Caylee’s murder: premeditated and pretty stupid, too

I was the only father Hannah ever knew. I remember when she used to come up with every excuse in the book. She was about 10 or 11 when it all began and, God knows, how hard she tried to gey away with murder. Her mother and I were much too quick, despite the fact that she never believed it. When children are around 13 years of age, they suddenly turn 30. Not all children, mind you, but Hannah sure felt that way. Some children are so confident at this stage of life, in spite of hormonal imbalances, they think they are unmatched in the smarts department. Perhaps it is nature’s way of attempting to create a balance. In any event,  it seems to be around this time that they begin to hone their manipulative skills and think they are way superior to their parents. They rebel and lose interest in cleaning their rooms and stop helping with the chores. We call them lazy. To make matters worse, they become obsessed with learning more about the opposite sex. It is a natural rite of passage and most children outgrow it by their late teens. Some, much later. Casey never did and because of her complex feelings of superior intellect combined with inferior power and confidence, she resented her mother and hated her father all of her teen and adult life. She overcompensated and never came back down to earth. “Mom and Dad are so stupid,” she’s thought for so long now. “I should be in charge.”

Casey’s goose began cooking years ago

Dissecting Casey’s youth is difficult. None of us were there to witness the treatment she got from her parents, but looking from the outside in, what seems to unfold are a whiny, demanding mother who Casey readily outsmarted, and a father bombarded by inner conflicts with moral correctness and the wont of punishment for her lack of respect, especially towards her mother. Oh, how many times he wanted to slap her hard across that foul mouth that also spewed despicable lie after despicable lie. Sometimes, he felt worthless and powerless to stand up to this little wench, watching and waiting to pounce if not for the wall of protection Cindy built around her. Out of frustration, he gave up and looked the other way. Cindy was never any help, but oh, how he loved her so.

George Anthony told law enforcement that the last time he saw Caylee was on June 16, when Casey put her in the Pontiac and drove off. That was the day she made a lot of cell phone calls to family and friends that no one seemed to want to answer and it was the day police think something happened to Caylee. No one saw her after that fateful Monday. Except Zani.  Later that night, Casey went to see her boyfriend who, when later interviewed, told police she acted as if nothing was wrong. From forensic reports, it was determined that the body was in the trunk for 2 days. Of course, the defense will adamantly disagree, but plant and bug specialists brought to the scene of where Caylee was found have determined the date she was placed in the woods to be June 18, from those analyses. I contend the body was stuffed into the laundry bag and placed in the vehicle until Casey found fluid leakage in the trunk. It was then that she put the cloth bag into the plastic garbage bag and decided it was time to get rid of the goods.

Why Casey would stash the trash bag coffin of her daughter in the same woods where she used to play as a child somewhat eludes me. Sure, I understand the “nearby” angle, so Caylee is never too far, as she may have inferred in cryptic messages, but all it proves is her own stupidity and laziness. She was too lazy to drive it somewhere else, she was too lazy to dig a hole after she borrowed a neighbor’s shovel, and she was too stupid to realize that little Caylee would eventually be found in such a convenient location. Had she dug a hole in those woods like she may have begun to do in her own back yard, Caylee might never have been found. (Maybe, she was smart enough to figure that the back yard is the first place the police would look.) In an odd twist, the cruel method of taking her daughter’s life was nearly matched by her complete lack of thought and concern that other children would one day play in there and find her little skeleton. She didn’t care because she was too lazy to walk even a few feet into those woods, so she just gave the bag a heave. See ya, you little bitch. Good riddance. Time to party!

Out to party she went with her friends, but were they really friends? No. By the looks of the photographs found on her computer and elsewhere, none of those people thought of her as anything more than just another dumb party girl willing to do just about any dumb thing to maintain her dumb party girl image. She seemed to enjoy the reputation of a girl willing to allow others to party with her body, too. For party favors, of course. (To set the record straight, I am basing this on evidence of public record, not on anything I personally know about or from any inside information, but even her father said he didn’t want to describe some of the disgusting photographs found on her computer.) What prompts a girl to be that way? By the sound of things, it wasn’t because she never got attention as a child. Though not wealthy, her parents fed and clothed her. They sent her to school and it was her decision to quit. No, I think it was of her own accord because she wanted to escape a world she thought was mediocre. She wanted to live the flamboyant lifestyle with lots of socializing and boyfriend after boyfriend who would spoil her silly. She lived in a fantasy world where she held a good job at Universal, home of glamorous movie stars. They all knew her there. But, they didn’t. This almost sounds like a psychopath. Psychopaths tend to be low in self-esteem and social cognition. When her party friends take the stand at her trial, they will probably describe her as whimsical, self-centered and always wanting to be the center of attention. Look at me! Whee! Psychopaths sometimes have a violent side. They have a terrible time keeping a job and stink in long term relationships, including friendships. They are shallow. They are impulsive, and that may lead to why she killed Caylee. Something finally ticked her off, but it was a festering anger and lack of conscience that may have triggered her into doing it. She had finally had enough. The foundation was set soon after Caylee was born, when she was no longer the star she had to be. It was now Caylee, and her fantasy world was crumbling away as reality tried to force itself in. No way. Something’s got to give and it wasn’t going to be her. Everything was now conceivable, even murder.

A premeditated crime is one that is plotted out beforehand. Things are set in motion so when it’s time to do the crime, everything runs smoothly. After Caylee’s body was found, several search warrants were issued to look for evidence in the Anthony home. Police told the press that plenty of items were taken that strongly incriminated Casey, evidence that could have come from no where else. Caylee was found inside a plastic garbage bag, the kind you use in your home. Inside that bag was duct tape and some of that tape was covering Caylee’s mouth. I don’t know if her hands and feet were bound or not, or whether it sealed the bag, but that’s not the most important thing to prove premeditation. All it proves is hatred for the deceased and hatred usually means that the victim and murderer were a lot closer in life than mere strangers. What may prove premeditation are the search terms on her computer and whether Casey walked out of that house with duct tape, most likely planted in the trunk, prior to taking Caylee that fateful and final time. Prior. What a chilling word it becomes in this case and it may be a key piece of evidence proving premeditation.

There is speculation about the duct tape. Word leaked that Casey borrowed some from her party friend, Amy, to hold up the sheet she wore at a naked party with her and some of her other naked party friends. Wherever the tape came from is not of importance if the tape holds evidence, such as Casey’s DNA and/or fingerprints. Where there may be a problem with premeditation, and an avenue the defense will not want to travel down, is how Casey never did quite think things through properly. OK, she planned how to kill her, but it may have been something that made her snap in the end. Planning something doesn’t necessarily prove premeditation because we all plan things on impulse and never follow through. What is the piece of the puzzle that doesn’t fit is that she stopped at the killing level. After that, she didn’t have a clue what to do next, so she haphazardly plotted how to deal with the mess she created and never let on what she had done. She did a lousy job of cleaning up that mess, too, as the police will prove by the abundance of evidence against her.

The goose is cooked

Whether premeditated or not, which I believe it was, Casey acted like nothing happened the entire month before her mother called 911 to report her grandchild missing. The state will prove to the court just what her state of mind was from the middle of June leading up to her arrest through key testimony from friends, relatives and mainly, by her own actions. She did not act like a mother in distress. She did nothing out of desparation to find her daughter, instead, partying night after night. She lied to her parents and brother about Caylee’s whereabouts. She lied at every turn to law enforcement officials, trying to confuse them at every turn. She has never shown an ounce of remorse. There are no pictures of Caylee in her jail cell and the only time she burst into tears was when Caylee’s body was discovered. They were tears of fear. Fear that her hiding place was no longer a secret and afraid that more evidence would be found and an odd fear that the party was over. Premeditaion or not, at the end of her trial, when the jury walks back into the court room, her goose will be cooked. The state will say “well done!” and the judge will sentence her. Good bye and good riddance. She will become a footnote in history; another murderer who deserved her just dessert – to eat candy for the rest of her life in the confines of prison and to party no more.

In the end, it was freedom from responsibility that Casey wanted. No work, all play, and Caylee’s death was her way of returning to the carefree days of her childhood. She never wanted to grow up and this was her chance to punish her parents for taking it away from her for denying an abortion. I don’t want her and you can’t have her. Free at last! Soon, the only freedom she will ever have again is the freedom to reminisce about her past, to dream about what might have been and to think about why she didn’t get away with it. After all, she’s still way smarter than her parents. Right?


221 thoughts on “Caylee’s murder: premeditated and pretty stupid, too

  1. I can’t recall the issue of abortion ever coming up. However, a friend that had believed she couldn’t have children wanted to adopt the unborn child, Caylee, but told the police that Cindy had told Casey no.

    At the age of 18, I can’t help but wonder how she, Kiomarie, knew she couldn’t have children.

    I have a friend that was told she couldn’t have children after the first one-years later, after the age of 35-she gave birth to four more. (Not at the same time mind you).

  2. Casey brought up an abortion after her parents found out she was pregnant. Her mother said no, because of her religious beliefs and moral values. Adoption was ruled out, too, and Cindy told her she had to raise her baby. Later, Cindy wanted to adopt Caylee, but grandparents have no rights in Florida.

    4 more children after 35? Whoa, I’m glad she wasn’t my wife.

  3. Thanks for the update…I hadn’t heard about the abortion thing before. However, adoption wouldn’t be against Cindy’s religion.

    This, Caylee’s care in the hands of Casey, is a tragic consequence of not making an impression upon children at an early age. I wonder how many are in, or have been in, Casey’s predicament that we haven’t heard about?

    My friend, she had remarried-well not actually married, more like a 100 year contract since he is Shite Muslim and she a pentecostal, but, legally married- he had wanted that many children, even more. However, he had to realize that she wasn’t a puppy mill at her stage in life.

  4. Since Casey doesn’t seem to never have taken responsibility at any time in her life that is the way she handled disposing of little Caylee’s body. She made the mess but was pretty sure someone else would clean it up. That’s what usually happoened in her life.

  5. No,TOTC, adoption was not a religious or moral issue other than Cindy didn’t want her to give the child up.

    Since I started writing about this subject, I’ve heard more and more about young mothers drugging their young children so they can go out and party. That was unheard of in my day. How could any mother put her own fun above the safety of her child? The trunk trick is another thing I’ve heard of. What’s that all about?

    Because I grew up in a world where my mother was naive and sweet, with a violent drunk of a father, I take a different approach to where a parent is responsible for how their child turns out and where the child is once reaching adulthood, in particular. My priorities growing up were not selfish and self centered, like Casey’s. I learned how to fend for myself, as she should have, and I grew up fine. What happened to her I blame on her. Parents can only do so much and in the end, it is Casey who should be solely held accountable, not her parents. That’s my opinion, anyway.

    Oh my… a Shiite Muslim and Pentacostal Christian? I don’t think I’d want to know those people. I certainly wouldn’t discuss religion or pork.

  6. Good afternoon, Paula, wherever you are –

    Apparently, Casey did a fairly decent job of caring for Caylee in spite of underlying issues inside, or someone would have complained much earlier about how she treated her. I mean, she was not just in the presence of her parents with Caylee. Casey’s friends would have noticed things, whether they were real friends or not, and they are still human beings, not machines capable of looking the other way with Caylee. Everybody loved her and Caylee was a well adjusted child. That doesn’t sound like someone who never took any responsibility at all. Never and at no time are pretty strong words. Other than that, I agree with you.

  7. Lol! She used to invite me to dinner just to give him stimulating conversation…I could make the veins bulge on his forehead! It gave her some relief! Lol! I’m too old for arguments now! Lol!

    I can’t imagine people drugging their children-only because I don’t want to look at that and would prefer to have my head stuck in the sand. But, I’ve heard of people giving them alcohol-that’s bad enough!

    I can also imagine her allowing someone she barely knew to watch Caylee. When I was that age, women I had never met before would ask me to sit for their child…at the laundry mat, at the gas station, etc. I seemed friendly and okay…they had no way of knowing otherwise.

    I could never understand that!

  8. My mother never would have left me in the hands of strangers and I doubt that Casey’s parents ever did that to her. I guess with each generation, things change, but that? How could a mother just walk away, leaving her child helpless? I also read that Casey would drop her off anywhere and anywhere, with anyone just to get away. My guess is that that’s where Zani originally came up. Casey was tired of telling her mother who all was watching her, so she came up a lie to make it seem like she was always in the hands of one person, a nanny no less.

  9. Oh, I guess the changing times may change the type of things that occur to the people living within the changing culture. Way back when people lived in smaller towns and it was easier to learn about other people. Often, during times of economic depression, people would give their children away as they couldn’t afford to feed them.

    I am sorry to hear about your drunken father, Dave. Unfortunately, that happens to those who refuse to step up to the plate. It’s a place to hide in plain site-like in front of the TV, down at the bar, etc.

    My parents were less than perfect too; however, I had many cousins and members of the community that stepped in to help in times of need. I can recall how as a child, often sick and running an extremely high temperature, that a local store owner brought me a box of paper doll cut-outs…just to help me through and cheer me up. Those people made a difference and will always be remembered.

  10. Interesting, your first paragraph, TOTC. Do you know why elections are always held on Tuesdays? Because in the 1840s, traveling to town took some time, maybe a day or more by foot or by horseback. Since Sunday was and still is the Sabbath, it gave people time to get to the voting booth. My point is all about how times change, although it is still a Tuesday. We e-mail and chat electronically now. As we become less personal, standing face to face to interact, so go our social habits, I guess. Between partying and forced into babysitting her daughter, Casey always found time to spend on the Internet. One day, she logged off her Caylee connection.

    My father actually gave up drinking years ago, but it was a very real part of my childhood and one I will never forget. Between my mother and other relatives and family friends, there were always people to pick up the pieces. That’s why it puzzles me that everyone blames Casey’s parents so much, as if there were no other people around. Just because the media haven’t caught wind of those people does not mean they are not out there. Even with people around the neighborhood, I haven’t heard anything about what bad neighbors they are or how rotten they treated their kids and they’ve been there for years.

  11. Yes, but generally, western thinking often tends to dichotomize phenomena into either/or categories, whereas, a both/and perspective might prove more beneficial in analyses, don’t you think?


  13. How coincidental, TOTC! Someone just said the same thing about me on my other blog where I am much less cerebral. That’s funny! It had to do with the avatar, which is slightly different than this one. Really, it’s all made up. I’m not all that smart and witty.

    P.S. That was a great show. The actor playing the neighbor died a few years ago, unfortunately.

  14. I WASN’T TRYING TO BE SARCASTIC! Whatever gave you that idea? You complimented me and I complimented you back for having a good grasp on the message I was conveying. What side of the bed did you get up on? The yelling and screaming and kicking side? Or did you sleep on a leftover pea? I mean, you signed your name “chef” and what do chefs do? CREATE FOOD! What do people do with the food you create? THEY EAT IT! And how do they eat it? THEY CHEW IT! Swallow that.

    I have feelings too, you know.

  15. Oh, Ina, don’t get me started on that one. I have no idea what set her off. It amounted to nothing more than a play on words, you know? Chef? Chew? Food for thought? Sheesh!

  16. I found your thoughts, Dave, to be very educational and compassionate. I really agree with the part about blaming the parents so much. I’ve posted on many sites about how adult children need to be accountable for their own actions. I feel so sorry for George and Cindy. The media and the bloggers have persecuted them unfairly. They are victims as well as Caylee. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

  17. Thank you very much, Diana. I really worked on this piece, too. I mean, I thought it out and tried to structure it to be fair. I feel bad for the family, too, and I have attempted to make them as human as the rest of us, mistakes and all. Your comment is well appreciated.

  18. Yes, Newbie, and that’s all I meant by it. It didn’t sound insulting when I wrote it or when I read it later, after her rude retort. I’m glad you like my blog because I do try to be clever.

  19. Quite a stretch to say that Casey was a good parent. She never supported her daughter for even one day of her life. Never disclosed the childs father, and had severe jealousy issues with her Mother over Caylee. No……….she was not a good Mother.

  20. Dave~~you know this is getting scarey…you write what I think but I cannot put it into words like you do. Hope you don’t have mental telepathy and have been reading my mind. That is a long winded way of saying.. great article that I couldn’t have written better.

    You are right in saying Casey did want to have an abortion and Cindy would not hear of it. Something that has bothered me is when Cindy and Casey went to Cindy’s brother’s Rick wedding. Rick took Cindy aside and mentioned Casey’s pregnancy…Cindy says that you have to have sex to get pregnant and denied the fact Casey was with child…now really !! I believe Rick retorted with, “she must have a tumor and you best get her to a doctor right away”…Cindy is a nurse….and for goodness sake Cindy took inventories of everything Casey had in her purse and knapsacks.

    Dave~~one difference in you and me is…I think Cindy was instrumental in creating the monster by aiding and abetting. George, on the other hand, must have had one hell of a life living in the same house with the two of them.

  21. pretty~~IMO Casey abused Caylee when they were alone. Caylees hairdresser contacted LE when this first made the news and told them of seeing bruises on Caylee’s arms and under her eye. LE called in CPS as a result. Yuri Melich testified to this at the bond hearing. Cindy said the bruises were caused by a fall and Caylee bumping into a computer stand…once again covering for Casey!!

  22. You are right, prettyinpinkxo, but I never said she was a good parent. What I said was that she had her moments or someone would have reported her to the state long ago. No one can say what transpired the entire time she was a mother unless you lived with her and none of us did. I am not trying to disagree, I am just basing things on facts, not presumptions about her pre-murder days. As far as disclosing the name of Caylee’s father, do you know for certain that no one knows, like George, Cindy, Lee and some of Casey’s friends and relatives? Or are you basing it on the mere fact that the press doesn’t know because no one told them? Therefore, no one knows.

    I absolutely agree that Casey was not a good mother, that’s for sure. Please comment again if you feel like it. Thank you for taking time to read the post and offering your opinion.

  23. Interesting. I’ve been called a psycho, I mean, psychic before and I just knew you were writing your comment when you did. Yup, this is the way I think it went down in that household. I do take your compliment about my writing as something you admire because I wasn’t sure if I was too long winded or not. It’s almost 2,000 words.

    I remember now about Rick telling Cindy that. I think Cindy wore blinders all her life with Casey and I said something to that affect at the start of the post, that Casey walked all over her. Cindy was never the brightest star in the sky and I think she wanted to be so proud that her daughter was not only prettier, but way smarter than she ever was. I think that was the real problem with Cindy. She never wanted to believe her daughter could do wrong and she took her nursing skills and looked the other way with Casey’s pregnancy and everything else she ever did wrong. “Oh, Mom,” Casey probably said, “you know if I was pregnant, I’d tell you.” Cindy was so naive and that’s why I think Casey got away with murder for a whole month. I can’t agree that Cindy was instrumental in creating a monster. My mother was the same way and I got away with everything, yet I turned out OK. If I didn’t, how would it have been my mother’s fault? After all, I took advantage of her, just like Casey did, only I’m no murderer.

    Hearsay. That is what the bruise conversation is and it won’t be allowed to be entered in court. No one can prove abuse. We can think it, but it’s not worth anything to the trial judge what the public thinks. If it was, why didn’t DCF file an abuse report and remove Caylee from the home?

  24. I did just happen to catch the last part of your conversation…talking about abuse reported by a beautician. Kid/s do fall and get bruises you know. If Casey had been abusing Caylee, prior to leaving the home, Cindy would have mentioned it to someone

  25. I concur. I can’t assume Cindy covered abuse. Again, it might have happened, but she never witnessed it and Casey lied to her about it. I’d be more inclined to picture that than encouraging Casey to harm Caylee by not reporting it or, marginally, not telling George about it. By the reports on George, he loved that little girl.

    Whatever that was, I don’t think I insulted that commenter at all.

  26. Dave~~first off, if you are long winded…I refuse to stand down wind. DCF filing an abuse report…there was no Caylee in the home to remove had they filed said report.

    Apparently LE found it necessary to put Yuri Melich on the stand at the bond hearing and testify re the hairdresser. The hairdresser probably gave a sworn statement. I believe there is a picture of Caylee with a bruise under her eye as stated by Melich.

    Hearsay…this is where we can draw a fine line…are you going to convince me that in all the statements that LE has on file…anything that Casey may have told her friends…eg: I gave Caylee medicine to make her sleep’ will be classed as hearsay and thrown out…

    I didn’t call you a psycho but you may call me one when I get thru with you….Cindy will appear tame along side of DetWill….you never did ask me that the Det stood for did ya huh huh huh?

  27. Well, when I look at the photos, I try to see them for what they are. People only comment on the negative one. Many photos show Casey as a loving mother.

    Now, for a little psyche from me: Most people’s earliest memories are from something negative. I can recall our house burning to the ground at the age of 3…just like it was yesterday.

  28. OMG Dave is doing a search on my identity or looking in one of his law books for ‘hearsay’…

    Sometimes I think that Dave has Moses’ tablets on hand for reference…

  29. I stand down, Detective. Will you forgive me?

    Actually, I think there is a difference between bond hearings, motion hearings and the real trial as far as what is allowable. If DCF felt that abuse was going on there, they would have been back, trust me. I know how DCF works and they are not slackers at all. That child would have been removed. Don’t you agree there would be more leeway at hearings, before the defense puts together a unified team and ready for trial? The prosecution may offer the photograph as evidence, but the defense would be stupid to not object on the grounds of hearsay. Every kid has bruises and a picture today can be Photoshopped, not that it was if DCF took it, but without testimony from DCF, it will not stand. And if DCF took the picture, Casey must have been there.

    With regard to the children’s medicine to put Caylee to sleep, wasn’t that from e-mails? If so, there is a record of it. Besides, a boyfriend’s word is more valid than a hairdresser’s hearsay. Wouldn’t you admit that the boyfriend, by proxy, spends more time with the child than the hairdresser and is, therefore, more intimate with the accused and how she handled her daughter? How come no boyfriend came forward with an abuse report?

    Of course you didn’t call me a psycho. You only inferred it. Oh. No, it was psychic. Crazy me.

  30. TOTC~~funny when you mentioned the negative things we remember in our past…I recall the day, being around 2 or 3, leaving home with our big dog and dad catching up with me about a half mile from home…well my butt got a good swatting …that I do remember.

  31. Everytime I think of detective, it reminds me of when Yuri Melich was blogging as Dick Tracy… the bloggers were all complimenting him on the blog re his good work…one mentioned seeing in on crutches and he couldn’t resist joining the conversation…of course, LE got wind of it and told him it was a no no…

  32. Not only did I get spanked when I was young, my father took his belt off a number of times. Is that abuse today??? Anyway, all my mother had to say when we were acting up was, “Just wait until your father gets home.” That usually stopped us in our tracks.

  33. Dave~~when I am reading the blogs in here….can you see my name pop up somewhere?

    I like to be incognito….when sleuthing…

  34. You cannot spank a child today….they can take you to court for abuse and then divorce you.

    I always thought that extra padding on the butt was to slap and not just a cushion to sit on.

    My dad used to cut a ‘water birch’ a little switch and seldom ever used it. If he took his belt off, his pants would have fell down.

  35. Dave~~when Yuri did his Dick Tracy…he thanked the bloggers for their compliments but, to my knowledge, in no way discussed the on going case. Hopefully this is history now unless Baez reads this blog.

  36. No, I have to go to a separate website I subscribe to to view visitors. It gives me information I don’t even care about. I just go there to see if it’s someone I know, like a practical joker. Trust me, it’s not all that revealing. I get all sorts of info here, as the administrator, such as search terms, which can be real doozies sometimes. Each comment gives an IP address. If I’m curious, I can go to the other website, of which I have 2 to choose from, and cross reference the IP number to see where you’re from.

    One time, a very specific search term came through and i was able to find the IP address and server info. Plus more, but never a name. I passed that info on to the police, but I don’t know if anything came out of it. Believe me, I have no desire to dig into anyone’s personal life. It never interested me and I have enough problems of my own. I’ve never been a gossiper, either.

  37. It is abuse today, but not back then. I wish it was.

    The question about Yuri’s blog isn’t about what he said, it is about what he inferred by having it there to begin with. A defense attorney could argue prejudice, don’t you think?

  38. Dave~~I know you can look up an IP address. I posted at another blog here at wordpress and the moderator of the blog posted….oh I see you are from Nova Scotia…I did not appreciate that so changed my log in name…

  39. Sometimes, I like to see where people come from. I’m not looking for anything like a stalker. I can view charts to see from what countries, what search terms, what posts get the most hits, etc., etc. It’s just for my own info. Statistics. January was my best month ever. Just shy of 20,000 visits.

  40. Yuri was not the moderator of the blog….he was reading blogs to try and get some info….this was when the case first went down…

    TOTC~~maybe I used the wrong word…’sleuthing’… but will have to admit…my motto is…everyone is guilty until I prove them innocent…it help me reach conclusions like Charlie Chan with the aid of his No 2 son…

  41. Dave~~I am only here to raise your blood pressure not your ratings…

    TOTC~~I could never make a call from a disconnected phone…I am so honest I make myself sick… notice how many ‘I’s in this message… me thinks me learned from Casey.

  42. Well, Detwill, suppose someone comes at me with both barrels and tells me they know a lot more about Orlando than I do and I find out they don’t live in Orlando at all? Now, I’m not going to say a word about that, but it gives me a little ammo in return, like where is this restaurant and that bar or whatever. Like I said, I really don’t care where people are from. I like to think people are honest.

  43. Okay, you would love my Dad! LoL! The last time I saw him, while he was hospitalized, I loaned a guy that knew him a tool of his.

    Later the guy came around and told me he had just done 20 years in Tenn. for armed robbery. He also told me the tool I had loaned him didn’t work.

    I never told my dad about this guys past because I knew he would have blamed him; the truth is, the tool had been in the rain for quite some time.

  44. No, the guy that lives next door is young and drinks alot, cops were always showing up, and he keeps an eye on my Dad. I figured the police had their hands full with the neighbor! Lol!

    The guy didn’t lie about his past, and, it didn’t matter to me because it wasn’t an expensive tool.

    My father had just had a heart attack…didn’t want to give him another.

  45. Dave~~ I had the opportunity to read the blog that Yuri posted at….this was after the fact. I did not see him actually blogging so we are back to that damn ‘hearsay’ again…LOL

  46. I liked most of your narrative, but I will suggest an alternate possibility concerning Cindy and her stance toward Casey.

    I don’t think she’s quite such a fool as many people say. I do think Cindy has a flaw, and it is similar in nature to part of Casey’s dysfunction. Cindy’s two biggest flaws that we have seen are 1. A tendency to speak without first considering the impact of her words. Just to blurt out whatever comes to mind, so that she then has to amend and renege on her statements later on…
    2. The conviction that if she only believes strongly enough, has faith, she can will things to turn out right.
    I believe it is particularly that latter attribute that got her in trouble with Casey. She thought that if she loved Casey enough, believed in Casey enough, trusted her enough, Casey would grow into the person that Cindy saw her as, wanted her to be.

    So all those things that people say show Cindy as a fool, are really examples of Cindy practicing her ‘power of positive thinking’ on Casey. And her insisting that Casey have the baby and that she and George would help her raise it—that was just another way of believing that Casey would live up to her expectations. With the added emotional pressure of that tiny baby, Casey would finally grow up and become the person she should have been.

    And, before people rush to tell me only a fool would continue to think positive in the face of such constant betrayal and deceit–let me add that one can often see the same sort of delusional behavior with battered women.

    People suppose battered women are too weak, too foolish to get away from their batterer. But often it is just the opposite, they are strong-willed people, who take responsibility, overly much so, and they believe they can change the other person, with their own will alone. If they love him/her enough, if they nurture him/her just right, it will all turn out ok.

    I am very lucky never to have been a victim of (physical) abuse, but I did live five years with an abuser, and I was able to see the same kind of thing in myself, that is, that I was deluding myself regarding this person.

    I would beg this person to tell me the truth, but finally I understood that that never made him more any more likely to tell the truth, just made me more likely to believe whatever I was told.

    In the end, I gave up trying to believe in him, I walked away from the game before anyone won or lost. Just when Cindy was thinking of ending the game, suddenly it was on again, and at the highest possible stakes: the life of her granddaughter and whatever scraps remained of the love she had had for her daughter. Suddenly, even though she knew she was probably playing a losing hand, she was impelled to believe again, hope, pray, wish with all her heart to finally win that deadly contest of wills with Casey…

  47. My dad and mom had quite a rocky relationship but both managed to stick it out for almost 50 yrs. Dad’s biggest complaint was …”I’m a darlin’ in the morning and a s.o.b. at nite.” Mom thought she would call his bluff so she brought a religious plaque which read “I need thee every hour” and hung it on the wall over her side of the bed. Dad retaliated by putting one up on the wall over his side of the bed which read…”God give me strength”….

    I blame both of them for how I turned out!

  48. I like your way of thinking, Trensota. Cindy does (or did) have a big mouth and that’s what got her into so much trouble with the press and why people somehow distorted into something else, that she was to blame. I think delusional is a perfect way to describe her mind, too. I thought I, sort of conveyed that, but I guess not. You are right on the money.

    Your insight, from past experience, is enlightening. About halfway through reading, I wanted to ask you, but then you opened up and told your story. That took a lot. Trust me, my mother put up with lots of abuse, sometimes physical, but mostly mental and I could never figure out why a person would put up with it for so long. I think that my father’s behavior, along with my disposition, is what helped mold me into a person that would never, could never abuse another person.

    Unfortunately, even after Casey is sent to prison, Cindy will forever be delusional. She understands the loss of Caylee, but she will never believe Casey did it, I’m afraid. I wonder if George will ever get well.

    Thank you so, so much. I hope everyone reads your comment. It clearly complements what I wrote.

  49. I guess you can’t really do a background check on a neighbor. I think it was a good thing that he was honest with you, TOTC. If he meant you any harm, he wouldn’t have told you about his past.

  50. Yes Detwill, that was a great story…I’m sure you turned out great!

    Dave, often women put up with that type of behavior from men because they think they are supposed to…other women give them bad advice, their own family may even give them bad advice, and, who wants to be a failure? And, quite often it is for economic reasons as well.

  51. Dave~~which plague are you interested in? I am unsure if you want to brag or complain so make your choice…you can only have one.

    I think it is time I commit myself back in my cage for a bit…

    Very enlightening blog tonite…has been my pleasure…goodnight et bonsoir.

  52. True, TOTC, but I can’t even count the times my mother’s friends (and her sisters) told her to leave him. Her response has always been the same, “But I love the man.”

  53. You mean, I can’t be coming and going at the same time? Oh, well, Detwill, good night and thank you very much for your good words. It has been fun trying to multitask, that is, read, write and watch the Super Bowl.

  54. Well, I had a woman a long time ago that used to help me do housework. She confided in me one day about her mother, known in my area for helping children-she was on TV once a week. She said she used to have to grin and act like everything was okay when people would come up to her and tell her how wonderful her mother was and how great it was she was helping all those children.

    She told me they had no earthly idea what she went through each day after school as she couldn’t even bring friends home because her mother may be buck naked, drunk, and in the middle of the floor.

    She raised her mother-not the other way around.

    People only look at the surface and only see what they want to see.

  55. Hey! I’ve known women like her. All kidding aside, no, we never know what goes on behind closed doors. I wonder how much of that goes on today, with networking being such a huge part of our lives. I would think sheltered children or children with problems in school would set off alarms today, unlike the past.

  56. Not a bad plan, TOTC. The Super Bowl is almost over and it will be time for me, too. What a Steelers TD with under a minute to go! Sleep tight and thank you for the fun night.

  57. Dave, Enjoyed your blog and what you and all the others had to say. The only thing I don’t understand is saying that Cindy wanted Casey to have an abortion.

    If it is true she did not accept Casey being pregnant until she was 7 or 7-1/2 months along, that would not be an abortion it would be a premature delivery. Abortions are not permitted at that gestational stage.

  58. Hi, Frosty1 –

    I have been asleep for a couple of hours and for some reason, I just woke up and suddenly, there was your comment. Cindy never wanted Casey to have an abortion. That is what I was saying. Cindy told Casey she must have the baby and that an abortion at any stage of pregnancy was out of the question because of her religious and moral beliefs. I hope that clarifies the issue.

    Thank you for asking. Now, it’s back to bed.

  59. I get Frosty’s point. Supposedly Cindy did not find out about Casey’s pregnancy until she was 7 plus months along;

    That is well past the legal abortion thing. At that point, Casey could not have had an abortion.

    That’s one thing I don’t get. Back when Casey was ONE MONTH pregnant, she knew she missed her period, why didn’t she just take care of the situation at that point, and party on.

  60. I live in colorado and you can have an abortion at anytime. there is a dr. here that does abortions at nine months. i believe it is infantcide. i believe adoption would of been a good answer for Casey, but Cindy would of never agreed. i have an adopted daughter and am so thankful her mother made the right decision.

  61. 9 months that’s not abortion, thats a cesarian?
    If they let the baby die, that is like murder. That is what happened in China, where aborted babies were crying in a sort of dust bin and left to die. Abortion at that stage, that is awfull and not needed, I think! Unless the baby has a very painfull dissease, but still… Perhaps they do it to save the mother or something? Terrible! How can that man practice? Are you sure that he does that??

  62. A 9 month abortion is out of the question!

    I accept that there are legitimate reasons for abortion; however, failure to practice safe sex, take birth control, etc., isn’t a good reason. C’mon! Birth control has been on the market for about 50 years! Why abortion centers abound is senseless.

    Someone is failing to teach people the facts of life.

  63. Good question, Sheron. My guess is that she was too stupid, too lazy and too irresponsible to do anything about it. That and the fact that she didn’t have the money for an abortion. Maye, she inherited her mother’s trait to stick her head in the sand and everything will go away. As far as a late term abortion being illegal, I’ll bet you there are plenty of doctors out there willing to perform one for the right price, and legal or not, the two conversed about it.

  64. Good morning Grandma+4 –

    I know that Florida is a very conservative state and I don’t know where the legal line is drawn for abortion. Being 56, I never worry about that sort of thing. But Casey could have gotten one, somewhere, at any stage.

    Who knows, in hindsight now, how much different things would turn out. I’m sure Cindy never gave murder a thought while Casey carried that child.

  65. Ina, I remember when abortions were illegal in New Jersey. Some doctors allowed young girls to enter through the back door to abort a child. There were back alley places where the girls would go. Some of them died or got very sick because of non-sterile conditions. It was hell in those days, and yes, I agree it’s murder, especially at such a late stage, including partial birth abortion, which has Obama’s full support.

    The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act defines “partial-birth abortion” as follows:

    An abortion in which the person performing the abortion, deliberately and intentionally vaginally delivers a living fetus until, in the case of a head-first presentation, the entire fetal head is outside the body of the mother, or, in the case of breech presentation, any part of the fetal trunk past the navel is outside the body of the mother, for the purpose of performing an overt act that the person knows will kill the partially delivered living fetus; and performs the overt act, other than completion of delivery, that kills the partially delivered living fetus. (18 U.S. Code 1531)

  66. I never knew Florida was a conservative state, I do know California is not. So Florida probably doesn’t allow same gender marriages too I suppose.

    The discription of an abortion is also one I never read.
    In the seventies everything was battled and won by womens lib. I am glad so, and I know for a fact that abortions are rare these days compared to earlier years, due to educating kids how not to get pregnant. A lot of foreign girls ask for help here too. It is always a tragedy when it happens and women should not be judged because of it. There is a lot of pain when you decide to have one done, for medical or social (= often financial) reasons, believe me.

    The doctor has to ask you to reconsider here if you want one, now if you have already decided, that is not easy, you have to wait a bit, but it makes sense not to do it without giving it a lot of thought. Life is precious enough.

  67. It is conservative, Ina. You’ve got to remember that a lot of retirees live here and older people tend to be set in their ways and, therefore, more conservative. Also, despite what a lot of people think about Florida being known as “The Oasis of the South” and not really a part of it, they are wrong. There are plenty of rednecks, also known as “crackers” living in these here parts. Crackers got their name from the sounds of whips cracking as the cowboys tended the herd, keeping them in formation. There was racial discrimination until it was outlawed, but don’t kid yourself, there’s still tons of bigotry. To set the record straight on why I remain here, there are more progressive people in the state now, especially in more congregated areas, like Orlando.

  68. Are you sure Obama is in favor of the partial-birth abortion? The only article I’ve read stated that he was in favor of loosening up abortion restrictions and an opponent had suggested that that would lead to legalizing partial-birth abortions…

    It’s hard for me to believe that anyone would ever be in favor of such a practice, unless I’m not understanding it properly. I mean, we are talking about a fetus far enough along to be born alive, right? Like, 7 months or more?

    Surely the only circumstance to justify that would be if the mother’s life were in imminent danger? Or, um, if you found the baby was not viable? Like it had two heads or something? Though, I can’t say that, since there is that beautiful and healthy two-headed girl(s) from Minnesota. I think it’s Minnesota.

    That’s a weird thing to wrap your mind around. Much farther out there than Chang and Eng, the original Siamese twins. Last I read, the girls had turned 16 and were doing great, going to school, swimming, etc. But they were getting very tired of prying eyes and were asking for more privacy. Pretty normal for any 16-year-old.

  69. Hello, Kari –

    After hearing about his vote FOR partial birth abortion over and over again, I did some research on the topic and all I’ve found so far that he stated that he was against a bill outlawing it, which is not the same as a vote for, so I stand corrected. I guess it’s in the semantics and how slants are written. He said in an April 2008 interview, “On an issue like partial-birth abortion, I strongly believe that the state can properly restrict late-term abortions. I have said so repeatedly. All I’ve said is we should have a provision to protect the health of the mother, and many of the bills that came before me didn’t have that.”

    In a speech before Planned Parenthood in July 2007, Obama decried the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the partial-birth abortion ban.

    “There’s a lot at stake in this election, especially for our daughters. To appreciate that all you have to do is review the recent decisions handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States,” he said.

    “For the first time in Gonzales versus Carhart, the Supreme Court held—upheld a federal ban on abortions with criminal penalties for doctors,” he complained.

    “Some people argue that the federal ban on abortion was just an isolated effort aimed at one medical procedure—that it’s not part of a concerted effort to roll back the hard-won rights of American women. That presumption is also wrong,” he concluded.

    So, Kari, you be the judge. I guess it’s all in the interpretation and which side of the fence one sits. Thank you for your comment and for bringing it more to my attention.

  70. Dave, I did not mean to wake you up!! I went to bed shortly after posting and am now just getting to the computer.

    Thanks for clearing that up. I now understand.

    I hear alot of people who think Cindy wanted her to have an abortion. I am always amazed because this would go against her discovering the pregnancy so late.

    BTW, in some states abortion is legal, and a Dr will do it, up to 26 weeks or about 6 months pregnant. Many Docs will opt out of doing one that late.

    Pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks and from 26 to 36 weeks it gets very tricky. These abortions are ONLY to be done for severe fetal anomalies, genetic disorders, fetal death or if the Mothers health is in severe danger. Only a very few specialists delve into this area. I’m an RN and I do not think I would be able to assist in one of these cases.

    Of course we know beautiful, perfect Caylee would have been much better off adopted out to a loving family.

  71. Thank you, Frosty1, but you didn’t wake me up. I woke up for some reason and I noticed your comment and it had come in 2 minutes before, do instead of making you wait forever, I figured I’d answer.

    One of the giant problems with this case are the misconceptions surrounding it. For the life of me, I can’t figure where some of the notions come from, like Cindy wanting Casey to get an abortion. No way. She wouldn’t have allowed it, she wouldn’t have paid for it, and we all know Casey had no money. No money=no abortion. besides, yes, it was too late, but there are still doctors who are willing to do it for the right price. I live in the conservative state of Florida and it’s legal here, but I don’t know the actual cut off date. Trust me, at 56, I don’t worry much about that any longer.

    Caylee was a cutie, all right, and I think she would have been fine with her grandparents had they just snatched her out of Casey’s hands. Unfortunately, grandparents have no rights in Florida.

    Oh, I know a lot about nurses these days. I spent 5 days in the hospital on the pulmonary floor with bronchopneumonia over Christmas. As a matter of fact, I still have it and my hands are peeling from the strep infection. I had my 3rd set of x-rays done today.

    Thank you for commenting. I’ll be back. It’s time to watch Jeopardy.

  72. Dave~~I figured you were just a young fella….56 huh amazing!

    Now back to Cindy ….no one is going to tell me that she did not know Casey was pregnant at Rick’s wedding. Cindy denied knowing about the preg because she was trying to save face and remain the wonderful ‘All American family’… Did any of you folks get a peek at the pic of Casey at that wedding? The outfit she was wearing was stretched so taut over her belly a button was hanging on for dear life.

    Cindy’s denial was her way of getting out of having to discuss any of their personal life with her brother…who IMO would have offered her some advice. We all know Cindy does not take advice readily.

    Any info on how George is making out and when he may be released to a facility closer to his home?

    So Todd Black is really Gil Cabot ….says former FBI.

  73. Yes, Detwill, I am 56, alas. No young fella here.

    Gil Cabot, huh? Oh. I don’t think he’s a player in this Anthony case. I think the media are fishing in the wrong lake.

    To be honest about the pregnancy and Cindy, I kind of like Trensota’s theory from yesterday. Delusional. Not her darling daughter. Who knows? It might have been the last night she felt that way. She may have suspected, but was too afraid to question her little virgin. After Rick burst the bubble, she may have given it some thought. I mean, did you hear anything from Rick that states he talked to Cindy soon after the wedding about it? And again and again? I’m not talking about the e-mails after Caylee disappeared. Personally, I don’t think the pregnancy will fit much into the trial because Cindy won’t be on trial. If anything, the state may use it to discredit her testimony in defense of Casey.

    No info yet on George, but I don’t think Halifax is going to announce his departure date any more than (CENSORED) Hospital is going to announce his arrival. For all we know, he might have been moved already.

  74. Hi there…changed my name everyone…Dave renamed me. I like it better! Hope you do too! You can call me TB for short. Lol!

    Great post Detwill…I agree that Cindy probably didn’t want to discuss the issue with her brother. Any brother that writes things like he did wouldn’t be in good favor. IMO. Some men are more nosey than women and are often more prone to gossip.

    Hopefully they won’t announce when he, George, is to be released. That helicopter thing after Casey had to go back to jail was outrageous!

    Though this is standard operating procedure for Nancy Grace and Dr. Phil, most laymen didn’t readily consent to that type of treatment…it’s too much. IMO

  75. Hi there, Thinker Belle, TB for short. I hope you don’t go to McDonald’s and order a BM. That’s short for Big Mac.

    George won’t be released from anywhere for some time to come, from what I understand. He is just moving from the Daytona Beach hospital to one closer to home. I don’t remember that helicopter thing. Did I miss something or is old age setting in?

  76. I have eaten at a McDonalds less than five times in the last twenty years. I knew a woman that worked where they get their meat from. Only McDonalds is allowed to buy it because they can turn it so fast…it’s marked contaminated for everyone else. Not to mention, a BigMac made me sick as a dawg about twenty years ago! BM is short for bowel movement! Lol!

    Oh yeah…they really dramatized Cindy taking her to the bail agent who was to return Casey to the sheriff’s office…it was like something out of a Clint Eastwood movie. Nancy Grace even made an issue of it, claiming they were trying to escape. That woman is a total moron!

  77. They weren’t trying to escape. I remember that story and Nancy Grace playing it for all it was worth. All pertinent people were in on the ploy. It was to lose the TV teams following in pursuit. I know that overpass very well at the 417 and Boggy Creek Road. If you head due south from the Orlando International Airport, Airport Road turns into Boggy Creek and just south of that point is the 417 (Greeneway) overpass and interchange. It was under the overpass where the switch was made.

  78. Oh Thinker Belle~~I can’t laughing long enough to see to type…good thing Dave didn’t say nitey nite Stinker Belle…

  79. Lol! that’d work! I like Thinker Belle better!

    Yeah…what was that all about? did they really think she’d make an escape?! Geesh! Why were the news teams following them so closely…they were going to end up at the jail anyways! If she were going to escape, they were getting in the way of Law enforcement…trying to cause an accident.

  80. Law enforcement was everywhere. It was a podunk town version of the Princess Diana chase. Big poop, I mean, scoop! There was nowhere for Casey and Cindy to hide from the police, only the press, WKMG, Channel 6, the CBS affiliate in particular. Channel 9 gobbled up Channel 6’s mistake.

  81. If laughing is good for you …I am sure airing out my lungs.. as long as my pacemaker doesn’t short circuit…

    Now to some serious stuff…they are reopening the Jon Benet Ramsey case…

    The former FBI said Todd Black was Gil Cabot from voice recognition….he sounded rather legit.

  82. Dave~~here is something for you to mull over.

    Let’s say you are replacing Baez as Casey’s defense attorney….knowing the facts put out by LE…and Casey sticking to the zanny story…how would you go about getting her off? Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t take on the case…I just want to know if the defense has a leg to stand on.

  83. I think the police had found a person of interest a while back on the Ramsey case. No doubt, they screwed up big time when they focused on the parents. Think what it would be like if the police in the Anthony case went after George and Cindy with the same vigor as the Denver police did and the media are doing now. Personally, I think part of George’s breakdown was from the constant attacks. But, you know, that’s what the press is famous for.

    I still think the Todd Black story is going to end up nowhere. He’s like a 2 bit player in this game.

  84. Every defense has a leg to stand on. The OJ trial proved that, only it wasn’t a leg, it was a hand and glove. I think by sticking to the original story that Casey told police; that it was to protect her daughter from outside influences, i.e., people she owed money to, people who wanted revenge and had threatened to take Caylee in the past. Then, I’d go after the evidence and try to plant doubt with each and every piece. I’d go after the credibility of the law enforcement officers involved, especially the ones that had any sort of personal connection with Casey. As much as Baez hints at a smoking gun that will rescue her, it isn’t going to happen.

    What happened Thinker Belle?

  85. Dave~~that gives me an idea of some of the cards the defense will play.

    The defense have been examining the scene where remains were found. Dr Perpper said on NG tonite that there should be someone there supervising them…imagine he meant the LE.
    I don’t trust Dr Henry Lee.

  86. Re Jon Benet Ramsey…I heard on NG that they had evidence that Jon Benet had damage in the vaginal area indicating that she may have been sexually abused over a period of time. They also found unknown DNA on her underpants and DNA on a the sides of a pair of long johns she wore…they have the science now to possibly match up the DNA…

  87. Sorry, Detwill, I got a phone call I needed to take. Now I am very tired, so I am going to bed. I will get back to you. Maybe, I should take another trip down to the scene to take photos of the defense team in action. Any way, I will be back tomorrow. Hopefully you will be, too. I’ll work on your 2 comments in the morning.

  88. Hi Dave, My first time here, enjoyed

    your post….I’ll check in another time.

    The Caylee Case and the whole family

    fascinates me as it does so many others.

    That creepy Casey is totally


  89. Something for you to “chew on” LOL
    A few post I’ve read seem to believe
    Casey is a SOCIOPATH (if I spelled that correctly) I did a little reading about that personality type and oh my goodness, it sounds just like her! It’s believed that parents ARE primarily responsible for a child ending up with this mental illness.

  90. Here I am, back in the AM, a little later than usual. I don’t think anyone needs to supervise the defense team. I doubt they will find much of anything that is usable. Even if they do, or it is something they plant as evidence, the state will be all over them. I don’t know what they are looking for. That area was combed through millimeter by millimeter. The body is not there, so it’s not like they can uproot (pun intended) the state’s claim of when the remains were placed in the woods. I don’t have a problem with Dr. Henry Lee. He is a professional. I wonder if some of the public’s disdain for him stems (no pun intended) from the OJ trial. The same with Baez, in a sense, because there tends to be a strong bias towards attorneys, in particular, that take on cases such as these, without rationalizing that every person charged with a crime needs and deserves a strong defense. Notwithstanding, character has something to do with it. Look at how personalities impact public opinion. Despite OJ’s obvious guilt and subsequent acquittal, Johnny Cochran remained popular until his death. Baez will never get that kind of treatment.

    On JonBenet, yes, there was some vaginal penetration and damage, and DNA was present that did not belong to her father or brother, who was out of town at the time and couldn’t have possibly done it. A favorite target of the media, the Ramseys were put on public trial and found guilty by the public, yet DNA samples were not sent to the FBI until 7 years later that totally exonerated them. Why? What the police and media did to them was a downright shame. They were crucified just like Cindy, George and Lee are today. One more thing about the Ramsey case. As far as I know, it has never been a cold case file. It has remained active. If Nancy Grace stated the it is miraculously being re-opened, I might want to take issue with that and question whether there’s a little grand standing going on. Could it possibly have something to do with the fact that there’s nothing that new to sensationalize on the Anthony case?

  91. Sorry I retired early last night, Thinker Belle, but I had gotten all dehydrated yesterday. I guess I haven’t been drinking enough water. Anyway, it really tired me out.

    I will read your post. For some reason, your site takes forever to load on my laptop. I don’t know why, other than the video links causing it.

    On Todd Black, I contend that he is not newsworthy. He is a fringe player and not directly related to the case. He is what I would call, in the industry, a piece of fluff, a filler to take up space when there’s not much else to report. When newspapers end a story and there is space left at the bottom, a little story or factoid is placed there to fill out the space. It is called a blurb. That’s what he is, a blurb. A blip on the radar screen. I’m not saying he’s not news at all, and he is right now, but I’ll bet you his name will not come up at trial. This has to do with how credible Baez is and since he is despised, his disbarment.

  92. (Oops) Just to let you know, Dave, my name is Kari, but there is apparently another Kari, with prior claim to the name on WordPress, so if I’m signed in, I go by Trensota (spanish for long-braids). I’m not trying to fool anyone or take on different personas, but sometimes I forget which name I’ve introduced myself with…

  93. Hello, Marylee!

    Sorry I’m so late getting back to you. Thank you for enjoying my post. Yes, indeed, Casey is creepy.

    Antisocial personality disorder is now the term for sociopath, which is described by as “A pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others and inability or unwillingness to conform to what are considered to be the norms of society.

    “The disorder involves a history of chronic antisocial behavior that begins before the age of 15 and continues into adulthood. The disorder is manifested by a pattern of irresponsible and antisocial behavior as indicated by academic failure, poor job performance, illegal activities, recklessness, and impulsive behavior. Symptoms may include dysphoria, an inability to tolerate boredom, feeling victimized, and a diminished capacity for intimacy.”

    She fits some of those descriptions except for being antisocial and having a diminished capacity for intimacy.. She thrived on attention and couldn’t get enough sex, according to some of her friends. Personally, I think she is a combination socio and psychopath.

    Thank you for writing and please come back.

  94. Oh, so you’re the world famous Trensota. Finally, we meet! Your replies are well thought out and written. I’m telling you, they really do complement what I and others write.

    You can go by either name. I know now which one is which. I wondered what Trensota meant. As far as hiding your identity, don’t even give it a thought. You are free to call yourself whatever you want here. One question… what is the Spanish word for bald?

  95. Senor Dave~~zee word is ‘calvo”…which reminds me of something that has always been puzzling….”how does a bald man know where to stop at when washing his face?”

  96. Yeah, I thought my blog was slow too, but so is my computer. Maybe I should remove the videos or just put in a link. I wounder if anyone else has that problem…or do they just give up?

    No sweat about missing you last night…ya gotta sneuz!

    Yes, Grace is “re-opening” the case for “bombshell” news to report! Jeez! I’m glad I don’t have cable. She and Padilla are too much.

    Unfortunately, I think that may prove to be untrue about Todd Black being fluff. Those journalist aren’t sharp enough to look closer. They are focused 1) on crucify the Anthonys’ 2)be first to report 3)covering their own backs.

  97. Gee, I wonder if Padilla will fly to Boulder to investigate the JonBenet murder. It’s funny, because the case was never retired to cold files. It’s remained open, just like the Trenton Duckett disappearance.

    I don’t know exactly why I feel the way I do. Call it a gut feeling or whatever, but I think the only reason anyone is going after Black is to discredit Baez. Sure, Baez is no top shelf lawyer, but somebody’s got to defend her. I think it’s more along the line of trying to tie Roy Kronk to the murder. Worse yet, now he’s a pedophile. IMO, Black’s not involved in it, either. He’s just a fringe player.

    5 minutes to Jeopardy. After that, I should be back.

  98. I knew the final Jeopardy answer was Stonewall Jackson. He lost an arm during a battle and his arm and his body are buried (I think) 50 miles apart. Just a little piece of trivia.

    I’ve heard a number of times about Kronk being a pedophile. I’ve had a couple of comments, one recently, too, and a lot of search terms come into WordPress about it, like “roy kronk pedophile.” It’s a real shame that people come up with this stuff. They think the worst and suspect everyone.

  99. That is a rather serious accusation! Just because he found her doesn’t mean he is a pedophile. and, there is a large leap from a kidnapping charge where another adult is involved into proving pedophile.

    I think people who make those accusations are either teens or those who have seriously diminished mental abilities.

    I’m watching Celtic musicians…they are good!

  100. I don’t want to keep you from watching Celtic musicians, but I usually like to listen to music instead. By all means!

    I guess you might not remember the recent comment from a woman who said Casey was innocent and the police should really be looking at that Kronk pedophile.

    Anyway, don’t let me keep you.

  101. I am listening…and watching from time to time.

    Maybe I saw that, but, often I have to dismiss a lot of crap or I just couldn’t stand it. I can’t recall it right now.

    Did they offer any proof? Has he ever been investigated about that? Sounds like a Belch special like that macabre thing-she longs to replace Grace.

  102. No one investigated it to my knowledge and I don’t think it came from the news. I think it’s just one of those rumor mill, through the grape line, sort of things. Somebody made it up and it started making the rounds. It could have stemmed from a hunch that since Kronk found the body, he must have been responsible for killing her and placing her there. If he did that, he molested her before killing her, therefore, he is a pedophile. Boy, it takes a lot of brains to think of something like that.

  103. Yeah…probably a kid or something…someone who learns everything from sensationalized tv.

    I noticed something today I hadn’t before. Actually, I saw a video of Cindy that I hadn’t seen before taken soon after Casey’s arrest. She mentioned that Zani was to keep Caylee for four hours. In Casey’s statement to the police she said she had known Zani for four years. I found that rather odd.

  104. When I hear accusations like Kronk being a pedofile, it disgusts me. I think if the man had it to do over he would walk away. As far as Lenny Padilla goes, I used to think he was really a great guy trying to help solve this case. I wish he would ditch that toothpick and ride off in the sunset.

  105. Thinker Belle~~was that the interview of Cindy with Greta?

    I heard about the ‘four hours’ but don’t recall where.

  106. Oh, geesh! I read an article by a Hollywood detective that accused Kronk of being a pediphile because he liked to hide in the woods and watch the school children unnoticed! That’s the reason for him being in the woods so many times. Ofcourse, it couldn’t possibly be because it was a good spot to take a whiz. He was disecting Kronk’s 911 calls. Go figure!

  107. Detwill, it may have been Greta…I saw one in which she reamed out Geraldo, though he did need it. Lol!

    Coreysmom…I’ve been keeping my blog eye on that guy…creepy! Why would a Hollywood Detective want to get involved…he has set up a tip line for people to call in tips to him about Kronk! Yeah!

    That accusation is absolutely ludicrous…school wasn’t even in session at that time!

  108. Hi Dave, We were watching an old video showing on Nancy G. tonight of Baez & Casey as they were walking
    under an umbrella and he was holding her so protectively.
    In your opinion is he a decent man/atty?

  109. Hey, I just read where George was released from the Daytona hospital…hope they aren’t waiting to pounce on him in front of his home again…boy, those people are real nuts…someone should tape them and get all their information, including family information.

  110. Thinker Belle,
    I just read your article on Black…or is it Cabot?
    Had to post your link at the Caylee Daily for those who had not heard of him before or that Black is Cabot…or is he? I’m confused! You did a good thorough job on putting all the info together. Thanks!

  111. Thank you kindly, Marinade Dave! That is the second or third time you have welcomed me most hospitably to your blog, and I really must acknowledge you as a charming and courtly host. In fact, you are so very warm and gracious that I must conclude you are a southerner born and bred.

    Please forgive me if I cannot quite match you in the charm and sweet-talk department. We northerners become suspicious when anyone appears too friendly.

    Southerner: “Why, it is such a pleasure to make your acquaintance! How are you feeling on this fine afternoon? Will you allow me to freshen your drink?”
    Northerner: “Thanks, what are you selling?” “I don’t carry any cash…”

    A couple of my Mexican friends were working construction in a very upscale neighborhood and speculating about how many people lived in the huge, million-dollar homes. We northerners glanced at each other and rather stiffly inquired what their interest was? They explained that to them it was a very strange and cold thing that grandparents would stay all alone in such big houses, not even bringing a few grandchildren into the house to keep them company. It seemed neglectful and lonely for the grandparents. So different from the northern point of view! We pity the poor grandparent who has had grandchildren dumped on them, to fill their house with noise and emotion and untidiness. And as for actually inviting children to live with you, with spouse and grandkids and all—-that seems to us shameful, and evidence that the child did not make a success of his life. The successful child is the one you only see at Christmas and Easter, if then.

    I am not a successful child. I am a very, very blessed individual who has always had the love and (moral and sometimes financial) support of my parents.

    Spanish for bald is pelon, but that word has other meanings, generally means scalped, and sometimes is used in an impolite way. The proper word is calvo, although I usually hear it as caldo, and I’m not sure if that is a flaw in my understanding, or maybe just a joke. Caldo is a soup or a soup-kettle, and since the two sound similar, it could be a joke: calvo como un caldo, like we would say, bald as an egg, and then we might call someone egghead as a baldy joke.

    Uh, hope you aren’t sensitive on the subject at all? I apologize to any baldies I just offended and give them free permission to throw some fat jokes at me in return.

    Anyway, thanks for having a blog free of hate-language. It’s a relief to come here and hang out.

  112. I put my head down last night and BOINK! I was out. I seem to need more sleep lately. Anyway, I’ve been looking for a reference to Casey knowing Zani for four years and all I’ve found are threads mentioning it. I will continue to look, Thinker Belle.

  113. Detwill – Poor Kronk is no longer a meter reader. Because of safety reasons, he was transferred to Orange County Inventory Control, away from the public eye. Padilla now reminds me of an odd relative, the kind you feel you have to invite to a family gathering and then pretty much ignore the rest of the time.

  114. Good Morning!

    Jill- Thank you, Dave thought up the name…I really like it too.

    Dave-she told LE that she had known Zanni for four years, it’s in the transcripts. Grund said he had never heard of her until around November. And yes, Padilla is upstaging NG in the annoying category. I think he just caters to the gossipy bloggers who would prefer to spend their time disrupting other’s lives to feed his theories so he can charge $9.99 for his theories. He, like Grace, could care less about anyone other than themself.

  115. Hello, Marylee –

    Sorry for being so late with my reply. I can’t say anything about Baez’s decency as a man or otherwise. all I can say is that he is being ostracised and castigated my the media and public. Sure, he probably deserves some of it and he some seem to have a seedy side, but it is primarily based on his role as Casey Anthony’s defense attorney. Since she is behind closed doors and out of reach, he became the de facto punching bag, the man to hate. Yet, someone has to do it. She cannot go into court without counsel. I think whoever her attorney would be, that person would be considered evil. It’s a no win/no win situation, because he will lose in court, too. I would ask those who judge him so fervently to dig up his past record before sentence is passed. Interestingly, I haven’t heard anything bad about him, only from when he took on this case.

    So, no, I am not defending him, nor running him through the coals. Casey did this, not him.

  116. Yes, Thinker Belle, George was sent home where he will continue with outpatient counseling. It should be a matter of record that he voluntarily chose to stay in the hospital after the 72 hours expired from the Baker Act. Should I take him a get well card?

  117. Dave, a card wishing everyone well would probably be great. I’ve read that Padilla is on Cindy’s case again, she isn’t perfect like he and Grace, bloggers are tracking Lee, and Holly Bristow, the one that called Conway the Anthony’s mouthpiece, was recorded near a highway in the dark telling everyone that George Anthony was out of the hospital-I have no idea where she was, but, aren’t other people hospitalized in that area from time to time. I mean, did the just build an entire psychiatric ward for only the Anthony family? If so, what a waste of public funds!

  118. Thank you, Kari. You are right. I am a warm and caring person, but you are wrong about my heritage. I was born and raised in New Jersey. Flemington is a rural part of the state and that’s where I lived until I moved to the Orlando area in 1981. Of my 56 years, I’ve actually lived a little longer here now, so I guess that makes me somewhat of a southerner, just not born and bred. You don’t need to be suspicious of me. I may be too friendly to you, but you haven’t read all of my comment retorts. There is a side of me you, obviously, have not seen yet.

    That’s an interesting story about living in the same household. As a child growing up in the north, I spent many times with my grandparents, including living with them (with our mother) when my father was such a rotten drunk. Overall, I’ll bet you I lived 2-3 years like that as a child. So you see, the support I never got from my father early on was more than made up by my grandparents and, of course, my mother who was always there. As a matter of fact, my grandparents were really my surrogate father growing up and I was close to them until they passed away.

    Don’t worry about me being sensitive at all. How could I ever dish it out, which I like to do, if I couldn’t take it? I am more concerned with who I am on the inside than what I am on the outside. What you see is what you get.

    I’m glad you find coming here a relief. You’ll notice by the comments that everyone here feels the same way. They are all very nice and friendly.

    Senor Calvo con Pelon

  119. I think a card would be a nice gesture. I’m afraid if I made some sort of announcement here in the form of a post, I would be crucified like Kronk. Hey, what a way to make a name for myself… Marinade Dave cheated with Cindy while George laid in a hospital bed!!! All for wanting to give him a get well card. I wonder how many signatures I could get, though?

    I know exactly where Holly Bristow stood, that little skank. I didn’t see the news clip, but I’ll bet you she’s sitting in front of the Anthony home right now. I wonder if she just guessed what hospital. Anyway, she was wrong. So was I about where he would go from Halifax, but my story was old compared to hers. It proves she had no clue about it as late as last night.

    Nothing was built for George. No accommodations were made other than security. The hospital he was going to be transferred to has beds for such problems. It is a big hospital that has big branches located elsewhere. He was not going to be in the main hospital, just like I wasn’t when I had my pneumonia recently.

  120. That would be nice Dave…I send my best to the family and wish them well in their hour of need. I haven’t the words to express my feelings about what they are going through, since I have never experienced anything like that.

    But, I do know, from personal experience, that in the hour of need the majority is only thinking of themselves, while 2-5% are actually going to do something positive.

    Even when asked to vote on who should be crucified, the thief or Jesus, they voted to crucify the one without blemish. Even Hitler knew of this idiosyncrasy which exists in all mankind and used it to further his goals.

    I really don’t care what other bloggers think of me-I’ve never met them and probably never will; hence, they could never be true friends, only some that I admire and enjoy what they write.

    A different part of the mind and spirit is at work when one is typing. Even the media should know that and realize that they are creating the future of tomorrow and the type of society in which they prefer to live. I can only imagine they wish to have more ‘Casey type’ stories to cover to further their own agendas.

    Eventually, people will tire of this phenomenon, as their attention span is less than that of a commercial, and those who have sacrificed the sanity of all viewing will reap exactly what they deserve-a cold, calloused community led by the moronic majority.

    I still maintain that I am human and prone to faults…much like the members of the Anthony family. Plus, I’m gonna blog what I think because I can…I’m armed! Lol!

  121. That’s the spirit, Thinker Belle! Sometimes, I wonder if the news media and a large handful of bloggers realize what a monster they have created. Granted, without the monster known as Casey, there would be no food to fuel such speculative hatred, but they drag everyone down with the ship. Everyone is guilty! And that’s just not fair.

    I base what I write on principle. I can’t say anything about Cindy other than she was moronic in the way she handled the media. As an uninformed and extremely naive person, she had no idea how the press and public, starving for this sort of fodder, would chew her up and spit her out. They are far from being done with her. Where is the evidence against her? Why does she not sit in jail, alongside George, Lee, Roy Kronk, the PIs and everyone else besides Nancy Grace and Leonard Padilla? Because law enforcement knows what the media and public have no clue of. When all else fails, make it up. You see, Belle of All Thinkers, we are not making things up. We are, shudder the thought, making humans out of the monsters of media. How dare us.

    Oh, I doubt anyone will get tired of this story for a long time. There’s plenty of time to make up more stories between now and when the trial gets underway.

  122. Dave, Have you heard anything about an old truck parked behind the empty
    house by the Anthony’s family home?

    Someone on another site mention it and
    said that it had the name “Zanny inscribed” (I don’t have any idea how) on it somewhere.

  123. She was no uncaring even in hiding the body. Just a quick way of disposing of her child and her guilt. There would have been so many people so ready to adopt that beautiful baby.

  124. Hello, Marylee –

    If it’s what I’m thinking of, which I think it is, it’s an abandoned house owned by a Gonzalez, according to property records. There is no tie in with the case. It was some sort of ploy to veer the case off course, but it was swiftly dismissed. I can’t remember for sure who it was, one of the PIs or someone else, but it was rubbish. I think it was about 10 blocks away. I don’t remember a truck because it was over before it turned into something. I’m sure that’s what you are referencing.

  125. There were thousands, if not millions of people who would have been more than willing to do that, Ajlouny, including her grandparents. Unfortunately, no one ever heard of Caylee before this tragedy. Unfortunately, too, because grandparents have no rights in the state of Florida. It is so sad.

  126. Marylee…if that is true, then it is probably parked there and marked with shoe polish or something. If you recall Padilla wanted that Murt guy involved because he has web cameras…usually what they do is put cameras in vehicle to harass people and get information that they can be paid for thinking they are saving everyone a lot of time and money…usually what happens is nobody cares and don’t want to play their silly games.

    Everyone is polarized in their thinking…get Casey…well, they have already got her so why keep ragging? They wouldn’t be doing it if there wasn’t something in it for them.

    They can stake out the neighborhood this way, harass the neighbors of the Anthonys, rob people and never be noticed…the police certainly don’t care as long as they are getting information. But, it doesn’t come when they need it the most.

  127. Thanks, for the info. Tinker & Dave,
    I get bits and pieces between work and family. I can’t help but be interested in this case.
    Do you-all feel that anyone besides Casey was involved in either, the murder or disposing of the child’s remains. I’m not hearing of any friends that
    were loyal enough to Casey to participate in anything that evil.
    Any thoughts on this or is that a ridiculous question?

  128. Marylee…I don’t think that is a ridiculous question, I have thought about this…the only person who might {and I think the chances are very slim} would be Lee. As you state Casey doesn’t have many friends left – she stole from most of them.

  129. No, Marylee, it is not a ridiculous question. There are millions of people out there blaming the entire Anthony family for what Casey did and that is the ridiculous part. She acted alone. Even to this day, writers talk about Lee this and Cindy that when there are documents out there free for the reading. So many of Casey’s friends have been interviewed, yet everyone is stuck on Lee and Cindy and when are they going to be arrested for all they are hiding and how they are (to this day!) obstructing justice. George faked his suicide, I might add. This all adds up to a very weird and obsessed audience. Casey stole from her friends, not just her family, and she knows how to manipulate. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to take some of them down with the ship, but it won’t work. There is just too much evidence that points to a lone killer.

    Don’t be afraid to ask anything.

  130. Hi Dave…memorial is now officially on again.
    If you go would you please send our thoughts from the many Australians who care about Caylee – thanks.

  131. It’s a joke. Baez and Baden were on the Today Show the other morning and they compared Casey’s ordeal with The Fugitive. She’s in the same predicament (ha, ha, ha) and the real killer, the one armed guy is still out there.

  132. After reading this thread, I now have your

    However, after seeing this public memorial,
    I am going to do what the Anthony’s have
    asked and that is to not judge. Let’s all have
    hope, and as they asked, reach out and do
    something positive for someone else today.

    We can all assume what happened, Dave.
    But, we don’t know. I do know that Casey
    is presumed innocent, until proven guilty.

    I don’t think Cindy is a stupid woman at all,
    I can’t imagine being in any of the Anthony’s
    shoes, and I believe they want solidarity
    in their family, and do believe that they
    have given unconditional love to their daughter.

    One thing is for sure, is that little beauty
    who has captured so many hearts around
    the world, little Casey Marie Anthony
    who lived such a shortened life, surely has
    captured my heart.

    I keep on thinking of the loss of their family,
    and truly that in their minds, they have not
    only lost Caylee, but Casey, as well.

    I won’t judge, George, not anymore.

    You wrote that you were going to the service
    Dave, I hope after being there in person that
    perhaps, your perception will be somewhat
    close to mine, and that you won’t judge, and
    assume when you weren’t there.

    I’m not living with rose coloured glasses on either, but for today, in honour of that
    beautiful child, I really wish I didn’t read this
    post. I clicked over from the very wise
    ThinkerBelle 🙂 on her recommendation.

    I’m going to read a few more posts – yesterday
    I would have brought up all sorts of damaging
    evidence against Casey – today, I just want
    to honour George, Cindy and Lee’s wishes.

    Already, CMA is talked about as Lee’s code
    to Casey.


    who is signing off trying to muster up all the
    positive energy out of such a senseless, and
    overly sad, sad tragedy .

  133. Well NG just had to replay the very personal tape of George, Cindy and Casey chatting it up in August at the jailhouse. Well I guess they don’t have much to report because that’s pretty old stuff. I really watched carefully this time, to see the dynamics of the three of them. It is pretty clear on more than one occasion, Casey mentioned she wanted to see her Dad, since that was the one relationship that had not been close until just before she went to jail. Meaning George was giving the sympathy that Casey needed at the time. Casey said she had a tough time choosing who she would see. Well Casey also admitted that she couldn’t keep listening to or answering Cindy’s or Lee’s questions. I guess that pretty much sums up why she wanted to see her Dad (which never took place). That was the one person she could mold, and manipulate. Dad was afraid of Casey. Oh yea.

    I wonder if they have even seen her to this day. Does anyone know that answer? That would mean they have not seen her since finding Caylee or even before that. Is that because Casey is now refusing to see her family? or is it that her parents can not face her. I think the former would be likely.

    She sounded spoiled, self absorbed, pathetic really. She just wouldn’t even say Caylee’s name. “My kid” was how she referred to Caylee.

    I feel very sorry for that lonely person in that jail but she could have made it a lot easier on everyone had she admitted to her crime. Somehow, that would allow the family to move on, but now they have to lie in wait for the trial and all the media surrounding it. They will have NO PEACE. I will say that she is a very sick person, who needs help, but she also needs a trial to begin sooner rather than later. This is just going to be hell. However, it is beyond my thinking and my heart to accept that things like this happen. But they do and we all feel a little piece taken away.

    I’m not sure that NG did any service to the story by replaying this as a special. I mean really Nancy, get a progamme manager to tell you how to keep your viewers, without insult.
    Just thought I would let everyone know that so far I haven’t seen anything new, accept that the media have released 1500 new documents!
    Now where do find those?

  134. Those new documents will make their way to the media sooner than later, Weezie. No one has been to the jail to see Casey, besides her attorney(s), since she was re-arrested and subsequently charged with first-degree murder. That dates back to before the body was found. There are different reasons. Initially, Casey didn’t want to see her family and her family was quite upset with her. Once that wore off, it became an issue of privacy. they were all aware that any meetings between them would be made very public and they decided to correspond via the good old postal system.

    I’m over NG.

  135. Hi Dave – I was just looking around at old Casey blogs this a.m. and saw this one of yours. I think this is right on point, to date. Your feelings mimic mine as to why this happened and really how. I do believe it was done in a very lazy way, just as Casey’s life had been led. As I look around at articles regarding this case, your writings and the discussions in your forum seem to be the most intelligent, IMO. I often think about Casey’s mindset and agree with you on many points. One point where i differ is your view that Casey did get attention from her parents. I’m not sure about that…certainly she was given shelter and clothing, etc. but sometimes I wonder if that was all she was given. I read that Cindy didn’t believe she was pregnant after six/seven months….she stole money from all of them for years….I sometimes wonder how Casey felt about that. Were these times when she really needed to be held accountable and nobody did? Could the laziness extend further, perhaps? Believe me, I think she is guilty and acted alone. I’m just saying that I’m not sure she got the right attention when she really needed it…

    As far as NG goes, I’ve stopped watching altogether when Caylee was found. At first I thought her show was a news/crime advocate show but soon came to the conclusion that it was really just entertainment through tragedy, IMO.

    Maybe you don’t even look at these, but I wondered your opinion on Lee Anthony’s deposition and Morgan’s request to have him answer those two questions..’do you believe Casey killed Caylee’ and ‘do you know who Caylee’s father is’. Both of these questions, IMO, are irrelevant to the defamation case and he should not be forced to answer them. So many people believe these are legitmate but I cannot see it.

    Thanks for any time you have…

  136. How coincidental, Lori. I tackled those two deposition questions on a new post I just published.

    As to my point of view on the attention Casey got from her parents, I didn’t mean just feeding and clothing her. It’s not about doting only, it also deals with their cowtowing to her. She got away with all sorts of things because they didn’t want to make her mad. Kind of like a constant, “Yes, Dear” thing.

    I really appreciate your thoughts on my blog writing and the insightful comments. I want this to be a place where intelligence reigns supreme, not emotions and mediocrity.

  137. Your writing wonderfully filled with the right words. May ask if you were a fly in the car, or watching from the woods from afar?

    Did you get to sit in on the Grand Jury, in which you are privy to information we have yet to read or see on the news? That statement in it’s self it hard to believe since all the discovery documents, have been turned over to the defense, except for George’s suicide letter (unless it is a bootleg copy), and the yet to be released video of Casey on December 11, 2008.

    I admit, I am not a writer nor do I claim to be. I am a resident of Orlando, and I do believe that your opinion is rightfully yours, therefore, please do not think I am saying you can not post this stuff, only that your placing the cart before the house…meaning judgment before trial.

    Btw – which by the way is not required by law to be on the internet, only that it is available to be obtain at the clerk of the courts records department.

  138. Hello, Finn –

    Thank you for the compliment on my writing style. Now, to the business at hand:

    No I am not a fly, and I would assume you are not one, either, because flies can’t write. No, I did not sit on the grand jury, but it was George Anthony’s testimony that greatly helped them render their decision to charge his daughter with first-degree murder. I am going to take a wild stab and say you weren’t on the grand jury, either, and I understand full well the presumption of innocence, and you know what? She is innocent today as she sits alone in a jail cell, now facing a sentence of death, which is a lot worse than it was when I wrote this article.

    Actually, I am probably placing the cart before the horse. I know we both live in Orlando, but think about it. How many articles were written, how many editorials and public vilifications were spewed during OJ Simpson’s murder ordeal, including before trial? A huge majority pronounced him guilty the minute he walked through the airport the night of the murders and he remained guilty throughout, well beyond his verdict of not guilty. How many people still believe he did it? Unfortunately, the same holds true with Casey Anthony. I try to integrate factual information with my articles, which are also laced with opinion. It’s the way it works, whether it be in print, on TV, the radio or, now, blogs. I add a little disclaimer in the form of a tag at the bottom with one important word: Opinion. Yes, it’s my opinion and certainly, you have a right to question it. By all means, do so, because I want a blog that is filled with different thoughts on this case. It’s the only way we can get a truly diverse balance. Please feel free to share your thoughts here and on your blog. Also, thank you for writing a post about this. Any way we can interact is always a good thing.

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