Body of Caylee Marie Anthony Found



Sheriff’s Office: “We’ve got her!” Investigators said they were “very optimistic” they had found the missing girl.

The remains of a small child, including a skull, were discovered around 9:30 this morning near the intersection of Chickasaw Trail and Suburban Drive by an Orange County water meter reader about 20-30 feet off the sidewalk when he went into a wooded area to relieve himself. The remains were found in a black trash bag sealed with duct tape about 3/10 of a mile away from the Anthony home where she lived with her mother and grandparents on Hopespring Drive. Apparently, the worker spotted the bag and for no reason, poked it with a stick. It was then that a skull tumbled out. A police spokesman said the remains seem to be rather well preserved. Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said he didn’t think any clothing was found with the body, but that remark was later amended. How much evidence was gathered remains a closely guarded secret, but Beary did admit, when questioned, that his gut feeling was that this is the body of Caylee Anthony.

(I live in the Orlando area and I am familiar with the vicinity. To access the neighborhood where the Anthony’s live, you can only enter from Chickasaw Trail or Suburban Drive as the map shows.)

When Texas EquuSearch went there earlier in the search, it was under water. The water has since receded. Subsequently, a chain link fence was erected, restricting access to that particular area. Residents said duct tape was found around the mouth area of the skull, but those reports have not been confirmed by law enforcement officials and police have not positively identified the body, but look at the facts:

  • The remains were found very near the Anthony home.
  • The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the remains are from a young child.
  • No other children have been reported missing in the vicinity*.
  • Lead investigator John Allen called Cindy Anthony (Caylee’s grandmother) soon after the body was found. She and her husband, George, were ready to return home from California, after being interviewed by Larry King last night.
  • Casey Anthony spent time in the wooded area with her friends when she was in high school. Nearby neighbors all along told police to look there, that Casey liked the spot.
  • “I know in my heart she’s not far,” Casey told her mother from jail.
  • The search for Caylee has been called off. Done. Over. The end.

It is highly unlikely the remains are not Caylee. From hearsay on the street level, word is rapidly spreading that they are of a homicide victim (duh?) of the same age, size, and approximate date of death. No doubt where that information came from. The FBI has also stated it will work feverishly to determine the identity through DNA analysis. My educated guess is that Dr. G: Medical Examiner will do the autopsy to try to determine the cause and forensics experts will try to solve the mystery surrounding poor Caylee’s death.

No doubt, too, that jailers will be keeping a close watch on Casey’s reaction, but as far as I’m concerned, the body of Caylee Marie Anthony has been found. Casey Closed.

*Two year old Trenton Duckett disappeared on August 27, 2006 and has never been located. Today’s discovery is not that of Trenton Duckett, police have determined.

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ADDENDUM (All times Eastern Standard Time)

12/11 – 6:52pm –  News reports are surfacing that Casey sobbed uncontrollably and was given a sedative after hearing about the discovery from her attorney, Jose Baez.

12/12 – 10:00pm – News sources report that lead Casey Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez will soon name Linda Kenney Baden as his co-counsel. She is the wife of noted forensic pathologist Dr. Michael M. Baden. She is known for getting a hung jury in the murder trial of famed record producer Phil Spector in Los Angeles in August 2007.

12/13 – 9:15am – The NBC Today Show announced that duct tape was, in fact, found over the mouth of the skull. This could infer cause of death as suffocation or that it was used to quiet the child prior to death. If tissue around the area exists, it may show signs of inflammation.


62 thoughts on “Body of Caylee Marie Anthony Found

  1. i don’t believe the police made the statement “we’ve got her” …wait for the facts to come in before making these statements!!!!

  2. Yes, mom of 2, the police did, in fact, make that statement. I saw it plastered all over the local news and that is a fact.

    So is the fact that the body of a child has been found and the only other child missing from the area is Trenton Duckett, who disappeared on August 27, 2006. Police have already stated that the body is definitely not him. That means what was found is still rather fresh.

    I stand firmly behind what I wrote. The body is Caylee’s.

  3. This has NOT been proved! LE has not confirmed. Stand by what ever you want, but like the media, you report just to report. ur sick.

  4. Look, I’m just as sorry as you are, but you must admit you fear the worst.

    Write whatever you want to write about me, Sarah, but after the dust settles and the smoke clears, it will be determined that the body is that of Caylee Anthony. Unless, of course, you agree with her grandparents that she will forever be alive, even after a positive ID has been made, and living somewhere east of La La Land. Believe me, I feel for those people. How difficult it will be to lose a daughter and granddaughter. What parent would ever want to believe a child of theirs is capable of killing their own flesh and blood? Clearly, all evidence is pointing to what I wrote.

  5. I know it’s her. There is just too much evidence pointing to her death. I’ve been waiting months for them to find her. As terribly sad as it is… I’m happy that she is found and can eventually be laid peacefully at rest. Rest in peace Sweet Caylee. We all love you and I take comfort in knowing you are in Gods care.

  6. “I know in my heart she’s not far,” is what Casey told her brother. I’m sorry I have to agree with you, Mom of 4, but you’re right, and thank you. Sweet dreams, Caylee. Justice will come.

  7. I hope its Casey, she needs to be able to have a final resting place. But Trenton Duckett also has been missing in FL. Do we know if the body is a girl? Who ever the child is they need to be buried and finaly resting. God be with the families.

  8. Sex of the victim has not been determined. It might be difficult with children because there are no distinguishing factors, such as how adult male and female hips vary in shape, especially if the female has given birth. Skull structures also vary between men and women, but in children, especially toddlers, they look pretty much alike. DNA will be used. There may be fingerprints inside the bag, too. There’s a host of evidence to gather from the scene. Trust me, an identification of this child will be made.

    Poor Trenton has never been found. Evidence disappeared when his mother committed suicide and there is nothing that suggests he isn’t alive today.

    Thank you for commenting, Brenda.

  9. aka Mom of a Wolf:
    It’s too much of a coincidence to be anyone other than Caylee. This case has been sad, tugging at our heartstrings for well over six months but at least now her grandparents can find some closure, Caylee can be laid to rest as she well deserves and her mother … I’m not even going there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It has to be her, I feel it with every fiber of my being. God Bless you Sweet Little Caylee Marie… She can now finally be given the proper bruial she deserves, not what that piece of
    @$%T mother of hers gave her. How horribly sad for her Grandparents and Uncle. Dave you’re right no parent wants to think that they could of raised a MONSTER like Casey Anthony, especially a former police officer. As the wife of an LAPD Homicide detective, I also feel for the Orange County Sherrif’s office it’s especially hard when it’s a child (these are the hardest cases for them), my thoughts and prayers are with them all at this difficult time. This isn’t what they were hoping for (to find her body, they too hoped she was alive) but when all the evidence points to a murder they then pray to find her and then get some sort of justice for that little Angel. As I have said before it is God’s job to judge Casey Anthony it’s simply our job to arrange the meeting…Part of me wants the death penalty and then part of me wants her to sit in prison for the rest of her miserable life.

  11. Unfortunately, PalominoGirl, George and Cindy Anthony are going to have to live it over and over again. First, Caylee disappears. Then, her mother is arrested and the carnival of the media takes hold and sends it all into a frenzy.

    Now, alas, they have to wait and suffer until the final word comes back from forensics. Then comes the trial…

  12. Well, Mom2twocuties, the death penalty is no longer in the equation. I do feel for George and Cindy, though. Tremendously. Will they ever think they raised a monster? I doubt it simply because no parent ever wants to believe it. That’s why they have been in so much denial all these months. Sure, they’ll admit to her flaws , but I don’t think they will ever, ever think Casey did it on purpose, that it was just a mistake. Right now, they still don’t think Caylee’s dead, let alone who did it.

    Thank you for your words and all the best to your husband and the entire LAPD.

  13. But here’s the deal, Dave: Cindy HAS to know more than she’s letting on. Would I have the same attitude were it my daughter? Probably. I can see myself clutching at straws at the only thing I have left but sooner or later don’t you think Cindy’s wall will come crashing down in defense of Caylee? My heart is absolutely broken … Have you any clue how many people would have taken that beautiful baby in if her mother couldn’t be bothered w/ her? Surely her parents would have — but Casey couldn’t admit defeat! I’m in tears … At least we know she’s not suffering. Now I’m praying that monster didn’t drown the baby. I believe CNN said where Caylee’s body was located HAD been underwater until recently. Oh and Jose Baez said yesterday when all the facts come out it’ll make sense to everyone and his client will be set free. Did ANYONE fall for that? Where is she getting the $ to pay him??


    P.S. LOVE the snow effect! I now live in the No Snow Zone. Sigh!

  14. Well Samantha, I like the snow effect, too, living in Orlando and all. The closest thing to snow is the artificial kind Disney makes.

    What you say about Cindy makes sense. She recently admitted to detectives that when the FBI asked her for Caylee’s hairbrush, she gave them the wrong one on purpose, not the one that was exclusively the little girl’s. She’s not unblemished here, that’s for sure, but I can understand, not from a legal point of view, why she would try to defend her daughter under almost any circumstances. Yes, there comes a point where her granddaughter comes first, but Casey reassured her mother and father that she would never harm her daughter. With tears in her eyes and a look of total innocence, I can understand why Cindy wants to stand by Casey. That might change after today’s news, but Casey is a very good liar. Not to the police or her father, but good just the same, and something tells me Casey got away with murder when she was young, no pun intended, from a softhearted mother and a father who worked long hours.

  15. With a heavy heart I too believe the discovery of the remains found today are that of Caylee.

    I have felt since learning of her disappearance that she wasn’t alive.

    Finally Caylee can be laid to rest in dignity and peace!

    Caylee is playing in a heavenly playground with her new friend Madelaine McCann.

  16. Why? feel sorry for the George & Cindy show? They have tampered with evidence since the beginning. They continue to cover for the murdering slut and they can’t refuse a talk show or t.v interview,even though Caylee’s remains have been found.

    For any of you who feel bad for C&G, You’re also feeling bad for the murderer, Casey.

    What about the defenseless victim who was thrown away like f-g trash?!

  17. It’s clowns like you who get my dander up.

    First of all, you’re not perfect. Tell me you are not the product of a dysfunctional family like the rest of us and I’ll say you’re lying. And I’m not even remotely saying the Anthony’s are close to being perfect, either, but you prove to me that George has tampered with evidence. When? Where? Name one thing. Where are all of the charges against them for tampering with evidence?

    What makes you the psychologist and psychiatrist rolled into one that you can tear up that family when you have never met them, let alone set foot in their house. What makes you the supreme authority on this case? Who are you, anyway?

    So what, they go on TV night after night. What business is it of yours what they do? Who made you the judge that anyone who feels compassion for the family is feeling the same way towards Casey?

    I’m not here to defend them, but you talk like a man with a paper butthole and you’re filled with nothing but hatred. Why?

    By the way, where’s the website to go along with your virtuous name?

  18. I agree with PALOMINO GIRL – Cindy Anthony is NOT in denial. I think she knows exactly what happened. In her first interview with Nancy Grace when this all came out, Nancy was questioning Cindy and she said something like “I was with Casey all night last night – I mean all day yesterday”. .. but the way she corrected herself, it just sounded so obvious that she was trying to cover up the fact that they were together the night before. I immediately thought to myself they were together moving that little girl’s body last night!” I also think Cindy is giving George the guilt trip about not believing or supporting Casey when it is easy for her because she is just acting! George has no choice, but you can see in his eyes that he knows the truth. The truth will come out when they annnounce that this is indeed Caylee’s body and Cindy will have to act shocked and that just might make Casey mad enough to tell the truth and how Cindy knew all along.

    God helped them to find this little girl today and the timing was right. Thank GOD for this curious utility worker.

  19. I agree with Susie, with Palomino Girl, and sometimes with you, Marinade Dave, but I also agree with Truth4Caylee, whom you really ridiculed. I believe every American following this whole tragic case is filled with many emotions, including anger.

    Like Mom2twocuties, I am the daughter of a Police Officer in our very metropolitan city in Ohio who served as a Homocide Detective in his 20+ year career. I remember many, many cases my Father brought home with him which still haunt him to this day.

    George Anthony, having been a law enforcement officer himself, is not stupid. Nor is Cindy Anthony, who is or was a nurse, from all reports and accounts I’ve read and heard.

    There are many parallels, it seems to me, between Casey Anthony and Scott Peterson. If memory serves me correctly, the remains of Laci Peterson and her unborn son were discovered shortly before Easter. Ironically, George and Cindy were on Larry King blasting Nancy Grace on Wednesday night for her reports of Casey’s seeming involvement and likely guilt, and then today, before Christmas, what seems to be the remains of little Caylee have been found.

    God works in mysterious ways. I pray for George and Cindy that they finally come to the realization that Casey did something horrific, and hopefully, with some closure, little Caylee is in Heaven with all of the other fallen children, at peace with the angels and with God, our Almighty Protector.

    As far as the death penalty, Marinade Dave, I’ve heard this evening that the state can put that option back on the table. And Susie’s right…thank God for that county utility worker and for all of those wonderful people who poured out their hearts and souls to help find this beautful child.

  20. Hi, Susie – Undoubtedly, Cindy is not without some culpability, but do I think she helped Casey move the body? Absolutely not and I’ll tell you why. Cindy was the one who initially called police to report her granddaughter missing and it was then she stated that the car smelled like it had a dead body in it. The police arrested Casey the next day for child neglect. That didn’t give her much time to help Casey do anything and at that point the issue is moot because Cindy would not have called police to begin with if she was helping her daughter.

    Is she free of blame? No, but I think her brain has gone into self-defense mode and naturally, she wants to do all she can to support her only daughter who told her with tears in her eyes that she could never harm Caylee.

  21. That is an interesting parallel you bring up, OhioSnowGirl, between Scott Peterson and Casey Anthony. Hmm, Easter and Christmas. Just as the Peterson trial captivated the nation, I think the Anthony trial will usurp that one and even reach beyond OJ’s in fame.

    Perhaps, you are right. I was a little tough on Truth4Caylee, but I don’t think the armchair judge is at all capable of passing judgment on the Anthony family; at least, not as spiteful as that comment was. I take issue with someone calling someone else a slut. Give the girl her right to a trial, for crying out loud. Then, call her what you want.

    In the end, I do not believe the state will rescind its decision and go for the death penalty. I think the risks are too high because this will be a tough one for the medical examiner to prove beyond a doubt what the cause of death was. Certainly, for example, it would be impossible to determine that she drowned when all that is left are bones. I don’t know the extent of evidence gathered at the scene, but the state would be risking a lot and that could be too much to lose.

    I honor your father for what he has done in service to his community. I’m sure this particular case has captured his attention and I’m sure he has a very good grasp of what is going on here.

    Thank you for your intelligent and well thought out comment.

  22. This is a great blog and pictures. I am wondering where Jay Blanchard Park is in relation to the area where the body was found.

    I heard that the tape was around the head. That does not sound good because I was hoping it was at the most an accident. But then, think about it, it takes a cold heart to put their little child in a plastic bag and toss her in the bushes no matter what the circumstances.

    I have watched Casey and she looks very self-absorbed to me. What I don’t understand is how her parents seems to tiptoe around her as if they are almost afraid of her. They are in denial but I can’t blame them because they have lost a daughter and a granddaughter. But there comes a time when reality has to be faced.

  23. From all indications it is that of Caylee. When the Police said, “They got her”. They meant the child. The Mother has looked wacky right from the start. I believe something went wrong and she lost it with this beautiful young child.

    It is unfortunate there are so many problems with Child abuse in Florida. God Bless her soul.

  24. Thank you very much, bellalu0 for the compliment on my blog.

    There is a rumor circulating that duct tape was covering her mouth, but the sheriff said he had not heard that. Whether it is true and the sheriff was just trying to keep information from leaking out, I don’t know.

    I guess Casey’s parents, especially her mother, are trying to protect her because she is their daughter. I can understand that to a certain extent because of that bond, but there must come a time when they see the light. That time may have come with the discovery of Caylee’s body. I mean, they haven’t been seen or heard from since.

    Oh, I almost forgot. Blanchard Park is about 10 miles away from where the Anthony’s live and where the body was found. Maybe, 7 miles as the crow flies. Blanchard Park is due east of downtown Orlando. So is the Anthony home, but it is a little closer and slightly south.

  25. I agree, Bruce. Casey has had mental problems all her life and it took that one moment when she lost her temper and that was it. Of course, it might have been premeditated, too, because someone on that home computer was looking up some pretty sinister ways of killing someone. That in itself doesn’t prove anything. I mean, looking up “al Qaeda” doesn’t make me a terrorist, but in her case, taken with everything else, it doesn’t look good.

  26. I have had this on my mind since the body has been found and it is that even if this was an accident, it would be very hard to sleep at night knowing your only child’s body was laying beside the road in a bag. That just about takes away any sympathy I might have for Casey.

    And so the park is a good ways from the Anthony house. I heard where she was found is only about 15 houses away. Very close.

  27. Hi, bellalu0 –

    The park is not really that far away, considering that the roads from the Anthony house and the park location are not normally heavily congested main thoroughfares. She could easily get there in 10-15 minutes and there is an area with swings and stuff for kids to play. Caylee would have had a good time with other children.

    If you study the map at the you of this post (click on it to increase the size) that sounds about right, 15 or so houses away. In the red letters, the “w” in the word “was” is exactly where the remains were found.

    I’m working on a post (my opinion) about what caused Casey to be that way; what motivated her to do it. For one thing, she was insanely jealous of her daughter, the one who got all the attention. I think she discarded the body so close to home because she was too lazy to drive somewhere far and obviously, even digging a grave proved to be too burdensome. In the end, I think the only route the defense team will take will be one of insanity, that after Caylee’s death, she convinced herself she didn’t do it.


  28. what I would like to know is, when G was standing out of his car looking into the woods if this was the area he was looking at? And C and G both knew there granddaughter was deceased why did C wash Casey’s clothes? she knew what was on those clothes! she is a nurse! And why did she attempt to clean the trunk of the car and the pizza what pizza there was only a BOX ! NO PIZZA! Then there is the hairbrush ! And if you watch the jail house visit she is the one that plants the seed ” are we being threatened sweetie” I think charges should be brought against her. mother and daughter cells! And if she only could see what a fool she made of herself on Larry King attacking Nancy Grace then saying how people have told her they weren’t going to watch Nancy anymore she is the only voice for these precious children! This has hit home with me as I have a 2 yr. old granddaughter and believe me I have thanked God so many times since this case that my grandchildren have been blessed with such loving parents and I have been Blessed with such a loving son and daughter in law. why didn’t they just put this precious child up for adoption so that a loving family could have showered her with the love and affection she so much deserved in her little life. This whole family disgusts me!

  29. Hello, Sharon –

    My guess is no, George was not standing near the body at any time. For one thing, that area wasn’t searched by anyone because it was under water. When he was standing anywhere near woods, it was when EquuSearch first started looking for Caylee and the George and Cindy assumed wrongly that they were seeking a living person. Remember, in the beginning, they went along for the searches. Also, that location is not an area where someone would just atop and hold an impromptu press conference. There’s just not much room along side of the road and it’s too close to their house to not be interviewed there instead.

    I think Cindy never thought anything like this happened to her granddaughter and she cleaned the car believing no crime had been committed. In other words, that car belongs to them and hey are going to clean it to use again. Little did they know. I agree there might be an ulterior motive to cover Casey’s tracks, but I can’t rule that as conclusive.

    George and Cindy Anthony made it quite clear to Casey how much love and affection they had for Caylee and Casey resented that. There would never be a time when that child would be placed for adoption. George and Cindy doted over that little girl and no one, press, police or otherwise is saying anything else. There is no doubt how much they loved her.

    I’m not going to defend them, but let’s face it; suppose your world was turned upside down the same way. Wouldn’t you be somewhat crazy and out of sorts as well? Sure, it’s become quite clear how dysfunctional this family is, but if you were taken from the privacy of your simple life and cast out to the media sharks, can you say you would remain the most focused person on the planet?

  30. well I doubt that I would be taking money for pictures etc. and going on every talk show that would pay me or be thinking of book deals and movie deals that have been reported and be out there talking down people like Tim Miller, Nancy Grace etc. Now would I disown my son if he were to do such a horrific act no most likely not BUT I would demand the truth and believe me I would have gotten it and I would be out there looking for my grandchild! Hoping and Praying she was alive but still helping to look for her! Not putting down the people that were! I would be thanking them for everything they were doing for my grandchild! Think about it every one that looked for her was a stranger to her NOT one of that precious baby’s family so much as lifted a finger to search for her! NOT ONE! And I can’t help but believe there is more to this story than meets the eye here like why wouldn’t Lee give his DNA ? Why did he refuse then convince his parents not to take the lie detector test? G was a homicide detective he knows that is the best way to be eliminated as a suspect! or a party to. I would have given them anything they wanted! So don’t go and compare me to Cindy or George because NO I would not be acting in any way like them!!!


  31. I never compared you to George or Cindy and I have no idea where you got that idea from, although I do question someone else’s judgment on how people are supposed to react under these types of conditions, as if rules are written in stone and to deviate makes them guilty as sin. All I am trying to do is write facts, not twist things and scream that the Anthonys are the worst people on earth, as you seem to be doing. I am not rendering a decision regarding their innocence or guilt and they are not on trial here. Not in my court.

    Case in point: taking money for pictures. You are dead wrong. The Anthonys fired their publicist, Larry Garrison, for charging a $6,500 fee to NBC for the release of a picture. That is standard in the industry and not unusual at all, but the family made no money off the transaction and claimed they didn’t want anyone else making money, either. So what, someone asks them if they will write a book. Does that mean their sole intent is to get rich? Remember, before Thursday, they were telling the world that there was another side to the story and they want it heard. Do I believe they are right? That’s not the point and I would not condemn them for wanting to tell the world what they (think they) know.

    As far as searching along with EquuSearch and others, there is a plausible reason. The search teams were out looking for a dead person. For the Anthonys to join in that search would be an admission that Caylee was dead, something they had not deemed a possibility until Thursday. Consequently, they haven’t been heard from since.

    The DNA issue was not much of one. No one ever questioned whether Lee or his parents were related to Caylee and Casey. It was a moot point. Obviously, they are all from the same blood. Why turn something into more than it is? Sensationalism? Leave that up to the press.

    The lie detector test was initially denied because of the undue stress George and Cindy were under and the results would probably have been skewed, either way. Law enforcement acknowledged this and stated that, at no time, were George and Cindy Anthony suspects in the disappearance of Caylee. Watch the video interviews with the police, for crying out loud. I have almost 800 pages of police documents in my hands right now that give a clearer picture overall and many in the press are not saying it like it is.

    Of course, they seem whacko, especially Cindy, but that does not make her a murderer or body hider or horrible person. It was she who initiated the whole thing with her 911 call, for crying out loud.

    As for Nancy Grace, how would you react if she called your son a rotten murderer night after night after your son lovingly told you he did nothing wrong? Bombardment after bombardment, questioning the credibility of your entire family. Sure, she did it, but it’s tough for parents to give up a child until all of the facts are in and up until Thursday, there was no body, no proof of death.

  32. well I never said G@C helped kill their grandchild or helped to dispose of her so I don’t know where YOU got that from. But I don’t believe for one minute that they haven’t made money from this. From all reports they were broke no equity in their home as they had refinanced it George was out of work for a long time not to mention the $30,000 he lost and the lies he told to cover up his actions so now they have money to travel the US and stay at the Ritz! Think about it Cindy nor George have been working now for how long? And I do understand that they would want to believe their child but come on she has no doubt been lying all her life and they know it! If Casey was such a good mom then why was C considering a custody fight? And as for Nancy saying these things about my son I guess I would just not watch it they do have the option of just turning off the T.V. And I have had to fight for my son as his teenage yrs. were hard miles and yes I had to fight probation officers district atty’s. etc. I had to fight for his life so yes believe me I do understand that but I fought so hard because I knew the real him and knew he was worth the fight and he was as he is now 26 and not so much as a ticket he’s a hard working dad and husband and makes a good living for his family but believe me as moms we know who our children are! I do feel sorry in a way for G and C don’t get me wrong but they have condoned Casey’s lying behavior for 22 yrs now. They know who she is! And when my son was taken from me and did the year in the boys home believe me he knew I felt he was were he belonged because when our children do wrong they have to be held accountable no matter how hard it is on us! Because as parents if we don’t make them suffer consequences for their actions when they are young then they grow up to be even worse adults! And as a parent I believe it is our job to do our best to have them grow up to be the best they can be!

  33. as for Lee Dave I am not worried about it nor am I saying he has had anything to do with this I was just wondering where he was since he was also front and center in the beginning most likely he knows his parents are condoning his sisters behavior just as they have done all her life.

  34. Sorry, Sharon, I’ve been watching the Jets play Buffalo. I’m a real Jets fan and it’s not every week that I get a chance to watch them on TV in Orlando. It’s halftime.

    Maybe, I was a little harsh and I am sorry if I was. I’m not really like that. To be honest, I think someone (or more than one person) has stepped up to the plate, someone with an endowment or something, to help George and Cindy. Maybe, they want something in return. I just don’t know, and I don’t necessarily feel it’s fair to speculate. They seem to still be leading a relatively meager lifestyle here in town. Yes, they are showing up on TV shows, but those shows generally pay for airfare and hotel stays and since the Anthonys are hot commodities at the moment, that’s the treatment they get. The news shows want to out scoop each other and they pay to do so. Does that make them guilty of anything? A little freeloading, perhaps?

    As far as George’s debts, that really has no bearing whatsoever in this case. Everyone has a past of some kind, skeletons if you want to call it that, and that’s an unfair thing the press dug up. When I mentioned you, I didn’t mean YOU in particular. It is you, as in plural. Let s(he) who is without sin cast the first stone. How quickly people condemn and the Anthonys are the target of the moment. Again, I reiterate that George’s past misjudgments have nothing to do with the matter at hand, any more than a discrepancy that occurred in your life 30 years ago would have anything to do with your son’s issues at a much later date. I am very glad, by the way, that your son has become a great person and you had a lot to do with that, I’m sure. Caylee got away with murder, so to speak, because she had a gullible mother and an absentee father. That would be my guess. Was Cindy ever aware that her daughter would turn out to be a monster? No mother ever wants to consider it.

    As far as Lee is concerned, I don’t think he ever wanted to be in the spotlight. He hardly ever addressed the press and most of his publicity came from jail videos, when he went to visit his sister. So much for all that support for Casey from them. They have not seen nor spoken to her since her bail was revoked and she was charged with first degree murder.

  35. Thank you Dave for your kind words and apology and I do agree with everything you just said it is all true. And I also thank you for making me see that I should not he so hard on C and G. I think it just sent me over the edge when I herd that they were staying at the ritz ! Believe me I am not bragging as I know just how many people are going through really hard times right now. But my husband and I own 9 homes all of which are paid for and enough cash on hand to last us the rest of our life and as I am only 51 I hope that is a while yet LOL, BUT we would NEVER stay at a Ritz! And I think that just made me feel like not that they were guilty of anything but maybe cashing in on their granddaughter’s demise. But you are right and I am no one to be judging them in any way. Enjoy your game


  36. Thank you, Sharon. The Jets won!

    A lot of people are caught up in this mess and everyone is passionate about how they feel. I’ve heard young people say they would have turned their daughter in right away, but this is coming from people with no children and not even married. Yet, they see nothing wrong with going out partying just like Casey. Now, that doesn’t mean they would ever harm anyone, but how can they make a call like that unless they are in the shoes of their parents? Would they thank their parents for turning them in?

    It’s all a tough call and, think about it, if the NBC Today Show called and said they’d fly you to NYC and put you up in the Ritz, wouldn’t you consider it and look at it as a sort of reprieve, an oasis, from what life just dealt you? Sort of like being able to take time out from mortal combat for a soothing bubble bath, if you get what I mean.

    Again, Cindy, in particular, is not the brightest star in the sky and I don’t mean that in a condescending manner at all. What I’m saying is that her personality is probably such that she was always gullible and Casey took advantage of that her whole life and got away with, literally, murder – until the cops came along.

    I think we haven’t heard a peep out of her in jail because deep down inside, she knows what she did and she did tell her brother she deserves what she gets. An admission of sorts? Time will tell.

    9 homes, my, my. That’s more than John McCain and his wife own, isn’t it? … just kidding.

    Thank you so much for the back and forth. It was enlightening and I enjoyed it. Please come back anytime.

    Dave Knechel

  37. I saw Lee on tv yesterday picking up some flowers people had placed in front of the house, across the sidewalk in that little grassy area. The press was asking him questions like how is your sister and he said nothing except, “If you come in the yard I will call the police.”

    You never know what you would do if placed in a situation until you get there, but just from here, the girl, Casey, did not get to be such a big liar overnight. This has been tolerated in her, maybe with the best of intentions because frankly G and C seem like very peaceful people to me.

    Casy has probably manipulated them for a long time, and when Cindy confronts her about something, they get in a fight and then Casey leaves, as happened just before Caylee went missing.

    But then Casey seems afraid in a way of her parents and unable to confide in them. I don’t know. But this much I do know, if this were my daughter, I would tell her straight up she better come forward with the truth and quick.

    Even Cindy’s brother told them that he couldn’t go along with the delusions.

    But easy to say. I know I have a daughter who is quick to anger if you cross her, and she will get mad and storm out. So I can just see this happening when Mother and daughter had that fight. And poor George, he is just in the middle. I imagine there’s more than one man in that situation. This is something that has been going on for a while though and didn’t just start with this tragedy.

  38. And the media, that’s another story. Those people are so obnoxious, sticking mics in people’s faces. So because of that, I don’t believe I would get the press involved in it to begin with, if I could help it. They are going to turn on you eventually, they always do. And who would want all those people outside your house all the time.

    And that guy from Texas, I always thought he just insinuated himself into a situation where he had no business being. Why didn’t they use a local bondsman? Some money was changing hands there or else he was just doing it for publicity. And he got the publicity. He’s been elevated to some kind of spokesperson on the case.

  39. Yes, bellalu0, Lee’s kept a pretty low profile throughout this ordeal. Casey has lived in a fantasy world for a long time. I don’t know if her mother ever really saw through it. Mothers tend to paint rosy pictures about their children, more so than fathers. George strikes me as a no nonsense kind of guy and I think he would have seen right through her if Casey was closer to him. I think she’s kept her distance. Also, if you think about it, her friends all seemed to overlook her shortcomings. None of them addressed her lies and stealing until after this situation arose. You’d think someone would have said something to her long ago and that may be part of the problem. She has always gotten away with pulling the wool over everyone’s eye’s and she thought she’d get away with it again.

    The media. That’s another story. They thrive on this sort of stuff, but it is big news. People become obsessed with it and they respond accordingly. How many people are glued to Nancy Grace every night?

    Tim Miller, head of EquuSearch is from Texas. I think you’re getting him confused with Leonard Padilla. He is the bounty hunter from California who initially posted Casey’s bond. I met him when he was diving for Caylee’s body in the Econ River.

  40. I see the police are back at the site where Caylee was found finding more bones. I can’t understand how they could have left there in the first place leaving bones!

    I saw Lee yesterday too, for the first time I really felt sorry for him he must have a lot on his plate picking up the pieces with his parents. I think it is finally setting in just what has happened here. It is hard to realize i’m sure that everyone was right and that Casey is a monster.
    Very sad, very sad indeed.

    And to Dave I think I left the wrong impression yesterday John McCain has mansions LOL all of ours would not even equal one of his I am sure! Plus I know the addresses LOL

  41. The police, along with the FBI will be combing that area with a microscope and tweezers. I was busy all day today, but I did go down there to take photographs and I had the opportunity to talk to a detective. I mentioned what you had said about more bones being found and we both agreed that it was more than likely the work of animals. It’s not unusual for that to happen. Raccoons, for example, will get into garbage cans and scatter leftover chicken bones around your yard. I’ve had that happen to me. Remember, the police initially said they found a skull and some bones. They never stated they had a complete skeleton. For sure, they will get to the bottom of it.

    I was just kidding, too, about the 9 houses. At least, you can remember. John McCain wasn’t quite sure how many he owns.

    Anyway, I’m going to take a look at the images and post them up tonight or in the morning.

  42. I’ve spent the last several days thinking and waiting. I really think it’s time to lay off of Cindy and George. I wouldn’t wish their lives on my worse enemy. I’m not saying that they have been any help to their Grand Daughter but how does one really deal with something like this? We can all point fingers all we want but (I would only hope that) none of our Daughters have commited this horrid crime. Monster or not, Casey is their Daughter, unconditionally. I would imagine that it’s easier to live a fantasy that poor Caylee is ok and will be home soon rather look at the possibility that their own Daughter did something like that. Cindy and George are victims and very much human. Soon they will have to face a horrible factual reality. Don’t get me wrong because I love Little Caylee as much as all of you. I just Cindy, George and Lee need to deal with this the best they can and give that baby a proper burial. As for Casey, let her stew in her cage knowing that she’s going down. I hope they nail her to the wall and she spends the rest of her pathetic life knowing that she is hell bound.

  43. I’ve been, sort of, a de facto supporter of George and Cindy. Oh, they’ve added fuel to this media fire, but they are human and life has not been good to them lately. I genuinely feel for them, now having to face the loss of their granddaughter and daughter. If you have read any of the previous responses I wrote, I tried to explain where they are coming from.

    A new post is forthcoming. I took a ride to the area today and took a few photos.

  44. Hi, I thought it was a very strange statement when Casey said she could feel her close but I just heard George say the same thing, he said I can feel her close and something about the Moon and Stars. Now, that is weird. How would he know she was under the moon and the stars?

  45. I agree with you mom of 4 ,BUT, can you believe they are sticking to the story that the babysitter did it! I am kinda starting to worry about their sanity tho. I think they need to see someone about this because until they at least start to deal with the truth about this, well like I said I am starting to worry about them. They need every ones prayers right now for sure.

    Dave, will the pics be on this page or is there a link? And Thank You for going there today and taking them…Sharon

  46. Hi Sharon, That does concern me but I have to believe that they are in some type of shock. We have no idea what they are going through, how could any of us have a clue to how it must be? I’m thinking they are completely numb. I think if it were me I’d be in a white padded cell going insane. Thank God, WE don’t know what they are really going through. Besides that, for myself, I’m a little concerned with their *Dream Team* of defenders. Still, I think *right* is on our side. They are taking their time, hopefully making no mistakes. I am confident that justice will be served. Hopefully then, with love and support from others, Cindy, George & Lee will face the truth and try to go own with their shattered lives while keeping Sweet Caylees memory alive. God Bless!

  47. Hi Sharon, That does concern me but I have to believe that they are in some type of shock. We have no idea what they are going through, how could any of us have a clue to how it must be? I’m thinking they are completely numb. I think if it were me I’d be in a white padded cell going insane. Thank God, WE don’t know what they are really going through. Besides that, for myself, I’m a little concerned with their *Dream Team* of defenders. Still, I think *right* is on our side. They are taking their time, hopefully making no mistakes. I am confident that justice will be served. Hopefully then, with love and support from others, Cindy, George & Lee will face the truth and try to go own with their shattered lives while keeping Sweet Caylees memory alive. God Bless!

  48. Hi, Sharon – The pictures are on a new post. I was up late working on it because, for some reason, my laptop slowed down. It was as if the memory just up and disappeared.

  49. Pingback: No doubt - bones are Caylee’s «

  50. just watched the news with my fiance and Dr. G. proved that the little body found is Caylee Anthony’s.. (May your little soul rest in Heaven we all love you) We hope that Casey Anthony rots in prison.. And Cindy and George might wanna stop backing up Casey.. Or were ganna start thinking they knew about it all along.. R.I.P. CAYLEE ANTHONY………

  51. I knew the remains were Caylee when I announced it Dec. 11. Who else could they have belonged to?

    I think George and Cindy stopped supporting their daughter when the body was discovered. So I hear.

  52. Honestly…are you people educated? I certainly would not want any of you to ever serve on the jury! You do not understand the law…innocent until proven guilty is what my constitutinal law reads…you people sound like you have the right to be the judge the jury and the executioner…really do you always beleive what you read and hear? It sure sounds like it…have some sympathy for the loss this family is feeling in some kind of christian way…and ya know what…if the mom did do it…you shoud understand that mental illness is really an illness just like cancer , heart disease, or diabetes. People who judge are just like terrorist who hit and plague our country with closed eyes and hearts…shame on you…I hope you have no children to pass this on too.

  53. Let me ask you how educated the far right press was during the presidential campaign. Did you complain when Obama was burned at the stake for being a communist? A Muslim? That he wasn’t born in the United States? Did you?

    The people who are venting here are doing just that. They’re not asking to sit on a jury. This is a very difficult case and people are very opinionated about it.

    I think we still have some kind of amendment that guarantees freedom of speech. I may not agree with everything people wrote here and I tried to address that, but are you telling me to stop the presses? Shame on you, navymom.

    Oh, one more thing… OJ? Guilty or innocent?

  54. Ok you can’t seem to stick to the subject on hand..Obama to OJ. Seems I ruffled a feather. It is my educated opinion….and yes it is…that you have already made your opinion evident on this case in relation to Kaylee. Think with un-oppinionated thought not with judgement which is obvious in your writtings. As far off the subject as you can be with regards to OJ….but as far as the latest case I accept what the jury has found. But which case on OJ could you want to talk about as there are many?
    Stop scattering your thought by listening to the press and try to have logic of your own..that’s what happens when you let your mind wonder to much.

  55. You didn’t ruffle any feathers. My point about you is that you are close minded about being open minded. You preach your virtuous message that we should not proffer up an opinion on this or any other case. You try to ridicule my intellect and diffuse my thoughts by accusing me of being unfocused and wandering. I’ve read plenty of different opinions here, many of which I don’t readily agree with, but yours seem to be of the genre to belittle others, as if you are the only gift of perfection on this earth.

    You must be the most coldhearted mother around. Yes, I have made my “opinion evident on this case in relation to Kaylee.” By the way, the name is Caylee and my opinion is related to Casey. Get your facts straight.

  56. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings Dave and I’m sorry that you feel belittled. I feel your attack though…I’m sorry you are so defensive. I just ask that you wait and hear the facts of the case in court and let justice have it’s day under our constitiutional law. Do not let the press and tabloids rule out intelellectual thinking after all…everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. When this belief is destroyed then we all are doomed. I do not sit in judgement as I have not been given that right…I wonder who gave you that right. And Dave I am perfect in the eyes of my God.

  57. Well, I might have been a little rough on you, but I just spent 5 days in the hospital with pneumonia and my mood is not at its happiest point. Sorry.

    If you’ve really read all of my posts on the Anthony case, starting with my meeting with Leonard Padilla and the dive team at Blanchard Park, you’ll see that I am not gathering most of my information from tabloids. The photography on my posts were taken by me. I have tried to maintain as neutral a position as I can, but facts don’t lie. Before anyone else said so, I claimed the bones were Caylee’s because the facts in front of me made the odds so high and in the end, I was right. I did not come up with that conclusion from the National Enquirer. The National Enquirer does not live near the Anthony home. I do. I have personally discussed Casey Anthony with several people in her circle and I have not reported what they had to say because none of it was verifiable It was heresay and you will see that none of what I write is based on rumor. If you have read any of the comments on subsequent posts about this case, you will see how fair I have been to Casey, George and Cindy.

    Do I personally feel Casey is guilty? Yes, I do. No one hides and lies like that for no reason at all and Caylee’s dead body was, in fact, found. Not once until after the body was found did Casey show any emotion, nor did she worry about her child. Those are facts, not opinions, and as far as opinions are concerned, I have every right to write whatever I choose on my blog. Of course, everyone has a right to disagree and to tell me so. At least I don’t censor comments, which I easily could. All media have avenues of opinion. I see no reason why I can’t, either.

    Thank you for writing back, navymom, and I certainly do hope Casey gets a fair trial.

  58. Dave, I sincerely hope you are feeling better…I just want justice for this little girl as much as anyone else. I just try with my all my might not to judge anyone in any situation. I don’t know the details in this case to make a conclusion. I know it does not look good for the mom with what has been reported. My heart literally aches for all that are involved in this case. I can’t even imagine the tortured pain they all are going through. Thank you for not censoring your blog so that others may get something or reconize something within themselves. I just hope that the jury selected will have clear judgement when taking on the task of what they will endure during this trial.
    Have a speedy recovery,

  59. Thank you, Navymom. Recovering from pneumonia is a long, slow process.

    Everyone deserves a fair trial. The defense has not asked for a change of venue yet, so I assume they feel a fair jury can be seated here in Orlando. They have a very tough road ahead because the prosecution was ready before the body was found. That leads one to believe the state has prepared itself well. Some of the most damning evidence comes from Casey’s reaction – or non-reaction – to the disappearance of her daughter and how she partied as if nothing happened. Good riddance! That was really cold.

    Of course, Casey’s parents will paint her as a doting, caring mother, which, for the most part, she was. It should be a fascinating trial, indeed.

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