corner

Several weeks ago, I began writing an article about one person in particular, Annie Downing. She was Casey’s best friend until late in 2007, when she decided she couldn’t handle Casey’s lies any longer. Why I picked her out of the crop of friends and acquaintances was because her name was consistently mentioned in many of the interviews with others, but her conversations with police were conspicuously left out. I found that a bit odd, or was it revealing? By not saying a word about her, were law enforcement officials saying something? That is exactly what I believed and that was my angle. Here is a report of released documents as I know them now, approximately 1:15 today.

As I wrote in yesterday’s post about the lack of fingerprints being found on the duct tape, that turned out to be correct. No fingerprints of Cindy, George, Lee or anyone else were present. The silver-colored duct tape found on Caylee’s skull is consistent with tape found on one of the gas cans, a red one. The report released today states that the duct tape “originated from the same source roll.” A piece of “Henkel Consumer Adhesives” duct tape was found wrapped around the skull and was attached to a gas can at the house, according to the report.

Investigators have amended initial reports that determined the body was thrown into the woods on June 18 and was in the trunk of the car for two days. They now say that Caylee died between June 16 and June 27 and detectives believe the body was stored in the Pontiac for an undisclosed period of time, but was removed before the 27th.

“Evidence on the body suggests that the child’s death was not accidental but an intentional act,” Detective Yuri Melich wrote Feb. 5. “As of this writing, there is nothing to suggest that anyone but Casey Anthony is responsible for the death and disposal of Caylee Anthony.”

Lee Anthony’s former roommate and long-time Anthony family friend, Michelle Murphy, stated that Casey often complained about having a very bad relationship with her father. On two occasions, George and Cindy told Murphy that they were considering trying to get custody of Caylee. Casey allegedly had a miscarriage in Februay of 2007 from a man named Brandon Snow. She told Downing and Murphy, but neither of them believed her. In March of that year, Casey called Murphy and told her she was feeling “crazy” and was considering having herself committed. She had imagined a life with Brandon and the baby, due in October. She told her she didn’t feel she was a good mother to Caylee. When Murphy called her the next day, she blew her off.

When Casey was released from jail last year, Annie Downing went to visit Casey at home several times and spent the night once. Casey told her, “When this is all said and done, I have so much to tell you.”

While visiting the home, Casey found Cindy on the computer using Casey’s e-mail address and signing her name. They argued, but Cindy said that “if this can find us Caylee, then you know I’m going to do whatever I can.”

When Downing confronted Casey about the chloroform found in the trunk, Casey shrugged it off by saying she had stored cleaning supplies there. Besides, she eluded, ex-fiancé Jesse Grund had a key to the car and he might have done something to it after it was abandoned. Downing told investigators that Casey wasn’t smart enough to have acted alone if she had harmed Caylee, but that was strictly her own opinion.

In late 2006 or early 2007, Casey visited Downing at work and told her she needed to talk to someone. She said, “she needed to get away and felt like she was having a breakdown.” She added that she wanted to go to “an institution” and told her that Caylee could stay with Cindy, but when Downing called her later that night, she said she was fine, she’d had a good talk with her mother. The friendship really unraveled around August, 2007. They remained friendly, but it never was the same again.

During an interview with Downing, she told detectives Casey was jealous of her mother’s relationship with Caylee. Casey told her that Cindy wanted Caylee to call her “Mom” instead of “Grandmom.” On Caylee’s 2nd birthday, Casey told Downing, “Oh my God, this is supposed to be Caylee’s Day. I’m her mom. She’s not her mom.” Cindy was helping Caylee open presents.

Annie Downing received a phone call from Lee Anthony in October, after Casey was re-arrested and information had been made public about Casey telling a friend she could get Xanax from Annie. Downing said that Lee told her, “We all know Casey’s done bad things but you need to protect yourself. You need to …if they call you. You need to tell them the truth. You need to tell them anything you know because if you know something you need to tell them…. Don’t protect Casey.” Both Downing and Murphy told investigators that Casey had an emotional breakdown at one time and wanted to be committed.

Document PDFs:

All documents can be accessed HERE

A sticker missing its heart

A sticker missing its heart. A sheet was found with similar hearts, some missing.


Heart found at crime scene stuck to cardboard

Heart found at crime scene stuck to cardboard

Click HERE to link to some of the images

The Discovery Documents also include lists of dozens of all relative personnel who had been working at the crime scene, including FBI agents, Orange County Sheriff’s Office detectives, crime-scene technicians and prosecutors. Included is a letter requesting the FBI to compare items taken from the Anthony house in December, when a search warrant was executed. Some of the items taken from the house are multiple garbage bags, a Bissel steam cleaner, Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, a Bissel spot cleaner and one red gas can with duct tape.

The sheriff’s office asked the FBI to compare the black plastic bags found with Caylee’s remains to the garbage bags taken from the Anthonys’ home, to compare the duct tape found on the remains to the duct tape on the gas can from the Anthony residence, and to examine vacuums and cleaners for potential decomposition materials and/or other related items.

Detectives noted that the body was found in the wooded area and not far from the road. The skull was near a plastic bag. There was no flesh on it, but quite a bit of hair. “I immediately noticed that there appeared to be a piece of silver duct tape across the mouth area of the skull,” Detective Yuri Melich wrote. “The tape appeared to have been purposely placed there.”

The remains were found inside of two black plastic bags and a canvas laundry bag. There was a stained Winnie the Pooh blanket, a pair of size 24 month pink and white stripe shorts, a pink size 3T shirt with the words “BIG TROUBLE comes small” written on the front and what was thought to be pieces of a child’s pull up.

Investigators combed the crime scene where Caylee was found with a metal detector but found nothing of note. A cadaver dog, the same one that reacted to decomposition in Anthony’s car, searched the scene but did not hit on anything. John Schultz, a University of Central Florida assistant professor, was called in to work with investigators. He specializes in biological anthropology and recently co-authored a book titled, Forensic Recovery of Human Remains: Archaeological Approaches. Also called in was Neal Haskell, a forensic entomology expert and professor at St. Joseph’s College in Indiana. He asked for soil samples to be taken to examine bugs at the scene.

Here is a partial list of what was found:

• Several bones, including human teeth and animal bones

• Numerous pieces of plastic bags

• A pregnancy test – Several discarded soda cans

• A broken Winnie the Pooh helium balloon

• Barbie doll legs

• A disposable camera

• A piece of “Henkel Consumer Adhesives” duct tape

• World of Disney bag near Caylee Anthony’s remains. Inside the bag was a Gatorade Cool Blue bottle with an unknown liquid and white sediment.

• A syringe in a wrapper was found inside a toilet paper roll that was in the bottle.

Investigators conducted a search warrant at the Anthony’s Hopespring Drive home immediately after Caylee’s remains were found. Here are some of the items seized:

• Nine pair of women’s shoes from Casey Anthony’s closet

• A white/red heart-shaped sticker backing with sticker removed that was found in a shoe box in Casey Anthony’s dresser

• A sheet for red heart-shaped stickers with the three remaining on the page found in a red folder in her dresser

• A sheet for multi-colored heart-shaped stickers in a black binder in her dresser

• Two white-rimmed plastic children’s sunglasses

• Two pair of children’s denim shorts — size 24M

• Three denim children’s skorts – one 3T and two 24M

• Miscellaneous doll clothing

• Five pairs of children shoes

•  One black garbage bag found inside a suitcase in the garage area

– Two handwritten notes from a chest in Caylee’s room

• Some muscle-relaxers and anti-anxiety medications were taken from the master bathroom that were prescribed to Cindy Anthony

Lawyers for Casey Anthony released this statement today:

“The State’s forensic report on duct tape, plastic bags and other items is a one-sided law enforcement-generated report and is biased and speculative. It uses ‘junk science,’ the kind of flawed comparative analysis that the two-year study by National Academy of Sciences released today.”

Jose Baez Should Be Your Friend

Don’t laugh until after you read this. In light of this new and revealing information, let me say a word about a name you may not be familiar with: Jonathan Kasen. He is Casey Anthony’s second best friend. He wasn’t before she was arrested, but he is now. And here you thought that Jose Baez is the only non-family friend she has left. You know, Baez, the guy you love to hate. Jose Baez is a criminal attorney. Jonathan Kasen is a civil attorney and he is representing Casey in the defamation lawsuit filed on behalf of Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, the woman who has the same name as Anthony’s alleged nanny.

Through the grapevine, whispers among lawyers in O-town, also known as O’do, say that Baez is really stupid. I know you all agree, but he should be your friend, not your enemy. You know why? If Baez really had any smarts, he would have insisted on the right to a speedy trial. That’s right. Because any good lawyer will say that without a body, it would have been tough to convict, in spite of the charge and evidence on hand. By now, Casey would be free and could never be tried again for her daughter’s murder, so you see? Baez turned out to be your biggest ally because today, the state has overwhelming evidence to send her away for life with no chance of parole. To be frank, they can ask for the death penalty now, but in my opinion, they won’t. It’s tough for a jury to send a crazy person to their death.

What happened that fateful day of June 16, 2008? George Anthony watched Casey carry Caylee out to the car, put her in her car seat and drive away, never to be seen again. Not by George or anyone else in the family, and no one else has come forward in defense of Casey. I wonder how much longer George, Cindy and Lee can do the same thing?

As more information comes in, I will update this article. Please stay tuned…

ADDENDUM 2/18/09

Cindy told detectives in December that Caylee’s Winnie the Pooh blanket was missing.

Lee went to a nightclub looking for Casey when she made it a point to avoid the family. When she got word he was on his way, she sneaked out before he arrived.

The defense team got the documents last week. No member of the defense has visited her in jail since receiving the documents. That is 9 days, and it’s the longest she’s been with no one visiting her. This had to have been a devastating blow to the defense. In my opinion, it says Casey lied to Baez all along. No wonder he checked himself into the hospital.

Casey Anthony hyperventilated and needed medications to calm her down after she got word that Caylee’s remains were finally found. Her reaction could be analyzed by both sides and I wouldn’t factor her demeanor in so much. On one hand, the prosecution will say that her reaction proves her guilt. “Oh, no! My goose is cooked. They found her!” On the other hand, the defense could easily say that any mother would respond that way when her daughter’s body is discovered. She went into a state of shock knowing that she would never see her again.

ADDENDUM 2/19/09

In December, Cindy told investigators she sent someone to those woods in November, to take a look around. Nothing was found at the time. Could this have been the phone call to Dominic Casey the phony psychic took credit for that was captured on Jim Hoover’s video? In any event, it was most likely a hunch on Cindy’s part because she knew that was a favorite hangout for Casey and other neighborhood children.

Investigators found mysterious stains on patio furniture and a rug at the Anthony home, along with a jug and bottles of pool chemicals. Those items are being tested.

It was revealed that the potentially damaging duct tape found at the crime scene and in the Anthony home could have come from the homes of thousands of other people. It is commonly sold at Walmart and Ace Hardware stores.

Investigators found a Whitney Design canvas laundry bag wrapped in a black plastic bag on the top shelf above the washing machine in the Anthony home. That was the same kind they recovered from the crime scene.

Defense spokeswoman Marti Mackenzie said in an e-mail, The state’s forensic report on duct tape, plastic bags and other items is a one-sided law enforcement generated report and is biased and speculative.”

Defense attorney Jose Baez said in a statement: “It is just as important to focus on the fact that there are no fingerprints on the duct tape and there never was any red sticker of any shape or size found on the tape.”

Casey’s defense team visited her in her cell today, the first time in 10 days.

1,000 pages of documents will be released next week, including interviews with Jim Hoover.

ADDENDUM 2/20/09

The Orange County Jail secretly taped Casey Anthony when she was told a body was found in the woods that was similar to Caylee. She hyperventilated and asked for medications to calm herself down. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office refused to release a copy of the videotape, saying it was evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation, Deputy Carlos Padilla, a sheriff’s spokesman stated. If the tape is turned over to the State Attorney’s Office as part of the prosecution’s case, it could then become a public record.

Dominic Casey, the Anthony’s private attorney once worked for Casey and Jose Baez. He entered the woods in search of Caylee a month before she was discovered. He claimed a psychic told him where to look and even directed him while he was there.

There are conflicts of interest at play here because he specifically went to those woods. Who really told him? Did Casey? I doubt it because had it been her, he would have found the toddler, for sure. Was it Cindy? It could have been, but I assert that if she did, it was on a hunch because it was a favorite spot for Casey and other neighborhood children when they were younger. Was he lying about the psychic? Was he lying about talking to his sick daughter on the phone? He is a person of interest, but for what?


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  1. I don’t know if you remember me saying there was a person who would be extremely damaging. I kept Annie under wraps, figuring this information may not be released until trial. Anyway, I had some of this information all along and sat on it.

  2. Thanks Dave , i would like to know if there is a link to the documents too. I have seen some of the photos already. Also Casey’s diary entry just floored me.

  3. “Evidence on the body suggests that the child’s death was not accidental but an intentional act,” Detective Yuri Melich wrote Feb. 5.
    But the flesh was gone. Broken bones then? Scratches on the bones?

  4. Dave, is there by chance any mention in these new docs regarding Caylee’s paternity??

    You wouldn’t sit on THAT info would you 🙂

  5. [Edited for content] ’03 written on the page above the “Every Day is a Brand New Beginning”.

    Well, that would make a lot more sense, as even for sociopath Casey, those remarks would be pretty cold coming 4 days after the loss/death/murder of her daughter.

    Now the question is, did the media intentionally mislead us with that photo—knowing we would all assume it to be from 2008? Did someone intentionally crop the photo so as to exclude the ’03 at the top corner? Bad media! Bad!

  6. Kari – You are more than welcome to come here to express your views, but please don’t come here if your intent is to take people from my site to send them elsewhere. We are all in this together and I DO NOT look at other Anthony sites as competition. This is not McDonald’s versus Burger King!

  7. FYI~~~just read alot of forensic and guess what

    Lee Anthony was NOT the daddy of Caylee Anthony

    I knew they were doing a test on Lee’s DNA to see if he was the bio father because it was circled in red on the report.

    Thank God that is cleared up!!

  8. Dave, I enjoy your posts and your direct, forthcoming honesty. Many other blogs I have blacklisted, that is, I won’t allow myself to visit them because of what you have mentioned above…too many lies, conniving,etc. It’s very childish.

    BTW-great article, as usual. If the date is 2003 of the diary, then that makes LE look bad because all they have are the ramblings of a hormonal teen; which means absolutely nothing!

  9. Thank you, Thinker Belle. I always strive to be as forthright as I possibly can.

    It will be interesting to find out the truth about the date of the entry. I don’t know why it would have been included to begin with unless there were suspicions, for instance, was the book bound in 2006? In other words, was it available in stores in 2003? Just because the ink is red, does the ink match on both pages? She could prefer red pens.

  10. Re the diary~~~lots of times I mark the corner of a page when I am writing to represent the page …1-2-3 etc and not the year. From the wording, I believe it to be written in 2008. I cannot see if it was in red ink

    LE would have noticed that circled 3 …they are not stupid…

  11. Okay guys, what did I miss…..”if the date is 2003 of the diary, then that makes LE look bad”. The diary was written in 2003??

  12. It may or it may not be, detwill39, but it reads like a June ’08 entry. In any event, it won’t be the piece of evidence that breaks the camel’s back. There are just too many things already that have done that.

  13. If she made the entry in 2003, she would have been 17 years old. I think how it works for the prosecution will be something you aren’t thinking of. Was the diary on her desk or was it packed away in her closet? That would have a bearing on how fresh the writing may have been.

  14. Dave~~in the diary, Casey says…”I’ve made new friends.” She did make new friends with Tony’s crew shortly after the end of May. George even commented on her new friends and how she changed.

  15. Dave~~some camels have more than one hump so all these tidbits of evidence will make a big dump. I dont know if she was 17 or 22 at the time of writing …noticed she spelled ‘beginning’ wrong …on left page.

  16. I agree everything adds up, but I don’t think a jury would render a decision based on this argument alone. Spelling is the last thing on my mind. If you could see all of the spelling errors on comments, you wouldn’t believe it. She may have never been a good English student.

  17. I was right about one thing . It is believed to be the same duct tape that is on the red gas can. It is such a tragedy reading all of this.

  18. Dave~~ I mentioned the spelling to try and be smart and to let you know how observant I am.

    What do you think is the strongest evidence that the prosecution has from what we have viewed or heard on tapes etc?

    We know that unless a plea is put forth soon, Baden and Dr Lee are going to try and rip apart the forensics.

  19. Boston~~the ’03 shows up in the corner of the diary in the evidence files…I put a link in…back a few msges.

  20. You are correct, Boston. They collect evidence. It is up to judges, lawyers and juries to decipher it all and to decide what is and what is not relevant. I know first hand about LE here, in particular the OCSO and their former chief, Kevin Beary. Would you believe his mother had the hots for me back in the mid-80s? Absolute truth. I was in my mid-30s and she was around my age now. I never took her up on it because I thought she was too old for me. Kevin’s brother knew about it. We were pretty close then. He was a state trooper in those days. Now, he is police chief of Lake Mary, a community just north of Orlando. We used to drink at a place called Harper’s Tavern, a hangout for some of Winter Park’s elite. Paul Newman, rest his soul, used to eat there, at the French restaurant that was part of it, Le Cordon Bleu. I met him once, and other celebrities. we just left them alone. Judd Nelson and I peed together, but we didn’t look.

  21. Most likely Dave, the diary was found in Casey’s room. Who’s to say that Cindy hadn’t been in there “cleaning” and looking for clues on Caylee’s whereabouts.

  22. Dave~~how do you know that I don’t have the hot for you too? Why do you think I stick around here paying you compliments? You wouldn’t know the love bug even if he bit you in the butt.

    Geez, I even pretend to be a fantastic detective to turn you on…

    ha ha ha ha cant see now for laughing…….

  23. You’re a married woman, detwill39. I’ve already sent my PIs out sniffing and they dug up your talent for sniffing out a good lead and follow-through.

    Time for Jeopardy. Please carry on.

  24. Dave, my apologies, I guess I’m still not really on to the idea of these blogs being competitive. No offense meant.

  25. I was reading more documents and my puter froze up.

    Boston~~did you get a chance to peek at the diary in the evidence? That ’03 is showing in the corner where the one Dave shows is cut off.

    I put a link to the file a few msges back…it looked like pages had been ripped out of the diary but I could be wrong.

  26. Thinker Belle…okay gotcha. I thought at first you meant the LE had screwed themselves. I agree that the media brought out all the radicals. I doubt if half of them really knew about the case and just wanted to be on camera making a noise.

  27. Dave, do you know for sure that no one has visited KC for 9 days in jail, that Baez hasn’t been there in 9 days?

  28. That is quite alright, Kari. You’re apology is accepted. I happened to be in the middle of adding content and my laptop needs a memory upgrade, so it can be sluggish sometimes. I had to play catch-up, in other words. Besides, I prefer to look at every blogger as a friend. I remember when I worked in the advertising department of a department store chain, Belk Lindsey. Floor people told me how they would send someone over to the competition if they didn’t carry a particular line. the other stores did the same thing. We all have our angles, writing styles and sources. I’m always willing to share.

    Thank you very much,

  29. I live in Orlando. I saw it every, every, every day, day in, day out, whether I wanted to or not. It was the only thing on the local news because it was local news. I think I can say with a little authority that, yes, Orlando journalists and journalism in general went over the top. Kathi Belich became unbearable at times. Holly Bristow, yuck. They were in your face constantly. Every time Cindy Anthony farted, Team Coverage was there. I guess the significance of it is how much exposure we got here in Orlando. Elsewhere, you got snippets of it depending on what your affiliate wanted to show. There were always other things going on where you live. Believe me, I’m not trying to take sides, but I’m sure it was much bigger here than elsewhere, in spite of the fact that it has been everywhere.

  30. Hi, dancehappy –

    Sorry, I almost missed you. Supposedly, no one has been there. Baez has been in the hospital since the weekend. From what I heard, as soon as the documents were released to the defense last week, they were too busy sorting through stuff and Baez was the go between. I guess he’s been too sick for a while. That will have to change because they are going to have to change their strategy. Yes, it has been 9 days, including today.

  31. They were clearly out for themselves Boston. All you would have to do is look at the havoc they wrecked on the neighborhood in which they were in…they were immature, selfish, and often downright stupid. IMO

  32. Many of my friends have been in journalism, radio, TV and print. Orlando is a dog eat dog town and the one that barks the loudest wins. I can understand both your points of view, but I know that cameras and microphones were entrenched in front of the Anthony house on many nights to just report who snored the loudest, George or Cindy. The grass across the street, on the right of way, was so worn out, worms wouldn’t live there any more. After I went to the memorial, I drove by the Anthony house and recognized one of the cameramen from years ago, when I used to play football in the TFL. I’ll tell you about that sometime. Anyway, T Taylor and I went back to the early 80s and hadn’t seen each other in years. I stopped, got out and we talked for about a half hour. It was then that George pulled in front of his driveway and you could tell the press, after all this time, was wearing very thin on him. No wonder he had a nervous breakdown.

    I remember following the Stewart story. That was weird. Something didn’t add up right from the start.

  33. I don’t for one minute believe Casey is crazy. The cold calculating decisions she has made, she knew right from wrong. You can argue this case with the Casque of Amontillado (Edgar Allen Poe) and whether he was insane when he closed the man in the wine cellar. The detail of how the body was double wrapped, the duct tape over her mouth, the heart shaped sticker, the blanket and additional things she was buried with, these are all thought out ideas. Casey is a liar and nothing more. She has lied all her life and continues to do so. I never thought Lee was protecting her and talking in code. I think when he used the initials at the service cma he was speaking about Caylee. He only used the initials so Casey and Cindy would think it was about them. The documents clearly indicate Lee trying to find Casey and Lee telling Annie to tell the detectives everything she knows. So help me if they now go for the insanity plea I will be very upset. If that were the case her attorney should have put that up front a long, long time ago.

  34. Hi, punkinpie –

    On one hand I wholeheartedly agree with you, but on the other hand, isn’t it the defense’s job to exonerate their client any way they can? The defense hasn’t answered to the charges yet. Even if they did, it’s never too late to change, even in mid-stream. Look at the OJ trial 10 years ago. Clearly, he was as guilty as sin, yet his defense team got him off. It was a classic a case of a bungling prosecution and a smart and ready defense. The glove that didn’t fit is what locked it up, along with Mark Furman never using the “N” word. no one knows what will transpire here, but like I said, it is the defense’s job to pull it off, any way they can, crazy or not.

  35. I think if you look at the Today Show, GMA and the CBS Morning Show, they had class. Nancy Grace screamed night after night. That’s on the national stage. Here, it was certainly different. The lunatics came out alright.

    Cindy lost a lot of weight and it really showed. She was probably half crazy to begin with and the local press, Nancy grace and others didn’t help.

  36. Boston, right on.
    Thinker Belle; Without NG, we wouldn’t get to see all those cute little pics of her children, in every position possibe. Does she not think that she might be exposing her children too much!
    However, she does get to the point, and most of the ongoing stories that make major ongoing headlines, have to do with missing children. It gets people excited and furious and that’s what she relies on. Castasrophe. Don’t forget she’s a victim and you never are left to forget that either.


  37. What gets me is why Padilla chose this particular case to get involved in. I would think there are as many, if not more, missing children in California than there are in Florida…why this one?

  38. As to the time line of the diary….whatever she information she provided prior to and immediately after the June 21st date will also shed light on what year the entry was recorded. Also, on what date does the journal cease to be recorded on? Somewhere around her arrest date?

  39. I don’t know enough about law or human psychology to really say anything at all, I guess, but the types of pleas vary from state to state, I’m sure. For example, George was Baker Acted. Does your state have that?

  40. Nancy Grace a victim~~ Nancy’ s fiancee was murdered a couple weeks before their wedding. She had a rough time picking herself up but once she did, she went on to get her law degree and became a prosecutor. She thought she would never replace the man she had lost until she met and fell in love with her present husband. They were married while she was carrying the twins.

  41. Nancy Grace is in it for ratings. Ratings translate into advertising revenue. Advertising revenue translates into money in pockets. Now, I’ll admit she’s very good at what she does and she has credentials, but Howard Stern is very good at what he does, too.

  42. Padilla is a smart guy. He saw something in this case and it’s working for him still. Money, fame and I think he does care. It’s the perfect combination for a guy like him. Besides, how many California cases can you think of off the top of your head? Any right now? Nothing like this one, anyway.

  43. Good Evening, Dave! I asked you a question once and you nicely replied regarding the coverage of the memorial service for Caylee. I read your blog nightly and always look forward to your input and also the thoughts of your fellow bloggers. I have really enjoyed this site even though I don’t comment often.

    I have been following this case from the beginning. I have shed tears for precious Caylee and also have said many prayers for the Anthony family. I was thinking today, after the recent release of evidence, if the Anthony’s will continue to stand by Casey. I do think there is a difference between standing by someone regardless of one’s mistakes, and standing up for someone. I think in the past the Anthony’s have appeared to “stand up” for Casey and believed she was not responsible for the death of Caylee. Either way, do you think Casey and/or her defense could explain away the murder by saying the “nanny” had access to the house, so of course all of the items came from said house? I read months ago that Casey told Cindy and George “Zanny” had a key to the house and her car. Thus setting up the defense: she was in the house at some point and took the duct tape, blanket, etc..

    I just don’t know how they are going to get around this evidence, it is pretty incriminating. What are your thoughts?

    Thank you again for running such a great site. Thanks also to Detwill39, Thinker Belle, Boston, Weezie and all the other bloggers on this site for all the input in a respectable manner. It is a refreshing read!

  44. I don’t know where Caylee was when she died. I wouldn’t say she was home. The last time she was seen at home was when George watched her leave with her mother.Where did you see this, Boston? I haven’t heard of any proof of death at that house.

  45. I hope Cindy does not read all the details in the released documents. She is a nurse and would be familar with all the various bones that they documented at the ME office. Geez, it was sad for me to read it.

    There was standing water in the spot where Kronk thought he saw a suspicious bag on Aug 11/12/13th. The bag was 4 to 5 feet out in the water. Hurricane Fay went thru there after those dates. I am assuming Orlando must have had lots of rain or there is very poor drainage in the woods there.

  46. To my knowledge George did not say that he watched Casey put Caylee in the car on June 16th…he did say he saw them come out of Caseys room and leave the house at 12:40pm on that same day.

    I have had no concrete evidence that Caylee was murdered at home.

  47. Robin 2, I think those are the big questions du jour. No light was shed on entries previous to and subsequently to the June 21 date. I think it’s the cops’ way of frustrating us. Give us something to nibble on, but not enough to chew. Howdy, by the way.

  48. KB777~~Casey told her parents …jail video back in July…that Zanny had a key to the house. With Casey’s track record for lying, it should not sway an intelligent jury.

  49. That’s right Detwill, it was a jailhouse video. I am justing trying to figure out when we are all going to say”okay, I get it”!!!!!!!! You know, like the defense promised……I can NOT imagine what her defense is going to be, how can she even be defended?

  50. I think KB777 gets the Nice Comment Award for the day.

    I do not believe the defense can produce a Zani the nanny, no matter how hard they try. the prosecution will blow that one right out of the water. There are no phone records, no evidence that she lived where Casey said she did and no one who ever knew anything about her. Plain and simple, Zani does not exist and she never has. There is no evidence of a vehicular accident in Tampa, as Casey stated. Nothing, so Zani never set foot in the Anthony house.

    I think the days of her family defending her so staunchly are all but over. As parents, including her brother, it’s tough to stop loving, and they needn’t do that. They will have to admit to themselves, at least, that Casey did this. I’m sure they feel guilty and one way to soften the blow, a remedy of sorts, is to still stand by her as family, not to belive she is innocent, but to grieve for a lost soul. It’s going to be tough, and I don’t think it’s fair for people to judge them so harshly if they do. There aren’t too many people out there that wear the same shoes. It’s going to be a very confusing time until Casey is safely tucked away in a prison somewhere here in Florida.

    Thank you so much for enjoying the blog. You are right, it is all who are here that makes it what it is. Don’t forget Ina.

  51. KB777~~congrats on getting the Nice Comment Award. Well deserved.

    Dave~~when are we getting the rest of the documents?

    Big snow storm tomorrow and I hope flights from Toronto are not cancelled.

  52. I don’t know, detwill39, but it won’t be tonight. My water bottle is at the right temperature and my teddy bear is calling. I don’t think I’ll be long for the night.

    Snow? I haven’t seen it in years. Never in Orlando.

  53. Yea, I won an award! It is my lucky day! 🙂

    Your rght, the nanny does not exist and the key admission will get lumped into all the other lies. I am just trying to rack my brain to think of how she will be defended. I am not sure why I am so focused on her defense as IMO she is clearly guilty. I guess she is such an enigma to me!

    Sorry I left out Ina and Newbie and [name removed] and Robin2, punkinpie and Deb and all the other great posters here.

  54. I know why you’re focused on her defense. They haven’t shown any of their cards yet and they were shuffled around this past week and dealt a very bad hand. The Joker sits in jail.

  55. Boston~~If you find those documents please put up a link here . I can’t recall seeing anything on where Caylee may have been killed.

    I recall Leonard Padilla giving one of his many theories about the bag being ripped when placed in the trunk or taken out.

    Cell phone pings put Casey in the area of her home the afternoon of June 16th…

  56. There are no documents to date that have stated that Caylee was murdered in her family home. However, that’s not to say she wasn’t. It could have happened anywhere. There are plenty of places around that area where she may have been killed.

    Here’s something interesting: There were items taken from the home that had stains of an undetermined source on them.

  57. Goodmorning. 🙂 Undetermined source, does that mean there could be a third party? Could there be another killer then?
    I happened to see Larry King this morning with an item about the case and it also said that the hyperventilation could be of both, quilt and fear, or shock about the body found. But it can also have nothing to do with it all and just being her in jail I think. Did you have coffee yet?

  58. Good morning, Ina. I was pretty busy yesterday, as you could probably tell. Undetermined means they don’t know who or where it came from. Anonymous, no telling.

    I’ve thought that about the hyperventilation all along, since it was reported back then. No matter what the state says about it, the defense will destroy it, because no one can say why she freaked out with total certainty. That’s a clear cut point of benefit of the doubt if I ever saw one.

    I need to go put coffee on.

  59. Just finished mine. Coffee that is.
    Don’t get too busy, take care about your health. You write many words on one day.

    I guess I still hope Casey didn’t do it, but somebody who is pref. already dead. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could proof that. But who wants to do it. Not even her lawyer I suppose.

  60. I missed a comment or two yesterday and I hate it when that happens.

    Suzie Jane asked me: “Dave, is there by chance any mention in these new docs regarding Caylee’s paternity??

    You wouldn’t sit on THAT info would you 🙂

    First, if you come back to read this, Suzie Jane, let me say I’m sorry I missed your comment. That said, no, there is no information regarding who the father is other than it’s not Lee and it finally puts that rumor to bed, so to speak. Would I sit on that info? No, but I might lie down for awhile. It depends on who’s with me.

  61. Guess so. With the milk-woman :)?
    All those documents can be read on my fox I think?
    I won’t go there. I rather read the synopsis here.

  62. GM everone,

    It was mentioned on one of the talk shows that little Caylee had temper tantrums as children of that age do have and mabye she put the duct tape on her mouth to quiet her and then Caylee suffocated. I really don’t think she meant to kill her. I am not excusing Casey if this did happen but maybe she just snapped at that point.

  63. Yes, Anonymus, great nick 🙂 they have those tantrums. I think something like that is quite possible. She lost her temper perhaps.

  64. Good morning, Magogymous.

    That’s an interesting take and somewhat plausible. Except for a couple of things. Why wrap the tape around her hair? Why attach a sticker? I agree Casey snapped, but I think it was pent up anger and frustration over all the attention Caylee was getting. Combine that with a jealous rage and a very unstable mind and you’ve got someone ripe for a mental meltdown. I don’t think she plotted this for years. Instead, I think emotions festered inside that house for months and when she reached a boiling point, she exploded inside and a decision was made. Once she made the decision to kill her, and the day isn’t the point, she found an inner peace. She had made up her mind and that can and probably will be the smoking gun, the motive.

  65. Oops one more thing. It they now think the timeline of Caylees death is between June 17th and the 28th wasn’t it inbetween those dates that the gas cans were taken out of the shed. Tony L was with her when they were taken. The timeline is stated in one of the above statements.

  66. The span is from 16 June to 27 June, I believe. George reported the cans to the police on the 24th. All that the documents did was give a a window of opportunity for the death to occur, factoring in time the body spent in the trunk, so it includes both. That does not imply a date of death. I think LE would safely say that she died on or around the 16th.

  67. GM Ina,
    On TV last night it was mentioned that they found a book that was earmarked to a page about temper tantrums. I am assuming it was about children. My little great-grandson had one last summer and you just couldn’t control him. His mom, my granddaughter, was in tears because she couldn’t do anything about it . I told her to just ignore him as there was nothing else to do for him and about 15 minutes later he quieted down. Maybe she had post-partum depression and was never treated for it . Who knows?? JMO

  68. Dave,
    My lost post concerned the diary and “o3”. I was guessing that it might represent the third day Casey had to herself with comments of the first day and second day torn out as they had totally incriminating info.
    How many pages were torn out after the “o3” page, does anyone know? How many written pages remained and what were their contents?

  69. I don’t know the details of that diary, Newbie, but she could have written ’03 on the left page so no one, besides herself, would understand the significance of her entry. Or, it could very well be from 2003.

  70. Magog, she could even have been psychotic because of that. Esp. if she used drugs also. It happens. But we don’t know of course. I can’t imagine jealousy of her own daughter made her do it. That is too sick. Mothers being (that much) jealous of their own children? How could she be? Does that happen?

  71. My son was very good in tantrums. He demolished the door windows regularly as a toddler. And now he is the sweetest wouldbe anarchistic punker I know 🙂

  72. I’m with you, Boston. I do not believe the diary is a piece of evidence that is clearly set in stone, unless the bindery company can clarify the date of manufacture to after 2003.

  73. Ina,

    My Mom didn’t live close by when my girls were babies or toddlers. I raised them on my own mostly. They have grown up to be responsible adults . I wish my Mom had been closer by to help me but Casey actually was a lucky young lady to have her parents, brother give her the support she needed when Caylee was born. She should have been appreciative of what they did for her but I think she was spoiled and she didn’t respective her parents. They gave her a car, clothing, food and for Caylee also. No wonder her mom was getting tired of her not having a job. Caylee was old enough to put into a daycare so Casey could go to work. I think Cindy gave her a month to get her act together and with the thought of having a REAL job put Casey into a titther. Is there such a word??? lol

  74. Magog, I still understand even if it isn’t. A fit? 🙂
    Did she finish some school?
    Makes you wonder how important grandparents are, or can be. And what we will be like ourselves one day as granny’s.

  75. My granddaughter is 26 yrs. old and my great-grandson is three. He is a cutie. I was a child bride , seventeen, and I don’t think I was ready to become a mom but I did it and now my girls are grown and my youngest is a RN at a state hospital and my oldest works in a nursing home.
    Youngest daughter was in the Mrs. America pageant and also the Mrs. United States pageant.
    I am proud of both of them.

  76. Wow, so they are beauties! Do they take after you?
    What is a pageant?
    A great grandson! That is fantastic. Do you see him a lot? Never enough I bet 🙂

  77. Aloha, Dave and others who respond to this blog,

    Given the release of these new documents and what the evidence suggests- does anyone think that Casey will eventually plead guilty to man slaughter one or two and avoid a trial?

    I always thought that Baez was over his head in this case. Even with the experience of Baden, it is going to be a big pain for the defense. If Baez and Baden refer to forensic results as JUNK SCIENCE they are in big touble. I wonder what Mr. Baden thinks of this? Isnt he a forensic expert in his own right?

    Is Mrs Baden calling Mr Baden a JUNK SCIENTIST?

    We all know this is a bunch of bull, but I think Casey will either cop a plea or get a better lawyer.

  78. I have to share this story with you all. When my son was 2, we were all in the back yard and the grandkids were playing. For some reason my son decided to throw a tantrum. I didn’t yell or threaten to spank him, i threw one with him. I mocked every move and sound he made. He never did that again. haha He told my father mommy threw a tenter tamtrun !! Dave, you have the best sense of humor. Sounds childish, but it worked.

  79. Funny, deb, and I used to do the same thing. When they whine, I whine right back. By the time I’m through with them, they’re laughing.


    You think I have a sense of humor? Everybody thinks that. I guess that’s a good thing because I love to make people laugh.

    Thank you, deb, and you can use any name you like.

  80. That’s a great “touche” to say Baez is referring to Baden as a junk scientist. Baez does not have a license in Florida to represent Casey on her capital murder charge. He can be the lead attorney and speak for her, but he must feed off of someone else’s credentials. I think what happens now is how the defense interprets the evidence and the state’s position. If the penalty stands, I don’t think anything will change all that much. If the state decides there is enough compelling evidence to change the penalty to death, I think there will be some defensive tap dancing. Since all evidence has not been disclosed, I don’t think the defense is in any hurry right now to do anything other than keeping it the way it is.

    By the way, with the evidence on hand, there will be no plea bargaining to reduce the charge to manslaughter. The state is holding the cards and it looks like 4 aces.

  81. Yup tried that with my great-granson. I made like I was having a tantrum too. He looked at me and laughed for a few seconds they continued his tantrum . Know what I did ? I walked away and let my granddaughter deal with it. lol

  82. It’s like toddlers falling off the couch. If they’re alone, they look around, brush it off and go back to whatever they were doing. If anyone is in the room, they look around and cry like babies desperate for attention and pity. That’s kids for you.

  83. I wonder why she wrote CARPE DIEM on the page where the “03” is written? Didn’t she have a boyfriend in the Marines in CA at the time Caylee was born. Who knows when those entries were made .

  84. I just saw a video from a Orlando newspaper that shows a fellow inmate that at one point was near Casey and he asked her where the baby was and she replied with my “boyfriend”.

  85. Carpe diem is a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace. It is popularly translated as “seize the day” or sometimes as “enjoy the day, pluck the day when it is ripe.”

    A lot of younger people use that in their lingo as a sort of rally cry or something, but it doesn’t really have a history with the U.S. Marines. There’s no way of telling when she wrote it in her journal or what it references if anything at all, but she was flirting with a Marine for a period. I think it was quite after Caylee was born, more recently, in other words, but I can’t be sure of that because I forget, pure and simple. Maybe someone else knows more.

  86. She could plead guilty as charged and avoid a trial. That happens sometimes when evidence is so overwhelming. Defendants hope for a reduced sentence by throwing themselves at the mercy of the court. It’s sort of like saving taxpayers tons of money and getting a small reward for it.

  87. Dave~~ everytime I look at your shiny head, I laugh…does that count?

    The terrible two’s and the temper tantrums. Completely ignore the child when he/she throws the hissy fit. They want an audience and will stop if they dont have one. Throwing your own tantrum right along with them helps too and they do end up laughing at you.

    I just watched another interview with Ronald Cumming and his mother on HLN. Haleigh has been gone 9 days now. They took Misty in for more questioning. When the reporter asked Ronald any questions pert to the investigation, including finding the pink shirt, he told them to ask LE. He was also very adament in not answering any personal questions. A bank account has been set up and they are asking for donations for the family. Ronald is off work and they are living in a tent nearby their home.

  88. Premeditation is a reason the state of Florida could change the penalty. So is motive. As evidence in this case builds, there different options the state can take. Will they change it? I don’t think so because juries tend to be more lenient on women, unless they are serial killers. They want to go with something concrete, and it’s like buying a Chinese dinner. You can pick this sentence with that charge or that sentence with this charge. I don’t think the state wants to risk a reduced sentence because of the juries options.

  89. There are sentencing guidelines, at least in Florida and I would assume most states, that require the judge to sentence within a required range, depending on the verdict. Sometimes, judges are allowed to deviate, but there must be mitigating circumstances.

  90. The documents are heart breaking to read. The condition that poor baby was in is just devastating. I wonder how Cindy , George and Lee are holding up right now. I don’t know about the diary entry, I don’t think it matters with all of the evidence they already have, plus what they haven’t released.

  91. Casey’s marine friend was Mark Hawkins and is stationed in California. They messaged back and forth and found when they did the forensics on her puter. She always seemed to have a spare guy hanging around. Mark is on the witness list.

  92. Well, you’re right about her condition, deb, but she was long dead. I’m more concerned with how she died and how much she suffered. That’s got to be weighing heavily on the Anthony’s minds.

  93. Dave~~I dont recall the date when Casey and Mark messaged back and forth. Casey’s most recent beaus were Tony Lazarro, Ricardo Morales, Sean Daly, Chris Stutz, Anthony Rusciano and she dated Jesse Grund after they broke their engagement. Mark was in there somewhere.

  94. Boy, she must have been one sex charged girl. Hey, detwill39, I’m stepping out for a few hours. I need a respite. Will you keep an eye on things, please? Nothing big, but just to look in once in a while? That way, if any comments get stuck in spam and they don’t know where they went, you can let them know. By the way, you should post that Google # you e-mailed me. It’s pretty neat.

  95. Maybe it was someone else then. It was very early this morning. I woke up around 5. Sorry.

    Anyway, I’m out the door for an hour or so. If anyone can’t find their comment, it means it got stuck in spam purgatory and I will let it out when I return.

  96. [name removed]~~in one of the jailhouse videos, Casey said to her parents, “I am better off in here.” You could very well be right that Casey was afraid of what she may do. Her friends said that Casey felt like having herself committed.

  97. IMO Caylee was murdered on June 16th and was in the trunk of the car until around June 24th. Casey tried to bury Caylee in the backyard on the 18th when she borrowed the shovel from the neighbor. The earth is so very hard in Orlando and you cannot dig down very deep with just a shovel.

  98. Do you think Casey could have gone back to the area where Caylee was in the woods? One of her friends had seen her jogging in the area. I will have to go back and see which one. Could it have been possible that she kept getting Caylee’s things from the house and kept putting more things in the bag ? In a interview , I saw it on one of the local Orlando newspapers, this fellow inmate asked Casey at one point where they were being transported to the court house he asked her where her baby was and she said “with her boyfriend” Yea Dave who is the chick in the picture??

  99. detwill39,

    What are your thoughts on Casey using the “I think I should be commited” conversations as just another means of getting attention?

    It seems Casey could wear a person thin and then give them some story to “real” them back in. You know what I mean?

    Of course, I wouldn’t mind other opinions. lol

  100. Casey’s boyfriend Tony Lazarro broke the lock off the shed door with a tire iron and helped Casey steal the gas cans on June 23rd. They went out to the Anthony home in Tonys jeep.

    On June 24th, George Anthony went to mow his lawn and discovered the lock broke and the gas missing. He called LE and made out a report.

    A little later, that same day, Casey went home to get some clothes. George’s car was in the garage and he said Casey was surprised to see him home. He tried to question Casey about Caylees whereabouts but she said she was in a hurry and had to get back to work.

    Cindy had called Casey and told her about the stolen gas and shed broken into before Casey went out to the house. Casey hollered out to her father from the bedroom that she heard someone stole the gas.

    George, had an inkling, he tells Casey he needed the wedges out of her trunk because he had to rotate Cindys tires and offered to go get them. Casey said no she would get them….George said , “I have a key and can get them”..and he heads out towards Caseys car. Casey rushes past George and opens the trunk and throws the cans towards him with “Here are your F—–g cans. George was at the side of Caseys car and was not able to see in the trunk.

    Casey generally drove into the driveway except for the day she borrowed the neighbors shovel-that day she backed the car in. The trunk of Casey’s Pontiac would have been next to the sidewalk and any odor coming from the trunk may not have been noticeable.

  101. Newbie~~It is hard to tell with Casey if she really felt she needed to be committed or wanted attention. A sociopath needs constant attention- Casey was forever text msging or on the cell phone. The nite she went to the airport to pick up Tony, she was on the cell phone with another male friend right up until the time Tony arrived.

  102. Hi detwill,

    Do you know on which day Casey borrowed Tony L’s car and what she used it for. I can’t seem to get into any of the document to read them anymore.

  103. If anyone submits a message and it doesn’t show up, it may be in spam. Dave is the only one that can release it and he should be back soon.

    Dave went for a walk…probably met some sexy woman and is cooing and wooing…

  104. Boston~~I did not see anything where the LE or the FBI asked George if he smelled and odor when Casey gave him the gas cans. They did ask him if he could see in the trunk. He said no in one interview and yes in another…the latter saying he seems some clothes …my memory is a big vague here.

    I agree with you that Casey lifted the body from the trunk. I do not think she knew Caylee would be a ‘dead weight’ and weight about a third more. As the body decomposes, it swells and fills with gases and fluids. There was a football size stain in the middle of the trunk of the car….and it was irregular is shape. The pizza bag was to the side next to the wheel well. The large stain would be decomp fluids from the corpse.

    Apparently during Casey’s searches on the internet, she did not look up decomposition.

  105. I think Caylee was not in the trunk when George asked for his gas cans. Had she been in the trunk all that time, the body would have smelled to high heaven. I think Casey was hiding residue, stains and the beginning of stench. I contend that Caylee was in those woods on the 18th.

  106. omg~~~excuse my many typos… he seen some clothes …my memory is a bit vague

    And I am a big idiot and cant spell today.

  107. The testing at the body farm …..they found the body would have been in the trunk for approx 2 1/2 days. I am shocked they could pinpoint it that fine after Cindy sprayed the trunk with Fabreeze… then again maybe they took into consideration the hot Florida sun.

  108. Now Dave is eating… shhhshhh

    Dave is that really you in the pic above with the naked woman? You look like you are full of the devil….I could have said pee and vinegar.

    We had a good lot of snow and then freezing rain and I think it is just rain now. Daughter and her man changed their flight to tomorrow am so they wouldn’t be stuck waiting in the airport half of tonight.

  109. I was wondering about the flight from Toronto, detwill39. Postponing it was a wise choice.

    Yes, that is a picture of me taken by my brother-in-law at a restaurant in Port Canaveral. Most of the bar/restaurants over there have Tiki bars outside. When we left the restaurant, I paused and asked Bud to take a picture of me. I thought the straw would be a comical change from the bald head I used to show. I brought my camera just in case. A couple of days before, I decided to change the bland banner I had up for over a year to something more upbeat. Thank you for holding down the fort for me.

    NEWS FLASH! 1,000 pages of documents will be released next week, including interviews with Jim Hoover.

  110. Tony is one of Casey’s attorneys ?
    He was her ” boyfriend “. Is there another Tony that i have not read about ?

  111. Just me again….After reading this, I was just wondering, if you are aware that she hyperventilated when they told her a body was found in the woods near her home not that Caylee’s body was found?… it was before it was confirmed to be Caylee.. That is going to be extremely hard to defend in court. She had no reaction two other times at other locations… but this time she reacted because she knew where the body was and whose body it was.

  112. Thanks Fence! I was just watch NG and heard there is a video tape of her being told… can’t wait to see that! Do you know anything about it? I was at soccer practice with my sons so I’ve missed a few hours! lol

  113. Thanks! You’re so awesome! I’m in my final year of law school and my passion is criminal law, so as sad as I am for Caylee and the Anthony family, I love all the evidence in this case and fitting the pieces to the puzzle together!

  114. I was adding a timeline of events on a sidebar.

    I seriously doubt if a video exists showing her reaction from her jail cell, at least not one that will become available.

  115. It is very quiet in here and just read all the messages I missed.

    Magog~~Casey borrowed Tony jeep on different occasions and used it while Tony was in New York. Around June 17/18 th, Casey paid a visit to Chris Stutz and his mother and did not have Caylee with her. It was during that visit that Casey told Chris that she, and Cindy were going to look at a new place on Curry Ford Road by a dump. The new home was supposed to be for Casey and Caylee.

    Casey’s last boyfriend was Anthony (Tony) Lazarro. She also dated, had sex if that is considered a date, with Anthony Rusciano. Rusciano was the cop who got fired for lying to LE…He said he hardly knew Casey and LE found evidence on Casey’s puter where they messaged back and forth. In one of those messages, Casey referred to Caylee as ‘the little snot head’…Rusciano was hot to trot and wanted Casey to come over for a roll in the hay …but she had noone to watch Caylee…

    It was also Rusciano who said when he and Casey had sex, he felt like the girl…after she did the duty, she was up, dressed and see ya…no cuddling. During his interview with LE, he tried very hard to implicate Jesse…and went brain dead when LE asked him pertinent questions…they refreshed his memory by hauling up all the msges from the computer….shortly after that he was fired from OCSD.

  116. According to the reports they didn’t tell her in her jail cell.. She was brought to the nurse’s office and was told there and investigators had it arranged for her to be brought there so that it would be videotaped. Of course this is according to Nancy Grace, Orlando Sentinel and Channel 2 and 6 which are all reporting there is a video tape. But maybe you know something different? If so, fill me in please 🙂

    If the tape is used as evidence it will be made public unless the defense files a motion of protection to stop it’s release until after the trial.

  117. I should have added…Magog: Casey drove Tonys jeep when she visited Chris Stutz….

    Boston..we know Casey drove her own car on June 24th…

    Dave~~I spent over an hour reading an 80 page document of Sgt John Allen, Special Agent Savage interviewing Dominic Casey….Brad Conway was sitting in on the interview. It is worth reading and if anyone wants the link, I will fetch it.

  118. [name removed]~~Tony is just short for Anthony…

    Tony Lazarro broke the lock of the shed door with a tire iron to help Casey get the gas cans…

  119. Simplylove~~That is great, your final year of law school. This case can be quite a learning experience.

    Have you had a change to read all the documents released thus far?

    Maybe, with your knowledge thus far, you can help us figure this case out.

    I would love to know what cards the defense will play.

  120. [name removed]~~if a child is registered as Tony on his birth certificate, then it is not short for Anthony. LOL

    Rusciano and Lazarro are both Anthonys…

  121. No….Tony Lazarro is not a lawyer…..he is a student and was doing DJ work at Fusion when he was dating Casey… I think it was DJ…had something to do with music …

  122. I didn’t think so but [name removed] said he was so I was confused.. thank you for clarifying maybe it was a typo

  123. Did Dave go to bed early?

    Dave~~last time someone asked how old you were , it was 57 hmmmm

    Graphic artist versus Photographic memory

    Plaintiff…Detwill 39

  124. Dave~~just thought you may be regressing !

    Which reminds me of the man who found he out he was pregnant….he went out with a telephone operator and she reversed the charges.

  125. Me? Mad at you? Never.

    I added a sidebar on the right of the posts.

    Caylee Marie Anthony Posts
    Anthony Timeline

    (click on Anthony Timeline)

  126. I would never want to come in and try to take over your blog by answering so many questions for others….if that ever happens, I know you will let me know in your gentle way…

    Pssst I was blacklisted by another blog site yesterday …..not for trying to take it over…

  127. Goodness detwill – how in the world could you get blacklisted at a blog? You are so not offensive. Wow!

    Simplylove – I’m with you on Casey’s reaction about the body being found!! I remember that when Padilla found the “bones” in a bag in the lake – it was reported that Casey had no reaction from jail. But when she was told about the remains found near her home, she had to be sedated.

    Hopefully both reactions were video taped, and can be submitted as evidence. Shown together – no reaction vs. strong reaction would prove that Casey knew when they found the correct remains. Because she knew exactly where the body was located.

  128. detwill39

    As you probably know, I have not kept up with the ins-outs of this whole case. Maybe you can answer a querion I have from time to time.

    Is it at all possible that Caylee was in the area of Blanchard park and simply moved to where she was found? My mind keeps going to what Padilla(?) found and the fact that others had looked in the wooded area near Anthonys but not found anything…..

  129. I know Tony is some kind of music promo guy – but I think I did read some time recently the name of the college he is attending. And I think it has the word Law in it??!

    I was surprised when I read that, because I knew he was a music guy.

  130. Newbie, we’ll see what detwill says about that. I personally think the remains had been where they found since June.

    Tim Miller just seems like a truthful and intelligent guy, and I remember him saying right when the remains were found, that it was evident to him that they had been there a long time. The ground under them had a concave from the bag.

    That’s pretty much what I am basing my belief the bag had been there since June on.

  131. Sigh of relief. I didn’t want it to be that Lee had moved the remains !!! Seems like he’s been damaged enough.

  132. Sheron.
    No offense to any law students or possible lawyers here BUT there are all kinds that get into that field…….like Baez.

  133. Sheron~~you don’t have to be offensive to get blacklisted… it is all water under the bridge now.

    Newbie~~IMO Caylees remains were never at JayBlanchard and later moved. I do not believe Lee was involved in aiding or abetting Casey in any way.

  134. Marinade Dave is the moderator of this blog and I am not his partner. He does all the work in keeping us informed by his wonderful write ups that you see at the beginning of his page and keeps the side bar well stocked with info.

    Now I am off to bed…goodnight all …

  135. I wish, seems I have a little stomach bug, so I’m quite nausea to be honest! So, not much else to do but bother you today 🙂 Any exciting news happening today?

  136. I don’t know… I coach my sons soccer team and we had practice last night so we went out to eat, but I am the only one sick. Who knows I just wish it would go away! I hate feeling like this!

    Thanks for letting me join you guys here and chat. I really enjoy talking with you guys.. there are some really nice and respectful people here.

  137. Thanks, Simplylove, I’m glad you enjoy it here. Everyone is welcome, too. There are virtually no swear words and almost everybody treats each other with respect. There was only one time that I had to fire a couple of warning shots at someone for shouting all the time. You know, all caps. That person decided to just fade away, although we still keep in touch elsewhere. Other than that, it’s a seemingly peaceful place to hang around. There are a lot of genuinely nice people, and they like to share information.

  138. Morning Dave.

    Wow, what a day yesterday, huh?
    Is there to be a thousand pages released next week? I think that is what I read.

  139. Good morning, Newbie. Yes, 1,000 pages next week. I mentioned it in a comment last night and I posted it at the bottom of the article I wrote, you know, the updates. There are some interesting revelations, such as PI Dominic Casey lying under oath about who all he worked for.

  140. I feel like I am asking a lot of dumb questions here and there!! Short memory problem.

    It sure is nice to have patient bloggers. Now, I am not even sure that is the correct term. Seems it is better than all of this falling on your shoulders!!!!

  141. I don’t mind this blog falling on my shoulders. After all, it was my doing. Besides, everyone pitches in and I think that’s why it’s enjoyable to come here. At least, I think so.

    You never ask anything stupid.

  142. I get frustrated in having to ask about something I know I have read and reasoned out. Information was “flying” yesterday and I get stuck on not recalling why they excluded possibility of the body being moved.

  143. Aloha again from Hawaii- I live on the Big Island (the most underdeveloped of the Hawaiian islands) and nobody seems to be interested in the Anthony Shakespeare Drama. So I thank you bloggers. You make my day.

    Dave, I guess you are probably right, and the State has no complusion for a plea bargain. Please bear with me as I wander through our legal system and all the alternatives. Im trying to learn from all of this.

    another question for you and the other bloggers – what ever happened to the right of a speedy trial for criminal defendents?

    It was reported earlier that the trial might not start until the end of this year.

    Did Baez screw up with not forcing a trial before the body as found?

    This is more complex than the OJ Simpson trial.

    I smell something very fishy. If the State has so much compelling evidence, does it take that long for a trial?

    OK, Im done asking questions for now- its time to get away from my computer and go snorkling at the beach and look at a real fishy situation/

    Sorry for the bad pun.

  144. Howdy, Ray, from sunny Florida!

    If you go back to the article you left this comment on, the final heading says something like, WHY JOSE BAEZ SHOULD BE YOUR FRIEND, or something like that. Read it carefully, because it addresses the speedy trial issue.

    Have fun!

  145. DeTwill , There is a Zenaida who lives on Curry Ford Rd. I looked that up in the white pages last week. Here last name isn’t the same but the only Zenaida in the Casey area. Also if you check out the tolls there is only one time someone using the toll things, can’t think of the name they call them, left the exit only once and went onto Curry Ford Rd. Interesting info

  146. I have gone through some of the documents but I cannot find out which veichle Casey & Anthony L. were using on the day they broke into the shed to get the gas cans. If it were Casey’s wouldn’t it have had an odor ? It was on the 23rd of June they took the gas cans.

  147. Hello Dave and everyone~~ I reached that Milestone today and no going back.

    My two girls, their hubbies, g/daughter and neighbors are arriving this evening and I am too old to crawl under the bed and hide from all of them.

    Magog~~I hadn’t heard about a Zenaida on Curry Road. I thought at one time that Casey may have disposed of Caylee out near the dump on Curry Ford Rd but we know different now. The only thing that I read about E passes (tolls) is when George mentioned checking his to find a date when he followed Casey driving her mothers car within those 31 days.

    Dave~~ I am looking forward to that big doc dump next week…I love snooping.

  148. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DETWILL!!! It sounds like a big party tonight!

    I don’t think people read my other posts. I wrote about, showed a map, and photographed the Zenaida and Gonzalez properties abutting the woods where Caylee was found.

    The dump out that way is really a landfill. There is a stretch of road leading to it, but it’s constantly traveled on during the day. At night, I think someone would be rather conspicuous driving to it and there aren’t too many places to stop and dispose of a body. Avalon Park intersects the road at it’s southern point and it’s a smooth sail from there, but as civilization dies, it’s scary out that way at night. I don’t think much of anything was ever said about the landfill because it’s gated.

  149. Thank You Kindly Sir Dave

    Magog~~Casey and Tony went out to the house in Tony’s jeep when they stole the gas.

    Dave~~ When I thought about the connection with Curry Ford Rd…it was a long time ago.

    It was eerie to think the body was disposed of near those two properties with the names Zenaida and Gonzales. John from Florida also had that map up.

    Re Haleigh Cummings~~they are looking at a cousin of Misty’s now. He was in that area and left for Tennessee around the time the girl went missing. The pink top that Misty said Haleigh wore to bed that night was found by the back door….this info came via HLN.

  150. Dave~~I just went and read that a few minutes ago. I am going to check off the Notify me of follow-up comments via email for your blogs. I used to do that on another blog and got email overload.

    I may get a chance to pop in later ….have a great day.

  151. Detwill39; Just popping in to wish you the very best of big birthday wishes today. So happy to hear everyone arrived from my hometown (Toronto), to your home, and are filling your space with wild anticipation of celebrations, to
    innaugarae a milestone. Don’t feel bad, atleast you made it this far. (I still don’t know how old you are)? Enjoy every moment. You deserve it.


  152. Noone seriously thinks that Casey would have moved the body? It was all she could do to get rid of it initially. She didn’t even think about going someplace out of her jurisdiction. I imagine she wanted her girl close by, even though she was DEAD. “I can feel it in my gut, she is close really close to home”.

    God it makes me sick. Now we have the talking heads from last night analyizing Casey. What, we are supposed to feel sorry for her now? Honestly, these meatheads get paid to sway the tone of conversation, because there is no new information, till next week. Well folks, no matter how sick Casey is, she isn’t getting my sympathy vote. No siree.

    Any news on the diary, following the page that is so incriminating? Are there more pages after the admitted, life is so good portion? Do we know if some pages were ripped out? Just wondering.


  153. I don’t know of anything new on the diary front, Weezie. Nothing has been reported, to my knowledge. As far as the body being moved, I don’t think so. Quite obviously, she was too lazy to dig a hole and too lazy to drive out of the neighborhood to throw her away.

  154. On January 13, I wrote a piece, “Creepy Cryptic Casey“. Read that and it will answer your question about whether I put it together or not. When I published it, a lot of bells and whistles went off.

    Your norms, your ethics, what makes you think about right from wrong; that is your conscience. To be awake, aware and alert to what goes on around you means that you are conscious, just like unconscious means knocked out; asleep.

  155. Good point DM. I think we have all agreed that Casey in conscious when lying, it’s just the amount of it that baffles us.


  156. She is very strange. Personally, I think she’s a bit of a psycho. She might have been telling her brother something he didn’t have a clue over, but I think she said it to mock him and everyone else. that’s why I think she has serious mental problems.

  157. Consistency—not what we would expect from Casey…but back when LP was searching and thought to have found bones in the river, Casey, while watching this news, did not double over in concern and hyperventilate for some possibly dead child. She turned and went back to her cell.

    I would think any finds at Blanchard Park would be very upsetting to her because that was where Casey was taken from her and where she loved to stroll.

    Florida has a freedom of information act that has entertained couch potato sleuths and those thirsting for justice. The prosecution has done a swell job of unloading its info a bit at a time, so as not to overwhelm us.

    If there are lessons to be learned here, one of them would indeed be…do not take for granted, lie to, or waste the time of law enforcement who are there to do whatever it takes to find a missing child.

  158. Well, well said, stoppage! I was at Blanchard Park that day, watching, asking and taking pictures. It turned into the first post I wrote about this Anthony saga. Having lived here in Orlando for 28 years, I know the power and intelligence of the OCSO. The now ex-sheriff, Kevin Beary, knew how to run a tight ship and he upgraded at every turn. If I have one complaint about the agency, it is that they can sometimes be rather overzealous. I’m not the only one who laughs at how they might call out the S.W.A.T. team for a cat fight, but cops always want to be cops, especially in uniform.

    No doubt, the Sunshine Law has helped armchair detectives tremendously. One of the interesting things, going back to OSCO and Blanchard Park, is how law enforcement cried foul when Leonard Padilla notified the media about the find before the police. What was found is not the point. How LE overreacted is. Like I said, I was there that day and so were the media. They stayed all day in hopes of a scoop while LE ignored him and the dive team. As soon as the diver came out of the water with a bag, those reporters and camera crews were Johnny’s on the spot. Of course, they would know first. They were there, so LE distorted it.

    It is interesting that Casey didn’t react, but I wonder who the messengers were and what messages did they give her? There’s a difference, I think, between being told a bag with toys with possible bones was found, compared to remains of a child about Caylee’s size and around the corner from your house being discovered. I agree that she reacted because she knew it was her, but I think a good defense can dissuade a jury of that and she reacted like any mother finding out her child is dead.

  159. Hello Dave and everyone! What a great time was spent with family and neighbors! I had two birthday cakes, lasagne, garlic bread, caesar salad. They had wine and I had cranberry juice. We didn’t have to alert the local fire dept to be on standby when the candles were lit. It is not an easy task to out blow two sets of candles. I had to turn my head from left and right and make like the big bad wolf.

    Dave~~I logged on here and showed everyone this blog and the nice man who runs it. My neighbor really got a kick out of how you have the grass covering your head in your pic.

    All in all great time! Nite nite….

  160. I have a quick, irrelevant question for Ina:

    Did you get your avatar from Howl’s Moving Castle by any chance? I finally remembered what it reminds me of; that girl character who is under a spell and keeps aging and then regressing… A very, very charming japanimated movie by Hayao Miyazaki, same one who did Totoro. Enchanting work for young people and people young at heart.

    Just curious.

  161. Hi Kari 🙂 No, never heard of it, but I do know Pokemon 🙂 I just looked on the internet, google images, and came across a black and white, rather famous drawing, but I don’t know who made it. And then I sent it to David Knechel, and he put his artistic skills on it made an avatar out of it. And I have no idea how to change it into my new avatar, as I never log in (or out) at WordPress. Something eerie, I think my avatar and me by accident became a captive audience or something. But as I like this one too, it is no problem. Perhaps, one day, David or I remember how it was done. Are you from Japan?

  162. Judging from your 9:31 p.m. post, Dave, it sounds as if Beary isn’t sheriff anymore…hope this case didn’t change his status.

    I don’t think LE was overzealous with Padilla. Even Miller had told Padilla that there was NO body there as they had already searched the area. Padilla wanted more crap to add to Grace’s prime time coverage of the case. Padilla had even suggested to Miller that they could make a lot of money if Caylee’s skull was discovered there in Jay Blanchard Park.

    That tells me that not only did Kronk express an interest in the dead child’s skull, but, the other renown bounty hunter,Leonard Padilla, did as well.

    Between Padilla and Grace’s make believe evidence, protesters, and an apparently uneducated and unscrupulous media presence made LE’s job much more difficult than it needed to be.

    Jay Blanchard Park is a public area….why does Padilla want to scare all the children who would normally come there to play with their family? So what if someone wants to pay Padilla for the far fetched search…they rank right up there with “Todd Black,” Padilla, and Grace.

  163. I’m extremely happy you had a great birthday, detwill39. Two cakes. Lucky you. I know that’s not because the candles wouldn’t fit on one cake, so you must have lots of people who love you. Thanks for showing my site to everyone. Did you tell them there’s no hair under the straw?

  164. Kevin Beary decided not to run for reelection. He had been sheriff for a long time, 16 years I believe.

    I was wrong about the tent in Satsuma, but I’m pretty sure I’m right on this one. Miller knew about those woods and when he came here the first time, it was under water. He did not want to go in there for obvious reasons and also, because if the body was there, the wading through water could have damaged evidence. He decided to wait until he came back and the water was gone. He never did go into the woods because when he came back, he had other areas to search first. It was on his list, though.

    Miller said Padilla told him about making a lot of money. Padilla denies the claim. I tend to believe Miller, but it doesn’t matter. Padilla never found anything. Jay Blanchard Park is set up where the river is on one side, the access road is in the middle, and the park is on the other. There is an area between the road and the river, but it’s mostly grass and a few scattered picnic tables. The playground where Caylee played is pretty much opposite the area where Padilla and the dive team searched. In spite of the TV crews and Padilla’s people, mothers were there with their young children. The children were oblivious to what was going on and so were most mothers. the rest just showed a morbid curiosity. It was a very low key event, if you can believe it. Nobody made a big deal out of it at all. Plus, it occurred during school hours, so any child old enough to understand wouldn’t have been there anyway.

  165. It is my understanding that Miller’s crew did search the area- the part they could search. Indeed, by the time Miller got there, Faye was blowing through…I can only imagine every part of Orange County would have been soggy-some more than others.

    Padilla and Miller were featured on the same Grace show-Padilla never denied Miller’s allegations.

  166. I’m pretty sure Padilla did deny Miller’s accusation at a later date. Miller went to those woods and decided it was not the right time to go in there. When he returned, he hadn’t worked his way back to that area.

    Only parts of Central Florida were saturated. It wasn’t just Orange County. That side of Orlando, to the east, is low level ground and the water table is only about a foot or so below the surface. If you add 2 feet of water, it floods. Where I live, just northeast of Orlando, I am on higher ground and got no flooding at all and I got less rain. The lake across the street was fairly high, though. If I’ve seen it a hundred times, it can be raining on one side of the street and not the other, where the sun is shining. That’s the truth, but Fay was a different story. It lingered and lingered. I wrote about it back then: Fay, Fay, Go Away, not knowing it would be referenced in the coming months. I remember Miller looking in heavily wooded areas south of OIA and watching it on the news. Then, Fay came and he left town. He waited a few days and realized it was going to be a mess for awhile. It is my understanding that he never set foot in the woods where Caylee was found because other clues were coming in about areas south of the airport, which is just southwest of the Anthony home.

  167. Here is a timeline from CFNews13 pertaining to EquuSearch:

    Aug. 30
    Texas EquuSearch, a mounted search and recovery group, arrive in Central Florida to help search for Caylee.

    Sept. 7
    Texas EquuSearch temporarily calls off the search for Caylee Anthony, citing environmental conditions and concerns.

    [This shows Tim Miller was only here for 8 days. It also shows that he arrived after Fay went through and left the area because of flooding.]

    Nov. 8
    Texas EquuSearch leads group of volunteers in a search of a 25-acre area around Orlando International Airport for Caylee. They found nothing. [This verifies what I was saying.]


  168. Sudden pull of the heartstrings by the Defense…should poor Casey’s taped reaction to this unidentified child’s bones be released?

    I think the Dream team see what’s coming and are trying to forage public sympathy and support to stop the release…I wonder if they’ve seen this tape themselves….

    Does the Defense team want to sit back and now try to define the word “Cruel” to the world?

    According to them, wouldn’t any release of any info. be considered cruel? Wouldn’t holding trial be cruel to Casey? Perhaps, Princess Casey should show up to court next time with a scepter, tiara, and flowing robes.

    Perhaps, Baez, could help us all out a little here, stop being cruel to Casey and her parents, and talk her into a plea deal.

    If this all ended quickly, he might feel better, too.

  169. Hi, stoppage – The video will not be released any time soon. It is not really meant for public consumption. It will be used by the state in court only. If, at a later date, the state decides to release it, it can do that. I added an update on the article that pertains to the tape and what the jail said. It is to show the jury, just like autopsy photos are and they will never be made public. The Dale Earnhard case decided that one.

  170. Clearly, Casey was an unstable woman, but I’ve known unstable people throughout my life and I never once questioned whether they would kill for some reason, certainly not their own flesh and blood. That’s what makes this such a strange case. She had to have a horrible hatred inside for her daughter, caused by her own failures and how her mother lavished love and praise on the little girl. Still, to kill? I don’t know. I can’t feel sorry for her because it wasn’t just pain that made her do it. It was a jealous insanity and the wont of a free life again, with no responsibilities, to party, plain and simple. How can a mother kill so she can party?

  171. So far, not a word from the defense, but it doesn’t sound to me that they are planning on any sort of insanity plea. If the defense is looking at her as sane and stable, what would cause me to change my mind? There are interviews on record with detectives where Casey clearly had contempt for her daughter, even calling her a little snot nosed so and so. Did she suffer from mood swings? Sure, but don’t we all? Wrapping duct tape around a toddler’s hair, not just the mouth area, is a clue to me that the person who murdered Caylee did it with anger and hatred and the heart over the mouth was the icing on the cake. That wasn’t a loving send off if you ask me.

  172. Ina, I’m not from Japan, but my niece is a big japanophile, went over there on a special study program and speaks some Japanese. I’ve learned only about a dozen words myself. I get as far as the learning to count bit, then my mind just boggles at the idea of three different sets of numbers to be used according to the shape of the object being counted…

    I couldn’t sleep, so what better time to read and write and think, than 3am on a sleepless night?

    Thanks for the reply. Both your avatars have a certain air of mystery.

  173. Caylee is not the only one whose life was taken away from her. Casey destroyed her own life, and it remains to be seen whether she has utterly destroyed her parents and/or her brother. I also consider her mentally ill, but I have been informed that sociopathy is not considered insanity, nor mental illness, at least not legally.

    What I want to know is what do they call it, then? Just a lifestyle choice??? In my opinion a disorder which prevents you from caring for your fellow man is a fatal flaw, if not an illness. What meaning could such a life possibly have? Interesting to compare sociopathy to autism…

    However, I do recognize everyone’s concern that she not be found innocent by reason of insanity…

  174. [name removed] and Kari; YOu are both pretty smart people, with a great deal of heart. There is no doubt that if someone is in pain, and not normal, that one can feel pity and some kind of compassion. My feeling about that is : Casey was not living in normal circumstances, that you and I would know. What she did do, until she became pregnant is what most teenagers do, live , have fun, go to school etc. But and this is important. Her parents never made it important for her to follow through her schooling, making her very weak, in what she should try to achieve. Yes we can say that was awful, but Casey had a mind of her own. She RULED the roost and we all know that. The parents were manipulated and lied to for a very long time. To blame Cindy for her overbearing personality or George for his weakness in the family dynamics, is just not reasonable.

    The fact remains, she left her child after murdering her 30 days prior, and would have done so forever, unless Cindy made this an open scenario with the 911 call.

    There is no sympathy warranted here. You just have to realize that some humans are not so human and they have a very BAD SEED mentality. Sorry for this thought but please be reasonable about this y0ung girl. She is not going to get the sympathy that you are looking for, I hope.

  175. Hi Dave and everyone…

    First off thank you to everyone for the nice birthday wishes.

    I think there are so many ways to define mental illness. Yes, I believe that Casey has mental issues but not to the extent that she does not know right from wrong and an insanity plea would never hold up in a court of law.

    A plea of temporary insanity would not hold up either…not when searches for homemade weapons, how to make chloroform and neck breaking was found on her computer.

    Now I see Dave as being ‘mentally alert’ but he would not be considered mental ….

    I see some bloggers as mentally disturbed…and some may include me in the catagory..

    If one was to google ‘mental illness’…there would be an endless list of definitions and even a professional in the field may have difficulty to reach a conclusion.


  176. Good evening, good woman –

    So, I guess you’re recovered from all of that juice drinking and cake eating last night. I’m glad you had a fun time.

    I can understand why someone could feel sorry for Casey, but I don’t agree with it at all. That girl plotted the murder and she didn’t say to herself it was her family that made her do it. She hated her mother and despised her father. Yup, she did it to party. If she has a mental problem, then I have a mental problem. Hey, did I just say that? Time to take my medicines.

  177. Hi Dave~~I was just reading in your Open Forum….playing catch up.

    Ina~~you are one in a million and I love your sense of humor…bless you for giving me lots of laughs. Those one liners are priceless.

    I just has a piece of birthday cake and few gulps of water. The sugar will make me revved up now and I will be awake half the night.

    If I had to choose between ‘hating her mother’ and ‘partying’ for Caseys motive….I would say ‘hating her mother’. That hate was building up over a period of time…and started when her parents tried to make her atone for her lying and stealing. We really don’t know what Casey’s behavior was like prior to her pregnancy. Maybe hormonal changes during or after pregnancy triggered her sociopathic behavior.

    I knew of a case where a woman who appeared normal in every way and who had twin babies.
    She snapped, so to speak, right after the deliveries and never went home with the babies. She ended up in a mental institution and, to my knowledge, never got out.

    There is a reason behind everything. Sadly, my train of thought has no caboose and I will keep looking for answers.

  178. I am beginning to think my train of thought has no engine or caboose !!

    I get frustrated when I go back and read my own statements……you all have a knack of going step by step giving a full picture of what you are saying. I, on the otherhand, seem to leave out a beginning or end or something. lol

  179. I am beginning to think my train of thought has no engine or caboose !!

    I get frustrated when I go back and read my own statements……you all have a knack of going step by step giving a full picture of what you are saying. I, on the otherhand, seem to leave out a beginning or end or something. lol

    Darn it…I am getting that page again that dave’s website i undermaintenance or something like that. If I lose one more post tonight…………..

  180. [name removed]~~by saying Casey is mentally ill or has mental issues is not calling her names. I don’t think anyone in this blog is lashing out to make them feel better, at least I am not.

    Serotonin is a hormone in our bodies. The serotonin in our brain transmits signals to the nerves. When the level of serotonin is low, it can be mood altering and cause depression. These levels can be increased with medication.
    When the levels are too low for our bodies needs, we refer to it as a ‘chemical imbalance’.
    Unfortunately some people go into deep depression but with therapy and/or medication, they can be helped. Sometimes the doctor has to try different medications to find one suitable for that individual. One person can take a medication and feel very tranquil while the same med can make another person hyper or even suicidal.

    With all that said, Casey did not appear to be in a state of depression for long periods of time. I am sure her mother would have recognized this and got her help. Casey told a couple of her friends that she wanted to be committed. The question is: was she looking for attention; maybe her mother could not babysit on a particular night; or maybe she just couldn’t get her own way?

    The friends who said Casey said she wanted to be committed called to check up on her the next day. Casey said everything was fine. You cannot get over depression that fast because even meds take a few days to get in your system and do thier thing.

    Casey has every indication of being a sociopath where everything has to be me me me…or I.. There is a possibility that hormonal changes (back to the serotonin again) may have had a hand in her becoming sociopathic.

    Jesse Grund said that Casey was jealous when he paid attention to Caylee. This may have been the case when Cindy and George doted on Caylee. We have to remember that Casey was the ‘princess’ in that household until Caylee came along. This can built up resentment to the boiling point.

    Now is the onus on Cindy for not letting Casey give Caylee up for adoption or seeking an abortion? Was Casey telling the truth to her friends about these options?

    I have a feeling that Casey was not the perfect mother when she was alone with Caylee. Cindy had reasons for wanting to take custody.

    Most of us are just plain folks without medical or law degrees trying to rationalize what may have transpired to make a young mother take the life of her child in such a brutal way.

    After that long post…I cant say it makes me feel better and there was no lashing out.

    Goodnight all …

    Dave~~blame it on the sugar in that piece of cake …sleepless in NS

  181. [name removed],

    Please reconsider. I am one of those “in-depth” thinkers and was really getting into what you said.

    In my opinion, this case wears on one’s emotions and things are taken wrong. I was misunderstood in one of my comments earlier and felt the sting… happens…it is sometimes necessary to look at it all in a couple of hours or the next day. Of course I make my situation worse by stinging back….I am working on improving in the self-discipline area.

    Besides all of the above, you will miss the benefit of Ina!!

    Hope to “read” you again.

  182. I think Casey did not want to have a baby. She wanted an abortion. No one would grant her one and she resented it and Caylee because of it. Look at how she hid her pregnancy from her parents. She didn’t want them to know for some reason. Maybe, she hoped a prince charming would come along, but n one ever came. I don’t think she ever bonded with Caylee, either. She didn’t want her. All she wanted was a social life. Why she didn’t just give Caylee to her folks is beyond me, except for how much she detested them.

  183. Newbie –

    I’ve had that “maintenance” message come up for me, even, and then I try it again. It usually works the second time. Sometimes, the browser tells me the site is unavailable, but it is. You have to keep trying. I don’t know what causes it. This blog doesn’t take up much bandwidth.

  184. I think compassion is a wonderful thing and I do not think that trashing Casey, Jose Baez or her family is going to do any good. If you think about it, isn’t everyone who murders somehow not right in the mind? What about rapists and bank robbers? “Normal” people don’t engage in such immoral activities, but what is normal and what is immoral?

    What about Scott Peterson? He killed his wife and child and now sits in prison. Is Casey of the same mind? He will never admit to murder. Will she?

  185. Good Morning Dave!

    Great posts on here!

    On the abortion issue-it was my understanding that she started dating Grund about a month after she became pregnant and thought the baby was his. I doubt she was looking for a prince charming since one had already come along.
    As it turned out, the baby was not his-he agreed to marry her anyway.

    Besides, she was eighteen at the time and finding an abortion clinic wouldn’t have been that difficult…especially for someone who knows how to use other people’s credit cards and checks.

    I can only imagine the behavior that Cindy displayed was present in her daughter…explaining things in the most ridiculous of manners. It’s almost like the ’50s where you have to hide being pregnant, unwed, etc.

    Many place standards on people of which they themselves cannot reach the mark. Thus is the world in which we live.

  186. I guess testing could be done to ascertain chemical imbalances, detwill39, but I don’t think it will help her cause. She was and remains sane enough to stand trial on first-degree murder. The question is, will she face the death penalty?

    With my ex, mother and daughter competed against each other in everyday life. It wasn’t just jealousy over who would get my affection, although Hannah used to tell me I love her mother more than her. I had to fight that one off for over a year. No, Hannah, I used to say, this is a package deal and look at it this way, you have more people that love you now, not just your mother. In other areas, as well, did they face off with each other. She called her mother stupid. Susan called her lazy. It was tough trying to maintain peace and I couldn’t take sides. Fortunately, they got along most of the time. The one thing Hannah loved to do was to ask me if she could do something. “Mom said it was OK.” Only, she never thought I would ask Mom and Mom usually told me she never said anything like that. She did the same thing with Susan.

    Where most kids grow up, Casey never did. She got tired of her mother’s badgering. “Clean up your room!” While her father said, “Listen to your mother!”

  187. Exactly right, Newbie. This case does wear on everyone’s emotions and we should understand that walking in. You know me well enough by now, I think, that no malice is ever intended by me or anyone else here. I think we need to grow thicker hides or something or not discuss it any longer if people feel they have been insulted. None of that is ever intended by anyone.

  188. My 5 cents.

    My son works with children that are said to have no conscience. They can’t live or function in a ‘normal’ world, they kill and hit everyone around them. Did Casey ever did that then? Before she got arrested? oiu can’t just get to have an un-conscience I think!

  189. Good morning, Thinker Belle –

    I think Casey was looking for her prince charming. Witness the fact that she always had a herd of other boy toys to turn to. She was never happy with the one she was with, even when Grund offered to marry her.

    She became pregnant at 17, right? I don’t think she was savvy enough, nor did she have enough friends at the time with their own credit cards, to convince anyone to pay for an abortion. How many 17 year olds do you know that have that sort of disposable money laying around to pay for a casual friend’s abortion? Remember, she dropped out of high school. Her social and networking skills weren’t as developed as they were later on. Why she didn’t seek help elsewhere, like Planned Parenthood is puzzling. Perhaps, she was very confused then, too, about this pregnancy. She wanted an abortion, but didn’t.

    I got a kick out of your reference to living in the 50s. This is Florida, you know, home of the Snowbirds and Blue Hairs. Who knows what sort of moral and religious indoctrination was pumped into Casey’s mind. Like lots of religious people, there are conflicts on issues. Thou shalt not kill, yet it is right and just to put someone to death because of an eye for an eye. Turn the other cheek while nations bomb the crap out of each other in retribution, when they are supposed to love their neighbor. I don’t think Cindy ever came to terms with religion and how to cope and interpret credos and it transferred into her daughter, only I doubt religion played much of a role in her values.

  190. I agree, Boston. She has no conscience. She is amoral. How does a person read into a mind like that until it is too late? By then, people come out of the woodwork and point their fingers at her parents, who raised her. Who knows what any person is capable of doing? Is Mrs. Simpson responsible for what her son, OJ, did? Casey may have been crazy, but did she ever give signals of an impending murder?

    How many people let their friends drive home, drunk on their butts? That’s a very conscience thing. If the friend kills someone on the way home, they say, “It wasn’t my job, man. It wasn’t my responsibility. He’s a big boy. He sahould have known.” How were Casey’s friends supposed to interpret her remarks that she thought she might be crazy? People say that all the time. How can anyone with a right mind call Cindy nuts and turn around and blame her all in one breath? As much as people say the Anthony family is dysfunctional, so are plenty of the responses from people.

  191. I agree, Dave…it does seem as if Cindy never really ‘got it’ but, at 18 3/4 years old, which should be the age Casey got pregnant, she had been exposed to quite a bit I’m sure. (Judging from the way people acted in front of their home…most were children sent there to harass the family).

    What I don’t understand is why she would have a miscarriage after learning what causes pregnancy. Surely, someone told her about birth control! I would think they would have learned that in school-basic science.

    Besides, she was working at Universal at the time she became pregnant…at least that is what I understand.

  192. Casey has a conscience or she wouldn’t have managed to have friends at all, go to primary school etc. Simple as that. Ask any psychiatrist. She knows right from wrong.
    I know the difference between consius and conscience. I thought it was a nice play of words 🙂 but if it isn’t so what. I meant you can’t be without a conscience and live like she did, before the killing of her daughter.

  193. I explained the difference between conscious and conscience the other day on one of the post comments. I don’t blame Cindy and George for how Casey turned out, nor can I condone the people who do so in hindsight. All of a sudden, they condemn as if they have lived with the Anthony family all their lives. I think the Anthonys treated Caylee with kid gloves because of her explosive personality. Did they think she needed professional help? What parent wants to think that? Sometimes, love and hope blur sound thought.

  194. I agree with Ina..Casey has a conscience and that is why Baez didn’t want her to say anything and did not want her dad to see her without him (Baez). It is my belief that George was talking to people in the sheriff’s department and they were going to assist him with a “special” meeting between he and his daughter. If that meeting had taken place, I would like to believe George could have opened Casey’s mind to consequences of continuing the story of the nanny.

    Man, everyone is sharp today…… my wheels are turning fast. lol

  195. You’re right, Thinker Belle. Caylee would have been 3 on 9 August, 2008. That means Casey would have gotten pregnant in December of 2004, if Caylee wasn’t premature. Casey was born 19 March, 1986, according to her arrest affidavit. That makes her 18+3/4 when the seed was planted. When was the demon seed planted in Casey? Initially, she showed nothing but love, as her parents attested. Either she put on a good charade or she changed somewhere. I wonder, was it the build up of lies she felt were catching up with her that caused her to burst?

  196. I am not “blaming” when I make statements about Casey’s parents or brother….I am not shifting responsibility of Casey’s actions to her parents.

  197. Ina, every child goes to school whether they like it or not. That choice belongs to the parents. I’m not talking about home schooling or anything like that, but it is not a conscience choice on the child’s part. As far as friends are concerned, did she really have any? She used people she considered her friends. guys wanted her for mostly one thing only, and she had no problem giving that away. I don’t think she really knew right from wrong in many areas of her life. Would I have hired her at my restaurant? Yes, because she was easy to look at and it would bring in customers, but would I have let her work the cash register? Not on your life, and it wouldn’t have taken more than a week or so to realize where she was coming from and I would have taken her off the work schedule.

  198. I guess everyone had a sober Saturday night to be this sharp today, Newbie.

    I’m not fussing you. I just don’t think any of the onus of responsibility lies with George and Cindy.

  199. I am associating this situation to one I actually experienced. My third husband’s middle son was headed in the direction Casey took…, I have no way of knowing what would have happened if we had not gained cutody.

  200. At five this child made up stories and it took quite a while to bring him out of that. He also would lie at the drop of a hat….Yes, we took him to therapy but we did not make verbal attacks to try to get him to change….So when I think of George and Cindy, I do look at what went wrong in the home….it is not to blame but to gain knowledge. I work with children still and if I can learn something I try to do just that.

  201. “To be without a conscience is not to say one cannot function. ”
    I will tell that to my sons teachers. They can do with a good laugh.

  202. I think the problem with George and Cindy is how they were interpreted during the first few months, when public exposure was at its worst in showing a positive side. Now, it seems as if critics of George and Cindy grew up with them and they know all about them. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but for the life of me, I don’t know how people know so much from nothing more than mere TV sound bites and others who voice the same opinion.

    If I disagree, trust me, I’m not picking on you or anyone else. I am voicing my opinion in return. Rain or shine.

  203. I still can’t get over Cindy’s denial of Casey’s pregnancy at her brother’s wedding. Very humiliating and non-supportive of Casey’s bearing up of her own consequences to sexual activity. Cindy wanted things to be very proper, so she perhaps couldn’t acknowledge in public Casey’s pregnancy and possibly pushed her into demanding that Jesse be the father (without the paternal test)

    I think I’ve heard that many mental illnesses start at late adolescence…such as mulit-personality. Casey’s hispanic friend had said she suggested to Casey to get help because she seemed imbalanced, sometimes acting very differently day to day.

  204. You mean… 21st Century Schizoid Mom? No, not you, stoppage. Casey. Although the Mayo Clinic defines schizoid personality disorder as a condition in which people avoid social activities and consistently shy away from interaction with others, people with the disorder are generally loners with a profound inability to connect with others and form personal relationships. Certainly, Casey loved social activities and was far from shy, at least from public images of her in action. Some people with schizoid personality disorder may appear aloof, dull or humorless, and they’re often ignored in social settings. She was never one to be ignored, dull or humorless, but aloof? I would say so. People with schizoid personality disorder show a flattened or restricted range of emotions, and can appear indifferent to what’s going on around them. However, their inner life can be rife with a deep emotional need, sensitivity and confusion about the world around them. That fits her to a tee.

    Remember, all mental conditions are not the same, nor are clinical diagnoses ever regarded as being on the same level with others. In other words, there are different stages. Is she schizoid?

    Pregnant or not, her mother was just plain stupid and naive. If Casey told her she wasn’t pregnant, then gosh by golly, Mom believed her.

  205. Boston, sorry, I think I was a bit unfriendly there. I didn’t even mean to be funny btw. But my son nearly got killed by a kid with no conscience, so it got my dander up 🙂 You can’t turn your back on those kids! I think Casey had a pychotic episode perhaps. An untreated psychose after giving birth? Or she just lashed out? All speculations. Who knows? We don’t!

  206. Hi Boston,
    But how she is, that is an illness then? A handicap? Then it is something she has not provoked herself? Yes she is dangerous if she is that sick, and she needs to be taken care of. If she is sick, you can’t punish her.

    But we don’t know her? We are making up this Casey, modelling her into the kind of murderer we want her to be. I model her into a sort of innocent and say she was having a deep agressive psychotic moment. If she did it. Which is still officially the question.
    Thank you for answering.

  207. You are right, Boston, but how can anyone, in good conscience, serve bologna and cole slaw sandwiches? I’ll bet the bread is stale, too. And it’s that yucky green bologna, not the pink stuff we can buy at the supermarket. Imagine that… green bologna sandwiches.

  208. I don’t think Casey showed her disgruntlement all that much to warrant intervention. Outwardly, according to her mother, she was a loving parent, and that’s why there is a denial in place. Cindy can’t believe Casey could do it with little warning of a mental implosion. When you question why there was no intervention, you also cite George and Cindy. Why? And how? Should we have government agents that go around certifying mothers and fathers, like a restaurant health inspection? Who writes the criteria? What makes a good parent? What makes George and Cindy so bad to some? Because Casey killed?

  209. Now that the latest evidence has shown its ugly head, it seems the talking heads, and the bloggers are now trying to find the MOTIVE, not the WHO DONE IT. So this is all new fodder for discussion, is she is isn’t she mentally competent to stand trial.

    Well if I were Biaz, I would be going for the mentally ill, but it seems no Dr. is willing to define her in that way. Well then, we have a cunnundrum here don’t we? The trial shall proceed. Secondly, Casey would never admit guilt, it’s not in her personality to do so. She doesn’t even believe that she is responsible for the crime. I’m sure the blame in her mind, is on bad Cindy, nasty George and oh “Lee didn’t stand up for me in the end. They are all traitors, so I am going to make them pay right to the end. Just you wait and see.”

    No I believe that Casey has been living this make believe life of hers for a very long time and her parents, chose to ignore the signs of a very emotionally disturbed child who all of a sudden became the focus of their world, the mini adult who ruled the household, or else they would pay a big price.

    Many families hide their weaknesses behind closed doors. I think Cindy, George and Lee have discussed adnosium, what went wrong, were they responsible, how could they have changed the outcome, etc. You get the point.

    I feel most sorry for the family. Caylee is gone and Casey won’t be coming home.

    They will have to live through the trial of the 2,000’s as one of the most watched, under headlights and cameras, talking heads, t.v. radio yakers, bloggers; knowing they will support their daughter, even though they hate that she took Caylee and disposed of her in such a horrendous manner. They will try to hold their heads up high, all the while feeling sick, depressed, alone and hated. CASEY GOT WHAT SHE WANTED. “REVENGE”

  210. I have a few questions about parents. John Hinkley tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. Mark David Chapman succeeded in assassinating John Lennon. Scott Peterson murdered his wife and unborn child. The list can go on and on and on. What role did their parents play in what made them do what they felt was necessary? Did you even care? Probably not, because their parents came from upper middle to upper class social strata.

    What about the parents of Ted Bundy and Aileen Wournos, well known Florida serial killers?

    One final question. What’s the difference between a murder and an assassination? Fame? If so, there’s nothing more famous than this case now. Did Casey assassinate her daughter?

  211. fencepopst~~In no way did you offend me at all. I enjoy reading your input and do not take anything personal in this blogs. It was not my intention to come across that way. What I tried to do was to say that we can give our opinions as to how we view Casey and do not do so to make us feel good if we say something about her in a negative light.

    I do feel good to be able to come into this blog and communicate with others and discuss this case.

    Have a busy day so will be back later and play catch up…terrific discussion.

  212. Well if the state can prove that she planned it, then yes, it was an assination or a murder. Either way, it doesn’t change the result.

    I want to hear if anyone has some compassion for Cindy, George and Lee. I certainly do, as I have written previously. Anyone have any comments on them?

  213. I do, Weezie. I didn’t just go to that memorial to write about it. Those people have been emotionally assassinated by some in the media and almost every blogger out there.

  214. We are our brothers’ keeper, but 2000 years ago, people didn’t sue for not minding their own business. It’s a little more complex today and if it takes a village, it is under the watchful eye of the government and I resent government interference, especially because no government can dictate how parents are supposed to raise their children. Regular people have a difficult time today getting involved. That’s why if they suspect something, they call the government. In George and Cindy’s case, that was never done. Would it have helped? I don’t think so. casey had a knack for acting “normal” when she wanted. She was a chameleon.

  215. Do we know that Casey ever had mental health treatment? No that is private information. She knew that she needed some counseling and so did Cindy but did she seek it? I am only guessing but it is possible that she had post-partum depression and didn’t realize it and never got over it. I am not making any excuses for Casey but this lady clearly needed some help. Her case in a way reminds me of OJ Simpson . He murdered Nichole and Ronald Goldman and for some reason blocked it out of his brain. Does the brain do this if you go into denial? This case is so sad. Lee was right when he stated at the memorial that the family is broken and he is broken. Their heart’s are broken and that hurt will never go away.

  216. That’s one of the reasons I posted an article for people to leave comments, expressing their condolences. I took them to the memorial and delivered them to the Anthony family. More have come in since that date and when I think the time is right, I will mail those to the family.

  217. Kari, just read your comment now 🙂 three different sets of numbers to be used according to the shape of the object being counted…
    Japanese like to complicate things, don’t they?
    Detwill, thank you! Hope you have a nice year to follow!
    Newbie, thank you too!
    Everyone have a nice day.
    And do read the posts about Frank 🙂

  218. Boston, how can you call Andrea Yates a poor unfortunate woman. She drowned all of her children in a bathtub. Who knows what was going through her mind when she did it. Her husband walked out the door to go to work and just MAYBE she was so overwhelmed with all the stress of having to home school and spend everywaking moment taking care of the children while hubby was off at work having it a lot easier. There is no excuse for what she did which was horrendous but people just snap. Andrea Yates had suffered from depression and was treated for it but most likely it overwhelmed her. This may have been Casey’s case post-partum depression that was never treated along with having the fight with her mom. I honestly believe she did love little Caylee but then again maybe she finally snapped too. This is my guess as to what happened to Casey.

  219. Me? I didn’t do anything to her. It must have been her husband. Plus, it’s almost midnight over there in ‘finger in the dike’ country. You two are on a totally different schedule. Now, what can we do about that?

  220. Dave,

    Who is the new cutie at the Tiki bar?? She could use a little bit of the Florida sun she’s a bit pale.
    It’s still snowing here in the mountains. I hope this is the last of it for this year! Enough already

  221. Oh, her? It’s cold where she lives, New Jersey. That’s why she came down here for awhile. To see me. I wish. She’ll be tan by the time she goes back. Watch her, she’ll tan before your very eyes.

    Good observation, magog2!

  222. Well, I BLAME Ina….no….I blame you….I do hope you get my joke here.

    Without reading all of the posts, I stopped and pasted WEEZIE’s words ****

    “No I believe that Casey has been living this make believe life of hers for a very long time and her parents, chose to ignore the signs of a very emotionally disturbed child who all of a sudden became the focus of their world, the mini adult who ruled the household, or else they would pay a big price. “******

    Boston’s statement above Weezie’s post (12:27 p.m.) I stopped and made a note to go back and re-read.
    WOW…..good stuff.

    You know, I saw the clip of George and Cindy with protesters….Cindy had a ball bat….George was “taking on ” those who were being cruel and God love Cindy, stepped in between her husband and the mob….I couldn’t tell who was protecting who for a minute. Wrong or right, they were both out there with each other. And while Lee is in a very difficult place himself, he sure hasn’t walked away from the situation.
    When I start feeling frustrated, I just bring that picture of the ball bat to mind and then chuckle. You got to give it to Cindy, the woman has “balls.” And George, yes he makes his mistakes yet seems he would do anything for his family…… including telling Cindy the smell was a rotton pizza (whatever) until she could digest…face…what George already knew.

    I wonder how many people will wake-up because of this whole disaster. How many children, parents, grandparents will benefit from all of this? It all bouls down to viewpoint I suppose..there are points of view and then there are viewpoints.

    Now, I must go read and get “educated.” lol

  223. Catching up!! First off, Happy Birthday Detwill! Sounds like you had a great time.

    Oh my, lots of interesting posts yesterday and today. Great observations about this case by all.

    Quickly, regarding Yates; she (it appears) truly believed God was telling her to kill those children. How many of us would ignore God’s word if we totally believed it was His word?! In that specific case, I think hubby was responsible for not getting her help sooner.

    I actually started feeling sorry for Casey when it came out in the docs that she told 2 people she thought she was crazy and needed to be institionalized. I mean, here she is screaming for help, and goes ignored.

    But, as pointed out in this blog, those same 2 people checked on her later, and she said she was fine. So, was it just for attention? I don’t know.

    Regarding blaming Cindy and George. Absolutely not, in my opinion. I can only imagine how horrible it is to lay in bed in the middle of night, not being able to sleep, and really feel the ramifications of what Casey did. Wondering if you weren’t a good enough parent. I think that’s what drove to George to attempt suicide. The thoughts must just be enough to drive you insane. It’s my fault. It’s not my fault. Caylee’s dead. Caylee suffered. Caylee was scared. Caylee’s bones were scattered by animals. Life’s not worth living. Life is worth living. I should have seen it coming. I am a worthless person for not stopping this from happening. And on and on and on.

    Not to mention, everybody in America seems to hate us.

    And the worst part is, Casey doesn’t even seem to care. She was smiling it up in court a mere week or two after her father tried to kill himself. Casey really does not feel any sympathy for what she has put her family through.

    It’s just bizarre. That’s the best word I can think of regarding this case. If this was a novel someone wrote – the publisher would reject and return it saying it’s just not believable.

  224. p.s….darn, wish I could remember all before hitting that “submit” button.

    [name removed]…………………………………………….
    this is the best place to be, I think….I don’t have evidence backing that statement up as I don’t pop around to othersites (although untrue accusations were made). I too am a new blogger…well since Christmas eve…..if you put your foot in your mouth, no worry…..people here are forgiving…sometimes maybe not tolerant but forgiving. I have to admit I started off agitated with what was going on in my world, I ended up calling Boston a double-butted duck….oh dear me.

    Dave I wonder how many viewing this blog feel like they can’t say anything because they don’t spell very well, punctuate well, or feel they do not express themselves in a good manner, etc etc and so they have thoughts that go to the wayside?? hmmmmmmmm

  225. Oh, Sheron, there’s bound to be a pulp publisher of B&D and S&M novels that would love to get their hands on Casey’s story of how she murdered her daughter and destroyed her family. It’s blood curdling, suspenseful and horror all rolled into one. Call it The Beauty That Couldn’t Kill the Beast Within or The Daughter Slayer or something like that.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the catch-up reads. Smart people around here.

  226. I just finished reading all the msges….you folks are great!

    Dave~~I love a good fried bologna sandwich but you can hold the cole slaw until I have my fried chicken.

    Boston~~thanks for the b-wishes….. I am old enough to be everybodys mother who frequents this blog now. When you have outlived a tree across the highway and don’t take a chance on buying green tomatoes…that’s old.

    Weezie~~my daughter and her hubby are now safely back in Oakville. We had to keep a close eye on the Toronto weather but they landed fine.

    Has anyone read what Pipitone is saying about the diary? He did agree with me on one thing in that it looked like pages were ripped out of the diary. Pipitone also says Prosecutor Jeff Ashton withheld evidence in prior cases and even discounts the odor in the trunk .

    Dave~~who is this Pipitone character and what are his qualifications?

  227. Pipitone is a credible journalist who works for WKMG, Channel 6, the CBS affiliate. He’s been around for quite a number of years and mostly does segments on consumer fraud and stuff. You know, the guy who makes sure people don’t get ripped off. I’m not sold on the diary, either. That’s why I said the defense could rip it apart. Maybe they won’t have to if that’s what one of the prosecutors already did. Literally.

  228. Newbie –

    I don’t think people are all that concerned about grammatical and spelling errors or there would hardly be any comments. Besides, I sometimes go in and edit if it is a blatant typing error, like hitting the letter next to the one you meant to type. Simple little errors. The rest, I leave intact. Who cares? As long as the message gets across. If people want me to go in and fix typos, I will, but no one’s asked.

  229. Whew, lot of good thoughts….my brain is stressed….t
    the cole slaw and green balonie …all you have to do is eat a kid-cat bar before eating the two….and a milky whey bar afterwords……

    Not funny…that is what gets in my mind when the wheels turn too fast ….oh dear, I am talking to myself I think.

    true true true

  230. Dave~~thanks for info re Pipitone. I know he was instrumental in connecting those cell phone pings with a timeline.

    Talk about spelling ….I just ripped pages off some cow at a ‘dairy’ instead of a diary. Poor bovine!

  231. You are correct Newbie…that was a crackin’ good read when I went to the post made at 12:27. It “blew my socks off!”

    Of course, I was already barefooted; not pregnant, though.

  232. Thinker Belle~~ that girl in Daves pic has your eyes. Now the secret is out but it’s okay. I would need to get out my ‘Hanky Panky in Three Easy Steps’ manual if I was that girl but alas… I will just pretend he stands alone in the pic and dream of running my fingers thru the grass that embellishes his pate….LOL

  233. I looked over at the main Word Press page (where all the blogs are listed regarding this case.) I saw a couple of titles about Pipitone. I didn’t click on any of the blogs! LOL But I wondered who Pipitone is, and what he has to do with this case.

    Regarding the diary – it will come out next week that is has already been dated to 2008. That’s my best armchair detective guess. It’s kind of dramatic, but we the public are eating up the drama! LOL

    Release the page this week – let everyone speculate and wonder about the date. Don’t y’all think LE dated that ink straight up back in December when they found the diary? Why would they wait until now to date it? Because the public sleuths demand that it be dated?

    And, though Dave and I disagree about this, I think the same with fingerprints.

    Feed the public that Cindy, George, and Lee’s fingerprints have been eliminated. Don’t specifically say that there are no fingerprints, or that Casey’s are eliminated as well.

    BOOM! Next week docs are released to show Casey’s fingerprints are on the duct tape.

    Drama. Drama. Drama.

    Couldn’t have been scripted better by anyone in Hollywood! LOL

    I’m guilty as charged. I try to get to these blogs everyday to see what new is happening. And I love reading all your ideas and thoughts about this case! So many different opinions make for a really interesting read. I just appreciate each and every one of you here on Dave’s blog. Thank goodness I stumbled via google into a great place to discuss the case.

  234. Don’t mention dairy…I once lived downwind of one…yuck! Today there is a nice subdivision there…my aunt complains because you can’t see the mountains any more.

  235. Dave~~I misspelled diary in a previous post. Are you setting me up for one of your ‘wise crackers’?

    Thinker Belle~~wouldn’t it be fun to have a blog set up to roast Dave? Can you imagine his replies to our compliments of him?

  236. You never know. Maybe that Dave guy isn’t real. Maybe I am, the new blonde. Maybe, it’s been me all along. Did you ever think of that? Oh, the brunette. You thought she was Dave’s nephew? Have you ever seen a boy with breastesses?

  237. Det-are you suggesting I write a blog about Dave to give him a sort of ‘atta boy’ online party, or, are you suggesting I burn him royally?

    FYI Dave-the plural form of breast is breasti

  238. I’m just trying my best to keep abreast of the conversation.

    Why would you want to burn me Thinker Belle. That hurts. I’m a very sensitive gut.

    Oh darn, those typos get me every time.

  239. All kidding aside, if you want to know about the real me, I was interviewed back in October by a website called Growing Bolder. It’s an on going series called “5 Questions With…” and I was asked only a month after I joined. I felt rather honored. If you’re at all interested, click HERE. Unfortunately, and reader beware, there is a full frontal image of me. My face, anyway. Don’t bore yourself, though.

  240. Dave~~I beat you to it…got to see the real you and know you got your first oil paint kit at age 4…how do you like that ?

  241. Sometimes, I introduce myself as Dave Nipple instead of Knechel. Another thing I’ve always said over the years as people are leaving, “Have a bidet.” They always turn around and say, “Thank you, you too.”

    Oh, the “K” is silent in my name and the “ch” is hard, like a “k”.

  242. Ooh, Dave is a southpaw, huh? And I will go read that linked article, Dave!

    And on a serious note. I make lots of Zanny the Nanny references in fun in my life. Who left that plate on the counter? All my kids say, not me. I say, Oh! It must have been that elusive Zanny the Nanny again. I blamed Zanny for that pilot that took his own plane down to avoid his financial crisis. To me, it’s funny. Zanny is asking for a bail out from Obama, etc. She is actually responsible for the housing crisis.

    But gosh, now I feel kind of bad. That is so not funny to the Anthony’s. And when I make my Zanny remarks – I am in no way referring to the real Zenaida that has brought a lawsuit against Casey.

    Like, so don’t sue me too, Zenaida! 🙂

  243. I think humor is an important part of the healing process, Sheron. Haven’t you ever noticed how quickly jokes spread after a tragedy? I remember, in 1981, when, well, I’ll just tell the joke and you’ll get the idea.

    What kind of wood doesn’t float?


    And you see? It’s rather cruel, but it helps ease pain. I think it came out within a week of her death. As much as we think it shouldn’t, that sort of humor lifts us out of the doldrums, so you see, there’s nothing wrong with Zani the nanny or anything to feel guilty about.

  244. And now, I’m going to drop something really serious here. Warning: if you do not believe in God, skip this post. I am not going to debate about God.

    I read a book a few months ago titled The Shack. That author put something so hard to understand in really simple terms.

    This poor guy suffered the abduction and murder of his precious little girl. I almost put the book down, never to finish, when this innocent baby was tortured. Glad I finished it, though.

    One particular part of the book grabbed my soul. The father (who has 4 kids) is faced with a biblical judge. She says (I am paraphrasing here big time), “Choose which one of your children will go to hell.”

    The father says, I can’t possibly send one of my children to hell! That’s an impossible choice.

    The judge replies, now you see how God is. He cannot send one of his children to hell, no matter what the sin.

    So, the crazy man that abducted and murdered this man’s innocent child is the same in the Lord’s eyes as the father.

    They are both His children. Which one would He sent to hell.

    Being a parent is just a small glimpse into God. I am a parent of 3. Loving your children unconditionally is natural to parents.

    It is comforting to know God loves each and every one of us like that.

    Yes, even Casey. He already knew what she was going to do when He made Cindy and George be the vessel of her soul into this world.

    OK. I don’t usually get so serious with people. But, that’s what I believe. That’s why I had a bad reaction to the other blogs that are screaming for Casey, Cindy, George, Lee – heck anyone that knows the Anthony’s to burn. I think they know not what they are asking for.

  245. I think we all have quacked!

    Oh, I get to see breasti on a man everyday… male-man is going through the puberty stage… joke.
    The first time I saw him it was one of those…”gosh, he is rather feminine for a man……two months,three months….hmmm, I know he is a man,,,,nine months, oh my Gosh, he has boobs.” Keep in mind, please, I still shake my head at girls not knowing who a baby’s father is, yikes.

    And TWinkle Belle, forget the grass and the chevy, that’s the way we grow’m roun here!

  246. I think that’s a very good story, but you know, some people may disagree because of no faith in a god or faith in a different religion, but that’s OK to me, too. I think there are those who will think Casey will go to Hell because of what she did and they have the right to think that way because, after all, what would Hell be for? Why would it exist if not for sinners? Of course, this particular post is not the proper area to argue over religious tenets. In your instance, it was fine, because it fit right into the Anthony saga. For anyone who wants to discuss religion outside of the context of this thread, I would recommend taking it to the OPEN FORUM page.

    Nice, Sheron. Don’t worry about offending anyone. I would hope by now, most readers here are very tolerant, regardless of their beliefs. Thank you.

  247. Whoops, NO he is not my son.

    Now, I have to add, a really nice person. He and his wife have a ten, twelve year old daughter, all three go to counseling together. He and his wife intend on moving out of this area and then present themselves as sisters….I don’t even try to think of how that effects the child…I just stick my head in the sand and tell myself at least they love their family enough to tredge-on.

    I bet they play pool, Dave:) We could set of Frank up.

  248. Sheron,
    I sure want you to know your post wasn’t on my screen as I would have abstained from joking.

    Another day we could talk on open forum about religion, beliefs…….. yet I would like to say the ability to love and to love others is the greatest gift in life.

  249. Dave, I knew there was a reason I didn’t smoke pot….it has just been so long ago that I forget. I will make sure and not smoke the rope if I decide to go out on an evening date. lol I’ll have him smoke it. lol

    oh dear….I have a story but I must clip my nails to type that one.

  250. Oh dang! My last post didn’t show up – but that might be my fault. I think I hit a key.

    Darn it, it was a good post. Not up to re-typing what I said. Maybe that happened for a reason.??!! LOL

    One thing I will repeat. Dave, I am not talking about religion. I didn’t mention religion in my post. Religion is man-made. God is not man-made. There is no religion that is right. Religion is…silly. All those churches claiming they alone know what God wants. Makes me laugh. No clue.

    Now, it’s not silly to choose a house of worship and go there. But, to think that religion alone is correct is silly.

  251. What those hateful bloggers do not understand is – by asking God to cast Casey into hell, they are probably sending family members or themselves even, into hell. Want God to draw a line into the sand? We all go down.LOL No such thing as a perfect human. Ever. In the existence of humans. Ever.

    God made us that way.

  252. There is a reason why I would capitalize Hell and not god. When writing Hell, I was referring to a place. When I mentioned god, I wasn’t as specific. Go back and read it again and you will see I said, “… no faith in a god…”, the key word being “a”. Faith in God is far different than faith in a god. A god can be any god of any religion and is, therefore, not capitalized.

  253. On the subject of kid(s) without a conscience going to school. Since we now have the ‘no child left behind’ laws, requiring as many as possible to be mainstreamed into public schools, there are a few without conscience, and a few without consciousness, or very limited consciousness, in the schools.

    I worked for two years as a paraprofessional in the school system in northern Indiana. “Paraprofessional” means I was sort of a substitute for a nurse or nurse’s aid, but without training. I would be assigned to different classes or to help a specific handicapped kid through the day.

    I helped care for many differently-abled kids. Profound retardation, Rett’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and Turette’s among them. The only one who really scared me was a young man about 9 years old, I think, who was routinely kept ‘posied’ during the day. “Posied” is a nursing euphemism for tied to a chair or bed in order to keep the patient from falling or otherwise injuring themselves. The soft cloth ties are called ‘posies’.

    This young man spent a large part of the day yelling out threats, insults, and obscenities, and no, I do not believe he had Turette’s. The other children caught the habit of cussing from him, and uttering vile threats as he did. That bothered me, but it was nothing compared to what I saw happen one day when they took the posies off.
    There happened to be a group activity that they wanted to move him for, so he could, insofar as he was able, participate. Another aid had untied him, and then was distracted by a child wanting help with something. I happened to be standing fairly close, and looking at him, as I waited for the signal to start the group activity. A mildly retarded girl had come up to him and begun to talk to him, asking him something about his ‘posies’. He began to talk to her and was saying something like, “Come here, I’ll show you,”

    Already sensing trouble, I was moving closer when I saw him, quick as a snake and with as little emotion, take one of the cloth ties and wrap it around the girl’s neck, crossing his hands in front… But I had reached him at that point and I took the tie out of his hand.

    I was so upset about this incident that I mentioned it to a number of people, along with my opinion that that child did not belong in the classroom with the rest of those children, who were harmless, non-violent types.

    Guess what happened to me? I was reprimanded and asked never to return to that particular classroom again. Seems the parents of the child were very important people and liable to sue…

    Thank you, Boston, for answering my question: If sociopathy is not a mental illness, what do they call it? Your answer was that it is known as a mental defect. Interesting concept. I can understand that it may not be an illness per se, since it cannot be cured, or even treated, really, and I presume it does not progress to speak of?

    I guess I would have called it a syndrome, maybe. But the word defect is interesting in that it implies a simple lack. By the same token, one might refer to blindness as a defect, and it would be an apt comparison, I think. Would mental retardation be similarly categorized, I wonder? Yet someone who is retarded may be found incompetent to stand trial.

    I think we all agree that Casey is competent to stand trial and that she knew she did something wrong. Hence, the lies. She knows right from wrong, she just doesn’t get why.

  254. Sheron, God is also man made I think?

    David, I hate your new avatar 🙂 You look just like that bloke in the henhouse 🙂
    Just kidding, you are drop dead gorgeous no matter what you are (not) wearing. What ever dropdead gorgeous means. Here you can see the importance of a comma. If I had placed a comma after drop dead, (like this) drop dead, gorgeous, would mean something completely different. This for people who find comma’s insignificant.
    Are you decent already?

  255. Sorry about letting your comment slip by, Kari. In the late 70s, I lived in a town in NJ. At the time, I had a female roommate who had three boys. They stayed mostly with their father. Your story reminded me of something that happened in that house. Instead of telling you here, I am going to write a post about it.

    What do we do with people like that 9 year old? Where is he today? Sitting on the board of his father’s corporation?

  256. Dear Dave,
    I am home sick today and thought I’d take a cyber walk to your Blog (I haven’t seen it in months) and I clicked on the Caylee Marie Anthony posts link and I’m both stunned and impressed! Your coverage of the latest news on this tragic “murder”is impressive, to say the least.

    And to think this came from me insisting, last time you were at our place, that you HAD to sit down and watch what I humorously called the “Tot Mom Show” (my nickname for what had become the only thing Nancy Grace was covering every night for months) and you had no clue.

    Being on the other coast of Florida, we don’t have the same local coverage of the “news” that you have so my primary source of information was Nancy Grace. Little did I know that I can find something else (and there ARE so many things I’d rather) to watch at 10PM every night if I take a few minutes and read the updates on your blog.

    Thanks for being so committed. Is this where Nancy’s producers get THEIR news?

  257. MD I was reading your post regarding some people who think Casey should go to hell if she did kill Caylee. I have been studying the Bible for the past six months (with the help of a Bible study group) and I have learned if you accept the Lord into your heart you will be forgiven and HE will accept you into heaven when it’s your time. I don’t want to go into religion here but this is what I believe and if Casey choose’s to accept the Lord into her heart she won’t go to hell. This is what the bible says and if we choose to believe this we may be a better person for this belief.

  258. I am saddened to hear the news that your husband has spread his unclean germs to your pure heart, my dearest AnnieB.

    You mean Stewart hasn’t told you about all I’ve been doing up here? Yup, I’ve been pretty busy working the beat, I guess you might call it and if it weren’t for you, I’d still be writing mundane stories about life’s experiences, not to mention Frank.

    I do try to keep up with the story, but you should take some time to peruse the comments, as well. There are very interesting opinions and some solid sleuthing going on in each one of them.

    Thank you, An, for finding out what your husband won’t tell you and for acknowledging my commitment to this ongoing tragedy. Hey! I hope he’s feeling better, that precious little lamb. Unfortunately, he had it a long time and, alas, I think you will, too.

    Chicken soup, my dear. Chicken soup.

  259. Hi, magog2 –

    I think it will be a long time before Casey accepts anything, let alone a little God in her heart. She won’t ever get there by lying about her daughter, that’s for sure. In any event, it’s OK to talk about god and religion, as long as it is in the context of the subject matter. If it wanders off topic, that’s when it’s time to move it to the OPEN FORUM page, where you can go at it. The only thing to remember is that all people have their own opinions on religion and it could get nasty. People take it very, very personally.

  260. Dave, by the way I don’t want you to think I am a religious freak. lol I was raised a Catholic and we didn’t learn out religion from a bible . I think it was a Catichism book they called it. It was a long time ago so I am not sure I even spelled it right. I had always wanted to learn what was written in the Bible so now I am learning. I figured I better learn now before I get too old and won’t remember what the heck I read. lol

  261. No, magog2, I don’t think you are a religious freak. I can tell by your comments throughout the posts I write. Trust me, you’re not spewing hellfire and brimstone or casting out demons. I feel safe around you and so does everyone else.

  262. Dave~~ is that the Ann who got to speak with Lenny Padilla on your cell phone? You remind me of the Nat King Cole song…”unforgetable that’s what you are’….tra la la la You must make a lasting impression on all your followers by the sounds of your msges…and you love to tease.

    Magog: you are not a religious freak. It is good you have a faith. I don’t think I would have survived all these years without mine.

    I learned over the years not to get into debates about religion or politics. Those debates can become quite heated .

    Dave~~when are the doc gonna get dumped? I need to do some snooping before I start making things up and posting them here.l

    BTW~~the diary entry 2003 versus 2008. Casey left home on June 16th with Caylee…she was not living at home June 21/08 so would have had to write in the diary when she went home to stock up on food and clothes or taken the diary to Tonys…

    Lenny Padilla got a warning letter from Kronk’s lawyer…”stop spreading falsehoods about Kronk or else”….something to that effect.

  263. detwill; thanks for the updates. That’ s about right when dealing with Padilla. Even though I like his spirit, he can be a royal pain in the a..

    The diary. Yea I kind of think that is a lost issue. At the time it seemed pretty slam dunk, but it’s going to take a lot more than that, even if it is proven to be her, to get her behind bars for life. The prosecutors do need to keep their wits about them.

    Yes and how about the docs from last week? Where can I find them. Can you post a website for me? Thanks Det, hope you are recovered from all that cake eating and candle blowing.


  264. By the way detwill, I want to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday. Mine was a week or so ago. I turned 39 again. Lol

  265. Weezie~~I am winded from blowing all those candles out….being a windy old thing ( Dave, don’t you dare touch that one) helped…

    Re the diary… it sure looks like several pages have been torn out. I can’t see where LE would bother putting it in their evidence file unless they felt it had some relevance. They have taken alot to things into evidence but will not necessarily use it. You can smother a jury with too much.

    I like Leonard Padilla, he reminds me of my brother and I find him very amusing. He had Caylee’s remains in the dumpster at Amscot, in the Econ river and then those fingerprints on the duct tape. The ‘daisy chain’ may just get him into trouble.

  266. Magog: thanks for the birthday wishes. I have rolled my 39 over so much the odometer wont work any more. Oh well, so I am 40!

  267. Sorry, detwill39, I was posting an article on another site. Yes, that is the one and only An. It’s An because it’s short for Andrea. You know how friends tend to lose track of stuff, like writing? Well, that’s what happened and she had no idea she would hit the mother lode.

    Nate King Cole, huh? Oh, I’m unforgettable, alright. Like a dog that poops on a new rug.

    The documents are slated to be released this week. My guess would be late Wednesday or early Thursday. I think the defense has to have a short window to see them first and I would surmise that was this morning. Why am I not surprised about Padilla, God bless him?

  268. Weezie~~ the link Dave has at the top of this page…just above the envelope …has the documents and they are in pdf…much easier to read….those are the ones released on Feb 18th.

    Dave~~I wrote an article for a magazine back in ’94…you can access it by just googling my facebook name…I have never made it public and if you read the article you will understand.


  269. I will do that, detwill39, next time I go to Facebook. By the way, my friends, Stewart and An, are on my list of friends there, too. Stewart and I have been best friends since we were in our early teens, 40+ years ago.

  270. I go to facebook each day with the old ladies and play bingo. Fifty percent of them are from the UK and Australia. It doesn’t cost anything to play the games, you only win tokens to buy more free games and I have no idea why I play. Is that a sign of old age?

    Late at night I compete against some friends and family playing Scramble or Wordtwist. Dave, I was going to challenge you to a game of Scramble (not Scrabble) but you are too smart for me and I cannot stand defeat….as Ina would say…they probably smell …LOL

  271. Funny, detwill39. Crossword puzzles and scrambled words are my fortes. I’ve been doing them for over 40 years. Usually, I can unscramble jumbled words in my head before I pick up the pen.

  272. detwill39; thanks for that info.
    Puzzles; I like the FRAMEWORK ones, I;m not smart enough for crossword. Have to go back to school, or find a good dictionary of crossword words. Those are cheater notes.

  273. Weezie~~you are very welcome.

    Dave~~Friday nite at 7:30pm during all the red and white wine and my cranberry juice, everyone paused for Jeopardy. This was instigated by my daughters hubby who is a whiz and wanted everyone to know just how smart he is. Well he didn’t bank on my g/daughter being so sharp. She is attending college with lots of fresh info stored up. Me thinks she deflated someone ego. LOL

  274. I changed my gravatar to scare the hoot out of all of you. It evens spooks me…the eyes are just so evil.

    Dave~~What program do you use to make your gravs? I did mine in Fireworks and didn’t plan on it being so dark. It was brighter when I saved it from Fireworks.

    What program do you use to do yours?

  275. Weezie, When I first tried to post on a blog it was on (Erickacourtney Site Re: Haleigh Cummings) and met a MichellefromMadison, Is this the same as “Madison”?
    Still don’t know why we argued and did not know it was in me to talk back like I did. it was an unexpected experience and I was encouraged to go get educated. Do you know if she is a professor, has her own blog , website or something. You made me feel better if one and the same.

  276. Sorry I’m so late. I was watching a movie, The Happening.

    I use, but you may have the same problem there. When you reduce something to a very small scale, it compresses the pixels, too, so as colors become enmeshed, they tend to get a little darker. I usually lighten the art in Photoshop before I take it to an avatar site that crops it to such a small size.

  277. Beatrice;

    Yes one and the same. I have to admit my dander was raised but some people live on gossip, to keep them warm or cold, depending on the mood.

    Not sure where she has gone or what she does but I imagine the dust is moving about somewhere else.


  278. I Googled her, Weezie, and found the same canned response on almost every blof that writes about Caylee/Casey. At least, she is a real person and does respond to comments, good or bad. She didn’t really say anything here that would get her banned or anything. Minor arguments, yes, but we can all handle them. Most of us, anyway.

  279. Gosh, Kari. That is a very scary story. I witnessed something sort of like that at my kid’s elementary school years ago – and it haunts me still today. I wonder what happened to that little boy. I was visiting for whatever reason – and on the way out saw a little guy screaming obscene things and being carried out by 4 teachers – one having each arm and leg.

    I was terrified. What is wrong with this little boy?! Have any of my kids been witness to this?! I had been very closely involved with the school. I had never seen anything like that.

    I was a homeroom mom to the classes nobody wanted – the handicapped kids. They were all sweet as anything. I never experienced anything scary dealing with those kids.

    Thank goodness you were there watching!

  280. Welcome, Beatrice!!

    I kind of know what you are talking about. I remember a Madison person trying to pick a fight. But honestly, I don’t remember if it was this thread.

    I re-read some post here, and I swear there is some stuff missing! LOL

    But, I could be all confused.

  281. The Happening has got to be one of the most stupid movies I have ever seen.

    Ranks right up there with Love in the Time of Cholera.

  282. Thank you Sheron, I started out looking for interesting topics here and there and just happened to see an experienced similarity in what Weezie said. !!! Some of these posts seem to be from a previously very close group of friends, chit chatting with personal quips, then tucking each other in. I went to “Caylee doll” and couldn’t think of a word to say. Looks like they decided to come out and play, “if you’ll show me your dolly, I’ll show you mine.” However, There is some mention of more documents coming forth. so I will check and see what there is to read later.

  283. Casey could have also written ’03 with the purpose of throwing friends and family off if they were to read it so that there would never be any suspicion. Well sorry, Casey, i have every suspicion because i used to write diaries and screw up the days when id write things that were bothering me about my friends so that if they read them, i could say it was years or months earlier.

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